The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 6 - Jealous

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Chapter 6: Jealous

Half an hour later, an inconspicuous gray hovercar quietly drove into Duke Carlos’s Mansion, and no one noticed.

The silver-haired man bent down from the car and looked up to reveal a handsome and slightly feminine face.

The housekeeper, Anderson, had already received the news and was waiting here. Although the silver-haired man in front of him was only a commoner, well-mannered, Anderson knew that he was not simple and would not despise him as ordinary people.

Anderson said respectfully, “Hello, His Excellency, the Duke is waiting for you in his study.”

Wen Yan hooked up the corners of his lips, his black phoenix eyes were always covered with a slight smile, and he bowed his head. “Thank you for your hard work.”

Anderson nodded and turned to lead the way from the front.

They walked through a long corridor flanked by elaborate statues to a solid wooden door. Anderson opened the door and bowed. “Please come in.”

Wen Yan walked in, and the door slowly closed behind him.

Carlos’s study was very wide, with a thick carpet on the floor, and there was a wall-to-ceiling bookcase with various editions of books staggered directly opposite the door. After coming to the interstellar era, human beings had long abandoned the ancient way of reading paper, and gradually paper books had become a luxury.

The entire wall of bookcases and books made the entire room look vintage and luxurious.

Carlos’s short brown hair was meticulously combed to the back of his head, revealing a gentle and deep face, sitting on the sofa with his hands folded, looking up toward the door.

Wen Yan also looked at Carlos, his eyes narrowed slightly.

In the previous life, it was this person who betrayed Ji Ling again and again, and finally killed him with his own hands.

In this life, what kind of mind did he have to make such a move? Was it really, as outsiders say, was it for the alliance with Grand Duke Ji Ting?

Wen Yan’s mind turned a thousand times, but he couldn’t see the slightest thing on his face. He had discovered Carlos’s abnormality, but Carlos did not know his own, because as of this moment before—— He had not done anything out of line different from the previous life.

The fact that the enemy is in the light and I am in the dark is the biggest advantage he has against Carlos.

Wen Yan showed a slightly displeased look, frowned, and spoke, “I came back from another star field yesterday and overheard a lot of interesting news, and this news—— It was not part of our previous agreement.”

Carlos’s thin lips raised slightly, and said lightly, “I remember the content of the agreement between us, only to assist you to become the next legislative speaker, and nothing more than that.”

Wen Yan said, “That said, but you help me, is hoping that I can help you deal with His Majesty as a legislative speaker until then. We should both be more low-key, right? By doing so, you will only arouse Your Majesty’s alarm and thus affect our plans.”

Carlos paused, and the corners of his lips slowly curved into a sneer. “You are very dedicated… Standing on my side is to be against your fellow citizens, you understand, right?”
Wen Yan smiled. “In my eyes, there is no one other than myself who is worth giving up any benefits. What’s more, a group of people who are not related to me, ‘fellow citizens’ is a sensational term that I don’t think is applicable.”

Carlos smiled.

It was really exactly the same as in the previous life, a cold-blooded animal that carved selfishness into its bones. To achieve his own goals, he would not hesitate to do things to frame Ji Ling and the entire Ji Family, really a poorly bred white-eyed wolf.

Carlos once admired Wen Yan. He and himself were the same kind of people. As long as they had a common purpose or sufficient interests, they could be a suitable partner.

But at this moment, seeing each other again, Carlos only had cold disgust in his heart.

In the previous life, he did not understand the good of the teenager, and let this sinister and cunning white-eyed wolf lurking around the teenager. To take the teenager for himself, he not only framed Ji Ling and caused him to be expelled from the Emperor Star but also made a deal with himself to destroy the entire Ji Family.

In this lifetime, this transaction would never exist again.

You want the position of the Legislative Speaker; want to be on top; want money and power… It doesn’t matter. As long as you can be of use to me, I can give you all of it. But there is only one person that I can’t give you.

That is—— Ji Ling.

Coveting Ji Ling is the biggest mistake you’ve ever made.

Carlos got up from the sofa, looked directly into Wen Yan’s eyes, and slowly spoke, with a meaningful tone, “Since you are here, then I will say it bluntly. I will help you, and you will give me the reward I deserve. As for other things, it’s better not to have—— wishful thinking.”

Wen Yan’s face changed slightly, and he met Carlos’s icy gaze.

At this moment, he faintly felt the killing intent of the other party!
Carlos, was he really reborn…

This was clearly implying that he should not be delusional about Ji Ling, but his own mind had always been hidden deeply, and now Carlos… shouldn’t even know about it!

But if Carlos was reborn, he never cared about Ji Ling in his previous life, why did his attitude change greatly in this life?

Wen Yan suppressed all kinds of thoughts in his heart, frowning and probing, “I don’t know why you have such thoughts, the Ji Family is just a stepping stone for me to climb up, and there is nothing worth my attention to, except the position of the Legislative Speaker. But you suddenly changed your plan to do such an act. Don’t you need to give me an explanation?”

Carlos sneered, still wanting to hide it by now? But it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to show it, this time, whether it is Ji Ling himself or the Ji Family, I will not allow anyone to hurt them.

And you are not yet qualified to be my opponent.

Carlos stared at Wen Yan, and the innate high in his brown eyes was undoubtedly revealed, and said condescendingly, “There is no need to explain my actions to you. You just need to know that my things are not allowed to be coveted by anyone.

That’s enough.”

Wen Yan’s pupils shrank slightly, and the coldness under his eyes flashed away.

After a while, he shrugged his shoulders and let out a casual laugh. “Well, since the Ji Family is what you want, I naturally won’t do anything superfluous.”

Carlos said in an indifferent tone, “It’s best if you think that way.”

Wen Yan was calm on the surface, but his heart set off shocking waves because Carlos’s words made him have a very absurd idea. That was—— Carlos might not be doing this to calculate something, but to protect Ji Ling!

But how was this possible?!

What made him make such a change?


Even though he could realize Ji Ling’s good side, then Carlos also realized after he was reborn. This possibility was also possible…

It was just that the information in front of him was really limited, and it was difficult for Wen Yan to make any decisions.

Today’s trip had already received a lot of news, Wen Yan did not want to startle the snake for the time being, so he paused, and ended this thoughtful conversation with a smile, “I came here today for this matter…I hope this little accident will not affect the cooperation between us.”

Ji Ling stayed at home with nothing to do, counting the days of Ning Yu’s return with his fingers.

Speaking of which, he hadn’t received a gift from Carlos for several days, and he was a little unused to it. However, after thinking about it, he thought it was a good thing. Carlos was finally willing to give up, which was gratifying!

The only thing that worried him was although Carlos had finally given up brushing his sense of existence for the time being, Wen Yan had started to keep circling in front of him since he returned.

It’s quite like you’re singing and I’m on the stage.

It’s tiring.

“Young Master, are you thirsty?” Wen Yan’s gentle and husky voice rang in Ji Ling’s ears.

Ji Ling’s body sitting on the rattan chair froze slightly. He turned his head to look at the silver-haired man standing beside him, lowering his head with a humble expression, and the sunlight made his silver hair glisten.

Ji Ling inwardly screamed, I just want to take a nap in the sun in the courtyard. Although my hobby is stepping into the ranks of the elderly too early, do you need to serve on the side so dedicatedly?

Your election is coming up, go and get busy with your political struggle ah!

Ji Ling was depressed, but he didn’t dare to show it, just shook his head. “I’m not thirsty.”

Wen Yan stopped talking and stood there quietly.

When Ji Ling saw his gesture, he seemed to plan to stay by his side like this until the end of time, and was this worth it?! It was already very hard to act usually, even if it was an examination, you have to have a break, right? You guard here like a monitor teacher. I can’t even be lazy…

No, you have to find a way!

As soon as Ji Ling’s heart moved, Wen Yan always could not afford it. He must have a purpose in guarding his side, but what could he give him? It was nothing more than helping him drive away some flies and then contribute money!

Thinking of this, he suddenly realized and felt that he was still too careless. He didn’t even understand such a simple truth.

Ji Ling raised his eyebrows, stood up, and tilted his head. “I heard that you recently participated in the general election?”

Wen Yan nodded and said, “Yes.”

Ji Ling let out a contemptuous sneer. The corners of his eyes were slightly raised, and he looked at him obliquely. “Rely on yourself, you dare to think about that position?”

Wen Yan’s expression remained unchanged, not to mention half displeased, he just said softly, “It’s nothing more than trying it.”

Ji Ling didn’t seem to be optimistic about him at all, but after a while, he still pressed his communicator to transfer a large sum of money to Wen Yan. Looking up, he showed a little arrogant expression, and said with disgust, “Take this money and use it, make a good fight, no matter if you can be successful or not in the end… anyway, you’re also a member of my Ji Family, don’t look shabby all day long only to go out and lose my face.”

Wen Yan looked at him deeply, for a long while, and lowered his eyes respectfully. “Yes.”

After Ji Ling finished speaking and then looked at Wen Yan still with a pampered and indifferent look, he said in his heart that he was really calm, worthy of being the most stoic and sinister villain in the text, lying in wait for food to eat it, right?

Tsk tsk tsk, Ji Ling waved his hand and said, “Go away.”

Wen Yan didn’t move, but asked, “Don’t you need me to serve?”

Ji Ling said angrily, “Am I like someone who lacks people to serve me?!”

Wen Yan looked at the teenager who finally seemed a little annoyed in front of him, and noticed the flash of discomfort in his eyes, his heart couldn’t help but turn soft and pressed the corner of his lips that raised.

Speaking of which, although Ji Ling seemed arrogant outside, he was actually not a person who liked to be served at home, and seemed to prefer to be alone than surrounded by people.

He was the one who spent his days drinking and being arrogant, and he was also the one who was quiet and a loner.

But the two contradictory sides seemed to fit so well in his body, intertwined into a unique charm, which made people couldn’t help but be obsessed.

He gave himself money obviously to help himself, and he did not want to see that he lost too ugly outside… But he had to say such hurtful things as if he was afraid to be known for his true heart. Probably as a nobleman, he subconsciously thought it was abnormal to want to help a lowly commoner like himself, right?

But in the end, kindness prevailed.

Wen Yan’s eyes were extremely gentle, and the deep darkness seemed to be turned into a pool of thick ink, and a silent vortex swept everything.

Ji Ling fell into his line of sight, once again feeling the shocking gaze of the previous day Wen Yan looking at him. He quickly averted his eyes, huffing and puffing to sit on a chair! You’ve got the money, what else do you want!

If you don’t want to go, then don’t go as you wish!

Ji Ling no longer looked at Wen Yan, never mind, just looked at the news. Ning Yu should come back today, right? He swiped for a long time and finally saw a brand of recent news that instantly hit the headlines of the major star networks.

The most popular commoner heroes recently, the national idol Ning Yu and Marshal Brandon who were known as the rising star have finally returned!

Because of the great victory in the battle between the Nado galaxy and the Zerg, it was said that His Majesty Jing Sui would receive them.

Ji Ling’s eyes lit up and suddenly had an idea again.

According to his understanding of the plot direction of the book, Wen Yan and Ning Yu would become friends who helped each other after becoming the Legislative Speaker. Although there was no explicit description in the text, it seemed to imply that Wen Yan had a slightly different meaning for Ning Yu.

In this heartthrob interstellar novel, no one could resist Ning Yu’s protagonist halo, whether the male protagonist or the villain!

Ji Ling turned off the news and turned to look at Wen Yan.

Wen Yan raised his eyes to look at him.

Ji Ling sneered contemptuously, “What Rising Star? It’s just a lowly commoner. Even if he comes to the Emperor Star and gets an audience with His Majesty, so what? Do you really think that you can ascend to the sky in one step? In the end, they are still our lackeys, just like you. Being a person should be a little self-aware.”

Wen Yan pursed his thin lips, and the look in his eyes finally changed.

Ji Ling revealed a smug look. Sure enough, it was right to sacrifice Ning Yu! He glanced at Wen Yan with disdain and continued to strike the pose without fear of dying.

Wen Yan’s hand slowly tightened, looking at Ji Ling.

After being reborn, he kept telling himself that as long as he could stay by this person’s side and watch him happy; he was already satisfied. He didn’t dare to really expect too much. But listening to Ji Ling’s words at this moment, looking at his words that cared about Jing Sui like this, remembering all the things he had done because of Ning Yu in his previous life…

Only then did he realize that he was so jealous.

These beautiful eyes, from beginning to end, chased only Jing Sui, and he never... looked back at himself seriously.

Whether it was the previous life or the current life.

It was all about that.

Wen Yan’s jealousy and the pain in the depths of his eyes gradually emerged, dark as the night. He said word by word, “Is that so?”


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