The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebith : Chapter 5 - To Defend Someone in the Wrong

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Chapter 5: To Defend Someone in the Wrong

Although Ji Ling was far less tall than Lord Richard, his contemptuous eyes and condescending expression still made this tall middle-aged male nobleman blush, and anger appeared in his eyes as if he wanted to eat people!

But Ji Ling was not afraid at all and even had the mood to raise his chin and let out a provocative sneer.

A lowly Lord would only dare to bully a commoner, and he was nothing in front of his father. He expected that the other party would not dare to do anything. Otherwise, with the original owner’s always arrogant and domineering personality, if he did not have a strong backer, would he not be killed earlier?

This was the awe-inspiring hierarchy of the Imperial Nobles.

Lord Richard’s face turned red and white, his teeth were about to be crushed, and the wine dripped down his face. He felt embarrassed and humiliated… but in the end; he put up with it.

He didn’t dare to make a move on Ji Ling.

Not only because Ji Ling was the only son of Grand Duke Ji Ting and Mrs. Marina, but also because of a rumor that had recently been widely circulated among the Imperial Nobles. His Excellency Grand Duke Carlos was also extremely fond of Ji Ling.

At the same time, he was held in the palm of the two Grand Dukes, one of whom was the bloody and terrifying Grand Duke Carlos…

Giving him a hundred courage, he also did not dare to show his displeasure to Ji Ling. Those ordinary commoners in his eyes were untouchable, but in front of a high noble blood like Ji Ling, he… was also an ‘untouchable’ in another sense?

For a long time, Lord Richard showed a distorted humble smile and bowed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know he was your person.”

Ji Ling snorted and raised his eyebrows. “You know now.”

Lord Richard bowed his head in shame and said, “Yes, today is my fault. I beg your forgiveness for my rash and ignorant behavior.”

Ji Ling glanced at him, looking at Lord Richard’s cold sweat flowing down from his forehead.

If he couldn’t get Ji Ling's understanding today. As long as Ji Ling randomly made up a few words about himself in front of Grand Duke Ji Ting or Grand Duke Carlos, he would be at his wits’ end, and he would die without a burial place.

Ji Ling saw that the tall middle-aged man’s body trembled slightly, sweating like rain, and finally waved his hand in disgust and said, “Get out.”

Lord Richard was amnestied. This was the meaning of no matter, he respectfully bent over to Ji Ling, and quickly left this place that made him feel extremely humiliated!

Ji Ling looked at his back as he left in a hurry and smiled contemptuously.

It was another day of bullying… really exceptional.

After dealing with Lord Richard, Ji Ling turned back triumphantly, but he was startled by the burning temperature in a pair of Wen Yan’s black eyes.

This man, who had always been extremely deep-minded, didn’t show his color even if Mount Tai collapsed, and had never let people see his emotions, at the moment, the look in his eyes… seemed to contain some kind of complex emotions that were so strong that it was deeply frightening!

Ji Ling: ???

I did the same thing in my previous life ah, my actions should be completely in your calculations, but what the hell are you looking so moved now?!

Is it necessary to act so realistically?

After what happened to Carlos, Ji Ling was very sensitive to these anomalies that differed from the previous life and glanced at Wen Yan with some vigilance.

He decided to finish the plot as soon as possible.

So Ji Ling put his hands behind his back, his gaze swept in the direction where Lord Richard left, and he let out a contemptuous sneer, “What a fool, not even understanding such a simple truth as to beat a dog depending on its master.”

This tone, expression, and posture appeared to be talking about Lord Richard, but in fact, he didn’t treat Wen Yan as an equal person at all!
This was also the reason Wen Yan could use the original owner without hesitation because the original owner stood out for him, it was nothing more than Wen Yan coaxing him to be happy. The way he looked at Wen Yan was no different from other nobles. He stood out for Wen Yan, only based on the psychology of ‘beating a dog also depends on its master’, but did not know that in Wen Yan’s eyes, he was the ridiculous prey.

Foolish and unaware.

Ji Ling completely followed his persona, and after doing good deeds, he began to desperately pull hatred… In this way, Wen Yan would develop according to the plot and become friends with Ning Yu in the latter stage, pretending to help him deal with Ning Yu on the surface, but in fact, he helped Ning Yu to deal with him.

After Ji Ling said that sentence, he glanced at Wen Yan lightly, feeling that he had already performed a good dandy.

Usually, in the face of this subconscious contempt and humiliation, Wen Yan never showed displeasure but would leave respectfully, as always. The original owner had never noticed anything wrong, but Ji Ling knew that it was a kind of disdain from the heart.

However, this time, Ji Ling waited for a long time, and Wen Yan still did not make a sound.

Just when he was a little confused, Wen Yan suddenly looked away respectfully and bowed his head slightly. “You’re right.”

Ji Ling: “...?”

Wen Yan looked at the proud and bright face of the blonde teenager, and there seemed to be stars shining in his beautiful blue eyes, countless times more dazzling than the indelible stars in the universe… His inner emotions were surging, and he lowered his eyes, hiding the burning gaze of greed that could hardly be concealed.

Ji Ling was still here.

Like in the previous life, like an angel descending from Heaven, he appeared in front of him.

He once thought he would never get a chance to see him again.

He blamed himself for not stopping him that day. If he stopped him then… Would the outcome be different?

Wen Yan closed his eyes in pain, remembering the events of his previous life, when he finally rushed over. He only had time to see a stiff corpse, and those beautiful eyes would never open again.

For more than ten years, he never forgot that scene.

After countless nights, nightmares awakened him.

The boy’s arrogance and willfulness, unbridled, laugh, anger… The face was engraved in his memory so clearly, not faded by the passage of time. 

At that time, he finally realized that his feelings for him were not just vile and selfish possessiveness, he longed so much for him and missed him… Just because he had already unknowingly fallen in love with him.

In this life, he had calculated everyone, played with people’s hearts, and thought that he could see through everything, but in fact, he was confused… It was ridiculous that he could not even understand his own heart.

He could not even see the goodwill of a simple teenager.

Although he always said unforgiving words, Ji Ling was not really like those ugly nobles. It was just that he had lived in a world that did not respect commoners since he was a child, and no one had taught him how to respect a person, but despite this, he still stood up for himself again and again, extending his hand to himself… If he was really like those nobles, really looking down on him from the bones, why did he have to go this far?

He just didn’t know how to express his goodwill and disguised his kind heart with arrogance.

He and those nobles were completely different in essence.

Even if he was born in such a world, he still did not let his pure heart be stained by the darkness of the outside world.

And such a simple truth, it took him a long time to figure it out even after his death.

Wen Yan’s chest rose and fell slightly, hiding the self-deprecating pain under his eyes, took a deep breath, and raised his eyes again, and only black as a deep starry sky remained in his black eyes. He said softly, “I’ll send you back.”

Although Wen Yan quickly returned to normal, Ji Ling still felt goosebumps when he remembered the look in his eyes just now. He just wanted to get out early, so he waved his hand and pretended to be indifferent. “No need.”

Wen Yan looked at him persistently and insisted again, “Allow me to send you back to show my gratitude.”

Ji Ling: “...”

It would be ridiculous to refuse any further.

Ji Ling had no choice and walked back in a trance, not daring to see the surrounding people along the way, and finally returned to his bedroom. However, before he could rush in, Wen Yan followed him in.

Ji Ling: “...”

What is wrong with you that you are not busy with your political struggle today, nor are you anxious to flatter my father, but you are spending time with me?! Isn’t it a waste of time? Ji Ling’s eyes rolled and he thought of a solution. He sat directly towards the bed and said coldly in an impatient tone, “I’m going to rest. You can go out.”

Wen Yan smiled slightly, and then without warning… with an almost submissive posture, he knelt on one knee in front of Ji Ling, lowered his head, and his voice was low and hoarse, “I’ll serve you.”

Ji Ling: “!”

Wen Yan lowered his eyelashes.

In my previous life, I thought this kind of feeling was just possessiveness, and I longed to conquer him, who was high, and dazzling. To get you, I won’t hesitate to betray you, only to one day I can pull you down from the altar, trample you under my feet, watch the sacred and inviolable you, submit to an untouchable you despise.

My heart was so ugly and dirty, and my inferiority and jealousy blinded my eyes, refusing to realize that I actually love you… I almost did something that I regretted for the rest of my life.

If you hadn’t died, I might not even have understood my true heart until now.

By the time I understood.

There was no more chance to make amends.

That pain tormented me for ten whole years… At that time, I never had the luxury that such a self might also have a chance to redeem.

There was a chance to do it all over again to make up for the regrets of the previous life.

Ji Ling looked at the silver-haired man kneeling in front of him on one knee with a dull gaze. The man’s back was straight, his head was slightly lowered, his silver eyelashes were low and quivered slightly, his pale thin lips were gently pursed, tenderly lifted his feet on his knees…

It was as if he was really just a faithful slave serving his master.

Until the boots were taken off, Wen Yan’s slightly cool fingertips accidentally skimmed his ankles and Ji Ling suddenly woke up from the extremely confusing illusion in front of him! Followed by numbing fear!

No matter how respectful and obedient Wen Yan’s posture was now, Ji Ling would never forget what a terrifying villain he was!

The more deferential he was now, it was likely the more ruthless revenge was brewing in his heart.

Ji Ling, who had read the entire book, knew very well how cruel and deep this person’s heart was. It was said that after his successful election, many nobles protested in their real names for re-election. After all, as a political compromise, letting a few lowly commoners into the parliament was already their biggest concession. They couldn’t tolerate a lowly commoner becoming the legislative speaker!

But it didn’t take long for several nobles who led the protest to die, go into exile, and finally end the controversy with the strong support of Grand Duke Carlos.

After Wen Yan obtained the seat of the legislative speaker, and inevitably faced a variety of open and secret battles, intrigues, and calculations, but he did not lose once until Ji Ling died in his previous life, Wen Yan was still alive and well. It could even be said that he was powerful.

As a commoner, he eventually overtook countless Imperial Nobles… There were only a few words in the book, but it was actually bloody.
Moreover, the description of Wen Yan in the text is also quite mysterious. He was not only a friend of Ning Yu, but he seemed to be secretly colluding with Carlos, and no one had ever known what he really wanted.

But those who stood in his way were all dead.

Ji Ling said in his heart that he was also desperate to act, and he actually let such a ruthless character kneel in front of him and take off his shoes for him. Although he seemed high and mighty at the moment, he had the feeling of facing a beast that could choose to devour people at any time. Maybe the next moment… he would be sent back to the resurrection point.

Ji Ling’s lips trembled slightly, considering the serious consequences of his kneeling down and begging for mercy now would be collapsing his persona. He endured the creepy chill with difficulty, lightly kicked Wen Yan’s shoulder, and said without looking at his eyes, “Okay, you can go…”

But before he had time to take it back, Wen Yan caught his foot in the palm of his hand.

Ji Ling’s expression was stiff, thinking he had been so careful, did not dare to really kick. Can't you bear it!

As a result, the next moment, he saw Wen Yan lower his head and gently kissed Ji Ling’s foot. His expression was reverent as if he was treating his only God and faith, and his voice was gentle and hoarse, “Be careful not to hurt your foot.”

Ji Ling: “???”

Wen Yan’s action had already made him completely shocked. His eyes straightened and could not say anything.

Wen Yan slowly raised his head and looked at Ji Ling’s dazed and cute appearance, a very shallow smile appeared on his lips, and there was a deep fondness under his dark eyes.

How could he misunderstand the kindness of the teenager again, when he really despised and bullied him except for a few words of unforgiveness? Such as this time… Even if he was impatient and wanted to drive himself away, it was just such a gentle kick, arrogant, awkward, and cute, which made his cold heart have a trace of warmth.

Wen Yan slowly let go and stood up. “You rest. I will leave first.”

Before leaving, he gently closed the door for Ji Ling.

Then he stood alone with his back to the door, raising his hand to look at his palm, which still had the temperature that belonged to the teenager.

The moment he touched the boy, he could not wait to embrace him in his arms desperately… kissing his eyes, the tip of his nose, and his lips.

He had always thought that he was restrained and had enough patience.

But just now, he knew that if he didn’t let go of his hand in time, he might not be able to control himself and do something that frightened the teenager.

So he left decisively.

It was not the time. Showing his heart now would only make him afraid and disgusted with himself, and finally get further and further away from himself.

Wen Yan’s hand hanging at his side slowly tightened, and the expression under his eyes was persistent and deep.

To one day be qualified to stand by your side… I will definitely go higher and further.

Becoming the legislative speaker is just the first step.

Ji Ling dreamed at night that Wen Yan knelt down to take off his shoes for him, kissed his foot back respectfully and piously, and then raised his head, but instantly revealed an eerie smile, and said to him coldly. “Everyone who has offended me will not end well. Then Ji Ling looked down and saw that the foot he had been kissing began to decay rapidly, revealing the gnarl white bones, and he immediately let out a terrified scream!”

Ji Ling opened his eyes, covered in cold sweat… Fuck, what a terrible nightmare!

Is this what you think about every day and dream about it every night?

Ji Ling couldn’t sleep, and said to the System with heart palpitations: [System, say, what was he thinking about today?]

The System: [I don’t know.]

Ji Ling: [Don’t you think your answer is too perfunctory?]

The System said sincerely, [I really don’t know what he thinks. If I can know, I don’t need a host to do the mission.]

Ji Ling: [...]

After a while, Ji Ling spoke again: [Then do you know why his behavior this time is different from the previous life? Is it a butterfly effect?]

The System replied: [It’s possible]

The system thought about it and added: [It’s okay, it’s not a big deal to start over again.]

Ji Ling: [...]

Hehe, he shouldn’t expect anything from this spicy chicken system!

Ji Ling got up the next day with two dark circles, and even when eating breakfast, he was a little absent-minded, and the spoon poked the bowl for a while.

Madam Marina looked at Ji Ling in this state and said with distress, “What’s wrong with you, baby?”

Ji Ling showed a reluctant smile and said, “It’s nothing.”

Madam Marina was still worried, always feeling that Ji Ling had something on his mind, but if the child was already grown up and was unwilling to say it, she was not good at forcing it, so she said, “If there is something unhappy, you must tell your mother, okay?”

Ji Ling nodded obediently, but still firmly refused to say anything.

Madam Marina and Duke Ji Ting looked at each other, shook their heads, and stopped talking.

Ji Ling didn’t want to be watched by his parents with concern and worried eyes. He quickly slipped out after breakfast, remembering the recent abnormal behavior of the big guys, and his heart was full of sorrow that had nowhere to talk about.

Where to say that the second time was easier?

Having said that, he had gone through the plot once and it was very easy to complete the mission?

Why did he feel that it turned into a Hard Mode after starting it all over again?!


Ji Ling sadly picked up the snacks sent by Carlos and ate them. At this time, he could only turn his grief and anger into appetite.

Although Hardy was born in the Emperor Star and had an identity of ‘Imperial Noble’, not every noble in the huge number of Imperial Noble had hereditary titles and rich territories.

On the Emperor Star, there were many people like Hardy, who had seemingly superior origins but didn’t have any privileges and family glory. They belonged to the lowest level of the Imperial Noble, and their living conditions were not much better than ordinary commoners.

For an ordinary noble like Hardy, being able to get an opportunity to work in the Duke Mansion was already a good thing.

Because many powerful high-ranking Imperial Nobles disdained using those lowly commoners to serve them and preferred to hire people with noble status like them to serve them. Therefore, it was easier for them to get the opportunity to work in a wealthy family than to be a commoner and become a more decent servant.

Hardy had been working at the Duke Mansion for a long time.

Recently, he often came to Ji Ling’s side, because almost every day there were gifts from Grand Duke Carlos to Ji Ling, and Hardy would always personally send them to the young master.

Every time Hardy looked at these gifts, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. They were both Imperial Nobles, but they were also worlds apart…

Today, he once again got a gift sent by Grand Duke Carlos from the guard at the door and was about to send it to the young master when he was stopped halfway by a tall, silver-haired man.

Hardy recognized the other party, and his eyes suddenly showed an envious and complicated look. Wen Yan, as a high-level evolutionary from a commoner, not only was lucky to enter the council to become a counselor, but he also had some face in front of the young master and His Excellency the Duke, and his status seemed to be higher than that of an ordinary noble like himself.

Although he was a little jealous in his heart, Wen Yan had always known how to do things. He usually treated them with courtesy and modesty, and occasionally sent some gifts to hit the top and bottom, so Hardy’s vanity was satisfied. He patiently and politely asked, “What do you want?”

Wen Yan’s gaze swept over the gift box in his hand and asked with a smile, “Is this a gift for the young master?”

Hardy said, “Yes, this is a gift from Grand Duke Carlos to the young master. He has been sending gifts every day lately.”

Wen Yan’s eyes flashed coldly, and he asked, “Sent by Grand Duke Carlos? He didn’t seem to be so attentive before.”

Hardy smiled and said, “Yes, who knows why he suddenly became obsessed with the Young Master? Last time at the Young Master’s coming-of-age ceremony, he also gave a Blue Starfish! That incident caused a sensation in the entire Emperor Star, and now who doesn’t know that His Excellency Carlos values Young Master…” He lowered his voice, “Many people outside say that because His Excellency Carlos and His Excellency Ji ting have formed an alliance, and I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

Wen Yan showed a pensive look and smiled after a moment. “So it is, whether it’s true or not, it’s not something we should worry about… I was just about to go to Young Master, you give me the things, I’ll help you send them by the way.”

Hardy didn’t doubt it, smiled, and handed him the things, saying, “Okay, then I’m going to trouble you.”

Wen Yan smiled slightly. “Don’t mention it.”

He watched Hardy leave, for a long time, weighed the box in his hand, and the look in his eyes slowly became cold.

After being reborn, he rushed back from the field non-stop, hesitating about how to face Ji Ling, and he didn’t have time to pay attention to other things for a while. However, when he got up this morning to investigate, he found that many things that happened on the Emperor Star differed completely from the trend of the previous life.

Not only did Carlos show up at Ji Ling’s coming-of-age ceremony, but he also openly gave a heavy gift.

What caused Carlos to make such a change?

If one is reborn, then why not… other people too?

Wen Yan stayed in place for a moment, then turned to leave with the gift box.

But the direction he went was not where Ji Ling was, but he quietly left Ji Mansion through the back door. Thinking about what Carlos did in the previous life, as well as the betrayal and injury to Ji Ling, Wen Yan’s eyes flashed with cold light, his thin lips pursed, and he ordered the hover car’s operation system a command word by word.

“Go to the Grand Duke Carlos’s Mansion.”


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