The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 7 - Military Department

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Chapter 7: Military Department

Wen Yan, who had always been pampered, changed his face because of a humiliating remark about Ning Yu!

In Ji Ling’s heart, he thought that the protagonist's halo was still good. Wen Yan would rather endure the humiliation and burden than see Ning Yu being humiliated for the slightest, so he finally could not bear it, right? He raised his head and glared at Wen Yan, pretending to be displeased, and slowly said, “What? Do you disagree with me?”

Wen Yan pursed his lips tightly and looked at Ji Ling’s eyes.

The teenager’s eyes were bright, and he looked at him stubbornly and unyieldingly.

For a moment, Wen Yan lost his mind, and after a few seconds, he swept away the chill around him, lowered his eyes, and said respectfully, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to contradict you.” The jealousy made him lose his proportions, he should have controlled his emotions just now.

Wen Yan didn’t want the teenager to know the vile and dirty thoughts in his heart and be disgusted… or feel fear.

Ji Ling snorted.

Wen Yan bent his waist and rested one hand in front of his body and said in a dumb voice, “I will leave first.”

After saying that, he turned and left.

Ji Ling looked at the direction Wen Yan left until he confirmed that he would not come back, he patted his chest with a palpitation. Didn’t look at his calm and arrogant look just now… in fact, he was actually almost scared to death!

He just wanted a little personal time, was it easy for him?

A few days later, Wen Yan really did not appear in front of Ji Ling again, and Ji Ling was happy to think that his words worked. Then, he just had to wait patiently for the plot to unfold.

According to the description in the text, after Ning Yu returned to the army, he met Jing Sui with Marshal Brandon at a palace banquet, where Jing Sui paid special attention and praised Ning Yu for his bravery in the battle. After this video was hyped up by people with intentions and circulated on the Star Network, public opinions said His Majesty deeply valued Ning Yu and fans were partying online all day, honored.

Ji Ling knew why Jing Sui deliberately looked at Ning Yu differently. At this time Jing Sui did not like Ning Yu at all, he did this just to show his attitude to the outside world, to show his importance and concern for the commoners, and to reduce the growing dissatisfaction of the commoners towards the nobles.

Jing Sui’s behavior—— was completely a political show. Some discerning people knew it well, but it still did not prevent the public from buying it, because from a certain point of view, it really represented the attitude of the supreme ruler of the empire today.

However, the original owner of his own body did not understand ah! He was a stupid and poisonous love brain. Seeing that Jing Sui was so kind to Ning Yu, an untouchable, his own henchmen also provoked him. He immediately ran to the military headquarters to find Ning Yu and gave him trouble. He wanted to give a lesson to this untouchable.

Of course, the lesson was not given, and instead, it was he who was hit in the face.

Every time Ji Ling thought about it, he was embarrassed, because, in his opinion, the original owner’s behavior might actually be used.

Just as Jing Sui wanted to win people’s hearts through this kind of political show, some people did not want to see Jing Sui succeed and wanted to give Jing Sui a hard time. So, what was the best way to do it? It couldn’t be better to suppress Ning Yu.

Once Ning Yu was humiliated and unfairly treated in the Emperor Star, he could easily provoke the anger of the people, let people point the finger at the ‘hypocritical’ His Majesty the Emperor himself, and let Jing Sui’s hard work go to waste!

So if he did this, it was impossible to be liked by Jing Sui!

Properly dragging a pig teammate ah.

Ji Ling was still a little embarrassed in his heart, but to go home, he still needed to wrong the protagonist's gong and shou. Anyway, the protagonist’s halo was extremely powerful, and his own jumping clown-like behavior simply could not really hurt them, but just disgusting them.

Ji Ling clasped his hands together in prayer, silently thinking in his heart: O’ great Jing Sui, O’ great Ning Yu, you are all radiant people who want to do great things; you don’t have to pay attention to me as a jumping clown. If you are really unhappy, just wave it away like a fly. After I finish the mission, I will burn three incense sticks for you eventually, and pray that you will live a long life and be a hundred years old, all the best to you, and hope that everything will be good for a hundred years, and the noble son will be born early, and the world will be peaceful.

After a few days, everything was the same as in the previous life. The Internet was covered with news of Jing Sui receiving Ning Yu, even Brandon’s limelight was temporarily suppressed.

Ji Ling said to himself, this was called the strength of the people, the nobles were higher up, but the number was far less than the commoners. This was also the reason Jing Sui attached so much importance to commoners because this was indeed a very powerful force.

By the way, his own henchmen should come to him today, right?

Ji Ling waited and kept waiting…

As a result, after waiting from morning until evening, from the evening until the morning…

Why didn’t these henchmen come to encourage him to find trouble for Ning Yu! Where did they go?

Ji Ling opened his muddled eyes and was confused!

According to the experience of the previous life, Lodz, who was the faithful henchman of the original owner, should have come over by now, adding oil and vinegar to insult Ning Yu. Because of the involvement of Jing Sui, he was ‘extremely jealous’ and lost his mind, so he immediately went to the military headquarters to find Ning Yu and trouble him. He wanted to give this untouchable, who did not know his place a lesson.

But this time, Lodz did not appear at all from beginning to end.

What was going on?

Ji Ling frowned and thought back for a long time, and finally remembered that since the last time Carlos appeared at their party, Lodz rarely contacted him. Could it be that he was afraid of Carlos, so he didn’t dare to come to him to fool around again? 

Ji Ling, who thought he had discovered the truth, almost shed tears of sadness. He knew that there was no good thing for that old bastard to appear, and the sequelae came so quickly…

At this point, it was no longer realistic to expect Lodz to come to him, but he must go to Ning Yu because it was closely related to the later plot.

Ji Ling thought about it and felt that he could still save it!

As a vicious male cannon fodder who focused on blocking Ning Yu, Lodz did not come to him, but now the whole network was touting Ning Yu. There were even CPs for Ning Yu and Jing Sui! The trouble of taking the initiative to take the henchman to find Ning Yu because of anger and jealousy was also completely justified as well.

Ji Ling suddenly became cheerful when he thought of this and immediately turned on the communicator and began to contact Lodz. “Hello.”

Lodz was still sleepy and in a daze at home. “What is it?”

Ji Ling said, “I see that the rising star is very unpleasant, just because he is also worthy of being compared with our Majesty? Let’s give him some lessons!”

As soon as Lodz heard this, he immediately sobered up in shock and stammered, “Wha–what?”

Ji Ling: “In half an hour, we will meet at the entrance of the military headquarters.”

Lodz: “Wait!”

But before he could speak, Ji Ling had already hung up the communication.

Lodz: “...”

Lodz looked at the communicator with dull eyes. The next second he rolled off the bed and ran out of the bed while putting on his pants and running out the door. My young master, you’re looking for trouble ah, why bother!!!’

Although he didn’t want to go at all, Lodz got into the car quickly.

He adjusted the speed of the hover car to the highest and violated several traffic rules before finally coming to the front of the military department before Ji Ling, and then staring nervously ahead.

A few minutes later, Ji Ling’s hovercar stopped at the entrance.

Lodz gave a jolt, jumping up to stop Ji Ling like his butt was on fire, and let out a dry laugh. “You, why didn’t you discuss this with me before you came out?”

Ji Ling gave him a blank look without anger and said in his heart. If it wasn’t for your unreliable instigation, I would have come a long time ago! Raising his eyebrows, he said, “Let’s go!”

It had been delayed for a day, and he did not know if it would affect the plot. Young Master Ji was now anxious!

Lodz’s heart screamed, he held Ji Ling’s arm with both hands and laughed, “That-- if we go directly to the military department to find trouble with people like this, will it be a little lack of consideration…”

Ji Ling paused his steps and finally looked at Lodz with some surprised, and thoughtful eyes. He didn’t forget that this kid was very bad in his bones, and he was most unaccustomed to commoners. The last time, he could add oil and vinegar to encourage himself to come. This time he was quiet as a chicken, but he was also a bit too much to stop himself…

Lodz was uncomfortable by Ji Ling’s eyes, but he still gritted his teeth and persuaded, “Look, although Ning Yu is not considered a thing, this is the Military Department… Marshal Brandon is most uncomfortable with dandies like us. If he sees us, we won’t be able to go out easily.”

Ji Ling raised his eyebrows. He hadn’t seen this guy so sober in his previous life, but one thing he was right about, I just want this kind of effect of not being able to get away easily! Ji Ling’s eyes became firmer, and he said coldly, “Are you going or not?”

Lodz: “No, don’t go…”

Ji Ling shook his hand and said, “Then you go back. I’ll go alone!”

Lodz: “...”

Seeing that Ji Ling had actually turned around and left, Lodz almost burst into tears. After hesitating for a moment, he rushed over and followed Ji Ling inside.

So what sins did he commit?

Previously, his father was obviously very supportive of his dealings with Ji Ling. He never cared about how he was outside, but not long ago, he suddenly let him stay away from Ji Ling and told him not to instigate Ji Ling to go out to fool around, letting him stay at home and not cause trouble. He also said that it was Grand Duke Carlos’s order.

Although he didn’t know why, Lodz still obediently kept his distance from Ji Ling. It was said that just a few days ago, Nie Tianqi was beaten half-paralyzed by a group of thugs on his way home at night. Even genetic repair could not cure him…

Lodz was in a trance at the thought of it…

He really didn’t instigate Ji Ling this time. He came here purely because of Ji Ling’s shrewdness ah!

He hoped that his father wouldn't break his legs when he went back today, yingyingying.

Ji Ling didn't care about Lodz’s tangled heart and walked forward without looking back.

Lodz seemed to be unreliable this time, so he had to do it himself. Wasn’t it just a vicious male character? It was the second time, so he could do it himself!

Ji Ling swaggered into the Military Headquarters.

It stood to reason that a place like the Military Headquarters was not something that could be entered and exited at will. However, Ji Ling’s status was high enough, and two Grand Dukes were standing behind him so that no one dared to stop him.

Although he had long known where Ning Yu was now. After Ji Ling entered, he still pretended to pull a soldier and said proudly, “Do you know where Ning Yu is?”

If he asked about someone else, the soldier might really not know. Although Ning Yu was a commoner, he was famous, and the soldier knew where he was, so he replied respectfully, “Major Ning Yu should practice in the drill ground now.”

Ji Ling nodded haughtily, turned around, and walked towards the drill ground.

It didn’t take long to hear the sound of ‘hoo-hah’ coming from far away, and the noise was wrapped in the breath of the men’s sweat.

A group of soldiers wearing black military pants and boots, topless, were fighting two by two, revealing their firm muscles and wantonly showing their scars and strength.

Ji Ling subconsciously glanced down at his slender arms and legs. Although he was quite good-looking, compared with these soldiers who fought on the battlefield, he still lacked masculinity. He simply looked like a pretty boy.

Ahem, thinking too far.

His target today was the legendary protagonist: National Idol, Rising Star, Ning Yu!

Ji Ling narrowed his eyes and looked over. Ning Yu and him in a previous life were also old acquaintances, but whenever he saw Ning Yu, he seemed to feel the unique protagonist's halo on him! He was so dazzling that no one could ignore his presence.

Compared to others who were sweaty and disheveled… Ning Yu looked as if he was born with an out-of-the-painting atmosphere. He was also wearing straight black pants, and shiny black military boots wrapped around his slender and straight calves. The upper body was a white shirt, simple and clean, soft short black hair fell on his forehead, a little wet with sweat, as if he had just moved, but still looked calm and unhurried. Perhaps realizing something, he turned his head to reveal a handsome and upright face, with a gentle and firm light in his emerald green eyes.

From head to toe, every part of his body, even the beads of sweat on the ends of the hair, seemed to exude the aura of the protagonist!

It was simply his own filter special effect.

Ji Ling’s expression was full, and he swaggered over with his hands behind his back!

His dress and demeanor were really out of place here, like a lazy and degenerate noble beauty in the oil painting, silently walking into the battlefield full of blood and sand. He immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Ji Ling met everyone’s inquiring gaze, came to Ning Yu with his head held high, raised his eyebrows, and looked at the black-haired and green-eyed man in front of him with a hostile gaze. He raised his voice to say, “You are Ning Yu?”

Lodz stood beside Ji Ling with a gloomy face. He absolutely could not stop Ji Ling’s stubbornness. He had told his father about this just now, and next… it was up to fate.

The only thing he could do now was to follow Ji Ling to support him.

Ning Yu looked at Ji Ling suspiciously and did not answer for a while.

Ji Ling was staring at Ning Yu coldly, with a look of contempt and condescension, and said impatiently, “Hey, I’m talking to you, are you deaf?”

As soon as these words came out, Ning Yu still didn’t react, and the soldiers behind him suddenly revealed the fierce gaze of wanting to eat people! Staring at Ji Ling’s unkindness coldly.

There were commoners and nobles among these soldiers. Each of them was a powerful evolutionary, and at the beginning, many looked down on Ning Yu, but battle after battle, they had already become friends of life and death. Ning Yu saved many of them, and all of them were happy and sincere to him.

And now their admired comrades-in-arms and superiors were inexplicably humiliated by a weak dude like Ji Ling. Many of them were already ready to give this dude who didn’t know how the sky was high a little lesson to let him know this was not a place where he could be unbridled!

Seeing this, Ning Yu’s brows frowned slightly, and he stopped them with his eyes and then turned back to look at Ji Ling with a calm and deep gaze. He opened his mouth to let out a clear voice, “Yes, I’m Ning Yu. May I ask who you are?”

Although Ji Ling looked arrogant, he was actually afraid that those people would be himself up before he said anything. He quickly and impatiently introduced himself, tilting his head proudly, and said, “I am Ji Ling!”

Needless to say, he was really quite famous.

Although it was not a good reputation.

Upon hearing his name, everyone’s faces changed, and many people showed an angry and stoic gaze in their eyes, bah… Although they really wanted to fight, this was really not the kind of dandy that they could fight casually. This was a dandy who stood at the top of the Dandy Pyramid with a background that was even harder than the iron plate to carry the Dandy world!

Seeing that Ji Ling’s name was at least considered to subdue others, Lodz slightly raised his hand to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead, he didn’t have to be beaten.

Ning Yu’s eyes were slightly frozen. Despite knowing that the other party had bad intentions, he calmly asked, “Are you looking for me for something?”

Ji Ling liked this kind of non-impulsive and rational person. There was no need to do the disputes that we could solve verbally! In Ji Ling’s eyes, Ning Yu did not know how many times cuter than that group of fierce and big men!

He coughed lightly and the corners of his lips raised slightly, reading out his long-prepared lines in one breath, “I’m here to tell you, don’t think that you have seen His Majesty and been praised by him, you really think that you are some kind of great thing. Even if an untouchable like you becomes an evolutionary, you are just our lackey and pawn!”

The big men behind Ning Yu began to fist-pump again. No, they almost couldn’t bear it. This person’s mouth was too bad.

Lodz began to shiver again.

After Ji Ling said this, he plucked up the courage to look at Ning Yu provocatively.

Ning Yu gazed at him steadily, his pale thin lips pursed, his pale thin lips pursed. After a long time, he replied in a sonorous and unhurried voice, “If the so-called lackeys and pawns you mean the pawns who fight against the Zerg and defend the country, then I would rather be such lackeys and pawns. Because I am not protecting the nobles who sit back and relax on the Emperor Star, but also the commoners of countless other star domains. They are the people who are closer to danger and need to be protected.”

In Ji Ling’s heart, this speech was really great. He was very moved listening to it. No wonder everyone showed such a bold boiling excitement! While moving, he showed a mocking look and scoffed, “Don’t be hypocritical. What is there to protect if the weak and lowly commoners die? Didn’t you join the army to earn military merit so that you could become a member of the nobility?”

The commoners among the soldiers were even angrier, they defended their homes and protected their relatives, and Ji Ling’s scheme humiliated them! The lives of himself and others were worthless in his eyes.

Lodz wiped his sweat again, and he quietly pulled Ji Ling’s sleeve, trying to dissuade him a little.

Ji Ling ‘slapped’ open his hand and continued to pull hatred as if he were dead. “Don’t dream, an untouchable like you can never become a noble.”

Ning Yu finally looked slightly cold and slowly said, “I’m sorry. If the nobles are all like you, I’m afraid I’m not willing to become one of you.”

Alas! What a nobleman with a strong iron backbone who did not admire power and nobility!

Ji Ling liked the opponent who cooperated like this the most. Every time he could naturally go down, Ji Ling showed his anger, like a cat whose tail was stepped on, and said coldly, “You dare to look down on me?!”

Lodz: “...”

Seeing that the atmosphere was becoming more and more tense, Lodz glanced around uneasily, only to see a tall man in a black military uniform in the distance as imposing as the wind, walking towards this side with harsh steps!

The man had dark red hair, his face was cold and sharp, and his cold gray pupils contained a terrifying terror, just like his ruthless coldness on the battlefield.

Who else was it if not Marshal Brandon?!

Lodz’s legs went limp with fear. It must be those damn guys who had reported the news! To say that he was just a little nervous before, but after seeing Brandon, he was really afraid. Brandon disliked them the most. He had always been iron-faced and never gave a face, and he wouldn’t care about Ji Ling’s identity!

Lodz hurriedly reached out and hugged Ji Ling’s arms, and whispered nervously, “It’s enough right? Marshal Brandon is here!”

Ji Ling’s eyes lit up when he heard this. Brandon finally came? Wasn’t I talking to give Ning Yu a show for half a day just to wait for you to come?!

He didn’t hesitate and shouted at Lodz, “Get out of my way! It’s not enough!” Then he deliberately raised his voice and said loudly to Ning Yu, “Don’t think that with Marshal Brandon covering you, I can’t do anything with you. How dare you mock me with your words! Marshal Brandon will give me some face when he sees my father, do you think he will offend me for an untouchable like you? I’m going to make you eat your words here!”

Ji Ling looked contemptuous, a cold and vicious voice came out word by word, “You - just - go - die!”

Lodz’s legs trembled like a sieve.

I think it’s us, probably, that will die.


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