She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 16

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Chapter 16- She Bit His Mouth
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan & Larkspur

His hand was very warm and somewhat calloused, and she didn’t know why, but she became more nervous when he held her hand. Lin Qingqing felt that she should tamp down such a feeling soon so she immediately pulled over her little son and clasped his hand. 

All at once, she felt much better with Xiao Yuan’s hand tightly grasped in hers.

Zhang Shuxi stood at the gate so the three of them went up to greet her first. She was especially happy seeing her lovely grandson and so the joy on her face was very sincere. "It was hard to come here all the way."

She led the trio inside. As soon as they entered, they met Cheng Yin. 

Cheng Yin smiled at them and said, "Dinner is ready. Zeyan-Ge, Xiao Yuan, wash your hands, and be ready for dinner." She looked at Lin Qingqing and saw her and Yi Zeyan holding hands. She seemed stunned but only for a moment and was back to herself in a twinkle of an eye, a gentle and touching smile appeared on her face. "Qingqing seldom comes here, but you have to eat more."

Before Lin Qingqing could speak, she heard a voice behind her saying, "I wondered why there was such a big spectacle. It turns out it is Zeyan who came."

Her voice was a mixture of one part sharp, one part high-pitch, and one part lazy giving the listener a casual vibe.   

Several people subconsciously turned their heads and saw a pair of a handsome man and a beautiful woman coming their way.

The woman on the left was the one who had just spoken. She was dressed in a short fragrant dress wrapped under a mink coat and she complemented the look with silk stockings and boots. All in all, she was clothed fashionably and gave off the aura of a young socialite. In contrast, the man on the left was dressed simpler in a purple shirt and a sweater. He had a beard that gave his overall appearance a mature and elegant feel.

Yi Zeyan introduced them to her. "This is my stepbrother Lu Xiuyuan and my stepsister Lu Wenqian."

It turned out that this was his stepbrother and stepsister ah. Not wanting to be rude, Lin Qingqing hurriedly greeted them.

Lu Wenqian looked her up and down and said, "It's really strange that you're here. I thought you'd never have anything to do with this place for the rest of your life."

Lin Qingqing's once warm smile became a little stiff. It seemed that she and Lu Wenqian had met before but they didn't get along well. 

What great luck! She didn’t get along well with her own mother-in-law and now she found out that she also had a strained relationship with her mother-in-law's stepdaughter. Great!

"By the way, I heard you lost your memory." Lu Wenqian observed her face with a smile. "It looks like it’s true. No wonder she's here and now her eyes don’t look as vicious as before."

Lin Qingqing frowned. No matter how bad she used to be with Lu Wenqian, saying these words in front of so many people, she wondered whether she(LW) was too self-righteous or too low in EQ. (E/N: Probably both xD.)

She felt Yi Zeyan squeeze her hand in comfort and heard him say, "Qingqing is my wife which means that this is also her home. She can come whenever she wants to. As for you saying that she has a vicious look in her eyes, I know more about her and the kind of person that she is." Yi Zeyan spoke slowly and orderly, with a hint of smugness in his tone. He raised his eyes and swept over to Lu Wenqian. "Do you have any questions?"

He looked friendly and gentle with a smile on his face, but when he said that, the air around him seemed to be frozen. In doing so, Yi Zeyan made no secret of his favoritism towards Lin Qingqing. Seeing that his attitude was so straightforward, the maids standing neatly around didn’t even dare to breathe. No one dared to challenge the dignity of the head of the family. (E/N: Know your place, peasants. Know your place! xD ) 

At Yi Zeyan’s words, Lu Wenqian’s expression turned a bit ugly. He really didn’t give her any face by saying these. She fixed her expression, smiled, and said, "Zeyan is quite favouring Qingqing."

Yi Zeyan's face remained unchanged. "She is my wife, if I don't favor her, who will?"

She still wanted to speak, but Zhang Shuxi frowned and interrupted. "Well, Qingqing seldom comes here so don't say those depressing words."

Lu Wenqian: "——" She was stumped for a moment. 

The two heads of the Yi family had already expressed their opinions on the matter so although Lu Wenqian was willful, she dared not continue to make a move. Lu Xiuyuan also pulled his younger sister in time and rushed to Lin Qingqing and said kindly, "Wenqian likes to joke. If she offended you, I apologize to you on her behalf."

Lin Qingqing was visiting for the first time and didn't want everybody to be too awkward so she said, "It doesn't matter."

Seeing that the atmosphere was finally better, Cheng Yin took Lin Qingqing's hand and said, "Qingqing, come here quickly, we've prepared many dishes that you like to eat at home."

Following Cheng Yin, she was somewhat surprised. When she first met her (CY), she could obviously feel that she didn’t like her, but now she was acting so enthusiastically. Was it to show off in front of the elders or something?

However, in front of so many people, Lin Qingqing couldn’t do anything else but just give her face. Thus, she was dragged in, and the hand that Yi Zeyan held had to be released.

Now Yi Zeyan was the head of the family and there were many rules for the family to follow during mealtimes. As the head of the family, Yi Zeyan sat at the head of the table, with Lin Qingqing and Xiao Yuan situated on his left. Meanwhile, on his right sat Zhang Shuxi, Cheng Yin's father, the Lu siblings, and Cheng Yin.

Cheng Yin and her father were able to have dinner with the Yi family, and judging from the seating position, the Cheng family had a high status in the family, not just as simple as the boss and hired hand.

The Yi family had prepared everything very well and made a lot of food that Lin Qingqing loved to eat. She was also satisfied with the service. Halfway through her way to the restroom, as she passed by the kitchen, she heard several female staff talking.

"Make more of this dragon beard candy, Madam loves it."

"Yes, yes, yes. We’ll make it right away!"

"Madam is the treasure of Master's heart, so you should observe her more. Whatever Madam likes, we must prepare them. In the end, if Madam is satisfied, Master will be satisfied, and if Master is satisfied then we’ll have a bonus at the end of the year, understand?"

At once several people chorused, "Understood."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

She was a little speechless at first but then shrugged her shoulders in nonchalance, ready to leave. As soon as she turned around, she saw that Lu Wenqian was standing not far away, and she figured that she (LW) was also going to the restroom.

Her expression seemed to be mocking, and she came over slowly, her arms folded. "People in this world are used to sailing with the wind. You probably didn't know but when my father was the head of the family here, these people were currying favour with me. Now that my father is gone and Yi Zeyan has become the head of the family here, they immediately turn around and curry favour with you. But don't be too happy yet. Things are unpredictable. For now, you have been buttered up and become the most treasured one, but you can never tell when this house will change its owner." 

Now that she had reached the kitchen door, she turned to the people in the kitchen and yelled, "It's bad to do things for the sake of money! It's even worse to talk about anything in regards to it. So if I hear you gossiping again, I'll let you pack up and get out of here, I'm still a member of this family and I still have the power to drive people away!"

Lu Wenqian's words fell on frightened ears, and sure enough, the air immediately quieted down.

She turned back and sneered at Lin Qingqing as if demonstrating to her.

However, Lin Qingqing looked indifferent and said, "You don't have to say that in front of me, I don't care. I don't enjoy receiving any kind of flattery and I don't really care if people think highly of me or not."

Lu Wenqian's eyes narrowed and said, "What do you mean by that? Are you ridiculing me for enjoying flattery?"

Miss Lu was really sensitive. Lin Qingqing opened her mouth and wanted to explain but then she felt that there was nothing to explain so she just smiled helplessly and subconsciously reached out to lift her(LQQ) hair.

But she didn't expect Lu Wenqian to suddenly take a step back. Her face was filled with horror and she blurted out, "What are you doing?"

Lin Qingqing: "——"

She looked at Lu Wenqian's face in puzzlement. Why did she react so much? She glanced at the hand that lifted her hair, she just lifted her hair...

Lu Wenqian seemed to realize that she had overreacted. She immediately coughed, schooled her expression, and hummed heavily towards the restroom.

Lin Qingqing: "???"

She looked at the hand that pulled her hair, deep in thought. Had she hurt Lu Wenqian before? Did she think she was going to beat her after she raised her hand?

Lin Qingqing was gobsmacked. 

She even beat Lu Wenqian?! The Big Miss is full of temper?!


After the meal, Yi Zeyan and several people in charge of the winery went to the study to talk about matters. Zhang Shuxi organized several members of the younger generation to play cards together. Lin Qingqing didn’t want to play cards, but for Zhang Shuxi who was an elder, she had to give her face, so she relented to play two games perfunctorily.

As they were all sick of playing mahjong, a refreshing new game “Jie Hu” was played. Lin Qingqing did not know how to play so two rounds were played to teach her.

It was actually very simple. Each player would have 7 cards and whoever disposed of all the cards first would win. For single, double, and triple cards, 2 was the largest, quadruple cards were bomb cards and the biggest bomb cards were double kings. The banker would start first and the rest had to follow on. For example, if you placed a 3 down, the next person had to place a 4. Those who could not follow on had to pick a card from the person playing after. It was not a difficult game as it was just a game played to pass time

Lu Wenqian seemed to have good luck today. She drew three or two cards. Several times, Lin Qingqing was cut off by her, there was no doubt about that. Finally, Lu Wenqian finished the cards first, and Lin Qingqing had the most cards left. So she was the biggest loser. 

Lu Wenqian could ask her for anything that she liked. She could ask for money or she could ask her to do something for her. 

She placed her finger on her chin and squinted at Lin Qingqing. "We all have fun here, but I don't know if Qingqing can adapt."

Lin Qingqing said, "Since I have decided to play, I am willing to accept defeat."

"So straightforward! Now that you’ve said that, I have no worries," Lu Wenqian said.

Lin Qingqing shrugged her shoulders and looked at her.

Lu Wenqian crooked her head and pondered, then smiled and said, "Why don't you just do a striptease for everyone?"


Zhang Shuxi frowned at the words. Whatever the circumstances may be, Lin Qingqing was still undeniably Yi Zeyan's wife and her daughter-in-law. To let her strip dance would mean to rub her and Yi Zeyan's faces to the ground!

Generally speaking, everyone knew the weight of the wager. Lu Wenqian was just too ignorant.

"Are you sure you want me to striptease?" Lin Qingqing asked.

"Of course! Are you going back on your words already?"

It seemed that Lu Wenqian refused to back down and she wouldn't give up until Lin Qingqing did a striptease.

Lin Qingqing was very clear that Lu Wenqian was deliberately trying to embarrass her.

At that moment, the atmosphere was a little tense. Cheng Yin was sitting beside Lin Qingqing. She smiled and said, "Qingqing is coming for the first time today. Don't frighten her."

Lin Qingqing couldn't help turning her head and looking at Cheng Yin. She didn't expect this girl to help her out.

"What are you planning? Is it your turn to speak?" Lu Wenqian spoke with undisguised contempt.

Being publicly exposed, Cheng Yin smiled awkwardly, somewhat embarrassed.

Zhang Shuxi’s expression didn’t look very good and she warned in a cold voice, "Pay attention to what you say."

"It's not the first time I’ve said so anyway. What if she doesn't remember what I said and does it next time?"

Zhang Shuxi’s expression turned even uglier, but she said nothing more.

Lin Qingqing didn’t expect that even Zhang Shuxi could not deter Lu Wenqian. She was no more than a stepdaughter and her father wasn’t even there, yet she unexpectedly could be this domineering in the Yi family. This fact made her (LQQ) a little puzzled.

Lu Wenqian raised her eyebrows and looked over. "What’s wrong? Didn't you say you would like to admit defeat?"

Lin Qingqing was fiddling with the remaining cards that hadn’t yet been touched and didn’t answer. 

Yi Beiyuan, who was watching cartoons, realized that his mother was being bullied. He ran over with his short legs, rushed to the several adults gathered, and said, "I just learned a set of boxing recently. Is it alright if I show it to you?"

Zhang Shuxi smiled dotingly. "Yes, yes, yes! Grandma wants to see it."

Lu Wenqian folded her arms around her chest and said with a sneer, "Isn’t this cowardly of you? You even need your son to rescue you?"

Lin Qingqing pulled Xiao Yuan to her and held her lovely son in her arms. She felt grateful and touched to know that he also wanted to help his mother out.

While in the midst of a break from a discussion about the matters in the winery, Yi Zeyan came out to have a look when he heard that something had happened downstairs. However, he didn’t go down but instead chose to stand in the corridor upstairs to observe the happenings below.

After listening briefly for a while, he understood what had happened.

Standing beside him, Cheng Bo and Lu Xiuyuan were a little alarmed at the sight. Lu Xiuyuan even planned to go downstairs to stop his younger sister. However, Yi Zeyan was still very calm and his face didn’t change much. Nonchalantly, he pulled out a cigarette from his pocket, lit it, and smoked in a leisurely manner.

Lin Qingqing was playing cards almost all the time downstairs. At that moment, she threw the cards on the table and pulled out two cards from them. She deliberately made a face of bewilderment and rushed to Lu Wenqian, saying: "It's really strange. You obviously took three twos in your hand. Why are there two more twos in the cards that haven’t been touched?"

Lu Wenqian's face changed a little, but she quickly said with an impassive look, "How should I know? You have to ask the person who got the card why there’s one more two."

It was the housekeeper who took the card. She immediately said, "I have picked a new card that has not been unsealed, and we also checked it. This shouldn’t have happened."

At that, Cheng Yin suddenly remembered something and said, "I remember Uncle Lu was an expert swindler…." She covered her mouth as quickly as she realized she had said the wrong thing.

However, that much was enough for the hidden meaning to be conveyed. Lu Wenqian's face contorted in fury and she yelled, "Shut up! Who gave you the right to speak here?!"

Lin Qingqing finally understood that Cheng Yin and Lu Wenqian didn’t have a good relationship. Cheng Yin probably came to her defense just to deal with Lu Wenqian.

She said, "How come it's such a coincidence that you've drawn three twos, and the others haven't even drawn one of them? If you want to say that the extra two have nothing to do with you then I really don't believe it. Your father was an expert swindler. I think he taught you everything he knew so this simple trick shouldn’t be hard for you, right?" Lin Qingqing deliberately provoked her.

Lu Wenqian hummed coldly. "If you want to play, you must be able to afford to lose! Since you have lost, you must be willing to accept defeat! Don't give me such nonsense."

"You won, yes, but if you won by cheating, is it still considered a win? Since it was stipulated in the gambling game that those who win can take any bet from those who lose, I wonder if there is any stipulation that other people can ask those who cheat to take a bet?"

Cheng Yin immediately answered, "There is such a rule. If the cheater wins, the rule can be reversed, and the person who was supposed to fulfill the bet can ask for a bet from the one who is cheating."

Lu Wenqian said, "Which eye of yours saw me cheating? Are you saying the extra cards were from my trick?"

"Aren't you the only one who can do such a thing?" Cheng Yin muttered in a low voice.

Lu Wenqian was very upset. She had always scolded Cheng Yin when she wanted to fight with her. Cheng Yin once again didn’t stop herself from retorting and didn’t shy away from challenging her authority even in front of Lin Qingqing.

"Shut up!" Lu Wenqian shouted as she picked up the cup next to her and smashed it at Cheng Yin. There was no water in the cup, but it would still hurt when it hits her.

Cheng Yin cried out in alarm, subconsciously ducked to avoid it. Perhaps she was too afraid that when she dodged, she kicked the table forward. Lu Wenqian was sitting opposite her. Fortunately, the edge of the table just hit Lu Wenqian's waist. However, as she was hit, a few cards hidden on her chest fell out.

There were two of them, one K and one Q.

When Lu Wenqian realized that the cards fell out, she was stunned.

Lin Qingqing said at the right time, "It's so obvious that you cheated. Do you still deny it?"

Lu Wenqian was angry. She glared at Cheng Yin but she wasn’t too flustered even after she was "stolen and captured" (T/N: found out). She patted her clothes calmly and said, "Ok, ok, ok, I admit I cheated. What do you want me to do?"

I don't think you would dare to look at me.

It seemed that this Big Miss was so used to being domineering in this family that even Zhang Shuxi couldn't take her.

Lin Qingqing took a card and played it around in her hand. She considered it carefully and said, "I'm still new here so I won't make it too hard for you. After all, I'd still like to be able to face you properly in the future, right?"

Lu Wenqian gripped her chin slightly and said nothing.

"So... How about kneeling down and apologizing? It's very simple, isn't it?

There was a moment of silence around her, even Zhang Shuxi and Cheng Yin couldn’t believe it when they looked into her eyes. However, Lin Qingqing spoke so easily and naturally.

"Are you kidding me? I, kneel for you? Who are you for me to do such a thing?"

Lin Qingqing thought back to the terrified Lu Wenqian when she had raised her hand. It was obvious that she had been beaten by Lin Qingqing before, but now she (LW) asked her (LQQ) to dance striptease to insult her (LQQ). Was it not to bully her because she lost her memory?

"‘A loser must be willing to admit defeat’. Wasn't that what you just said?"

Lu Wenqian stared at her coldly and wondered if she wanted to make Lin Qingqing stop as soon as she saw fit.

"Kneel down for me! This is the bet I want."

She looked at Lu Wenqian calmly, but there was a strong sense of persecution in her cold eyes.

She was adamant about her bet and she wouldn’t stop until Lu Wenqian knelt down.

Meanwhile, Yi Zeyan was standing upstairs and was watching the scene or rather, was looking at Lin Qingqing in particular. She was no longer the shy or timid woman that she was around him. On the contrary, she seemed to be that same woman again, full of hostility, like a beast that could bite people to pieces at any time.

For a moment, the tense atmosphere prevented even Zhang Shuxi from intervening in the circle of people, but Lu Xiuyuan no longer dared to be a simple spectator. He hurried down the stairs and rushed to Lin Qingqing with an apologetic look on his face. He said, "Qingqing, Wenqian likes to joke, you should know how she is. How about I play a piece of music to add to the fun?"

Lu Wenqian was dissatisfied. "What are you talking about? Who is she for you to entertain her?" 

Lu Xiuyuan eyed her with a cold look. Although he smiled, his tone was obviously held back from snapping at her. "You be quiet."

It could be seen that although Lu Wenqian was arrogant and domineering, she still had some respect for her elder brother. Although reluctant, she held her silence.

Zhang Shuxi agreed with him. "Xiuyuan plays the piano very well."

Lin Qingqing wasn’t stupid. Zhang Shuxi spoke up to give tacit consent to this matter. Naturally, she wouldn’t fail to give her mother-in-law face, so she took a step back and said, "Okay ah, then I'm all ears."

Originally, the matter was about to end in this manner, but then they saw Cheng Bo come down from upstairs and say something in Lu Xiuyuan's ear. The latter looked stiff and surreptitiously glanced upstairs, just in time for Yi Zeyan to show a slightly cold expression.
Lu Xiuyuan’s expression was awkward, and said to his sister, "Wenqian, come dance a striptease with me."

Lu Wenqian thought she had heard wrong. "Elder Brother, are you kidding me?!"

Lu Xiuyuan closed his eyes and breathed deeply, only then did he whisper in her ear, "Be obedient, or we won’t be able to get away today. Zeyan was upstairs and he saw everything. That’s what he wants us  to do."

Lu Wenqian: "——"

She looked upstairs but there was no one at the moment. She clenched her fists and decided to dance a striptease in front of so many people. It was a great shame to her, but she knew what her elder brother meant by not being able to get away with it. She knew exactly what it was like for Yi Zeyan to be cruel.

Yi Zeyan was too narrow-minded, but he was also so serious even though everyone was playing.

She gnashed her teeth, glanced one by one at the faces of the crowd, sneered and slightly ridiculed Lin Qingqing. Then she raised up her chin and said, "It's just a striptease. What's the big deal? If you dare to play, then you also need to have some fun!"

Lin Qingqing: "——"

Originally, Lin Qingqing took a step back because Yi Zeyan's mother said so. However, she didn’t expect the Lu siblings to apologize so sincerely. She snuck a glance at Lu Wenqian who didn’t seem to accept the striptease dancing.

But since the Lu siblings were like this, of course, she had to give them some face, so she smiled at Lu Wenqian and said, "Please."

Lu Xiuyuan played the piano very well indeed. As for Lu Wenqian's striptease dance... Although it was a striptease dance, not all her clothes were removed, and a skirt was left on her body. She was also very unwilling to dance, so the dance looked a little awkward and the whole performance was a pain to watch.

After the striptease, no one played cards again and the Lu siblings left. The matter was officially over.

Sometime later, Lin Qingqing learned that the Lu siblings didn’t live with Zhang Shuxi. Instead, they lived just next door, and it was said that the Yi family deliberately assigned part of their house to the two. Despite the incident being exposed, the atmosphere of the Yi family was still happy and harmonious as if nothing untoward had happened.

Lin Qingqing played with Xiao Yuan for a while until he was taken to bed by his grandmother. Zhang Shuxi missed her grandson and wanted to sleep with him so the mother didn’t protest.

After a while, the housekeeper of the Yi family also took Lin Qingqing to a room where she was told she would rest for the night.

Lin Qingqing went in and soon found out that this was Yi Zeyan's room. The room was very retro and was decorated with a blend of the 1920s and 1930s styles. The house itself had a Western-style layout, but it was adorned with Chinese-style furniture. This was the interior design that many large families admired during the Republic of China. Back then, it may have been a bit foreign, but at present, it looked quite tasteful.

On the table were neatly arranged books and some photos, mostly of Yi Zeyan and others, with several of them belonging to the same person.

Yi Zeyan who was around 15 or 16 and was dressed in a jersey was beside a boy of the same age, and they had their arms on each other’s back. The two high-spirited teenagers were smiling widely while standing in front of a fighter plane to have their picture taken. 

There was also a picture of two men in military uniform, with their hands clasped in front of them, standing in proper posture, calm and expressionless, showing a soldier's solemnity.

Lin Qingqing remembered that Xiao Yuan had told her that his father had been in the army before and that he was good at marksmanship.

At that time, Mr. Yi looked to be in his early twenties at the most, with his hair cropped short and his military uniform majestic and serious. He looked tall and handsome, but the man next to him was less conspicuous.

Another photo sat next to this one. There was only Yi Zeyan in it. He was still in a military uniform but carried a military uniform in his hand.

Lin Qingqing had some doubts. She carefully observed the two men and found that the man standing with Yi Zeyan seemed to look a little like Cheng Yin. She remembered that Yi Zeyan had told her that Cheng Yin's brother was his good brother, but she hadn't seen him here for so long. 

Was Cheng Yin's brother gone? Was that his uniform that Yi Zeyan held in his hands?

After looking at the photos, Lin Qingqing took a bath and climbed into bed. The housekeeper arranged Yi Zeyan's room for her... 

… So where would Yi Zeyan stay

Lin Qingqing was immediately startled at the thought of this dilemma. She was now Yi Zeyan's wife and they were back at his parents' house together. Of course, the housekeeper would arrange for her to sleep in his room!

That is to say, if Yi Zeyan will come to this room to sleep later?

Well, he is the head of the family, how can he not! And how can he sleep in the guest room? If people here knew that their relationship isn’t good and that they have been sleeping separately, they would lose face. What’s more, to arrange for Yi Zeyan to sleep in the guest room ah, isn’t it too disrespectful?

What should I do?! 

The little one was taken away by his grandmother, so there was no one in-between. She would have to lie in bed alone with Yi Zeyan.

Although it's true that they are husband and wife...

Lin Qingqing hurriedly huddled into the quilt, shrank in, and felt something was wrong. Then got out of bed and jumped under it but didn’t know what to do. 

Should she tell the housekeeper that she and Yi Zeyan slept in separate rooms? Should she have the housekeeper arrange another room for her?

If it were to be like this then what about Yi Zeyan's face?

Not proper, not proper. It's even more inappropriate!

It seemed that only when Yi Zeyan came back could they discuss it. Lin Qingqing crawled into bed again and took a book to read. She waited for a long time but the man had still not returned.

Is he still busy with the affairs of the winery, or already asleep in another room?

Whatever the case, Lin Qingqing couldn't keep waiting much longer. She plopped onto the bed and soon fell asleep.

Yi Zeyan knew that Lin Qingqing would sleep in his room that night. In fact, this arrangement was implied to him by the housekeeper, so it didn’t surprise him that he came to his room and found the woman asleep in bed.

She slept soundly and couldn’t detect any arrival. He sat down beside the bed and looked at her slumbering face. For a long time, he didn’t move. In the darkness, his body was like a petrified beast.

He looked at her for a while before he went to wash up, but when he lay down in bed, he wasn’t next to her, but on the other side, far away from her.

Yi Zeyan found that he couldn’t sleep at all. He put his arm behind his head and turned to look at her. The room was dimly lit and in the faint light, he could see her vague sleeping face.

This should be the first time they had slept alone in a room since they got married. He had slept with her three times since meeting her for the first time. One was the accident, the other was with Xiao Yuan, and the third was now.

Initially, he thought that she would refuse the housekeeper's arrangement. After all, she knew very well that sleeping here and sharing a room with him was the default expectation. Besides, the last time she slept in his room, Xiao Yuan was there, but this time there was no Xiao Yuan. He never thought that she would like to lie in the same bed with him.

As he gazed at her slumbering mien, he was filled with a hazy feeling as if he was in a dream. He concluded that people by nature are probably greedy, including him. When she rejected him, he always hoped that she would let him get closer, even a little.  But now after getting closer, he wanted to get a lot closer.

So, after the short incredible feeling, he moved a little bit over to her. However, there was still a little distance between them. Even so, this distance still allowed him to clearly smell the shampoo on her hair and hear her breathing evenly.

But it wasn’t enough, and he still wanted to be closer. He thought of how he felt when he secretly hugged her that night, her soft body nestled in his arms. Her sweet smell descended on his nose.

It was confirmed. He was greedy. Very greedy! (T/N: sings “Greedy” by Ariana Grande. xD)

He slowly stretched out his arms to embrace her through the quilt, but he was so strong that he dared not hold her too tightly for fear that she would wake up. After doing all this, he breathed softly.

However, his movements were stiff and he dared not get too close for comfort to her because she may not like it. Every time he faced her, he had had reservations and that had become his subconscious thought whenever he was around her.

The person he gently hugged suddenly moved, and Yi Zeyan felt stiff all over. For a moment, countless things flashed through his mind, including how to explain to her if she woke up and asked him.

However, she just moved for a moment, settled more comfortably in his arms, and started rubbing against his chest.

Yi Zeyan: "——"

There was an inexplicable sense of suffocation, he was frozen and didn’t dare to move. He looked down at the person in his arms and saw she was still asleep.

He found the entire situation humorous and suddenly couldn't help but laugh. He pressed his finger on his temple and held back his laughter.

She was really well-behaved when she fell asleep and no longer had the hostility she had towards him whenever they faced each other before. He remembered one moment before she lost her memory when she said to him with disgust and anger... 

    "You don’t want to divorce me, right? Then I'll destroy your             whole family!”

At that time, she made it public that she was ruthless. But now she was so well-behaved in his arms. This was something he had never dared to comprehend before. However, when he was immersed in this strange and pleasant feeling of being close to her, he felt pain in his chest. He frowned, only to find out that she bit him in the chest.

It hurt a little, but he could bear it.

But she didn't bite for long before she let go, and then he heard her mumble... 

"Big chicken leg."

Yi Zeyan: "——"

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the moment. Did she think his chest was a big chicken leg?

He suddenly wanted to see how satisfied she was when she ate the big chicken leg, so he moved his body down and met her face to face, just to see her pouting.

"Is it delicious?" he asked her softly. He was in a really good mood.

She didn’t answer him as she was asleep, but he enjoyed the feeling of being close to her as if it could intertwine their lives together... as if he was the one who accompanied her to eat chicken legs. Although it was lonely, a person's fantasy, an illusion, he still enjoyed it. (E/N: I’m not crying, you are. T.T) 

But before it was over, she suddenly put her head under his ear, gently bit him near his neck, and then licked it with her tongue.

Yi Zeyan: "——"

Then he heard her saying: "Ice cream."

Yi Zeyan: "——"

He felt like he was electrified and didn’t respond for a long time, but she didn't seem to have eaten enough. She tilted her head and bit and licked his cheek. She nibbled and licked all the way until she almost got to the corner of his mouth.

She seemed to be going forward.

Lin Qingqing you can't. You can't... can't go any further. Yi Zeyan admonished her in his mind.

Keep away your mouth, or she may bite and lick it. Quick, keep away your mouth Yi Zeyan! She will definitely bite it and lick it and you won't be able to endure it, so keep away your mouth! 

This was very dangerous! (E/N: Lol hang in there Zeyan!)

There was a voice in his heart telling himself over and over again to the point that the muscles of his whole body were tight and all his strength was accumulated together. But his mind couldn’t tell his limbs to move. To this extent, he was abnormal and he was even looking forward to it.

However, she stopped when she bit the corner of his mouth. The fear, expectation, and struggle disappeared in an instant. He turned to her and she had already stopped eating.

The huge sense of loss spread and he couldn't help but ask her, "Don't you want to eat ice cream anymore?"

He looked at her lips and wondered if it was because she had just licked it and her mouth was covered with saliva that her lips were more translucent. In the darkness, it looked like an attractive shade of rose-red.

She didn’t reply for she was already asleep. Yi Zeyan was a little annoyed. He frowned and asked, "Was that enough for you?"

Unexpectedly, he had just asked when she suddenly opened her mouth and took a big bite of his face.

Yi Zeyan: "——"

She didn't bite hard, but the effect was still killing him. No one had dared to bite him in the face like that before, only she did. Instead of feeling offended, he enjoyed the feeling of her biting him in the face.
After one bite, she seemed to open her mouth again and he turned away almost instinctively and sent her mouth to his mouth. This bite just bit his lip. She nibbled it up, sucked it twice, and said confusedly, "Jelly."

Yi Zeyan: "——"

Her lips were so soft that he almost lost control at the last moment. He was expecting it to be torturous but not to be so lethal.

She fell asleep. 

Yi Zeyan, how would you explain it if she suddenly woke up and saw it? Her attitude towards you has improved. Do you want her to hate you again and live the same life as before?

The future will be long, and if it goes on like this, it will get out of hand.

He remembered that before the listing of the company, everyone had objected. The listing could raise funds, so the Yi family would no longer be the only shareholder and it would have a great impact on the entire family. But he had pushed through the discussion and insisted on having the company listed. At that time, he was decisive and rational. He had always been like this, his determination and calmness were inherent. Yi Zeyan was the kind of person who could analyze rationally even in the face of death.

But now, his reason is pulling at him. He knew that he should keep his mouth away and that he couldn't let her bite him anymore. She was asleep yet he was taking advantage of her. This was not how a gentleman should act.

Although truth be told, he wasn’t a gentleman. Her taste was too attractive and he was a man. He was her man!

He was rational and decisive, the usual Yi Zeyan. He couldn’t let her bite again, he must move his mouth. However, he, who was normally rational and decisive, stuck out his tongue after she had bit for a while, pried open her teeth, and went all the way in!

It's so f*cking aggravating! (E/N: He gave in to temptation bwahahaha.)

However, he couldn't stop at all.

His muscles were tight enough to explode at any moment, and his forehead was covered with sweat, but he couldn’t stop himself. Her temptation was too deadly...

But before he had put his tongue in and had yet to begin to make trouble, she bit it suddenly, and he hurriedly took it back and gasped for pain.

This time she had bit very hard, and the pain would be magnified countless times in sensitive places like the tongue. He chided himself for what he knew he deserved in his heart, but he felt a little wronged. This woman, how could she bite him like this?

Just like that, when she bit him, he took back his tongue but she didn't give up, she even said in a bit of anger, "Jelly! Qingqing wants to eat jelly!"

Yi Zeyan: "——"

One more bite from her, he thought he's gonna die. He's dead!

But she was still muttering, "Qingqing wants to eat jelly."

Even if her voice was ruined, and even though her voice was no longer as charming as it used to be, he couldn’t stand the soft tone of her voice. A voice like a spoiled child’s.

She never acted spoiled in front of him. He didn’t expect that he would give in so easily. His tongue, which she had bitten, was still aching, but his heart was already ready to risk everything.

Alright go on, just bite. Just bite.

He stuck his tongue out.

Come on, come on, eat. Eat your jelly.

He frowned, closed his eyes, and was ready for the pain, but what came wasn't the pain he was waiting for.

The moment he stuck his tongue in, it was as if she had finally got what she wanted, she eagerly held his tongue... and sucked it gently.

Yi Zeyan suddenly opened his eyes. A terrible scarlet haze spread little by little in his eyes.

She doesn't want jelly, she wants his life!
(E/N: Oh. My. Gosh. O.O This was the juiciest, funniest, steamiest chapter I’ve edited so far! I wanted to laugh so hard but I had to hold back because it’s 2 a.m. and my family’s asleep. Poor Yi Zeyan. Hahaha. Hang in there, dude! Self-control. Self - controool! xD )

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