The King's Return : Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Jiangnan Academy

At 3: 50 p.m., the two teams led by He Beiguang and Pei Yu finally finished clearing a dungeon in fear, both of them recorded the video according to the requirements of the captain and sent it to the Ink Mark in the game.

Qin Mo opened it and looked at it carefully. Sure enough, after the pressure, the newcomers hand movement immediately became more agile. In the process of clearing dungeon, we can also see some eye-catching operations. After all, these are the seed players selected by the Dragon Song Club after layer by layer, and their quality will certainly not be poor.

Xiao Han also came to watch the video with Qin Mo and asked: "What did you find?"

Qin Mo said: "The foundation is good, but we should also see it in the arena."

Xiao Han, afraid of affecting the team members, lowered his voice in Qin Mo's ear and asked: "What's next?"

Qin Mo said: "Let them build a room to take turns in PK, and then continue upgrading in an hour. At present, they are only familiar with the school they are playing with, and it is time to get to know other schools."

Xiao Han nodded, stood up and said aloud: "Let's stop for a moment. Captain Qin asked you to build a room to take turns in PK, and then continue to upgrade in an hour. The video will still be sent to us."

Everyone immediately responded in unison: "Understood!"

——Captain Xiao, once a very responsible and worshipful captain, has degenerated into the existence of a "microphone".

——There is no doubt that Qin Mo is the person who stands at the top of the food chain in Mojue Team.

Xiao Han is so obedient, newcomers naturally have to obey, otherwise, Captain Qin's eyes glance at you lightly, it will be over!

After arranging the training for the newcomers, Qin Mo organized Little Medicine Fairy, Mirage and Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile, then called five high-level member from the guild, and a group of people went to play a 55-level team dungeon.

This "Jiangnan Academy" dungeon 1st and 2nd boss already been cleared by Sword Song and Imperial Guild. The first killing of the 3rd Boss is still in progress. Zhou Xuewei and her team must have entered the 55-level dungeon, and even the professional players of Wind Color who plays in the same table did not pass the dungeon, which shows that the Boss is very difficult.

Qin Mo is not in a hurry. After level 55, the speed of upgrading will be slower and slower. At present, the first player in the ranking list is only level 58, the next new small dungeon is open at level 60, and the team dungeon is open at level 65. It is estimated that it will take several days to reach this level, and you have plenty of time to clear level-55 dungeon.

After the dungeon group was formed, Qin Mo took people into the dungeon of Jiangnan Academy.

Jiangnan Academy is a dungeon of literature and art, and the Boss is a famous poet in history——Three Su father and sons.

No.1 Boss Su Xun, No.2 Boss Su Zhe, and finally the last Boss Su Shi.

The first two levels need to keep correct poems on the way to the Boss, if you make the wrong choice, the Boss will go berserk. Fortunately, Qin Mo liked Tang and Song poetry best when he was a student. He also had some knowledge of Su Xun, Su Shi and Su Zhe's works. Then, according to the rhyme and the rules of word tags, he could quickly choose the correct words and sentences.

Xiao Han couldn't help but think, if it was my command, and it would definitely be a wipe out right?

Everyone followed Ink Mark to get through the first and second level smoothly and got a lot of equipment and gold materials. Just then, a private chat window suddenly appeared in the lower left corner of Ink Mark: "Great God, I have sold all the materials you gave me. I will send you a list. Let's settle the profit first."

The ID of the person who sent the message "I am not a profiteer" is exactly the merchant Qin Mo came to cooperate with before. The list he sent was very detailed. Qin Mo was more and more surprised when he looked at it. The dragon bone was sold for 20,000 gold coins and the black pearl was also sold for 15,000. He remember that many materials from the Chamber of Commerce could not be sold two days ago. How did it suddenly become so popular?

Qin Mo doubt: "Sell so quickly?"

I am not a profiteer excitedly said: "Hey hey, great god, do you know the level 55 arena? I have collected a large amount of materials in the past two days, and today I have put them all on sale at the Chamber of Commerce, and at the same time I have set up stalls in the trade districts. Those local tyrants who have been abused in the arena will definitely find ways to make gold equipment as soon as possible to enhance their strength. Therefore, the price of gold materials will rise rapidly during this period of time. In addition, I have monopolized several popular materials, and the price of the materials market as a whole will rise. In a few days, when the freshness of the arena is over, the heat of the material market will pass and prices will gradually stabilize. I just took the opportunity to make a fortune!"

He was indeed a "profiteer" and knew quite well the market rules. This batch of materials made a net profit of 200,000. Qin Mo shared with him 8:2 and got a full 160,000.

Qin Mo couldn't help asking: "Are you a college student? What major did you study? "

I am not a profiteer who spends all day staring at the price of materials in games definitely not a 9-to-5 office worker, and maybe he is just college students in summer vacation. Sure enough, I am not a profiteer replied: "I studied marketing and am most interested in doing business, of course, I am a poor man and don't have so much money T_T"

It is a business school student who studies marketing. The Mojue guild is just short of such talent. If the guild wants to continue to develop, it must have a large amount of money reserve. In the later stage, it must upgrade its skills, transform its home and expand its warehouse. It must pay money for everything. Even the monthly rent paid by the guild territory is a big expense.

Qin Mo thought for a moment and said: "Are you interested in being a guild merchant of our Mojue guild?"

I am not a profiteer: "Ah? I'm used to being free and don't like joining guilds."

Ink Mark said: "How boring are you alone in the game? You see, you are now at level 45, staring at the chamber of commerce every day, no one to take you to upgrade, and you are still playing auxiliary, you need a good team to clear dungeon. You come to the Mojue guild, and then I will have someone take you to upgrade, and you will sell all the materials you have get. If you have a guild as a guarantee, don't you have a backer?"

I am not a profiteer scratching his head: "This ...... I am a principled person, I really don't want to join the guild."

Qin Mo simply tossed him a list of materials: "This batch of materials was just dropped in a level 55 dungeon, so it should be regarded as a gift for you to join the guild, and the profits will all belong to you."

I am not a profiteer: "Ah, ah, ah, okay, I'll add right away!"

——Players [I am not a profiteer] apply to join the [Mojue Guild]!

Qin Mo accepted his application for membership and said: "You will handle all the materials of the guild in the future. After selling the materials, you will receive 20% of the hard work and 80% will be deposited into the guild warehouse as the guild fund."

I am not a profiteer: "Thank you T_T suddenly hugged this thighs so happy......"

Seeing the news that I am not a profiteer join the guild, Little Medicine Fairy chatted Ink Mark privately about it and said: "Boss, how did he come in?"

"I recruit guild merchant. He has a good business mind and with him, the Mojue guild will not worry about money." Qin Mo explained: "He has already given me the profits of the first batch of materials, and this person has a trustworthy character."

"Oh, oh! Then I will mail all the materials to him, just don't know what to do with these materials." Little Medicine Fairy immediately went to chat with him privately about mailing the materials.

Qin Mo brought people to the front of the third Boss Su Shi——this Boss is obviously not as simple as poetry since it has not been pass yet.

Sure enough, as soon as they arrived in front of Su Shi, they heard a sad poem in their ears: "Ten years of life and death are boundless, without thinking, since unforgettable, thousands of miles of solitary graves, and nowhere to talk sad …..." (T/N: I really don’t know any poets T^T) As a word was slowly read out, Su Shi's side suddenly saw a woman with beautiful appearance. The woman's long hair was tied into a bun at the back of her head, and she was dressing in front of a mirror, the woman's body disappeared from time to time, obviously not real existence, but a phantom.

A group of people are a little confused, don't know what's going on.

Qin Mo said: "This woman should be Wang Fu."

Xiao Han asked curiously: "Who is Wang Fu?"

Qin Mo said: "It's Su Shi's wife. Su Shi married Wang Fu when he was 19 years old, the couple loved each other very much, then Wang Fu died unexpectedly. Su Shi dreamed of her many years later and wrote the words in songs for memory of his deceased wife, which is the "Jiang Cheng Zi" he just read. If I didn't guess wrong, the third level should be double Boss."

Many online games have double Boss, that is, there are two Boss in the same checkpoint, which is generally harder to play than a single Boss.

Qin Mo said: "Let's try it first."

Xiao Han took the initiative to start the Su Shi stage. The name on Su Shi's head turned red. With the appearance of the first sentence "Ten years of separation by the immeasurable distance between life and death", the folding fan in his hand flew out directly, and the blood level of all male characters in the front range was cut off by half directly! Little Medicine Fairy and several other girls in the team was seckill! At the same time, Wang Fu threw a round mirror. The mirror whirled in the air, killing all the half-blood male characters.

After the group was wipe out in an instant, Qin Mo immediately adjusted the style of play: "This should be a Ying and Yang boss. We will regroup, the male character will stand next to Su Shi and the female character will stand next to Wang Fu."

He marked the field and everyone immediately adjusted their positions according to his command.

After another fight, sure enough, Su Shi's big move didn't seckill the female group, Wang Fu's big move didn't seckill the male character, the whole group lost half of its blood, and was added back by Little Medicine Fairy big move.

In the following Boss battle, Su Shi and Wang Fu frequently released range skills. Red and blue apertures kept popping up on the ground. a group of people accidentally stepped into the aperture and wipe out again.

Qin Mo thought carefully and finally came to the conclusion: "This dungeon cannot pass with single healer, must double healer, and a male and a female character. The number of people should be equal. I'm sorry, everyone. I'm going to reorganize the group."

Everyone expressed their understanding, because just now there was a skill that was directly targeted and dizzy the healer, and the team only had this younger sister Little Medicine Fairy. Once she was settled by Su Shi, if Wang Fu made a big move, the male character would die. On the contrary, if it is male healer and and dizzy by Wang Fu, Su Shi's big move will seckill all the female characters.

The way Yin and Yang Boss plays, Boss skills are only related to the gender of the characters in the game, so this Boss need gender balance and profession balance to pass.

Xiao Han said: "One of Dragon Song newcomers is playing healer, do you want to bring him in?"

Qin Mo nodded: "Okay, you group him in."

A moment later, a sister voluntarily withdrew from the group, and a male character with an ID called "Silence" entered the group. He was also known as "Silence" and followed Xiao Han silently after joining the team. Qin Mo checked his data. The 57-level pharmacist were equipped with purple clothes. The character attributes were different from those of Little Medicine Fairy. The upgrade points of Little Medicine Fairy were all pure healing route, but he added critical strike rate and cooldown reduction.
(T/N: fyi, in the dungeon before the ID Silence is a profession with white umbrella, an auxiliary, I don’t know how to translate the ID 悄然无声 and it’s Qiǎorán wúshēng, and this is 默然无声 and it’s Mòrán wúshēng, so the first one, I will change it as Soundless, and this is Silence, I will change it..)

——Is this healer use the agility base route?

After checking his data, Qin Mo opened his mouth and said: "Silence, there will be a lot of circles on the ground after the dungeon starts. Male characters cannot touch the red circle, female characters cannot touch the blue circle, pay attention to the position under their feet. Female Boss only hit male characters, you need to dodge her big moves, solve the negative situation, and try to ensure that everyone's blood level is above half."

Silence only type two words: "OK."

Ink Mark: "Let's start."

With a command, Xiao Han started the Boss again.

After the personnel adjustment, the 10-member team was allocated with five men and five women, and there were two healers for men and women. Qin Mo directly divided into men and women teams to attack the two Boss respectively. At the foot of the various apertures appear frequently and need to move constantly to avoid them, people who can’t dodge it will get dizzy and lose blood, plus Boss's big move the whole team has been dropping blood, the healer is adding blood while dodge the apertures, It’s very hard.

Little Medicine Fairy just now obviously can not keep up with the rhythm, had to catch up with his brother Shen He as a man to replace herself temporarily, Qin Mo saw the operation of Little Medicine Fairy and knew that there was Shen He.

The new healer of the new team, his current equipment data has a critical strike rate of only 20%, a basic healing capacity of 3,000 points, and a critical strike doubling rate to 6,000 points. Unfortunately, the 20% probability is that only one critical strike can be made in five healing——however, due to the cooldown reduction attached to the equipment, Little Medicine Fairy can only use a big move in a two seconds bar, and he only needs a bar for 1.5 seconds to use it.

Overall, his healing was not much worse.

Agility base pharmacist have also appeared in professional leagues in the past, but the operation requirements are relatively high, not many people can play it well. If the equipment comes up in the later stage, the cooldown reduction and critical strike rate will reach a reasonable match value, and his average healing amount will certainly exceed that of the pharmacists whose main healing amount is increased.

The addition of Shen He pharmacist immediately made the dungeon much easier. With Qin Mo's reasonable position adjustment and precise command, the blood level of Yin and Yang Boss declined continuously. Qin Mo also kept an eye on the two Boss at the last moment, because he was afraid that Su Shi might be berserk if Wang Fu died first.

Facts also proved that his prediction was correct. Two Boss died at the same time. Nothing happened. World Channel also issued an announcement——

——Congratulations [Mojue Guild] on clearing the level-55 team dungeon [Jiangnan Academy]!

——Congratulations to the chivalrous man [Ink Mark] for obtaining [artifact blueprint of exquisite orb] at the Jiangnan Academy!

These two messages once again made the ID of "Ink Mark" famous in telecom area 1. The players in the first area said that they were used to reading the system announcement on the Ink Mark.

The newly obtained "Exquisite Orb" is just the mechanical box used by Zhuge Family. Shen He excitedly sent out a row of star-eyed expressions with Little Medicine Fairy account: "God Mo, God Mo, I am your fan Shen He. Hahaha, this weapon seems to be the mechanical box of Zhuge Family school. Can you give it to me? O(∩_∩)O~"

This guy is really good at selling Meng, as if he was not afraid of Qin Mo's indifference at all. Qin Mo thought about it and said: "Tomorrow afternoon, I'll have two master summoners to fight against you. This weapon will be the prize of the winner of the arena."

Shen He scratched his head doubtfully: "Master? Where did the master summoners come from ah?"

Qin Mo said: "Professional players of Dragon Song Club."

Shen He immediately sat up straight, worried and said: "I went to Dragon Song for an interview, but I was rejected, the interviewer said I and Dragon Song requirements are too far away. Can I fight the professional players Q_Q?"

Qin Mo said: "Peerless Jianghu is a new game. You should stand on the same starting line with them. Relax and play well. The opportunity is only for those who are ready."

This is also true, how can you be recognized before you play first? Shen He nodded earnestly: "I understand, I am going to the arena to practice now!"

Looking at Little Medicine Fairy that quickly goes offline and Drunken River that quickly goes online, Qin Mo can not help but raise the corner of his lip——I have given you the opportunity, whether you can grasp it depends on yourself.
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