She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 42

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Here~ chapter 42, flashback still ongoing, enjoy your reading~
Chapter 42
translator&editor: Oyen

Yi Zeyan bought a wedding house near her elder sister’s restaurant, which was convenient for her and her elder sister to communicate with each other. He bought a very large double-story apartment and specially invited two maids to take care of her.

Living in a wedding house, Lin Qingqing's actions weren’t so free, because she would have two bodyguards to follow as soon as she went out. Therefore, Lin Qingqing was not too opposed to it. After all, the price of Yi Zeyan's child was calculated in billions. It was understanding why he permitted two bodyguards to protect her.

The days of raising a baby were a bit boring. Fortunately, her elder sister came to accompany her from time to time. Yi Zeyan was very busy at work and was not at home most of the time. However, he always came to see her first when he came back.

However, Lin Qingqing did not want to get too close to him. On the day she moved into the wedding house, the first time he went to her room to see her, she said to him bluntly, "You don't have to ask me whether I am used to living in anything uncomfortable or need anything. I will live as usual, and also don't feel uncomfortable. I will tell the maid what I need, and you will do your own things later. Don't worry about me."

At that time, she was sitting on the bed, flipping through the magazine in her hand, without looking at him. Standing by the bed with his hands in his pockets, he asked her. "Why can't I ask? You are my wife now, and I should care about you."

Lin Qingqing cast aside the magazine and looked at him. However, the man's aura was too strong, she did not dare to look at him, staggering her gaze slightly. "I remember, I had told you that the thought of what was happening to us made me sick. Therefore, you'd better stay away from me. We are married only for this child and there is nothing else."

Her words didn't make him angry, but his face was obviously darkened, laughing as if mocking himself. "I'm really sorry."

Thinking he was sorry about what happened that time, Lin Qingqing said nothing.

"I'm sorry to make you sick when you think of me." he added, "but my mother made me look like this, which I can't change."

After saying that, he turned and left. Leaving her and an oppressive silence room.

Lin Qingqing felt that she wanted to be a bad person. Apart from her elder sister, who she cared most about, she shouldn't have compassion for anyone. The bad experience of kindness returned with a cruelty had already exhausted her. She thought that she would divorce in the end, so she didn't want to get involved in any feelings with him. It was better to tear his face from the beginning. But somehow, hearing what he just said, she only felt a dull pain in her heart and felt a kind of unspeakable sadness.

However, she soon put the sadness behind. There was nothing to be sad about. He was just an irrelevant person, that's all.

Since then, he still came to see her from time to time, but deliberately kept a distance from her, asked her about her situation, asked her if she was used to it or not, if he went on a business trip, he would definitely bring her a gift back, delicious food, something interesting. Clothes and bags were also bought for her every season, but Lin Qingqing never cared about it. She also left aside the things he gave her.

He was aware of her attitude, but still bought it anyway.

As the day passed, Lin Qingqing found that her state of mind was also changing a little.

At first, she just wanted to give birth to the baby and go back to school as soon as possible, but as her belly grew up day by day, she found that she had a strange feeling for the child and was more reluctant to give up. She felt unspeakably sadness at the thought of being separated from the child after giving birth to him, sometimes so sad that she could not sleep, and even shed tears.

Thinking that she was ridiculous and hypocritical, but she couldn't help it. She didn't know why she was like this. It was like an instinct, and she couldn't control it.

With such uneasiness, the time for delivery had finally arrived.

Lin Qingqing was sent to the hospital a few days ahead of schedule. Yi Zeyan put off all the work to accompany her in the hospital a few days before the expected date of delivery. Lin Qingqing gave birth one day earlier than the expected date, but fortunately, the doctor was on standby at any time.

She didn’t know whether it was because Lin Qingqing often exercises, her physical quality was good, the delivery was very smooth, and she did not suffer too much.

However, she was still very tired. As if her complete being was almost collapsing. Yi Zeyan came over and asked. "How are you, are you alright?"

“Where’s the child?”

"The child was taken away for cleaning. If you are tired, you should sleep for a while."

Lin Qingqing was relieved and fell asleep. Waking up, she opened her eyes and saw a pink dumpling wrapped in soft swaddling clothes in her arms.

Pink and tender, a small ball, with eyes closed and slightly opened mouth. Seeing him, Lin Qingqing felt that the whole heart was soft as a ball of cotton. She picked him up carefully and stared at him closely for a long time. She suddenly laughed, very happy, as if she suddenly had the best thing in the world.

“Baby? Are you my baby?”

She couldn’t believe it. She gave birth to this cute little thing. It was so cute and fragile and needed people's protection. She really wanted to turn herself into a piece of hard armor and protect him firmly.

Lying in swaddling clothes, the little pink dumpling suddenly opened his eyes. It was unclear whether it was because he was just born, his eyes were a little swollen, and he just looked at her with a pair of his eyes.

Lin Qingqing felt that her heart was going to melt when he looked at her like this.

Looking at him like this for a while, and he suddenly burst into tears, Lin Qingqing panicked, not knowing what happened to him, but watching him cry, her heart stung, but she was inexperienced and panicked, not knowing what to do.

“He may be hungry, you should feed it with milk.”

Yi Zeyan suddenly appeared behind her, and reminded her. With that, he wanted to come and hold the baby to go for breast-feed, but he didn't expect that before he could reach out, he saw her suddenly lift up her clothes and deliver the milk to the child's mouth.

Yi Zeyan’s body turned stiff, immediately turned around in silence.

The little fellow was really hungry. As soon as the milk reached his mouth, he stopped crying and gulped it down.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Lin Qingqing whispered. "Drink slowly."

Because of her smooth delivery, Lin Qingqing was released from the hospital the next day. Although Yi Zeyan never mentioned the agreement they signed before marriage, Lin Qingqing was worried day by day.

Before getting married, she urged the two to sign an agreement-- to get divorced after giving birth.

Originally, she simply afraid of the problems would continue to rise, but now, she discovered that the problem was coming from herself.

She was not willing to give her child to Yi Zeyan at all. However, if she was going to take the child, Yi Zeyan would not agree.

She didn't know what to do, so she expressed her concerns when her elder sister came to see her.

"You mean.. you don't want to leave the child?"

Lin Qingqing held the baby and fed him. The little guy had a good appetite. As long as he was awake, he wanted to drink milk every day, but he was also very good. He cried only when he was hungry or when he shits and pees. Usually, he just went to sleep and didn't make any noise at night. Not to mention how easy it was to take care of him.

Yi Zeyan said that the child inherited him, and although she did not pay attention to him, she silently admitted it in her heart, because she heard that it was very difficult to take care of her when she was a child, so the child certainly would not inherit her.

"If I’m leaving, what about him?" She looked at the little dumpling, and her heart ached at the thought of leaving him.

"Does Zeyan know? Have you told him?"

Lin Qingqing shook her head.

"Why don't you discuss it with him and say that you won't get divorced and want to live a good life with him."

Have a good life with Yi Zeyan?

Although she didn't want to admit it, Yi Zeyan really didn’t say anything to her. At first, she was a little disgusted with him because of what happened that night, but she didn't fail to see what he had done for her during her pregnancy. He was considerate to her and took care of her. It could be said that he handled everything. He probably knew that she hated him and didn't dare to give her anything in person, so he asked and used her elder sister's hand to give it to her.

In fact, she started to feel not so disgusted with him when she was about six months pregnant, but she was too embarrassed to tell him that she had such a bad attitude towards the other side at first. If she suddenly told him-- Yi Zeyan, I don't hate you anymore, and you don't have to be so careful, you can get close to me as much as you like. She thought she didn't have the face to say it.

Now, after giving birth, she was reluctant to give up her child at all, and she was not so repulsive to their marriage like the first time. Sometimes she thought it was good to live like this. Anyway, she also needed to get married in the future.

"I'm embarrassed to say it. You know, I've never been good to him before, I don't know if he'll blame me."

Lin Zhenzhen replied. "Since you feel that you were never good to him, you can make up for it later. If you are embarrassed to speak, I will help you."

“Don’t! I’ll say it myself.”

Lin Zhenzhen took her hand and patted her, earnestly replied. "Zeyan is really a rare good man. We have all seen how he treats you. Besides, he often helps to deal with people who make trouble at the restaurant. So, just hearing you say you want to continue to be with him, I am really happy for you."

Lin Qingqing nodded. “I know.”

When Yi Zeyan came back, Lin Qingqing was holding the baby and playing in the living room, her baby would laugh. After drinking the milk, Lin Qingqing would tease him while pacing back and forth. He opened up his eyes a little and looked less swollen. He stared and laughed at her from time to time.

The child already has his own name, which Yi Zeyan had chosen earlier, called Yi Beiyuan.

“Baby Xiao Yuan, baby Xiao Yuan.” called her over and over again.

The more Lin Qingqing looked at him, the more lovely she felt he was. She just couldn't let go of him, she wanted to hold him all the time.

"You'll be tired if you keep holding him like this."

Hearing the voice, Lin Qingqing turned to look and saw Yi Zeyan standing in the doorway. He thought that her gaze at him right now was not as cold as before.

“You’re back?” she greeted him.

Yi Zeyan came over and reached out. "Let me hold him."

Lin Qingqing handed over the child to him. Sitting down on the sofa with the child in his arms, a big man held the child in a more standard posture than she did. He looked down at the child with a loving father's smile.

“I’m your papa, do you recognize me?”

The little guy stared at him, looked at him curiously, then stretched out his little hand to grasp his chin, and his big palm gently squeezed his little hand.

In fact, she really wondered why a man with such a strong aura had such a gentle side. He didn't find the child troublesome, hugging him every time he came back, and sometimes even helped to change his diaper.

She felt his gentleness and thought he had a fascinating charisma.

Lin Qingqing quickly staggered her eyes, and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

"By the way, I have to go abroad tomorrow and may not be back for two days."

By his sudden voice, Lin Qingqing’s mind was pulled back, she nodded. “En, I understand.”

Then discuss the matter about not getting a divorce after he came back.

Yi Zeyan left the next day.

Lin Qingqing was still in confinement and was afraid to go out for fear of the cold wind, so she stayed at home almost every day.

At noon that day, she was sleeping with her child when suddenly hearing the voice of a quarrel outside. She was going to see what was going on when the door was suddenly pushed open and several people stormed in from the outside.

Led by the one Lin Qingqing knew as Yi Zeyan's mother, during her pregnancy, Yi Zeyan's mother also came several times, but although Lin Qingqing could see that her mother-in-law didn't like her, Lin Qingqing also didn't like her very much, but she still polite with her every time she came. But this time, Zhang Shuxi’s face looked cold.

"Mother, what are you doing here?" Lin Qingqing looked puzzled.

Zhang Shuxi ignored her. Glancing at the child sleeping next to her, she told the person behind her. "Go and take the child away."

She was followed by several brawny middle-aged women, who immediately stepped forward to take the child. Seeing this, Lin Qingqing almost instinctively held the child in her arms.

At this time, sensing that something was wrong, she was not as polite as she was at first as she yelled. "What do you mean? Why did you want to take Xiao Yuan away?!"

Zhang Shuxi didn't answer, and the few women had come forward to seize the child impolitely. Probably because the fight between them made the baby uncomfortable, he cried a ‘wa’ sound, Lin Qingqing afraid he would get injured, so she let go.

"Mother, what do you mean?! Why did you want to take Xiao Yuan away?!" Lin Qingqing asked again.

Zhang Shuxi snorted coldly. "Why? I don't want my grandson to be raised in the hands of an arsonist."


"Don't think that I don't know what you did a year ago. If I had known at the beginning that you were the kind of person who would do arson, I would never have agreed for Zeyan to marry you."

"I am not an arsonist! At that time, the family admitted that they had been accused wrongly and just wanted to swindle money from me on purpose."

"Accused wrongly? At that time, it was Zeyan who bribed all the major newspapers to clean you up, and under the tremendous pressure of public opinion, that family changed its tune and said they were slandering you."

Hearing her words, Lin Qingqing was stunned, Yi Zeyan bribed the media to wash her white? They hadn't even met at that time.

Xiao Yuan was still crying. Lin Qingqing was so distressed that the tears suddenly overflowed from her eyes. “I didn't set the fire, I even ruined my voice to save people!” She urged. “Mother, Xiao Yuan is crying. Can you give him back to me first?”

Zhang Shuxi replied. "There is nothing good for Xiao Yuan to be raised by you. I will take him to Qizhou to raise him. As for you, I will persuade Zeyan to divorce you. We can't afford to mess with people like you who are violent and paranoid."

After Zhang Shuxi finished speaking, she was going to leave with her people. Lin Qingqing was very worried and cried again. "Mother, will you return Xiao Yuan to me, please? Don't take him away, please!"

However, Zhang Shuxi ignored her and directly told her people to take the child away. Xiao Yuan was still crying, every cries were clutched Lin Qingqing's heart. She would never allow them to take the child.

Seeing this, Lin Qingqing immediately shouted. "Stop for me!"

Lin Qingqing went forward, and several people immediately came up to catch her. Lin Qingqing had practiced chinese boxing before, and her body was quite agile, so it was not difficult for her to dodge the attack. So, she dodged the two people and strode forward. She grabbed Zhang Shuxi's hair impolitely. Zhang Shuxi was in pain and let out a cry of surprise. Lin Qingqing took two steps back and took the opportunity to flash in front of her and grabbed her neck.

The middle-aged woman walking in front with the child in her arms was also frightened by Lin Qingqing's movement. She stopped her movement for a while and didn't know to move or not to move.

Lin Qingqing's gaze was cold. She clutched Zhang Shuxi's neck tightly and urged. "Give me back the child or I'll strangle her."

For Xiao Yuan, she couldn't care about anything.

Zhang Shuxi tightened her eyebrows in pain, but still waved at the person. "Take the child and go quickly!" Then she urged the other two people. "What are you still doing? Pull her away!"

Lin Qingqing's heart was on the child. Seeing the person walking with the child in her arms, she did not have time to take care of Zhang Shuxi, lifting her foot to catch up with the other person, but the two people behind reacted and rushed to hold her.

Zhang Shuxi was relieved and sorted out the hair that had been pulled by Lin Qingqing. Rubbing her aching neck and coughing a few times before rushing Lin Qingqing. "I can't believe a younger generation is so rude to the elder!"

Lin Qingqing sneered. "You are no better as an elder."

Zhang Shuxi was so angry that she went up and raised her hand to slap her face. Feeling it was not enough, she gave another slap.

"Look at you now, how can you deserve Zeyan? Yi Zeyan helped you escape a year ago, and I'm too lazy to send you to prison again, but people like you , I will never allow you to stay with Zeyan, you should behave yourself."

With that, she turned and left. Lin Qinqing was pinned down by two people and could not move. Her face was burning with pain. Coupled with the pain of losing her child, she completely lost her mind. She then turned to Zhang Shuxi's back and yelled. "You dead old woman, give the baby back to me quickly! If you don't give it back to me, I will make you pay the price. I will make you pay the price! Dead old woman! You remember that!"

Zhang Shuxi had gone far, and the two people who pinned her also released her, Lin Qingqing only felt whole body strength was taken away, she sat down on the ground, her maid Hui Yi helped her and said two words in her ear, but she couldn't hear anything.

Zhang Shuxi's words rang in her ear over and over again.

Look at you now, how can you deserve Zeyan?

I would never allow a child to be raised by someone like you.

Although it was harsh, it woke her up, and she suddenly realized how ridiculously she wanted to maintain her marriage with him.

Indeed, a person like her, a bad person with nothing at all and a total failure, had no qualification to have a man like Yi Zeyan and to have his child.

Sure enough, it was better to be a bad person. She had to be cruel and didn't have to worry about anything, so that she wouldn't suffer.

Coming back the next day, Yi Zeyan saw Lin Qingqing was lying on the bed, but she didn't fall asleep. She heard footsteps and a baby wriggling sounds.

Lin Qingqing laid with her back to the door, he placed the child beside her and said. “I brought the child back. I'm sorry, it's me that didn’t protect you, the mother and son.”

Lin Qingqing sat up slowly. Without looking at the child, she coldly replied. "Take him out."

“What happen?”

“He is not my child, take him out.”

“Take a good look, he is Xiao Yuan.”

“Take him out.”


Yi Zeyan was silent for a while before he called the babysitter to take the child away.

"Don't be angry. I'll ask my mother to apologize to you."

“Yi Zeyan, let’s get divorced.”

Yi Zeyan frowned. “Why?”

"Did you forget the agreement we signed before we got married? Now that I have already given birth, is it time to divorce?"

Pondering about something, Yi Zeyan lowered his head, just seeing his sideburn moved. After a long time, he replied. “It’s not the time yet, the child is still breastfeeding. We will talk about it later.”

Lin Qingqing shook his head. "I want to leave now."

“Impossible.” He blurted it out firmly, almost without thinking.

At last, Lin Qingqing understood, this man unexpectedly didn’t want to divorce at all.

"Mr. Yi, don't forget that we have signed the agreement."

"Where am I doing not good enough, why do you have to divorce me? If there is a misunderstanding about my mother taking away the child, I will ask her to apologize to you, and I promise she will not take away Xiao Yuan again." Yi Zeyan's voice softened.

Lin Qingqing replied. "Remember what I told you? I feel sick when I think of what I did with you in the past, I don't like you. Being with you makes me miserable. Now that the baby has been born, I don't want to have any more entanglement with you."

She spoke very directly, piercing people's hearts. How could Yi Zeyan as the magnificent Yicheng group president hurt his self-esteem?! What kind of woman he couldn't get, why should he be tied to a woman who was ungrateful and hateful.

So Yi Zeyan, please quickly agreed.

"I can do better." He was not angry at all and replied with a gentle tone. "Give me five years. If you can't like me in five years, we will divorce. I won't restrict your freedom, you can do whatever you want and can even have people you like. Once you fall in love with someone, I'll let you go, but stay with me before you like someone, okay?"

Lin Qingqing did not expect that he would say this, he was clearly a strong man, why should he give in so much to her, and let himself be wronged like this?

Unexpectedly, Lin Qingqing had a feeling of anger. “You'd better not misunderstand. I am not that kind of virtuous and clever girl. On the contrary, I have a dark and vengeful heart. I will certainly give back the person who hurt me, even if that person is your mother. Your mother had bullied me so I will not make her feel better, maybe I will turn your whole family upside down in the future. Do you still want to keep a wife like me? Are you sure you can stand it for five years?”

He smiled indifferently. "You can do whatever you want, as long as you don't tire yourself out."

He didn't take it seriously at all, she just felt a fist hit the cotton.

"Why are you doing this?" she said angrily. "There are so many women in the world, who you can get, why don't you divorce me?"

He smiled gently, as if to himself. "There are so many women in the world..." he looked up, fixed his gaze on her, looking gentle. "But what to do, I just want you. Therefore, despite everything you do, I will love and spoil you."

Ling Qingqing: “...”
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