The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 3 - Party

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Chapter 3: Party

After returning to the bedroom after the banquet, Ji Ling fell on the bed tiredly, not wanting to move anymore.

Thinking back to Carlos’s abnormal behavior tonight, Ji Ling still felt a little uneasy. What caused Carlos to react completely differently from his previous life?

Was it…

Ji Ling quickly sat up from the bed, his face turned pale, and said: [He’s not reborn, right?]

System: [Reborn?]

Ji Ling’s brain started to analyze: [This is a common theme in online novels. Usually, a male protagonist or villain finds himself reborn after failing and dying in his previous life, so he wants to change his fate and go to the peak of his life! Nine of the ten reborn will do things they haven’t done in their previous life… Don’t you think Carlos is abnormal?!]

In fact, there was also a point that Ji Ling did not say. The protagonists of this kind of rebirth text besides changing fate, most of them would have a person who was very good to himself in their previous life but did not cherish it, and then in this life, he would first find the other party and enter sweet pampering mode… But Ji Ling felt that his relationship with Carlos did not belong to this category at all, and he could be regarded as a black villain and vicious cannon fodder! The only thing they had in common was that they all wanted to deal with Ning Yu, which could be described as collusion.

He wouldn’t dream of thinking Carlos would fall in love with himself after being reborn. That would be ridiculous!

The system was silent for a moment, and said, [As far as I know, this book does not contain elements of rebirth. And according to you, the reborn character will try to change his fate by changing his behavior, then… Do you think Carlos’s behavior today is to change his fate? Are you the key to his success or failure in his last life?]

Ji Ling: [...]

Thank you oh, you almost forget that he is not so important.

He was at best a cannon fodder, which was not worthy of Carlos at all. The entire Ji family was not important to that point in Carlos and Jing Sui’s game.

Although Carlos was chased and killed by Jing Sui and Brandon in the previous life, he could be regarded as a helper, but it was purely a desire to survive, because who let Carlos just fall in front of him badly? He was banished to such a faraway place and could still encounter this kind of thing. What a disaster ah.

At that time, he looked into Carlos’s cold eyes, and at that moment, he felt that death was so close to him. If he could not make the right choice, the next second would be the time of his death! Carlos really intended to kill him… Seeing that it was not far from completing the mission, how could he die unknowingly?!

Life and death were a matter of thought!

So Ji Ling flashed, pretending to be indifferent to Carlos regardless of his former suspicion, and hid him without hesitation. After dealing with the pursuers with trepidation, he carefully sent away this ruthless villain. It was estimated that Carlos was still laughing at him in his heart. He was betrayed, refused to recognize the reality, and helped a person who did not care about himself. This kid was really stupid and silly…

Ahem, in short, Carlos quickly returned after escaping, continued to fight with Jing Sui, and kidnapped Ning Yu to threaten Jing Sui. Seeing that Ning Yu was in danger, Ji Ling finally couldn’t sit still. Although he blocked Ning Yu everywhere and bullied him, Ning Yu absolutely could not die. If Ning Yu died then this mission would be a complete failure.

Therefore, Ji Ling went over regardless of the danger and went to see Ning Yu, who was imprisoned by Carlos. Under the pretext of retaliation and humiliation of Ning Yu, deliberately allowing Ning Yu to attack himself, he escaped disguised as himself.

Nin Yu was quite clever, not only disguising himself but also using the transfiguration device to disguise himself as him and staying in the cell, to create the illusion that he did not escape, increasing the time for his escape.

After Ning Yu escaped, Jing Sui finally came over, but Carlos did not recognize Ji Ling and took Ji Ling out as Ning Yu to threaten Jing Sui.

The plot was nearing its end, and at the critical moment, Ji Ling rushed out to block Jing Sui, buying him a little time, and then happily revealed his true identity. At that time he naively thought he could go home…

In short, although Carlos lost in the absence of the main character's aura, he also clearly pitted him.

With Carlos’s personality, if he was really reborn, even if he didn’t kill himself to death now, he would never go to such lengths to win over himself and the Ji family, after all, his own character was Jing Sui’s hardcore fanboy, it was absolutely impossible to betray Jing Sui! There was no value in winning over him.

The only explanation that seemed reasonable was that he came for his father, and the butterfly effect from the collapse of the world caused him to make other choices, with the same purpose but a different path.

Ji Ling finally breathed a sigh of relief when he thought of this. Where could such a thing as rebirth happen so casually? He really scared himself.

Think too much!

Ji Ling, who turned off his brain, fell asleep relaxing, and the next day he got up in a daze, looking at his room full of gifts. When he was washing and brushing with an expressionless face, he received an invitation from Lodz on the communicator.

This plot was exactly the same as in the previous life. After the last coming-of-age ceremony, Lodz also warmly invited him out to a party.

The original owner often attended this kind of party.

As a nobleman with nothing to do but eat, drink, and have fun, what else could he do? Going out and fooling around was his daily routine, all the evil of the rich people.

Although Ji Ling didn’t like this occasion very much, he agreed after thinking about it. Now that Ning Yu and Brandon were still in the Nado Galaxy and had not returned, Carlos’s intentions were unknown, and he still tried not to do anything to change the plot, so as not to make the changes intensify to bring unnecessary trouble.

So an hour later, Ji Ling came to the meeting place of the party.

Getting off the hover car and looking up at the particularly sci-fi silvery metal buildings soaring into the sky.

This was a very famous entertainment place in Emperor Star, one of the favorite gold caves of the imperial nobles… The best wine, the most beautiful beauty, as long as you wanted and could afford it. There was everything here.

The original owner, as the Duke’s only son and a famous dandy in the Empire, was naturally a regular visitor here.

Ji Ling paused his lips and walked into the slightly dimly lit hall. The hall exuded a rich intoxicating aroma. This was a precious perfume that could make people excited, and could both cheer up and delight the body and mind, very popular with the imperial nobles, but expensive and rare because of the low production, but it was used here like a cheap perfume.

The luxuriously dressed men and women gathered in twos and threes, dim light, the indulgent men and women, the ambiguous air intertwining a picture of extravagant lust unique to the imperial aristocracy: depraved and disorienting.

Ji Ling frowned invisibly and was led by the waiter to the location where Lodz was.

Lodz’s cheeks were slightly red, with a trace of alcohol in his breathing. When Ji Ling sat down beside him, he laughed and said, “We have been waiting for you for a long time, and I have prepared surprises today.”

Saying that, he clapped his palms, and several handsome men and women came over respectfully and looked at Ji Ling with flattering smiles.

Lodz put his arm around Ji Ling’s shoulders and said with a grin, “Do you like it? They’re all yours today!”

Ji Ling looked indifferent. It was the same last time, to celebrate his coming-of-age ceremony, Lodz prepared several handsome men and beauties for him to enjoy, but Ji Ling, a pure straight man, didn’t have the idea of messing around here.

So he raised his eyebrows, glanced at a few people contemptuously, and sneered, “Dare to send me this kind of goods, I think your shortcoming is getting more and more.”

Lodz made a bitter expression and said, “I spent a lot of money to get these beauties back from Xiangyun. You can give me some face…”

Ji Ling patted Lodz’s hand, raised his chin, and snorted, “They can’t even compare to His Majesty’s toes.”

Lodz: “...”

“Still not letting them scram?” Ji Ling squinted at him and said impatiently, “I told you not to do all this nonsense. I only like His Majesty, you still don’t understand?!”

Lodz: “...” I thought enjoying these beauties didn’t delay you from liking His Majesty…

But he saw that Ji Ling’s face was not good, and he didn’t dare to speak more. So, he had to wave his hand to let those people go.

Although Ji Ling’s expression was still unpleasant on the surface, he felt in his heart that he was really a little clever imp. It was really a hundred times better to take out Jing Sui as a front with this kind of thing!

After all, he only had His Majesty. He was infatuated, and his eyes were above the top. How could he look at others?

After sending away the beauties, a few people began to eat and drink. Lodz and several other dandies were embracing ladies left and right… Therefore, Ji Ling seemed to be a little out of place.

Ji Ling absentmindedly took a sip of fruit wine, saying this move was to help him block countless wild bees and butterflies.

Taking this clubhouse for example, the beauties who served them were all top-notch goods from various star fields, and they could be enjoyed here at will… In case the nobles did not like these lowly commoners, they could always have a shot at any time if they saw eye to eye with each other.

This was the current state of the private life of the Imperial Noble.

After continuous evolution, nowadays the life expectancy of the Imperial Noble was more than five hundred years on average, 3-4 times that of ordinary people. The long life expectancy and extravagant life made them indulge in pleasure, and they were more unscrupulous in their private lives…

And now, the marriage between two men, two women, men and women was fair and legal! Because of the current technical means, gender was no longer a problem that hindered human reproduction. As long as there was money, the same sex could also reproduce with the help of scientific and technological means.

The gap between women and men through evolution was getting smaller and smaller, and the gender difference was constantly weakened among the Imperial Nobles. According to the latest statistics, the proportion of same-sex and opposite-sex marriages between the Imperial Nobles had been equal for many years.

The ordinary people of the backward Empire still maintained a more primitive state of life and habits, and the opposite-sex marriage was still the mainstream.

Because ordinary people did not have sufficient resources, it was difficult to evolve. The physical differences between men and women were still large, and there was usually not enough economic strength for ‘Genetic Fusion of same-sex reproduction’, they chose a more primitive and affordable way to reproduce offspring, and it was the opposite-sex marriage.

In Ji Ling’s opinion, after solving the problem of physician differences and reproduction of offspring, the Imperial Nobles gradually evolved into a higher race with almost absolute gender equity. Although this so-called equity was only for them internally, they were still superior when facing the commoners.

For Nobles, gender between marriages was not the problem, the class gap was the problem.

Then the problem of Ji Ling came, among such Imperial Nobles who indulged in debauchery, had an open private life, and lacked the concept of gender differences. Ji Ling was dazzling and eye-catching even among the nobles who had handsome men and beautiful women everywhere… He was especially popular, and there was always a steady stream of male and female suitors.

Whenever this happened, Ji Ling was very glad that his personality was only bent on Jing Sui.

And he knew that Jing Sui would never like him. Jing Sui had always sneered at him as an imperial waste and asshole, and basically just ignored him… Ji Ling felt like a water army with money to do things. As long as the benefits were there, it did not matter if you yelled ‘Idol, I love you’ 10,000 times a day. Anyway, the idol would not really love him.

As he was thinking about it, there was a sudden roar of laughter with malicious intent beside him.

When Ji Ling turned his head, he saw Lodz and a few fox friends looking at the holographic projection in front of them, pointing, showing a mocking and ridiculous look.

In the projection was a very handsome young man. He had short black hair, turquoise eyes, a straight nose, and thin lips. His eyes were like stars, his straight iron-gray military uniform complimented his heroic posture, he also had broad shoulders and a narrow waist, straight and slender legs… It was reasonable to say that he was a very charming person, but he did not get the respect of this group of gentlemen.

He was the protagonist of this book—— Ning Yu.

Ji Ling shook his head, showing a sarcastic smile on his face, but there was a sigh in his heart. Even if he was excellent, as long as he was a commoner, he was destined to not be treated equally by these nobles.

Lodz grinned, with a hint of hideous taste in his eyes, and whistled, “Did you see it? This is the recent rising star who has been on fire on the Star Network ah, and he makes a lot of splashes in the battle between the Nado Galaxy and the Zerg. The untouchables worship him, and feel that he is especially fighting for them.”

Another dude laughed wickedly, “That group of untouchables just hasn’t seen the world, just a mere S-class evolutionary comes out, and they are so happy that they almost don’t go to the sky.”

Ji Ling raised his eyebrows, just a mere S-class evolutionary… With such a big manner of speech, he was not afraid of biting his tongue.

You must know that even in the Imperial Nobles, S-class evolutionaries were a minority, and all of them were outstanding talents. Because of current scientific and technological means, it was not possible to create evolutionary agents that directly upgraded people to the S-class, so even nobles had to rely on their own talent and efforts.

As for the most powerful SSS-class evolutionary, it was said that only Emperor Jing Sui and Marshal Brandon, who was known as the ‘Imperial God of War’.

Ji Ling felt that Carlos might have hidden his strength and was also an SSS-class evolutionary, but with his status, he simply did not need to do it himself, so no one knew his true strength.

Although Ji Ling played the role of white silk trousers, he actually admired Ning Yu in his heart.

Evolutionaries who did not use Genetic Evolution agents were called natural evolutionaries. All of them had superb potential. Ning Yu was such a high-level natural evolutionary, he could get to this day completely rely on his natural strength!

For example, although his parents were high-level evolutionary, it was difficult for them to give birth to heirs, and it was difficult to give birth to the original owner, with on C-class physique. It was like two phoenixes gave birth to a chicken, and the ordinary people gave birth to a third-class disability, belonging to a genetic mutation…

Ning Yu, an ordinary civilian, became an S-class evolutionary with his own potential and strength without resorting to external forces. Although it was also a kind of genetic mutation, its difficulty was no less than that of a carp jumping over the dragon gate and crossing the calamity into immortality.

The group of people who played with Ji Ling were all wastes, each was a failure of literature and martial arts, and they were completely a group of people who could not support the wall with mud.

They still had the face to laugh at Ning Yu.

A group of glittering RMB players was not as good as a purely free player, it was a tragedy ah.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Although Ji Ling thought so, his personality did not collapse, and said with a contemptuous look, “An S-class evolutionary person, what is there to brag huh?!”

Although they were such a waste, and Ning Yu could kill them one by one, they were not convinced. As long as there was still one breath left, they had to continue to push force.

They all talked about Ning Yu, a highly popular rising star on the Star Network, from head to toe, and then began to discuss that Marshal Brandon was about to return with his army, and how His Majesty would probably receive them personally.

Lodz looked at the tall and grim-looking man with dark red hair and silver-gray pupils in the projection, with a hint of fear on his face, and whispered, “His Excellency the Marshal is willing to promote him, otherwise he is untouchable, can he have such a chance to show off?”

Everyone knew that Marshal Brandon belonged to one of the few nobles who treated civilians equally and as an iron-blooded soldier. In his eyes, there was only whether he was a good warrior or not. There was no difference between nobles and commoners. He had always been unaccustomed to these greedy and fearful of death… But they did not dare to slander Brandon as they did with Ning Yu and even complained carefully.

Sant comforted himself and said, “Even if His Excellency the Marshal is willing to promote him? Anyway, when this storm of wind passes, who will remember this rising star? Just let that group of untouchables laugh at themselves for a few days.”

Everyone nodded in agreement and did not continue the topic.

Ji Ling showed a thoughtful look. In the original book, Marshal Brandon was an affectionate male character. He should be sympathetic to Ning Yu on the battlefield, and gradually attracted to him, right? Now that they were coming back, the official plot was about to begin.

He had also been here for a while, taking a deep breath, and his nose smelled a full rich aroma. Lodz and the others had begun to carry out some unpleasant activities, drinking and gambling next to him.

Ji Ling pressed his somewhat dizzy head and was ready to find an excuse to leave.

At this time, a young nobleman in black clothes passed by, looked at Ji Ling with a surprised expression, and said, “Xiao Ling, you are here too.”

Ji Ling looked up and recognized that it was one of his suitors, named Nie Tianqi, a very persistent and difficult kind.

Ji Ling was a little impatient, put on his usual arrogant and cold appearance, and ignored him.

Nie Tianqi also didn’t care about Ji Ling’s attitude, calmly sat down beside him, staring at him affectionately with his black eyes, and said, “I haven’t seen you for several days, and you don’t reply to my messages.”

Ji Ling raised his eyebrows and said coldly, “Get lost, don’t bother me.”

Nie Tianqi looked at the young man’s handsome and delicate side profile. His aqua blue eyes looked darker than before in the dim light, and his pink lips were stained with a touch of beautiful color because of drinking fruit wine, which was countless times more attractive than before… His Adam's apple loosened for a moment, his eyes changed, and he suddenly showed a lost expression and said, “I’ll be sad if you say that.”

Although he said such words, Nie Tianqi’s gaze implied lust. He thought that he had enough patience with Ji Ling himself, but unfortunately, Ji Ling was never moved. Why not simply use some means to force him? Afterward, he would coax Ji Ling, and he surely would forgive him for the sake of this disgraceful thing to go out.

For Nobles, getting laid was no big deal at all.

When Nie Tianqi thought of this, the smile at the corner of his lips deepened, and he said gently, “Since we have all met, it’s not too much to have a drink together, right? After drinking this glass of wine, I’ll get lost, okay?”

Ji Ling just wanted to send this guy away early and didn't want to be entangled with him for a long time like last time. Thinking that it was just a glass of wine anyway, he paused and said, “So you will get lost?”

Nie Tianqi greedily looked at his wantonly beautiful eyebrows, slowly nodded, and raised his hand to bring the wine glass to Ji Ling’s face.

Ji Ling didn’t think much, stretched out his hand, and was ready to take the glass…

Nie Tianqi’s heartbeat accelerated slightly, looking at Ji Ling intently, seeing that Ji Ling was about to touch the wineglass in his hand. Suddenly, a force knocked over the wineglass on the ground and there was an uproar.

The crystal liquor spilled on the ground, and soon soaked into the carpet, leaving only shards of glass all over the floor, shimmering slightly in the dim light…

Nie Tianqi was furious and just wanted to say who dared to make a move! As a result, as soon as he raised his head to meet Carlos’s cold eyes, he shivered, his blood became cold with fear, and he stammered out a few words, “Your–Your Excellency Carlos…”

Ji Ling looked up in a daze and saw Carlos standing there with his palm still in mid-air. Apparently, he was the one who had just knocked over Nie Tianqi’s glass of wine.

Why was he… here again?!


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