The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 4 - Restraint

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Chapter 4: Restraint

The sound of a broken wine glass instantly attracted everyone’s attention.

Lodz and Sant turned around when they heard the sound, and the hand placed on the female companion froze. Both of them turned into two stone statues: “...”

Were they blinded?!

The hall, which was still noisy just now, was quiet for a moment, only the sound of everyone’s quiet breathing.

If Carlos appeared at Ji Ling’s coming-of-age ceremony, although unexpectedly, everyone could barely accept it. However, Carlos appeared in this vulgar entertainment place where only these young people came today… It made them incomprehensible, it was too out of place.

Ji Ling also couldn’t understand, his eyes widened blankly, and he looked at the man who suddenly appeared in disbelief.

He really couldn’t lie to himself, this was a chance encounter.

Carlos tidied his cuffs elegantly, his eyes lowered, looking down at Nie Tianqi, his thin lips provoking in a low voice, “Still not leaving? Are you waiting for me to ask you to leave?”

It was obviously a flat and even gentle voice, but Nie Tianqi only felt a chill penetrating his heart. The next moment, he stood up from Ji Ling’s side and said tremblingly, “I- I’ll go!”

Saying that, he rushed out without looking back, his steps stumbled, and he didn’t even dare to say a word about begging for mercy!

Only left Ji Ling with a hasty back…

Ji Ling: “...”

Seeing Ni Tianqi leave, Carlos withdrew his gaze and scanned the surroundings, his brows frowning slightly.

In fact, as soon as Ji Ling went out, he got the news. His boy was so beautiful and alluring that he didn’t know how many people wanted to covet him, and the chaotic private life of the nobleman worried him even more, worried that the boy would be stained by others… After thinking about it, he decided to come over in person.

Unexpectedly, he saw such a scene. The kid of the Nie family was really daring, he dared to use such despicable means against his boy, and he was seeking death.

In the previous life, he neglected to take care of him, and he didn’t know if the boy was bullied and possessed by others when he didn’t know?

Thinking of this, Carlos’s heart surged with anger, but he looked back at Ji Ling’s shocked and confused appearance, and realized that his expression might scare him. He quickly covered up the gloomy and cold color under his eyes.

After a pause, Carlos slowly showed a gentle and spoiled smile, raised his hand to gently brush the soft hair in front of Ji Ling’s forehead, and said playfully, “What? So surprised to see me?”

Ji Ling: “...” Not only was it a surprise, but I was scared! I’m scared when you smile ah…

As for Lodz and the others, they only shivered next to them at this time, trying to reduce their sense of existence.

They came to have fun, but now they regret it. They didn’t know what kind of bad luck they had, could meet this kind of big guy when drinking outside, more restrained and oppressive than their own Lao Tzu around, after all, Grand Duke Carlos was much more terrifying than their Lao Tzu…

Throughout the empire, who did not know that Grand Duke Carlos was an existence that must not be offended? Hidden beneath its elegant surface was the terrifying coldness that made countless people tremble…

Ji Ling was silent for a while, but still said stiffly, “Are you here for something?”

Carlos stared at him with a gentle expression and said, “It’s late, I’ve come to pick you up and take you home.”

His tone was flat as if he had always been this way with Ji Ling, oblivious to how shockingly he had spoken!

Ji Ling: “!!!”

Are they familiar? I call you uncle, do you really think you’re my uncle?

That’s politeness, you understand?

As soon as Carlos said this, everyone’s eyes changed when they saw Ji Ling, both envious and complex, but they didn’t expect Ji Ling to be so favored by Grand Duke Carlos.

Now it seems… Carlos had a close relationship with the Ji Family ah, and Carlos even personally came to pick up Ji Ling to go home. This kind of doting, his own junior could not even get this kind of treatment!

Everyone’s minds were constantly changing. It seemed that in the future, they would be more careful with Ji Ling, and Nie Tianqi’s previous lessons must not be committed!

Ji Ling also came back to his senses after being shocked. He thought at first that Carlos was losing his mind, but soon realized that this was estimated to be Carlos’s conspiracy ah!

He pretended to be very familiar with himself, and then showed favor to himself in public, just to make everyone misunderstand that the Ji Family and him were in the same boat, resulting in a fait accompli that he could not argue…This trick was really insidious and despicable!

It was what he did!


Aren’t you going to pretend to be an amiable elder? I’d rather see how long you can fit in. Don’t think I don’t know, you’re the least likely to look at me, a white silk trouser.

Ji Ling originally wanted to go home, but suddenly rolled his eyes and willfully refused, “But I don’t want to go back yet.”

Everyone gasped, someone dared to refuse Carlos!

Lodz’s hand trembled. Although he was accustomed to Ji Ling’s willfulness, today was the first time he was worried about Ji Ling’s willfulness. Brother, can you look at the object before rejecting it…

However, Ji Ling did not receive Lodz’s brain wave at all.

After he said that, he looked at Carlos, waited for him to show a displeased expression, and threw his hand away. However, after waiting for a long time, Carlos did not show the slightest displeasure, but sighed helplessly, “You…”

Then he raised his hand and touched Ji Ling’s head, as if touching some kind of cute little animal, sat down beside him naturally, and said with a smile, “Then I will stay with you.”

Ji Ling: “???”

Lodz, Sant: “!!!”

Why don’t you play your cards according to the routine?

Ji Ling was a little dumbfounded. Seeing that Carlos really planned to stay with him like this, he couldn’t help but shiver a little in his heart, what was this called?

But just give up? That had to be a no-go!

Carlos was like this, and Ji Ling became more and more courageous. He wanted to tear Carlos’s mask of hypocrisy and said unhappily, “But everyone can’t let go if you stay here, I can go back by myself later… And why are you trying to scare away Nie Tianqi, he’s my good friend! You just went too far just now.”

As soon as the words fell, he saw that Carlos’s always gentle eyes were cold, and the surrounding temperature dropped instantly!

Ji Ling was startled, but quickly raised his head and stubbornly looked into Carlos’s eyes.

Hmph, I thought you could pretend, but you can’t bear it so quickly!

Carlos pursed his thin lips, and the anger that was hard to suppress resurfaced again. If he hadn’t stopped Nie Tianqi just now, what would have happened after that, do you know? And now you blame me that I shouldn’t drive him away… Even if something does happen, it doesn’t matter to you, right?

He lowered his eyes slightly, looking at the boy’s face, just like he remembered, vivid and innocent…

And he had not seen such an open and reckless him for a long, long time. Carlos’s heart seemed to be filled with some kind of softness, and nostalgia appeared under his gaze.

No, Ji Ling did not know anything, he just did not know how to guard against others. He did not know how dangerous those who approached him would be, and how they were calculating him, and maybe even hurting him…

Just as he always believed in himself, never doubting that he too could have hurt him.

It was never him who was at fault, but those who had evil intentions.
Including the once ruthless and cold-hearted himself.

The chill in Carlos’s eyes slowly dissipated. He looked around, and asked lightly, “Do you all feel uncomfortable if I’m here?”

Lodz, Sant: “...”

After a moment of silence, the enthusiastic voices sounded in the hall.

“How could it be!”

“We’re all happy to have you here.”

“Your Excellency Carlos, my father often said to me that you are the person he admires the most.”

“It's our honor to see you!”

“Please enjoy your time comfortably. Don’t mind us.”

“Your presence makes this place shine.”

Carlos turned around, looked down at Ji Ling, and smiled. “Look, I won’t restrain everyone here.”

Ji Ling: “...”

Okay, you’re ruthless enough. You must wait for me here, right? Then, I let you wait enough. Is he the first person to make the villain Carlos wait?

It was quite exciting to think about it.

Ji Ling’s stubbornness also came up, because of the perfumes, his brain was even more excited. He simply ignored Carlos, turned back to Lodz, and said, “Come on, let’s continue to drink!”

Lodz glanced at Carlos quietly out of the corner of his eye and never dared to look at it again. He endured his trembling hand and clicked a glass with Ji Ling.

Ji Ling drank the fruit wine in one go!

Speaking of the wine here, it was really good, mellow with the sweetness of fruit, and it was the taste he liked. The so-called wine on Earth, even if he drank it, he would not feel uncomfortable, it was just like a top-quality wine, ah.

Not bad!

So Ji Ling filled himself with another glass.

Lodz saw Ji Ling drink glass after glass, nervously wanting to snatch his wineglass down, but because Carlos was on his side, he was afraid to move, and could only show an anxious look. He forgot to say to Ji Ling… Although this wine tastes like juice; the degree was still quite high.

If Ji Ling got drunk and played drunk in front of Grand Duke Carlos, Lodz thought of this and felt that he was afraid that his life would not be long today…

It was miserable.

It was really miserable.

Speaking of which, why did he have this party today?

There was no turning back in life.

Ji Ling didn’t care what Lodz thought. Carlos was cruel. Since he had already made this look, he wouldn’t make a move on himself now, because that would be a complete break with Ji ting. His father was slightly inferior to Carlos, but he had a superior status in the empire, and it was not a good idea to offend him while Jing Sui, the great enemy, was still around.

Carlos was a man who did things without any emotion and only weighed the pros and cons.

Because of this little thing to get yourself killed? This kind of thing without any benefit, Ji Ling felt that he would not do it. Although it seemed that he was seeking death now, at least he was safe at the moment, and he was an existence that could load the file to start over ah!

Ji Ling thought like this, coupled with the wine, he became more and more fearless!

Carlos sat on Ji Ling’s side, watching him drink glass after glass. A faint blush gradually appeared on his face, but his aqua-blue eyes became brighter and brighter, like a small cluster of flames burning in the ice flames, so dazzling.

The boy, unlike anyone else, his brazenness seemed to be engraved in his bones.

A strange color gradually appeared under Carlos’s eyes. Seeing that Ji Ling had drunk a little too much, he finally raised his hand to cover Ji Ling’s wineglass, and his voice was low and hoarse. “You are drunk.”

But drunk people often felt like they were not drunk.

Ji Ling glared at Carlos, the corners of his eyes dyed a faint red, and he raised his voice, “I am not. Let go!”

Carlos looked at him deeply.

Ji Ling saw that he would not let it go, he pushed him unhappily, but suddenly a strong hand held his wrist, and then he was pulled into a wide and strong embrace. He let out a shocked cry in dismay.

Carlos held the boy’s shoulder with one hand, bowed his head slightly, and said in his ear, “Don’t drink.”

The burning breath fell on the side of his ear, and Ji Ling twisted uneasily and said sullenly while struggling, “Why do you care about me? Let go, I want to continue drinking!”

Carlos looked unmoving, he looked at Lodz and the others, and said lightly, “He’s drunk. I’ll send him back first.”

Lodz and the others were terrified and flattered, but they didn’t expect Carlos to talk to them. Where did they dare to say more? They just nodded repeatedly and said, “Okay, okay, trouble you!”

Carlos bowed his head slightly and then looked down at the restless little guy in his arms like a kitten dancing with teeth and claws. The smile under his eyes flashed, and he directly reached out to hug him.

Ji Ling was dizzy for a while. His head hit Carlos’s neck, and he rubbed his nose, only to find that Carlos actually picked himself up. Who said he was leaving? He hadn’t forced out the true face of this old bastard yet! So he shouted, “What are you doing?!”

But Carlos ignored it all, and directly held Ji Ling and then strode out.

He sat in the hover car and commanded the AI, “Go back.”

Ji Ling refused to settle down all the way, waved his nail inadvertently across Carlos’s cheek, and then was stunned for a while… Although drunk, his instinct still felt that something seemed wrong, and his spirit stirred.

Carlos’s jaw hurt slightly, and he lowered his head to meet the boy’s blank eyes.

Ji Ling looked at him in a daze and subconsciously spoke the words in his heart, “Aren’t you angry?”

Carlos looked at him with a smile and said in a calm tone, “Why should I be angry? You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Ji Ling’s eyes were dull. He made trouble like this all night and scratched him with his claws again. Was this called not doing anything wrong? Was Carlos a person with such a good temper? Why was it different from his memory?

He still wanted to think more about it, but he really drank too much, and he was tired. Ji Ling’s eyelids began to fight involuntarily.

Seeing this, Carlos slightly tightened his arms, allowing Ji Ling to lean more comfortably in his arms, with a pamper smile on his lips, and said softly, “Sleep, I’ll send you home.”

This low magnetic voice fell into Ji Ling’s ears at once. Obviously, this voice was from a terrible villain, but it seemed to have some kind of magic, which made him have peace of mind. He might be really drunk today.

Ji Ling could no longer restrain his sleepiness, leaned into Carlos’s arms, and quickly fell asleep.

Carlos gazed at the handsome side profile of the boy. His slender eyelashes fell faintly under his eyes, quietly like a sleeping angel.

Such a beauty made him recall the last appearance of the boy in his previous life.

In the previous life, the boy who lost everything was banished to that distant, remote planet, not allowed to appear in the Emperor Star again, lost all the noble glory originally belonging to him, and stayed alone in the untouched place.

Pale, melancholy, fragile… Without the original brazenness, he did everything to love that person but finally fell to such an end. No one cared, and such an abandoned child who was facing despair alone.

But despite this, the setbacks did not wear away the last clarity and beauty in his eyes.

After being mercilessly betrayed by himself and hurt by his loved one…

Still with expectant eyes, asking him cautiously like that: They all lied to me, you wouldn’t do that to me, right Uncle Carlos?

Perhaps it was not a refusal to recognize reality, only hope was the last strength that supported him.

And he failed him.

The pain in Carlos’s eyes gradually appeared.

It was probably from that moment that he finally began to regret what he had done, regretting his indifference and ruthlessness… Because he couldn’t calmly look at those clear and bright eyes and give him an affirmative answer.

That shouldn’t be your ending, the carefree happiness now… It is supposed to be who you are, and I want you to keep it this way.

These beautiful eyes no longer have the resentment, jealousy, pain, and despair of the previous life.

This time, I won’t allow anyone to hurt you again.

There was a hint of determination and firmness in Carlos’s dark eyes, like a deep dark starry sky, silently devouring everything. He stared down at the young man’s face, and for the first time, there was a strange desire in his heart… Desire to be gazed at by him with a more fiery gaze, desire for him to be closer to him.

Not satisfied with just being an admired elder.

Carlos’s Adam’s Apple shrugged for a while, and for a long time, he lowered his head and gently printed a restrained kiss on Ji Ling’s forehead.

In this life, you will belong to me alone.

The next day, Ji Ling woke up in a daze, and his heart was worthy of being a good drinker. He drank so much but didn’t have a headache the next day… In fact, he rarely got drunk. Last night, if it wasn’t for Carlos’s situation, he wouldn’t have indulged so much that he couldn’t remember what happened next.

But after making a fuss about it all night, it should be effective, right?

Ji Ling asked the system expectantly: [Was Carlos angry yesterday?]

The system fell into an eerie silence.

Ji Ling was puzzled: [What’s wrong with you? Was he angry or not ah? Is it difficult to answer this question?]

The System: [No.]

Ji Ling was shocked: [Not even angry like this?] This is not logical ah, the complete text of this book describes how the villain Carlos is insidious, cruel, and terrifying. The book has never said that he still has such a patient side, ah! Is it necessary for you to do this?

The System said in a heavy tone: [Yes.]

Ji Ling was stunned and asked again: [Then how did I come back last night?]

The System: [He sent you.]

Ji Ling: [...]

The System said in his heart; you got drunk yesterday and scratched him with your paws, but lest you be afraid, I thoughtfully did not say it.

Ji Ling learned that his plan had failed yesterday. Not only was Carlos not angry but also sent himself back, only feeling absent-minded and in a trance, but did not expect… He even had such a humiliating and burdensome side!

I can’t believe I still underestimated him!

Opening the communication device, Ji Ling saw Lodz’s message and cautiously asked him if he was okay.

Ji Ling turned off the communication device expressionlessly. Not okay, he is not okay at all!

It’s not okay all over the body!

When something like this happened, Ji Ling was even less in the mood to go out and play.

Recently, Carlos was really abnormal. Although he felt that it would be impossible for him to appear again, Ji Ling did not want to take risks, and such a thrill was not conducive to the healthy growth of his weak heart.

Originally, he was worried that others would invite him again, thinking about how he should refuse. However, during this time, everyone seemed to tacitly agree, not to mention the matter of asking him out, and even Lodz seemed to be at peace.

Ji Ling was a little unused to it at first, but soon realized that it seemed that Carlos’s appearance not only scared himself but also shocked others! So much so that no one dared to hang out with him.

It was not all for nothing to think about…

Ji Ling had a complicated mood.

He stayed at home like this, finally living a dead-end life as he wished, while counting the days and waiting for Ning Yu to return.

The only thing that made Ji Ling feel that everything was fine except for…

Although Carlos no longer appeared in front of him, he did not miss any opportunity to brush his presence in front of him and sent various gifts to his house for three days.

Beautiful jewelry, delicious snacks, exquisite clothes, and much more…

All of them were specialties from different galaxies in the universe. Although these things were not as valuable as the blue starfish, it was time-consuming and labor-intensive. It felt like a worldly affair smiling concubine. It was very attentive.

Didn’t say… At least he still liked the food.

People sitting at home, and could eat the entire universe of food. It felt not bad, real foodies never refused food.

The System expressed helplessness about it: [You seem to be very relieved?]

Ji Ling threw a fruit into his mouth: [Why don’t I feel very relieved? His purpose is to coax me! Win my father! It is impossible to send me poisonous food, that is not worth the loss.]

The System was speechless.

Ji Ling ate very happily, and whenever he was satisfied and happy with the food, a sense of emotion was aroused.

If it wasn’t because he had a God’s perspective, had already done a mission, and had long known the true nature of the villain, he was afraid that he would believe that Carlos was sincere.

Tsk tsk tsk, don’t eat for nothing.

I won’t be able to eat these when I get home.

Time went by. Seeing that the day of Ning Yu’s return was getting closer and closer, Ji Ling would have the illusion that the vacation was about to end.

That night, he was lying on the tree looking at the stars, and suddenly saw the banquet hall in the distance brightly lit, and there was a faint noise over. After thinking about it, he suddenly remembered something.

Today, another important supporting role returned. It was the representative Wen Yan who would be powerful in the Empire in the future.

In this book, the same commoner-born evolutionary, Ning Yu shone in the military, while the spiritual evolutionary Wen Yan chose the path of politics.

Every commoner who entered the Emperor Star thought their own evolutionary strength was very good, but no matter how good they were among the civilians, once they entered the Emperor Star and faced many nobles, they were like mortals who broke into the immortal world. They were discriminated against and couldn’t move an inch.

Therefore, to gain backers, they usually chose to enter different factions and became subordinates or vassals of a certain noble… To maintain the stability of their rule, the nobles would not completely block the path of commoner promotion and would bring these commoner evolutionaries under their command and gradually assimilate into the imperial nobles.

However, although they were accepted on the surface, the sense of superiority engraved in their bones could not be erased. In the eyes of the nobles, these commoners were still a low race.

The inferior label in their bloodline would not disappear because of their strength.

Wen Yan faced this difficult situation: he became evolutionary and was included in the Ji family, and then was released to the Ji family’s territory to become a planet lord. He returned a few years later to enter the council as a commoner and became an ordinary councilor.

Usually, for a commoner, it was almost the end to get to this point.

But not for Wen Yan.

Because Ji Ling knew that in the next general election soon, Wen Yan would unstoppably defeat all opponents who despised him in an unexpected posture and became the first commoner legislative speaker in history!

And firmly established his position.

Ji Ling looked at the lights in the distance. After a moment of silence, he jumped down from the tree. Although he was a little squeamish about the man’s deep scheming and didn’t want to get too close to him, there was really a plot that required his appearance next.

Because there was such a plot description in the original book: The idea is that Wen Yan hid and was dormant before being elected as the legislative speaker, easily gained the trust of the young master of the Ji Family, and used the power of the Ji Family to gain more voting for himself step by step to achieve his goals. To put it simply, while using him, Wen Yan despised him and completely treated the young master of the Ji Family as a fool.

The ‘arrogant and foolish’ eldest young master, Ji Ling, still came to the banquet hall with dedication.

The door was open, and well-dressed men and women were coming and going inside. Some of them were the subordinates of his father, Ji Ting, and some were aristocrats who were inextricably related to the Ji Family. His father occasionally held such a banquet to give everyone a platform to communicate their feelings, which was some kind of routine political activity.

Ji Ling would not participate in this kind of banquet. His personality was a simple love brain. He could never participate in these intricate things except Jing Sui, and today should be an accident.

Ji Ling followed the memories of the previous life and walked to the corner. Sure enough, he saw the handsome man with a tall height.

The man’s long silver hair was meticulously tied behind his head, hanging down on his back. He had a handsome face, but his slightly narrow eyes made his appearance more feminine. His dark eyes were bottomless, and he never seemed to show any unnecessary emotions, always with a light smile, not humble and calm, making people unable to see through his mind.

From the appearance alone, Wen Yan was not inferior to any Imperial Nobles and even surpassed them.

For example, now, in the face of other people’s difficulties and bullying, his face still had no emotion, just looked at the other party lightly.

Lord Richard looked at Wen Yan’s calm, dark eyes. Although this man did not say a word, he inexplicably had a feeling of contempt, which made him angry!

Obviously, they were the nobles who were above, but they were treated like this by a lowly commoner, which was simply unreasonable.

Lord Richard looked at Wen Yan coldly, and said with a strange tone, “Yo, they all said that you can’t get by here. I think you better go back.”

Wen Yan said lightly, “Please let me go. I have something to ask to see the Duke.”

Lord Richard scoffed, “The Duke is very busy. He may not have time to see you. You can enter the council just to make a show to those stupid untouchables, and with your status, do you really think that the Duke will use you?”

This was said very meanly, but Wen Yan was still calm. There was no anger or other emotions in his dark eyes.

Lord Richard was finally furious, and said viciously, “As a dirty untouchable, you should have a little self-knowledge of an untouchable, don’t think that being a councilor makes you one of us, now get out of here immediately, understand”

Upon coming to him, Ji Ling just saw this scene, heh…

Even without the plot of the original book, he couldn’t stand to see such behavior!

Ji Ling casually picked up a glass of wine beside him, splashed it directly on Lord Richard’s face, stepped up and stood in the middle of the two, blocking Wen Yan behind him, and then raised his eyebrows contemptuously, looked at Lord Richard and raised his voice slightly, “What are you? Someone who dares to embarrass me?”

“The one who should get out of here—— is you.” Ji Ling said coldly. 


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