Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: The Little One was Born

Hearing this, Lin Xiyu was stunned for a moment, and then looked at him. The dim light made his face more three-dimensional and deep, the shadow cast by the eyebrows shrouded his eyes. His eye were pitch black, like the night sky without stars, towards the end of the night, black as far as the eye could see, far and wide, deep and mysterious, it was unpredictable.

She remembered what Lu Junfeng had said today, in fact she did not even take it to heart, why would he ask that?

It sounded like it was just a casual question, a purely curious tone, but when he asked such a thing, it made people feel that he cared, whether she really would run away with Lu Junfeng or not.

Her heart seemed to be suddenly stirred, a little chaotic. Her heartbeat was unconsciously faster, and her body, which was shrouded in heat, seemed to become hotter.

She turned back and said, “No, it’s not possible for me and Lu Junfeng.”


He asked with a tone that seemed softer than it had just sounded.

Lin Xiyu nodded her head.

“I didn’t use you as a stand-in.” He suddenly said, “Do you believe me?”

Lin Xiyu looked towards him, his eyes were deep, but his tone was incomparably firm. Lin Xiyu suddenly thought of the lofty mountains in the distance, standing quietly, solid, steady, unshakeable.

At this time, Lu Junting seemed to be such a mountain, and his words carried a sense of certainty that could not be doubted.

Lin Xiyu nodded unconsciously, “Okay, I believe you.”

In fact, she really did not care, but if he wanted her to believe it, she would believe it.

“Good.” He responded lightly, closed his eyes and rubbed his eyebrows again. “I’ll rest for a while.”

There was a faint sense of relief in his tone.

The car was quiet, and both of them did not speak anymore. The car quickly drove to Moon Bay no. 1, Lu Junting was really a little bit drunk and walked unsteadily. It was his assistant who helped him upstairs. However, when Lin Xiyu got up the next day, Lu Junting was already up.

He was on the phone and sitting in the living room. As she came downstairs she heard him say to the other end of the phone. “Just let him stay there and don’t come back if he has nothing to do.”

The other side answered, he hung up the phone and looked over to her. It was obviously a very casual glance, but Lin Xiyu could not help but feel a chill.

“Awake?” Lu Junting greeted her as usual.

Lin Xiyu nodded and then asked politely. “Brother Junting drank too much wine yesterday. Do you want the chef to make a bowl of sobering soup?”

“No need.” Lu Junting leaned on the soda, crossed his legs and looked at her. “I arranged for Lu Junfeng to go to Jiangyuan City.”

Lu Junfeng did not work in Ancheng, but it was in the city next to Ancheng, not far away, and he could come back once a week. However, Jiangyuan was more than a thousand kilometers away from Ancheng, not to mention a week, he might not be able to come back once a month. 

The fact that Lu Junting suddenly arranged for Lu Junfeng to go out of town, Lin Xiyu guessed that probably because of yesterday’s incident. Lu Junfeng was a little too impulsive and should not provoke Lu Junting. He was the eldest brother, but also the head of the family. The family head’s dignity allowed people to provoke at will? However, it was the Lu family’s business, and it did not have much to do with her, so she nodded a little as she listened.

Lu Junting added. “Will you blame me for arranging him so far away?”

Lin Xiyu answered, “No, you have your own consideration, not to mention that you are the eldest brother, you can’t harm him, right?”

“Not sure.”


His expression was full of meaning, and it gave people a sense of elusiveness, as if he was testing something.

But that had nothing to do with her either, that was between the two of them as brothers.

It happened that Sister Wu called for a meal, and Lin Xiyu said, “Eat first.” That was the end of the conversation.

After eating, Lu Junting went to work, and Lin Xiyu also learned from Lu Yuan that Lu Junting arranging for Lu Junfeng to go to Jiangyuan City, and it was said that Jiang Lisu even went to old madam Lu to cry because of this, but it was Lu Junting’s decision, and even old madam Lu could not change it.

The days passed calmly, Lin Xiyu and Miss Sun also often contacted each other to exchange some pregnancy experience. Lu Junting’s ex-girlfriend also did not appear again, only later vaguely hearing Lu Yuan mentioned that the ex-girlfriend was arrested for embezzling public funds.

However, that had nothing to do with her.

Lu Junting was still very busy, this time Changheng Group ‘change the role’ drama was a huge innovation in the company, eliminating the dissidents and strengthening Lu Junting’s rule over Changheng. After this incident, Lu Junting’s position in Changheng would become more and more solid.

There were still a lot of things to deal with afterwards, and the problems abroad had not been dealt with yet, but Lu Junting had pushed off all the work he was doing away from home because his child was due in a few months, and he wanted to stay in Ancheng with Lin Xiyu for these few months to wait for the birth.

Lu Junting came back on time from work every day, and Lin Xiyu spoke to him a little more than before, but it was all about the child. Lin Xiyu’s stomach was getting bigger and bigger, and her whole body looked clumsy. That afternoon, sister Wu accompanied her to take a walk in the backyard. She was already too tired to move, her feet were a little sore from walking, so Lin Xiyu sat on the sofa to rub them.

Lu Junting happened to come back and saw her half exposed calf. Lin Xiyu hurriedly lowered her pant leg as soon as she saw him and said with some embarrassment, “Brother Junting is back.”

Although he only glanced at it casually, Lu Junting noticed that her calves were swollen a little abnormally. She was fatter than before during her pregnancy, but those slender calves were not fat like that.

“What happened to your feet?” Lu Junting asked, sitting next to her.

He was not sitting close to her either, but when he got close, it always made her feel uncomfortable. Her expression was not quite natural as she said, “Edema*.”
*Edema is the medical term for swelling caused by fluid trapped in your body's tissues. Edema happens most often in your feet, ankles and legs, but can affect other parts of your body, such as your face, hands and abdomen.

“Do you want to go to the hospital?”

“It’s not a big problem, a lot of pregnant women are like this.”

Lu Junting then did not say anything else, and the next day, an expert who specialized in massage came to the house to massage Lin Xiyu.

“Mrs. Lu, from now on I will come every afternoon to massage Mrs. Lu.”

The masseuse was a middle-aged woman who was slender and very kind when she smiled. Lin Xiyu asked, “Did my husband arrange this?”

The masseuse said, “It was arranged by Mr. Lu.”

Lin Xiyu thought about how Lu Junting had asked her about her swollen feet yesterday.

Lu Junting also bought her a massage chair, which was said to be sent from abroad. The masseuse let her sit on the massage chair, let her feet step in the medicated foot bath. The masseuse had a unique technique, massaging from under her feet all the way to her calves. Lin Xiyu felt that comfortable feeling, ironing out every cell of her body.

Lu Junting not only hired a masseuse for her, but later also hired a yoga teacher to take her through pregnancy yoga. In short, during this most tiring time of the third trimester, Lu Juntinng was making her comfortable in any way he could.

In any case, he really did a good job as a husband, but Lin Xiyu was also clear that he did all this for the sake of the child in her stomach.

Lin Xiyu’s due date was in early May, a season of warm, spring-like breezes, when the flowers in the yard were blooming and the grass leaves were green and shiny.

However, Lin Xiyu did not expect the little guy to be so anxious. Originally, Lu Junting had already arranged the hospital and was going to send her there the next day, who knew that the night before, when there were three days before the due date, the little guy could not wait to knock on the door .

At that time, it was dinner time. Lin Xiyu and Lu Junting sat opposite each other. Lin Xiyu suddenly felt a painful sensation of her period coming on, and after looking down, she saw that the chair she was sitting on was wet.

Lin Xiyu was startled, and with a panicked face, he rushed to Lu Junting, “Brother Junting, what should I do? The water is flowing.”

Lu Junting reacted quickly, put the dishes and chopsticks in his hand, suddenly got up and walked towards her. Lu Juntign took the time to do some homework during this time, and when he saw the water dripping from the chair, he understood what was going on.

Lin Xiyu was completely frightened, and did not dare to move. Her face was as white as paper, covering her stomach that began to hurt, and asked him with an anxious face. “What should I do?”

Lu Junting made an immediate decision. First, he ordered someone to call the driver to bring the car over, leaned down and picked her up directly and walked outside. The driver drove the car to the door, and Lu Junting carried her to the car.

The pain was getting more and more intense, and Lin Xiyu bit her lips tightly, afraid that she would scream out in pain. Lu Junting let her lean into his arms to stabilize her body. He looked down at the person in his arms, but saw that her forehead was covered with a layer of sweat. Her small face was wrinkled with pain, and her lower lip was whitened by her tight bite.

Lu Junting used his thumb to break her lower lip out and said in a deep voice, “Don’t bite yourself, you’ll bleed.”

Lin Xiyu’s teeth chattered in pain, so Lu Junting passed his hand to her lips and said, “Bite me if you want.”

He shoved his hand into her mouth, it was so painful that she did not even have time to be surprised by him by giving her his hand to bite. She hurriedly turned her head to avoid it, she did not want to bite him.

Although Lu Junting looked calm, at this time he was also panicked in his heart. He looked outside of the car, an inexplicable uneasiness which caused him a bit of anger, he rushed the driver and asked, “How much longer?”

The chilling tone made the driver shiver and trembled as he said warily, “It’s almost there.”

The hospital was near Moon Bay No. 1, not far away, but Lu Junting felt that the road was particularly long, especially listening to her suppressed cries. Having already called ahead, the nurse pushed the bed over to pick her up, and Lu Junting helped carry Lin Xiyu up, and then the nurse pushed her towards the hospital.

The incandescent lights of the hospital skimmed overhead one by one, the strange white walls around them, and the flustered nurses made Lin Xiyu’s heart in chaos. She was scared, her heart was filled with fear. If only she had her family at this time, it would be good, but she had long since lost her family.

Lu Junting followed all the way, and Lin Xiyu suddenly saw him. She suddenly realized that the only person she could rely on here was him. The fear of the unknown made her desperate to find something to do for support, too much need for comfort and comfort for her heart, she rushed to him to reach out his hand. Lu Junting did not even think to hastily hold her hand, Lin Xiyu was scared, really scared.

“I’m scared, brother Junting, I’m really scared.” She said with a sob in her voice.

“Don’t be scared, I’m here.”

Lu Junting’s palm was warm and dry, wrapping tightly around her small hand. His tone was calm and steady, with a reassuring sense of strength, as if any problem was not a problem in front of him.

Lin Xiyu slowly calmed down, she was quickly pushed to the delivery room. Lu Junting was blocked out of the door, and the two were forced to release their hands that were held together.

Lu Junting stood outside the door for a long time before reacting. The man who had always been clean and meticulous was chaotic at this time, his clothes were rubbed together and the well-textured trouser legs were scratched out by her with a crease, but he did not care, and stood at the door somewhat bewildered.

It was not until his senses returned that he took out his mobile phone to call the rest of the Lu family. Not long after, old Mr. Lu, old madam Lu and the family from the third house arrived in a hurry.

Old madam Lu asked, “How long has she been in there?”

Lu Junting said, “It’s been a while.”

There was a faint cry coming from the delivery room, which made people panic, and Lu Junting stood up from his chair and said, “I’m going to smoke.”

He went to the smoking room and came back to the maternity ward with the door still closed after he finished one cigarette.

Lu Yuan sat close to Zhang Yao on the chair, she looked at the delivery room dumbly, listening to the screams inside, her face turned white into a black. That grip on Zhang Yao’s fingers subconsciously tightened, as if muttering to herself, “Xixi will be okay, right? It’s really scary to give birth to a child ah, I won’t get married or have children in the future, no marriage and no children so that I can stay safe and sound.”

Zhang Yao pinched her fiercely and scolded in a small voice, “You rotten child, what are you babbling about?”

Fortunately, it did not toss too long inside. After about four or five hours, the door of the delivery room was pushed open, and the nurse came out with the newborn baby in her arms and said, “It’s a little prince.”

The worries on the faces of the people were swept away. They hurriedly went to see the child, but Lu Junting did not look at the child, he asked, “How about the mother?”

The nurse said, “She’s asleep.”

“Can I go inside and have a look?” Lu Junting asked again.

Lu Junting went in to take a look. At this time, she was lying on the bed, and Lin Xiyu’s face was covered in sweat, her eyebrows were exhausted, and she had already passed out. There was also a doctor next to him, Lu Junting was not assured and asked again, “Is she okay?”

“Mr. Lu, rest assured, Mrs. Lu is fine, she’ll be fine when she wakes up from her nap.”

Lu Junting breathed a sigh of relief as he exited the door. Everyone asked and were relieved to learn that Lin Xiyu was fine. Old madam Lu hurriedly handed the child in her hand to Lu Junting, and said with a pleasant look. “Come and see, it looks exactly like when you were a child.”

Lu Junting had no experience in holding the child, the posture was a little stiff to take over. He looked down at the swaddled child, to speak from the heart, he was looking forward to this child, it was his first time as a father, his joy could not be said in two or three words.

However, his brow subconsciously furrowed when he saw the swaddled child with reddened skin, a pair of swollen eyes, and creases all over.

How could it be so ugly!??????

Lu Junting arranged a VIP ward for Lin Xiyu. The bed was large and comfortable, and there was a sofa and TV next to it. At this moment, Lu Junting was sitting on the sofa next to the hospital bed, and his assistant had carried a pile of documents over to him to sign.

Lin Xiyu had a full night’s sleep, her energy had recovered a lot. She subconsciously touched her stomach, it was much smaller now. She remembered hearing the doctor say that a little prince was born before she slept over yesterday, but she fell asleep before she had a chance to look at him.

Upon hearing the movement, Lu Junting turned his head to look at her. Seeing that she was awake, he shoved the half-signed document in his hand into the assistant’s hand, and asked, “Is there anything you are uncomfortable with?”

“Where’s the child? How is he? Is he healthy? Is he cute?”

Lu Junting said, “He’s in the nursery, he’s quite healthy.” He automatically ignored the question about whether he was cute or not.

At this time, Zhang Yao came to visit Lin Xiyu with the child in her arms, followed by old madam Lu from behind. Zhang Yao laughed. “Look at the baby.”

This was the first time Lin Xiyu held a baby, she was so excited that her hands were chaotic. She felt her fingers shaking as she took the baby from Zhang Yao’s hands. Old madam Lu laughed from the side, “It looks just like Junting when he was little.”

Lu Junting, who was standing by the side, did not look very good. He did not want others to say that the child was like him.

He was actually a little worried, after all, the child looked like that, but the elders said he looked like him as a child. He wondered if she would blame him if she saw it and thought it was too ugly. After all, it was ugly because it looked like him.

Moreover, she did not expect this child, and even wanted to abort him at one point. If she saw that the child he gave her was not cute, would she not like it?

Lin Xiyu took the child and looked at the pink and tender ball in the swaddling clothes, her eyes flooded with soft light, and she could not hide her excitement in her tone, “He… he’s so cute ah.”

Lu Junting: “......”


Lu Junting tilted his head to the side and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

He thought, maybe… their aesthetics were different.

“Wow, he smiled, he smiled.” Lin Xiyu was like discovering something incredible, and her eyes shone with excitement.

Everyone else leaned in to look.

“He’s really smiling.”

“The newborn baby rarely smiles ah, it seems our baby loves to smile.”

Lu Junting also glanced at that side, it did not matter if he did not look at it. When he looked, his face that had just been loosened tightened again.

He was indeed smiling, a smile that was so full of folds that it showed bare gum teeth, and looked… Even uglier, really ugly that it was difficult to explain.

He looked at the little girl’s expression again, but saw her eyes staring unblinkingly at the little thing in the swaddling clothes. Not only did she not dislike it, but she had a loving and gentle face, and her voice spoke with joy, “He’s so cute, how can he be so cute.”

Lu Junting: “......”

Okay, as long as you like it.


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