Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: A Little Bad

Lu Junting was born rich, with a good upbringing in his bones. Although the outside world’s evaluation of him was extremely deep and ruthless, because of a good upbringing, he treated people and things politely. This kind of courtesy would make people subconsciously feel that there was a sense of distance from him, but Lin Xiyu had always felt that he liked to be intimate with people since she shared a room with him. Sometimes this kind of deliberately intimate little action with her would make people think that he was a little bad.

Just like now, she didn’t know why she had to use such a shameful posture to apply an ointment to him.

But she was guilty in his heart today, and she thought, so be it. Lin Xiyu carefully applied the medicine to his face, and after applying the medicine, Lin Xiyu said, “You can get busy first, I won’t bother you.”

Lu Junting did not give her a chance to leave, he directly picked her up in this position. Lin Xiyu was afraid of falling, subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck, so the two became closer. Lin Xiyu’s face became hotter and hotter, biting her lip and said, “Brother Junting, what are you doing?”
“Carry you to rest, it’s time for me to rest after a busy day.”

“I can walk by myself.”

He ignored her, carried her into the room, and then went to the bed. Lin Xiyu kept pressing on him and threw herself forward.

Lin Xiyu struggled and was about to get off him, but the man said to her in a slightly warning tone, “You’ll be on top tonight.”


Later, Lin Xiyu didn’t want to recall it, but she did sum up a lesson on it… it really took a toll on her legs.

Lin Xiyu just arrived at the club the next day, and Lin Xiqian came to find her.

“I’m sorry that I was a little too impulsive yesterday, and made things difficult for you.”

Lu Junting did not care, and Lin Xiyu did not need to bother, and said, “The past is the past, but don’t be so impulsive in doing things in the future.”

“So what did Lu Junting tell you yesterday? Did he tell you that he suspected that I approached you to pay off my adoptive father’s debts?”

Lin Xiyu said, “He didn’t say that, don’t think too much.”

Lin Xiqian’s expression suddenly became grave as he asked, “Lu Junting is the same Lu Junting of Changheng Group, right?”

Lin Xiqian was probably not familiar with Ancheng when he first came here, and it was not strange that he did not know Lu Junting at first, but Lu Junting was still very easy to check. Lin Xiyu did not deny it and said, “It’s him, what’s wrong?”

“I have seen reports about him. This man is calculating and extremely deep. What I experienced yesterday really confirms this. No matter how he brainwashed you, but last night’s events were not as he said, in fact he was deliberately provoking me. He deliberately asked me if I approached you to get your father’s inheritance from you to pay off my adoptive father’s debt, he also deliberately said that I was ungrateful. I didn’t have time to record yesterday, but the situation was really not what he described to you. I was so provoked to pour water on him yesterday not as I was annoyed by him saying my purpose, but because he touched my bottom line. He said that I was ungrateful, that my adoptive parents should be ashamed of almost adopting me, and that I had been guilty of not being able to contact my adoptive parents all these years. He said all of this, so how could I not be angry.”

For his words, Lin Xiyu did not believe much, after all, she saw with her own eyes that Lu Junting was polite to Lin Xiqian. How could someone hurt others’ self-esteem while giving people polite dishes, while holding guns and sticks.

Lin Xiyu said, “Why did he provoke you? It was also the first time you met that day, you and him have no grievances, he won’t do this.”

“I thought about it all night yesterday, and I can probably guess his purpose. He deliberately provoked me with bitterness to hope that I would tear my face with him, and you would alienate me for him. If he is really afraid that you will be deceived and can directly inform you about my adoptive father, he can’t deliberately provoke me and use such a big circle, so I think he should have other purposes. He staged this plot in hope that you could alienate me, why must you alienate me? I don’t think he’s worried that you’ll be deceived by me, but that with my presence he won’t be able to control you anymore.”

Lin Xiyu was even more puzzled, “Why does he want to control me? I have nothing for him to want to control me, and what does it have to do with him wanting to control me and letting you alienate me? You don’t overthink it.”

“I don’t overthink about it.” Lin Xiqian’s face was solemn, “Because my existence gives him a sense of crisis, he needs to design to alienate you from me.”

“What kind of crisis can a person like him have, you don’t know him well.”

Who was Lu Junting ah? You could see from his handling of the elder of his branch, a person who was so confident in mastering everything, could he have a sense of crisis?

“Before I appeared, you had no relatives around you, but now with me, you have a maiden’s family by your side, a maiden’s family he can’t control well, and of course he wants you to stay away from me.”

Lin Xiyu really felt that he was thinking too much and said, “I lived in the Lu family before, and the Lu family is very good to me, and they are also my maiden’s family.”

“The Lu family is Lu Junting’s family, he can control them, but I’m not, he can’t control me, because with me here, he can no longer control you.”

How could things be as complicated as he thought? What could not be controlled? Lin Xiyu said, “Why should he control me? You don’t know much about me and his life either.” He and Lu Junting were like strangers before they had little baby, and they were connected with little baby. Why should he controlled her?

“I still haven’t figured out why he wants to control you, but deliberately designed to alienate you just for fear that you won’t be in his control one day. You can tell me about your relationship with him, and maybe I can find out from it.”

Lin Xiyu thought of what Lu Junting said yesterday, he said that she and Lin Xiqian had not seen each other for many years, and she did not know what he had become over the years.

Lin Xiyu now had an extra mind, she did not want to say her personal matters to Lin Xiqian. She said, “Things are not as complicated as you think, don’t I know better than you about what relationship I have with Lu Junting? No matter what the outside world reported about him, at home he was very good to me and good to the baby, and that was enough.”

Lin Xiqian’s brows furrowed, and a trace of injury slipped under his eyes, “You don’t believe me, right?”

“I’m going to work.”

This meant to drive him away, and she really didn’t believe him.

Lin Xiqian suddenly laughed, but there was a sense of sadness between his words, “Lu Junting’s purpose has been achieved, you are not willing to choose to believe me, just what he wants, he is indeed very tactful, easily able to make you alienate me.”

“Don’t think too much, he didn’t blame you for pouring him yesterday, and you don’t have to think so badly of him.”

Lin Xiqian could see that she was angry. He knew that it was useless to say anything now, and the more he said, the more she rejected him.

Lin Xiqian sighed softly, “Forget it, I’ll go first. I really hope you have a happy life.”

For Lin Xiqian’s words, Lin Xiyu really didn’t take it too seriously. He didn’t know about the situation between her and Lu Junting, he couldn’t control her or anything.

After that day, Lin Xiqian had indeed not come to find her, but occasionally asked her how she was doing on her mobile phone. The days went by like this, she went back from work on time to take care of her child, Lu Junting would occasionally ask her a little. Although it might not be as loving as other couples, she and him live life like a real couple.

After about half a month, Du Ruoting suddenly came to her office and said someone was looking for her.

Du Ruoting squeezed her eyebrows and said to her, “Grand Aunt, you are really blessed, there are different handsome guys looking for you every day.”

What did you mean by that, what did you mean there was a different handsome guy looking for her every day? She remembered that the only handsome guy who came to find her was Lin Xiqian, so the person who came to her this time was not Lin Xiqian, who was it?

Lin Xiyu came to the reception room, and saw Lu Junfeng closing the curtains of the living room. Lin Xiyu was surprised, the person who came to find her turned out to be Lu Junfeng. Hadn’t he been sent to the outside by Lu Junting?

Upon seeing her coming in, Lu Junfeng walked to the door and looked around a few times. Seeing that no one was following her, he then closed the door. Lin Xiyu was puzzled by this suspicious attitude of his, she asked, “Why did you come here?”

The curtains were drawn by him, the room was a little dark, and she didn’t know if it was because of the dim light, he felt that Lu Junfeng’s eyes were darker than before. He was lively and bright before, his eyes were shining, but now he seemed to be covered with dust. Since living with Lu Junting, she had never seen him again. After such a long time, Lin Xiyu felt that he looked a lot more vicissitudes, and he had lost weight. The corners of his mouth also had a beard that he did not shave.

Lu Junfeng said to her hurriedly, “Didn’t you say before that you would divorce my eldest brother after giving birth? Why haven’t you divorced him yet?”

He ran here to find her to ask her this? Lin Xiyu replied, “I have decided not to divorce him, and I won’t leave the child.”

Lu Junfeng frowned, anger appeared under his eyes, “What? Are you in love with my eldest brother?”

“This has nothing to do with love or not, my child is still so young, I can’t leave him.” Lin Xiyu felt that why did she have to talk to him so much, she had nothing to do with him for a long time, and she said again, “Also, I have nothing to do with you even if I divorce him or not, right?”

“As I said before, I’ll take you away when you get divorced.”

“I didn’t agree.”

Lu Junfeng suddenly walked towards her, Lin Xiyu felt the anger on him, and he gritted his teeth when he spoke, “Just tell me truthfully, are you in love with my eldest brother?”

Lin Xiyu was also angry, and asked in a cold voice, “Lu Junfeng, what do you want to do? I still have work to do, so don't make trouble here.”

Lin Xiyu was about to leave after speaking, but Lu Junfeng grabbed her hand and said, “Why are you so stupid? My eldest brother used you as a substitute and had sex with you while you were drunk. He was such a bastard, you actually didn’t divorce him for the sake of his child?”

He was really talking more and more incomprehensibly. Lin Xiyu replied, “That’s also my child.”

“I think you’re crazy, and out of your mind.” The more Lu Junfeng spoke, the angrier he became.

“You’re crazy, you let me go!”

Lu Junfeng did not let her go, but opened the door and dragged her to the door. He kept dragging her out of the club gate. Lin Xiyu patted his arm and struggled, “Lu Junfeng, what are you doing?! You quickly let go of me.”

“I will take you away now, you can only recognize the situation if you completely get out of his life.”

Lin Xiyu’s strength was no match for him, she saw a car park on the side of the road not far away. Lu Junfeng was dragging her to the side of the car at this time, and Lin Xiyu immediately panicked. She did not know what Lu Junfeng was crazy about and she said, “Lu Junfeng, don’t mess around. If you really take me, will your eldest brother let you go? Don’t you think of yourself or your parents?”

Lu Junfeng did not stop and said, “My grandparents are still here, what else can he do with my parents?”

They were getting closer to the car, and Lin Xiyu was so anxious. Lu Junfeng dragged her to the side of the car, pulled the car door and stuffed her inside, but Lin Xiyu refused to get on.

Just in the midst of the struggle, she saw a car drive to the side and stop. Lin Xiqian got down from the car and saw this scene. Lin Xiyu saw him and didn’t care so much that she hurriedly rushed to him for help, “Quickly help me.”

Lin Xiqian stepped forward a few times and pulled Lu Junfeng’s hand away. Lu Junfeng was angry, he was suddenly beaten and his anger was even worse. He said coldly, “Where did you come from? It has nothing to do with you, you’d better mind your own business.”
Lin Xiqian pulled Lin Xiyu back and stood in front of her to block, “I’m her brother, where do you want to take her?”

Lu Junfeng laughed, “Are you brother brother? I’ve known her for so many years, how come I don’t know she still has a brother?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can ask her.”

Lu Junfeng looked at Lin Xiyu, and Lin Xiyu’s bright eyes also brought her anger at this time. She glared at Lu Junfeng and said, “My parents adopted him, he is also considered my brother.”

Lu Junfeng said, “Your parents have also adopted children? But even if it’s your parents’ adopted child, so what, you’re not her real brother, it’s not your turn to take care of this.”

Lu Junfeng was about to bypass Lin Xiqian and grabbed Lin Xiyu. Lin Xiqian waved his arm to block him and said, “I don’t care who you are or what relationship you have with her. Since she is not willing to leave, you can’t take her away.”

Lin Xiyu took advantage of this gap to take out her mobile phone and said to Lu Junfeng, “You’d better not mess around. If you do, I’ll call brother Junting directly.”

Lu Junfeng laughed angrily, “What? You even have to ask Lu Junting for help? Don’t forget, this bastard took advantage of your drunkenness to force you, and he still used you as a stand-in. If you don’t leave him, then forget it, but you still have to ask him for help? Begging him to clean me up? I’m helping you by taking you away, and you’re doing this to me?”

“Lu Junfeng, you’ve had enough!”

How could you say such things in front of people?

Lu Junfeng mocked, “What? Still afraid of being heard? Isn’t he your brother? You didn’t tell him about the mess that Lu Junting did back then?”

Lin Xiyu started to press the number, “Okay, you have to say it, right, I’ll call brother Junting over, what do you have to say, say it in front of him.”

Lu Junfeng was probably also afraid of Lu Junting, he came secretly this time. Lu Junting always found people to stare at him, Lu Junfeng had also calmed down at this time. If Lu Junting was really coming, didn’t say that he couldn’t take Lin Xiyu, he would also be finished. He was unwilling, and in the end, he only snorted and get in the car to leave.

After Lu Junfeng left, Lin Xiyu was relieved. She put her mobile phone back into her bag and when she looked up, she saw Lin Xiqian staring at her.

“What did he mean by that? Lu Junting took advantage of you and forced you while you were drunk? And still treat you as a stand-in?”

Lin Xiyu simply had a headache, she rubbed her forehead and said, “Things are not like he said.”

“What does that look like, you tell me?”

Lin Xiyu did not speak, and Lin Xiqian said again, “can you please tell me for the sake of the time we have lived together? I really want to take care of you, please trust me once.”

His face was full of sadness, and he was indeed nervous about her. Thinking that he had just helped her, anyway, he knew it, and it did not hurt to tell him. Lin Xiyu said to him, “Lu Junfeng doesn’t know anything, he just said nonsense. I drank that day, and brother Junting originally went to pick me up, but I drank too much… I seduced him first, and brother Junting did not force me.”

Hearing this, Lin Xiqian couldn’t help but bring anger on his face and said, “He didn’t say it wrong, Lu Junting is indeed taking advantage of your danger. A man with a little moral character will not take advantage of a girl when she is drunk. Besides… The one named Lu Junfeng just said that you are a stand-in, what’s going on? He didn’t hold back that time because you looked like the girl he liked, right?”

Lin Xiyu did not say anything, but her attitude was also acquiesced. Lin Xiqian was even angrier, “Then you still marry him in this way?”

“Because of having a child.”

Lin Xiqian fell silent, and he held back the raging anger and asked her, “You and his child were born before you got married?”

Lin Xiyu nodded.

“So not only did he take advantage of your danger and didn’t even wear a condom?”

Lin Xiyu did not speak anymore.

Lin Xiqian took two steps in place to calm the anger. He was really angry now and wanted to beat someone, but in order to figure out the whole thing, he felt that he had to calm down. He calmed his anger a little and asked, “Where did he sleep with you? Take you to the place where he lives or take you to the hotel?”

Lin Xiyu was simply big-headed, and she really did not want to talk to him about this kind of thing anymore.

“Tell me!”

He suddenly raised his voice and made Lin Xiyu startled. Lin Xiqian probably realized his mistake, closing his eyes and taking a few breaths, then put a soft voice to ask her again, “Tell me.”


“The hotel is generally equipped with birth control supplies, even if not, he can go to buy it. If he deliberately didn’t wear a condom, it’s completely the performance of an irresponsible man.”

Lin Xiyu felt that Lu Junting probably didn’t mean it, under those circumstances, who could have thought that much. It was really her who seduced him in the first place.

Lin Xiyu said, “Lu Junting is not irresponsible, he said at that time that he would be responsible, and after learning that I was pregnant, he directly proposed to get married. Getting married is also very good for me and the child, and he has nothing to apologize to me for. Before I had a relationship with him, and there was no emotion between us. It was already good that he could do this. As for what stand-in or not, I don’t like him, so I don’t care. I just want to be by my child’s side. As long as Lu Junting fulfills the responsibility of being a father, I think it’s enough.”

Lin Xiqian felt that things should not be so simple, and he asked again, “You said that you were not familiar with him before you slept with him. Since he did not wear a condom, did he not do any contraceptive measures afterwards?”

“I did, I took birth control pills, but I was still pregnant. Later, I wanted to abort and Lu Junting also helped me contact the hospital, but the doctor said that my uterine wall was too thin to be suitable for abortion, so I can only give birth to the child.”

“You can still get pregnant after taking birth control pills?” This made Lin Xiqian even more puzzled, “What kind of medicine are you taking?”

“It’s called something like ting, but I forgot the specifics.”

Lin Xiqian dragged her hand and stuffed her into the car, Lin Xiyu was puzzled, “Where are you taking me?”

“When I came here before, I saw a pharmacy near here. I’ll take you over, you see which kind it is. I don’t believe that you can still get pregnant after taking birth control pills, there must be something strange here.”


Sure enough, he took her directly to the nearby pharmacy. He took her to the family planning supplies section, stood in front of the counter specializing in contraceptives, and asked her, “Which one?”

Lin Xiyu did not know what he was going to do, pointed to the somewhat familiar box. Lin Xiqian asked, “Are you sure this is it?”

“It should be.”

Lin Xiqian took the medicine and paid for it, and then took it apart and handed it to her, “The pills are also like this?”

Lin Xiyu had a little impression and said, “It doesn’t seem so, the pills I took at that time were not divided like this. They were two pills connected together, and the pills were much larger than this.”


Lin Xiqian guessed some kind of possibility, he held back his anger and asked her, “Which pharmacy did you buy it from? Did you buy it yourself?”

Lin Xiqian’s words suddenly made Lin Xiyu’s heart click. She remembered that the contraceptive pill she was taking was bought by Lu Junting for her. Lin Xiqian probably also saw something wrong in her expression, and he asked tentatively, “Did Lu Junting buy it for you?”

Lin Xiyu was silent for a while and nodded.

Lin Xiqian got it and said, “It’s possible that what he gave you was not a contraceptive pill, and the size of the contraceptive pill is this much.”

Lin Xiyu was baffled, she had never bought a contraceptive pill before, and the people around her had not taken the pill. She didn’t know about the pill, if according to what Lin Xiqian said, then was it really not a contraceptive pill that Lu Junting bought for her, so she would get pregnant after taking the pill?

But why did he do it?

“You come with me again.”

Lin Xiyu was pulled into the car by Lin Xiqian, and he took her to Jiangyuan Hospital.

“Didn’t you say that Lu Junting helped you contact the doctor before, let’s do another examination to see if the uterine wall is really thin and not suitable for abortion.”

Lin Xiyu was now full of doubts, and she also wanted to know if even the thin wall of the uterine was not suitable for abortion. Lin Xiqian was a special doctor at Jiangyuan Hospital, he greeted the person in charge and Lin Xiyu quickly finished the examination.

However, the doctor’s words were completely different from what the doctor at the private hospital was saying.

“Although we do not recommend abortion for the first pregnancy, but Ms. Lin’s uterine wall thickness is normal, if it’s indeed an accidental pregnancy and cannot have this child, it’s possible to have an abortion.”

Hearing this, Lin Xiyu’s heart suddenly became half cold. Coming out of the hospital, she felt that her steps were all vain, the medicine that Lu Junting gave her were not birth control pills, and the doctor he contacted also lied to her?

Lin Xiyu was now full of questions, there were too many things she could not understand, and she felt that she had to ask Lu Junting clearly.


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