The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 1 - Mission Failed

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I pick a new novel and this is BL, and it's a harem, but I see on NU that 2 previous translators have dropped this novel, so here I am, picking this one, hope you like it~
Chapter 1: Mission Failed

The room was luxurious and spacious, and its crimson carpet exuded elegance. In the center was a European bed adorned with intricate patterns. To the right, a floor-to-ceiling window stretched across the entire wall, providing an excellent view of the starry sky.

The boy with blond hair stood before the tall window, silently gazing at the starry sky ahead of him.

He had a pair of light blue eyes that looked like jewels, and soft, short blond hair that appeared to be gilded with a thin layer of gold. A few strands of hair in front of his forehead fell onto his polished white forehead. His lips were pale rose, and none of his features were refined to the extreme. He had no flaws whatsoever.

He wore a little black tuxedo with a black bow tie, adorned with a thumb-sized dark blue gemstone that reflected a brilliant light, mirroring his light blue eyes.

Even though the boy didn't say anything, his clear eyes appeared to be covered by a layer of haze. There was a faint trace of melancholy, but it didn't take away from his beautiful appearance at all. He looked like a fairy who had descended to the mortal world.

One couldn't help but wonder what difficulties he faced to cause such an expression.

However, to Ji Ling, the beauty of one's skin and the nobility of their origin were of no importance...

'Why did he come back again?' This is an important question.

He was a regular college student living in the twenty-first century. However, he recently died in a car accident. One day, a man approached him and claimed to be a system. The man offered him a chance to be resurrected if he agreed to travel into a book and complete a task.

What could be more appealing to a dying man than the possibility of resurrection? After finding out that his only job was to play the part of a cruel male supporting character in a danmei novel, and become a matchmaker between the protagonist gong and shou, Ji Ling eagerly agreed to the deal without any hesitation.

He arrived in this world, which was the future world named Emperor Star, and took on the name Ji Ling as an 18-year-old noble.

The original owner not only had beautiful skin but also came from a noble background.

Ji Ting, the father of his, was a prominent figure in the Empire, holding the position of Grand Duke - a high-ranking nobleman just below the Imperial Family. Although the Ji family had recently moved out from the center of the power struggle, they still maintained a respected status among the nobility. His mother, Madam Marina, also came from a well-known and powerful family with a noble status. She was a close friend of the mother of the current Emperor.

Ji Ting and his wife had been married for many years and finally had a precious son, the original owner, with great difficulty.

Therefore, the original owner could be considered to be at the top of the Empire from birth, possessing everything that ordinary people could never have in a lifetime and garnering thousands of favors in one go. As long as the owner is alive, they can be free of worries for an entire lifetime.

The original owner of the story was raised to be pampered and spoiled since childhood, lacking in discipline. Later in life, he grew into a typical empire noble. In this book, his character plays the role of a vicious male character, and he becomes the biggest obstacle on the protagonist Ning Yu's way to pursue his true love.

After the original owner of a story died in an accident, Ji Ling was brought in to replace him. Ji Ling's role was to continue the plot as a supporting character who was obsessed with the Emperor of the Empire and constantly made things difficult for the protagonist shou.

Ji Ling was born in a harmonious society, respected the old, loved the young, and was dedicated to work and friendship since he was a child. He was a good young man praised by everyone, but when he came here, he needed to specialize in doing those bullying things, which made everyone disgusted and despised, and finally had to kill himself…

To be able to return home, he endured all of this.

He was a dedicated fan of the protagonist gong, Jing Sui, and played his role in the book with utmost sincerity. However, he didn't miss any opportunity to cause trouble for the protagonist shou, Ning Yu, and united all the villain forces that he could to create difficulties for the protagonist gong's love.

Luckily, he was a male character with cruel intentions who was fated to receive a slap in the face. Whenever he was about to succeed in his evil deeds, people who like Ning Yu would show up and thwart his plans, causing him to fail and experience a sense of 'unsuccessful crime.' This could be considered a form of consolation!

Ji Ling made a serious attempt to play his role by repeatedly using his stupidity and malice to highlight Ning Yu's perfect nobility. This caused everyone to become disgusted with him and watch as Ning Yu and Jiang Sui's relationship heated up, almost leading to their marriage. Ji Ling was moved to tears and wanted to applaud their bumpy love.

By this point, the story was reaching its conclusion, and the protagonist was almost ready to retire. However, the main antagonist, Grand Duke Carlos, kidnaps Ning Yu to blackmail Jing Sui. He decided to confront Carlos and purposely allowed Ning Yu to gain the upper hand and escape. Later, when Jing Sui arrives to rescue Ning Yu, he sacrifices himself by taking a fatal blow for Jing Sui.

When he closed his eyes, Ji Ling felt a great sense of relief and anticipation.

He could finally go home!

Ji Ling was a hardworking man who always took his work seriously. He was dedicated to his job and often forgot to eat because he was so focused on completing his tasks. He never slacked off and always managed to complete every task assigned to him by the system. He even managed to complete every plot within the book. Whenever he faced difficulties, he did not give up or get discouraged. Instead, he used his love and dedication to overcome these challenges. Even when he was on the brink of death, he did not forget his last moment of repentance. He let go of his grudges and blessed the love between the gong-shou.

After opening his eyes, he was surprised to find himself still standing in the same place.

In this very familiar room.

He came back again!

He not only failed to return home, but he also found himself back at the beginning of his journey in this world.

Today was the 18th birthday celebration of the original owner of the story. Even though he chose not to attend, Ji Ling was aware of the luxurious festivities taking place outside. As the only son of Grand Duke Ji Ting, it was necessary to hold a grand banquet in honor of his coming of age. The nobles on the Emperor Star had sent congratulatory gifts and were eagerly awaiting the appearance of the protagonist tonight.

Ji Ling was feeling unenthusiastic about attending the banquet and called out to the system in a bad mood.

Ji Ling: [System, where are you? System, you explain to me, why am I back again?!]

The system acknowledged that pretending to be dead was impossible and responded slowly: [The mission failed, so you have to start again.]

Ji Ling was not satisfied with the response given. He asked: [Mission failed? What the hell went wrong?] Weren't we making progress?

The system said ‘I don’t know either ah. If I knew what went wrong, do I still need to pretend to be dead with a guilty conscience?’ The system was silent for several seconds and then said in its usual mechanical voice: [The cause of the failure cannot be determined at this time. The only thing that can be confirmed is that the protagonist gong and shou are not together after your death. As a result, the world collapsed and the mission is considered a failure.]

Ji Ling couldn't believe it when he heard the news: [They are not together?]

The System: [Yes.]

Ji Ling: [How is that possible? Why?]

The System: [The collapse of the world's systems has caused a disruption in the ability to access subsequent processes, and the cause of the collapse is unknown.]

Ji Ling appeared unhappy as he said: [So, you guys have no idea why the error happened, and yet you want me to do the mission again. This is a waste of my time because I was supposed to go home now.]

The system: [Sorry, but you can only redeem your reward if the mission is successful.]

Ji Ling: [What caused the failure? You can't ask me to redo the mission without providing any information, right?]

The system was quiet for a few seconds and finally said: [If you refuse, you can choose not to do the mission again.]

Ji Ling’s eyes lit up and said: [You can let me go home?]--

The system: [I don’t have the right to send you home, but I can let you die a quiet and painless death, return to your original destination, and then choose the next host to carry out this mission.]

Ji Ling: [...]

After a while, Ji Ling sighed quietly: [I thought about it. There must be something I didn’t do well enough, resulting in a deviation in the result. This time I will definitely complete the mission well and I don’t think it’s necessary for the next host or something.]

The system said doubtfully: [Are you sure?]

Ji Ling said firmly: [Of course, who else is more familiar with this mission than me? I am a person who has already walked through the plot, I know these plots and characters well. It’s not a trivial matter to complete the mission, and I must succeed this time. You don’t have to worry about it!]

The system was finally relieved. In fact, he was not willing to find a new host, after all, it was rare to see such a dedicated host as Ji Ling this year, so he made a happy void: [It’s great that you can think like this, then, you should go out now.]

Ji Ling reluctantly accepted his life and comforted himself as if he failed in playing a game and needed to start over. It seemed that he was still too naive to want to clear the game before ah

At the thought of going out to face the original owner’s group of fox friends, Ji Ling was a little big-headed, he and that group of foxes were really not the same.

If the original owner was not too ridiculous to play himself to death, there is no need to replace him to walk through the plot to do the mission, but on second thought, if the original owner did not make himself to death, he did not have the opportunity to live again.

Thinking about it this way, it seemed only right that he should live in his place.

Ji Ling paused, took a deep breath, and pushed the door out.

Now the book plot had not officially started. By this time, the protagonist shou Ning Yu was still fighting the Zerg in the distant Nado Galaxy.

The original book plot only started when Ning Yu followed the army’s triumphant return. There was still about a month from now, and when Ning Yu returned, he would start to walk through the plot and play the role of a malicious male supporting character.

Before that, there was no plot description, so Ji Ling only needed to follow the original laws of this world, not to collapse the persona of the original owner, and there were not too many restrictions.

The last time Ji Ling just came into this world, after accepting the memories of the original owner, he immediately participated in this grand coming-of-age banquet. He was very careful, lest people find something wrong. It could be said that he was extremely cautious and apprehensive… This time Ji Ling was much more comfortable, and this plot did not have any of the main characters in the book, so it was easier to deal with.

As a second-timer player, Ji Ling thought as he smiled bitterly that he was already hand-to-hand with the character image he played, so it was not without advantages.

He walked through the long gorgeous corridor and met the original owner’s parents halfway through.

Duke Ji Ting was a very tall and imposing middle-aged man with deep features, a firm chin, his golden hair was meticulously combed to the back of his head, and his dark blue eyes were full of a kind smile when he looked at Ji Ling; Madam Marina was graceful and slender, her face was exquisite and beautiful, the color of her pupils was lighter, her move was elegant and noble, and she looked particularly petite when standing next to the tall Duke Ji Ting.

From the appearance perspective, the original owner inherited Duke Ji Ting’s pale golden hair, but the color of his pupils was more like his mother's, it was very light and clear aqua blue. His appearance was more like his mother, less rough and heroic, he was much more a beauty, and the boy’s unique arrogance made him more dazzling.

Duke Ji Ting was very majestic in front of his subordinates, but in the face of his precious son, he had a completely doting face, speaking in a voice much gentler than usual, laughing, “Why are you only coming out now? Your friends are waiting for you outside.”

Ji Ling replied obediently, “Changing clothes took a while.”

Madam Marina stroked his short soft blonde hair, her voice was pleasant, and her eyes were smiling as she said, “Our little baby will be a grown-up today, and he will be an adult in the future. What gift do you want?”

Ji Ling showed a shy smile to his parents. Although his role was a rich and hedonistic son on the outside, he had always been very obedient in front of his parents. He was also very fond of Ji Ting and his wife, they just spoiled their son too much and failed to pay sufficient attention to him, no matter how others saw him, they were the people who loved him the most and never abandoned him.

Although he had already experienced this scene once, Ji Ling said sincerely, “Thank you, Mom and Dad, I like all the gifts as long as they are from you.”

Upon hearing this, Madam Marina looked at her son even more dotingly, kissed his forehead, and said, “This little mouth is so sweet. Well, you are the protagonist today, mommy and daddy don’t dare to delay you.”

Ji Ling smiled and followed her parents to the banquet hall. The door opened, and everyone’s eyes instantly fell on him.

Grand Duke Ji Ting politely expressed his welcome to everyone and thanked them for coming, and then the banquet began. Everyone gathered around to congratulate Ji Ling and sent gifts that had been prepared long ago.

In addition to some subordinates of friends who were close to Ji Ting and his wife, who came to the banquet today, they were mainly the friends of the original owner, and these friends were not only the friends of the original owner—— It was also the original owner’s lackey that gave him the ideas in the later stage and encouraged him to deal with Ning Yu!

For example, Ji Ling saw a gray-haired, shrewd-looking young man in the front at a glance, the youngest son of Earl Sinclair, named Rose who was a bird of feather with the original owner’s playfulness and was also a supporting character with a well-known name in the book.

Rose familiarly put his arm around Ji Ling’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Why is our protagonist out so late?”

Ji Ling did not move and pulled Rose’s hand off his shoulder, looked around with a lack of interest, and said nonchalantly, “Something has delayed me for a while.”

After he saw Ji Ting and the other elders go to the hall inside, he found a place to sit down, lazily supporting his chin with one hand, looking thoughtfully at the people in the hall.

The second-timer player Ji Ling decided to be lazy and quiet this time. He was just an insignificant character in the original book. Only when he needed to make the protagonist suffer, so he get the author’s rare stingy writing as he used his own viciousness to set off the perfection of the protagonist. As for what to do at other times, it did not really matter, there were no restrictions.

Last time, because he was not familiar with the world and the rules of the mission. He was afraid of revealing something, so he was so cautious and he was so tired at that time. This time, he would not waste energy in a pointless place.

Anyway, at least he was someone who had the experience.

Ji Ling supported his chin a little absent-mindedly. Someone came to talk to him, and he dealt with that person perfunctorily. This was the benefit of a noble identity, even if others tried to please him, he could ignore it, and the others did not dare to get angry.

The table in the hall was piled with precious gifts of all colors. Last time, it stunned the twenty-first century young Ji Ling, who was from an ordinary family. When he saw such amazing exotic treasures, it was really eye-opening, he almost didn’t stabilize and expose his ignorance, but this time he was very calm.

His worldview had improved.

With the Ji family’s status in the Empire and his status, it was too normal to receive these gifts, and the luxury of the imperial nobles was beyond his imagination. The nobles had a status and monetary power that the commoners could not reach, monopolizing the important resources of almost the entire universe. Although these gifts were precious, in the final analysis, they were all looking at Ji Ting’s reputation. For the Ji Family, it was nothing.

Ji Ling recalled…

There was a sudden clamor from the front, followed by a loud voice from the door greeting, “Grand Duke Carlos has arrived!”

Ji Ling was stunned, and then stood up in shock, with an unexpected look in his eyes!

In fact, it was not only Ji Ling who was surprised at this moment, the hall was quiet for a moment. The people turned their heads to look at the door, and soon began to whisper in various ways… Therefore, no one noticed Ji Ling’s abnormality, or even if they saw it, the others felt that it was nothing.

At this moment, everyone’s thoughts were: How could Grand Duke Carlos come over in person?!

The thought in Ji Ling’s heart was: How could this biggest villain, the lifelong enemy of Emperor Jing Sui, and the ruthless, sinister, cunning Grand Duke Carlos, come here now? He obviously didn’t come over in his last life ah!

Although Grand Duke Carlos and the Ji Family were also considered family friends, and the original owner had to call out Uncle to Carlos, Carlos and Ji Ting gradually grew distant because of political differences.

Ji Ling carefully recalled that in the previous life, Carlos only arranged for his butler Anderson to send a congratulatory gift, which would be considered courteous, because of Carlos's status, there was no need to personally attend such a junior’s coming-of-age party… Not to mention the fact that the Ji Family did not have such a big face.

He was the one who could be equal to the Emperor.

Although they had the same title as Duke, Carlos was the most powerful Duke, he had wealth comparable to the entire Royal Family, controlled the most important energy veins of the Empire, and countless imperial nobles were led by him, rich and powerful… He was the final villain who fought with Jing Sui for a whole book!

At the same time, Carlos was the dangerous person Ji Ling was most unwilling to provoke in the book, the most scornful dangerous person.

Without having time to think about it, the crowd in front automatically parted and made a way. A brown-haired, brown-eyed, elegant man came slowly.

He had a handsome and elegant face, smiling elegantly and decently. The corners of his lips were not more or less, and his light brown eyes were shining with a faint smile. He was wearing black clothes, holding a silver and black cane in his left hand, while his right hand was carrying a blue velvet box. He was far away from the crowd, turning his head to look at Ji Ling, and the curve of the thin corner of his lips deepened slightly.

Meeting those eyes, Ji Ling almost took a step back in fright but quickly suppressed the shock in his heart. He stepped forward affectionately, and said in a doubt, “Uncle Carlos, why are you here?”

Ji Ting also got the news and hurriedly rushed out from the inside to greet them. He did not get the news that Carlos would come in person. Besides, didn’t Carlos have already ordered the butler to send gifts? What did it mean to come over suddenly now?

This kind of person had deep meaning in every move, and Ji Ting did not dare to relax his vigilance. He stood in front of Ji Ling silently, let out a bold laugh, and said, “It’s just a birthday for my dog son, where is the need for you to come over here personally.”

Carlos smiled and shook his head, his deep eyes darkened slightly and he said in a calm tone, “Xiao Ling also called me uncle, how can I not come to his coming-of-age ceremony? This is my gift for him.”

Saying that he raised his hand and opened the flannel box in his hand.

Ji Ling looked at his image of having a good relationship with him, remembering the things that happened in his previous life, smiling on the surface, and spurning this faceless old thing in his heart. Because you still remember me calling you uncle, to achieve your own goals, you did not hesitate to send me to death. Fortunately, I was lucky, nothing good came from your hand.

Saying that you were a villain did not wrong you at all.

Although he thought this in his heart, Ji Ling still looked at the box in Carlos’s hand with a smile, revealing a look of happiness to receive the gift.

In the center of the box was a teardrop-shaped blue gemstone, the transparent light blue without the slightest flaw, as if there were water ripples in it, and it looked completely different as the angles changed.

Ji Ling immediately recognized it, this was the jewel at the bottom of the Lake Felsa of the Blue Sea Star, and only at the bottom of Lake Felsa, after tens of thousands of years of sedimentation, could it be soaked with such a beautiful color.

Although precious, it was an acceptable range.

Ji Ting obviously recognized it, slightly relieved. He was afraid that it would be something tricky… Just a piece of gem was nothing. While thinking about Carlos’s intention, he heard Carlos speak.

Carlos looked deeply into Ji Ling’s eyes, his voice was low and soothing, and it spread clearly throughout the hall, “The sapphire of Lake Felsa is as beautiful as your eyes. I thought about it several times and felt that it was the most suitable gift, so I decided to give—— Blue Starfish to you.

I hope you like it, my boy.”

“Thank you… what?” Ji Ling opened his mouth halfway through the sentence and suddenly opened his eyes wide, looking at Carlos incredulously.

Not a sapphire, but a Blue Starfish?!

Blue Starfish was a small planet with a diameter of 12,000 kilometers. Although the size was not large, the reputation was definitely not small. As everyone knew the Empire commanded countless star fields, a variety of small planets were difficult to count and many planets did not even have a name, only named with numbers, Blue Starfish was completely different and famous.

In this year’s latest referendum, the Blue Starfish was selected as one of the ten most beautiful planets in the universe, was a famous scenic spot, had been elected the first planet everyone wanted to go to for three consecutive years, and had a long-standing reputation. If the tourism industry was easy to develop there, it was easy to make money every day, and it was not an exaggeration to describe it as priceless.

Only because the Blue Starfish belonged to Grand Duke Carlos’s private property, and the Lord of the Money never opened the planet to the public for tourism development, so the Blue Starfish was also the most mysterious of the ten beautiful planets, was the most people want to go and the most could not go to place. The star network people could only rely on photos and videos to see its style.

Even a sapphire at the bottom of Lake Felsa could fetch a sky-high price on the star network, not to mention this planet!

This gift… was a little too heavy, right?

Ji Ling’s brain had crashed.

So when Carlos took his right hand and gently dropped a kiss on the back of his hand, Ji Ling had already stiffened and forgot to move.

For a long time, his eyelashes trembled slightly, and his eyes fell into Carlos’s deep eyes, then he trembled slightly.

Ji Ling shouted madly in his heart: [System!!! System, you come out for me, you explain to me what is going on!]


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