The King's Return : Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Troubled Newcomers

New area players, level up like a madman, Qin Mo and Xiao Han haven't had much online time these days, and their level have obviously fallen behind. After re-login the game, Qin Mo took the initiative to set up a party with Xiao Han and went with him to clear peach blossom forest dungeon. The mobs in the Peach Blossom Forest dungeon will be adjusted as the player's level increases. The level of Ink Mark is 55 and the level of Thousand Miles Ice is 53. The mobs in the dungeon is set to 54 by the system. The experience of killing the mobs is very high.

While killing the small mobs, they typed and chatted, and the intimacy of their friendship gradually increased to three stars.

After two hours of playing in the peach blossom forest, Xiao Han finally rose to level 55. Qin Mo suggested: "Let's go and clear up the number of dungeons."

In the game, school dungeon of the five-member party will be opened every 10th level, and the secret books of the eight school will dropped. For example, the 30th  level is "Kunlun Mountain Snow Cave" of Hanhua Sword School, the 40th  level is "Fangcao Hall Pharmacy", and the 50th  level is "Kuangdao Gate General Rudder" and "Yongye City Chamber of Secret". At the 5th level, team dungeon will be opened and randomly drop blueprint to build golden equipment. The current team dungeon includes 35th level of "Jianshen Valley Ruins", 45th level of "Sunset Peak" and 55th level of "Jiangnan Academy". These dungeon are necessary in the upgrade process. Small dungeon collect secret books, large dungeon collect golden materials and blueprints.

The small dungeon is relatively simple and can be entered five times a day, Qin Mo chatted privately with Shen Qi and asked: "Have you cleared today's school dungeon?"

Little Medicine Fairy replied: "I have clear it with Mirage, Xiao He has not cleared, he has just reached level 50."

"Then I'll take him with me." Qin Mo said and chatted privately to Drunken River, "Enter the team, take you clear the dungeon."

Shen He immediately joined the team and sent out a line of smiling faces: "Haha, hello God Mo, hello God Han O(∩_∩)O~"

Every time he play a dungeon with the two great gods, Shen He felt very happy, but also very distressed——because the two great gods treated him as air every time they talked, and he wanted to learn a stealth skill.

Two people were still missing in the team. Qin Mo thought about it and asked: "He Beiguang, did you already clear the school dungeon today?"

He Beiguang shook his hand and almost knocked over the cup on the table. Fortunately, Pei Yu was nimble and immediately helped him hold the cup.

"No, not yet." He Beiguang's voice was weak as mosquitoes, seemed to pretend that he did not exist.

"Enter the team, just have a dungeon of Kuangdao Gate, secret Books for you." Qin Mo said.

"Oh......" He Beiguang was not honored at all with his secret books given by the captain. Instead, he was frightened, it's very stressful to play the dungeon with the captain! In case of misplaced errors leading the small mobs, he will definitely be rejected……

After He Beiguang join the team, Qin Mo added: "Another long-range, who is not yet clear the dungeon today enter Xiao Han team."

Pei Yu got the courage to join in.

Shen He saw two more people in the team, and immediately said: "Hi, how are you? O (∩_∩) O~"

Incredibly dare to show cute emoticon in front of cold and elegant Captain? Which little white is this ah?

He Beiguang's mouth twitched and he didn't dare to type, Pei Yu didn't type either, Shen He feels awkward and puzzled: "Why you ignore me?"

Xiao Han explained bluntly: "Because they are a little nervous."

He Beiguang: "......"

Pei Yu: "......"

Ink Mark: "Enter dungeon."

The clear-cut two words put an end to the strange atmosphere in the team, He Beiguang and Pei Yu silently followed great god Ink Mark into the dungeon.

Kuangdao Gate General Rudder, this dungeon have a slightly difficulty, fortunately He Beiguang already play it a few times at level 50 yesterday with teammates, very familiar with here, go in front of pull small mobs, also did not make any big mistake.

Pei Yu is a long-range output, has been standing in the distance to put skills, he plays the school called "Luoying Valley", which is a literature and art school.

The weapons of Luoying Valley are Guqin and Bamboo Flute, which kill people by melody. The difference is that Guqin has a wide range of sound waves, a long range, and many group attack skills. Bamboo flute has strong penetration, can penetrate obstacles, and has more single attack skills. Pei Yu is a bamboo flute flow. His character is dressed in a scholar's gown, holds a green flute in his hand. The character's ID is called "Falling Feather", which combines the word "Falling" of "Falling Petals Valley" with the word "Feather" in his name. (T/N: the ID is LuoYu, which use Luo from Luoying Valley and Yu from his name)

They moved forward smoothly in the dungeon until it reached the fork in the road where the small mobs were very dense. Qin Mo sent Xiao Han a private chat: "Bring all the mobs here."

Xiao Han understood and immediately flew to the right road with Qinggong skill. A set of "Rainbow through the Sun" three times attracted all the mobs on the right road. Ink Mark jumped to the left road, and attacked the left side mobs with a fan-shaped attack of "Sword Horizon" and attracted all the left side mobs, everyone was instantly surrounded by dozens of small mobs.

He Beiguang was dumbfounded. He frantically use his skill "Windstorm" to enhance the defense of all party and to hold the aggro of small mobs in a large scale. Shen He is very witty, when Qin Mo play a dungeon before, he often made unexpected situations to test his reaction. When he saw this scene, he immediately climbed to a nearby tree, summoned several mechanical rats and snakes in a row, and gnawed at monsters everywhere on the ground. Pei Yu's reaction is not slow, immediately Qinggong to retreat, at the same time play a pleasant music——Bird in the Shade!

This is a very famous flute music. The sound of the flute is as clear as birds in the forest. It is also one of the few group attacking skills of the bamboo flute school in Luoying Valley. With the playing of flute music, numerous birds suddenly surrounded the little mobs from all directions, causing all the little mobs to shed a lot of blood. Shen He immediately manipulated the two huge mechanical snakes to kill the little mobs quickly.

Although the scene is like chicken flying and dog running, but fortunately narrowly missed, no death.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han stood by to watch the play. The three men killed the small mobs with difficulty. Qin Mo was satisfied and continued to walk forward.

Then, the process of clearing dungeon becomes Qin Mo and Xiao Han continue to attract a large number of mobs, three teenagers are busy following behind to kill mobs..….

When the Boss defeated and the dungeon was completed, He Beiguang and Pei Yu were sweating in their hands——clearing dungeon with great gods Ink Mark was really more tired than running 10,000 meters!

As he was spitting in his heart, he heard Qin Mo lightly say: "This will be the way to clear future dungeon. Remember that you are professional players, and don't take more than ten minutes to clear a small dungeon." Qin Mo paused and added, "Xiao He and Xiao Pei, you two have led teams to go to the Kuangdao Gate dungeon respectively. Just follow the method of exerting pressure on yourself just now and go through dungeon in five minutes. The video will be checked for me."

He Beiguang: "......"

Pei Yu: "......"

Still have to run 50,000 meters ah!

Qin Mo said flatly: "I am not making things difficult for you. You can also practice your skills in the process of upgrading. The real masters have accumulated bit by bit." Qin Mo looked at the time in the game and said, "It's 3: 30 p.m. now, I'll give you 20 minutes, finish the dungeon of Kuangdao Gate before 3: 50 p.m., and send the video to me."

As soon as the captain gave the order, the newcomers immediately rushed to the dungeon entrance, fearing that they would waste a minute and a second, and that they would be lectured by him when they could not finish the task.

Twenty minutes to complete the remaining four dungeons, leaving no more than five minutes for each round, except for the time it takes to loading the map and reset the dungeon in and out——which means they have to blow up the highest output and push the mobs to death like a bulldozer, no mistakes can be made.

The simple small dungeon makes all the newcomers feel heavy pressure immediately.

Soon there was a clatter of keyboard taps in the training room, and the frequency was much faster than before.

Xiao Han can't help but admire the sight here——Qin Mo really deserves to be Ling Xuefeng's apprentice.

In those days, Captain Ling was so uncompromising and highly effective when managing the Wind Color team. Under the influence of Ling Xuefeng, the members of Wind Color team acted as fast as lightning. Whether on the arena or in life, they were used to racing against time, doing anything and habitually keeping their attention focused.

Qin Mo learned a lot from his master in the way he managed the team.

During his time as captain, Xiao Han was only responsible for the formulation of game tactics, basically ignoring training camp and not very good at training newcomers, Qin Mo was quite good at this. When he arrived, the atmosphere in the training room immediately changed, a group of teenagers were tense and focused.

Xiao Han could see that they were very afraid of the new captain Qin.

Qin Mo can build up his prestige in such a short period of time. He does have abilities. Looking at this group of obedient children, Xiao Han is especially gratified.

In the game, Northern Lights and Falling Feather left the team after clearing a dungeon. Shen He only felt puzzled: "Why did they go ah? Do we need another member?"

Ink Mark said: "No need, three people can passed it."

In the dungeon, Qin Mo continued to strike five small mobs and let Shen He deal with them. Shen He's cooperating with him is becoming more and more tacit. He can always release mechanical snake accurately and quickly surround and kill those small mobs. The operation method of cross-encirclement is also very similar to that of Qin Mo. Xiao Han looked at the small summoner who were hopping around and busy clearing small mobs, thinking of the guy who dizzy and fell over himself before, he couldn't help smiling: "Xiao He is really making rapid progress."

Qin Mo nodded his head and agreed: "He's really smart, he learns everything quickly."

Xiao Han thought carefully and turned back to ask: "Do you want to sign Shen He? This guy's talent is really good."

"It is not necessary to sign Shen He either. I just gave him the chance to become an e-sport player. I will treat everyone equally." Qin Mo familiar with Shen He, although Shen He didn't formally worship the teacher, but Qin Mo patiently taught him, Shen He also regarded Qin Mo as an idol, is Qin Mo's number one fan brother, between the two also can be regarded as a bit of master and apprentice feelings.

But just because Shen He was taught by him, he can't sign Shen He directly. The other two summoners of Dragon Song Club are also qualified to compete.

Qin Mo bowed his head and pondered for a moment before he said: "The two summoners at the Dragon Song Training Camp, I'll contact them again tomorrow afternoon. The double summoners line-up at least won't work for our team, that is to say, our team can only keep one summoner at most. The specific one depends on the performance of the three of them."

"En, this is the fairest way." Xiao Han agrees with it.

With the summoner as the core of the lineup, other people must take the initiative to cooperate with the summoner, while the Mojue team, Qin Mo and Xiao Han are the core, double summoning lineup is certainly not feasible. Only one summoner will be left, and it will exist as a field control when necessary, this is Qin Mo's current thinking. The specific who to stay depends only on which of the three players is more in line with Qin Mo's requirements.
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