Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: He Actually Grabbed Her Hand to Slap Himself directly in the Face…

When Lin Xiyu came out of Lu Junting’s study, her hair was messy, and her little face was full of suspicious redness, as if she had done something bad and was afraid of being caught. She hurried back to the room and went to the bathroom to wash first.

Lin Xiyu looked at the person in the mirror, brushing her teeth while thinking. How could someone make such a shameless request with that frank expression?

Lin Xiyu finished brushing her teeth, hatefully opening the mirror locker to prepare to take out her skin care products. Probably she moved too quickly, accidentally got the calcium tablets put by Lu Junting in the locker to the ground. Lin Xiyu picked it up, and felt that the weight was not quite right. She glanced at the production date of the calcium tablets, just like the production date when she last saw it. It should be the same bottle. How come there were still so many after such a long time? He did not even eat them when he bought them?

Lin Xiyu came out of the bathroom, just as Lu Junting hurriedly returned to the room. Unlike her, who was messy when she returned, the man was refreshed, and his shirt and trousers did not even have wrinkles.

Lin Xiyu no longer wanted to worry about his shamelessness, and she asked, “Why don’t you eat the calcium tablets you put in the bathroom locker? The last time I saw it, it was still so much. It hasn’t gotten any less after all this time.”

Lu Junting said, “En, don’t eat anymore.”

“Ah? Why? What a waste.”

Lu Junting came up and suddenly picked her up. He held her, parted her legs so that she straddled his lap. He seemed to like to hold her in this position, Lin Xiyu felt ashamed every time she was held like this, but he enjoyed it very much. He lowered his head and kissed her lightly on the tip of her nose, and the dragonfly kiss was more impactful than when he kissed her deeply, and her heart trembled subconsciously.

He said softly in a smiling tone, “Because there is no need to eat anymore.”

What was necessary and unnecessary about calcium tablets ah, but Lin Xiyu didn’t ask much, just felt that it was a bit wasteful not to eat such a big box.

After hugging like this for a while, Lu Junting suddenly said, “You have been too tired with the child recently. I will take you out to relax this weekend.”

“Ah? Where to?”

“Now the weather is cold, how about going to a hot spring? The place last time.”

“Last time?”

“Our first time.”

Lin Xiyu didn’t want to think about it, so she said, “I don’t want it, I don’t want to go over there.”


Lin Xiyu couldn’t say why, but she just didn’t want to go.

“Why don’t you tell me? Why don’t you want to go?”

Lin Xiyu heard that Lu Junting’s tone was not very good, she looked up at him, and saw that his face was cold, and her resistance seemed to make him not very happy. Lin Xiyu also felt that he was kind enough to take her, and it was a little hurtful for her to refuse without thinking about it, but she really didn’t want to go.

After this period of getting along, Lin Xiyu could almost understand that Lu Junting was of a soft and not hard nature, as long as she talked to him softly, everyone was easy to discuss.

The top two buttons of Lu Junting’s shirt were unbuttoned, and then Lin Xiyu grabbed the plackets on both sides of his shirt, softened her voice and discussed with him, “Can we not go over there ah?”

Lu Junting also didn’t understand, both of them were married now, and the child was born. Why was she still so resistant to the place where they first happened? Her resistance made Lu Junting have a feeling that it had been in vain to get along for so long, making him feel that she still didn't recognize him, and his heart was naturally uncomfortable.

Lu Junting glanced down at the pair of small paws that were grasping on his clothes, her voice was soft and sticky, but with a kind of charm. In his ears, it was really… quite emotional, and the unpleasantness in his heart disappeared in an instant. Even as if he was afraid of scaring her, he softened his expression and said to her, “Okay, if you don’t want to go, then don’t go, you tell me where you want to go.”

Lin Xiyu said, “I don’t want to go anywhere, I want to stay at home with the child.”

“Haven’t you had enough with the child all day?”

“What about Little Baby when we’re gone, he’s still so young.”

“Send it home, there are so many people in the family, can’t they take care of a little child? You don’t have to revolve around your child all day. You also have to think for yourself, go out and relax, and make yourself comfortable.”

He was full of understanding for her hard work with the child and was really thinking about her, hoping she could relax. Lin Xiyu did not want to waste Lu Junting’s good intentions, she thought about it and agreed. 

“Okay, it’s good to go out and relax.”

Lu Junting asked again, “Where would you like to go?”

“I don’t know where to go, Brother Junting can arrange it.”

“Then go somewhere warmer. How about Sanya?”

“Okay.” Lin Xiyu paused for a moment and asked again, “Just the two of us?”



Both of them went together, what did it look like on a date? However, Lin Xiyu thought about it, anyway, she had decided to live a good life, and it was nothing for the husband and wife to travel together.

Lu Junting arranged to fly to Sanya on Friday afternoon and came back on weekend afternoon. Early on Friday morning, someone from the Lu Family came to pick up Little Baby, and Lin Xiyu was very reluctant, hugging him for a while.

Although she was reluctant, Lin Xiyu was still looking forward to this vacation.

Arriving in Sanya on Friday night, Lu Junting booked a sea-view room. They could see the boundless sea by standing by the window. Both of them rested over there for the night first, planning to have a good day on Saturday.

It was early in the morning in Sanya, Lin Xiyu got up early in the morning and opened the curtains. The sun had risen high in the sky, the clear blue sky was cloudless, and the blue sea in the distance was boundless, connecting to the blue sky. There were already tourists wearing bikinis downstairs to play at the seaside. A salty and wet sea breeze blew, carrying the summer heat, blowing the leaves of the coconut trees by the sea.

Lu Junting came out from the bathroom and said to her, “Get ready to go out and play.”

Lin Xiyu glanced at him, he was wearing a pair of pure white short sleeves, and fitting short-sleeved, outlining the undulating muscle lines of his body. Underneath was a pair of beach pants, flowery beach pants worn on his body surprisingly did not look tacky.

Lin Xiyu went to the bathroom to change into the bikini she brought, which was a combination of a small vest and a short skirt, which was more conservative than other bikinis.

The sun was high outside, Lin Xiyu brought sunscreen, and she couldn’t apply it on her back, so she had to ask Lu Junting for help.

“Brother Junting, can you help me apply on the back?”

Lu Junting was very happy to serve her, took the sunscreen and squeezed it directly into his hand to help her apply it on her shoulders and back. After applying it, he squatted down to help her apply her legs.

Lin Xiyu hurriedly said, “I’ll just apply it to my legs myself.”

Lu Junting’s gaze fell on the two straight and slender legs in front of him. His eyes couldn’t move away for a while, his eyes darkened, and he was silent for a while and said, “Since you want me to serve, then I will serve to the end.”

After speaking, he rubbed the sunscreen oil on it, and started with the tenderness and delicateness, just like touching a good satin, especially the lubricating effect of sunscreen.

Lu Junting wiped it, and soon felt capricious. Later, he thought that they were husband and wife, what was there to hide, so he simply threw the sunscreen on the ground, got up and hugged her from behind.

His strong aura suddenly came from behind, along with his burning breath, Lin Xiyu instantly felt wrong, her scalp was numb, and asked, “Brother Junting, what’s wrong?”

Lu Junting said to her bluntly, “I want it.”


Lin Xiyu’s face burned, she tried to struggle, but failed to break away from his arms. Lin Xiyu said busily, “Brother Junting, didn’t we agree to go on a yacht ride? I just put on sunscreen, and I’m all oily.”

Lu Junting said, “It’s okay, just wash it.”

Lu Junting hugged her and walked towards the big bathtub. There was a huge exquisite bathtub in this sea-view room, and Lin Xiyu wondered when she first saw it yesterday, why put a bathtub big enough to raise dolphins? You didn’t need such a large bathtub to take a bath, it really took up space.

She knew now.

It turned out that this big bathtub was specially prepared for a bastard like Lu Junting, yes, in something, Lu Junting was a bastard.

And she didn’t know if he found some kind of pleasure in the bathtub, and he kept her in the bathtub until noon.

Lin Xiyu laid on the bed after taking a shower, and didn’t want to go anywhere. Lu Junting wiped his hair and came over to see her. Unlike her tiredness, he had an insatiable and refreshed face.

He saw her lying on the bed without moving, and reminded her, “It’s past noon, if you don’t get up again, you won’t have time to play today.”

It was good if he didn’t say it. As soon as he said it, Lin Xiyu glared at him and said, “It’s all because of brother Junting.”

Lu Junting: “...”

Lu Junting had nothing to argue for himself. She was right, it was all because of him, he was a bastard, helping her apply sunscreen but couldn’t help but mess around.

Lu Junting glanced at the little girl, she deliberately turned her back to him, she was really angry. Could Lin Xiyu not be angry? Originally today she planned to take a yacht in the morning, went to a nearby island to play, diving in the sea in the afternoon to swim. He made a mess for a while and she had no strength, just wanted to lie down. She didn’t want to go anywhere.

Lu Junting climbed onto the bed and held her shoulders to pull her. Her body came over, her head was still tilted to the side. Lu Junting looked at her little appearance and felt funny. He turned her face over and coaxed softly, “It’s me who is not good, am I okay to make amends?”

Lin Xiyu ignored him.

Lu Junting said again, “How about you hit me?”

What did she hit him for? She did not hit people.

After Lu Junting said this, he grabbed her wrist and raised her hand, ‘pa’ directly on his face, and the voice was very crisp, with a little strength, and Lin Xiyu was startled. She looked at him, but he said like it was nothing, “That’s how your son hit me.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

His expression made Lin Xiyu very puzzled. His eyes were smiling and his face was soft. He directly grabbed her hand and slapped it on his face, making Lin Xiyu’s fingertips numb. It could be imagined how hard the slap was, but he seemed to be very used to, and said to her in a doting tone that her son also hit him like this.

Her son was also his son.

Calling Little Baby that way seemed to have instantly brought her closer to him.

Lu Junting at this time was really different from the Lu Junting she knew. Obviously, he was such a strong man, but he coaxed her in this way, directly grabbing her hand and slapped himself in the face.

She suddenly had a feeling that Lu Junting liked her very much, and it was because he liked her that he pampered her, and she could even slap him.

Lin Xiyu was frightened by this idea. Lu Junting liked her? It was strange to think about it, they were originally two parallel lines, if it wasn’t for that night, they wouldn’t have been able to intersect in their lives, not to mention that she was not the kind that Lu Junting liked.

It was probably because of Little Baby. She gave him a child, so he loved the house and the crow?

“Forgive me? Do you want to get up?” He asked again.

This person slapped himself in order to coax her, Lin Xiyu also had nothing to be angry about. The yacht couldn’t be sat on, of course, it was a pity that she could not go to the beach when she came to the sea, so she went to the sea to swim for a while. However, because of her lack of physical strength, Lin Xiyu felt that her legs were soft when she came out of the sea.

There were parasols on the beach, and there were beach chairs under the parasols. Lin Xiyu found an empty beach chair, went up, and didn’t want to move.

A few tourists walked by with ice cream. Lin Xiyu looked at the ice cream and felt a little hungry, she hadn’t eaten ice cream since she was pregnant.

Lu Junting came over to her and asked, “Want to eat?”

Lin Xiyu shook her head. If she ate ice cream and fed Little Baby, he would get diarrhea. Lu Junting naturally saw her concerns, and said, “It’s okay, we won’t go back tomorrow. Everything you eat has been digested.”

Hearing him say this, Lin Xiyu’s eyes lit up, and Lu Junting naturally saw it. The corner of his mouth smiled slightly and he said, “You sit for a while, I’ll buy it for you.”

Without waiting for her to answer him, he turned and left. Lin Xiyu looked at his departing back and saw that he really went to buy it. Mr. Lu did the work of running errands quite cheerfully, there was no Lu boss’s shelf at all.

THe feeling of being pampered by him came again, and Lin Xiyu couldn’t help but wonder if she was really in love with Lu Junting.

Lin Xiyu obediently lay back on the chair and waited for Lu Junting to come back. There was also an empty beach chair next to her. After she lay down for a while, she saw that there was suddenly an extra person on the beach chair. Lin Xiyu subconsciously looked sideways. The person was wearing sunglasses, dyed red hair, wearing a large gold chain, wearing a flowery green shirt and shorts.

Seeing her look over, he raised his eyebrows. His ‘八’ beard lifted upwards, and said to her with a smile that was malicious at first sight, “Little girl, you came alone?”

Lin Xiyu glanced back, Lu Junting had not returned from buying ice cream. She sat up from the beach chair, looking at the visitor with a guarded look and said, “I came with my husband.”

“Husband?” The person with a big gold chain seemed to be stunned. He looked at her up and down and then said, “I can’t see that you’re married at such a young age?”

His gaze made her very uncomfortable, but her frightened expression that looked like a small animal pleased the man instead. He came closer and reached out to pick her chin. Lin Xiyu avoided it in time, a little anger rose between her eyebrows, a pair of moist eyes glared at him. This coquettish look made the man more excited, he smiled and said, “Come to my room to find me later, I can give you money.”

The obviously insulting words made Lin Xiyu angry, and she said angrily, “I said that I already have a husband, what else am I looking for you for? If you are like this again, I will call the police.”

“Little girl, don’t be angry.” The man looked lewd and said, “Maybe your husband agrees, I will give a lot of money.”

“What do I agree with?”

A cold voice suddenly sounded to interrupt the man’s words, the person with a big gold chain looked sideways, and saw a tall man standing not far away. The sun shone from behind him, casting a deep shadow in front of him. His expression was hidden in the shadow, giving people a gloomy feeling, and the person with a big gold chain subconsciously shivered.

Lu Junting stepped forward and handed the ice cream to Lin Xiyu, and he stood in front of Lin Xiyu to completely block the sight of the person with a big gold chain.

Lin Xiyu was harassed, it was impossible for her not to be angry, but she was a little girl, she was not familiar with life here. In the face of this man of unknown origin, she was angry and did not dare to do anything, but Lu Junting stood in front of her, giving her a very solid sense of security. She instantly calmed down, calmly licked the ice cream, and even showed a good expression.

At the first glance, a person that wore a big gold chain was a bully, Lu Junting’s aura was too strong, faintly exuding a murderous aura. It was an aura of a person not to be messed with, the person with a big gold chain was shocked, he did not want to lose face, but did not dare to fight him hard. He deliberately gave a cold glare at Lu Junting, spit, cursing and went away.

After the person with a big gold chain walked away, Lu Junting turned his head and asked her, “What did he just say to you?”

After eating ice cream, Lin Xiyu was in a much better mood and she didn’t want to spoil her good mood, so she said, “It’s nothing.”

Lu Junting didn’t ask again.

Lin Xiyu and Lu Junting had been sitting by the sea until the afternoon, blowing the sea breeze, looking at the sea view, both physically and mentally comfortable, and the fatigue of the body had eased a lot. In the evening, a beach party was held at the nearby beach, which was said to be jointly organized by several nearby hotels. Everyone staying at a nearby hotel could participate, and the chef in charge of the BBQ was also the chef of a five-star hotel. 

Lin Xiyu played happily, the chef’s grilled meat was not bad, she ate a lot of BBQ, and drank a lot of drinks. She went to a restroom halfway. Coming out of the restroom, Lin Xiyu saw that there were many people around the beach not far away, even the ambulance had come. She didn’t know what happened, she walked over with a curious face, just saw the doctor carrying a stretcher to the ambulance. There was a man lying on the stretcher, the man’s face was beaten to a blur of flesh and blood. It was estimated that his parents could not recognize him, but Lin Xiyu saw a big gold chain around his neck, the shape of the big gold chain was a bit similar to the man who came to harass her in the morning. Lin Xiyu looked at his clothes, the flowery green shirt and shorts, and the red hair. It was clearly the man who harassed her.

There were other tourists watching the bustle next to her, and Lin Xiyu heard someone whispering.

“I heard that he was beaten by someone, and beaten up pretty badly.”

“Who beat him ah?”

“I don’t know. His head was covered when he was found, and it is estimated that even he doesn’t know who beat him.”

There were many seats at the BBQ party, and Lu Junting sat in one of them, because he was a high-level VIP of the hotel and had a special chef responsible for grilling meat for him.

Lu Junting saw her and asked, “Why did you go for so long?”

Lin Xiyu sat next to him, her expression was a little complicated. Lu Junting saw this and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I came out of the restroom and saw that the man who had harassed me in the morning had been beaten.”

“Oh?” He didn’t seem to take it too seriously and asked, “So you went to see the fun?”

Lin Xiyu simply asked his doubts directly, “Is that person who beat him has something to do with you ah?”

“Why do you think it has something to do with me?” Lu Junting said, “What’s more, how can I do such a rude thing as beating someone?”

Lu Junting was born in the Lu Family, and the Lu Family had a strict education. He was also polite, so beating people was indeed inconsistent with his temperament. However, people like him didn’t need to do it themselves, they only needed a word from him, and there were many people who would serve him.

Lu Junting said again, “That person’s language is obscene, look very annoying. Maybe he accidentally offended people who should not be offended, you don’t have to think too much.”

Lin Xiyu didn’t want to think too much ah, that kind of insignificant man was indeed very bad, but she was also afraid of causing a loss in human life or something, after all, she just saw, the man was not lightly injured.

Lin Xiyu asked tentatively again, “Brother Junting, does that person’s beating really have nothing to do with you?”

“Of course it’s not, it’s a waste of time to make a move for this kind of person.” Lu Juntnig’s eyebrows were slightly raised and asked her, “What? Still sympathizing with him?”

“No, I just want to ask, I’m afraid something will happen.”

“It won’t happen, don’t worry.”

How could he know so well that nothing would happen? Lin Xiyu wanted to ask again, Lu Junting stood up and said to her, “Still playing? If you aren’t, let’s go back.”

It was not early. After playing and eating, Lin Xiyu said, “Let’s go back first.”

When her words fell, she saw Lu Junting stretching out his hand at her, he wanted to hold her hand. Lin Xiyu thought that, anyway the two of them were more intimate than this, holding hands was nothing. Lin Xiyu hesitated for a while before stretching her hand, and then a gentle and dry palm wrapped her palm, and led her to the hotel.

The floor-to-ceiling glass of the hotel was reflective, when they passed from the outside, Lin Xiyu subconsciously swept a glance. She saw in the glass that Lu Junting and Lin Xiyu were also hand in hand, he walked in front, she was led by him to follow, looking surprisingly quite harmonious.

Lu Junting led her back to the room. Just as Lin Xiyu’s mobile phone rang, she picked it up and said that it was Lin Xiqian who was calling.

“I’ll answer the phone.”

After Lin Xiyu finished speaking, she broke away from his hand, and she walked to the floor-to-ceiling window before picking up the phone.

“How are you doing?” Lin Xiqian asked.

“Pretty good.”

“Do you have time tomorrow? Let’s have a meal together.”

“I’m in Sanya.”

“Sanya? What are you doing in Sanya?”

“I’m on vacation.”

Lin Xiqian was silent for a while, and asked tentatively, “With Lu Junting?”


She heard Lin Xiqian sigh softly and said, “Be careful with him.”

Lin Xiyu originally wanted to say that Lu Junting just asked her out for a vacation when she saw her working hard with her child, but Lin Xiqian always felt that he had bad intentions when he saw Lu Junting, as if it was useless to say anything, Lin Xiyu didn’t want to explain so much in vain, she just nodded and said, “Okay, I understand.”

Lin Xiyu hung up the phone and looked at Lu Junting, who was standing next to the wine cabinet at this time, with one hand in his pocket and wine in the other, and he was also looking at her when she looked over. The light was just above his head, he looked down and sipped wine, but his gaze still fell on her. The light fell a shadow on his eyelids from top to bottom, and the slightly raised eyebrows, under a shadow, his eyes seemed to become sharper.

When she looked at his gaze, Lin Xiyu couldn’t help but stun, but his sharp eyes flickered. He immediately put the wine glass aside, his expression and gaze returned to calm, he asked, “Lin Xiqian called you?”

Lin Xiyu nodded her head.

“Did he tell you to be careful with me again?”


She looked at him with a doubt, probably inquiring with her eyes, ‘How do you know?’

Lu Junting continued, “Last time he was angry, he must be dissatisfied with me. If I interfere next to you, he won’t be able to lie to you. Of course, he will find ways to provoke our relationship.”

Lin Xiyu didn’t quite understand why they all felt that the other party was a bad person.

“After all, he is the child that your parents once adopted, and I have no objection to you nostalgic for your old relationship and interacting with him, but I’m still vigilant.”

Lin Xiyu nodded. In comparison, she felt that Lu Junting was more generous and decent, at least he did not beat Lin Xiqian to death, understanding that she was dealing with him for her parents’ sake.

Lin Xiyu thought about it and added, “Thank you brother Junting for understanding, but he and I just in a greeting relationship.”

Lu Junting nodded his head, did not speak again. His gaze fell on her, silent for a while and suddenly said, “Come here.”

“What’s wrong?” Lin Xiyu asked.

“Give me a hug.”

Lin Xiyu’s cheeks were hot, and she obediently walked to his side, lowering her head and not daring to look at him. Lin Xiyu thought that what he said about hugging was to walk over and give him a hug, so she walked to him and stood still. After waiting for a while, he didn’t give her a hug, so Lin Xiyu looked up at him.

“Do you… want to hug?”

“En, you hug me.”


Wasn’t it the same for whoever hugs? It was really strange.

But Lin Xiyu didn’t say much, her hand reached out and wrapped around his waist. Lu Junting looked down at her and after a moment of silence, he suddenly said, “If I don’t ask, won’t you take the initiative to hug me?”

Lin Xiyu looked up from his arms, “What?”

He covered her eyes and said, “It’s nothing.”

After he finished speaking, his long arm stretched out, and suddenly turned off the light in the room with a click. Lin Xiyu stood in the darkness of the room and wondered, “Why did you turn off the light?”

She was about to turn on the light, but the man in front of her suddenly turned her over, picked her up from behind and put her against the floor-to-ceiling window. Lin Xiyu subconsciously propped her palms against the glass, and then the hand that was around her waist loosened and clasped her hand directly against the back of her palm, and his body came up from behind, imprisoning her firmly.

Without turning on the light, in the darkness, the warmth of his body enveloped her like a dense net, and his breathing behind her ear was so clear.

His movements came so abruptly that Lin Xiyu failed to react for a long time.

“Brother… brother Junting, what are you doing?”

His body pressed against hers, his chin rubbing against her ear, and a hot breath sprayed her face.

These actions of his were like a danger signal to her, Lin Xiyu gulped and said, “Isn’t it just in the morning…”

She suddenly heard him laugh, his deep voice ringing in her ears, “See, how scared you are? Am I so terrible?”


He was already very scary when he started, okay?

At this time, Lin Xiyu was firmly fixed to the floor-to-ceiling glass window by him. The party downstairs was not over, the lights were bright and lively. Both of them were on the third floor, not high or short, others could see it as soon as they looked up.

This posture was really strange and shameful, Lin Xiyu struggled, “Brother Junting, let’s not…”

However, before she finished speaking, Lu Junting’s body leaned forward and nailed her tighter. His burning breath sprayed in her ear, and a slightly hoarse low voice said to her, “Don’t move, just let me hold you for a while.”

Lin Xiyu really didn’t understand, why did he have to hold her like this?

The movement of his chin rubbing against her ear gave her a sense of intimacy. Lin Xiyu felt her cheeks getting hotter and hotter, and she bit her lip to calm her heartbeat that was too fast because of his sudden approach.

However, the man who was rubbing against her ear suddenly stopped. He didn’t move for a long time, and Lin Xiyu didn’t dare to breathe a sigh of relief. Her heart jumped because of his sudden silence.

There was silence for a moment, and he suddenly clasped her hand around her body and hugged her tightly from behind. His lips pressed against the base of her ear and whispered, “You are mine.”


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