The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 2 - Carlos

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Happy reading~💕Chapter 2: Carlos

The system was silent for a while and said: [I didn’t expect this situation.]

Ji Ling: [He shouldn’t have appeared here now. Now that the plot has changed so much, you just said you didn’t expect this?]

The system justified the loss: [So, I’ll check what’s going on, you can stabilize him first.]

Ji Ling: [...]

Ji Ling knew that the system was unreliable, and now he could only adapt. He pretended to naturally withdraw his hand from Carlos’s hand, quietly put it behind his back, showing an apprehensive expression and saying uneasily, “Uncle Carlos, this gift is too expensive for me to accept.”

Ji Ting also came back to his senses after the shock just now, and said in a deep voice, “I accept your kindness on behalf of my son, but please take back the gift.”

Carlos’s deep brown pupils were filled with a faint smile. His tone was soothing but with unquestionable persistence as he said indifferently, “Today is Xiao Ling’s coming-of-age ceremony, and I can be regarded as his elder. What is a mere planet for him?”

A mere planet? It was not like those garbage stars that did not even have names.

Ji Ting frowned slightly. AFter a moment of silence, he slowly said, “Here are some juniors, why don’t we go in and talk?”

Ji Ting was not sure about Carlos’s intentions, and he did not understand why he suddenly showed favor to Ji Ling with great fanfare. Did he want to buy and win over himself? Carlos insisted so much, and it was not good for him to continue to refuse it under the public watch, so as not to let people see the joke. It would be bad if he caused some unnecessary rumors, so he deliberately invited Carlos to speak alone.

Carlos smiled and nodded. After giving Ji Ling a deep look, he turned and went in with Ji Ting.

Seeing him leave, Ji Ling found that his vest was covered in a thin layer of sweat. Carlos’s appearance just now really caught him off guard.

Speaking of several main characters in the book, he was most wary of Carlos. This person’s every move looked elegant and polite, and he seemed to be a flawless nobleman, but he was the darkest among everyone, typical people who would smile to hide all his cold-bloodedness and black belly.

The male protagonist Jing Sui, as the Emperor of the Empire, although his personality was arrogant and indifferent, but at most he was just indifferent and disdainful of himself. No matter how he jumped up and down, he had no intention to kill him, simply lazy to bother with him.

For the protagonist shou Ning Yu, although he was humiliated by him several times, he was a clean and self-reliant white lotus character, a frank and honest gentleman. Ji Ling was not at all worried that he would retaliate against himself, and bullying him made him feel apologetic.

The villain no. 2 Marshal Brandon, was a best friend and like-minded companion of Jing Sui, a bright and open-minded iron-blooded soldier, who, despite his disgust and contempt for himself, could never play dirty tricks behind his back.

Strictly speaking, Brandon could not be said to be a villain, he was just a little opposed to Jing Sui in the emotional scene because he secretly loved Ning Yu and was a proper affectionate second male lead, but even if his cherished person was robbed later, but he still did not turn his face with Jing Sui.

The villain no. 3, Wen Yan, the legislative representative, who at this moment was still just an ordinary councilor representative, would later be Ning Yu’s friend in the book. This person’s mind was deep and evil, making people a little elusive. Although he also betrayed himself for Ning Yu later, that thing was expected by himself.

Only the villain no. 1 Grand Duke Carlos, was a smiling fox on the surface, but in fact, to achieve the purpose of any means, anyone was just pawns in his eyes, and he himself would never know how he died while getting along with him. In the previous life, he did not provoke him at all, he was inexplicably used once, and he almost lost his life.

He did not know what kind of wind had come over this time for him to send such a heavy gift. This did not happen last time.

Ji Ling was worried about what went wrong, causing the plot to deviate, and at this time, the long-lost system had finally arrived.

Ji Ling said lightly: [You don’t have to come back if you come back later.]

System: [Why?]

Ji Ling: [Because at that time, it’s estimated that I have been killed back to the resurrection point :)]

System: [...]

Ji Ling: [So, have you found out what went wrong?]

The system was a little guilty: [Sorry, because the world has collapsed once, the database fails, and the cause of Carlos’s abnormality can’t be determined for the time being.]

He thought about it and added: [It’s possible that after the collapse of the world, there are some changes that we do not expect, so that the butterfly effect is produced. But it doesn’t matter, your mission remains the same. As long as you can complete the mission, you can go back.]

Really? Why do I think this answer is perfunctory? Who knows how much the plot has changed? Can I still complete the mission?

Even the system did not know the reason, so Ji Ling had no way. He could only hope that the plot had not changed much, fortunately, he was still familiar with Carlos as a person, and he was not completely unprepared.

Carlos and Jing Sui had a political disagreement. Calos had always been ambitious to replace Jing Sui’s position, he did everything with a purpose and it was impossible to come specifically to his coming-of-age ceremony. Today, eighty percent of it was for his father Ji Ting.

The Ji family was an old-fashioned aristocracy with a good foundation. It also had a lot of say in the Imperial nobles, and belonged to the representative of the neutral faction. It was understandable that Carlos wanted to win over the Ji family, in short, this complex power struggle was left to his father Ji Ting to deal with.

It was better to focus on completing the mission himself.

As long as Jing Sui and Ning Yu could get along and have a happy ending, he would be able to go home!

Ji Ling stayed in the banquet hall for a while, a little tired of coping, and looked for excuses to go out to breathe.

Because he had already done the mission once, Ji Ling was familiar with this place as he was with his own home. The garden behind the banquet hall had a great view. Ji Ling slipped out and climbed out a tree, lying comfortably on the trunk, looking up at the night sky surrounded by the shining star of the Emperor Star, nine stars emitting a colorful and beautiful luster, like dazzling gems hanging in the sky.

It was the nine artificial satellites of the Emperor Star, each of which was the size of a small planet. Although it looked so beautiful and harmless from here, it was actually a weapon of war that could destroy the world, enough to withstand any attack and turn all enemies into dust. It was an important deterrent to protect the security of the capital Emperor Star and maintain the rule of the Empire.

Ji Ling lost in thought, looking at the sky. Carlos and Jing Sui had a long history, and their conflict had been around for a long time, it was mentioned specifically from the setting of the book.

The worldview setting of this book was very huge. It was said that human beings on Earth officially stepped into the field of space after the sixth scientific and technological revolution, and entered a stage of comprehensive evolution. After thousands of years of development and expansion, they had now completely become the hegemon of the universe.

In the face of various intelligent life and powerful species in the universe, the reason why human beings could stand firm and have the status they had today was inseparable from a great invention.

That was—— Genetic Evolution agent.

In the face of the vast universe, human beings were unwilling to be so small. Although they could rely on external forces, their own vulnerability still made it difficult for them to survive in the universe, unable to cope with various harsh living environments, and they were also vulnerable in the face of other species.

Therefore, humanity had never given up on developing their potential.

After countless experiments and sacrifices, thousands of years ago, human beings finally discovered a special substance in the universe, and the genetic evolution agent eventually synthesized by this substance could be universally applied to more than 99,99% human beings, which had completely opened the door to human evolution.

Through continuous and generational evolution, reproduction, and integration, today’s human beings were no longer what they used to be.

Although their appearance did not seem to change much from before, their powerful physique and super strong mental power were completely different from before… It was almost like a whole new species compared to when they were on Earth.

But has the high degree of civilization and evolution eliminated the conflicts and inequalities among humans?

On the contrary, this evolution had increased class disparities and conflicts among humans.

Although the first generation of genetic evolution agents was generally applicable to all humans, it was difficult to make high prices, but its scarce production could only supply a very small number of people. These humans who went through evolution would obtain stronger strength, the stronger strength brought higher status, and children born of intermarriage between them were born stronger than ordinary humans… Gradually, a higher evolutionary class was born, and it was now the prototype of the Imperial Nobles.

The first generation of evolutionaries gradually realized the huge benefits involved, began to control the manufacture and use of genetic evolution agents, and firmly controlled the top science and technology, and controlled the fate of human beings step by step.

The stronger got stronger, and the weaker got weaker.

Through thousands of years of development, the evolutionary class had gradually and finally piled up a new higher race with a steady stream of cosmic resources, which was completely distinguished from ordinary humans, which was today—— ‘Imperial Nobles’.

Now there was no longer a threat to the existence of the empire in the universe. In order to maintain their absolute dominance, the nobles had completely monopolized the development and use of genetic evolution agents. Ordinary commoners needed to pay sky-high fees to buy it, as for high-level evolution agents, it was completely prohibited to sell it to commoners.

The nobles evolved themselves and intermarried only between the same classes. Although the more powerful the evolved humans the more difficult it was to produce offspring, they were reluctant to intermarry with commoners, believing this would taint the genes of their offspring.

The discrimination and inequality that were once hidden under hypocritical fairness had gradually revealed its hideous and cruel side.

In Ji Ling’s opinion, the nobles living in the Emperor Star today were almost equivalent to the immortals living in the immortal world. According to this development, thousands of years or ten thousand years later, they should not be called Imperial Nobles, but Imperial God Race!

Ji Ling felt that he could write a thesis, which was called <On the Birth of the Universe God Race>.

In the current Empire, it was difficult for ordinary commoners to get evolution, and if they did not get rich overnight, it was probably only God’s will that could change their fate.

Under the peace, it was actually dark and turbulent. The monopoly of the powerful and the privilege of the genetic evolution agent had gradually aroused the discontent of the people. Some of them were not willing to submit to the increasingly corrupt and degenerate nobles, and even created a resistance to challenge the rule of the Empire, but in the Empire’s strong force to suppress and control public opinion, the number of resistance was not much.

Ji Ling could also understand that for most of the people of the Empire, had a peaceful and comfortable life, even if there were some inequalities in society, no one was willing to give up their lives to go against the powerful Empire. Throughout history, revolutions had always been driven to a desperate point of resistance. For the current Imperial population, far from this point, even in Ji Ling’s society, wealth was also monopolized in the hands of a few, only the inequality was not so obvious.

However, as the Emperor of the Empire, Jing Sui saw not only the prosperous surface of today’s Empire, but also the huge hidden danger. Although the resistance army seemed weak today, the birth of the resistance army showed the spark, if not controlled, it would eventually become a fire.

The Imperial Nobles had too much power, and the excessive power that was not checked and balanced inevitably brought corruption and degeneration. They ignored human life, high above, in their eyes, the commoners were inferior races, taking the enslavement of untouchable for granted, revealing the glamorous coat, inside was the dark and ugly truth. For anyone who dared to disobey their existence, they would be suppressed by force blindly.

Unbridled repression inevitably led to resistance.

Once it had fermented like this, sooner or later a revolution would break out, and Jing Sui did not want to see this day happen, and did not want to see the foundation of the country shaken… Even God would fall one day, let alone just a group of rotten nobles? How many advanced civilizations had fallen?

No one could thrive forever.

In order to change this situation, Jing Sui advocated reducing the price of genetic evolution agents, further improving the rights of commoners, slowly weakening the gap between nobles and commoners, and hoping to build a more united and powerful Empire by increasing the per capita strength of the entire country. He believed that the strength of a country was not feasible to rely only on a few people, and the vast majority of commoners was a force that could not be underestimated.

However, Jing Sui’s actions violated the interests of most of the nobles, who were unwilling to give up their rights, giving those untouchable the opportunity to be on an equal footing with them, or even stepping on their heads.

The nobles who opposed Jing Sui took Grand Duke Carlos as their leader and opposed Jing Sui in every way in their political views.

Carlos believed that there was no need to change the situation, it was all the result of the survival of the fittest in nature, and inferior humans did not deserve to have equal qualifications with them.

In their eyes, those ordinary people were like ants on the ground, obviously giving alms to them to live a peaceful and prosperous life, protecting them from foreign aggression, but still clamoring for more without contentment, without gratitude. This was the irrepressible greed of human nature and should not be condoned.

Carlos advocated a bloody suppression of the resistance to maintain the absolute dominance of the Empire, without the need to compromise with some insatiable ants.

Both sides had been fighting openly and secretly for this in the book.

Ji Ling felt this matter was not something that he could mix, not to mention that he did not have such a deep sense of immersion for this world. He only cared about how to play his role well, completed the task and went home.

No matter how big and real this world was, it was not his original world, it was not the place he wanted to stay.

Thinking of this, he sighed, put his hands behind his head and looked at the starry sky in a daze. Suddenly, his ears twitched, hearing someone call his name in the distance. It seemed to be the original owner’s friends.

He had been out on his own long enough, it was almost time to go back.

Ji Ling sat up, supported his hands, and jumped down from the tree swiftly.

As soon as he landed, he looked up and saw a gentle and handsome middle-aged man standing in the shadow under the tree, smiling at him. He was so frightened that he almost fell to the ground! As a result he just crashed into the man’s arms.

Carlos looked at the teenager who ‘threw himself at him’, reached out and gently supported his shoulders, and his voice was low and smiled, “Be careful.”

Ji Ling told himself in his heart, it’s not you who is scared! He told himself, be calm, don’t panic! Then, he raised his eyes from Carlos’s arms, showing a naive and surprised look, and said, “Uncle Carlos, why are you here?”

Carlos stared at the teenager’s blue eyes, and his gaze fell on his vivid appearance. There seemed to be some kind of complicated nostalgia in his eyes, and for a while, he said, “I just finished talking with your father, passing by here and seeing you…”

He paused halfway through his words. The corners of his lips raised slightly in a teasing arc, and said in a doting tone, “I just want to see how long a certain little guy is going to stay in the tree.”

Ji Ling: “...” So, you’ve been watching for a long time?

Fortunately, he didn’t have the bad habit of talking to himself. He looked at Carlos’s gentle and doting expression, and only felt an inexplicable sense of horror rise from the soles of his feet. His body couldn’t help but stiffen slightly.

Carlos sensed Ji Ling’s uneasiness and said apologetically, “Sorry, did I scare you?”

Ji Ling bit his lower lip and shook his head. In front of this old fox, saying more would be a mistake, it was better to stay the same in response to changes.

However, he saw Carlos’s eyes suddenly darkened, as if he was repressing and restraining something, and the hand that pressed his shoulders became harder.

Ji Ling couldn’t understand Carlos’s eyes, but he was inexplicably a little uneasy, as if he was being watched like prey. He blinked his eyes uneasily and said, “My friend is calling me…”

Carlos’s expression remained unchanged.

Just when Ji Ling was a little apprehensive, Carlos slowly let go of his hand, moved elegantly and took a step back. The flicker of darkness in his eyes just now faded away, revealing a gentle smile and said, “Go on, don’t keep them waiting.”

Ji Ling, as if he was pardoned, nodded and said, “Then I’ll go first, goodbye uncle Carlos.”

Saying that, he quickly turned around and left, not daring to look back along the way.

He always felt that if he looked back, he might be able to see that person’s gaze…

It didn’t take long for Ji Ling to see Lodz’s slightly rounded face, smiling and asking him where he had gone. Surrounded by the familiar hustle and bustle, finally making Ji Ling get out of the suffocating environment he had just been in. For the first time, Ji Ling thought this greasy-headed guy looked kind of cute!

At least Lodz could cope much better than Carlos.

Carlos glanced at Ji Ling’s back as he left, turned and left the manor.

His housekeeper Anderson had been waiting outside, respectfully bending down to open the door of the hovercar for him. Anderson hesitated for a moment, but still couldn’t help the curiosity in his heart, and asked, “I have already prepared the congratulatory gift in advance and sent it here as instructed. Why do you still need to come here personally?”

Duke Carlos’s behavior today was not known to anyone in advance, so Anderson was very surprised and did not understand his intention of doing so… And in the past, there were people who wanted to buy the Blue Starfish from Duke Carlos, but he ignored them all. However, today it was suddenly given to Ji Ling, which made Anderson even more puzzled.

Carlos glanced back at him and said lightly, “I have my own arrangement.”

Anderson was stunned by this gaze, and quickly bowed his head and said, “Sorry, I was being nosy.”

His Excellency the Duke must have his reasons for doing this. Since the Duke did not say it, he should not ask. Anderson suppressed the curiosity in his heart and respectfully closed the car door for Carlos.

Carlos sat in the car, clasping his hands together. His index finger tapped lightly on the tip of his silver cane.

Closing his eyes, what appeared in front of him was the panicked scene when the boy jumped from the tree and fell into his arms, like a fairy who had fallen into the mortal world… In those clear aqua-blue eyes, his own face was reflected, as if he could see to the bottom at a glance.

He was still alive and would call him uncle Carlos.

No one knew what ripples this ‘uncle Carlos’ made in his heart at that moment.

The first thing he did after he was reborn was to come here, just to see him with his own eyes, to see if he was still well here, carefree, unrestrained, not the last scene he saw in the previous live—— Lying weakly in Jing Sui’s arms, feebly dropping his blood-stained arms. He gradually lost his last breath and became a cold, dead corpse.

Carlos slowly opened his eyes, and his brown pupils were cold and gloomy.

In his previous life, he fought with Jing Sui all his life, but he fell short in the end because of carelessness, but at that moment, he found that the thing he regretted the most was not his failure… Instead, he regretted involving the innocent boy in his fight with Jing Sui, regretted letting Ning Yu escape because of his own carelessness, regretted that he didn’t recognize the boy, and killed him with his own hands.

The young man resolutely blocked in front of Jing Sui, and the scene of slowly falling was like a sharp thorn, easily piercing into his emotions that abandoned all cowardice, kindness, gentleness and other emotions that only lower races had.

It was the first time he knew what it was like to lose.

This naive and simple teenager who relied on him, this teenager who knew that he had betrayed and abandoned him, but still chose to trust him and looked at him with those pure eyes…

Is he too simple and stupid?

No, maybe it’s just because I believe, so that I care.

However, he once turned a blind eye to this trust, and even used this trust as a bargaining chip, and casually pushed him out in order to achieve his own goals, making him a victim of his own struggle with Jing Sui… He thought he would not regret it, because stupid weaklings should be abandoned and used, and he always did this.

But on that cold night, the moment the boy appeared in front of him regardless of his previous suspicions, he suddenly realized… Was he really dismissive of the teenager’s trust? No.

He just hadn't seen anything beautiful enough to impress him until then.

After seeing it, he realized how precious it was.

However, when he finally understood this, he lost him.

Accidentally killed him.

Carlos’s thin lips were pursed, his aura were full of coldness, and his hands slowly tightened.

If it wasn’t for Jing Sui, you wouldn’t have made one mistake after another and ended up even losing your life for him.

That man was even more ruthless than you thought, he didn’t care about anyone, he didn’t love you, and you didn’t understand this until death. Even if your heart was violated like that, you were willing to give your life for him.

That man didn’t deserve your love at all!

However, he is back now.

This time he wanted not only the empire, but also the teenager who would simply look at him and call him uncle Carlos with a smile.

This time, he hoped that the flawless eyes would never be covered with dust, and the teenager’s smile could always spread to him like this, and he could trust him and relied on him again without scruples.

The moment he saw Ji Ling again, he did not hesitate at all.

This rebirth was to give him the opportunity to make up for his regrets.

The look in Carlos’s eyes slowly deepened.

You are so beautiful and flawless, a million times more dazzling than the unique Blue Starfish.

You will be my most beautiful treasure.


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