She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 57

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Chapter 57
translator & editor: Oyen

Because of Xiao Bai's sudden confession, Mo Qingyan became the target of the major media. Mu Cong was very annoyed by the harassment these days, and simply gave Qingyan a further notice.

Go to the Tibetan army to give a condolence performance.

Not long ago, she sang a theme song for a patriotic TV series, singing with an old artist, which Mu Cong spent a lot of effort to get for her.

Mo Qingyan also thought that she should avoid this time, so she accepted Mu Cong's offer. When she went to the army for a condolence performance, she didn't believe that these reporters would dare to go with the army.

Accompanied by several artists and two singers, Mo Qingyan was the youngest. When they arrived in the army, they were led in by a small soldier.

The car couldn't go any further when it got to the entrance. The army had arranged barracks for them. It passed several training grounds to get to the barracks from the entrance. Seeing the barbed wire outside the training ground, which gave people a solemn and inviolable feeling.

When passing through one of the training grounds, Mo Qingyan inadvertently glanced inside, but saw a group of people standing far away. An officer in a camouflage suit was lecturing. She noticed that he was wearing an eye patch. She couldn't help looking more and quickly recognized that he was Chang Qi.

Why was he here? Wasn’t he retired?

The soldier who led the way probably noticed that Mo Qingyan's gaze fell on Chang Qi, and he whispered to her. “That is the captain of our special team. It is said that he was retired and hired back, and he was personally hired by the top.”

He said with a mysterious face, he should have just joined the army, he looked very young, younger than her, and his face was childish.

“When it comes to our captain, he has taken part in many anti-terrorism operations and anti-drug operations, and he has also received first-class personal merit three times. It is said that he joined the peacekeeping force and was almost promoted to major before leaving the army. In short, this captain is a hero of great meritorious service, and he is also my idol.”

Xiao Bing said proudly, in fact, he probably did not know, he was also her idol and her hero, just …. She thought of the little girl and the gentle woman she saw in his arms. She looked back, and he was no longer hers.

Although it was on the plateau, fortunately, no one had altitude sickness. In the evening, the condolence performance officially began. Mo Qingyan changed her clothes and went on stage with the old artist.

The audience was full of soldiers, whose life was hard and they were in border provinces. They were under much greater pressure than other soldiers, and such recreational activities were rare. Once there was a condolence performance, the soldiers were very excited.

Mo Qingyan looked at the cheering crowd. She was used to this kind of occasion, so she didn't have stage fright. She looked around, there were too many people. She didn't see everyone's faces clearly, but she knew he must be among them.

Sing it to everyone, but also to him.

Because it was the theme song of a patriotic TV series, the song was rich and exciting. The rich part was sung by the old artist, which was the bel canto, while the exciting part was sung by her, with high-pitched rock. She coordinated well with the old artist, and her stage performance was very strong, so when the song was finished, the audience applauded for a long time.

After she left, she first went back to the barracks to have a rest, which was a large barracks for six people, there were only three girls and their assistants, and six of them lived just right.

Probably because they came to a new place, everyone was not sleepy. The two older sisters were chatting, Mo Qingyan couldn't sleep. She was going to go out for a walk, but Xiao Xun was worried and went out with her.

At night, the barracks were quiet, and there were soldiers on guard everywhere. When she looked up, she could see soldiers with guns standing on the observation platform, and she could see a soldier with guns at regular intervals.

Even at night, the barrack gave people a feeling of oppression and solemnity.

Mo Qingyan passed by a guard post, and a soldier inside reminded her. “Miss Mo, don't walk around at night.”

“We just can’t sleep and go for a walk.” Xiao Xun replied hurriedly. “Don’t worry, just stroll around.”

“Do you want me to call someone to follow?” The soldier asked.

“No need, no need.” Xiao Xun replied.

"You can only stroll around, you can't go far."

Xiao Xun and Mo Qingyan quickly nodded.

After walking with her for a while, Xiao Xun felt that the solemn atmosphere of the army was really oppressive and she could not breath. She consulted with Mo Qingyan and asked. “Qingyan, why don't we go back?”

“I can't sleep. If you want to go back, go back first.”

Xiao Xun was also scared by the reporter during this period of time, and the boss told her that she would follow Qingyan every step of the way, so she didn't speak any more and obediently followed her.

Unconsciously, both of them walked to the camp they passed by, but they didn't expect that there were still people training in the camp at this late hour.

With the lights on the training ground, Mo Qingyan saw the familiar figure in the camp at a glance.

It was not far from the training ground, and she could hear his angry voice. “You three go together.”

Three soldiers in camouflage suits stood around him. Hearing his words, the three attacked him with a roar. Seeing this, Mo Qingyan’s heart could not help but to follow him, but it was obvious that none of them were his opponents. He was really good at catching with one hand, and even though he had only one eye, he was still agile, and soon all three were knocked to the ground by him.

“Are you convinced?!”

He took off his coat and was sweating. The light was shining on his sweaty back.

He had a very powerful voice, with the dignity and severity of an officer.

Getting up from the ground, the three men replied in unison. “Convinced.”

“If you’re not convinced, speak up.”




His face was stern from beginning to end, and even if the soldiers were convinced, there was no proud expression on his face.


Three soldiers stood at attention and saluted before they left the field.

Soon he was the only one left on the training ground, and as if he sensed something. He suddenly turned around and looked over. Although it was not far away, she could not fully see his expression because the light was too dark. He just felt as if he frowned.

“Is the barrack the place where you hang out? Go back to your camp!”

His tone was still a kind of strict instructor, and he had a cold feeling, which was more than enough to deter the enemy when he went on field to kill the enemy, so the two ordinary people, Mo Qingyan and Xiao Xun, were completely shocked.

Xiao Xun was scared to death. Subconsciously, she pulled Qingyan’s clothes, and Mo Qingyan was also scared.

Besides being scared, she was also very surprised. She knew that he was domineering at the battlefield, but he was always gentle when facing her, and he could coax her patiently and meticulously if she didn't eat. 

If he remembered her, he couldn't fail to recognize her, and he couldn't have spoken to her in this tone. She remembered that when she went to see him, his eyes looked at her blankly.

He had forgotten her.

They didn't go, and neither did he, as if to force them to leave with his eyes.

That's it, now that he has forgotten her, there is no need to tangle at it any more. Mo Qingyan, you also have dignity, right?

But she was still unwilling.

She stepped up boldly, and Xiao Xun couldn't hold her back at all.

The night wind blew, her long hair was blown up, her clothes were thin, her gauze skirt fluttered with the wind, and she was like a fairy from the wind in a piece of flying white gauze.

He stood there watching her approach, seemingly stiff.

However, his brow frowned more tightly, and his tone became more severe. “Didn't you hear what I said? Hurry back to your camp.”

She finally came up to him, looking at the cold man before her and suddenly smiled. “Chang Qi, don’t you really remember me?”

His cold and dark eyes flashed slightly, but his appearance was still solemn and dignified. “Get out of here at once!”

“Why should I? If you don't want me to find you, just say it, I also have self-esteem. If you really don't like me looking for you, why pretend you don't know me? It’s very hurtful, you know that?”

He suddenly fell silent, and the cold face seemed to be suddenly shrouded in mist, which made him look less clear. He said nothing and turned to leave.

However, his strange performance had told her everything, and she guessed correctly that he pretended not to know her.

“Chang Qi, you are a b*stard who has broken your promise!”

His footsteps paused, and she couldn't see his expression, so she didn't know he was gritting his teeth tightly, but he didn't look back after all, and soon left here.

When Xiao Xun caught up, she saw Mo Qingyan's face standing there blankly, but she seemed to be unconscious in such a strong wind.

“Qingyan, do you know the instructor just now?” Xiao Xun asked carefully.

Mo Qingyan suddenly felt very tired. She shook her head without saying a word.

Maybe it was because Mo Qingyan was blown by the cold wind at the training ground. Mo Qingyan had a high fever in the middle of the night, and the high fever lasted until the day. At first, the military doctor came to see her, prescribed some medicine, and then asked Mo Qingyan's assistant to help her cool physically. But the fever did not go down during the day, and the military doctor had no choice but to give her a drip to reduce her fever.

Originally, after the performance, Mo Qingyan was going to leave the next day, but Mo Qingyan was obviously unable to leave. Other people had their own business, so they left first. Mo Qingyan could only stay in the army for a while and wait for the fever to go down.

The army had to have a drill before breakfast. After the practice, the soldiers were very hungry and rushed to the canteen before they could wash their faces.

Passing the table with his plate, Chang Qi heard several new recruits’ discussion.

“It seems to burn very seriously, and it started yesterday.”

“Miss Qingyan really can endure the hardship, she comes here to do a condolence performance.”

“She is even prettier than what I saw on TV. All I ask is that she will be alright and get better soon.”

Chang Qi's steps stopped for a moment, and the new recruits soon realized that he was listening to them. They had seen the power of the instructor and heard about his lion's prestige, so when they saw him stop, they immediately shut up.

Chang Qi said nothing, but stepped aside and sat down to eat.

When it was time for Xiao Xun to go to the infirmary to get the medicine for Qingyan, she just walked out of the door and saw a man standing at the door. This man stood like a pine in the distance. Xiao Xun saw his trademark eye patch and recognized him as the instructor last night.

Xiao Xun suddenly shivered with fear. She guessed that he and Qingyan might know each other and asked carefully. “Are you here to see Qingyan?”

“Is she getting better?” He asked.

“A little better, but she’s sleeping right now.”

He nodded vaguely.

“Do you want to go in and see her?” Xiao Xun tried to ask again.

“No, don't tell her I was here.”

There was an irresistible dignity in the calm voice, Xiao Xun nodded subconsciously. She was afraid, no one would dare to say a word in front of this person, right?

Chang Qi turned and left. The infirmary was opposite to him, Xiao Xun went to the infirmary to get the medicine after he left. However, after taking a few steps, Chang Qi stopped.

She was asleep, so it didn’t matter if he went in and took a look at her, right?

Chang Qi entered her barracks and saw she was lying quietly in bed, not knowing if it was the cause of the high fever, her cheeks flushed, looking weak and helpless, and he remembered the weak and lonely girl who had lost her parents and relatives many years ago, the little girl who depended on him.

There was a wash basin under the bed. It seemed that the assistant had just helped her cool down physically.

He walked to the bed and sat down, took off the handkerchief from her forehead, and accidentally touched her forehead with his hand, his brow frowned, why was it so hot.

Soaking the handkerchief in cold water and then wringing it dry. He gently wiped it on her forehead.

Obviously he just wanted to take a look at her and then left, but he didn't understand why he had to do this.

Mo Qingyan was burning in a daze, she felt as if she was hallucinating. Otherwise, she could not have seen Chang Qi sitting in front of her bed.

He wrung the handkerchief and gently wiped her forehead. This person was just like a demon in the training ground that night, but he was a gentle and careful person when he left the training ground.

At that time, although she was very lucky to survive the earthquake, she was very sad to learn that her family had died and did not like to eat very much. Later, she became ill, as his injury was healed, but he still sat by the bed to take care of her when she was ill.

She opened her eyes with great effort, but the illusion did not disappear. She saw that he was still sitting by her bed, and he helped her wipe her forehead and then her palm.

The rough hand held her wrist, her whole body was hot, and after his hand came up, she felt a hint of coolness.

No, it was not an illusion, he was really Chang Qi.

“Chang Qi?”

The hoarse voice called him, she tried to sit up. She felt his body stiff, but quickly returned to normal, he naturally held her shoulders to stop her moving.

Her gaze fell on him, she stared for a long time, and finally completely confirmed that it was not her hallucination, that he was really by her side.

She felt puzzled. Since he pretended not to know her, why did he take care of her?

She supported her body with difficulty, he wrung the handkerchief to wipe her forehead, she angrily patted his hand away and sneered at him. “Don't you know me?”

Chang Qi’s fingers froze in a while, then he looked away. “Be good and lie down, you’re still in infusion.”

Thinking about the woman and the child in his arms at that time, Mo Qingyan mocked. “You are here to take care of me. If you let your wife know, she won't be happy. What's more, I'm a public figure now. I don't want to have anything to do with a married man.”

“Wife?” Chang Qi had question marks all over his face. “Are you muddled? What are you babbling about?”

He didn’t seem to be faking, but she was still sad, hating him in her heart, hating him for betraying her, she sneered. “Remember when I came to see you that day? I saw it all. I heard the little girl call you daddy.”

After thinking about it, Chang Qi realized who she was talking about. “That's my brother's wife and child, and my brother also helped me open the fruit shop.”

Mo Qingyan: “...”

Not his wife and child.

“You’re not married yet?” She couldn’t believe it.

“Not yet.”


He's not married, he's not married... Her heart slowly overflowed with unspeakable joy, but she was enraged at the thought that he had not come to see her all these years, he had not been married yet, and he still pretended not to know her.

“Chang Qi, you’re a man who broke a promise.”

He didn't speak, closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. He stood up and said. “Your assistant went to get the medicine, and will be back soon. I'll go first.”

After he finished speaking, he walked towards the door, but he just got up and saw her put her hand on her elbow from the corner of his eyes. He knew what she was going to do, she wanted to remove the needle.

Chang Qi's eyes were quick, so he suddenly turned around and grabbed her hand. He angrily said with a sullen face. “What's wrong with you? Don't want to live?”

She said nothing, her reddish eyes fixed on his face.

He thought that this little girl was very willful since she was a child, she didn't eat. In order to coax her to eat, he would play the pipe organ for her for an hour every time. She didn't want to take medicine and hid it under the pillow secretly. He was very angry and asked her why she did it. She said that he could come to see her only when she was sick.

Without him, she was not afraid of anything. With him, she was afraid of everything, and even shed tears for a little thing.

Looking at her reddish eyes and cheeks flushed with high fever, his heart ached. When he came back from the battlefield, he was badly injured, and his eyes were blind. He became half cripple, afraid of bringing trouble to her. He didn't dare to meet her, knowing that she was waiting for him in Qizhou, and he didn't dare to go back. He hid in the province city far away, and kept letting people tell her that he had died in the battlefield, so as to dispel her thoughts.

He hoped she could give up on him, and she deserved a better place, but the little girl was so stubborn that she really wanted to find him.

He was frightened when he saw his own eye, let alone her.

He was placed in such a remote place where he could still meet her, and she was like his fate, and there was nothing he could do about it.

At this time, looking at the way she wanted to cry, his heart suddenly softened, all the worries disappeared, he just wanted to protect her, didn’t want to make her sad, just wanted to be by her side all the time.

He hung his head slightly. “Yanyan, one of my eyes is blind. I am no longer perfect.”

She once said that she liked perfect things, and she also said that he was the most perfect person in her eyes. She liked him because he was perfect.

He called her Yanyan. Hearing this, she almost wanted to cry.

Mo Qingyan endured the impulse to cry and asked him. “So, you didn't see me because you were blind?”


It took him a long time to give a light reply.

She smiled mockingly, and suddenly stretched out her hand and pulled down his blindfold. A black hole appeared in front of her eyes. He didn't expect her to have this action, so he rushed to cover it with his hand. However, Mo Qingyan grabbed his hand, and her eyes were fixed on his black hole.

“What’s this? You tell me what’s this?”

He stiffened, and it was a long time before he picked up the blindfold and put it back on.

“You are a star now and have a promising future.”

“Don't tell me about this, what stars, what promising future, you just don't want to be responsible for me, you are a man who broke a promise, you said you would marry me, you said you would give me a family.”

After learning that her parents were no longer there, she was dazed at first. She was too young to fully understand the pain of her relatives' leaving. Later, when she realized that they would not come back again, she hid and cried. He found her and tried to comfort her.

“Brother Chang Qi, I have no family. I am an orphan. No one wants me anymore.”

“It doesn't matter. I don't have a family either. Shall I give you a family in the future? I want you, okay?”

He clearly said he would give her a family, and he clearly said he would come back to marry her.

“Do you know? Without you, I would have died a long time ago. You brought me back to life. I am really alive only when you are here. Without you, I am just a walking corpse. With you, I have my emotions.”

Chang Qi took off his blindfold. He raised her chin to let her eyes focus on his face.

“Look carefully. With this eye, what you have to face is not a day or two, nor a year or two. What you have to face is a lifetime!”

Mo Qingyan laughed. “What if you are blind in one eye? Even if both eyes are blind, it doesn't matter. If you don't have eyes, I will be your eyes.”

His body stiffened, but the hand holding her chin was faintly shaking. After a while, he suddenly closed his eyes and pulled her into his arms.

He hugged her tightly, his chin buried on her neck, and he sniffed the smell of her body deeply.

“Yanyan.” He called her softly.

“Yanyan, Yanyan.” One after another, he couldn’t do anything, except call her.

Mo Qingyan was buried in his arms, she had grown up, she could be with the man she loved, he called her Yanyan, she was his Yanyan.

She was very happy, her heart was full of happiness.

Her nose was sour, and she choked, only nodding her head constantly.

“I will give you a family and won't let you be homeless again. My promise comes so late, can you forgive me?”


“I won't leave you again, I will always protect you, so don't be afraid.”


“I love you very much, do you know?”

“Now I know.” She burst into tears.

“I'll take you home when you're ready.”



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