The Villains All Fell in Love with Me After Rebirth : Chapter 8 - Brandon

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Chapter 8: Brandon

Ji Ling raised his chin and looked at them with a provocative expression.

When the soldiers behind Ning Yu heard this, their eyes turned red with anger, and they looked at Ji Ling and wanted to kill him directly on the spot!

Seeing that the smell of gunpowder on both sides was getting stronger and stronger, and when the sword was tense, suddenly one of the soldiers turned sharply and stood upright, raised his hand and saluted in the direction behind Ji Ling, and said in a loud voice, “Your Excellency the Marshal!”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this, and then they all stood up and saluted. Looking at the awe-inspiring expressions of the soldiers, they knew Brandon’s absolute prestige in the army!

Although Ji Ling had long known that he was coming, he still subconsciously tensed his body, slowly turned his head, and saw the tall and cold man standing not far behind him.

The meticulous black military uniform wrapped his powerful body, he had a cold appearance and deep features, the brim of the hat revealed a pair of sharp eyebrows. The gray pupils that had never been warm seemed to be deeply suppressed with extremely complex emotions, like a mountain rain about to come.

Lodz almost fainted in fright, looking at Marshal Brandon like this, it was an extremely angry look ah! Just now, he heard it right!

The soldiers who felt humiliated and angry just now all gloated and looked at Ji Ling when they saw this, revealing mocking and disdainful eyes: Aren’t you very arrogant just now? And you say that His Excellency the Marshal won’t do anything to you? What a lack of self-awareness! Your Excellency the Marshal is angry, but it doesn’t matter what your identity is, even His Majesty is polite to His Excellency the Marshal, what kind of thing are you in his eyes?

Of course, Ji Ling also understood this, but he showed his ignorance and fearlessness dedicatedly, and seemed to have completely ignored Brandon’s gloomy eyes, and said with a big grin, “Your Excellency Brandon, your subordinates dare to disrespect me as a nobleman! Should you give me an explanation?”

Lodz was ashamed after hearing these words, he finally gave up the treatment completely, and only hoped that he could go back alive today…

The others all looked at Ji Ling with idiotic eyes, looking at him as he was either stupid or crazy.

How dare you ask His Excellency the Marshal to give you an explanation?

Only Ji Ling is fearless! Delighted, they waited for Brandon to order someone to throw him out.

Although the consequences were humiliating and embarrassing, wasn’t this the effect he wanted? He was not worried about his life being in danger, it was just a matter of losing face… Although Brandon was a ruthless iron-blooded soldier, because of this, he was essentially a principled person. Although he would clean himself up fiercely because of disgust, but given that he was still only at the level of bad mouthing, he would not take his life.

Compared with the ruthless and black-bellied Carlos and the vicious Wen Yan, in fact, the person in the face of the protagonist camp was more open, the typical bullying ‘good’ fear of evil.

Brandon stared at the teenager who raised his chin in front of him, his eyes fell into his clear blue eyes. The look in his eyes darkened a little more, and his tight jaw showed that his inner emotions were not calm. For a long time, he slowly opened his lips and spit out a low, mute word, “You…”

Everyone was nervous.

Ji Ling pricked up his ears, wanting to hear how he planned to punch himself in the face next, when a thick, slightly fat figure suddenly rushed over with incomparable speed! It was like a mountain that slammed in front of Ji Ling! He yelled, “Marshal, quell your anger!”

Ji Ling: “???”

Lodz: “???”

Soldiers: “???”

Lieutenant General Hawk firmly protected Ji Ling behind him, like an old hen protecting the boy, and let out a flattering laugh with a shy face, “Your Excellency, Young Master Ji didn’t mean it, he was just joking, don’t be angry…”

As soon as Lieutenant General Hawk’s words fell, he saw an undisguised cold killing intent appear in Brandon’s eyes! The chubby body couldn’t help but stiffen for a moment, and cold sweat flowed down his forehead…

But remembering Grand Duke Carlos’s command, he gritted his teeth and did not move, standing still as a mountain. A hand resting behind him waved, and the corner of his eye signaled Ji Ling and Lodz to leave quickly!

Ji Ling frowned slightly, this Lieutenant General Hawk did not appear here at all in his previous life, why did he suddenly come to spoil his business? He turned a blind eye to Lieutenant General Hawk’s hints, continued to provoke Brandon with dissatisfaction, pointed his finger directly at Ning Yu, and snorted coldly, “Who said I was joking? This untouchable dares to look down on me, and I will definitely not leave without giving him a little lesson today!”

This action and the words were extremely humiliating.

Ning Yu looked at him coldly, his thin lips pursed slightly, and his handsome face seemed to be covered with a layer of frost. 

Brandon ignored Ji Ling, but looked at Lieutenant General Hawk, and his deep voice contained a chill as he said, word by word, “Get out of the way.”

Lieutenant General Hawk only felt a huge pressure coming towards him! He didn’t expect BRandon to be angry to this extent, if he let go now, Ji Ling would definitely not be able to eat and go around today! Although he had always bided his time and did not want to scare Brandon in the army, if something happened to Ji Ling today, Grand Duke Carlos would only make things worse for himself!

Thinking of this, Lieutenant General Hawk looked fierce and said to his subordinates beside him, “What are you still stunned for, are the military department full of idle people? Why don’t you hurry up and take Young Master Ji out of here!”

His subordinates immediately understood, and despite Ji Ling’s resistance, politely yet forcefully pulled him outside.

Ji Ling didn’t expect things to evolve to this point. He was suddenly a little dumbfounded, and he jumped in anger. “Who said I’m leaving! Wuu——”

Lodz, who finally returned to God, had a strong desire for survival to urge him to cover Ji Ling’s mouth and drag Ji Ling out desperately with a few soldiers.

Ji Ling could only stare desperately: I’m not leaving! I’m going to wait to be hit in the face, you bastards let go ahh, wuwuwu, dam it!

Brandon’s eyes sank, but as soon as he raised his foot, he was once again blocked by Lieutenant General Hawk!

Brandon’s footsteps couldn’t help but pause. For a long time, he slowly lowered his eyes, looking at this person who was desperately blocking him, and the air pressure around him was so low that it seemed to solidify the air.

Lieutenant General Hawk’s smile gradually stiffened.

Brandon’s killing intent surged in his heart, and for a moment, he really wanted to kill this guy who was in the wya, but the only reason left stopped his impulse, allowing him to slowly calm down.

The teenager’s figure disappeared from his sight little by little.

Although he really wanted to chase over, although he wanted to take another look, Brandon looked around, looked at everyone’s awe and fearful eyes, looked at Ning Yu’s stoic eyes, and looked at Lieutenant General Hawk who was desperately blocking in front of him, he knew… he couldn’t do this now.

A few days ago, he had a long, long dream.

In the dream, many years passed after he and Jing Sui finally defeated all their enemies and created a world they wanted… It stood to reason that it was the life he wished for, and the ending was also satisfactory, there should be no regrets, but was this really the case?

When Brandon was lying in his home, calmly waiting for his long life to come to an end, he suddenly realized that he still had regrets.

It was just that small regret, with the passage of time, was deliberately buried in the deepest corner of his heart, so that he had forgotten.

But at the last moment of his life, he thought about it again.

Only then did he realize that he had never actually let go of it.

He was so regretful… the memory of that vivid and flamboyant, seemingly arrogant and domineering, in fact, was a kind and brave teenager, who burned all his love and courage, but finally failed to get a good ending, and ended tragically in that most beautiful age.

No one cared about his efforts, no one saw his true heart.

Even if it was himself who was saved by him… It was also because of the deep-rooted prejudice in his heart that he did not give him the reward and respect he deserved, ignoring him step by step towards the abyss.

The debt to the teenager was the only thing he regretted in his long life.

He was the only one he had failed in.

At the last moment of his life, this seed buried deep in his heart finally broke the ground unwillingly, making him realize that his life was not without conscience. If he were given another chance, he would never misunderstand him and hurt him again. He would protect him and take care of him, not only because of that life-saving grace, but because he deserved to be treated well, not to be hurt by everyone who was disgusted.

It would be nice to see him again… Unfortunately, it was too late, and this regret would eventually be taken to the grave by him.

Brandon thought this and slowly closed his eyes.

Opening his eyes again, he was back more than two hundred years ago.

It took Brandon several days to finally accept this fact, realizing that all this was not his imagination, and he was really reborn. Then an uncontrollable thought swept madly through his mind and occupied all his thoughts, and that was—— Was Ji Ling okay?

Brandon really wanted to go directly to see Ji Ling, but he realized extremely clearly that he had no reason to see Ji Ling now. His identity and the current situation did not allow him to do whatever he wanted without scruples, so he could only desperately suppress his inner impulses.

Patiently, patiently, waiting.

Waiting for the teenager to appear in front of him once again.

Brandon clearly remembered that after he and Ning Yu returned front the Nado Galaxy in the previous life, not long after Ji Ling came to the military department to find trouble for Ning Yu because of jealousy, and the previous life himself ruthlessly threw Ji Ling out of here, making him lose face in public and becoming a joke among the nobles. He was so disgusted with this kind of dandies, they were greedy to live an extravagant and degenerate life in the Emperor Star, but still had the peace of mind to humiliate those blood-soaked soldiers, such people did not deserve everything now! Nor deserve respect!

It was the vile and ugly side of these degenerate nobles that prompted Brandon to take Jing Sui’s side, determined to change all this.

But in this life, he looked forward to that day like this, not because of anger and disgust, but… this was the only reasonable reason for him to see Ji Ling, and he really wanted to see him again.

The urge to see Ji Ling even briefly overwhelmed his struggle with Carlos, his ideal beliefs, and everything.

Just yesterday, Brandon was so nervous that he was distracted all day and even had no intention of dealing with official business, waiting for someone to report the news of Ji Ling to him, thinking about how he should face all this.

The teenager was just spoiled, he did such an impulsive thing because he liked Jing Sui too much, he didn’t mean to hurt people, he was not the same as those degenerate nobles. This time, he would definitely never treat him so ruthlessly, as long as he thought of seeing the teenager again, how could he still let him suffer a little grievance? But Brandon waited for a whole day, and did not see Ji Ling’s arrival.

Then Brandon had to realize that after he was reborn, some things had unknowingly changed, such as Carlos and Ji Ling.

What Carlos had done had spread throughout the entire Emperor Star, what was this sinister and poisonous guy up to this time? In the previous life, he killed Ji Ling, but in this life, he wooed the Ji Family with great fanfare, did he want to use the Ji Family again? Was the change in Ji Ling’s behavior also related to Carlos?

Brandon was in a heavy mood, he knew that even if he had to do it all over again, the thought of achieving his purpose was not a simple matter, because it was full of too many variables and some things were already changing quietly.

Because of this change of heart, Brandon had thought that Ji Ling would not come.

But at this time, he suddenly received a report from his subordinates. Brandon immediately put down all the things at hand, and rushed over without delay. He finally saw this teenager he owed again, the current teenager, the brazenness in his eyes had not yet worn off, so beautiful and dazzling.

In the previous life, he never seriously understood him, only disgust and disdain for him. Even if he was saved by the teenager once, he still did not change much, thinking that it was just a teenager’s impulsive gambling and did not know the height of the sky.

What he saw was always only the surface.

In the end, it was his prejudice that prompted him not to really understand, to see this person’s heart, and not to discover the true pure and brave side of the teenager’s heart. If he even once put aside his prejudices to look at him, he would understand this, right?

Regret and self-blame made Brandon feel mixed and heavy. When they really met, he realized that he didn’t know what to say.

Even in the face of countless foreign races, overwhelming enemies, blood-soaked killing fields, he had never flinched. However at this moment, he hesitated, and it took him a lot of courage to finally say a word with difficulty.

As a result, this Hawk guy couldn’t wait to jump out and block him!

Brandon had long known that Lieutenant General Hawk was Carlos’s person, and it was a pawn that Carlos placed in the military department. Why did he suddenly jump out of the blue when he had not appeared in the previous life?

The answer was easy to guess, only Carlos’s command could make Lieutenant General Hawk come out to block him despite all odds.

So, Carlos, what did you want this time?

Brandon took a deep breath, retrieved his chaotic thoughts, looked coldly at Lieutenant General Hawk and spoke in a cold voice, “Lieutenant General HAwk, do you know what you are doing?”

Lieutenant General Hawk was cold. He knew how terrifying and cold the man in front of him was, and he barely showed a stiff smile and said, “I know you’re angry, but nothing big happened, just some verbal sparring. You are all adults, why bother with a child? Besides, offending Grand Duke Ji Ting for this is now worth it, right?”

Brandon’s eyes were cold.

Lieutenant General Hawk’s forehead was in a cold sweat, just as he was apprehensive…

He heard Brandon say, word by word, “You, behave.”

Lieutenant General Hawk was stunned for a moment, and then quickly bent over. The muscles on his face stiffened slightly due to fear and said, “Yes, yes, I know.”

Lieutenant General Hawk inwardly: His Excellency Brandon is so angry, it seems that he is really angry. This matter must be told to His Excellency Carlos!

The hearts of the soldiers: His Excellency Brandon actually let Lieutenant General Hawk down in public, not giving any face, seems to be really angry ah!

Ji Ling was already gone.

Lieutenant General Hawk also left in fear.

Brandon finally turned his gaze to Ning Yu on the side, and a complicated look swept through the depths of his eyes.

This was the person he admired the most in his previous life. Ning Yu was an excellent soldier, a noble idealist, and his comrade-in-arms who fought side by side. Although he was born as a commoner, he was not inferior to any nobleman, and his strength and excellence were beyond doubt.

An excellent soldier should not be overwhelmed by his origins, so Brandon had never been stingy in promoting him, and Ning Yu had never failed him, completing every mission well. In fact, he just provided an opportunity, and everything about Ning Yu was won by himself.

Ning Yu used his strength to prove to the world that commoners were no worse than any nobles, and all they lacked was enough fairness.

All this used to attract him so much, and even for a while, this appreciation evolved into a hazy like, but then…?

Brandon thought carefully.

After Carlos’s death, he was busy cleaning up the traitors and working with Jing Sui to fix the reforms. The Empire’s long-standing ills did not end with the simple death of Carlos, and they still had a long way to go.

He had thought that after Ji Ling’s death, Jing Sui would be together with Ning Yu, but to his surprise, the two ended the relationship unanimously, and they ended up not becoming lovers, but friends, or rather—— It was a partner for a common goal to move forward, and nothing more.

It was also at this time that he realized that he might never really understand Ning Yu as a person.

It stood to reason that Ning Yu was not with Jing Sui, he should be happy, but in fact he didn’t. He calmly and blandly buried the budding feeling, never mentioned again.

Ji Ling’s death seemed insignificant and trivial… but a lot of things have quietly changed.

He might not have been sure of his intentions for Ning Yu, nor what kind of complicated feelings he had for Ji Ling, but one thing Brandon was extremely sure of in this life.

If Ji Ling was really as unbearable as he appeared, how could he have the courage to do something like that, and resolutely appear in front of him when everyone gave up…

He was the one who owed the other party, and in this life, he would not hurt him again, nor would he give anyone the opportunity to hurt him again.

Brandon looked at Ning Yu with an apologetic gaze, and spoke hoarsely, “You’ve been wronged.”

Ning Yu’s gentle green eyes looked calm, and there was a trace of frankness and freedom. He smiled and said, “You know, it’s nothing.”

For this humiliation, he and many commoners liked him, had long been accustomed to it.

Ning Yu was surrounded by several friends, all of whom were partners of life and death with him, and when they heard this, they were sad and helpless. They all vented their dissatisfaction with Ji Ling.

“Your Excellency the Marshal, you don’t know how hateful that scum was just now!”

“We fought to the death for them, but he can justifiably humiliate us and look down on us like this. Who is he to do that!”

“I’m so disappointed and angry!”

“If it wasn’ for Lieutenant General Hawk stopping me, I would have killed the scum like him first even if I die!”

“Isn’t he a noble? One life for another life is also me who makes profit!”

Brandon looked at his indignant subordinates. His expression was complicated and his heart was conflicted and painful. Ning Yu should not be subjected to such treatment because of his origin, it was unfair, but this time… he couldn’t give him justice.

Not only that, he watched these people belittle and humiliate Ji Ling so much, and even a trace of anger surfaced in his heart.

You don’t know anything, you don’t know how brave that boy is inside, he is not like you say, he is different from those despicable and degenerate nobles.

You guys don’t know anything!

Brandon’s right hand clenched and spoke with a haughty voice, “Enough!”

Brandon’s thunderous anger, making everyone's eyes fiercely showing their fear. They rarely saw His Excellency the Marshal so angry, because there were a few things in this world that could move the Marshal…

It seemed that His Excellency the Marshal was also very uncomfortable with this kind of imperial assholes, right? With this uneasy thought, they saw…

Brandon’s eyes swept over them, his expression was cold and his thin lips were pursed. He said word by word, “It’s a prejudice to easily judge a person from the surface, do you understand?”

Ning Yu raised his eyes and swept a look of doubt.

The soldiers: “???”

Just now, weren’t you angry with Ji Ling?

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Ji Ling: I won’t leave, I won’t leave! Today’s death has not yet been made into the face, I haven’t been hit, I won’t leave!
Brandon: Who dares to hit him in the face! FierceGodEvil.jpg
Ji Ling: …
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