The King's Return : Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Power Display Right at the Beginning

"My, my name is He Beiguang. I am 16 years old this year. I am 1.83 meters tall and weight 70 kilograms. I came to the training camp of the Dragon Song Club in January and trained for half a year. My hobbies are playing basketball, tennis, also play fighting the landlord (T/N: this is a card game) and three kingdoms …..." He Beiguang introduced himself as carefully as he recited the text.

What a mess! Qin Mo interrupted him: "Tell me about your hand speed, game profession and specialty."

"Oh!" He Beiguang blushed, scratched his head and said, "My average hand speed is 300, played Berserker, Ah, no, Kuangdao Gate."

"En, let's get started." Qin Mo randomly selected a map of Jinling City Square to open the single PK mode.

Kuangdao Gate also has two kinds of cultivation routes, one is broadsword flow, the blade against the shoulder is huge in size and can be attacked when entering and defended when retreating, it is one of the strongest defensive schools in the game and can be used as the main T when doing a dungeon; The other is machete flow, the weapon is a sharp machete, and the play is more in favor of pure output melee. The broadsword on the shoulder of Northern Lights looks imposing, the weapon he chooses is obviously the broadsword with the strongest defense.

Qin Mo already come in contact with this newcomer before when he plays dungeon, his impression of Northern Lights was that he had good basic skills, but at that time he was of low level. Besides, the dungeon didn't need to exert too much attack power, and nothing else could be seen.

Today is just right to duel and see the strength of this teenager.

In order to be fair, Qin Mo took the initiative to un-equip his seven-star golden weapon "Broken Ice sword" and replaced it with a purple sword dropped in the dungeon.

The countdown ended in five seconds and the one-on-one fight officially began.

In order to recover a little impression, He Beiguang immediately rushed up with his red clothes sword!

——Bloody Fragrance! Break through Brambles and Thorns!

He rise his hand with the broadsword combo of Kuangdao Gate, only to see that the broadsword was pulled up and waved forward by him, as fierce as to smash people into meat pies!

However ... Ink Mark gently and skillfully use "Flicker", he flew up like a white crane and retreated five meters in an instant, avoiding the combo of Northern Lights.

He Beiguang didn't know how the Ink Mark predicted his operation. Anyway, he aggressively pounce on a set of big moves just to hit an empty air. He didn't even touch the corners of Ink Mark.

What should I do next? I can’t just admit the foolishness, right?

He Beiguang took a deep breath and continued chasing Ink Mark——Splitting Mountain and Sea!

The broadsword slammed into the ground and cut a deep ravine directly on the ground, blocking the way of Ink Mark.

This is a very useful terrain blocking skill of Kuangdao Gate. Once the skill of Splitting Mountain and Sea is released, a ravine will be cut in the specified direction. Anyone who wants to pass through this ravine must use Qinggong skill. The Qinggong skill of Ink Mark is in cooldown. He Beiguang knew that he could not walk pass it. He grasped this opportunity. He Beiguang immediately flew to the front of Ink Mark with the school Qinggong skill "Boundless Sandstorm". The broadsword swept horizontally——Sweeping 8 Wasteland!

This is a range group attack skill. The broadsword is swept out horizontally, and the swept target will be dizzy.


Ink Mark was not dizzy, but it hit a series of attacks at the critical moment——Sword Horizon, Wave Sword into River!

A sword like a river rushed toward the Northern Lights, and He Beiguang, hit by the combo effect, was repelled by five meters directly!

As a result of being repelled, the group attack he released was once again hit empty air!

The scene looked particularly funny. He Beiguang has been fiercely pursue and attack Ink Mark, Ink Mark either dodge or flew him, just like walking a dog……

In less than a minute, He Beiguang was killed by Ink Mark in a second with full blood.

—— Yes, Ink Mark did not drop a blood at all, He Beiguang was directly abused to death.

In those days, when Guan Yu cup of Liquor chop Hua Xiong, the liquor in the cup was still hot after he cut off Hua Xiong with a single blow. Now Qin Mo seckill He Beiguang in less than a minute away, and his coffee is still steaming.

Qin Mo took a sip of coffee and his face remained calm.

The atmosphere in the training room was even more awkward, because everyone knew that although they privately called He Beiguang "Big Head", this guy was really a bit foolish, but according to the level of playing games, He Beiguang could definitely rank in the top three in the training camp, which was also the reason why Xiao Han appointed him as temporary captain of the upgrade team.

He Beiguang lost so badly, can other people still live for half a minute under Ink Mark?

He Beiguang, who was abused to death, scratched the back of his head awkwardly, and his voice was almost crying: "I, I still don't quite adapt ... Would you like to try again?" He also wants to save a little impression, really, he left a bad impression on this cold beauty! Can God save him ah!

"It's not that you don't adapt, you don't know anything about the game." Qin Mo said indifferently.


"The broadsword players of Kuangdao Gate can learn five skills at level 55, ‘Windstorm’ can add defense to friendly targets within the range, ‘Bloody Fragrance’ can increase rage value and double attack power instantly (T/N: I think it’s like a berserk mode), ‘Break through Brambles and Thorns’ is a single attack skill, ‘Splitting Mountain and Sea’ is a terrain control skill, and ‘Sweeping 8 Wasteland’ is a range group attack skill." Qin Mo said expressionless, "Am I right?"

"Yes, yes ... that's right!" He Beiguang nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

"Do you know what skill level 55 players of Hanhua Sword School have?"

"Eh? Sword Horizon?" He Beiguang almost scratched his scalp off, which he really didn't know! He didn't come into contact with the game very long. It was only three or four days after careful calculation……

"You don't know the time when Heaven Sun combo triggers the silence effect, and how many meters it will ‘repel the target by Wave Sword into River skill. Just now, when I haven't used ‘Wave Sword into River’. Didn't you come close and do a big move to kill me?" Qin Mo took off his VR glasses and looked back at the stunned teenager. He said calmly, "I know you, but you don't know me. You will still lost ten times."

"……" He Beiguang was scolded to blush and hung his head in frustration. Qin Mo's words really cannot be refuted, the so-called know oneself and know the enemy, a hundred battles, he does not even understand the game, he doesn't know the skills and control effects of the Hanhua Sword School, still standing in the arena ferociously pursue Ink Mark, it is like a retard.

"Does anyone knows the skills that Hanhua Sword school learned at level 55?" Qin Mo is looking at the teenagers in front and asked.

"……" A group of people were silent, one by one hanging their heads to their chest, eager to pretend that they did not exist.

Pei Yu actually knows the skills of Hanhua Sword, but he knows better——it's not the time to show off. Qin Mo had just come, not familiar with everyone, Xiao Han suddenly gave him the captain, Qin Mo said to understand the training situation of everyone, in fact, it is also to give a power display right at the beginning, so as to avoid the voice of disapproval in the team.

Seeing that no one answered his question, Qin Mo turned the swivel chair 180 degrees and faced the teenagers.

"You are professional players, not casually playing online games, just upgrading is not enough, you also need to have a systematic and comprehensive understanding of the game." Qin Mo pause and said, "In addition, don't take it for granted because it's a trial. Opportunities are only for those who are ready. You can imagine that when the rotation battle starts after the full level, some people know all the schools very well, while you know nothing about other schools. Who will lose then? After losing, you still also have to explain to me that you are not familiar with the game and do not adapt to it?"

"I don't accept that explanation." Qin Mo glanced coldly at the teenagers present. "Please correct your attitude. Starting from today, you can go to the official website in your spare time to find out all the skills of the 8 schools. Upgrading is only a process, not your goal. There is no need to duel again today, lest you lose too ugly one by one, and I’ll come back tomorrow afternoon. I hope that by then, you can act a little like professional players."

"......" Newcomers blushed all over, especially He Beiguang, who was anxious to dig the ground and bury himself.

Seeing Qin Mo's cold expression scolding this group of children, Xiao Han could not help smiling.

Captain Qin, sitting in his seat was like the cold and elegant Emperor teaching his confidants. Self-confidence, calmness, speaking to the point, convincing, irrefutable.

Although this Qin Mo is quite different from youth Qin Mo who was easy to blow up and not calm enough, it is the transformation after three years' experience that has made him more dazzling.

His aura was so strong that the children were probably frightened and hang their heads down to the point of breaking their necks.

Seeing the stiff atmosphere in the training room, Xiao Han said: "Did you hear what the captain Qin said? Go back and study the game carefully. You are all e-sport players, be professional and don't make people laugh."

Everyone immediately nodded and said: "Understand…..."

Xiao Han waved: "Go."

After sending off a group of newcomers, Xiao Han sat next to Qin Mo and gave a thumbs-up sign: "Fierce."

Qin Mo looked back at Xiao Han and rarely smiled: "We don't have much time to raise these new people anymore. I will be very strict with them, do you mind?"

Xiao Han said: "Of course not. You have more experience in training newcomers than I do, and everything is up to you."

Qin Mo was responsible for training new players in the Wind Color Club before, Zhou Xuewei and Zhao Xingchen were all promoted by him, Xiao Han believed in his vision.

Sitting opposite the computer, He Beiguang and Pei Yu just heard the conversation between them.

Xiao Han said: everything is up to you.

Pei Yu said with a wry smile: "This is over."

He Beiguang bump his head on the keyboard: "I think I'm finished…... "

Xiao Han was silent in the team at ordinary time and seldom said anything about them, but Qin Mo is totally different, he sits in a chair with coffee in his hand, looks at the people coldly with beautiful eyes, the tone is calm and the words are reasonable, and allows no one to question him, he made everyone wish to kneel down and call him Emperor.

The new captain's aura is so terrible that the rest of his life will be hard ah!
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