Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Lu Junting: “Kiss me”

When he spoke, the heat kept drilling into her ears, and the feelings of swelling made her mind go haywire.

She closed her eyes to calm her rapid heartbeat and took a moment to slow down before saying, “Brother Junting, I really don’t dislike you. I’ve offended brother Junting last time, you are right, we are husband and wife, some things are inevitable, if brother Junting wants it, then do it.”

As her words fell, she could clearly feel the breath that sprayed across her ear slow down. The surroundings became very quiet, so quiet that she could hear the dripping water on the eaves outside, as if it was hitting people’s hearts.

She did not know how long it took. He suddenly put his arm around her armpit, hooked her knee socket with the other, and directly picked her up.

Lin Xiyu saw his appearance clearly, but saw that his jaw was tense, and his face seemed to condense a layer of gray mist, wrapping his expression and making it impossible to see through.

Lu Junting carried her to the room, which was her room, and little baby was still lying on the bed. He put her on the bed, stretched out his long arms to turn off the bedside light, and then he pulled the quilt away and laid down directly.

As soon as he laid down, the aura that belonged to him was also overwhelmed. Lin Xiyu subconsciously turned her back to him, and suddenly her heart was in turmoil. He was not going to do it with her here, right? The baby was still next to them!

As soon as she turned around, his body leaned closely, and hooked her in his arms, so that she was close to him. She did not know if it was because of alcohol, and his body was surprisingly hot.

He lifted one side of her hair out of the way and soon a searing breath was sprayed on her ear, followed by a hot kiss. Lin Xiyu's body stiffened, in the dark, all the senses were so obvious, being kissed by him was like being burned by fire, but he didn’t stop. His kiss went all the way along her earlobe, her neck, her chin, and the man’s aura was too strong. Lin Xiyu was completely wrapped up by him, and she felt like she was about to suffocate.

Originally, she respected him as a guest, and he also respected her. The coldness in his body always gave a feeling of rejection, but now, he was kissing her, kissing her very passionately, she knew what he looked like on the bed. The serious and unsmiling man on weekdays was completely different.

But this person had a strong personal charm. When he came to get close to you, your mind was completely seized by him and could not resist. 

The kiss fell on her face for a long time. He slowly released her, suddenly clasped her chin with his hand and gently turned her face over to look at him. The room was not so dark that she could see the outline of his face. She turned her head to meet his dark eyes, and she clearly saw the lust under his eyes.

Lin Xiyu subconsciously swallowed her spit and said to him, “Do you want to do it here? The little baby is still around.”

He swept a glance at the cub lying on the other side, who was sleeping soundly.

He released the hand that was clasped on her chin and lay down on her side, rubbing his eyebrow with his thumb, his voice turned huskier, “Sleep, I won’t touch you.”

He was lying on the side. After speaking, he didn’t move anymore, and he didn’t come to hug her again. After a while, she heard the sound of long breathing, and turned her head to see that he had fallen asleep.

Lin Xiyu breathed a sigh of relief.

Lin Xiyu had a dream, an ambiguous dream. She woke up in shock, suddenly realized that something was wrong, she hurriedly swatted away the hand that landed on her and shrank back to avoid it.

Lin Xiyu’s action was too big, and Lu Junting was naturally woken up by her. He was still a little confused. As soon as he woke up, he faced the little girl whose eyes contained a little anger, with a red face.

Lu Junting felt that his palm was wet, and he lifted his palm to look at it, and his body suddenly froze. He probably understood, and no wonder the little girl was glaring at him.

Lu Junting was a little embarrassed and said, “Sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

Lin Xiyu was ashamed and annoyed. She turned her face to the side, just when the little baby woke up. She hurriedly picked him up and coaxed, without looking at him and said, “I’m going to feed the baby.”

This was to let him recuse himself, Lu Junting knew he had done something bad, very self-aware, got up and left. After leaving the room, he raised his palm and sniffed it. This smell was very familiar, he had also smelled it on his son. Originally, he thought it was the little cub’s own milk smell, but he didn’t think it was her.

Lin Xiyu finished feeding her baby and went downstairs to eat. Only shortly after Lu Junting arrived, he sat down opposite her and said, “I drank too much yesterday, I’m sorry.”

Lin Xiyu was still a little annoyed and only replied lightly, “It’s okay.”

“When will you move over?” He asked again.

Hearing this, she looked at him with a surprised expression, thinking that his apology was to tell her that everything he did last night didn’t count because he had too much alcohol.

Lin Xiyu remembered that she said last night that she would share a room with him. Sooner or later, she had to experience this kind of thing. She was mentally prepared for it anyway so she said, “Brother Junting can arrange it.”

“Then let sister Wu help in the afternoon?”

Move in the afternoon, so anxious?

Lin Xiyu didn’t say anything more and nodded.

After getting off work in the afternoon, Lin Xiyu and sister Wu moved some of her usual things, such as toiletries, pajamas, to Lu Junting’s room. Lin Xiyu put her skin care products in the bathroom locker. The locker had accounted for half, Lin Xiyu swept a glance and there were calcium tablets, vitamins, and deep-sea fish oil, should be Lu Junting’s, were some health care products. It looked like Lu Junting usually still pay attention to physical health.

She put her things in, and the locker was instantly filled. Lin Xiyu looked at the locker stuffed with her and Lu Junting’s things and suddenly sighed. Husband and wife were one and the same, she did not expect that she and Lu Junting would be like this one day.

Lin Xiyu was going to move in the same room with Lu Junting, and the little baby could only live in the nursery. Lin Xiyu was very reluctant to let him go. After coaxing little baby to sleep, Lin Xiyu went to Lu Junting’s room. The door was not closed, and Lin Xiyu pushed the door in. Lu Junting just came out of the bath, he was wearing a bathrobe, the strap of the bathrobe was only lightly tied around his waist, with the bodice half opened, revealing half of his strong chest inside.

He just washed his hair, and it was different from the usual groomed hair. At this time, it was messy and piled on top of the head, which was casual than the usual rigor, but it was more handsome.

Lu Junting also looked at her, she seemed a little nervous, and she looked away as soon as he saw her. She was wearing a long-sleeved nightgown, silk texture, which draped loosely over her body, but stood out in an arc in front of her.

Lu Junting sat down by the bed and said, “Come and sit.”

Lin Xiyu sat obediently and was about to sit down next to him when she heard him say, “Sit on my lap.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

However, without waiting for Lin Xiyu to react, he grabbed her arm and pulled her directly. He directly let her sit in his lap, and then wrapped his long arm around her waist, and pulled her into his arms, so that the two of them stuck tighter.

He did not drink today, but he was still hot. Lin Xiyu did a full mental preparation before coming, but this time she was pulled into his arms, her brain began to turn chaotic again, she did not know what to do.

His breath, his temperature, enveloped her densely, like a net. The air around her seemed to rise, and as the temperature rose, there was also that ambiguous atmosphere, strangely shrouded her and the man in front of her, giving her an illusory feeling of unreality.

“Why don’t you speak?” His voice suddenly sounded overhead.

“What to say?”

She lowered her head and did not look at him. Lu Junting secretly thought, whatever, just let it be.

“Kiss me.” He suddenly said to her.

Lin Xiyu looked up at him, a cry for help hidden in her puzzled gaze, like a little lamb who was cornered. She looked fragile and pitiful, letting people subconsciously want to protect, but these eyes made people have a crazy idea, wanting to bully her. Looking at these eyes crying for him, wanting to listen to her soft voice begging him not to.
Lu Junting felt that his breathing increased and said, “Kiss me like you did that day when you were drunk.”

His face was calm, and he used a tone of handling someone else a job to do.

Lin Xiyu didn’t understand, why did he want her to kiss him ah, why couldn’t he do it himself? But he was waiting. Lin Xiyu felt that when she faced Lu Junting, she was very similar to the primary school chicken facing the teaching director, especially when she was stared like this by him.

Lin Xiyu pressed her chaotic heart slightly, she slowly moved up, closing her eyes, getting closer to his breath. Lin Xiyu felt her heartbeat was about to pop out of her chest, and finally her lips pressed against his lips, soft, with a slight cool.

She only dared to touch it lightly, and then left. She opened her eyes to look at him, as if asking with her eyes if this was okay.

At the corner of Lu Junting’s eyes, she felt a bit flushed, and his breath seemed to become deep and long. Only after a while did he say, “I remember that you stuck your tongue out at me that day.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

Why did he make it so difficult for her? She had been drinking that day, how could she have such courage under normal circumstances?

She looked at him like she was making a silent complaint, why didn’t he stop bullying her? But he didn’t want to stop, he waited quietly.

Under this oppressive aura, Lin Xiyu simply could not refuse, after all, she was the one who promised to give what he wanted to do. She told herself in her mind, for the sake of the child, and in order to be able to stay by the child, it was okay.

Then her heart was chaotic, she moved over and pressed against his lips. He really cooperated with her by opening his mouth. Lin Xiyu resisted the heartbeat that beat too fast and the tension that made her hands and feet numb, and extended her tongue into his mouth, like a kind of probing little animal, did not dare to move after intruding into the forbidden place.

She felt that Lu Junting’s breathing became heavy, and the breath that sprayed on her face burned up. He suddenly moved, and the tip of her tongue that she probed into was next to the tip of his tongue.

Lin Xiyu was startled and withdrew without thinking, but his arm suddenly tightened, a large palm clasped the back of her head, and before she withdrew, the tongue quickly moved like a wild dragon, accurately capturing her, and then entangled fiercely.

The rhythm and situation was completely controlled by him, Lin Xiyu could only passively bear it. He held her like this and kissed her fiercely for a while, and then held her to the bed, only then he let go of her.

Lin Xiyu tentatively opened her eyes, facing a pair of eyes dyed with lust, and it was too strong. He looked at her with this look, and she had a feeling that she was going to be swallowed alive by him, so she immediately closed her eyes again.

“Look at me.” His husky voice commanded her faintly.

Lin Xiyu was also speechless, why did she have to look at him ah, it was really embarrassing.

“Brother Junting, hurry up.”

“Hurry up for what?”


There seemed to be a smile in his voice, Lin Xiyu bit her lip and didn’t answer. She felt this person was a little bad.

Lu Junting leaned down and began kissing the side of her neck, and his voice commanded her strongly, “Open your eyes and look at me.”

Lin Xiyu had no choice but to open her eyes to look at him, and his unrestrained gaze was not good.

Lu Junting was very satisfied, embracing her and began to kiss. Lin Xiyu thought of something, hurriedly pushed him and said, “Brother Junting, no condom.”

He grabbed her hand on his shoulder, pressed it on top of her head, and continued to kiss her and said vaguely, “Have.”


Lin Xiyu was puzzled, “When did you prepare it?”



He even prepared the condom? Before yesterday, she had not agreed to share a room with him. If it was prepared today, he couldn’t say that he forgot, which meant that he had already prepared it for a long time?

He was sure she would agree to share a room with him?

Lin Xiyu suddenly thought of the attitude of the two of them respecting each other before this, and then thought, this man who respected her like a guest secretly prepared a condom. She had a very strange feeling in her heart.

“Concentrate.” A slightly dissatisfied tone said softly in her ear.

Lin Xiyu did not think about it anymore.

The blackout curtains used in Lu Junting’s room’s windows had a very good blackout effect, and he deliberately turned off the alarm clock as they slept very late, so Lin Xiyu slept thoroughly. She probably also knew that she had slept for a long time. She suddenly woke up and subconsciously glanced at the side. Her little baby was not around and she was startled, and was about to get out of bed to find him, but an arm across her waist suddenly tightened. She heard the man next to her said with a hoarse magnetic voice, “What are you doing suddenly sitting up?”

Hearing this voice, Lin Xiyu then remembered yesterday’s things. She was slightly relieved and said, “What time is it now?”

Lu Junting touched his mobile phone on the bedside, glanced at it and said, “It’s almost nine o’clock.”

As soon as Lin Xiyu heard that it was almost nine o’clock. She immediately pulled the quilt and went outside directly. Her little baby woke up at 8:00 am, usually he would breastfeed after waking up. It was 9:00 am now, and he must be very hungry.

Sure enough, as soon as Lin Xiyu entered the nursery room, she heard the cry of little baby. Sister Wu was coaxing him, because she didn’t want to disturb both of them who hadn’t woken up, so she could only hold the little baby and waited.

Lin Xiyu was so guilty that she hurriedly took the baby to feed him.

As soon as the baby drank milk, he suddenly stopped crying. He was really hungry. Lin Xiyu helped him wipe away his tears and said with an apologetic face, “I’m sorry baby, it’s this mommy who is not good, but you can’t just blame this mommy, your daddy is bad too.”

“When I’m not around, you just say bad things about me in front of my son?”

The sudden sound behind her startled Lin Xiyu. She looked back and saw Lu Junting walking in through the door, and he was already fully dressed.

Lin Xiyu was a little embarrassed, but she still complained in her heart that he made a lot of trouble last night, making little baby hungry for so long. In the end, she didn’t speak angrily, “No, how do I dare.”

He walked to her side and sat down, Lin Xiyu was breastfeeding, subconsciously wanted to hide, but after thinking about it, she thought that both of them now shared a room, and there seemed to be no need to hide.

Really… before yesterday, she would not have had this idea at all.

Lu Junting sat for a while and said, “I’m going to the company.”

“Okay, you can go.”

“My kiss.”


Lin Xiyu looked at him with a question mark on her face, but he did not answer her, directly leaned over and kissed her lips. Even if it was a gentle kiss, it was tainted by his aura. The kiss was strong, his breath was dominantly injected into her mouth and nose, making her head dizzy for a while.

He took a few bites on her lips before letting go. Then, she met a pair of dark but soft eyes, which seemed to have a smile on it.

Lin Xiyu looked at him in a daze as he got up and left. How did it seem that they had become close all of a sudden. Obviously both of them still respected each other before yesterday.

Since yesterday, the two people who were ‘honest’ seem to be tightened by an invisible thread. Now there was even a farewell kiss before going to work.

Lin Xiyu felt that her face was a little hot, and she actually had the feeling that she was in love with brother Junting.

Lin Xiyu was absent-minded at work. Her mind was full of memories of last night. Originally, she did not deliberately recall it, but it inadvertently jumped out of her mind, disturbing her and making her annoyed.

She was eating at a restaurant outside the club at noon when her mobile phone suddenly rang. Seeing the caller ID ‘Brother Junting’, although she did not see the person, her heart unconsciously tightened, and her mind was once again replayed the image from last night. The phone rang for a while before she answered.

“What are you doing?”

When Lu Junting spoke in a soft voice, his voice was particularly mellow, making people inexplicably feel that his voice was very sexy.


“What do you eat?”

Lin Xiyu felt that he asked a very trivial question, and she simply asked him directly, “Brother Junting, do you have something to find me?”

“Can’t I call you if I don’t have anything?”

“No, I mean, you’re so busy.”

“Lunch break.”


“You haven’t told me what you eat yet.”

“Chicken legs and chinese cabbage.”

“Is it delicious?”


Lin Xiyu chewed a mouthful of green vegetables. She was speechless, and she never knew that a person like Lu Junting was very boring.

“It’s delicious.” Lin Xiyu replied to him.

Then he asked a few boring questions that didn’t have weight, such as what her chicken legs tasted like and how it compared to those made by the chef at home.

Lin Xiyu was a little confused after hanging up the phone. He called her on a rare break to ask a bunch of boring questions?

When Lin Xiyu returned to the club after eating, Du Ruoting rushed to her and said, “Auntie, someone is looking for you. I asked her to wait  in the reception room.”

Lin Xiyu was very puzzled about who would come to her at this time. Lin Xiyu came to the reception room, but saw a woman sitting inside. The woman was wearing heavy makeup, and she was sitting in the reception room drinking tea.

“Hello Miss Lin, we met last time at the Ancheng Cultural Exchange Conference.”

Lin Xiyu felt that this person looked a bit familiar. She thought about it carefully, she seemed to have indeed seen her. At the exchange meeting that day, this woman seemed to be Mr. Li’s female companion. Lin Xiyu didn’t have a good impression of that bald President Li.

Lin Xiyu politely said, “I think I’ve seen you before.”

Yang Hui pulled out a business card from her wallet and handed it to her. Lin Xiyu took a look at it, Yang Hui, Vice President of Huili Culture Company, followed by a bracket with the word ‘agent’ written in it.

Yang Hui added, “Our company is a fashion magazine, and we also train models to enter the entertainment industry. I think that Miss Lin’s conditions are very good, so I want to come and ask Miss Lin if she is interested in joining our company.”

So he came to poach people? To come directly to her place of work to poach people? Was that a bit rude?

Lin Xiyu said, “Vice President Yang, you see, I already have a job.”

“I know, but Miss Lin, you have such good conditions, it’s too wasteful to stay here, you can join our company. We will cultivate you carefully, even if it’s just an early fashion show, an event can be your monthly salary.”

“I’m sorry Vice President Yang, I’m not interested in walking the fashion show or anything, I like my current job and want to do it well.”

She refused to be so simple, but Yang Hui was surprised, she said, “Miss Lin, you should know that models packaged from our company are not bad. Do you know the idol drama actress who has been famous recently? She is cultivated by our company. Miss Lin, your conditions are so good, there are many opportunities. When the times comes than just an endorsement, you can spend your whole life, and to do this, there are many opportunities to contact the top, it’s easy to continue to climb.”

Lin Xiyu was really not interested at all and replied, “Vice President Yang, you don’t need to persuade me anymore. I just want to do what I like to do.”

When Yang Hui came out of the Calligraphy Club, her expression was not good. She did not expect that Lin Xiyu would reject her. Really, what was she pretending to be high for? If she really did not admire vanity, how could she still approach Lu Junting?

But she refused so simply, could it be that she really climbed up to Lu Junting? Before coming here, Yang Hui had inquired, and Lu Junting had no woman around for the time being. In other words, she should not have climbed, but Yang Hui could see that Lu Junting was interested in this woman, or had this woman even rejected Lu Junting? Yang Hui felt this woman was a little ignorant.

Lin Xiyu naturally did not know that she accidentally offended Yang Hui. She went home on time today to feed little baby, who had developed a big appetite recently, and… Lin Xiyu frowned in pain. She opened his mouth with her fingers, carefully stared at his gums, and saw that a little incisors seemed to show a little bit of small rice teeth.

“Little baby, your teeth are growing?”

Lin Xiyu was like discovering some new world. She urgently needed to confirm whether the new world she found really existed. She hurriedly went out with little baby in her arms, just in time to see Lu Junting coming down from upstairs. Lin Xiyu was in a jubilant mood at the moment and needed to share with others urgently. Upon seeing Lu Junting, she hurriedly said to him without thinking, “Brother Junting, please check if little baby’s teeth are growing.”

Lu Junting came over, opened little baby’s mouth, leaned over slightly and carefully stared at his gums. Lu Junting’s movements were not as gentle as Lin Xiyu, and the little one was made uncomfortable, grunting and screaming.

“It seems like a small baby tooth.”

The new world was recognized, Lin Xiyu became more and more excited, thinking that the baby began to grow teeth and entered a new stage. She was really happy in his heart, and said without thinking, “I told you. When I just breastfed, it hurt me so much, so the teeth are really growing.”

After Lin Xiyu finished speaking, she realized that something was wrong. She suddenly looked at Lu Junting, and saw that he was really looking at her with a not very descriptive look. Lin Xiyu caught her breath, and she was so embarrassed that she busily said, “Little baby is not full yet, I’ll feed a little more.”

Lin Xiyu closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief. How could she say that so unscrupulously?

Lin Xiyu finished feeding her little baby, hugged him and listened to his babble for a while.

“Mom wasn’t with you yesterday, did you miss me ah?”

“Wa wa wa wa…”

Lin Xiyu laughed, “Wa wa wa what ah? If only mommy knew baby language.”

Lin Xiyu put the child to sleep and practiced calligraphy for a while, deliberately rubbing for a while before going to Lu Junting’s room. Unexpectedly, Lu Junting hadn’t slept yet.

He was standing by the window and was on the phone. Upon hearing the sound, he looked back and saw her come in. He hurriedly closed the phone call and tossed the phone to the side.

Although she had already shared a room with him, she was still not very comfortable with him. She stood uneasily and felt cramp, not knowing what to do.

Lu Junting walked over to her, didn’t say anything, and directly picked her up. Lin Xiyu was startled, and subconsciously hugged his neck.

Lu Junting carried her to the side of the bed and sat down, putting her on his lap. Lin Xiyu lowered her head, and never said a word.
“Let me see.” He said suddenly.

Lin Xiyu looked up with a puzzled look, “See what?”

“See if that little brat has hurt you.”



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