She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 43

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Chapter 43
translator&editor: Oyen

Lin Qingqing froze for a moment, then lowered her head, concealing her bitter smile. "I am not worth it, not at all."

"I know it myself whether it is worth or not, you have a good rest."

With that, he went out. Lin Qingqing sat weakly on the bed. It seemed that Yi Zeyan was determined not to divorce her for five years... Did she really want to stay with him for five years?

At that time, Lin Qingqing didn’t know what to do.

On the second day when Yi Zeyan brought back Xiao Yuan, Lin Qingqing overheard the conversation between Yi Zeyan and Zhang Shuxi downstairs from the stairways.

"I'm sorry for Qingqing. I really misunderstood her. I also blame myself for not making a thorough investigation. I accidentally found out what she set fire to a year ago. In addition, I did find out that you told the media at that time, so I thought she really set the fire that year."

Yi Zeyan replied lightly. "You have lived for such a long time. You shouldn't act so impulsively, and you shouldn't make random decisions without a good investigation."

Zhang Shuxi replied. "Yes, yes, I made a wrong judgment. Didn't I also worry about Xiao Yuan? If Qingqing is really an arsonist, how dangerous it is for Xiao Yuan to be kept by her side. That is why I decided to take Xiao Yuan to my hometown."

What else did the latter two say, but Lin Qingqing was no longer in the mood to listen.

She went back to her room to prepare something, knowing that Zhang Shuxi would come up and look for her in a moment. Sure enough, after a while, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

When Zhang Shuxi came in, Lin Qingqing was standing by the window. The air conditioner in the house was fully turned on. She only wore a long dress, which was very beautiful.

The scene two days ago was so ugly, Zhang Shuxi felt a little embarrassed when she remembered it again. She rubbed her hands. "I'm sorry about ... the day before yesterday. I misunderstood you." Pulling out a card from her bag and putting it on the bed. "There is some money in it. You can take it to buy something to make up for it."

Lin Qingqing didn't even look at the card. She smiled at Zhang Shuxi and replied. "You are also a mother. If your child is taken away and you see him crying but there is nothing you can do about it, how do you feel?"

Zhang Shuxi’s eyebrow twisted, but she still softly replied. "I'm sorry, I misunderstood you. Take a rest first."

She turned to leave, but Lin Qingqing said behind her. "How did Yi Zeyan's father die?"

Pausing her steps, Zhang Shuxi suddenly turned to look at her, and her complexion was not very good. "What do you mean? Why did you suddenly ask this?"

"I was bored and checked the news of Qizhou that year. The Yi family household was well known in Qizhou. Old man Yi was also on the local news when he died. The news said he died because of a sudden brain attack. However, he missed the best rescue time before dying. I am very surprised that Yi's family does not have a driver. Why is it that old man Yi's sudden brain attack happened and was not sent to the hospital by the driver but just called an ambulance directly. That time the weather was bad, why did the ambulance come late? And why did old man Yi suddenly have a brain attack? Was it his character? or someone deliberately angered him?"

Zhang Shuxi's face darkened. "What do you want to say?"

Lin Qingqing replied "You don't have to be so alert to me. Am I not the daughter-in-law of the Yi family? Can't the daughter-in-law of the Yi family talk about the family life?"

Zhang Shuxi did not speak, but her face got uglier.

"But I'm not so curious about old man Yi's death. I'm more curious about where Yi Zeyan's half-brother went."

Like being stabbed, Zhang Shuxi’s eyes narrowed, with a not good complexion. "Where do you know these? Zeyan will never tell you this kind of thing."

"Yi Zeyan did not tell me, but ... I don't know whether Yi Zeyan trusted me too much. He never evaded me when talking with his assistant. Once I saw a photo on the information he received from the assistant. The name of the photo was Yi Ze something. I thought Yi Zeyan had no younger and older uncle, so there were no children of his generation in the family. Then I guessed at random, I didn't think I was right."

“...” Zhang Shuxi had a feeling that she had been tricked by Lin Qingqing, her face did not look good, and she stared at Lin Qingqing for several seconds before she sneered. “What can you do if you know this? The Yi family never admitted that child."

“Really?” Lin Qingqing's face sank a little bit. “If it's not admitted, why does he dare to take that name? I also know that old man Yi wanted to divorce you and marry the mother of the child, and even took the woman and the child into the house to live. Old man Yi dotes on that woman and child, and you simply have no way to compete with them, or even have to swallow their anger and let them live under the eaves. Later, when you are desperate, you fall in love with one of old man Yi's good brothers. That good brother coveted the family property of the Yi family and joined you, first get rid of old man Yi, and then get rid of the mother and son. Old man Yi's good brother is Lu Wenqian's father. But you knew about Lu Wenqian's father's wolf ambition for a long time, and when Yi Zeyan had full wings, it’s really appropriate to describe your mother and son with ruthlessness.”

Zhang Shuxi's eyes flickered a few times, but as a family struggle’s expert, she didn't panic. She adjusted her breath and replied with a stable tone. "I don't know what you are talking about."

Lin Qingqing picked up the materials she had prepared early in the morning and waved it. "Didn't I tell you that Yi Zeyan never evaded me, so I sneaked into his study and copied a pile of materials. Old man Yi's death was odd. The whereabouts of the mother and child were unknown. Liu Wenqian's father's suicide in that year was also odd. These are closely related to Yi Zeyan no matter how you look at them. Do you think they would be very interested if I sent the secret information of Yi Family to Qizhou's newspaper? If these reports come out, will they affect Yi Zeyan? Now Yicheng Group is getting better, and these years are the critical period for Yi Zeyan. If news against him suddenly comes out, coupled with the fact that I am not worried about having a fight with him, will he be exhausted and devastated?"

Zhang Shuxi looked at her in disbelief. "Are you crazy? Zeyan is your husband."

Lin Qingqing shook her head and replied. "He's just your son now."

Zhang Shuxi understood what she meant, taking a deep breath to suppress her anger. "Tell me what you want."

Lin Qingqing conveniently put aside the information. "Do you now also feel that when the child is hurt, crying and making you feel helpless?! In fact, I don't really want to do anything to Yi Zeyan. As for me, I've always been a person who doesn't offend people who doesn’t offend me, but I'll give it back ten times to the person who offends me."

"Stop talking nonsense, just say what you want."

"It's very simple." Lin Qingqing smiled lightly, gentle and looked harmless. "You took my child and gave me two slaps. I don't care whether the child comes back or not, but I have to figure out what should I get revenge for these two slaps." She tapped her index finger on her chin. "Since I want to give it back ten times, you can slap yourself twenty times."

Zhang Shuxi looked at her with a face like seeing a madman. In anger, she snapped. "I think you are really crazy. I have to send you to a mental hospital to see a doctor."

Lin Qingqing replied with a neither too fast nor too slow tone. "If you don't want to slap yourself, I can send these things to the newspaper tomorrow. At that time, someone must want to dig deep into the secrets inside. If something is really unfavorable to Yi Zeyan, it won't be a matter of moral condemnation, do you think? Unless you kill me today, I can ruin Yi Zeyan tomorrow! It's up to you to choose."

Zhang Shuxi was so angry that she laughed. "Good, really good. How did Zeyan marry a woman like you?"

Unmoved, Lin Qingqing gave her a look that her time was limited, she needed to choose as soon as possible.

Zhang Shuxi closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. Sure enough, she slapped herself in the face, and then slapped herself again.

Seeing this, Lin Qingqing sneered. "Slap heavier, you didn't slap me so lightly."

Sure enough, the slap was louder. After twenty slaps, Zhang Shuxi's face was slightly swollen. The confident and dignified old lady looked a little embarrassed at the moment.

“Are you satisfied? Is it time to give me the information?!” She was so angry until her voice changed.

Lin Qingqing gave her the information. After seeing it, Zhang Shuxi’s face changed. "What is this?"

Lin Qingqing replied casually. "This is my thesis material."

Zhang Shuxi's eyes almost burst into flames. "What do you mean?"

Lin Qingqing shrugged: "Yi Zeyan has always respected me, so I also respect him. I can't do it when I go to his study to secretly look through his information. All the things I said above are based on his usual chat with his assistant and the information I inadvertently glanced at. But it seems that my brain ability is quite good. I think it's 70% true even if it's not 90% true. Otherwise, how could you be so guilty? Slap yourself in the face?"

"You—— you——" Zhang Shuxi stepped back so angrily that she almost had the heart to kill her. "You poisonous woman!"

"Poisonous woman?" Lin Qingqing nodded calmly. "That's not a bad name."

"Zeyan is really blind! What evil did my family do to marry a woman like you?!"

Lin Qingqing looked disapprovingly. "Yi Zeyan is blind. As a mother, you should advise him to divorce me earlier."

"You——" Zhang Shuxi clenched her fists and twisted her face slightly, but in the end she didn't say anything. With a snort, she turned around and went out, shutting the door so loud that a pile of review materials were scattered all over the floor.

Lin Qingqing slowly picked up these materials, one after another.

The corners of her mouth slowly evoked a smile, and she felt good to be a bad person.

The next day, while Lin Qingqing was listening to music, she heard her name called downstairs. She recognized it as Lu Wenqian's voice. From Lu Wenqian's voice, she could tell that she came with ill intention. She smiled and put down her headphones.

Before going downstairs, she specially chose a clean skirt, korean style dress, after giving birth to the baby's, her belly meat has not gone down, the korean style dress not only covered the meat but also showed big breasts, looking at it in front of the mirror, she was very satisfied.

When Lin Qingqing went downstairs, Lu Wenqian was sitting on the sofa drinking coffee. Picking up a snack and she gently took a bite. She was wearing a long white blazer with a slim dress inside. She looked like a socialite lady in every move.

She never had a good feeling for Lu Wenqian. From her marriage with Yi Zeyan to now, she and Lu Wenqian had seen each other several times. Every time, Lu Wenqian always said something to ridicule her, but Lin Qingqing didn't care. As long as she didn't hurt her interests, she didn't want to spend time worrying about it.

Seeing her come down, Lu Wenqian stood up and walked up to her with her arms around her chest, sneering. "Are you spoiled by Zeyan? You’ve got a lot of courage, even dare to hit aunt Shu."

Lin Qingqing replied. "I don't have the courage to hit her. She did it herself."

Lu Wenqian was blocked by her for a moment. Looking up and down at Lin Qingqing and she asked in a disdainful tone. "How did Yi Zeyan take a fancy to you?"

"He's blind."

Originally, Lu Wenqian wanted to stab her, but not only did she not stab her, but she could still make fun of herself calmly. Lu Wenqian felt uncomfortable and added. "Be pregnant before marriage, marry Yi Zeyan through the child, what means did you use to climb Yi Zeyan’s bed? A girl born in a family like you can only marry into the wealthy with this kind of trick, but do you think you can be a phoenix by flying to the branches? Since ancient times, China has always attached great importance to being suitable for one's family. Yi Zeyan only sees you as fresh for a while. When he has played enough, you will be useless. Therefore, you should keep a low profile and leave some room for yourself."

She spoke bluntly and pricked out her sore spot.

However, Lin Qingqing's face remained the same, and she even smiled at her. "Miss Lu, you are quite right. A girl born like me is really not qualified to marry Yi Zeyan. As the big miss Lu, you are more suitable for Yi Zeyan. It's just that I am very surprised, don't you and Yi Zeyan know each other a long time ago? Why doesn't he like a lady like you and take a fancy to me? Doesn't that mean you're not as good as me?"

She pricked her sore spot, and Lin Qingqing also pricked her sore spot, but it was obvious that Lu Wenqian had been stabbed. Her face was a little ugly and her voice was cold. "The fault is because you used some cheap trick."

Lin Qingqing laughed at her. "Indeed, I did use some cheap tricks, but so what? Yi Zeyan is now mine, I am his wife, and I have given him a child, and my child will inherit his estate in the future. At that time, everything in the Yi family will be mine, but you, Miss Lu, will get nothing. Wait until my child grows up, and when the Yi family is in his hands, the first thing I will do is to kick you out."

"I think you are daydreaming too much. I'll let you sober up." Saying this, Lu Wenqian picked up the coffee that she had just drank before and poured  it on Lin Qingqing's face.

"Awake?" Looking at Lin Qingqing, who was splashed with coffee, she asked happily.

The coffee had been on the table for a while, and it wasn't very hot, but the brown liquid spilled on my face and two drops in my eyes was still uncomfortable.

Lin Qingqing took out a tissue and wiped the coffee on her face. She smiled at Lu Wenqian. "Miss Lu, you move your hand first."

Lu Wenqian put the coffee cup down and clapped her hands casually. "So what? Yi Zeyan's bodyguards arranged for you at the door have been controlled by the people I brought. Yi Zeyan was not at home, and the two maids were driven away. No one can protect you." She said as she turned her new nails.

Lin Qingqing ignored her. She turned to the foot of the wall and pulled a golf club out. She replied to Lu Wenqian as if she were chatting casually. "Miss Lu, you probably don't know. Yi Zeyan doesn't put a bodyguard at the door to protect me." She smiled and looked at Lu Wenqian, but her eyes were very cold. "but to protect you."

Lu Wenqian looked at the golf club in her hand and frowned. Looking at her step by step, she looked alert and asked. "What do you want to do?"

When the words fell, she saw Lin Qingqing slam her hand and hit the club directly on her knee. Lu Wenqian suffered from pain and cried out in alarm. The knee that was hit instinctively bent on the ground.

She looked up and scowled. “What are you doing? How dare you hit me?!”

However, Lin Qingqing was not frightened by her imposing manner. With an indifferent face, she waved a golf club and hit her directly in the face.

"Ah!" Lu Wenqian exclaimed, one side of her face had been hit.

Lin Qingqing still hadn't finished. She held the club and hit her repeatedly. Lu Wenqian screamed when the club landed on her body. She groped for something to resist. However, Lin Qingqing saw her intention, as long as Lu Wenqian's hand reached out, it immediately fell down.

This big miss with low combat effectiveness was soon huddled to the ground by her. Lin Qingqing stepped on her shoulder and lifted her face with a golf club. Now her long hair was covered and scattered on her face, it looked messy.

Feeling she was taught a lesson by Lin Qingqing, now her eyes didn’t seem arrogant as before, She protected her face with her hands and looked timid.

Lin Qingqing looked at her expressionlessly. "Why, wasn't you so arrogant just now? It's just a few beats, why do you look like almost dying? Get up and continue, give me some energy!"

Lu Wenqian shook her hands to cover her face, and looked at her with surprise and fear. However, her mouth still refused to admit defeat and replied. "Don't be proud. If my brother knew that I was bullied, he would not let you go."

"Really?" Lin Qingqing smiled. "Then I'd like to see what your brother is capable of." She raised the club. Lu Wenqian had already suffered from the club. Seeing this, she covered her face and cried out in surprise.

Lin Qingqing’s club went down, and Lu Wenqian screamed again.

Just at this time, someone pushed the door, Lu Wenqian turned to look, she saw that Yi Zeyan and Lu Xiuyuan came in. As soon as Lu Wenqian saw them, it was as if she saw the savior. She hurriedly broke away, even crawled and ran over to hug Lu Xiuyuan, she was enraged. “Brother, she hit me, she's crazy. She hit me.”

Lu Xiuyuan looked back and forth between Lin Qingqing and Yi Zeyan. He touched her head but said nothing.

Lin Qingqing put the golf club back in, as if everything she had done was taken for granted and said to Lu Xiuyuan. "Mr. Lu, your sister must be disciplined well, otherwise she will have plenty of people to discipline her when she goes out."

Lu Xiuyuan replied. "I'm sorry, didn't discipline Wenqian well. I promise she won't come to bother you again."

Lu Wenqian couldn’t believe it. "Brother, what are you talking about? She just hit me. Look at what she did to me."

"Enough!" Lu Xiuyuan snapped at her words. Glancing at Yi Zeyan and forcing a smile on his face. "I'll take Wenqian back."

Then he took Lu Wenqian away.

Yi Zeyan and Lin Qingqing were the only two people left in the room. Yi Zeyan came up and asked. "I immediately came here as soon as I heard Lu Wenqian came. Are you alright?"

Lin Qingqing didn't want to talk to him, so she turned and went upstairs.

Lin Qingqing was packing when Yi Zeyan came in. Looking at it, he asked. “Where are you going?”

Lin Qingqing replied. “The school is going to start soon, so I have to go back to the class quickly.”

"The child is still breastfeeding. Why are you in such a hurry?"

"The child can consume milk powder while they are still breastfeeding. I don't believe Yi Zeyan’s son doesn’t have milk powder."

Lin Qingqing packed up her luggage and zipped it up. Yi Zeyan blocked it as she pulled the suitcase toward the door.

"I'm sorry that I didn't protect you. I will make up for you, the mother and son in the future. I will take more precautions in the future, and those irrelevant people won't disturb you again. You haven't been out of confinement yet. Take a good rest at home before you go to school."

Lin Qingqing stood firm. "You said, you will not restrict my freedom."

"What about the child? Don't you care about him anymore?"

Lin Qingqing drifted her gaze and looked away. "The child is yours and has nothing to do with me. I never thought about him from the beginning."

Lin Qingqing bypassed him and walked to the door. Yi Zeyan strode in the door to block her. Without looking at him, Lin Qingqing gave a cold statement. "Get out of the way."

"What about me?" His tone suddenly dropped, seeming to show a kind of hoarseness. "No matter about the child, what about me? Don't you want me?"

Lin Qingqing felt a twinge of pain in her heart. Although Lu Wenqian's words were not very pleasant to hear, she felt that it was something reasonable to say. She said that since ancient times,  China had always attached great importance to being suitable for one's family, and there was a big gap between her and Yi Zeyan's family conditions. If she was outstanding, she might have considered being with him, but now she was not the outstanding Lin Qingqing.

No matter how she looked at it, she was not worthy of him, and she felt ashamed to stand with him, so she had never appeared with him in public since she got married. Yi Zeyan didn't want to take her out, nor did she want him to disclose her identity. She was afraid to stand beside him, and she didn't want anyone to know that Yi Zeyan's wife was like this.

She didn't know why he won't divorce, then she should know her own place and stay away from him, maybe he would figure it out one day.

Closing her eyes, she replied in a cold manner. “I don’t want you either.”
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