The King's Return : Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: All Member Gathering

Qin Mo was very surprised when he received Liu Hong's phone call. He had just put forward this suggestion with a try attitude, unexpectedly, Liu Xiang would agree.

——Perhaps, Liu Xiang's heart is also unwilling?

When Liu Xiang left the Red Fox team, she did not choose the captain to replace her, but Xu Lin, the club owner, directly chose the successor. There were a lot of restrictions on the contracts of the National Grace Club. At that time, they were all young girls, and they were not very good at analyzing the contract traps. They thought it was good to have a club as a backer and signed it. Later, when they wanted to fight for their rights, they found out how important the restriction of the contract was.

Liu Xiang is not good at arguing with others, after giving up her position as captain, she retired and left red fox.

She still has feelings for the team, but in three years, Red Fox has changed.

To her surprise, shortly after her retirement, Liu Hong also resolutely left the club, willing to pay more than 2 million penalty. The younger sister of her is really willful, but she should be relieved. Now that her younger sister is going to join Mojue team, it is quite good for her to join Mojue team as the team leader, and they can work together again.

The two sisters smiled at each other and began to pack.

When they moved from Suzhou to Nanjing three years ago, both sisters were very depressed when they packed their luggage, but this time they were happy.

Liu Hong put the rubik cube in the suitcase, and Liu Xiang said with a smile: "You really need to take it everywhere ah?"

Liu Hong said: "The birthday present elder sister gave me is very meaningful, and I can practice my hand speed."

Her super fast hand speed is the result of playing rubik cube. Before she was not allowed to play output in the national beauty, she had to add blood to people, when she saw that her teammates did not grasp the opportunity clearly, she was almost suffocated and couldn't wait to kill the opponent with healer weapons. Now that she can finally play his favorite career, Liu Hong feels that the big stone in her heart has finally landed, and her whole person is very relaxed.

Liu Xiang has a lot of luggage, in addition to all kinds of clothes, there is also a super large cosmetic case filled with bottles of skin care products and cosmetics…….

In contrast, Liu Hong's luggage is much simpler——only clothes.

Looking at her sister tidying up the bottles and jars, Liu Hong was very puzzled: "Elder sister, I don't think I look like a girl. I don't know any of your things."

Liu Xiang patiently taught her: "This is facial cleanser, toner, essence, lotion, eye cream......"

Liu Hong had a painful look on her face: "That's enough. I just wipe a dabao." (T/N: I think it’s a brand of facial cleansing)

Although she doesn't know much about the things girls care for, her skin is not bad, may be born with good genes.

Liu Hong packed her luggage quickly and sat down beside the bed to watch her elder sister slowly sort out her delicate perfume bottles, she could not help but say, "Elder sister, Dragon Song Club is full of handsome men, you have to promise me one thing in advance."

Liu Xiang stopped her movements and turned to ask: "What's the matter?"

Liu Hong said in a clear voice: "After you go over there, you are not allowed to fall in love with anyone!"

Liu Xiang was stunned, and then she laughed: "Don't worry, they are all younger than me, I don't like the sister-younger brother love."

Liu Hong added: "You can't have someone older than you."

Liu Xiang wondered: "Why?"

Liu Hong: "A group of e-sport otaku, holding the computer is like holding the whole world, they don't know how to take care of you. Moreover, the fans of the e-sport circle are too crazy. Do you remember that when you were still a player, you just had a meal with Cat god, and some reporters said that you were his girlfriend. Did you not get scolded badly enough by the fans?"

There are too few female players in the e-sport circle, and the gossip is really strong. Thinking of those unnecessary gossip, Liu Xiang smiled helplessly and said: "Indeed, I don't want to provoke those troubles either. Don't worry, I don't plan to fall in love at the moment. Mojue players are younger than me, I only treat them as my younger brother, Zhu Qingyue is younger than me."

Liu Hong said with a smile: "That's good. Everyone will call you sister Xiang in the future. If anyone offends you, don't order them food, and make them hungry during the game."

This girl has a lot of bad ideas, making the players hungry? Liu Xiang can't do such a thing.

Liu Xiang can see that her younger sister is really happy to join Mojue team, the past few years in the national beauty has been too depressing, now this high-spirited girl, is what Liu Hong should look like.

Early in the morning the next day, Xiao Han and Qin Mo drove to pick them up in person, which was also to show the importance of the two sisters.

When Xiao Han saw Liu Xiang, he reached out and said: "Sister Xiang, long time no see."

Qin Mo also held out his hand and shook it with her: "Sister Xiang, welcome to join Mojue with Liu Hong."

At the beginning, the mixed-race teenager with nonsense idioms had grown into a handsome and graceful young man. Qin Mo, standing next to him, has also shed his youthful and looked at the confident appearance of them standing side by side. Recalling their youth when they first debut, Liu Xiang's heart can't help feeling how time flies.

But she said nothing more, she shook hands with the two men and said: "Long time no see, please take care of me in the future."

Qin Mo said politely: "It is our honor for Sister Xiang to come and be the team leader. We will need you for the logistics of the team in the future."

Liu Xiang smiled slightly and thought: "You're welcome, certainly it is."

Xiao Han actively helped the sisters carry their luggage into the trunk and then drove back to the team.

After returning to the team, Xiao Han and Qin Mo helped them bring their luggage to the dormitory they had arranged before, and let the two of them pack their bags first. Dragon Song's dormitory conditions are very good, two people's bedroom door facing the door, the area is quite large, there is a wall of wardrobe, the sisters simply packed the luggage, then report to the training room on the second floor.

When they pushed the door in, the newcomers in the training room were shocked——Unexpectedly, god Han and god Mo really pulled a pair of popular sisters!

Liu Xiang is still long hair to the waist, wearing an elegant white dress, very ladylike, while Liu Hong is taller than her elder sister by a head, her net height is more than 1.7 meters. She has neat short hair and white trousers with short-sleeved shirt, she is bold but dashin. However, Zhu Qingyue, who had seen her before, felt that the fierce little girl who looked like a small German shepherd had grown up a lot and became much more stable.

Xiao Han took the initiative to introduce: "This is Liu Xiang, you can call her sister Xiang. She will be the team leader of our Mojue team in the future. This is Liu Hong, the last member of the Mojue team."

Qin Mo went on to say: "I'd like to announce good news to everyone, starting today, we will complete the formation of the team."

Hearing the captain's words, the training room immediately burst into warm applause, and everyone was obviously excited.

The newcomers were afraid to speak, but looked at the two sisters on the stage, full of admiration——these are legends ah! Liu Xiang once participated in the World Champion as a healer on national team, and Liu Hong is the vice captain of the national beauty team in the peak period!

Zhu Qingyue took the initiative to step forward and held out his hand to Liu Xiang, saying: "Hello sister Xiang."

Liu Xiang said with a smile: "Qingyue, I didn't expect to meet you here."

Zhu Qingyue also returned her a smile: "Will be a team in the future, I also did not expect it."

Once upon a time, Pure Cleansing and Red Fox were the teams of the Miracle League, and the two met many times on the field. A few years later, things changed, and they met in the Mojue team.

Pure Cleansing captain, Red Fox captain, National Beauty Vice-captain——as well as the League Twin star, the former Canglan team captain and Wind Color team vice-captain.

The lineup of the Mojue team is almost against the sky.

Shen He really wanted to kneel in front of his Master. He felt that Qin Mo must have some special skill in digging people. Otherwise, how could he have dragged so many great gods to the Mojue team?

That evening, Liu Chuan volunteered to invite everyone to dinner, which he had agreed with Qin Mo before——when all the Mojue arrived, he invited the players to have a big meal.

Wu Zewen booked a large private room in a high-end hotel in advance, with eight members of Mojue team and a team leader all present.

The Dragon Song Club has developed to this day and has strong teams in three major games, as the boss, Liu Chuan feel very pleased. What made him even more happy was that Qin Mo and Xiao Han also inherited the fine tradition of the Dragon Song Club. After sending away a player, Song Changdong, they unexpectedly dug up Zhu Qingyue and Liu Hong in a row, even Liu Hong's elder sister Liu Xiang came to be team leader.

There is a joint outbreak of Twin Star in the front row, stable support from Zhu Qingyue in the back row, and Liu Hong's flexible mobile output in the middle, plus a few newcomers with their own characteristics and unlimited potential.

Qin Mo is indeed a captain with superior consciousness, after careful consideration, he has formed Mojue team with a very comprehensive lineup.

Although Liu Chuan didn't play the game of "Peerless Jianghu", according to the experience of many years as an e-sport players, Liu Chuan can see at a glance that Qin Mo's idea of team building is for the future consideration of Mojue team. The team that plays a partial game may be very strong in a certain period of time, but only teams with a comprehensive lineup and no obvious weaknesses can deal with all kinds of problems and go further.

Everyone gathered at the big round table to have dinner, and the atmosphere was pleasant.

Liu Chuan also chatted with Liu Hong, a female player on the team: "I heard about your experience, to cancel the contract with National Beauty, you pay a lot of penalty, right?"

Liu Hong said frankly: "2 million penalty."

"So bold." Liu Chuan gave a thumbs-up sign to the girl: "I know president Xu, and I also know something about the national grace club. Did you leave because your thoughts didn't come together with president Xu?"

He guessed at once why Liu Hong left the team. Obviously, he was also the owner of the club, and Liu Chuan did not agree with some of Xu Lin's practices.

Liu Hong smiled and said: "I don't like to speak ill of my old boss in front of you, but I do prefer the atmosphere of dragon song."

"En, Mojue won't let you down, you've got the right choice this time." Liu Chuan stood up and said in a loud voice. "One thing, you may not know, just take this opportunity to make it clear to you ——Mojue is actually run by Xiao Han and Qin Mo, and the Dragon Song club is only the investor, accounting for 49% of the shares, and cannot interfere with the management of Mojue. This is also the condition that I agreed with Xiao Han and Qin Mo at the beginning of the team."

Everyone was surprised to hear these words. Unexpectedly, Xiao Han and Qin Mo were able to negotiate such conditions with the boss.

Liu Chuan's words are also a reassurance to the Mojue team members. In the future, Mojue team will only be managed by Qin Mo and Xiao Han, the club did not intervene, so everyone would be much freer.

"I just want to meet you for dinner today. In the future, I will no longer be involved in the matter of the Mojue team." Liu Chuan smiled, took the initiative to pick up the wine glass and said. "Come, let's have a toast and celebrate the formal formation of the Mojue team."

Qin Mo also stood up with his glass and said: "It's a rare chance for us to get together, I hope you can get along well in the future. We are a team and our goal should be the same —— to win the championship of the year in the first season in Peerless Jianghu." When he said this, his tone was very calm, but his eyes were full of confidence and firmness.

Xiao Han immediately stood up and chimed in: "Xiao Mo said well! Cheers everyone, for our championship!"

Liu Chuan said with a smile: "Come, cheer for Mojue!"

"Mojue cheers!"

The people raised their glasses and touched each other. The crisp sound of the glasses contained the belief and expectation in everyone's heart.

——Mojue, carrying the dream of a group of young people.

Qin Mo, who retired sadly, Zhu Qingyue, who left regretfully, and Liu Hong, who decided to terminate her contract, all found the opportunity to start over in Mojue team.

Xiao Han, who is so popular, gave up the accumulation of previous years, but got a more important opportunity to work with his loved ones.

Liu Xiang, who is gentle in character, joined the team as a logistics leader. Her lingering attachment to e-sports will continue here.

Pei Yu, He Beiguang, Shen He and Li Muran, the newcomers who haven't experienced great waves, will also follow Mojue team to open a new chapter of e-sport career.
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