She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 15

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Chapter 15
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan

In a dark environment, people's senses were more acute than in the daytime. The smell on him, the warm feeling he emanated against her back, and the sound of his breathing. All of it she felt it clearly. Even the warm breath blowing on her ear made her feel numb as if she had received an electric shock.

His very being enveloped her to the point that she was so stiff she could hardly move.

It was all so unexpected and so out of character for him. They had been respectful to each other before so she hadn’t thought he would hug her at all.

She, lacking any mental preparation whatsoever, was totally at a loss when she faced him at ordinary times.

So, what should she do now?

She felt her heart beating like a drum, and it took her a long time to find her voice. "I.......I'm going to get some water." she stammered. 

Frankly, she was just casually looking for reasons to soothe air of helplessness that had by now permeated the room. 

He was silent for a moment before snapping the light on.

Unlike her, who was stiff and at a loss, he looked calm. He rolled over, got out of bed and said to her: "I'll pour it for you."

He had been away for a long time, but she could still not recover from the tension. It was as if his breath and his warmth remained by her side, hanging over her like an invisible net.

Feeling more perplexed than ever, she leaned against the head of bed to soothe her heartbeat. She glanced sideways and saw that Xiao Yuan was taken to the other side. He slept soundly, but he lay alone on the side of the bed, covered by a quilt, looking a little pitiful.

Yi Zeyan came back in a moment, put the cup on the bedside table, and then sat down at the bedside, a little closer to her.
She took the cup, thanked him and gulped down the water, afraid to look at him the whole time.

"Are you afraid of me?"

Lin Qingqing didn't look at him and shook her head.

"You were having nightmares just now. I was afraid you might frighten the Little One, so I hugged you. It was better that way." (E/N: Ohhh really, Yi Zeyan?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) 

So, it was like that ah.

"Was I being presumptuous?" Although he said apologetic words, there was a smile in his tone showing that he was in a happy mood.

"No." Lin Qingqing replied in a low voice.

He did not speak any more, went to the other side of the bed and moved Xiao Yuan a little in the middle. He covered Xiao Yuan and her with one side of the quilt, pulled the other side and laid in. Then he said to her: "Let's sleep. Good night." 

Lin Qingqing lied down on the bed and he pressed the light switch. Soon the surroundings fell into darkness again.

The tension from earlier still lingered for a long time so Lin Qingqing hugged Xiao Yuan and finally felt better. Slowly and unconsciously, she fell asleep.

The next day, she woke up before the father and son pair. Glancing at her side, she still slept beside Xiao Yuan. Yi Zeyan was separated from her by Xiao Yuan in the middle.

He lay quietly in bed with his eyes closed. Unlike the invisible strength of his usual body, he seemed very peaceful when he fell asleep. Lying next to him, Xiao Yuan slept like a log. However, when she looked at him, she saw him kick the quilt away while his little hand scratched on his stomach.

So cute ah!

Lin Qingqing was filled with a sense of satisfaction. Inexplicably happy, she used the quilt to cover her little one, kissed him on his little face, and looked up at the sleeping face of the man lying next to him. Suddenly, she thought of the hug from last night, and with a blush on her face, she hurried out.

By the time the father and son came downstairs, Lin Qingqing had already prepared breakfast.Yi Zeyan saw her busy at the dining table, stopped for several seconds before he recovered, and then greet her very naturally: "Good morning."

Lin Qingqing felt a little shy when she saw him because of the hug last night, but when she saw how natural he was, she naturally responded: "Good morning."

Xiao Yuan was very happy. He walked to the table and looked at the rich breakfast with his eyes shining: "Did Mom make all these?"

Lin Qingqing nodded. The little guy hurriedly cut a piece of fried eggs to eat and immediately gave her a thumbs up.  
"Delicious ah! Mom is great!"

Praised by her son, Lin Qingqing was also very happy. She looked at Yi Zeyan. He was already seated at the table and began to eat bread. She asked him tentatively: "Is it still to your taste?"

"En, it's delicious." There was praise in his tone.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

After the meal, the father and son went out. Lin Qingqing went to the workshop to get some manuscripts. When she went downstairs to pour water, she saw Yi Zeyan sitting in the living room with several documents in his hand.

Lin Qingqing could not help but wonder: "Didn't you go to the company?"

He looked up at her and replied casually: "There was nothing to do at the company, so I came back." (E/N: Suuure Big Boss. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  ) 


Is the company okay? Lin Qingqing remembered the last time she heard about the accident at the winery from Yi Zeyan's mother and when she went to the company to pick him up that day. He was very aggressive towards the subordinates of the company. No matter how it looked, it didn't seem like there was nothing to do at the company. 

However, Lin Qingqing did not ask much. Accidentally, she looked at his documents and saw several legal documents like those drawn up by lawyers. Suddenly, she thought of one thing and asked: "Do you remember Long-ge?"


"Did you help me with the arrest of Long-ge?"

"It's not help. It's just an email to a prosecutor I know."

It seemed that she had guessed right. He was indeed the distinguished person who helped her at that time. When she first guessed him, she only felt puzzled. Why did the people she met by chance help her so much? Now she knew.

He was not a stranger. He was her husband.

"Thank you."

"En." He smiled and said: "How are you going to thank me?"

Lin Qingqing: "......"

How do I thank him? Lin Qingqing thought about it and said: "Why don't I treat you to dinner when you are free?"

"I'm free now."


Nevertheless, she agreed to treat him to dinner. It was only a matter of time whether it was early or late so Lin Qingqing said: "All right. I'll go and change my clothes first."

She went up to her room and debated on what to wear. After much deliberation, she finally chose a sleeveless white dress in a winter style, made of animal wool adorned with a very good drape and paired it with a black woolen overcoat. She radiated a classic and chic vibe. After all, black and white match well.

Next, she worked on her hair. She casually pulled her long locks back with a hairpin and put on a light makeup. Although it was not a very heavy look, it was more than enough to cope with going out for a meal.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Lin Qingqing had a feeling that she was going on a date.

A date? She hurriedly shook her head and thought she was thinking a little too much, but decided the lipstick was not red enough and applied it again.

When Lin Qingqing descended the stairs, Yi Zeyan was still sitting on the sofa reading the documents. His legs were crossed and his posture was elegant, but there was a kind of laziness in his movements of looking over the documents. Hearing the sound of footsteps, he looked up. His eyes locked on her appearance and immediately his elegant manner froze, his eyes were filled with faint amazement. But it was all fleeting, and the next second he gave her a natural smile: "Ready?"

Lin Qing Qing nodded.

She chose a Japanese restaurant, which was famous in Beicheng for both its delicious food and the many celebrities that frequented it. 

"Have you eaten here before?" Yi Zeyan asked after they got off the car.

"No, I just heard of it." After she went to college, she seldom asked Lin Peng for money. She couldn’t afford to come to such a high-end place. "It’s  mainly because one of my favorite idols recommended this, that is, Ran Nan, who sings Beihai Love Song."

"I know."


Lin Qingqing suddenly remembered the necklace. According to the Little One, Yi Zeyan only ordered one when he saw her admiring it around Ran Nan’s neck, but then she broke it.

She sighed. Whenever it came to Ran Nan, she was always happy: "Ran Nan is my favorite singer. She sings well and is talented. She is also a kind-hearted idol who always spoke for the disadvantaged groups, especially for many disadvantaged groups of women. She has always fought for the social status of women. In my opinion, I think an idol should be like this."

She once thought that after graduation, she must join the company where her idol worked and work with her. Ran Nan had been the direction of her life for a long time, but...... It's just that things were unpredictable and it came to be that she lost the chance to sing.

Unknowingly, Lin Qingqing ended up reminiscing about her failed dreams. She shook herself from her reverie and returned to her senses, only to find that Yi Zeyan was staring at her with a smile. It seemed as if his eyes were softened by her smile and she once again became overcome with the feeling of being spoiled.

Lin Qingqing was shocked and immediately asked: "Was I talking too much?"

"Not really. I just like listening to you talk. Whatever you talk about is fine with me."


He was still a man with a strong aura, and still possessed that innate sense of majesty and danger. However she didn’t know why, but his whole body seemed to be covered with a very soft film. It was as if he suddenly was no longer the commander, but her husband.

Husband......Lin Qingqing lowered her head while her face burned hotly.

"Mr. Yi."

The sudden voice drew back her thoughts and she looked forward to see two girls approaching. It seemed that the place was often visited by stars and she even met them as soon as she arrived.

Unfortunately, she knew one of them.

At this moment, Lin Qingqing and Yi Zeyan had come to a waem style corridor, with carved windows painted with images of ancient Japanese ladies on both sides and soft felt carpet on the ground.

The corridor was not wide, and it was even more cramped when four people met there.

The girl walking with Liang Xin was the one who greeted Yi Zeyan just then. She looked a little familiar to Lin Qingqing and should also be in the entertainment circle, but she (LQQ) couldn’t recall her name. 

The girl smiled very kindly and had a sense of flattery in her tone. She glanced at Lin Qingqing, as if stupefied for a moment, but she was very sensible and did not ask her (LQQ) identity.

Just a few months ago, Liang Xin specially bought her a doll to encourage her for the competition. At that time, she was still her best friend. Normally, when they saw each other after a few months, they enveloped each other in a big, warm hug.

But now, there was no hug, no joy to see one another. They just looked at each other as their respective minds swirled with different thoughts.

Liang Xin seemed surprised to see her, and then she glanced at Yi Zeyan. She(LQQ) didn't know what she (LX) thought, but her look slowly became complicated, as if she can’t believe what was in front of her. Frankly, Liang Xin appeared to be uncomfortable.

However, these abnormalities were fleeting, and immediately she greeted Yi Zeyan amicably: "Hello Mr. Yi."

Yizeyan nodded politely: "Hello." Liang Xin and her companion gave way a little, and Yizeyan went ahead.

Lin Qingqing regained her senses and acted as if she didn't know Liang Xin. It was better that way.

When they came to the reserved room to sit down, Yi Zeyan probably saw the tension between Liang Xin and Lin Qingqing. Her demeanor changed somewhat, and Yi Zeyan was a keen person. After sitting down, he asked: "What's the matter?"

Lin Qingqing thought of Liang Xin and couldn't help laughing at herself: "The girl on the left just now was my stepsister."

"I know."


Lin Qingqing was a little surprised, but immediately figured it out. She and Yi Zeyan were husband and wife and it wasn’t surprising that he knew about her family situation: "Your father spent a lot of money to get her into the entertainment circle." He saw her stunned expression and added: "Didn't your elder sister tell you?"

Her Elder Sister only told her that when Liang Xin betrayed her, her father defended Liang Xin and she broke off her relationship with her father. She didn’t tell her how Liang Xin became famous.

However, she didn't expect her estranged father to be so generous and spend money on Liang Xin to allow her to enter the entertainment circle.

"If it weren't for your father throwing money at her, she wouldn't have been able to enter the entertainment circle." 
Suddenly, the waiter brought up the menu. At the moment, Yi Zeyan turned over the menu while chatting with her: "But she isn’t doing well in industry. She can only pick up roles and projects that the other celebrities didn’t want to keep herself in the spotlight. I'm afraid she won't be able to find any of these in the future."

He looked as if he was just stating a simple fact to her, but somehow, Lin Qingqing felt that there was a cold feeling in his words.

She didn’t want to talk about Liang Xin's affairs anymore to avoid spoiling the mood. After ordering a meal, she glanced around and felt that she had nothing to say. Feeling a little awkward, she chose to begin with small talk and complimented the restaurant. 

"This place is quite nice. It has such an elegant environment and beautiful layout."

"If you like it, I will buy it for you." (E/N: Whoa, whoa down boy. Down! xD ) 


He said it lightly, as if he was just talking about what kind of food he was going to buy today. Once more, Lin Qingqing remembered that the Little One mentioned his father bought their home because she said that the villa was beautiful.

The feeling of being doted on by this big man overwhelmed her again. He was usually so difficult to get close to, so this kind of feeling made her feel incredible.

All at once, she was overcome with shyness hurriedly retorted: "No.......No need. Let’s just come here more often in the future."

He slowly poured a cup of tea. He held the cup gently with his slender fingers while he propped his elbows on the table. With the cup still on his lips and vapour from the tea curling in the air, he looked at her with a smile. At this moment, his eyes seemed more and more difficult to fathom because of the effect of the vapour.

"Come here more? With whom?" His voice was also smiling, and she didn’t know whether it was her illusion, but she had always felt as if he were deliberately teasing her. Ordinarily, he was clearly so gentle, courteous and mature.

Lin Qingqing became more and more flustered and she didn’t dare look up at him. She stammered: "Come and......and the Little One."

"Okay." His smile deepened.

Instantly, there was an ambiguous feeling in the room and Lin Qingqing, who wasn’t as smart as him, drank tea calmly all the way. Little by little, the ambiguity took the breath from her lungs until it became unbearable. 

"I'm going to the restroom."

At this time, going to the restroom was the best way to escape.

She went to the restroom and entered the toilet. After taking deep breaths, calming herself down and mentally preparing herself mentally, she was ready to leave. Suddenly, there was a voice outside.

"Isn’t it strange that people like Yi Zeyan who aren’t close to women, bring a woman to dinner?! I can remember that a female model in the film he invested in last time wanted to seduce him with her beautiful looks. At that time, he refused very politely and respectfully, but a few days later, the black material, half-truths, and even a picture of the female model sitting on the front desk appeared on the Internet. Originally, the female model had a good future, but this black material completely cut off the acting road. At that time, many people were saying that this was Yi Zeyan's meaning. Others said that he looked gentle and kind, but in fact was ruthless. Because of this, we now know that boss Yi is not close to women, and now don’t dare to flatter him anymore. However, later, some people said that he was married, and that his wife was well protected by him, so no one knew who it was. Do you think the woman who was with him today could be his mysterious wife? Honestly, he has a really good-looking wife! No wonder he looked down on that little model!"

"Don't be ridiculous! What mysterious wife? To tell you the truth,  I happen to know the woman beside him."

"Who was it, who was it?"

"My stepsister."


"I know best what kind of person she is. She’s lazy and likes to eat. She uses her beauty to hug thighs everywhere and  sleep with every man she sees. Yi Zeyan isn’t stupid. At most, he only plays with this kind of woman. His wife? Don’t make me laugh! Does she even deserve the title?"

"The way you talk about your stepsister sounds as though you have a grudge at her."

"There is no grudge. I’m just telling the truth."

The two people had just come to the bathroom to retouch their makeup. They were about to leave as they finished when they heard a bang. Turning around, they saw the door of the toilet cubicle being kicked open and a gloomy woman coming out of it.

Lin Qingqing really did not expect that she would hear this from Liang Xin. The Liang Xin she knew had always been a kind and simple girl. She couldn’t even swear at anyone. One time in high school, she was scolded for half a day, couldn’t refute and finally ended up crying.

She honestly couldn't believe that these words came from Liang Xin’s mouth and who also spoke so badly of her. To think that she was once her friend!

When she learned from her sister that she and Xiang Huayang betrayed her, she was angry. She wanted to question them, but it has been five years after all. Times have changed and there was no point in pursuing them again. They each had their own lives and had nothing to do with each other any longer.

However, she didn’t expect Liang Xin to slander her behind her back. It was probably because she was once a friend that such slander sounded harsher. The girl next to Liang Xin didn't realize that the gossip was overheard by someone else, so she was a bit embarrassed to see Lin Qingqing come out.

Liang Xin was quite calm. After a brief surprise, she turned to the person beside her as if nothing had happened: "Let's go."

However, she had just walked a few steps forward when she heard Lin Qingqing calling her from behind. Subconsciously, she turned to look, only to find a smelly, wet mop hit her in the face! Caught off guard, she was unable to avoid it and stumbled back two steps.

Probably having just been used on the floor, the mop was stained and gave off some unknown odor. Now such odor stuck all over her face. She was, at the moment, absolutely nauseous.

Liang Xin looked at her in disbelief, but saw her standing straight in front of her with the mop standing on one side like a piece of □□,  and looking at her coldly.

Lin Qingqing also didn't know how she went and smothered Liang Xin's face with a mop so directly. She worried about whether she was going too far, but after a brief hesitation found the act so refreshing.

Originally, she just wanted to be a stranger and didn't want to get into trouble about anything, but then Liang Xin had to spout such nonsense about her behind her back and embarrass her. What made it even worse was she heard them!

If she continued to sit idly by, she felt that she will be aggrieved by her cowardice. Her aggrievement will into anger and by the Virgin Mary, she will become even angrier.

But now, for this kind of person who has no conscience and who seems good on the surface yet a bad person inside, it is indeed a good way to beat them up with her hand directly.

Liang Xin obviously felt insulted. Although she wasn’t popular in the entertainment industry, she was at least a star, ah! Besides, even if she didn’t need the status of a star, she was still also the lady of Peace Grand Hôtel. Had she ever been treated like this? Of course not! So how could she stand such insult?

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?" Liang Xin gritted her teeth.

This was the first time she saw Liang Xin gritting her teeth in front of her with such a ferocious face. Even though she was her elder stepsister, at the moment she looked more like a younger sister: simple-minded and needing protection.

Seeing such a Liang Xin, Lin Qingqing felt strange. Was she originally like this or had time made her like this? Ah well, it didn’t matter anymore.

Looking at the complicated expression on Lin Qingqing's face, Liang Xin realized that she had just failed to control her emotions. Finally noticing that others were watching, she immediately restrained her expression, took a deep breath and said in an angry but cultured tone: "I haven't seen you for so many years. Why have you become so vulgar and rude and hit people with a mop? Is this how your elder sister taught you?" She spoke and walked to the door step by step: "Oh,that's right, your good manners will definitely disappear when you spend the whole day in the restaurant with those rough people."

Liang Xin knew her very well. Her mother and elder sister were her most respected people, and she was obviously provoking her by being so sarcastic about her elder sister.

Lin Qingqing naturally also saw her step toward the door and her eyes narrowed. She probably guessed what she wanted to do.

Liang Xin was enraged, and was about to take the opportunity to run out and let more people see her after Lin Qingqing beat her. At least she Liang Xin was a public figure. At that time, the news that Lin Qingqing beat the artist might make headlines. Then she pretended to be aggrieved and provoked her fans to guide public opinion. Under the pressure of public opinion, Lin Qingqing's life wouldn’t be easy.

Although Lin Qingqing didn’t know what to make of such a friend, she wasn’t brainless and still had the ability to analyze problems.

Seeing her getting closer to the door, she smiled sarcastically: "What are you doing?  Do you still want to run out and make everyone know? Do you want them to know you’re gossiping behind other people's backs? Or do you want to go out and let them know about the scandal in my family instead?"

Liang Xin’s mouth was pumping and her body couldn’t help but feel stiff.

Lin Qingqing was very satisfied with the way she was trampled on her tail, and then said: "It's ridiculous that you said I hugged thighs for all kinds of interests. Do you think everyone is as shameless as you? Don't forget that we were still best friends when you robbed my boyfriend while I was hurt!" She, with a sarcastic face, said more and more vigorously: "It seems that you and your mother are of the same moral conduct, being a junior and all who destroy other people's feelings. It’s no surprise since the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Such a mother would definitely have such a daughter!" She raised her eyebrows at her: "Do you want everyone to hear these things?"

Lin Qingqing's last sentence clearly stabbed Liang Xin with fear in her heart. What’s more, there was an outsider beside her, although the outsider had been frightened by the sudden change.

But how can Liang Xin tolerate the scandal in her family being talked about in public? What her mother had done was the biggest stain in her life.

Liang Xin felt that she wanted to say more. But at this time, she just wanted her to shut up as soon as possible. She had no time to look at her image.

"Lin Qingqing!"

She screamed angrily and sharply, and raised her hand to slap Lin Qingqing, but Lin Qingqing didn’t wait for her to get close. She quickly turned on the faucet, pressed her finger on it and splashed water on Liang Xin's face.

Liang Xin let out a cry of surprise as water sprayed into her eyes and she hurried to block it with her hands. Her hair was wet and her makeup was spent. She looked like a mess.

She had side bangs, which were a bit thick. At the moment, the bangs were wet and condensed together. Underneath the mess of her hair, Lin Qingqing saw a scar on her forehead, which was a little ugly.

Liang Xin probably realized, too, that her scar was left exposed and hastily pulled the bangs up to cover it firmly. 

Liang Xin, obviously furious and flustered, said: "How much better do you think you are? Don’t act so high and mighty! Even wretched old men went down under your mouth (E/N: She’s implying that LQQ does sexual favors even to old men. >.<) and you still talk like that, you......ah!!!!!" 

Lin Qingqing pressed her fingers down on the faucet even more, and the water spray became like a blade rushing towards Liang Xin's face, who was busy avoiding the water and whose vicious words couldn’t be finished.

Lin Qingqing was so upset that she didn't want to waste any more time with her.

"Conduct yourself well."

The waiter was serving the food when she returned.

"What took you so long?" Yi Zeyan asked.

"Nothing. I needed to retouch my make up and it took a while."

Yi Zeyan did not ask more.

It was really something Lin Qingqing never thought would happen between her and Liang Xin. They had always been friends who supported and encouraged each other. She thought that this relationship would never change.

She had just taught Liang Xin a lesson, and although she was relieved of her anger, she couldn’t help feeling sad in her heart as she caused trouble for her formerly good friend.

So she ate her meal absent-mindedly.

After dinner, she got into the car and said: "Please take me to my Elder Sister. I would like to talk to her."

Yi Zeyan was silent for a moment: "Okay."

Yi Zeyan sent her to the entrance of the Peace Restaurant, probably knowing that the two sisters had something important to talk about in private, so he didn’t go in with her.

Lin Qingqing saw his car go far and was about to turn around when she heard a voice behind her.

“Xiǎo xìnshǐ.” 
"Little Messenger." (T/N: It's a nickname for LQQ. Original text Xiao Xinshi)

She turned her head and saw a sports car parked at a nearby intersection. There she saw a man standing in front of it, dressed in a high-collar sweater and a long windbreaker. He was smiling at her.

She felt that this man was a little familiar and tried to remember: "Qin Bailun?"

He came up to her: "I didn't expect you to remember me."

Qin Bailun was a boyfriend her Elder Sister once had. At that time, her Elder Sister was still a junior high school student and the children of that age were shy. When Qin Bailun chased her Elder Sister, he wouldn’t directly give the letter to her Elder Sister, but squatted near the restaurant to Lin Qingqing, and then asked her to hand over the letter to Lin Zhenzhen. As a reward, he would buy her a big bag of snacks, and she would be happy to help him for the sake of snacks.

Qin Bailun was the only one who called her Little Messenger.

"Are you looking for my Elder Sister?"

Qin Bailun nodded.

Lin Qingqing raised her eyebrows, pretended to be enigmatic and smiled: "Do you want me to call her for you?"

Qin Bailun knew it very well, and immediately said: "There will be no less benefits for you."

"But I’m no longer a child now, simple snacks can't satisfy me."

"Rest assured, you will be satisfied."

He said is so straightforwardly so she was very satisfied.

At this time, Elder Sister should be in the office on the second floor. Unsurprisingly, Lin Zhenzhen was indeed there when Lin Qingqing went in. She was looking at the business situation for that quarter.

Lin Zhenzhen was very happy to see her: "Why are you back?" She came over, looked her up and down, smiled and then said. 
"You've gained weight. It looks like you're doing well over there. Is Zeyan good to you?"

Hearing Yi Zeyan’s name, Lin Qingqing's face immediately became red. She didn't want to give her Elder Sister a chance to tease her and hurriedly said: "I met Qin Bailun downstairs. He wants to see you."

Lin Zhenzhen's face changed when she heard Qin Bailun's name.

"Let him go. I don't want to see him."

She was puzzled: "Why ah?"

Truthfully, Lin Qingqing didn’t know much about her Elder Sister's love life. Her Elder Sister was three years older than her. When she(LZZ) fell in love, she(LQQ) was still a little sister in junior high school and had a less comprehensive understanding of love. Later, when her parents divorced, she and her father seldom saw her Elder Sister. She just heard her say that she had broken up with Qin Bailun in college and that she didn’t have a boyfriend since.

Her Elder Sister was now 28 years old yet her love life wasn’t settled yet. It would be wonderful if she could get back together with Qin Bailun for she was quite satisfied with him as brother-in-law.

Lin Zhenzhen was silent for a moment and said: "He is married."

Lin Qingqing: "......"

Lin Qingqing originally thought that her elder sister didn't want to see Qin Bailun because they had some misunderstanding that led her to be mad, but she didn't think Qin Bailun was married.

She was a little angry. Qin Bailun was still waiting there when she came downstairs, but this time he had an extra bag in his hand. When he saw that she was not followed by Lin Zhenzhen, his face was somewhat lost.

"It looks like you can't get your Elder Sister out, but this gift is still for you."

He handed over the bag. It was filled with some high-end skin care products. He really knew girls ah. He knew what the girls her age liked.

She pushed his hand away and sneered: "There are so many scum in the world but none like you, such a persistent scum! Now that you're married, why are you still looking for my Elder Sister? Do you want to force her to be a mistress?"

The smile on Qin Bailun's face slowly solidified, and after a long time he said with a bitter laugh: "I am also forced. My wife and I are married for profit, without feelings for each other."

Lin Qingqing didn’t bother to listen to him complain anymore. What “forced”? Married is married. She had just thought that this man was a good brother-in-law, and now she thought it was disgusting to even think about that!

"What do you mean, ''forced``? I don't want to listen to such excuses. You are married, so stay away from my Elder Sister, you understand?!"

Qin Bailun didn’t speak. Lin Qingqing had no more words to spare him and went in.

"It really pisses me off!"

Lin Qingqing went upstairs but she still couldn’t understand, Lin Zhenzhen was calm and poured her a glass of water: "It’s alright. Everyone has their own fate."

Fortunately, Elder Sister was quite open-minded, and Lin Qingqing was comforted.

She thought of the purpose of her visit, and she was too lazy to talk about Qin Bailun so she said to her: "By the way, Elder Sister, I met Liang Xin today."

"En?" Elder Sister's action of drinking water froze for a moment, it  could be seen that she was very alert to anything about Liang Xin. "What happened with her?"

"She said some very strange things to me, saying that wretched old men went down under my mouth." Her eyes were fixed on Lin Zhenzhen and she asked cautiously: "I didn't do anything to sell my body before, did I?"

Unexpectedly, Lin Zhenzhen said angrily: "There’s no such thing! She is the same as her mother. What kind of words could such a person say?! It's just that you're doing well and she’s just jealous and deliberately belittling you. Don't listen to her nonsense."

Lin Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief.

Because of amnesia, she knew nothing about what had happened in the past five years and was afraid that she had done something stupid.

"One more thing, Elder Sister." Lin Qingqing added: "Liang Xin doesn't seem to know about my marriage."

Otherwise, if Liang Xin knew that she was married to Yi Zeyan, how could she dare to belittle her in the washroom?

Lin Zhenzhen said: "She really doesn't know. You haven't been in touch since you broke off your relationship. Plus, your wedding with Zeyan was held abroad and he also protects privacy very well, so she doesn't know about your marriage."

Lin Qingqing nodded, so it is like that.

She stayed there until the afternoon, then she went to pick up the Little One, and soon after they got home, Yi Zeyan came back.

"I thought you were going to stay with your Elder Sister today?" There was a touch of joy in Yi Zeyan's tone when he asked.

She said: "I came back after I had a chat and I still had to pick up the Little One."

She was a little embarrassed and the last sentence was whispered.

When the meal was ready, they didn’t have much to say and went to the table for dinner.

"There is something wrong with the Qizhou Winery. I have to deal with it so it may take several days to come back. Would you like to come with me?" They were almost finished eating, when Yi Zeyan suddenly spoke.

The Little One, Yi Beiyuan were very active. He immediately raised his hands and said: "I want to go! I want to go!"

Yi Zeyan looked at her again.

Qizhou? Lin Qingqing thought of the mother-in-law who seemed to have a bad relationship with her, but since her son wanted to go, she would naturally go with him. So she nodded and said: "I'll go too."

Yi Zeyan felt somewhat surprised but it wasn’t too obvious on his face. He immediately smiled and said: "Okay, we’ll leave tomorrow."

The next day, bright and early, the three people got on Yi Zeyan's private jet and flew to Qizhou.

Lin Qingqing felt nervous about this trip. Before boarding the plane, she asked him: "Do I need to buy any gifts?"

Yi Zeyan said: "No need, the gifts are all ready."

After boarding the plane, she asked again: "Which family members are there in Qizhou? Can you tell me?"

"My Mother is the only elder, and there is a stepbrother and a stepsister. The stepbrother and stepsister are siblings. My Mother married my stepfather after my Father passed away, but my stepfather has also passed away."

Lin Qingqing nodded. It turned out that their family was also a combination family, which was quite similar to her.

By the time they reached Qizhou, there were already two cars waiting there.

The drivers were an old and a young man. The older one looked more than 50 years old, was very fond of laughing, and looked sincere and kind-hearted. Yi Zeyan introduced him to her: "This is Cheng Bo. He is basically responsible for the affairs of 
Qizhou Winery and is the Senior there. He is Cheng Yin's father, the woman you met last time."

She still had the impression of that meeting. At that time, Yi Zeyan seemed to have told her that Cheng Yin's grandfather and father both worked in their winery, and that he and Cheng Yin's brother were still good brothers.

It turned out that he was her (CY’s) father. Cheng Bo was very enthusiastic and he smiled at Lin Qingqing: "Qingqing seldom comes here so we are all excited for your visit and have prepared a delicious meal for you."

Regardless of whether what he said was true or not, he still seemed at ease, so Lin Qingqing also smiled at him: "We would have to trouble you."

Yi Zeyan then introduced the young man to her, who appeared to be in his twenties. He wasn’t particularly handsome, but he looked very pleasant and enthusiastic. However, unlike Cheng Bo's aura of loyalty and sincerity, his eyebrows showed an air of cleverness, which made people think he was very smart.

"This is Qi Ping, he is Cheng Yin's husband. He is very capable and also works in  the winery."

Cheng Yin's husband? So Cheng Yin is married? Did she presume too much about Cheng Yin's apparent hostility to her last time she saw her at home?

Lin Qingqing returned to her senses and simply greeted him.

It was still more than an hour's drive from the Qizhou Airport to the Yi family's home. Lin Qingqing took Xiao Yuan in Qi Ping's car, while Yi Zeyan took Cheng Bo's car. He and Cheng Bo could discuss the winery in the car.

Qi Ping was very talkative and introduced all the interesting things about Qizhou to them all the way while Lin Qingqing just absent-mindedly listened.

The Yi family lived in a single-family villa, less than two kilometers away from the Yi family winery. There were many servants working in the Yi family. When they got off the car, they saw a group of people standing at the gate of the villa from a distance.

The display of splendour was astounding and Lin Qingqing inevitably became a little nervous for the first time. What's more, she had to face Yi Zeyan's family, and her relationship with his family wasn’t very good.

Lin Qingqing breathed deeply to cheer herself up. Suddenly a voice above her head said: "Nervous?"

Yi Zeyan didn’t know how to stand beside her. He was half a head taller than her and needed to lean slightly when talking to her. His voice was mellow and was deliberately lowered to a husky tone, with a mature man's sex appeal in it.

She seemed to have been electrocuted for a moment, and she subconsciously walked away from him, afraid to get too close to him, and then nodded very honestly: "A little bit."

He looked at her estrangement in his eyes, but it had become a habit for her to reject him, so he wasn’t too upset and said: "If you’re afraid, you can hold me."

Lin Qingqing: "......"

Hold... hold him?

She knew that Yi Zeyan was a very gracious person and was afraid that she would be nervous, so he took care of her and let her hold his hand.

Lin Qingqing looked at his hand. Naturally, she knew that his fingers were very slender. Whether he held a cup or read a book, they had an aesthetic feeling.

Hold his hand? She...... didn't have the courage!

She definitely can't hold his hand so how about holding another part of him?

In reality, Yi Zeyan didn’t have much expectations, and her rejection and dislike of him had become a habit for him, so he didn’t demand it when he saw her drooping her head and not answering.

But as he was about to go forward, he felt his sleeves tighten. He looked down and saw that her little hand was holding his sleeve.

For the first time, she approached him on her own initiative, and he was in a trance for a moment.

It took a lot of courage to hold his sleeve, but he didn't move for a long time. Lin Qingqing couldn't help looking up, just as he was looking at her.

His expression was very strange and she was unable to perceive his mood and emotion.

However, his own powerful aura made her subconsciously withdraw her hand.

Almost at the same time, when she loosened his sleeve and was about to withdraw her hand, Yi Zeyan pulled her back, grabbed her hand with his big palm and held it firmly, giving her no chance to escape.

Lin Qingqing: "......"

"Let's go." However, his voice was still very normal, as if it were a trivial matter.

Lin Qingqing was confused for a while. Then her cheeks reddened while she nodded her head quickly and replied: "Oh."

Yi Zeyan pulled her forward. She was one step behind, so she didn't see Yi Zeyan's mouth slightly curve at the corners. He deliberately bowed his head to block the joy twinkling on his eyes.
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