She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 59

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Chapter 59
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Yi Zeyan and Lin Qingqing met ten years ago.

At that time, he failed his mission and lost his best friend. He was also seriously injured, his leg bone was broken, his arm muscles were injured, and he was unable to move normally, but only a few fingers could be used flexibly, barely able to cope with daily problems such as eating food and wearing cloth.

His leg bone was injured and he couldn't go anywhere. He could only stay in bed every day. Coupled with the death of his friend, he was very depressed during that time.

However, he used in hiding his emotions, buried his head in reading everyday, so no one else noticed it.

Li Ji often came to visit him, seeing him so boring that he either slept or read, he spat out. “Aren’t you bored, sleeping in bed all day?” Then, he frowned. “But, you can’t stay in bed all day like this. Hey, don’t ignore me ah, although you can’t move, you still need to communicate with people. If you don’t want to talk to me, now that social software is developed, you can talk to strangers. I know you are like this, you like to hold everything yourself, if you’re like this, you’ll get sick. I know you're upset about Brother Jing, but the dead can’t come back to life, right? If you live, you have to look forward. If you think there's something in your heart, just talk to someone. I'm talking to you, are you listening?”

Without lifting his head, still turning the book pages with his fingers, he replied coldly and impolitely. “Shut up and get out!”

“...” Li Ji was blocked by him and snorted. “I’m too lazy to care about you!”

Li Ji’s words were just like a puff of wind passing the ears, but after Li Ji went out, his cell phone flashed a notification. After picking it up, he saw that someone had added him on the social software.

He began to use the social software as soon as it was launched. This social software had just been on the market, and there were many people who added friends to each other, so from time to time, some people added him as a friend, but he usually ignored it. He looked at the notification and thought of what Li Ji said just now. It was so coincidental that Li Ji just told him to chat with a stranger and then a person added him.

He thought it was probably one of the rascals he brought in the army.

He put his cell phone aside and ignored it, but the other party seemed didn’t give up and sent him a message again, he frowned and took a look at the social software.

System message: 4575 * * 55 requests to add you as a friend.

He clicked into the other person's avatar and glanced at it. The other person was nicknamed ‘Cutie Hyacinth’ and a woman. The account number level was also very low, and it didn't even have a star. Obviously, it had just been registered.

Yi Zeyan sneered, he thought that they deliberately registered a female account to tease him, it was so fake and thought he couldn’t see it?

He wanted to see what kind of flower they would act as.

Yi Zeyan decided to see first.

Cutie Hyacinth: Hello, my name is Lin Qingqing, I’m very happy to get to know you.

Lin Qingqing? Making up the name so casually? Who would tell each other real names in the social software, he was really worried about the IQ of those rascals.

Cutie Hyacinth: What's your name? I saw your profile. Are you forty? I'm sixteen this year, so shall I call you uncle? Uncle, this is my first time using QQ, I'm very happy. How about you uncle?

White: Oh.

Cutie Hyacinth: Aiya uncle, you replied to me, but just replied a word ah. Uncle, where are you now? Are you at work? I'm still in school. I have a midterm exam tomorrow. I have a headache. Do you have a headache when you take an exam in school long ago, uncle?

Looking at these piles of messages, Yi Zeyan sneered, making up stories, continued to make up stories, even making up an exam story!

He ignored her again, picked up the book and read it, but he didn’t expect to get replies, the other party sent several messages in a short time.

Cutie Hyacinth: What are you doing, uncle? the weather here is good, uncle where are you from, how is the weather in your place?

Cutie Hyacinth: Uncle, I just saw a group of ants on the road. It looks like it's going to rain soon, and all the ants have started to move.

Cutie Hyacinth: Uncle, why do you ignore me ah?

Yi Zeyan only frowned. Why hadn’t he seen it ah, which little brat was so noisy.

White: Do you want to do training?

Cutie Hyacinth: Training? What kind of training? Uncle, are you talking about military training?

White: My patience is limited, enough.

Cutie Hyacinth: Did I say something wrong? Uncle, do you think I'm too long-winded? This is my first time using social software. I'm just so excited and curious.

White: Get lost.

Just as he set the ‘get lost’ words, Li Ji pushed the door open and came in, he helped to bring the food. As soon as he approached, he saw the interface of the cell phone Yi Zeyan held. Li Ji eyes lit up. “You still said I’m long winded, and now what we’re talking about?”

Yi Zeyan swung his cell phone directly in front of him. “Speak, which rascal is bored and wants to die?”

“What are you talking about ah?” Li Ji was puzzled.

At this time, a message came in, Li Ji hurriedly handed back the cell phone. “Hurry, hurry, hurry, your netizen sent you a message.”

Yi Zeyan looked at him calmly, and his daze look didn't seem to be a fake. “Didn’t you all pretend to be this netizen?”

“How can we be so bored, and we don't have the courage to get a trumpet(T/N: smurf account) to tease you.” Li Ji gave an aggrieved expression. “You think too highly of us.”

Yi Zeyan: “...”

Was it really not their trumpet?

The message notification flashed again, and Yi Zeyan clicked it.

Cutie Hyacinth: Am I that annoying? Uncle doesn't want to talk to me. Why do you want me to leave?

There were a lot of crying expressions at the end of the message.

Li Ji stood by the bed, stretched his head and took a look, “This Cutie Hyacinth looks like a girl at first glance. Brother Yi, you are really too much to say ‘get lost’ to a girl.”

Yi Zeyan: “...”

Was the other party really a little girl, not their prank?

Cutie Hyacinth: Uncle, why are you so rude!

There were two crying expressions at the end of the message.

Li Ji gave out ‘it’s done for’ expression on the side. “You hurt the little girl’s heart, you need to comfort her.”

He gave a menacing gaze, and Li Ji immediately shut his mouth, made a surrender gesture, and then went out the door obediently.

Looking at a bunch of crying expressions before him, Yi Zeyan thought about a hurt teenager girl behind the cell phone, making his brain hurt.

White: Sorry, I misunderstood. I’m injured now, not in a good mood, and hurt you accidently.

Cutie Hyacinth: Is uncle injured? Is it serious? Are you in the hospital now?

No longer complaining about him, but caring about his injury, the little girl's heart was really big.

White: En.

Since then, the little girl basically sent him messages every day, and she talked so much everyday. Probably because he was injured and had nothing else to do at hand, and because he misunderstood her at first, he felt a little guilty. Otherwise, if there was such a long-winded person around, he would have deleted this kind of friend.

Less than a week after being added as a friend, he understood her basic situation clearly. He couldn’t do anything about it, she told him everything, including what she ate today, what dreams she had at night, and other trivial things.

He knew where her home was, which school she was in, that she had a stepmother she didn't like very much, and that she had a beloved sister in Beicheng.

Fortunately, he was not a bad person, otherwise it could be dangerous if she revealed too much information on social software if the bad person got it. So, he gently reminded her not to reveal too much information to strangers, but she replied, ‘it doesn't matter, uncle is a good person.’

Ah, a good person. She didn't know him. What kind of good person did she know? How naive.

The little girl knew that he was sick in the hospital, so she wanted to send something over, saying that the dragon’s beard candy made by her hand was delicious, he couldn’t refuse it, so he asked Li Ji to give her an address. After the thing was sent, Li Ji and other people divided it up, he also got a piece. He didn't like sweets, but this dragon’s beard candy was really delicious.

Later, while chatting, the little girl offered to call him. She said she wanted to sing to him.

He thought he might be so bored that he agreed to her proposal and gave her his phone number.

The day of the first phone call was in the evening. After a rustle, he heard a very sweet voice on the other end of the phone. “Is it uncle?" she asked carefully.

Yi Zeyan. “It’s me, hello.”

Lin Qingqing. “Wow, your voice sounds so young uncle.”

Yi Zeyan wanted to explain to her that he was not an uncle and that he had filled in the age of the information blindly, but he didn't think it was necessary. Anyway, they were strangers and would not necessarily see each other in the future.

She kept talking on the phone, telling him a lot of things and sighing that he was sick with no one to take care of him and had no children, he seemed pitiful (he kind of regretted telling her that he wasn't married and had no girlfriends or anything).

He would perfunctorily answer what she said, and then she began to sing to him.

From the bottom of his heart, her singing was pleasant to hear, just like the crisp oriole in the forest, probably because her singing was so good. Later, when she sent him a message on the social platform, he always imagined that she talked to him in this voice, and slowly he didn't get bored.

In this way, they talked on the phone from time to time, and she sang to him every time. Every time he listened to her singing, he felt very relaxed and would fall asleep unconsciously. She also complained about this, saying that the uncle regarded her song as a lullaby.

The accident came that night. Suddenly, several people rushed into the ward. They were very cruel, aiming at his life. Yi Zeyan knew that these people were sent by Lu Jian’an, and his growing up posed a threat to him. Moreover, he was very courageous and chose to start at Yi’s family hospital. From this, it could also be seen that Lu Jian'an had an urgent desire to get rid of him.

The other party came in disguised as a doctor, and he was the only one beside the bed at that time, and he was no match for these people because he was already injured. Later, he was pressed on the ground by one of them and they broke his ribs with the hardest part of their elbow.

Fortunately, Cheng Bo and others found out in time and brought people to save him, otherwise he would be killed on the spot.

However, although he didn’t die, he was also seriously injured. A rib was broken, and it was inserted into the lung. The hospital immediately carried out an operation. Although the rib was taken out, his recovery was not good, and there were even signs of inflammation. His condition was very dangerous for a time.

After several rescues, the doctor finally shook his head to show that he was at a loss.

His mother cried loudly at the bedside, Cheng Bo and others also gathered around his sickbed and cried. His life and death comrades and several elders who broke their arms and legs also couldn't say a word even wiped their tears in front of his hospital bed.

He was hopeless and dying, and everyone was mourning him in advance.

That night, probably when his condition was most critical, he was left alone in the ward after a round of mourning.

His eyes were blurred, and everything in the ward was dark, so dark to let a person feel terrible, that he even suspected hell was about to appear in front of him.

His body was so painful that he couldn’t move. Probably, he realized that his time was coming, he kept recalling the scene of the first half of his life.

When he was very young, his mother told him to strive to be excellent, so that his status would not be taken away, he didn't get too much care from his childhood. When he was young, he wanted to be hugged by his mother, but she didn't want to hold him. She told him to be independent quickly and not to rely on his mother too much. She told him to grow up quickly and not to be coquettish with anyone. At first, he was very sad, but over time, he was used to his mother's indifference, and he gradually became a cold-blooded person.

It seemed that he was born just to fight for power and profit. He couldn’t let his mother be thrown out, and couldn’t let that woman and her children get everything from Yi's family. He must work hard, be excellent, be decisive, and not be emotional.

Later, he did become an excellent man, but in order to save his life, he had to cover his sharpness and swallow his anger, because he had not got everything in the Yi family. He wanted to drive the Lu family out, but he could not be too dazzling, because it would bring danger to himself.

But no matter how much he pretended to be well behaved and sensible, Lu Jian’an still wouldn't let him go.

In fact, even if he died like this, he still had to struggle to live. He only lived for power and profit. The world around him was too cold and ruthless. He was really tired of living in it.

Death was good, it was good enough, death was a relief for him.

But just as he was about to fall asleep, his phone rang again and again, as if it wouldn't stop until he picked up.

He knew who was calling, it was the little girl. He had been injured for so many days without contacting her, and she must have accumulated a lot of things to tell him.

He thought of her singing, and it would be nice to hear her singing before he died.

So he struggled to move his finger to pick up the phone and put it on speaker again.

Every time he moved his body, it was like being torn. He only did a simple action, but it was like he wanted to collapse.

Her anxious voice sounded on the other end of the phone. “Uncle, why haven't you replied to my message these days?”

After a long silence, she added. “Uncle, are you alright? Why don't you talk?”

“I...I'm going to die…” He used a lot of strength to say this sentence. He wanted to say, I'm going to die, can you sing another song to me, but he really didn't have the energy to say the second half of the sentence.

“Un-uncle…” He didn’t know whether the little girl was scared or not. After a short silence, there was a cry in her voice. "Uncle, you will be fine, uncle, don't die, I just learned another delicious snack. I plan to send it to you.”

He had no strength to answer her.

“Uncle, don't die, okay?” She sobbed, "Uncle, do you remember what I once told you about a delicious snack in Beicheng? When I was a child, I often went to eat with my sister. Can I take you there later? There is also Xiling Snow Mountain, I want to go skiing, I also want to wait for uncle to get better and take you with me.”

“Can you hear me, uncle? Or, shall I sing for you?”

The singing in tears soon came from the phone.

He felt very funny, his closest people, his most trusted people, they all thought he was going to die, they all gave him up and left him alone in the ward, but a strange little girl thousands of miles away kept cheering him on for his life.

She cried for him, sang for him, begging him not to die in every possible way.

But, he was really tired.

She said that she would take him to eat delicious food, a kind of snack in Beicheng, crisp and fragrant, and the sauce was so fragrant until the scalp went numb. What kind of feeling of something so fragrant to make the scalp numb?

She also said that she would take him to ski and slide all the way down the mountain, screaming when she dived down.

Her singing voice was really beautiful, even if she was singing in tears.

She was worried to death for fear that he would really die. She kept talking to him and telling him that she knew a lot of interesting places.

There was a place far away, but there were flowers in full bloom and butterflies flying around.

Was there really such a beautiful place?

He seemed to see a little girl singing in that place, on the grass with white flowers in full bloom. Her singing was as good as oriole's.

At that moment, exhausted and desperate for life, he gave up himself from the bottom of his heart, and wanted to end his life like this, but he suddenly had a vision, wanted to see the place where the flowers were in full bloom, and wanted to meet the little girl with a beautiful singing voice.

He didn’t want her to be sad for him, he didn’t want to hear her cry.

He wanted to live. He wanted to live to see the beautiful world he had never experienced. He wanted to meet the beautiful person who would not appear in his world.

Except for the little girl, everyone thought he would die that night, even himself. But even he himself did not expect that he would survive, he did not die, and passed the most dangerous period.

Broke through the cocoon into a butterfly, reborn from Nirvana, he woke up with only one strongest desire in his heart. He wanted to be a strong man. Only when he became a strong man could he protect himself. Only when he became strong, he would appear in front of her. At the moment, he would not feel inferior because she was too beautiful.

He wanted to live, to be strong, to live for the little girl who kept begging him to live when he was dying.

However, what happened after that was not satisfactory. He went abroad and constantly polished himself, just waiting for one day when his wings were plump and he would catch all those who had hurt him. He wanted to go to her when victory was in hand, but after all, he couldn't help going to her school at her high school graduation party.

He once heard a saying that the most powerless time for a man was to meet a woman who he wanted to take care of all his life when he had nothing.

When he saw her hugging a boy, he thought his mood was probably the same as this sentence.

He could not guarantee that she would be safe with him, after all, he could not even protect himself, so he gave himself time to grow, hoping to go to her when everything was complete.

A long time ago, he heard a saying that there was a man who took a fancy to a flower, but it was too expensive for him to buy it. He wanted to buy it when he was rich, but when he came to buy it happily after he had the money, he found that the flower had been bought.

He and his little girl were just like this.

The little girl would not wait for him in place, and maybe she did not know his mind at all. From the beginning, she only regarded him as a netizen, a poor uncle with no one to take care of.

He missed her once, and it was conceivable how depressed he was at that time, even if he rose abruptly to take back the Yi family's property, even if he was finally in power, and he became strong enough to protect the people around him, but such a victory still could not make up for that loss.

This sense of loss lasted for a long time, until he received her message that time. It should be the first time he had heard from her in several years.

He was a cautious man, receiving a sudden message from her. He felt that it was fraud, but he couldn't wait to find her after all.

He didn't expect the first time he met her to be in this situation. He knew that she had been drugged. He should take her to the hospital regardless of her opposition, but he lost his head completely when she pounced on him, and his reason was gone.

He had always been calm and rational since he was a child. Only when he was rational, he could do things well. He never knew that when he lost his mind, he would be like this.

The first meeting was good for him, but bad for her. No wonder she said she felt sick at the thought of what had happened with him.

Such a beast, taking advantage of the danger, even he felt sick with himself.

But he really couldn't control it. He thought that he was destined to miss her in this life, and he had already prepared for a lonely life. But he didn't expect that he could have such a close opportunity with her in a twinkling of an eye. He had been lost for so many years, and he could only look at her from behind, didn’t dare to appear, but now he could stand in front of her, and she drilled into his arms. How could he stand it?

It was probably this unhappy time that doomed the tragedy of his marriage with her in the future.

The lively and lovely little girl who had shared her life with him suddenly quieted down because something happened to her. She became full of hostility and indifference.

It even became terrible.

However, he found that no matter which kind of girl she was, the lively and lovely little girl who liked to talk, or even the cold and hostile woman in front of him who had tattooed on her legs, he was still fascinated by her.

Even if she was hurt by life, even if there was infinite resentment in her heart, and even if she was indulged and decadent, she was not in a mess. She would knock the piano like crazy, but before she went crazy, she must use the most beautiful makeup and put on the best clothes. Even though she indulged and decadent, she never let herself be unkempt.

Taking off the innocent and lovely coat of the little girl, she became charming, cold and sexy, so even though she turned his life upside down, he was still fascinated by her.

The innocent, kind and beautiful little girl made him love, but the dark, cold and charming her made him crazy.

No matter how much she hurt him, he wouldn't let go. He wanted to keep her by his side. He couldn't stand the day when this enchanting woman fell into the hands of another man.

He couldn’t stand it.

He used his most sincere love to hold her, just like that night, when everyone gave up on him, the little girl on the other end of the phone begged him to live.

He could also bow and bend his knee, using his own warmth to ask her to accept him.

He believed that he could do it. He could do whatever he wanted from childhood. He was so confident in himself.

It was not until that day that she fell off the roof and broke her head that he realized how ridiculous his idea was.

At that time, he thought she was going to commit suicide. He thought his stubbornness had hurt her.

He just wanted to keep her around and take care of her, but he didn't want her to die. For so many years, it was the first time he let go.

He stood by her hospital bed and looked at the woman with gauze on her head. He finally realized that there were some things that he couldn't get by force.

And he Yi Zeyan, probably never qualified to get his beauty.

He didn't want her to get hurt, so he wanted to let her go.

The woman who rooted in his heart, making him crazy and deeply loved, he wanted to let her go and let her go forever.

It was painful to make this decision, especially when he thought that maybe they would never meet again in this life.

He just didn't expect that when he decided to fulfill her wish, let her go and divorce her, she lost her memory. She didn’t remember anything, forget the pain of the past, and forget him.

When he was ready to let go, he couldn't help being greedy in his heart. She forgot everything, so could they have a new beginning?

Sitting in the car, he silently watched her talking and laughing with her son across the kindergarten railing. After his son was born, she hardly hugged him, but her gaze at the moment was so gentle.

At that moment, he finally made up his mind.

He got out of the car and walked slowly to her.

Lin Qingqing, I regret it. I don't want to let you go any more.

“Hello, miss Lin,” He stepped out and smiled at her.

She looked at him with a complete stranger's gaze and smiled politely. “Hello, Mr. Yi.”

So this time, let's get to know each other again.

The End 


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