Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Jealous?

The words were as light as an illusion, and Lin Xiyu even suspected that she heard it wrong. She asked, “What?”

“It’s nothing.”

His tone returned to normal, and the ‘You’re mine’ just now really seemed like she heard something wrong, or maybe she had auditory hallucinations.

But the impact of this sentence was too great, Lin Xiyu wanted to ask clearly.

“Brother Junting, I just heard you say, I’m yours.”

“En.” He admitted quite simply, “You’re my wife, aren’t you mine? I’m yours too.”


What was with this ‘I’m yours’, Lin Xiyu felt flustered.

“What’s wrong? Is something wrong?” Lu Junting asked again.

He was still holding her, and the warm breath was blowing on her face as he spoke. Her face aws steamed even hotter.

“It’s nothing.” She held her head, not even daring to look back at him, “It just feels like we’re in love right now.”

Lu Junting said, “We are husband and wife, is there any problem with getting along like falling in love with each other?”

It was not unreasonable, they were husband and wife, and they had done everything a couple should do, but they didn’t have an emotional basis, and falling in love sounded strange.

“What’s wrong? What questions do you have?” Lu Junting asked her again, “Don’t agree with my statement?”

It was okay for husband and wife to be intimate, didn’t she also say that she should live a good life with him, not to mention that even if there was no feeling now, they could slowly cultivate feelings in the future. They couldn’t be the kind of loving couple who had that kind of mutual devotion, spirit and soul that were highly compatible, but being like a pair of like family members to support each other as a couple was also good.

Lin Xiyu smiled and said, “No, you’re right.”

Her answer seemed to please him, ands he heard him let out a soft laugh close to her ear.

Lu Junting let go of her hand, suddenly squatted down, hooked her to pick her up. Yes, that kind of very badly hooked with only one of her legs on his waist. She was instantly scared and had to wrap her arms around his neck and hooked her other leg on his waist as well. He laughed softly after hearing her scream in fright and having to use this position that wrapped him to keep herself from falling.

Lin Xiyu bit her lips, he was really a bad person.

Lu Junting carried her to the sofa and sat down in this particularly ambiguous position. Her legs naturally straddled the sides of his legs, which was particularly intimate and shameful.

She didn’t know what he was going to do without turning on the lights, and the feeling of physical contact was especially noticeable in the dark.

“Brother Junting, don’t make trouble.”

The strange tone seemed to tell him that she didn’t like him doing this, but she probably didn’t know that he would feel particularly emotional listening to her tone.

I want to toss her, toss her and make her cry.

“What’s wrong? Not even a hug?”

Did he really just want to hug her? However, Lin Xiyu still wanted to express her opinion.

“Brother Junting, I’m very tired today.”

“I didn’t do anything to you, I’ll hold you for a while and let you go to sleep.”

His tone sounded quite natural, and there was even a feeling of coaxing. Being hugged was not good, anyway, he did not not use this position to hug her, but why must he turn off the light to hug, the darkness felt very strange.

Both of them were silent like this, but he really didn’t do anything to her, just hugging her quietly for a while. Lu Junting hugged her and got up and said, “I’m tired today, go take a shower and sleep.”

Ah? Just let her go? Lin Xiyu thought that he would make trouble again, after all, his body language was too obvious. But she was relieved that he didn’t make trouble with her again.

Lin Xiyu fell asleep after taking a shower. The next day Lu Junting still took Lin Xiyu to take a yacht to a nearby island for a walk, and it was already noon when they came back. Both of them took Lu Junting’s private place directly back to Ancheng.

Both of them went to Lu’s house to pick up Little Baby, and when they went back, it was already evening. The week passed like this.

After returning from vacation, he began to work day after day, and these days lived calmly like this. Little Baby grew up little by little, Lin Xiyu and Lu Junting became more and more like a normal couple.

After a few months like this, he learned to call mom when he was about eleven months old.

Lin Xiyu still remembered that it was the season of peach blossoms. From the club to her house, all the way were colorful blooming peach blossoms, pink and white, falling all over the ground. The cement floor looked like a gorgeous place brocade because of the peach blossoms embellishment.

That day, Lin Xiyu finished eating and talked to him on the sofa holding Little Baby.

“Call mom, mom.”

Little Baby stared at her with big eyes, and his mouth grew into an ‘O’ word, as if he wanted to follow her but couldn’t call it.

Lin Xiyu was very patient, “Mom, I’m mom.”


A particularly clear sentence of ‘mom’ suddenly called out from the mouth of Little Baby, and it was very heavy, as if it took a lot of strength to call out.

Lin Xiyu was stunned when she heard this ‘mom’, she actually tried to teach him, and she didn’t think that he would really call it out. Lin Xiyu was afraid that she had misheard, and said hurriedly, “Ah, you call again, call mom.”

She looked at Little Baby nervously with a look of expectation, and the little one seemed to hold his strength for a while before he called, “Mom.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

Lin Xiyu suddenly had a mixed feeling, her Little Baby could actually call her ‘mom’. At that moment, the joy of being called mom had been greater than the shock. She was so moved that she wanted to cry, she urgently needed to share her feelings, and said the Lu Junting, who was still eating in the dining hall, “Brother Junting, did you hear it, Little Baby just call me ‘mom’.”

Lu Junting naturally heard it, he put down the bowl and chopsticks, walking over. Lin Xiyu hurriedly proved it to him, and taught him another work, and Little Baby really called.


Very clear pronunciation.

Lu Junting also felt incredible, his gaze stayed on his son’s face for several seconds. He sat down next to Lin Xiyu and taught him, “Then you call dad, call dad.”

Lin Xiyu also taught him, “Little baby, call dad.”

Little Baby looked at his mother and then at his father with big eyes, stunned for a while, and cried out, “Waa, waa.”

Lu Junting: “...”

The little one seemed to think that was quite exciting, and cried out a few more times, “Wawa, wawa, wawa.”

Lu Junting frowned and said unhappily, “Are you a frog, what a wawa, it’s dad.” He taught him word by word, “D-a-d, dad.”



Lu Junting was obviously hit by his son, he was a little frustrated, looked down at the little girl who was smiling, and looked dissatisfied, “Do you usually teach her to call his mom and not teach him to call his dad?”

Lin Xiyu, who was questioned, hurriedly smiled, and immediately said with a serious face, “Whatever, I also taught him to call his dad, I’m fair.”

In short, because Lu Junting did not receive a ‘dad’ call from his baby son, and listened to his ‘mom’. This man actually had a small belly and showed his jealousy in many things. For example, sometimes he hugged Little Baby, but Little Baby called ‘mom’, and he immediately carried his son to Lin Xiyu, and threw a sentence, “If you want to call ‘mom’, then let your mother hold you.”

For example, he bought a gadget for his son and wanted to use the gadget to buy him to call him ‘dad’, but Little Baby was still calling ‘wawa’. Lu Junting took the gadget back in a fit of anger, so anxious that Little Baby was about to cry out before he gave the gadget back to him.

It was not that chickens fly and dogs jump, but Lin Xiyu thought it was quite funny.

That night, because he was going on a business trip the next day, Lu Junting made a fuss for a long time. Every time he had to go on a business trip, he would ‘have a full meal’ and because he was a little angry in his heart because Little Baby didn’t call him, he tossed her all night. Later, Lin Xiyu, who had such a good temper, wanted to scold people.

Lu Junting left early the next morning, during which Lin Xiyu would bring a video of Little Baby and him every day. In the video, Lu Junting still did not give up, teaching his son word by word.

“Little Baby, come and call dad, call dad and dad will buy you toys.”



Lu Junting’s expression immediately darkened, Lin Xiyu wanted to laugh, but she was afraid that laughing would hurt Mr. Lu’s self-esteem, and she held it in.

Little Baby probably also felt his mother’s pleasure, and actually began to giggle. When Lin Xiyu smiled, he couldn’t help laughing, and Lu Junting’s expression turned darker.

He didn’t know if she wanted to deliberately stimulate him, Lin Xiyu also specially taught Little Baby in front of him, “Little baby, call mom.”


Lin Xiyu kissed him on the face and said, “Little Baby is so good ah.”

Before Lu Junting was stimulated by jealousy, Lin Xiyu was especially kind enough to comfort him, “It’s okay brother Junting, I’ll teach him a few more times, maybe he can call you when you come back.”

These words somewhat comforted Lu Junting, and he raised his wrist to glance at the time and said, “I have to go to a meeting.”

He was now abroad with a time difference, it was already dark here, and it was still daylight on his side. Lin Xiyu said, “You go busy first, I’ll take Little Baby to sleep.”

“I’ll go back in a few days, don’t forget to teach him well.”

Lin Xiyu smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will teach him well.”

What Lin Xiyu didn’t expect was that it was his scandal that arrived before Lu Junting. When Lin Xiyu was in the club when she saw Lu Junting’s scandal. She took a lunch break at noon, she was bored and scrolled the news for a while, and accidentally clicked on it and saw it.

Lu Junting was low-key, he usually appeared in financial news, but this news related to him was in the entertainment section, no other, because the one who got the rumors with him was an actress who just became popular with online dramas.

There were several photos on the news, all of them were GIFs. The first was a photo of the two entering the hotel one after the other, the second was at a drinking party, the photo should have been taken secretly, Lu Junting whispered to the woman.

The news headline was quite casual “Yuan Meiyi and her Ancheng big boss underground love exposure”, Yuan Meiyi was the newly popular actress.

Originally, Lin Xiyu usually didn’t pay attention to entertainment news, but when it came to her husband, she couldn’t help but look at it twice, so she quickly discovered that something was wrong.

This newly popular actress looked a bit like her, both had round-eyed cherry mouths, but this actress’s appearance was more beautiful, while Lin Xiyu was more gentle.

When she saw Lu Junting on this scandal photo, Lin Xiyu still held the attitude of watching the excitement, and she even thought that brother Junting was quite efficient. He actually came back with a scandal on a business trip. But after seeing the heroine of the incident, Lin Xiyu’s state of mind was not as calm as at the beginning.

When she saw this face clearly, she could even hear the ‘thump’ from her heart, along with the words of Lu Junting’s ex-girlfriend.

On that day, Lu Junting’s ex-girlfriend pretended to be Ms. Sun to go to Lu’s house, and before leaving, she said to her, “Lu Junting may have found more than one stand-in beside you.”

Coincidentally, the object of his scandal had a face similar to hers, and then thought that her face was also similar to his ex-girlfriend.

Lin Xiyu put the phone aside. Although she thought about living a good life with Lu Junting, they were actually the kind of loving couple. Although they had done everything intimate, they did not understand each other, and they had no feelings. It was completely for the sake of the child to make do with this kind of life, and there were little heart-to-heart words.

She didn’t really want to ask about his personal affairs, but if he really found another stand-in outside, and then came back to have sex with her after being intimate with another stand-in, it made her feel sick.

When Lu Junting came back, Lin Xiyu was playing with Little Baby. Little Baby could already crawl, but couldn’t walk yet. The living room was paved with a layer of soft mats to make it easier for Little Baby to crawl around.

Chapter Little Baby was usually naughty, climbing to a cabinet, and had to reach the things on the cabinet. Lin Xiyu was too late to stop it, the shoehorn on the cabinet was pulled down by him and smashed his forehead. Little Baby was in pain, and started crying when his mouth was deflated.

Lin Xiyu hurriedly picked him up and coaxed him, angrily saying, “That’s not something you should take, how can you go and take it indiscriminately!”

The good thing about Little Baby was that the emotions came and went quickly, crying for a while and cleaning up, drinking milk obediently. Lu Junting came back at this time.

He got down from the elevator and saw his son being held by his mother, a pair of small fat hands holding the milk bottle and gurgling and drinking. Lu Junting said, “I heard you crying on the elevator, what’s wrong?”

Little Baby had not seen his father for many days, and when he saw Lu Junting, he didn’t drink his milk and a pair of eyes looked at his father with a bright eye, then the milk in his mouth flowed out.


Lu Junting was used to this title, he walked over and sat down, scraped his face with his fingers. His meat was as tender as tofu, he shook it a few times, it was especially elastic.

“Are you happy to see daddy ah?” He helped him hold the bottle and feed it to his mouth, and said, “Drink milk first. After you're full, daddy will play with you.”

After saying this, he glanced at the little girl, but saw that she lowered her head. She only glanced at him when he returned, and then kept her head down and did not look at him.

“Why didn’t you greet me when I came back?” He asked.

Only then did she glanced towards him and said, “Brother Junting is back?”

The tone was clearly perfunctory.

How could a person like Lu Junting not see her absent-mindedness. Obviously it was fine when he was in the video call before, was it because of his scandal ah? She was upset because of his scandal?

Lu Junting felt funny, and there was a sense of joy on his face unconsciously. He said to her, “Don’t care about those rumors outside. They are all unfounded, I will clean them up.”

Lin Xiyu: “...”

Lin Xiyu actually wanted to ask why that girl looked so similar to her, but she felt that with their relationship, she didn’t need to care about this. 

Lin Xiyu said, “It’s nothing, I’m just afraid that this news will affect Little Baby.”

In fact, Little Baby was still young, and the impact would not affect anything. He didn’t know anything, but she didn’t want Little Baby to be pointed out by someone in the future when he went out and was told how his father was outside.

Although she said this, it did not diminish Lu Junting’s joy in the slightest, and he said, “I will clarify the things that are false. In the future, no one will say anything behind your mother and son.”

Lin Xiyu nodded. “Okay.”

Lu Junting went upstairs without much explanation, nor did he say why he went in and out of the same hotel with the woman, and why the two seemed to be chatting so intimately in the photo.

Just saying that this was a false thing, it seemed like she shouldn’t take this matter seriously.

At night, Lin Xiyu went to bed directly after coaxing Little Baby. Lu Junting came back from dealing with things in the study for a while. He hugged her from behind and asked softly, “Asleep?”

“Not yet.”

He seemed relieved, and then began to kiss her from her ear. He would become extraordinarily passionate every time before and after returning from a business trip, but Lin Xiyu was not really not interested.

She said, “I’m on my period.”

“Why is it so fast, isn’t it going to be a few days?”

The two had lived together for so long, and he even knew how long her period was.

“It’s ahead of schedule.”

Lu Junting didn’t ask again, kissed her at the corner of her mouth and hugged her to sleep.

She didn’t know what was going on. The words of Lu Junting’s ex-girlfriend had been lingerie in Lin Xiyu’s ears these days, as well as that little actress who looked similar to her.

Lu Junting once told her that he did not use her as a substitute. He let her believe him, she chose to believe at that time, in fact, whether she believed or not was still second. She just didn’t care, she didn’t care if she was a substitute or not, as long as he could fulfill the responsibilities as a father and let Little Baby grow up happily.

But not that there was another suspected substitute, she had to think about it now, what did Lu Junting treat her and her child as?

In this way, she couldn’t help but think of the contraceptive pill and the hospital, if she was not only used as a substitute, and Lu Junting used her as a tool as Lin Xiqian said, this matter would be much more serious than just using her as a substitute. Deception and manipulation, either of which she could not accept.

She had always felt that Lu Junting respected her and married her as a wife when she got pregnant, but what if in fact he didn’t take her seriously? What if he was really just toying with her? If he hadn’t toyed with her, how could he have gone to find another substitute?

Lin Xiyu was entangled, and finally decided whether to ask him directly, even if it was a partnership business, she had to ask if she encountered something that violated the contract, not to mention this kind of thing was still relation to family harmony, and she also said she wanted to live a good life. Since there was a problem then it would be better to ask.

After work that day, Lin Xiyu went directly to the study to find Lu Junting. After hearing Lu Junting answer, she pushed the door in. Lu Junting saw that it was her, he stopped what he was doing and asked, “Is there something wrong?”

“I have a few questions I want to as brother Junting.”

Lu Junting leaned back into the chair and patted his thigh, which meant that he asked her to sit on his lap. Anyway, it was not that she hadn’t sat there, Lin Xiyu walked over and sat down. Although it was not the first time, she still felt a little uncomfortable in the action, just vainly sitting on his lap.

Lu Junting put his arm around her waist and let her sit firmly, and then asked her, “What do you want to ask me?”

Lin Xiyu straightened out her thoughts for a moment before saying, “I have a few questions about the little actress who had a scandal with you.”

When Lu Junting heard this, the corners of his mouth curved. He didn’t know what he was happy about, and his tone of voice softened, “Okay, you say.”

“I want to know why that little actress looks so much like me? At that time, she was photographed talking intimately with brother Junting.”

Lu Junting’s face remained unchanged and said, “Do you remember Yang Hui?”

“Yang Hui?” Lin Xiyu had a little impression of this person, “I met at the cultural exchange conference at that time, and later she came to me, hoping I would join her company.”

“Oh?” Lu Junting frowned slightly, “There is still this matter?”

Lin Xiyu said, “I rejected her at that time, so I didn’t tell you.”

Lu Junting fell silent, and she didn’t know what he was thinking. After a while, he said, “Yang Hui planned to send a woman to me to win me, but I refused. Probably because she saw the relationship between me and you was unusual at the cultural exchange conference, she thought about moving my mind. You said that she had sought you before, and I guessed that she wanted to use you to get close to me, but she didn’t expect you to reject her, so she found someone who looked like you to approach me. As for what kind of intimate photo, someone deliberately found an angle to take it. If you don’t believe it, I can ask someone to call up the monitoring of the banquet that day to show you.”

Hearing this, Lin Xiyu fell into deep thought, so that girl was not another substitute he was looking for, but that Huili Fashion’s Yang Hui deliberately sent in order to please Lu Junting? The girl named Yuan Maoyi seemed to be indeed under Huili Fashion.

Lu Junting dared to propose to show her the monitoring, and what intimate photos she thought were also false. Lin Xiyu was slightly relieved, but she didn’t know why, she still had a very strange feeling in her heart.

“What’s wrong? Suddenly you care about this, jealous?”

Lu Junting’s smiling voice pulled her back to her senses, and Lin Xiyu suddenly blushed and said, “No, I was just curious to ask.”

“En?” He was still in a good mood, and there was pleasure in his tone, “Really not jealous?”

His tone was obviously teasing, and he was teased by this old fox with first-class control ability. Lin Xiyu couldn’t deal with it at all, her face was red, and her wet and flustered eyes gave people a feeling of coquettishness.

Lu Junting was inexplicably in a better mood, he tightened his arms and hugged her tighter, deliberately bringing his lips closer to the root of her ear, just to speak directly to her ear.

“Then tell me, why are you suddenly curious about my scandal?”

Why are you talking to me so closely? His breath was warm and every word he said burned her. His lips rubbed against the root of her ear from time to time.

Lin Xiyu bit her lip, blushed a little, and said shyly and urgently, “We are husband and wife, shouldn’t I ask these things?”

The little girl had thin skin, and she really couldn’t withstand teasing at all. She looked coquettish when she was teased casually. It really was… very delicious.

Lu Junting was full of smiles and deliberately low his tone, extremely magnetic. He kissed the side of her neck and said against her ear, “Of course, it should be, especially should, no one should ask more than you.”

Lu Junting hugged her for a while before letting her go. Lin Xiyu didn’t understand, obviously looking very cold on people on weekdays, but surprisingly like to be close to people.

Lu Junting had been very busy recently, leaving early and returning late every day, but after that day, she did not see the scandal between him and the little actress, and the little actress seemed to disappear overnight.

Lin Xiyu thought that Lu Junting had said that he would clean up this matter, but she didn’t expect him to clean up so thoroughly.

But even so, the strange feeling in her heart still lingered. Obviously Lu Junting explained it clearly to her, but she always felt that there was something she didn’t understand.

She felt that Lu Junting did not completely tell her the truth, such as Lu Jutning said that Yang Hui saw that the relationship between them was unusual at the exchange conference, but she recalled that day, she and Lu Junting both pretended to meet for the first time, and there was no excessive behavior. How could Yang Hui see that it was not ordinary?

If Lu Junting did not tell her the truth about this matter, then there was no truth about whether the condom and hospital were. After all, although there was no direct evidence that these two things were related to Lu Junting at that time, there was no definitive proof that it had nothing to do with him at all. He still had great suspicions, but later he helped her take photos of the letter written by her father to her, and she was moved that he was willing to spend time with her, so she chose to believe him.

If he was really looking for another substitute, if he really didn’t take her seriously…

Lin Xiyu felt that instead of worrying in her heart, it was better to figure out the whole thing, and she felt that it was a good opportunity.

She could completely change her thinking, in fact, she didn’t need to find out whether Lu Junting was looking for another substitute outside, she just needed to find out whether Lu Junting had tricked her to use her.

Lin Xiyu suddenly thought of an idea.


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