She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 58

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One more chapter after this, and then this novel will be finished. What novel should I translate next? :3

Chapter 58
translator & editor: Oyen

Just when the affair between Mo Qingyan and Xiao Bai was in full swing, Mo Qingyan posted a marriage certificate on Weibo with the caption: My hero finally came back to marry me.

As soon as the photo of the marriage certificate was released, it was like dropping a bomb in the boiling hot oil. With a bang, all kinds of fans were excited.

Everyone looked into the man on the marriage certificate. It was a completely strange face, and they knew that he was not an insider. For a while, all the passers-by were picking up this person's mysterious identity.

“Who is this man? And he is also wearing an eyepatch, is he blind?”

“He is handsome, but is there something wrong with Mo Qingyan’s vision? Why find such a disabled person?”

In the midst of all kinds of discussion, someone soon found out the identity of the mysterious man.

“Chang Qi, graduated from the Chinese's Armed Police Force Academy, participated in Tibet's anti-terrorism, Yushu disaster relief and Libya's peacekeeping, won personal second class merit three times, and was awarded the rank of captain. The above is the information of Captain Chang Qi. Such a national hero is worthy of any female star.”

Chang Qi's information was found, and all passers-by were shocked, but Chang Qi always kept a low profile, and his information on the Internet was scarce.

While there was a lot of discussion about Chang Qi's identity on the Internet, he went to Zhongnanhai (T/N: central HQ of communist party and state councils). When he found the elder, the elder was bored. Just as he came, he was invited to play chess with him.

"Have you thought about it?" The elder asked, frowning.

“I already thought about it.”

The elder sighed. “You are still young, and have a bright future. If you really transfer to Beicheng, you will basically be idle there.”

Chang Qi understood the elder’s meaning, he just smiled. “My blood and an eye for the first half of my life have been dedicated to my motherland. Now I just want to leave the second half of my life to my family.”

The elder did not want to force him too much, so that the soldiers who had been in the army for half his life could not have a cold heart.

“Okay, it’s up to you.”

Lin Qingqing had learned the good news of Mo Qingyan and Chang Qi's marriage. She was so happy for her that she could finally be with the person she had been waiting for.

Lin Qingqing met Chang Qi for the first time when he came to pick Qingyan.

“Hello Mr. Chang.” Lin Qingqing still respected this person.

Chang Qi was a man who had been on the battlefield, and his body was full of cold aura. Even when he looked at people calmly, they could see a strong killing intent on his gaze. But, when he looked at Qingyan, he was different and seemed peaceful.

He nodded at her. “Hello, I heard Qingyan said that your husband once joined the army?”

“Yes, I'd like to introduce you when I have time. I think you should have a lot in common with him.”

“Okay, I'm looking forward to it.”

Chang Qi held Qingyan's hand the whole time, and after a simple greeting with Lin Qingqing, he led Qingyan and left.

Getting in the car, Qingyan asked him. “You said you would take me home?”

“En, take you home.”

“Where to go?”

“You'll know when you get there.”

Chang Qi took her to a villa area that was heavily guarded. It was not easy for ordinary people to get in. When the car stopped outside a villa, Chang Qi took out the key and opened the door. It was very large, but very empty house, with only some simple furniture.

“Do you like it? It’s from the country.”

Qingyan went in and walked around. The house had two floors and many rooms. “Is this really our home?” She couldn't believe it.

“Of course.”

Qingyan was so happy that her eyes couldn’t help reddening. Seeing this, Chang Qi quickly helped her wipe away her tears. He pulled her into his arms and comforted her: “What's the matter? Don't you want a home? I give it to you now, aren't you happy?”

“Happy, I am very happy, I am afraid that I am dreaming.”

“Why don’t you bite me? If I get hurt, I’ll tell you it’s not dreaming.”

Qingyan was amused by him. “Even if I want to bite, I will bite myself.”

The rough palm helped her wipe away her tears. “Don't cry, wait until we go to the furniture store in the city, shall we choose all the furniture you like?”


Before the wedding, they finally decided to tell Xiao's family about it.

Qingyan and Chang Qi went to the Xiao family together. Both of them already told the Xiao family in advance, so the two elders of the Xiao family were waiting for them when they went there.

Mother Xiao was still very warm, and father Xiao was still very reserved, but Mo Qingyan always felt a strange embarrassment when meeting like this. After all, Xiao Bai made it clear that he liked her on social platforms not long ago.

After everyone sat down and exchanged simple greetings, Chang Qi explained his intentions. “Qingyan and I plan to have a wedding next month.”

Mother Xiao smiled a little awkwardly. “Have you made up your mind?”

Chang Qi held Mo Qingyan's hand tightly and said. “We’ve already made up our mind.”

Mother and Father Xiao looked at each other, and Father Xiao replied. “Since you have made up your mind, we also wish you well.”

The conversation went smoothly, and they didn't intend to stay for dinner, so now that they had indicated their purpose, they were ready to leave.

Only after both of them came out of the living room, they saw Xiao Bai walking down slowly from upstairs. Mo Qingyan didn't expect Xiao Bai to be at home today.

Seeing Xiao Bai, Mother Xiao was even more embarrassed. “Aren’t you sleeping upstairs? How come you wake up after sleeping for a while?”

Xiao Bai said nothing and walked slowly down the stairs. his hands were in his pockets, his feet were heavy and his face was a little cold. His gaze fell on Mo Qingyan, and it was not until he came down the stairs that he slowly gazed at Chang Qi.

“Aren’t you married?” He sneered. “Why do you want to get married again? You want to commit bigamy?”

Seeing this, mother Xiao hurried forward and pulled him angrily. “Haven’t you woke up yet? If not, just go sleep.”

However, Xiao Bai stood still, and mother Xiao couldn’t pull him.

“I'm not married. It's a misunderstanding.”

Xiao Bai looked at Mo Qingyan again and asked. “Are you really going to marry him? Have you forgotten how he left you with a bunch of strangers? Have you forgotten that he spread the news that he was dead in order to avoid you all these years? Are you really going to marry him when he's so fickle?”

“Xiao Bai!” Father Xiao yelled.

However, Xiao Bai was not swayed at all. He still stared at Mo Qingyan and asked. “Say, do you still want to marry him even if he is so fickle?”

“En, I'll marry him no matter what he does.” Mo Qingyan replied almost without thinking.

“Really?” He sneered, but there was a deep hurt feeling in his gaze.

Mo Qingyan didn't want to talk to him too much. She took Chang Qi's hand and turned around to leave, but Xiao Bai was not reconciled. He stretched out his hand to hold her, but before his hand reached her, he was detained by Chang Qi.

Chang Qi's gaze was very cold, and the killing intent in his gaze was obvious. “Xiao Bai, she is my wife now, you can disrespect me, but I don't allow you to disrespect her, are not young anymore, you should learn grown up.”

After he finished speaking, he suddenly threw Xiao Bai’s hand away, took Qing Yan's hand and left the Xiao family.

Maybe it was because of his warning, this time Xiao Bai didn’t try to stop them again.

After getting in the car, Mo Qingyan leaned against his arms and smiled. “You looked so handsome just now.”

He touched her hair gently. “How handsome is that? I have something more handsome.”

“What is more handsome?”

“You will know later.”

Qingyan and Chang Qi's wedding were held soon, and only some relatives and friends were invited. Xiao's parents were also invited as guests, and Qingyan also gave Xiao Bai an invitation letter, but Xiao Bai did not appear on the wedding day.

On the third day after the wedding, Xiao Bai went to Chang Qi's unit to find him. 

Chang Qi refused the elder’s kindness, and applied for a transfer to Beicheng, he got an idle job, but although he was idle, because his rank was too high, he was considered a big leader in the unit.

It was not easy for Xiao Bai to see him. Chang Qi had to agree before he could see him.

Xiao Bai waited outside the door for a long time before Chang Qi agreed to see him. He was taken to his office. His office was very big, but he was the only one there.

Xiao Bai took off his cap and sunglasses, smiling at him mockingly. “You arrogance is very big.”

Chang Qi got up from behind his desk and made a sign for him to sit down. There were two leather sofas in his office.

Xiao Bai replied. “No, I'll just say a few words and go.”

“Go ahead.”

“Do you love Mo Qingyan?”

“I love her.”

He answered it so straightforwardly, and this blocked Xiao Bai for a while. He didn’t think that an old official like him would talk about love.

“I don't understand why Qingyan chose you, you’re such a boring person.”

Chang Qi was not angry. He had a tolerant attitude towards a child like Xiao Bai. He smiled. “Your parents probably didn't teach you, so I might as well teach you here. The person you like is not for bullying, sarcasm or ridicule, but for loving. Do you understand?”

Xiao Bai was slightly stiff and did not speak for a long time.

After a long time, Xiao Bai gave a bitter smile. “I know now, will you give me Qingyan? I want to see if it is too late.”

Chang Qi's face suddenly sank, and he suddenly turned to look at him, his gaze was cold. Once the man who had been on the battlefield became cold, it made people feel a strong killing intent.

“If you dare to think of her, I'll cut you off, do you believe me?”

Xiao Bai shuddered subconsciously, and then smiled softly. “I'm just kidding. Why are you so stirred up? No matter how bad I am, this Xiao Bai will never think of another person’s wife.” He waved. “Alright, I'll go first.”

With that, he turned and walked towards the door, but after putting his hand on the doorknob, he paused. He turned and smiled at him. “Be nice to her, brother-in-law.”

Chang Qi: “...”

He opened the door and was about to go out. Behind him, Chang Qi replied. “I'll treat her well, and don't call me brother-in-law in the future.”

Xiao Bai said nothing and left quickly.

After Mo Qingyan announced her marriage, Xiao Bai was silent for a long time. After half a year, he returned again full of blood and brought a brand-new album. This album overturned his previous electronic music style, but took the soothing style singing. Anyone who knew him a little would find that Xiao Bai's singing had improved a lot.

The shocking scandal that happened half a year ago seemed to have been selectively forgotten, and Xiao Bai had returned again and was still a highly anticipated super idol.

Mo Qingyan didn't take the traffic route. She would sing when she had a song and rest when she didn't, her life became more and more low-key.

Mo Qingyan planted some strawberries on the balcony, and she also raised a small white cat. On a fine day, she lifted a chair and sat on the balcony. Bugs flew on the strawberries from time to time. Seeing it, she took a fan and fanned it. The little white cat laid at her feet, meowing from time to time.

Chang Qi walked forward lightly, and without saying a word, he picked her up. Mo Qingyan glared at him discontentedly. “What are you doing? I haven’t finished fighting with the bugs.”

“Why do you still have the heart to fight bugs, and don't do serious things?”


Mo Qingyan was puzzled.

“Have  a baby.”

Smiling, he whispered in her ear.

Mo Qingyan hit him. “It turns out that brother Chang Qi is indecent.”

“It's too late for you to know now.”

He was lying on the bed holding her.

The sun was just right, her coquettish angry voice was soon intertwined with the cat's meowing...


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