Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: The Emotion of Greed and Possession is so Straight from the Bottom of the Eyes…

Lin Xiyu could not figure out why Lu Junting did this. She thought that after she was pregnant, he had been persuading her to keep the child, so did he lie to her in order to keep the child?

Lin Xiyu got into the car in a daze, and Lin Xiqian said to her, “So you should know by now that Lu Junting is a scheming, dark and vicious person, right?”

Lin Xiyu’s thoughts were still very confused now. She seemed to be asking others and seemed to be asking herself, “Why did he do this? If he really wants a child, why bother so much, is it because I look like his first love? Why didn’t he go straight to his first love? Let his first love bear him a child?”

Lin Xiqian said, “Because you are a perfect tool.”

“What do you mean?”

“He and his first love may not be together for some reason, but he still misses her in his heart. You have no father or mother, no dependency, and a very good substitute. No one behind you can completely control you. He can’t be with his first love so it’s not bad to be with the substitute. You should know that people like Lu Junting need descendants or heroes, and you, the perfect tool, is just tailor-made for him. You can’t only help him have children, and even sometimes can help him solve his physical needs.”

Lin Xiyu was thin-skinned, and when she heard the second half of the sentence, her face suddenly became hot.

Did Lu Junting really treat her as a tool? He tried his best to keep this child, just to let her as a substitute to give birth to the offspring for him? If it was true, then he was too abominable to do this.

“I’ll accompany you to find Lu Junting now. If you can’t speak, I can help you talk.”

“Saying about what?”

“Divorce him.”

Divorce? If she divorced Lu Junting, what about Little Baby? Lu Junting would never let her take the child.

“I don’t want it.”

“What are you thinking? At this point, you still want to stay with that person, don’t you understand it now? Lu Junting is a very dangerous man.”

Lin Xiyu said, “I don’t want to leave my child. He is so small, what will he do if I leave?”

“That child is also Lu Junting’s. The Lu family has a big business, is he still worried about not being able to raise the child?”

“He is still too small, how pitiful he should be to be separated from his mother at such a young age.”

“Do you still have the heart to pity people now? How did that child come to you, are you still not clear?”

Lin Xiyu was also angry when she heard this and said, “That child was born when I was pregnant in October, he is my child, it’s not something that can be discarded just like that.”

Lin Xiqian fell silent, and then looked at her with an expression of sudden realization, “This is the effect that Lu Junting wants, trying his best to keep the child. He knows that once a woman has a child, it’s not easy to leave, and he can use the child to continue to control you, so that you are willing to be used by him. I have never understood why Lu Junting wants to design you to alienate me, but now I understand that he just doesn’t want you to have a way back, and you can only be by his side in this life.”

Lin Xiyu was upset and said, “I need to think about it myself.”

After she said that, she pushed the car door and got out of the car. Lin Xiqian caught up and grabbed her wrist, said to her in a calmer tone, “I was just too angry, so I spoke a little more directly, don’t be angry.”

“I’m not angry, I just want to be quiet.”

Lin Xiyu broke away from his hand and stopped a taxi and left. She first made a phone call to the club to apologize and then went straight home.

Lin Xiyu made milk powder for Little Baby and carried him to the room to feed, looking at Little Baby’s innocent and ignorant little face, she felt uncomfortable in her heart. Was Lu Junting really that bastard? Had she really been taking advantage of?

“Little foodie.”

The voice that sounded next to her suddenly brought her back to her senses. She turned her head to look, Lu Junting was standing next to her, and she did not know when he came back. At this time, he was staring at Little Baby in her arms, his eyes were full of softness. Realizing her gaze, he looked over to her and said, “What are you thinking about? You didn’t even notice when I came in.”

Today’s discovery really shocked Lin Xiyu, if things really went as Lin Xiqian said, then it would subvert all her cognition of Lu Junting. She had always felt that he respected her, that he was innocent of getting her pregnant, that he had done what he was supposed to do, but now it seemed, this was not the case?

Who was Lu Junting? He had long found that her expression was wrong, he sat down directly next to her, stretched out his long arms around her waist. Since sharing a room with him, the distance between them seemed to have become much closer. He occasionally got close to her very naturally, such as hugging her waist when sitting down, such as when she did activities in front of the window before going to bed at night, he would hug her from behind, and for example, he must hold her every time he slept.

In fact, Lin Xiyu did not adapt to his closeness, especially in a complicated mood at this time, and she subconsciously struggled when his arm came up. Lu Junting saw her resistance, and he did not force it. He withdrew his arm and asked her with a straight face, “What’s wrong?” 

Since she had doubts in her heart, why not ask him directly? Everyone was honest with each other and made everything clear.

Lin Xiyu calmed down a bit and said, “Today Lu Junfeng came to see me.”

Lu Junting’s face turned grim, “When is it?”

It seemed that Lu Junting still did not know, Lin Xiyu continued, “Just in the afternoon, Lu Junfeng suddenly appeared and said that he wanted to take me away, but Lin Xiqian happened to come to me and stopped him. Lu Junfeng was angry and said the matter between me and you, Lin Xiqian asked me after he knew it. I knew I couldn’t hide it and told him. Lin Xiqian was very angry after listening to it, you know, he is a doctor, he learned that I was pregnant after taking the birth control pill and thought it was unlikely, so he took me to buy a box of the same medicine that brother Junting helped me buy that time, but after buying it, I found that it was very different from the medicine that brother Junting bought.” Lin Xiyu’s gaze fell on his face, not even afraid of his sense of intimidation, asked him, “Brother Junting, you tell me, what you gave me that day was not a birth control pill, right?”

Lu Junting’s brows frowned slightly, he did not have the slightest panic on his face to be caught out of the bag, but there was a faint anger on his face. It was the kind of anger that naturally arose when someone was wronged, he said to her, “No, I haven’t changed the pills, it was also my first time buying birth control pills, I have no experience. I just asked the boss which effect is good and does not hurt the body, he recommended that one to me, what he gave me at that time was the one I gave you.”

Looking at his expression, Lin Xiyu was a little confused. He looked righteous, frank, and even could see that he was obviously angry by her suspicions.

Lin Xiyu said again, “Lin Xiqian told me that there was only one specification of that pill.”

Lu Junting still looked the same, “I don’t know about this, I don’t have any research on pharmacology.”

His attitude was too frank, Lin Xiyu began to make up her mind, she said, “Later, Lin Xiqian also took me to the hospital for examination, and the results of the doctor’s examination at the hospital that brother Junting helped me contact were completely different. My uterine wall thickness is normal, and the uterine wall is not as thin as the hospital doctor said that it’s not suitable for abortion. How can brother Junting explain this?”

Lu Junting was stunned for a moment, the anger on his face dissipated a little, as if he had received some kind of unexpected joy, he said, “Are you serious?”

Lin Xiyu looked at his expression, and was instantly confused. Why did he have this expression? If he had really bought the doctor, he shouldn’t have had that attitude.

Lu Junting said again, “Isn’t it a good thing if the thickness of the uterine wall is normal? I was also worried before, I was afraid that your uterine wall would be too thin and there would be damage after giving birth. I was thinking about whether to take you abroad to see, since the examination is normal now, I don’t have to work hard.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

Lu Junting continued, “I don’t know why you are suspecting me now, the examination in each hospital may be different. I remember I asked you at that time if you want to go to other hospitals to check it, it was you who said no.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

Lin Xiyu remembered that he did ask her if she wanted to go to another hospital to check it at that time. She knew at that time she was confused and in a chaotic mind after seeing the result, she did not have any mood to check, afraid that her efforts would be wasted.

Lin Xiyu couldn’t help but fall into a kind of self-doubt at this time, so did Lu Junting do it intentionally? These things seemed to be his doing, but the reasons he gave could prove that he did not do it, but if it was not his doing, how could these two things be so coincidentally combined.

Lu Junting asked< “So, do you still have any questions? AS long as you doubt, you can bring it up. We will make it all clear today.”

Lin Xiyu suddenly found that she seemed so passive at this time. Obviously, she should have taken the initiative to question him, how did it become him to ask her?

She couldn’t understand now, whose words were true?

Lin Xiyu felt that she had to let go for the time being, and she did not believe anyone’s words.

“I have nothing to ask.”

“Okay, then I’ll go get busy first. If you think of anything you want to ask me, ask me again.”

After saying that, Lu Junting got up and walked away, he touched the child’s face before leaving. He was calm the whole time, it seemed that he didn’t take her suspicions seriously, or he really didn’t do those things, so there was no need to be frank.

During this time, Lin Xiyu blocked all the interference from the outside world. She wanted to figure out some things by herself. Lin Xiqian wanted to meet her, but she refused, only saying that she needed to clean up, Lin Xiqian did not look for her again. On Lu Junting’s side, she proposed to sleep with the child on the grounds that she wanted to accompany the child, and Lu Junting probably saw that her mood was not quite right, so he agreed, did not embarrass her at all and instructed her to adjust first.

Lin Xiyu went to the pharmacy where Lu Junting helped her buy medicine, but after such a long time, the doctor did not remember Lu Junting at all, so she couldn’t make an inquiry. Lin Xiyu thought about whether to go to that hospital again and ask, but if Lu Junting had greeted earlier, she couldn’t ask. If Lu Junting was really innocent, she would go for nothing.

Because there was something in her heart, Lin Xiyu’s state during this time was a kind of absent-mindedness, because of this absent-mindedness, she was very cold to many things, for example, Lu Junting suddenly offered to accompany him to an auction that night. Lin Xiyu refused without thinking about it, “Didn’t we say before that we wouldn’t announce our marriage? If I participate with you, some media may write nonsense when we are being photographed. I’d better not go.”

Lu Junting said, “At that time, I said that I would not announce it because you were pregnant with Chengmao. I was afraid to disturb you to raise a baby, since Chengmao has been born, I should also announce my marriage to the outside world, lest some plotters always write that I’m a golden single bachelor, causing a lot of problems.”

Lin Xiyu said, “Don’t announce it for the time being, Little Baby is still too young.”

Lu Junting also did not force, “It’s okay not to announce, you will accompany me as my female companion to participate. Don’t worry, I’ll arrange it, there will be no media present at that time.”

Lin Xiyu still refused, “I still have to bring Little Baby, you can find someone else to accompany you.”

Probably seeing that she was determined not to accompany him, Lu Junting then did not continue this topic.

The next day, Lin Xiyu came back from work as usual to feed Little Baby. Her current breastmilk was not so sufficient, Little Baby had not drunk enough, and she had to make milk powder for him.

Lin Xiyu went to make milk powder, and Little Baby was held by the nanny to play outside. Lin Xiyu brewed milk powder and came out, saw Lu Junting came back some time ago, was holding Little Baby and teasing him.

Little Baby stared at his father for a while, and then his little paw reached out to his hair to greet. Lu Junting had the painful experience of being pulled by the hair last time, and the little boy’s movements had been known to him, and he was quick and pinched his wrist.

“Why do you like to grab people’s hair? This habit of yours has to be changed.”

The little guy was pinched by the wrist, could not play with this big toy, and immediately became unhappy. His little brows frowned, and his small mouth began to whine.

Lu Junting had a stern face and didn’t budge at all, “Crying if you don’t pull people’s hair, why are you so unreasonable?”

Probably seeing, this big toy not only did not play with him, but also had so much fierceness, Little Baby was even more aggrieved, and cried loudly.

Lu Junting: “...”

Why were you still crying like this? Lu Junting was a little helpless, rubbed the head of the little meatball and said, “Okay, cry, and cry, what is there to cry? Is it still wrong for Daddy not to scratch your hair?”

Lu Junting’s voice softened, and the little ghost’s head was really slowly retracted, but he was still lying on his father’s shoulder aggrieved, and his little nose twitched.

Lin Xiyu walked over and said, “Give him to me, I’ll feed him.”

Lu Junting stretched out his hand at  her and said, “Let me.”

Then, without waiting for Lin Xiyu’s reaction, he directly pulled the bottle out of her hand. He held Little Baby and sat on the sofa, let him lie on his back in his arms, and when Little Baby saw that there was food, he immediately stretched out a pair of fat little hands.

Lu Junting said, “First, put away the tears, you can’t eat when you cry.”

As if he could understand the words, he really slowly retracted his tears, looking at the bottle with his eyes. Lu Junting fed him over, and as soon as he drank the milk, he was satisfied, and showed a bright smile to his father without hesitation.

Lu Junting snorted coldly, pretending to be unhappy, “Bought by a mouthful of milk, is that all you’ve got?”

Lu Junting just came back from the company, wearing a complete set of suit trousers. He was tall, sitting on the sofa and also showed broad shoulders and long legs. The baby was held in his arms and was as small as a hand.

The man in the suit and the little milk baby were obviously very incompatible, but at this moment, the little milk baby was being held in his arms to feed. His movements were not awkward, but there was a warm sense of harmony.

Lin Xiyu looked at the harmonious scene in front of her, only felt quiet and beautiful. There was a gentleness as ‘quiet years’. She suddenly gave birth to a feeling of joy and satisfaction, she felt that it seemed good to live such a life quietly like this.

Temporarily dominated by emotions, Lin Xiyu blurted out, “Brother Junting, when is the auction? I’ll accompany you.”

Because of Little Baby, because Little Baby had a father like him, she was willing to accompany him.

Lu Junting seemed surprised, and he said uncertainty, “Are you sure?”

“I’ll accompany you.” Lin Xiyu’s gaze was firm.

A faint smile appeared on Lu Junting’s face, “Just the day after tomorrow.”

After all, to attend a formal occasion, Lin Xiyu dressed up slightly. She wore a long black dress with a large hemline, because of the cold weather, she was draped in a n artificial leather jacket. The hair was curled by the stylist, half tied at the back, and tied with a bow.

Gentle and lovely, delicate and bright, like the flowers favored by spring, obtained the best shine, swaying in the sun, and blooming the most brilliant appearance.

Lu Junting was undoubtedly amazed when he saw her for the first time, Lin Xiyu came out of the dressing room, uncomfortable with his gaze. She rubbed her arm with some embarrassment, and asked him, “Brother Junting, do you think it’s okay to wear it like this?”

Lu Junting only then came back to his senses, but this dangerous man flickered a few times in panic at this moment, and he realized that he had just not controlled it. His greedy and possessive emotions leaked out from under his eyes so bluntly. He lightly coughed with a half-clenched fist to ease the awkwardness and said, “It’s very good-looking, let’s go.”

The auction took place at a well-known auction house in Ancheng, and Lin Xiyu really had little interest in the auction. She agreed to participate purely for the sake of the child.

A porcelain vase treasured in a certain era in the Grand View Garden Mansion, a hairpin worn by a certain noble concubine, a landscape painting by an unknown author for a long time.

Lin Xiyu felt drowsy, and just when she was about to doze off, she heard the host on the stage introduced, “The next lot is the work of the modern calligrapher Mr. Lin Daguo, a letter written by Lin Daguo to his daughter when he was young, and later bought by the Japanese collector Mr. Fujiwara.”

Hearing this, Lin Xiyu suddenly sobered up, she suddenly looked at the stage, and the lot was magnified onto the screen by a special instrument. Every word on it was clearly visible.

thisLin Xiyu’s body didn’t move for a long time as if it was fixed. She recognized it, it was her father’s handwriting.

At the age of eight, in order to treat Lin Xiqian, her father sold a lot of things, even this letter written to her. She still remembered that day her father was drunk, holding her who was still a little girl, and said with an apologetic face, “When you were very young, Dad wrote a letter to you, originally thinking of waiting for you to get married before giving it to you, but your brother needs money to treat his illness, and Dad sold it temporarily, don’t blame Dad okay? Dad promises you that I will buy it back for you before you get married.”

She didn’t know what was written in the letter, and she didn’t blame her father. Even if he died in a car accident later, and the letter he said he wanted to buy back and send to her did not reach her, she still did not blame him.

She had thought that she would never see this letter that her father had written to her again in her life, but now, it was in front of her. She covered her mouth, her face was incredulous, her eyes suddenly looked towards Lu Junting. Lu Junting was not too surprised by her shocked gaze, he said, “Do you want it? I’ll buy it for you.”

Lin Xiyu couldn’t describe the feeling in her heart at the moment, she covered her mouth and she didn’t respond for a long time.

The host began to do the last statement before bidding, “The starting price is 100,000, the bidding ladder is 5,000, and the auction begins.”

“110,000.” In the crowd, someone held up a sign.



Lu Junting raised his sign and quoted directly, “200,000.”

However, it was not over, the price was increasing little by little, Lin Xiyu could also see it. Probably to see that Lu Junting was inevitable, and there were several actors playing the auctioneer to deliberately raise the price.

At one point, the price was increased to a million. When this work of Lin Daguo was sold to one of his Japanese friends, it was sold for less than 50,000 at that time, and this letter was written with a fountain pen, which did not have the essence of Lin Daguo’s calligraphy. It was far from being worth the price.

However, the actor was deliberately raising the price, and Lu Juntign kept up with it.

The price increased to one million five hundred thousand when even Lin Xiyu wanted to give up, she whispered to Lu Junting and said, “Brother Junting, forget it.”

Lu Junting raised the sign directly as if he didn’t hear her words, “Two million.”

Lin Xiyu took a breath. Fortunately, the actor did not continue, and finally this lot was auctioned off by Lu Junting for two million. After the auction, Lu Junting took Lin Xiyu to the background to sign the confirmation, and then paid for the auction item and left.

The letter was placed in a beautiful box. Lin Xiyu felt her hands trembling when she received it. She got into the car with Lu Junting and couldn’t wait to open the box. Lu Junting asked the driver to turn on the lights in the back seat.

After the light was turned on, a warm halo was covered on the letter paper. The very old paper with the scent of ink on it. Her father only liked one brand of ink, she could always smelt it when he was around before.

This was the letter written by her father to her. Her father was no longer here, but this letter was delivered to her as if it had been sent from another world, and it carried her father’s deep love for her.

Lin Xiyu looked at the letter, tears gradually moistened her eyes. She was overwhelmed with emotion for a while. No matter how she viewed Lu Junting before, and even doubted him, but now, she was grateful to him.

“Brother Junting, you don’t need to spend so much money to take it. I know very well that it’s not worth two million.”

Lu Junting asked her, “Do you like it?”

Like it, why didn’t she like it?

Lin Xiyu nodded, and Lu Junting said, “Since you like it, it’s worth it.”


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