The King's Return : Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Old Friends

As the Mojue Guild took the lead in clearing the 55-level team dungeon of "Jiangnan Academy", a large number of applicants suddenly increased. Little Medicine Fairy looked at the dense application list, and could not help but lament the high popularity of Mojue Guild in the area. She sent a message to Ink Mark: "God Mo, this level 2 guild is full again. When shall we go up to the level 3 ah?"

Qin Mo also realized this and contacted Mirage who manages the guild task to say: "Open another guild task in the evening to encourage everyone to do more guild tasks and earn more contribution points. The guild should be upgraded."

"Got it, boss!" Mirage immediately ran to apply for guild task. Every time a guild task is opened, a certain amount of money has to be handed in to the system. Fortunately, "I'm not a profiteer" saved a lot of money for the guild warehouse after joining the club. Mojue Guild instantly turned into a local tyrants guild. Many people in the guild are worshiping local tyrants: "Profiteer, beg to hug thighs ah!"

Peas likes milk: "Is the profiteer the first on the rich list? Begging to teach money-making experience, the poor have only 1,000 gold coins left TAT."

I am not a profiteer who was surrounded by everyone and sweated: "I, I am also speculating materials or something, you have surplus materials to sell to me, profit sharing."

A group of people immediately rushed up to send him materials. I am not a profiteer is extremely busy.

Although today the Mojue Guild is only a level 2 guild, it has already had a special person to manage the membership review, the task of the Guild, and its own merchant. The Mojue Guild is gradually growing and growing.

Someone in the guild was asking: "Great God Ink Mark, seeking the strategy of level 55 dungeon! We formed our own team and couldn't pass it for an hour already…..."

Immediately, net friends followed the queue: "+10086! Our group has been stuck in the third Boss for a whole day!"

"+ ID number! How do you fight Su Shi and Wang Fu?"

Ink Mark said: "Don't worry, I sort out a strategy and send it to the guild sharing platform."

The guild channel was instantly showered with flowers and applause.

Qin Mo organized the detailed play of the dungeon into a document and uploaded it directly to the sharing platform of the Mojue Guild in the game. The communication mode of this game is also more convenient than other online games. The guild sharing platform is like a small forum. Guild members can directly share information, videos or post comments on the platform. Guild management can delete and pinned up these posts.

The Level 55 dungeon of Jiangnan Academy strategy——as soon as this post was sent out, hundreds of people immediately came in to see it, the following replies all worshiped great god Ink Mark and thanked the great god for sharing, many people shouted at the guild channel to form a team to go to the dungeon. Qin Mo looked at the active chat message on the guild channel and was very gratified——because he knew that the guild would become the strongest backing for the Mojue team.

At dinner time, Qin Mo and Xiao Han went downstairs side by side to go to the canteen for dinner. As a result, they saw Zhuo Hang in the corridor.

Zhuo Hang smiled and said: "I was just going up to find you. Let's go. I'll treat you to dinner." When an old friend comes to the Dragon Song Club, Zhuo Hang has always been an upright man, and naturally he has to show hospitality. Qin Mo was too embarrassed to refuse, so he followed Zhuo Hang to the nearby Hunan restaurant.

The private room had been reserved earlier, there was also a young man sitting inside. He was relatively small, thin and had big eyes, when he saw Qin Mo, he came up excitedly: "Qin, Qin Mo, heard, heard you came to the Dragon Song Club. Are you come, come back? Is it true ah?"

This man is Li Xiaojiang, whom Zhuo Hang said he would meet at the station. He is also one of the players of Canglan Team who started out with Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang. He is introverted and stutters when nervous. However, he has a strong ability to play games and can slowly drag his opponent to death. Qin Mo used to hate playing with Li Xiaojiang in the competition league, because playing with him...... can scare people to death.

Qin Mo nodded to Li Xiaojiang and said: "It's true."

Li Xiaojiang wondered: "Then, do you not play Mi, Miracle in the future?"

Qin Mo said: "En, Xiao Han and I have set up Mojue team, and then we will develop on Peerless Jianghu."

Li Xiaojiang said earnestly: "You, your team are very good. Xiao, Xiao Han miss you all these years, every, everyday talks about you."

After hearing what he said, Qin Mo ears suddenly feel hot, remove the line of sight to the sit next to, didn't dare to see Xiao Han.

Xiao Han glanced at Little Stutter happily and gave him a "you really can talk" look. Li Xiaojiang looked at Xiao Han with a puzzling look on his face. Zhuo Hang patted Li Xiaojiang on the shoulder with great understanding and said: "Don't talk, order first."

Four people sat down around the table. After all, they used to be in the Miracle league. Even if they hadn't seen each other for three years, it wouldn't be too awkward.

After ordering, Zhuo Hang took the initiative to find the topic of conversation: "How is the progress of your team?"

Qin Mo said: "At present, the team members have not been determined. I will carefully observe and assess the newcomers of Dragon Song."

Zhuo Hang nodded: "I heard that the competition will start next year. The time left for you is rather urgent. You can see the nine newcomers of Dragon Song. Those who cannot be chosen can be put on my side to take. There is a big difference between traditional online games and VR games. Some people who play well in traditional online games may not be able to adapt to the operation mode of VR games."

Qin Mo happened to have this idea. At first, he was worried that Zhuo Hang would not accept the newcomers brushed down by him. As a result, Zhuo Hang was very calm and offered to take the initiative. However, it somewhat reduced his burden: "I'm worried about how to deal with the newcomers who can't sign a contract with the Mojue Team. If you want to take over, it would be better."

Zhuo Hang laughed and said: "Why so polite, they belong to the Dragon Song Club. I also have the responsibility to bring newcomers."

After three years of experience, the young people in front of us really have the atmosphere and demeanor that a captain should have. Time has allowed them to grow up gradually, those young teenagers in those days are now able to be independent. Qin Mo is the one that has changed the most. Li Xiaojiang almost did not recognize him.

Xiao Han took the initiative to move the Steamed Fish Head with Dice Red Hot Pepper served by the waiter to his face and exchange a plate of non-spicy food for Qin Mo. When Zhuo Hang saw this scene, he patted his forehead and said: "Sorry, I want to invite you to eat some special dishes from Changsha, I forgot that you don't eat spicy food very much."

Qin Mo said: "It doesn't matter, I can eat it if it's not too spicy."

Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han adjusted the dishes on the table together, and changed the non-spicy ones to Qin Mo. He said: "When you retired, many people in the league actually felt sorry. We were also very happy that you could come back and form a team with Xiao Han, right, Xiao Jiang."

Li Xiaojiang immediately agreed, his cheeks flushed with excitement: "Right, Right, really, really happy to see you again."

Qin Mo smiled slightly: "I also happy to see you all again."

It is rare that with tacit understanding they did not ask Qin Mo why he retired in those days.

Later, they will train in a club and meet regularly, it's good to have two more old friends.

After dinner, Zhuo Hang took the initiative to settle the bill. The four returned to the club together. Zhuo Hang and Li Xiaojiang went to the dormitory. Qin Mo and Xiao Han came to the training room side by side.

When they pushed the door and came in, the newcomers were actively looking up the information on the official website, and everyone was staring at the computer screen attentively. It is probably because of Qin Mo's lecture that a group of people are well-behaved and serious.

Xiao Han couldn't help smiling, looked at Qin Mo and said: "The captain is indeed have power. I have never seen them work so hard before."

Qin Mo have no heart to see the seriousness of the newcomers——the nine people in the training camp will surely be eliminated in the end, and the newcomers who cannot be selected should be very sad, right? However, the e-sport circle is such a competition law that only the strong can have more opportunities. As a captain, he cannot leave everyone behind because of his softhearted, which is more unfavorable to the development of Mojue team.

Taking a deep breath, Qin Mo walked into the training room and said: "the summoners, Heaven Quail, Fireworks Burning, come here."

The two people who were named immediately came over and looked at Qin Mo with some doubts: "Captain?"

Qin Mo said: "Introduce yourself, start from Fireworks Burning."

The teenager with ID of "Fireworks Burning" immediately said: "Hello, captain Qin. My name is Yan Zhou. I am 18 years old this year. I stayed in training camp for more than two months and played summoners."

The teenager with ID of "Heaven Quail" followed and said: "Hello, captain. My name is Xu Sizhe. I am also 18 years old this year. I joined the Dragon Song Training Camp last month."

Yan Zhou is about 1.7 meters tall, with double eyelids, big eyes, small nose and mouth, and looks cute. Xu Sizhe is half a head taller than him, with more three-dimensional facial features, single eyelids, narrow eyes, and somewhat proud. Both of them were wearing Dragon Song Club sports uniforms and looked like immature middle school.

Qin Mo nodded his head, opened a computer and logged on to Ink Mark’s account. While setting up a challenge arena, he said: "Come with me for PK, Xiao Yan comes first."

Yan Zhou immediately sat down in front of the computer next to Qin Mo to log in to his account and joined the challenge room created by Ink Mark.

Qin Mo chose a forest map with many obstacles. Obstacle map is a double-edged sword for summoners. Summoners can use obstacles and pets to form triangle to surround opponents, but it is also possible that pets themselves are blocked from moving by obstacles, the key depends on how the players themselves use the terrain to control the number and direction of pets instead of being constrained by the terrain.

Yan Zhou called out four mechanical rats with his hands. Qin Mo couldn't help frowning slightly, but he didn't say anything and only walked quickly in the woods. Yan Zhou immediately released the mechanical rats to chase Ink Mark, but was quickly evaded by Ink Mark Qinggong skill.

The situation was somewhat awkward because Yan Zhou found it hard to find that his pet could not catch up with Ink Mark speed, and as a result, he was a little dizzy by the woods.

Half a minute later, Qin Mo stopped and said: "Knowing you can't catch up with me, you should adjust your train of thought, such as playing defensive counter-attack, or simply taking away pets, and then using pets to control me after you catch up with Qinggong."

Yan Zhou blushed and said: "Oh ..."

Qin Mo did not kill him, but said: "You should withdraw and let Xiao Xu come."

Yan Zhou retreated awkwardly. Xu Sizhe entered the challenge arena, still a forest map. Qin Mo continued to fly kitting and detours as before, but Xu Sizhe played obviously smarter than Yan Zhou. Instead of summon a pet rashly, he used ordinary attacks to test Ink Mark and seize the opportunity to control the other party. Obviously, he also listened to what Qin Mo had just taught Yan Zhou.

But Qin Mo had already predicted his operation, a flexible Qinggong to avoid his pet siege.

Xu Sizhe fought for a minute, but he was also defeated. He blushed and said: "The captain is fierce."

Qin Mo did not lecture these two people, because he saw that these two guys are very nervous, play badly. After thinking about it, he said calmly: "You continue to play in arena tonight, do not need to upgrade for the time being, tomorrow afternoon, another summoners will fight with you, relax and play well. I hope you can play in your actual strength."

The two were sent to the challenge arena by Qin Mo.

Xiao Han lowered his voice to Qin Mo's ear and asked: "Who do you think is likely to win the match tomorrow?"

Qin Mo's heart actually has the answer, but the competition is changing rapidly, and he is not sure Shen He will win. He just feels that Shen He is more clever and smarter than the two players. After a moment of silence, Qin Mo said: "Shen He's reaction is faster than them, but Xiao Yan and Xiao Xu's foundation is better than Shen He's. Just now they were nervous and did not play to their actual strength. If they are not nervous tomorrow, they may play a more stable."

Xiao Han nodded: "Well, then wait till tomorrow."
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