Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: You Are My Child

Lin Xiyu’s face turned red, how could he say this in such a calm tone like a casual conversation?

Lin Xiyu bit her lips, embarrassed and said, “No.”

“Really? No need to use some ointment?”

The tone was as if they were discussing something seriously. Lin Xiyu was even more embarrassed, and said, “It’s okay, it’s not injured, don’t ask anymore.”

He added, “What are you ashamed for? Am I not your husband?”

It was true that he was her husband, and it was true that they had done the most intimate things, but she always felt that they were not familiar enough to generously reveal any privacy to each other.

“No, it’s really okay.”

He simply did not continue this topic anymore. He put her on the bed with his arm around her waist, and Lin Xiyu hurriedly said to him, “Brother Junting, can we have a rest tonight?”

Lu Junting hugged the person into his arms and said, “I didn’t say I want to do it.”

He reached out with his long arm and pressed the switch at the head of the bed, and the surroundings were suddenly plunged into darkness. In the silent darkness, she heard his soft breathing sprayed above her head.

He really did not seem to have the intention to do anything to her. Lin Xiyu gradually relaxed, but his embrace was still hot. She did not know if it was a man’s body that was hot, it felt like a furnace by being next to him.

“What are your plans for this weekend?” He asked suddenly.

“I’m taking little baby out to play.”

“Where are you going?”

“It hasn’t yet been decided, just a place with many people, little baby likes a lively place.”

“I’ll accompany you.”

“Ah?” Lin Xiyu was surprised, “Aren’t you busy?”

Lu Junting had a lot of social engagements, and people would ask him out on weekends.

Lu Junting said, “I’ll make time to accompany both you, mother and son. Don’t you blame me for not coming home often? I’ll make time for you in the future.”


When did she blame him for not coming home often? Lin Xiyu felt that he should have misunderstood her, and she hurriedly explained, “I don’t blame you, brother Junting, you are busy with your work, I’m very good with little baby. You don’t have to spend time with us.”

Lu Junting was silent for a long time. His silence couldn’t help but make Lin Xiyu’s heart jump. Lin Xiyu felt that she was very understanding when saying it, but his silence made her notice that he didn’t seem to be very satisfied.

Lin Xiyu was puzzled, when she heard the man behind him asked, “So you don’t want me to accompany you?”

When he spoke, his lips were pressed to her ear. The warm breath drilled straight into her ear. The breath was obviously warm, but she didn't know why, her ears were cool when she listened to it.

Lin Xiyu tilted her head to avoid his lips and said, “No, I’m just afraid of delaying brother Junting’s time.”

“I’m not afraid of anything you’re afraid of.”


“I’ll accompany you tomorrow.”

It was a declarative sentence, wrapped by his aura, it gave people a meaning that couldn’t be refused.

Lin Xiyu responded, “Okay.”

In fact, she didn’t really want him to accompany them. If he wasn’t there, she and little baby were still a little more comfortable.

On the weekend, the family went out in a nanny car for breakfast early in the morning. They went to a cultural snack street this time, and there were a lot of people and many kinds of food.

When the car was parked, Lin Xiyu took the baby carrier and was about to put it on her body, but Lu Junting said to her, “I’ll take him.”

Lin Xiyu glanced at him. He was dressed casually today, a white innerwear, with black and gray casual jacket for the outer, followed with a black casual pants and a pair of casual models of leather shoes. He had a good proportion, wide shoulders and long legs, and coupled with these clothes, he looked stylish.

Without wearing that formal couture suit, he looked several years younger, but as a dragon among people, a noble person since childhood, even if he only wore a rag, it was difficult to hide his temperament. This prefix baby carrier really did not match him whenever she looked at it.

Lin Xiyu asked uncertainly, “Are you sure you want to wear this?”

Lu Junting did not answer, directly took the baby carrier from her hands, put both hands over to the shoulder set, and said to her, “Help me buckle it.”

Since he was so resolute, Lin Xiyu did not say anything more, helped him buckle the strap, and put the baby in the baby carrier. Lin Xiyu rushed him again, “You have to hold his little feet, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to hang for too long.”
Lu Junting did as he was told and held his son’s two little fat legs.

Lin Xiyu couldn’t help but glance at the father and son a few more times. This temperament of Lu Junting was not suitable to bring a child, he should be sitting in a high building to do a fierce decision-making. But hanging the baby carrier, with his son, he did not resist at all, and began to stroll leisurely with little baby. Little baby saw so many people, his little body trembled happily, giggling all the way, he also quite cooperated to help him shake the little fat legs, it was also quite harmonious to look at.

Passing by a barbecue stall, little baby’s eyes stared directly at the barbecue, his little fat finger pointed over there while grunting and humming. Lin Xiyu helped him wipe off his saliva, poking his little meat face and said, “That can’t be eaten, you can only eat it when you grow up.”

They walked past the barbecue stalls, but his big round eyes were still staring at it. Lin Xiyu smiled helplessly, it seemed that her little baby was a foodie.

However the little baby was forgetting things very fast, he saw the roadside that sold balloons and forgot the barbecue. He pointed to the small balloon, and his little body shook excitedly.

“You’re too young to play with that.”

However, Lin Xiyu’s words were useless, the little guy probably really liked that balloon, began to grunt, and frown, and it looked like he was about to cry.

Lu Junting said, “If he likes it, buy it for him.”

He walked over with the child, followed by Lin Xiyu. Lin Xiyu saw a pink kitten-shaped balloon that she liked, but the baby was too small to take such a large balloon, so she picked a slightly smaller one. Lu Junting took out his mobile phone payment, and said to the boss, “One big one and one small one, how much is it?”

Lin Xiyu was puzzled, “Just a small one, he can’t play a big one.”
Lu Junting paid the money, pulled out the pink balloon she had just touched a few times and handed it to her, saying, “This is for you.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

Lin Xiyu did not expect to receive a balloon from Lu Junting, she liked the balloon, but was a little embarrassed, she said, “This is only for children to play ah.”

Lu Junting said, “You are also a child.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

Above his head was the azure sky, the bright colors seemed to sprinkle in his eyes, fading the harshness in his eyes. As a result, his eyebrows had softened down, and he spoke softly as if he was really speaking to a child. Lin Xiyu actually had a feeling of being spoiled by him as a child. He obviously spoke in a normal tone, but this feeling of being spoiled by him as a child made her feel an ambiguity.

However, she was still happy to receive a gift, Lin Xiyu smiled a little shyly, took the balloon and said, “Thank you.”

After shopping for a while, the two of them found a place to sit and rest with little baby, Lin Xiyu would feed warm milk to little baby, and he was now teething. With the addition of milk powder and complementary food, she would not have to be so tired to breastfeed everyday.

A small bottle of milk was finished after a while. After drinking, little baby began to giggle, Lin Xiyu hugged him, her heart softened after seeing his smile. Probably because how the mother looked at her child, she thought that her child looked good. She rubbed his little fleshy face and said, “My little baby, why are you smiling ah? Why are you so cute ah? Oh? How can you be so cute?”

“Because his mother is also cute.”

Lin Xiyu was stunned for a moment, Lu Junting was sitting opposite of her. At the moment, they were sitting in a pavilion for resting, this ancient street building was ancient, from the pavilion down was a row of eaves, and above was the blue and far-reaching sky. Behind Lu Junting was the blue sky, the weather was good today, the sky was cloudless. He seemed to be dyed with warm sun, not like the previous kind of imposing character. At this time his gaze was soft, the gentle expression of Lu Junting was clear and handsome. He had a strong personal charm, very aggressive, the kind of people who would attack.

Lin Xiyu, who heard his words, seemed to have been attacked.

How could he say that she was cute? She didn’t think that a person like Lu Junting would praise that the girl was cute, and then thinking that he just said that she was a child, Lin Xiyu only felt that her heart was burned.

It was obvious that the pavilion was an open space, but she felt as if all around her was filled with a sense of ambiguity. In order to conceal her panic, she ducked her head and rubbed it against her son’s face.

The sun was just right, there was no wind. The blue sky extended into the distance was as beautiful as a painting, and the bustling crowd around her was very lively. She suddenly had the feeling that they seemed to be in love.

Lin Xiyu’s mobile phone rang at this time, it was a phone call from Lin Xiqian. Lin Xiyu answered it, and Lin Xiqian asked her, “Where are you?”

Lin Xiyu replied, “I’m outside now.”

“Are you free?”

Lin Xiyu glanced at Lu Junting. He didn’t seem to care about her side, and poked the little baby’s face with his fingertips to tease him.

In fact, Lu Junting knew who was calling Lin Xiyu, and he had just inadvertently glanced at the caller ID.

Lin Xiyu then said, “I’m not available for the time being, my husband and I are out with the baby.”

Hearing this, Lu Junting was stunned for a moment. This little girl had always been reluctant to let the outsiders know that she was married, and now she was telling an outsider that she was with her husband and child, and she also called him husband. The corners of Lu Junting’s mouth imperceptibly curled, looking at his son made him feel even cuter, and she was right, how could his precious son be so cute?

“That’s right, didn’t I say I wanted to meet your husband before?”

“Now? Let me ask my husband first.”

Lin Xiyu covered the receiver and asked Lu Junting, “Do you remember the boy I told you about before that my parents almost adopted? He has always wanted to see you and he wants to meet today. Are you convenient?”

Lu Junting said, “There is nothing inconvenient, let’s see him in the evening. I will arrange the restaurant later, the visitor is a guest, the meal is on us.”

Since Lu Junting had agreed, Lin Xiyu had nothing to say, she said to Lin Xiqian, “My husband said in the evening, is it convenient for you?”

“I can.”

“Then I’ll send you the address of the restaurant later.”


Hanging up the phone, feeding the little baby the milk, and after shopping for a while, the family went back. Lu Junting handed over the matter to the assistant, and the restaurant was quickly booked.

Lin Xiyu sent the location, she and Lu Junting went over and waited first, then Lin Xiqian arrived at the appointed time.

Lin Xiyu introduced both people, “This is my husband, Lu Junting, and this is my step-brother, Lin Xiqian.”

Lu Junting took the initiative to stretch out his hand and said, “Hello.”

When Lu Junting was outside, generally he became the object of others’ active friendship. He actively reached out to greet someone like this, which meant that he gave the other side very much.

Lin Xiqian shook hands with him and said, “Hello.”

Lu Junting said, “I heard Xixi say you are American, you should have a foreign name, right?”

“Lex Hinton.”

Lu Junting then said, “Mr. Hinton, please sit down.”

Lin Xiqian noticed that Lin Xiyu had just introduced his Chinese name first, but he deliberately did not call him ‘Mr. Lin’. However, Lin Xiqian didn’t care so much, he sat down opposite the couple. The waiter took the menu over, and Lu Junting generously handed it to him, “You are the guest, you order first.”

Lin Xiqian said, “No need, I can eat whatever you order.”

Lu Junting said, “You don’t need to be polite to us.”

Lin Xiyu also said, “Yes, you don’t need to be polite. We don’t know your appetite, you order yours first, then we can order ours.”

Lin Xiqian took the menu and ordered two dishes, and he asked Lin Xiyu, “I remember that you love ice cream, how about I order ice cream for you?”

Lin Xiyu was about to refuse, but Lu Junting said one step ahead of her, “She is breastfeeding, the baby will have a stomach ache if she eats ice cream.”

Lin Xiyu was stunned when she heard this, Lu Junting even know this? He sometimes learned about the situation of the mother and son from sister Wu, and if he even knew this kind of detail, it seemed that he knew it well.

Lin Xiqian looked at Lin Xiyu with a shocked expression and asked, “Are you breastfeeding?”

Lin Xiyu nodded, and Lu Junting next to her was puzzled, “You don’t know? Didn’t she tell you?”

He obviously said it quite normally, but Lin Xiqian always felt, this sound was like an uncomfortable mockery.

“Sorry, I don’t know.”

Lin Xiyu hurriedly said, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”

After ordering, Lin Xiqian asked, “I don’t know what Mr. Lu does.”

Lu Junting said, “Do a small business, building materials.”

Lin Xiyu secretly thought: building materials was a small business, was this to bully Lin Xiqian who just came to An City and was not familiar with it? However, Lin Xiyu was quite agreeable with Lu Junting’s modest and low-key approach.

“What about you? Where do you work?” Lu Junting asked.

“I’m a doctor at Jiangyuan Hospital.”

Later, Lu Junting asked about Lin Xiqian’s situation after he went to the United States and asked about their childhood. Lin Xiyu had been worried that Lu Junting had asked about Lin Xiqian’s illness, which was after all the biggest shortcoming in someone’s life, and even if it was just concerned about mentioning it, it would make people uncomfortable. However, he did not talk about it throughout the whole process, and he treated Lin Xiqian like a normal person. He was also very polite in his words, really respecting him as her brother, and the atmosphere of the conversation was so harmonious that Lin Xiyu was surprised. She was afraid that the two first-time meetings would be awkward.

Halfway through the meal, Lin Xiyu went to the restroom.

“Why do you approach her?”

As soon as Lin Xiyu left, Lu Junting’s tone became cold and indifferent, and he did not hide it at all, asking directly and unceremoniously.

Lin Xiqian actually had a not-so-good impression of Lu Junting, men knew men too well. The first time he saw this man, he felt that he was a deeply hidden man, his politeness was all pretend. Sure enough, after Lin Xiyu turned around, his true face was exposed.

Therefore, Lin Xiqian was not too surprised by Lu Junting’s sudden change of attitude.

Lin Xiyu said, “I don’t quite understand what you mean.”

“Isn’t your adoptive father in the United States in debt? If I’m not mistaken, you should be in a hurry to help him pay off his debts right now.”

Hearing this, Lin Xiqian’s face suddenly changed, “Are you investigating me?”

“Xixi is young and her social time is too short. I’m older than her and I’m her husband, I have the obligation to help her identify the friends she made. So, why are you approaching her? Trying to get the inheritance given to her by her parents? But probably disappointed you, Mr. and Mrs. Lin was running for charity, and the family’s assets had long been used for charity. Mr. and Mrs. Lin suddenly left, leaving only a lot of debts to Xixi.”

This statement was blatantly suspicious of him, Lin Xiqian was also angry and said, “My adoptive father’s debt crisis is his problem, he can solve it himself. I don’t have to help him pay off his debt. Lin Xiyu is my sister. I came to her just to take care of her, not as bad as you think.”

“Take care of her?” Lu Junting’s face did not change, and he even used his chopsticks to help him clamp the dish and put it in his bow, which was completely a warm and welcoming attitude, but the words he said were prickly, “If you want to take care of her, why didn’t you appear when her parents died? It’s just that your adoptive father has a debt crisis, so you came to take care of her so generously? Mr. and Mrs. Lin saved you in the first place, but they didn’t know that they were saving an ungrateful person. As soon as that person found adoptive parents with better conditions, that person turned his face and didn’t recognize them, and didn’t even contact each other for so many years, where did your face still appear next to her? Didn’t you approach her for profit? If they had known, they would probably have been ashamed that they almost adopted you in the first place.”

His words poked his heart, Lin Xiqian was completely enraged by him. He stood up violently, picked up the tea on the table and splashed it directly on his face, gritting his teeth and said, “What do you know?”

When Lin Xiyu came out from the restroom, she saw this scene and she thought, what happened, it was just fine before. When she came over, she also saw Lu Junting helping Lin Xiqian to pick dishes. The atmosphere between the two should have been quite good, but Lin Xiqian suddenly stood up and splashed him with tea. What was the situation?

Lin Xiyu was startled and hurriedly walked over to ask, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Junting took out a tissue and wiped his face slowly, his eyes also revealed a bit of anger, and asked, “What does Mr. Hinton mean? I just asked if your adoptive father has a debt crisis, whether he needs help or not. Why do you react so much? Xixi still recognizes you as a stepbrother, I’m willing to help as a husband when you are in trouble, don’t be too excited.”

Lin Xiyu was confused, what debt, what debt?

Lu Junting would bring bodyguards when he went out, because the husband and wife wanted to entertain a guest, and the two bodyguards were guarding the side for fear that Lin Xiqian would be uncomfortable. Lu Junting let them sit at the table far away, but the two bodyguards had been watching the movement here. Seeing that the two bodyguards found the situation and were ready to come, Lu Junting signaled with his eyes to let them calm down.

Lin Xiyu knew very well that if it wasn’t for Lu Junting’s sake, the two bodyguards would have come over and subdued Lin Xiqian.

Lin Xiyu did not know what happened, but she just saw Lu Junting especially politely helping Lin Xiqian to pick dishes, even if Lu Junting’s words might accidentally hurt Lin Xiqian’s self-esteem, he could not directly splash people with water. Lin Xiyu held the cup, the tea was just boiled, she also felt hot by holding the cup.

Lin Xiyu hurriedly asked, “Are you okay? Have you been scalded?”

Her anxious appearance was unexpected by Lu Junting, and the anger in his eyes instantly faded and he said, “It’s okay.”

Lin Xiyu looked at Lin Xiqian again, but saw that his face was full of anger, and his body was still smoked with anger. Lu Junting was splashed with water, and Lin Xiyu was somewhat guilty. After all, it was because of her that Lu Junting was willing to meet Lin Xiqian, otherwise he, a busy person, did not have time to give Lin Xiqian this face. He had always been very thoughtful, and he was also very polite to Lin Xiqian, even helping him to pick dishes.

Lin Xiyu was actually a bit angry and she was not polite to Lin Xiqian, “Why are you throwing water on people? Splashing hot water directly into his face, what if it hurts his eyes?”

Lin Xiqian gradually calmed down, he also knew that his actions just now were too impulsive, but he had always felt guilty about his adoptive parents. The most taboo thing was that others called him ungrateful. And Lu Junting’s words just now poked his bottom line, so he did not hold back for a moment.

He was afraid that Lin Xiyu would be embarrassed, slowly calmed his emotions, and was about to apologize to Lu Junting, when he saw that the man suddenly showed him a cold warning look when Lin Xiyu didn’t see it. With this look, the corners of his mouth curved, as if he was smiling at him, obviously mocking him, as if he was mocking him for being provoked so easily.

Lin Xiqian’s heart thumped, and a chill suddenly hit his spine. He suddenly realized that Lu Junting was deliberately provoking him, what he said just now was intentional, and he was still wondering why at that time, he still served him dishes while saying unceremoniously. He was doing it for Lin Xiyu, he was just angry about why he was investigating his adoptive father’s debt, and he did not notice that Lin Xiyu had come out of the restroom.

And now, he deliberately showed this expression to him, just to let him know that he did it on purpose. He was still provoking him! What did he want to do? Want to deliberately provoke him to tear their husband and wife’s faces completely?

Lin Xiqian clenched his fists, he knew very well that Lin Xiyu had preconceived that he was impulsive and rash to splash water on Lu Junting. If he tore face with Lu Junting at this time, he was afraid that Lin Xiyu would be more dissatisfied with him, now that the two had just reunited and were not familiar with each other, she definitely trusted Lu Junting more than him.

Lin Xiqian clearly knew that now was not the time to tear his face with Lu Junting.

He forced down the gushing anger, took a deep breath and sincerely apologized, “Sorry, I was too impulsive just now.”

Lu Junting generously replied, “It’s okay, it’s inevitable that young people will be impulsive, and I won’t take account of it for Xixi’s sake.”

Hearing this, Lin Xiyu felt even more guilty in her heart.

The subsequent dinner was not as harmonious as at first. After eating, the couple said goodbye to Lin Xiqian directly. During the meal, Lin Xiyu noticed that Lu Junting’s face was red, and after she got into the car she said, “Do you want to check your face?”

“No need, a small matter.”

“But the water was very hot just now.”

“I have rough skin, so it doesn’t matter.”

Lin Xiyu’s heart was uncomfortable. Lu Junting met Lin Xiqian because of her, so he suffered this unwarranted disaster because of her.

“Brother Junting, I’m sorry, it’s all because of me.”

“What does it have to do with you? It’s not you that pour the water on me.”

“But it’s also because of me that you met him, by the way, I didn’t ask just now. What did you say about him to make him so angry?”

Lu Junting said, “I don’t know very well, I just mentioned his adoptive father’s debt crisis and asked him if he needed help, and he suddenly became angry.”

“How did you know about his adoptive father’s debt crisis?”

Lu Junting admitted very generously, “I investigated him. You mentioned him to me before, and I’m more cautious, after all, both of you have not been in touch for so many years, and you don’t know what he has done in the United States over the years. Maybe you don’t even understand if he is a good person or a bad person, so I investigated.”

Lin Xiyu nodded. Lu Junting was cautious and she could understand. She suddenly had a stepbrother come to the door. As her husband, it would be understandable to investigate his details.

Lin Xiqian also did not tell her about the debt crisis on his adoptive father’s side, and Lu Junting asked if he needed help, Lin Xiyu wondered, “Why did he react so much? Is he angry that you investigated him?”

Lu Junting said, “I don’t know very well, I investigated him and explained the reason to him, he didn’t have to react so much. I think he may have misunderstood me.”

“What misunderstanding?”

He probably thought that I was suspecting he was approaching you to get you to help him pay his debt, so he was angry when I mentioned it that way.”

Lin Xiyu fell silent.

Lu Junting continued, “After all, you and him have not seen each other for so many years, and you don’t know what he has experienced abroad. Although your parents adopted him at the beginning, after all, it was a matter of a long time ago. People will change, I hope you will keep an eye on it in the future.”

Lin Xiyu understood what he meant, because her parents almost adopted him at the beginning, and they had been very worried about him over the years, so when he appeared, she subconsciously had a sense of closeness to him. However, they were not real relatives, and he was the only one—— person who had shared common memories with her family life.

However, what Lu Junting said was also correct, after all, she had not seen him for so many years, what kind of life he had lived abroad, and she was not sure what kind of people he had contacted before. She really should keep an eye on.

Lin Xiyu said, “I understand brother Junting.”

After returning home, Lin Xiyu found a scalding medicine. Lu Junting was still dealing with things in the study, and Lin Xiyu knocked on the door and entered, then handed him the scalding medicine, saying, “Brother Junting, it’s better to apply some medicine, your face is red, it will be more comfortable to apply this.”

Lu Junting temporarily put down the matter at hand, looking at the medicine she handed over, didn’t know what came to his mind, it seemed that he had a very pleasant mood with his face full of smiles. He turned the chair to her and said, “You help me.”

Lin Xiyu thought that he was injured because of her, so she did not refuse.

Lin Xiyu squeezed the ointment to her fingertips and was about to carefully help him apply it, but the man suddenly stretched out his long arm forward to hug her. Lin Xiyu had not stabilized, directly stumbled a few steps to sit on his lap, with a straddling, not very elegant position.

Lin Xiyu’s cheeks immediately became hot, looking at him in a panic and asking, “Didn’t you ask me to help you to apply the medicine?”

“Just apply it like this, it’s more convenient.”



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