She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 26

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Chapter 26- Quietly Watching Liang Xin Sell Stupidly 
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan & Larkspur

When it was bedtime, Lin Qingqing and Yi Zeyan entered the room together. Although she tried to act natural, she was still a little nervous as she entered and closed the door.

Lin Qingqing comforted herself. It didn't matter. It was always like this when facing male gods. She will get used to it with time.

Her things had been moved into Yi Zeyan's very big room. Before, the whole room seemed empty and sparsely decorated. In short, it wasn’t much, but when her things came in, Yi Zeyan suddenly felt that the empty place was filled up in an instant and was very satisfied after seeing it.

He noticed an invitation on the table and asked her, "This is?"

This was the invitation letter she received before leaving work. Liu Wen had sent it. "MK sent it to invite my team to their company's charity dinner."

Something like that had just happened that day, yet Liu Wen had immediately sent the invitation. This gesture proved the sincerity of his apology.

Charity dinner? Unfortunately, he had also received an invitation, but he didn’t intend to go to such a small occasion, so he felt that there was no need to tell her.

He looked at her with his hands in his pockets and asked, "Have you gotten used to sleeping with me?"

Today, he wore a dark blue shirt over black and white striped trousers. He was dressed very formally and it highlighted his mature and steady masculine charm to the extreme.

He looked so unusual that she dared not look at him anymore. Instead, she rubbed the corners of her clothes nervously and said, "It's all right."

He sauntered over to the bed and sat down, then held out his hand to her. Lin Qingqing released a taut breath and reached a hand out. In an instant, he pulled her hard into his lap.

He hugged her in his arms and smiled. "You can only sleep with me for the rest of your life. You need to get used to it even if you are not."

It was a bit overbearing, but it inexplicably excited her.

Lin Qingqing found that she could do nothing at that time. His arms were simply intoxicating, so she simply nestled in, basked in his scent, and listened to his rhythmic heartbeat. She was so close that she inadvertently looked up and saw a scar on the back of his head near his ear. She couldn't help reaching out and touching it. Suddenly, she felt his body stiffen. Yet, he didn’t shy away from her touch. 

"Why is there a scar here?"

"Isn't it normal for men to have scars?"


Lin Qingqing remembered that she had seen □□ the appearance of his body. He did have many scars.

She didn’t ask again, and it became so quiet that his heartbeat sounded so clear, so close, surrounded by his scent that was ambiguous and warm.

He suddenly raised her chin, lowered his head, and began to kiss her, but not as rough as the previous two times. This time the kiss was very gentle, leaving behind a feeling of lingering affection.

This kind of kiss made people's hearts tremble and Lin Qingqing felt that her mind was blank the moment he kissed her.

He was so gentle to death that she felt her soul was about to be sucked away by him.

Why is there such a gentle and charming man? Lin Qingqing really wanted to strip away all of his clothes and put him under her body. However, her body had now become so soft that she could do nothing. (T/N: Lol, LQQ mind is so dirty >_< E/N: Lmao, this is what you call the “Yi Zeyan Effect” ( ̄ω ̄) )

He was kissing her from her lips all the way to her ears. It was a warm kiss and she felt as if it had been electrified.

"Bad woman." Voice hoarse, he suddenly muttered to himself.

His tone had a pitiful feeling, which made Lin Qingqing feel guilty.

She thought of the cruelty she had done to him all these years. She didn't remember any of it, but she knew she had done it.

"Am I… very bad?"

"En?" He looked up at her slowly as if he had just realized what he had said. Suddenly, he laughed and said, "It's all right."


His face was so close and Lin Qingqing felt that everything in front of her had become very wonderful. She actually lay in his arms and kissed him. He and she were still so close that everything between them was also incomparably close.

She seemed to have fallen into a sweet, unreal dream.

The face she wanted to touch was right in front of her, and his lips had just kissed her. She already kissed him anyway. Certainly, she can touch him, right?

Although she thought so, she made some mental preparations before stroking her hand on his cheek. After touching it, she was almost satisfied, and she gently stroked. "I'm sorry, I'm not good. You have worked hard to take care of me and the little dumpling these years."
He closed his eyes and rubbed on her palm. Lin Qingqing looked at him with astonishment. The strong Yi Zeyan was acting like a child who rubbed so lovingly against the palm of her hand.

He took her hand, brought it to his lips, and kissed it. His movements were gentle and his falling kiss was like feathers. He really was a very gentle man. (E/N: Lol Qingqing, maybe just to you and Xiao Yuan. xD ) 

His tenderness made her feel as if she were a treasure that he cherished and held in the palm of his hand. Every touch of him had to be careful.

Lin Qingqing couldn’t help laughing. "Shall I have a good life with you in the future?" (E/N: I swear I’m not crying. My eyes are just sweating. (ToT) ) 

He closed his eyes and she saw a ghost of a smile turn up on the corners of his mouth. He whispered, "Okay."

At night, the two still hugged each other to sleep but he did nothing to her and she thought he was really a gentleman. The last time there was an obvious abnormality and he even apologized to her. She didn’t know how Xiao Yuan came into the picture.

However, this was enough to show that he indeed cherished her. He knew that she had lost her memory, so he gave her enough respect.

The next day when Lin Qingqing arrived at the studio, Qi Qi said to her, "I brought you the person."

Immediately, she was a little excited and said, "Really? Where is the person?"

Qi Qi pointed to her office. "In my office."

When Lin Qingqing entered, she saw a man sitting at Qi Qi's desk drinking coffee. He was wearing a turtleneck and a pair of jeans. He looked very young and didn't seem like a man in his late forties at all.

Seeing Lin Qingqing come in, he quickly got up and greeted. "Hello, Boss Lin."

"Mr. Mu, you are too polite. Just call me Qingqing."

She went over to him, shook his hand, and motioned for him to take a seat. "I think Qi Qi has already told Mr. Mu about our studio, so I don't need to say much. I just want to ask Mr. Mu's opinion."

Mu Cong said, "It's very good. I'm satisfied with the working environment and the compensation you offer, Boss Lin."

Satisfied, Lin Qingqing said with a smile, "In that case, I don't know when Mr. Mu is convenient to work? Of course, I am especially looking forward to working with Mr. Mu. Naturally, I also hope that the sooner you go to work, the better."

Mu Cong smiled and pointed to the corner of the wall. "Everything has been brought, and I can work now."

Lin Qingqing looked down and found that there was a big box over there. She puffed her cheeks but was particularly satisfied. She clapped her hands and said, "Mr. Mu is indeed a frank person! I think it will be very pleasant for us to work together in the future."

Lin Qingqing took out the contract and signed it, then took him to the office specially prepared for him. She was afraid that he couldn’t help himself and called Qi Qi to come and help him tidy up the things. He had a lot of stuff, but most of them were books and photo albums. She noticed that one photo album was a photo of Mu Cong and a girl, which was the only photo with the opposite sex in so many of his albums.

Lin Qingqing was somewhat curious and asked him, "Is this beautiful girl your girlfriend?"

Mu Cong took the album and carefully stroked the photo, his eyes suddenly became gentle and he said, "En. She's my girlfriend."

Lin Qingqing noticed a pink butterfly on the girl's arm and she exclaimed, "She has a beautiful tattoo."

Mu Cong: "——" 

Mu Cong couldn't help laughing. "It's not a tattoo, it's a birthmark."


Lin Qingqing touched her nose, a little embarrassed.

"Unfortunately, she is no longer here," Mu Cong said with a deep sigh.

No longer here? Lin Qingqing looked at the picture of the beautiful woman and couldn’t help but feel sorry. Having triggered his sore spot, Lin Qingqing quickly apologized and said, "I'm sorry."

Mu Cong smiled and put the album in the nearest place. "It doesn't matter. I'll do the rest."

Lin Qingqing and Qi Qi came out together, and only after they had gone far did Lin Qingqing sigh. "I didn't expect that Mr. Mu is also a long-term lover. I think the photo is from long ago."

"She's not dead."


"She disappeared, fifteen years ago. However, you are right, he is really a long-term lover. He hasn’t given up looking for his girlfriend for years. He is 40 years old yet hasn’t married nor had a girlfriend since she disappeared." (E/N: Sana all loyal.(πーπ)) 

Lin Qingqing also didn't expect Mu Cong to be so infatuated. As a star manager, he contacted a lot of beautiful women every day, and his personal situation was also good. Yet, he never fell in love again. How affectionate it was to be able to do this. She thought he was infatuated and it filled her with pity for him.

"How did she disappear ah?"

"I don't know. It was 15 years ago. At that time, there weren't so many eyes, and she disappeared while they were on vacation. In a very remote place by the woods. He went there over and over again to search for yet he hadn't found her even after looking for so long."


"That girl was also a pity. If she had been developed well, she would’ve definitely not lost her popularity."

But Lin Qingqing was puzzled. "According to what you said, she should have been a debut artist at that time. If a public figure like that disappeared, she should’ve been easy to find it."

Qi Qi shook her head and said, "The police were called. At that time, a large police force was deployed, but they still found nothing. It was as if she had disappeared into thin air."

Into thin air? The word was a bit heavy, and Lin Qingqing guessed that she might have encountered something unexpected. However, she kept her thoughts to herself. 

MK's charity dinner was held two days later. Before the dinner, Lin Qingqing took Mo Qingyan and Qi Qi to buy a set of formal dresses. Almost at the time, the trio of female soldiers went directly to MK.

The charity dinner was held in the banquet hall of MK, and although the three entered the banquet hall without auras like big tycoons, they still had their own charisma. They walked with gusty steps and caused quite a stir as they entered.

There were quite a few people who attended the banquet. Liu Wen and his wife, Ran Nan were greeting the other guests. Lin Qingqing was still not at the level good enough to greet them. She didn’t know many people that well. However, the song "Snowy Cliff" made Qingqing Studio famous in the first world war and there were many bosses who wanted to cooperate with her. Likewise, Qi Qi was an old acquaintance in the music industry and many people came to greet her. Mo Qingyan was also a singer who became famous overnight and many media friends came to interview her. Therefore, Lin Qingqing and her team were not neglected.

Chatting was also a technical job. Lin Qingqing planned to eat something after a round of chatting so she brought a glass of champagne and a small snack to eat. There were several ladies standing beside her. She overheard their chat and suddenly Yi Zeyan’s name was mentioned.

It was really strange. They had confirmed their relationship and rekindled their love, but upon hearing his name, Lin Qingqing still felt her heartbeat start to speed up. Subconsciously, she stretched her ears to listen more.

"I heard that Mr. Yi of Yicheng Group will be here today."

"No way. Will Mr. Yi attend such a small banquet?"

"I don't know. It is said that the invitation was received."

"I am really looking forward to meeting this young man. It is said that he is recognized as a handsome man in the industry."

"That's right. Young, handsome, and rich. In the circle, be it unmarried or married, I don't know how many people think about it."

"But I hear he seems to be married."

"There is no definite news. Who knows if he is married or not?"

They then went on to make a few dirty jokes, and Lin Qingqing couldn't bear to listen anymore. However, what she didn’t expect was for Yi Zeyan to receive an invitation to the banquet. He hadn’t mentioned it to her these past two days.

She went to find Mo Qingyan and Qi Qi. Just a moment ago, a boss wanted to cooperate with her in advertising. Lin Qingqing planned to take Mo Qingyan to meet him in passing and bring Qi Qi to check on him.

Just as she was about to take action, she accidentally saw a few people coming towards her, apparently aiming for her. Lin Qingqing wanted to come to MK to attend a charity dinner. It was very likely that she would meet Liang Xin, but she didn't expect Lin Peng and Liang Feifei to come together.

However, Lin Peng was now doing a good job in the hotel. Coupled with the fact that he was Liang Xin's father, it made sense that he would be invited.

When the three people came forward, Liang Xin smiled and said, "Mom and Dad are here. Why doesn't Qingqing say hello to them?"

Lin Qingqing just looked at them. When did she have the time to say "hello"? Besides, even if she had time, with her subtle relationship with Lin Peng’s family, it would be difficult to take the initiative to say "hello".

Lin Peng was already in his fifties. He wore a tuxedo suit and trousers and his hair had been cared for. When Lin Peng was just making his fortune, he always liked to hang on his body golden sparkles. Later, he probably thought it was too tacky, so over the years, he had been walking on low-key luxury steps and seemed to have the taste of an elegant uncle.

Liang Feifei was a bit plumper than before. Although her face was extremely well maintained, the traces of old age could still be seen.

When Lin Qingqing saw Lin Peng, she thought of what her elder sister had said to her. When Liang Xin took advantage of the fact that she had fallen into a low point and walked towards Xiang Huayang, she stabbed her with such a big knife that his father even took sides with her, even throwing money to hold her in the entertainment circle. This made Lin Qingqing extremely disappointed with this father.

When Lin Peng saw her, he frowned subconsciously, and his expression was a little stern. "After all these years, why didn't you call home? I called your elder sister, but she won't answer. She won't see me either. Are you two sisters trying to piss me off as a father?" (E/N: Oho! Don’t try bringing up the “father card”, you senile old man. You lost that right ages ago. ಠ_ಠ) 

Lin Qingqing didn't expect him to go to her elder sister so she said, "When you were partial to outsiders, didn't I already sever ties with the family?"

Liang Feifei's face didn’t look very good. Lin Peng also looked down and said, "Outsiders? Xinxin is your elder sister. What's more, I'm not partial to anyone. I just hope the family is happy." (E/N: This bastard be tripping. ಠ_ಠ ) 

Not partial? If he was not partial, then why did he do nothing after knowing that Liang Xin betrayed her, and even threw money to let her into the entertainment industry?

Lin Qingqing then replied, "Since you love Liang Xin so much and have such a lovely daughter who’s so filial to you, what else do you want me and my jiejie to do?" (E/N: Throw that shade Qingqing. ( ̄ー ̄)ゞ) 


Lin Peng seemed to be angry with her and was about to criticize her. But Liang Feifei urged in a timely manner, "How can father and daughter have an overnight feud? You too, Qingqing, your father is also old. As a daughter, how about going home to see him? It was just a trivial matter. You were just too immature and immediately severed ties with your family."

Liang Feifei seemed to be trying to persuade her, but she deliberately raised her voice and was very loud. Lin Qingqing noticed that there were already many people looking around, unwittingly. Listening to Liang Feifei, they probably thought Lin Qingqing was the kind of daughter who was unfaithful, unfilial, ignorant, and someone who severed ties with her father because of a trivial matter.

She thought it was a trivial matter, because it was them who were favored, and it was them that were benefited. Naturally, she thought it was a trivial matter.

"It's not been a day or two since I severed ties with my family. Why didn’t you choose to persuade me earlier and only at this time? You raise your voice so much, aren’t you afraid others may hear what wicked things you have done? Do we have to compare who has the loudest voice? More importantly, this wasn’t the only immoral thing you have done. Do you want me to talk about it in a loud voice?" (E/N: Throw that shade Qingqing. THROW. THAT. DAMN. SHADE. ಠﭛಠ )

Liang Feifei blew out a harsh breath. Of course, she knew what Lin Qingqing meant. When she was with Lin Peng, she was in the dark. Although after so many years she had secured Mrs. Lin's seat, it couldn’t be denied that she was the woman in the dark. She only wanted that dark blemish, that stain to her reputation, to be buried deep never to be dug out. (E/N: Oho so like mother like daughter indeed? Both are treacherous bishes who steal other women’s men. ┬─┬ノ(ಠ_ಠノ) )

Liang Feifei's momentum of an elder educating the younger generation weakened instantly and she said with a dry smile, "Am I not trying to persuade you?"

Lin Peng also said, "Your Auntie Fei is kind. Why are you so ignorant?"

Liang Feifei also sighed at the opportune moment and it seemed as if she was the misunderstood party.

Lin Qingqing wanted to say something again, but she felt that it was not necessary to open her mouth. Anyway, she had cut off the relationship, and it was a waste of time and meaningless to talk to them too much. She was about to withdraw with Mo Qingyan and Qi Qi, but she saw a sudden commotion at the door. She looked over, and amid a group of voices of discussion and surprise, a handsome man in a suit was coming their way.

He was wearing a tailor-made, high-definition black suit, every inch of which matched his body. As soon as he appeared, he immediately attracted the attention of many people present. There were many successful men, but there were very few who were both successful and had a good figure and good looks. Such a man could be called the best quality, and it was difficult not to attract attention.

Lin Qingqing watched him appear. This person was very familiar to her. She hugged and kissed him all over again to sleep! However, when she saw him appear and he came towards her, her heart beat was still agitated as he approached step by step. 
(E/N: I was listening to Cake by Ocean as I was reading this part and legit I was dancing to the beat and with excitement. Bwahaha. Boss Zeyan will have all your heads for speaking to his dear wife this way. ಠﭛಠ) 

He sauntered over and politely responded to the greetings of others all throughout until he came to a stop in front of her. For a moment, it seemed that all those around did not exist. Then he looked at her and with a beautiful curve gracing his mouth, he called her softly, "Qingqing."

Unlike the courtesy of greeting others, he called her affectionately and gently and made no secret of her status in his eyes.

Lin Qingqing felt that her cheeks were burning again, and the feeling of being nervous and bewildered in the face of him came again. However, she was afraid of making jokes and insisted on looking at him instead and asked, "Why are you here? I haven't heard you say you were coming before."

Yi Zeyan said, "I didn't want to come before, so I didn't tell you. I decided to come at the last minute."

Originally, he didn't want to waste time attending such a small occasion. He just overheard the news that Lin Peng would come too, and he was afraid that he would say something he shouldn't say that would shock Lin Qingqing.

Lin Peng and Liang Feifei came to their senses. They obviously saw the familiarity of Lin Qingqing and Yi Zeyan. Lin Peng asked: "Qingqing, do you know Mr. Yi?"

It seemed that Yi Zeyan really was famous that even Lin Peng knew him.

When Lin Qingqing and Yi Zeyan got married, she had already cut off contact with Lin Peng, so she didn’t tell him. Her elder sister probably didn’t tell him either, so they didn’t know that she was married… and to Yi Zeyan!

But Lin Qingqing didn’t intend to tell him.

She nodded. "Yes."

Liang Xin and her family bowed their heads and she hid the sneer at the corner of her mouth, and she thought... She’s Yi Zeyan’s lover. Of course, she knows him!”

Earlier, she had been worried that Yi Zeyan wouldn’t appear. Now, a good show was about to begin.

Liang Xin raised her head and smiled. "That's really a coincidence, big financier Chief Jiang has always known Mrs. Yi. Today, she invited Mrs. Yi. Mr. Yi and Mrs. Yi have been separated from each other for a long time. Now she can meet you and ease the lovesickness."

Listening to Liang Xin's words, Lin Qingqing felt puzzled. What she said about Chief Jiang would not be Jiang Ruyan of Bi’er Group, right? But she wasn’t familiar with Jiang Ruyan, and the invitation she received was sent to her by Liu Wen. Moreover, Jiang Ruyan and Liang Xin didn’t know that she was Mrs. Yi. Who was the Mrs. Yi she was talking about?

Yi Zeyan was probably confused, too. His eyebrows frowned slightly, and his eyes become sharper. "Mrs. Yi?"

Liang Xin was being scrutinized by him that she shuddered subconsciously. She glanced at him and saw Jiang Ruyan and "Mrs. Yi" coming their way. She hurriedly pointed at them. "Look, they're coming."

The crowd followed the direction of her fingers and saw Jiang Ruyan and a tall and beautiful girl walking towards this side while chatting.
Lin Qingqing recognized at a glance who their so-called “Mrs. Yi” was and her face instantly sank. She really met Lu Wenqian everywhere, didn’t she?! 
(T/N: why don’t we just kill this b*tch, is she stupid? Or just stupid? E/N: I know! Let’s just bury the body afterwards then no one will know. This fake ass b*tch is definitely asking for it. She’s really asking to be killed by Zeyan for real.)

Jiang Ruyan and Lu Wenqian came forward. The former and Yi Zeyan greeted each other politely. "Hello, Mr. Yi? I didn't expect to have a good chat with Mrs. Yi. I forgot about all the business and I occupied so much time with Mrs. Yi, but I hope you don't mind."

Yi Zeyan looked at Lu Wenqian and seemed a little cold. "What are you doing here?"

Lu Wenqian spread out her hands and said innocently, "Someone sent me an invitation to the party, and I came."

Everybody could see that Yi Zeyan did not look very good when he saw Lu Wenqian, but it was also in line with the reaction of a man who cheated when he met his decent wife.

Jiang Ruyan and Liang Xin wore similar smiles.

However, at this time, "Mrs. Yi" didn’t know that the woman standing beside her husband was his lover outside, and it was Liang Xin's turn to tell the truth. 
(T/N: are they stupid? E/N: They are. Definitely, undoubtedly and inherently STUPID. They’re all asking to be murdered by Zeyan. I’m honestly just waiting for that moment to happen.)

So Liang Xin said at the right time, "Mrs. Yi, don't get me wrong. My stepsister is not very sensible, and she is careless. She probably doesn't know about Mr. Yi's marriage, so she has close contact with Mr. Yi." When she finished, she turned her eyes to Lin Qingqing.

Originally, Yi Zeyan appeared very eye-catching, coupled with Liang Xin's loud voice, this word fell, and the surroundings smelled the taste of the super big gossip. Intentionally or unintentionally, the guests looked in their direction.

Liang Xin had said this too deliberately, and suddenly she stopped talking about it, even though she was apologizing to "Mrs. Yi", she was actually thinking that "Mrs. Yi" misunderstood that she was a "lover" outside.

But how could these two people think that Lu Wenqian is Yi Zeyan's wife?

Lin Qingqing also did not bother to correct them. She just wanted to quietly watch Liang Xin continue to sell her foolishness in front of Yi Zeyan.

When Liang Xin said this, Lin Peng was shocked. He pulled Lin Qingqing and scolded her. "Qingqing, what's wrong with you? Mr. Yi is already married, why do you still do such a thing? "

Liang Feifei also scolded. "Yes, Qingqing. Your father isn’t in good health. Are you trying to kill him?" Saying so she rushed to Lu Wenqian for fear of chaos. "Mrs. Yi, I'm really sorry. This Qingqing, we spoiled her as a child. She probably didn't know that Mr. Yi was married."

Liang Xin also said to Yi Zeyan, "Mr. Yi, my step sister is very vague about this kind of feeling. She often makes such foolish mistakes, don’t follow her..."

Before Liang Xin had finished speaking, Yi Zeyan flew over with knives in his eyes. His eyes were cold and sharp and Liang Xin felt as if she had been sliced in the wind. Her words that hadn’t been finished were swallowed back stiffly.

However, although Liang Xin's words were not finished, the meaning she wanted to express was already very clear. She wanted Yi Zeyan to see her clearly. She didn't love him at all. It was only because she was vague about her feelings and she was a promiscuous person that she "often committed such foolishness" and hoped that Mr. Yi would sharpen his eyes.

Lin Peng looked unreasonably heavy-faced, and his eyebrows seemed to be a little worried. He said to Lin Qingqing in a fierce voice, "Why don't you apologize to Mr. and Mrs. Yi?"

Liang Feifei also looked dignified and sighed. "Qingqing, why are you so ignorant ah? Even if you don't go home to see your father, you are still doing this kind of thing outside. Where do you put your father's face like this?"

Qi Qi and Mo Qingyan had been following Lin Qingqing all this time. Qi Qi had been listening to these people talking to each other, and now she was really angry. Before that, she thought it was difficult for others to interfere in family affairs. Now when she saw Lin Qingqing being treated that way, as a friend, she really had to stand up and help her say a few words. Mo Qingyan saw her intention and grabbed her.

Qi Qi looked at her and saw Mo Qingyan smile and say, "The good show is yet to come! Look, our boss will not be wronged."

When Qi Qi saw that she spoke firmly, she retracted her action with suspicion.

Yi Zeyan couldn't listen anymore. He let a cold laugh and said, "When is it my turn to teach others a lesson?"

His words were domineering that left a feeling of coldness even in the bone marrow of the listener. At once, the number of people that originally scolded Lin Qingqing were shocked and dared not utter a word.

Yi Zeyan rushed Lu Wenqian again and said, "Tell them, are you Mrs. Yi?" (T/N: this stupid b*tch, she won’t stop until she died!)

Lu Wenqian shrugged. "I am not ah. I have never said I was Mrs. Yi ah." With that, she sighed. "I wanted to come and see what was so interesting, but I didn't expect it to be so boring. I'll leave now." She gave Liang Xin a meaningful smile and patted her on the shoulder. "Next time, don't invite me for something so boring." I presumed they would play some creative tricks, but it turns out all their schemes were extremely basic and boring, so very disappointing.

After Lu Wenqian left, Jiang Ruyan and Liang Xin were shocked still in place. That person wasn’t Mrs. Yi? One could imagine how surprised their faces were, but what would surprise them even more, was yet to come.

Seeing Yi Zeyan extend his hand to hold Lin Qingqing in his arms, his face was cold and every word he uttered was strong.

"My wife is a low-key person. In order to respect her, I haven't disclosed her identity, but I didn't expect it to cause such a big misunderstanding. Today I have to officially introduce her to you. This person, Ms. Lin Qingqing, is my wife."
T/N: I love this chapter face-slap LOL, good job for our Mr. Yi, and I really hate Wenqian, hate, hate!!

E/N: *shrieks* In your face, b*tches!!! I legit let out a whoop of triumph after reading that last sentence. HAHAHAHA. OMG. I can’t breathe. OMG. The look on their faces in the next chapter will be momentous and unforgettable for sure!!! 
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