Using Marriage as Bait : Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Don’t Divorce Me…

Lin Xiyu called Lin Xiqian to ask him to help. Lin Xiqian agreed without even asking, and the two of them made an appointment to meet. After listening to Lin Xiyu talk about the detailed experience, Lin Xiqian felt that he should help more with this favor.

A few days later, Lin Xiqian called and told Lin Xiyu that he had made an appointment for her. Lin Xiyu thought for a while after hanging up the phone, and felt that it was time to continue, so she went to find Du Ruoting. She remembered that Du Ruoting was very good at makeup, and when she had nothing to do, she put on the imitation makeup of various online celebrities, and Lin Xiyu discussed it with her at work that day.

“Why do you suddenly want to put on makeup?” Du Ruoting asked her.

“I'm just interested.” Lin Xiyu showed her Yuan Meiyi’s photo, “Can you do this little star’s imitation makeup?”

Du Ruoting looked at Yuan Meiyi’s photo and then looked at her face, “How do I feel, you and this little star look a bit alike.”

Lin Xiyu said with a smile, “I think so too, but I think she is more beautiful than me. Can you make me as beautiful as her?”

Du Ruoting agreed quickly without thinking, “I’ll try, don’t blame me if you are not satisfied.”

“I won’t blame, I won’t blame.”

When the makeup was done, the two were stunned, not to say exactly the same, but it looked seven or eight points similar. Du Ruoting helped Lin Xiyu thicken and blacken the eyeliner, and used a thick eye shadow to bring out the beauty of her eyes, plus some touch-ups. As long as it was not a person who was particularly familiar with Yuan Meiyi, Lin Xiyu could also fake the real when she went out with this makeup.

Du Ruoting couldn’t help but marvel, “It’s too similar, it’s really too similar. It’s simply uncanny workmanship.”

Lin Xiyu looked at the person in the mirror and couldn’t help but be stunned for a moment. Hearing Du Ruoting’s words, she came back to her senses and said with a smile, “Thank you Ruoting. I’m very satisfied with this makeup, and I will invite you to a meal another day.”

AFter getting off work, Lin Xiyu got into Lin Xiqian’s car and she asked, “Does this look similar to that little star?”

Lin Xiqian glanced at it and said, “It’s quite similar.”

Lin Xiyu was satisfied. Lin Xiqian sent her to Chengming Hospital, a private hospital where Lu Junting had brought her for an abortion, and Lin Xiyu asked him to help make an appointment with the doctor who was in charge of abortion for her at the time.

Coming to the door of the hospital, Lin Xiyu was a little hesitant, but she immediately thought that it would be better to try it, give herself an explanation and Lu Junting an explanation. It was not good to have this uncomfortable feeling in her heart.

Lin Xiyu adjusted her breathing, pushed the car door and walked down. Because there were not many people in a private hospital, Lin Xiyu wore sunglasses and a mask, and her dressing style was also an imitation of Yuan Meiyi. When passing the crowd, she saw several people looking at her, the look in their eyes, probably judging whether she was the little star.

Lin Xiyu pushed open the door of the doctor’s office, and there was a female doctor in her forties, with a wooly perm. Lin Xiyu sat down opposite her, and the doctor asked officially, “Name, age?”

“Yuan Meiyi, 21 years old.”

The doctor heard this and looked up at her, Lin Xiyu had taken off her sunglasses and mask. Lin Xiyu remembered, it was this doctor that was an acquaintance of Lu Junting, and she should know the person who had scandals with Lu Junting, and indeed her gaze was fixed on her face for several seconds before she finally asked in a businesslike manner, “Where do you feel uncomfortable?”

“I want to have an abortion, it was Lu Junting who referred me here, didn’t he call you?”

When the doctor heard Lu Junting’s name, she looked at her with a surprised expression. “Mr. Lu introduced you here? He didn’t tell me.”

Her attitude had changed significantly, from the official coldness to the later surprise at hearing her name later, to the sincerity and fear now.

“He told me that you are very professional in doing this, and asked me to come to you.”

She didn’t know what came to the doctor’s mind all of a sudden, she pondered for a while and said, “Sit down for a while, I have another patient, I’ll go check the bed and come over later.”

“Don’t go for too long, I don’t have much time.”

“Okay okay okay, wait a minute.”

The doctor hurriedly went out. Lin Xiyu sent a text message to Lin Xiqian, and after a while, Lin Xiqian replied with a text message: “No need to wait, come out.”

Lin Xiyu came out of the office and got into the car, Lin Xiqian gave her the recorded voice, saying, “After she went out, she really contacted Lu Junting. You can listen first.”

In the recording, only the doctor’s voice was heard, and she was only heard her say, “Mr. Lu, Miss Yuan came here, saying that you introduced her to perform abortion. You see that you haven’t called me there, and I don’t know what the situation is.”

The doctor’s voice paused for a while, not knowing what was said on the other side of the phone, but only heard the doctor say again, “Then now this Miss Yuan is here, how should I deal with it, or directly tell her that she can’t have an abortion like Mrs Lu did last time?”

The doctor later said a few more words, but hearing this, Lin Xiyu felt that there was no need to listen anymore. Originally, she had prepared a lot of doctor’s words, but now it seemed that it was completely unnecessary, this sentence was enough. She closed the recording and her heart sank to the bottom.

After being silent for a long time, she sent the recording to her mobile phone and said to Lin Xiqian, “Let’s go, send me back first.”

When Lu Junting received a call from Dr. Jiang, he was also puzzled. What did Yuan Meiyi have to do with him if she had an abortion, and how did she know that he knew Dr. Jiang.

He remembered Yuan Meiyi, the little actress who pulled him to hype. She was owned by Huili Fashion. Huili’s vice president Yang Hui once wanted to stuff people in front of him, and this little actress could get close to him because of Yang Hui’s help.

However, this little actress and Lin Xiyu looked a little similar but it surprised him. Yang Hui had seen Lin Xiyu at the Cultural Exchange Conference, he didn’t know if she saw something at that time, thinking that finding a similar looking could please him, but she didn’t know, this was directly touching his reverse scale. He made a few phone calls, and in the future, he would never see the little actress who had made a good appearance on the screen. Yang Hui could not mix here, the connections established in Ancheng for so many years were useless.

Lu Junting leaned on the chair and pondered. He had only seen this little actress once, it stood to reason that she shouldn’t know that he knew Dr. Jiang. Lu Junting suddenly had a not very good premonition, and probably to confirm, Lu Junting, who had always been punctual, left work half an hour earlier today.

Back at home, the nanny was playing with Cheng Mao. Lu Junting swept a glance and didn’t see Lin Xiyu, asking, “Where is Mrs. Lu?”

“She is upstairs.”

Usually, she would accompany the child when she came back, how could she hide upstairs, and the bad premonition was getting stronger. Lu Junting went upstairs and pushed open the door. Sure enough, he saw Lin Xiyu sitting on the edge of the bed, sitting with her back straight, and her eyes looking out the window, not knowing what she was looking at.

The bad premonition quickly turned into uneasiness after seeing her obviously strange state. Lu Junting adjusted his breathing, his tone of voice was still natural, and he asked her, “Why are you sitting here? Don’t accompany Little Baby?”

Lin Xiyu slowly turned back to look at him, she remembered that time, she asked him about the contraceptive pill and the hospital, he was frank at that time, and even had a kind of anger that he was wronged by her. How could a person interpret that false emotion so well?

No matter what the outside world said, Lu Junting was scheming and ruthless, but in Lin Xiyu’s opinion, Lu Junting was a well-born and well-educated person. He respected her, he cared enough about the child, he was a qualified husband and a qualified father, so even if she had no feelings for him, she was willing to live a good life with him, and she always chose to believe him.

But now, the facts told her that the man did not respect her so much, he was toying with her and deceiving her.

In the days since the two got married, although they were not as loving as ordinary couples, life was harmonious. He even occasionally showed a special favor for her, because with the child, there was warmth everywhere in life, and she remembered the bits and pieces of family getting along.

All the way back, she carefully thought about it. If Lu Junting really did something to deceive her and play with her, could she forgive for the sake of the child, for the sake of the harmony and even occasionally sweetness in these days, let him apologize well and everyone still continued to live well. However, she found that she couldn’t forgive, she couldn’t control the disappointment and anger when she knew that she was being played by him and deceived by him.

At this time, the way she looked at him was completely different from before. She used to look at him, shy, dodgy, even because she was afraid of him, she looked at him politely, but now, she stared at him directly, without any emotion, blank to make people feel cold.

“What’s wrong? Why do you look at me like that?” He asked her, still maintaining his calm.

Lin Xiyu swiped the screen of his mobile phone and played the recording to him. She kept observing his expression, and had to say this man was really hidden. His expression did not change much after listening to this recording.

“I went to the hospital today and found the doctor who checked me when I wanted to have an abortion at that time, and I told her that I was Yuan Meiyi. I was wearing makeup at that time, and I looked very similar to her, and she believed it. I said that Mr. Lu asked me to come, and she called you to make sure, but I didn’t expect to accidentally hear what you had told her before to trick me in the first place. Brother Junting, now that it’s all over, you don’t have to lie to me anymore, just tell me the truth, did you deliberately conspire with Dr. Jiang in the first place?”

Lin Xiyu’s tone was very calm and peaceful, as if she was not questioning him, but chatting with him on a daily basis.

Lin Xiyu stared closely at the man in front of him, so what would he say this time, would he also deny it to death, or even directly deny that the phone call was addressed to him?

Lu Junting’s expression had not changed much, his eyes calmly met her gaze, and he was silent for a long time before he said, “En, I did call Dr. Jiang at the beginning.”

This time he admitted it so easily, which was unexpected to her.

Although she already prepared her heart, her sinking heart was still half cold after hearing these words, and Lin Xiyu asked again, “The contraceptive pill was also secretly replaced by you, right?”

“En, it’s me.”

He admitted it simply, not much different from the last time she asked him, he still had a straight face. His expression did not fluctuate much the whole time, and she didn’t know if he hid himself too well, or if he didn’t think that tricking her was worth taking seriously.

Lin Xiyu’s hands at her side subconsciously tightened, and she then asked him, “That time I was drunk, you also deliberately didn’t wear a condom, right? I went to that hotel and asked. In that love hotel, every room will have a condom, obviously within reach, but you deliberately don’t wear it. You want me to get pregnant, right?”

He nodded and said, “I admit, I did think that way at that time.”

Lin Xiyu only felt a sudden surge of anger in her heart. It turned out that he really did it on purpose, she once felt that he was innocent, it was she who seduced him first. This matter was not to blame him, it turned out that he did it on purpose ah, deliberately letting her get pregnant.

Lin Xiyu suppressed her anger and continued to ask him, “Why, because I look like your ex-girlfriend? For various reasons, you can’t continue to be with your ex-girlfriend, so you want to find a substitute? Because I have no father or mother, do you think it’s very easy to control? Under the premise that I clearly expressed that I don’t want to have the child, you set me up again and again to give birth to a child so that I couldn’t leave your control?”

Even if she strongly suppressed Lu Junting, she still felt the anger in her. He stepped forward and wanted to sit next to her, but she jumped up abruptly and took a few steps back as if she was worried about some poisonous and harmful substances. Lu Junting’s action to sit down stalled, and her avoidance action stabbed him a little.

He slowly straightened up again and said, “I admit that I really wanted to keep this child, and I did some not very good things to keep him, but then Cheng Mao was born, don’t you also like him? That proves that I was right about what I did, even if my way was not good.”

“I like Cheng Mao, because he is a child I gave birth to in October; that doesn’t mean I approve of your approach.”

Lin Xiyu really didn’t expect Lu Junting to be such a person, she really didn’t blame him for that thing. Making love between man and woman was not a big deal, and it was she who seduced him first. She felt that brother Junting was very good, good for her, good for the child, but now, after knowing the truth, she felt like a fool for herself who once didn’t blame him. She was played with but still treated him as a good person.

She was so disappointed in him, really disappointed, so disappointed that she just wanted to stay away from him and end everything with him completely.

Lin Xiyu said again, “What do you take me for? I’m a tool, a tool to marry and have a child with instead of your ex-girlfriend because I look like her right?

She had never spoken to Lu Junting in this tone. The majestic and inviolable aura on his body always made her subconsciously afraid of him, but now, she said so unceremoniously, questioning one after another, more daring than taking the initiative to kiss him that night.

Lu Junting was also a little angry when he heard this, “Why do you think you’re a tool? Why do you always think that I take you as a substitute for someone, and what does something like her count as that can make you a substitute?”

Lin Xiyu was shocked by his words, not by the fact that he said that he did not use her as a stand-in, but by the fact that he used the words ‘something like her’ to refer to his ex-girlfriend, who was with him before.

Lu Junting walked over to her, because he was covered with a layer of anger, which made his aura look more impressive at this time, “She is the person I paid to find to pretend to be my girlfriend. She just has the title of an ex-girlfriend. I told you from the beginning that I never used you as a substitute, you are you, why don’t you believe me?”

Paying for a pretend girlfriend? Lin Xiyu didn’t believe it, and she looked directly at the imposing man and asked, “You didn’t use me as a substitute, why did you deliberately make me pregnant? Before that, we didn’t know each other at all, so you let a completely unfamiliar woman conceive your child. You tell me, why?”

He had walked up to her, he looked at her from top to bottom. The aura on his body enveloped her, his eyes stared at her, but his speech softened, “Can’t you see that I did it so obviously? Do you think I really have no self-control, that I casually touched you after you seduced me? Do you think that no matter what woman is pregnant with my child, I will marry her home?”

Lin Xiyu smiled mockingly, “Yes. Then you tell me, because of what? Can you tell me why?”

“Because I like you.” He said to her word by word, and he said it so heavily, almost said it through gritted teeth.


“I like you, so I can’t help it as soon as you seduce me. I like you so I want you to conceive my child. I like you, you are pregnant with my child, how can I want you to abort it, so I try to keep this child. We have been married for so long, can’t you see how I treat you? Even if I didn’t say it, but I did it so obviously, can’t you see it at all?”

Lin Xiyu was stunned while looking at the man in front of her. His words made her unable to come back to her senses for a long time. He said he liked her? He said these words to her in such a serious and calm tone.

Lin Xiyu felt very unreal, such a person, who was ambitious, liked to strategize. He had too many important things to do in his life, had an ambition to chase the world and this little love was too insignificant for him. But now he solemnly said to her ‘I like you’.

However, Lin Xiyu quickly came back to her senses, “You like me?” She thought that it was ridiculous, “We didn’t know each other before that at all, and we hadn’t even met a few times, how could you like me?”

She didn’t know what was wrong with her words that angered him. His face suddenly condensed coldness, a little anger came out from under his eyes and he said, “That’s because you forget. We have known each other for a long time, when we were still very young, we met when you came to play in the Lu Family.”

He said it so naturally, as if they had really known each other for a long time. Listening to this even made Lin Xiyu suspicious, she couldn’t help but wonder, could it be that they really knew each other a long time ago? Did she really forget?

“Remember that painting in my room? There’s a picture of a little boy and a little girl.”

Lin Xiyu also had the impression that the time she slept in his room, she inadvertently saw the painting, but it seemed that the painting was given to him by his ex-girlfriend.

“That’s what you gave me, the little girl in the painting is you, and the little boy is me.”


His unquestionable tone stunned her, but she soon realized something was wrong.

“How is that possible? I don’t know how to draw cartoons at all.”

She couldn’t draw. At that time she couldn’t even hold the pen well, clumsily holding the pen on the paper to doodle, like drawing a stake like drawing a tall and a short person, a few hairs on the head to represent hair, his hair was shorter, her hair was longer. She still felt that she drew well, and sought praise for this painting for him to see. 
“Brother Junting, look, this is what I drew, this little one is me, and this is you. Isn’t it very similar?”


He looked at that painting with an expression that was difficult to say. Where was such an ugly person in this painting like him? Later, he filled the lines and drew a little boy and a little girl.

Lin Xiyu suddenly remembered the last time she asked Lu Junting about the contraceptive pill and the hospital. He was similar to now, with a straight face, an expression of not doing anything wrong, and even took the initiative to question what else she had to ask him.

Lin Xiyu smiled and laughed mockingly, “Are you still lying to me now? Do you say the girl in that painting is me, the boy is you?”

“Yes.” He answered very simply.

“Then you should not know. I had a lot of hair when I was a child. My mother didn’t have time to help me take care of it, I had short hair until junior high school. I remember the girl you painted with hair tied in a ponytail, how could it be me?”

“That’s you, you just forget about it.”

He was still arguing for himself and he still had that same frank look.
“Do you think I’m the kind of ignorant lamb that can be pinched and beaten by people? Also, at that time, when I first entered society, I was still a girl who didn’t understand anything, plus my parents passed away, so you deceived me, bullied me, and thought I was easy to handle. If my parents are still there, would you treat me like that? Isn’t it just to bully me for being young and ignorant, bullying for having no father or mother, and having no one to rely on? Don’t take me as a fool anymore, I won’t believe a word from you now.”

Lu Junting remembered that the little girl had always been very afraid of him, even if she married him later, and said she wanted to live with him. However, every time he got close, she was always shy and timid, and when he looked at her a few more times, she didn’t dare to look at him. But now, she looked him in the eye fearlessly, without even her usual politeness towards him.

He was no longer Brother Junting who scared her, nor her husband, nor the father of her child. She no longer respected him, he was just a man who cheated on her. 

Lu Junting closed his eyes and adjusted his mood. He suppressed his anger, he did something wrong to make the little girl angry, and now was not the time for him to think that she didn’t remember him.

His expression quickly returned to normal, and his tone also softened and said to her, “I know it’s not good for me to lie to you. I will make up for it in the future, I lied to you because I want to keep Chengmao, you can put yourself in my shoes and think about it. The girl I like is pregnant with my child, I can’t wait to be happy, how can I let you get rid of him. You think about how cute Chengmao is, you like him very much, right?”

Why was he still lying to her at this time, how could he say that he liked her? He had already lied to her once, she knew how realistic this person could be when tricked people, and did he still treat her as a fool? Having already fooled her once, would she still be foolish enough to fall for it? How much more did he want to use her?

Lin Xiyu didn’t want to entangle with him anymore, didn’t want to be deceived by him anymore, didn’t want to be played with by him anymore, didn’t want to be a fool who didn’t know anything anymore. This kind of dangerous man, the farther away the better.

So she said directly to him, “Let’s divorce.”

Lu Junting’s body froze, he seemed to be suddenly struck by lightning. His whole person seemed to fade in an instant, the emotions under his eyes, the blood on his face, suddenly faded, as if suddenly became blank. His body even shook unconsciously.

“Divorce?” As if he had misheard, he looked incredulous, “Did you say divorce?”

“Yes, divorce. Didn’t we discuss this before? We will divorce after we have Chengmao. Chengmao has also begun to wean now, and it’s time for us to divorce.”

“I remember you told me that you were going to have a good life with me.”

“That’s because I didn’t know what kind of person you were. Now that I know, you’re scary, I can't play you, I hope you let me go.”


Lu Junting suddenly laughed after a long time. A cold smile floated on his face, but a chill appeared under his eyes, “Am I scary? How am I scary? Have I treated you badly?”

“Yeah, you treat me well, just like treating a gadget that you have tweaked. You gave me a little sweetness and felt that I can’t do without you, watching me being played by you in applause. Do you feel a particular sense of accomplishment?”

“Play? Why am I playing with you?” His face was cloudy, giving people a sense of solemnity that was about to come, “If I really wanted to play with you, really bullied you, you have long been locked up by me in a certain mountaintop villa abroad. So that you would scream everyday, and there will be no Lin Xiyu in Ancheng anymore. What you have to do every day is wait for me to be free to accompany you, that’s really called a gadget, that’s really being played by me, understand?”

Lin Xiyu knew that Lu Junting was terrible, but she had always looked at his terrible side from the perspective of a bystander. She had never experienced it, and Lu Junting had always been very graceful to her,so she thought he was a person worthy of respect, but now, she had personally experienced, at this time, he was dark and dangerous.

Every word he said, every expression on his face made a chill run down her spine to her feet.

Seeing the fear in her eyes, Lu Junting realized that it was wrong. He said these words in the heat of anger, he hurriedly suppressed his emotions, rubbed his brow with his thumb and index finger, until his expression was converged by him, he said, “Sorry, did I scare you? I won’t do that, don’t be afraid.”

Lin Xiyu didn’t want to say anything more, she walked around him and out the door. She went back to her room, took out her suitcase and started packing her things. Lu Junting followed her and saw this scene as soon as he entered her room.

The anger that had just been suppressed rose again, and he asked, “What are you doing?”

“I said I was going to get a divorce, and I won’t live here anymore.”

Putting the folded clothes in the suitcase that she had brought with her from the Lu’s House. Lu Junting hurriedly walked up to her, he took her hand and pulled her away from the suitcase.

“If there is anything we have to discuss, don’t divorce me, I don’t want to divorce.”

He looked a little panicked, completely without the awe-inspiring aura of Lu Junting, who had always been confident.


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