The King's Return : Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Team Leader

The dormitory of Dragon Song club has been reorganized recently, Xiao Han and Qin Mo go back and ask Wu Zewen, the all-around housekeeper, about the situation in the dormitory. Wu Zewen tells them that the miracle team will start training in two days. The club is just about to adjust the dormitory in the near future, and let the two go back and sort out the list of the players' assigned dormitories. Dragon Song's dormitories are single, double and triple rooms which are all small apartments with their own living room, dining room and kitchen, the bedrooms have the same size, the decoration of single and triple rooms is mainly to distinguish the team and the male and female players.

There are currently eight people in the Mojue team, Liu Hong is a girl and must live alone. Xiao He and Li Muran, Pei Yu and He Beiguang have no need to adjust, the remaining Zhu Qingyue can give him a single room or let him live with the other two players in three rooms. Qin Mo thought for a moment and said: "Why don't we live with Qingyue in three room?"

Xiao Han immediately objected: "That's not convenient."

Qin Mo wondered: "Why is it not convenient?"

Xiao Han has an ulterior motive in his heart, but he still pretends to be honest on the surface: "Qingyue's character is not the same as ours, if he lives with us, he may not be comfortable."

Qin Mo also felt reasonable, thought about it, and said: "Then, Qingyue lives in a single room, Liu Hong will have a double room over there."

Xiao Han was surprised: "What does Liu Hong do in a double room alone?"

Qin Mo explained: "We are still short of a leader, we can't always go out for competitions, because we both will have to go to book hotels and tickets in person. In addition, the notice issued by the league is usually sent directly to the team leaders of the major teams, rarely directly contact with the captains."

Xiao Han suddenly realized: "Yes, the team leader has to take charge to charter the bus to pick up the team members. Team leader is very important, we have to find a reliable one."

Qin Mo said: "in fact, I have a candidate in mind, that is, I don't know if she is willing to come over."

Xiao Han asked: "It's not Liu Xiang, is it?"

——He is really a roundworm in his stomach, he can guess anything he wants, Qin Mo looked at him helplessly and said: "Liu Xiang used to be the captain of the red fox team, she must be able to deal with the affairs of the e-sport circle easily. However, it is a bit unfair to let her be the team leader. After all, she was so excellent before, I don't know if she is willing."

Xiao Han sighs: "Dig up the two sisters, won't you anger boss Xu of the National Grace club?"

Qin Mo said calmly: "Liu Xiang has retired and has nothing to do with the national grace club. Although she can't play the game, she can still stay in the circle of e-sport, I'll ask Liu Hong about this.  If she doesn't want to, we can't force her."

That afternoon, Qin Mo told Liu Hong the idea.

Liu Hong looked at the message on her mobile phone, didn't know how to reply for a moment, thought about it, and said: "I'll ask my elder sister and reply to you."

After her retirement, she was going to change her career to be a commentator, but because her character was so soft, the league was now more popular with poisonous narratives, and her style was not popular. Fortunately, she learned how to draw when she was a child, she did a good job in watercolor painting. She went to the game company to apply for an illustrator some time ago, and didn't know if there was any result.

At dinner time, Liu Xiang came back home, and Liu Hong told her about it: "Elder sister, I met Xiao Han and Qin Mo, the twin stars of the Miracle today. They joined forces to form the Mojue team in Peerless Jianghu and invited me to join, I think the prospect of this team is very good, so I agreed."

Liu Xiang was very surprised: "You mean Xiao Han and Qin Mo teamed up?"

She knows these two players better than her younger sister, when she was the captain of red fox, Xiao Han and Qin Mo were still two green and immature newcomers, and ignorantly playing with their master, but she saw at that time that these two would definitely replace their masters and become the new generation of great gods at the top of the pyramid of the professional league. Unfortunately, Qin Mo left the league before long, Xiao Han's temperament has changed greatly since then. He is more and more silent, and finally became the second captain of the Canglan team.

Last season, Xiao Han was still playing Miracles, how could he suddenly turn to Peerless Jianghu? Qin Mo disappeared for three years, but suddenly appeared at this time?

It was a coincidence that the two met in the new game and teamed up to form Mojue team. Perhaps it is destined to belong to the fate of Twin Star, so God will arrange for them to come together.

Liu Xiang thought of it and said: "Xiao Han and Qin Mo are teaming up to prepare for next year's Peerless Jianghu league? So, the captain of Canglan should be handed over to Zhuo Hang. Xiao Han is going to change the project completely."

"That's right." Liu Hong nodded and added. "They also pulled Zhu Qingyue to Mojue."

Liu Xiang: "............"

This team is formidable.

After a moment of silence, Liu Xiang came back from shock and patted his sister on the shoulder with a smile: "Ah Hong, you made a wise choice to join Mojue, with the help of Twin Star and Zhu Qingyue, next year's league, the Mojue team has a very good chance of winning the championship, by the way, did you go to this team as a healer?"

Liu Hong shook her head: "No, there is a newcomer in the team for healer, they let me play an output according to my wishes, so I joined without hesitation."

When it comes to this topic, Liu Xiang can not help but feel a little sad——in fact, Liu Hong showed great vigor when she was young. From an early age, she liked to play Rubik's Cube and tossed around those brightly colored squares, she was able to recover a complex Rubik's cube in a matter of seconds and won a prize in a domestic Rubik's cube competition.

Liu Hong's hand speed is very terrible, coupled with the aggressive personality, playing as output players will certainly have a good future, Liu Xiang was also trying to cultivate her into an excellent attacker. However, after the Red Fox team was acquired by the National Grace Club, Liu Xiang could not make her own decision, the feeling of being dependent on others is not good. The contract has been signed and she can't help it, she has always felt very sorry for her younger sister and delayed her for so many years.

Now, Liu Hong can join Mojue and Twin Star, and change back to her favorite output career, Liu Xiang is also very happy for her.

"It's good that you can finally fulfill your wish." Liu Xiang smiled at her younger sister and said. "Maybe you can get a championship trophy back."

"Elder sister, there's another thing…..." Liu Hong hesitated for a moment and said. "Captain Qin asked me to ask you if you would like to be the team leader of Mojue team?"

"Team leader?" Liu Xiang was a little surprised. "Why would he think of me?"

"He said that you are gentle and careful. You used to be the captain of red fox, you are familiar with all kinds of affairs in the e-sport circle…... There are many retired players who change careers to be team leaders. They will give you the highest salary, I hope you can make strong leaders in the Mojue team." Liu Hong repeats Qin Mo's words, looking at the look on her elder sister's face, she can't help but feel sad. "Elder Sister, captain Qin wants to invite you to go, because he trusts you very much. You used to be a world-class e-sport player, when the team leader treated you badly, he said, if you don't want to, don't force yourself."

"......" Liu Xiang's mood is very complicated, the way out for the retired e-sport players is really a big problem. Most of them change their careers to be commentators, but her gentle style is not welcomed by the commentators. If she turns to the backstage, her talent can go to the original painting or art of the game. Liu Xiang thinks about it and says: "I went to the game company to interview to become illustrators some time ago, and the interview passed, but the contract hasn't been signed yet."

"Is it?" Liu Hong simply said. "Then you'd better be an illustrator. The team leader has to deal with team logistics, book plane tickets, book hotels, communicate with the league, have to take responsibility for anything, worry about, and work hard for players ...... You have been in the e-sport circle for so many years, already tired enough, change the environment to be an illustrator is also quite good......"

"Do you think illustrators don't have to work hard?" Liu Xiang helplessly smiled, "To work overtime is very normal thing for illustrator. Moreover, you often spend a lot of energy to draw a picture that you think is particularly perfect, and the result is that the superior doesn't like it, and he will make you change from scratch."

Non-professional guidance really makes people want to vomit blood, Liu Hong does not want to experience this kind of thing.

Liu Xiang sighed: "In fact, what to do is not easy, I do not ask for much now, as long as you are good, we can support ourselves is enough."

Hearing this, Liu Hong suddenly stretched out her arms and hugged her hard, and said bluntly: "Elder sister, you can rest at home. You raised me when I was a child, and I can raise you later."

Liu Xiang couldn't help smiling at this capricious remark: "How can I do that? I have hands and feet, and I will be laughed at if you do that."

"If you don't want to stay at home, you'd better come to Mojue!" Liu Hong said earnestly. "At least you don't have to listen to people's instructions. Xiao Han and Qin Mo will not say what we don't like you to let change homes. Besides, if you come, we can live together, you are not in good health, I am not at ease when you are alone at home, I can take care of you in a team later."

"......" Liu Xiang's heart was somewhat moved. Liu Hong was very naughty when she was a child and always made trouble for her, but now that the naughty little girl has grown up, she says she wants to take care of her elder sister.

"How about it ah?" Liu Hong hugged her and refused to give up. "Elder sister, will you go to Mojue with me?"

"......" This sister is as fierce as a wolf in front of strangers, when she comes home, she is very clingy to her, maybe it's because two people live together since childhood. Liu Xiang was silent for a long time, then smiled and said softly. "Okay, I think it's good to be a team leader, I don't need to play games, it's easy for me to deal with logistics."

"What about the illustrator?" Liu Hong asked. "Aren't you going?"

"En, I'm not going." Liu Xiang made a decisive decision. "I'm not satisfied with the benefit given by that company anyway, I'd better be a free illustrator. Aren't original comics very popular now? I can draw some cartoons in my spare time, draw whatever I want, and make some pocket money, which is better."

"Great!" Liu Hong jumped up happily. "I'll call back captain Qin, we'll report to the team tomorrow!"
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