The King's Return : Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: The New Captain

After lunch, Qin Mo and Xiao Han went back to the Dragon Song Club together.

Last night came back too late, got up this morning and went directly to the canteen. Qin Mo was not familiar with the Dragon Song Club. Xiao Han took him around the club and introduced him: "The third floor is the place where we train on a daily basis. The row facing south is the training room. Dragon Song is now involved in a lot of e-sports events, and the players in different events are trained separately. Facing north is the conference room. There is only one large conference room with projection equipment. If you want to use it, you have to make an appointment in advance, there is a toilet to the north."

Qin Mo followed Xiao Han to get familiar with the club environment. Xiao Han poured a cup of coffee to Qin Mo in the pantry. Only then did they go to the training room.

When they reached the door of No. 2 training room, a young man came out. He was dressed in a white sportswear and looked very casual. The players of Dragon Song Club generally had high facial value. The man was very handsome and sunny, and his stature was almost as tall as Xiao Han. Qin Mo face each other in four eyes. The other side is obviously very surprised: "Qin... Qin Mo? How did you come to the Dragon Song Club?"

Xiao Han asked doubtfully: "Zhuo Hang, isn’t the Miracle over there is on vacation?"

——This man is Zhuo Hang, Vice captain of the Canglan Team of the Miracle Professional League.

Zhuo Hang and Xiao Han started their careers in the same year. They were both newcomers brought out by Canglan's first captain Li Cangyu, they were about the same age and had a good private relationship. After Li Cangyu retired, Xiao Han and Zhuo Hang served as the captain and vice-captain of Canglan Team respectively, different from Xiao Han's reticence, Zhuo Hang eloquence is very good, also skilled in facing reporters difficult question, therefore, Canglan team is generally Xiao Han in the main, make tactics; Zhuo Hang deals with the media.

After Li Cangyu left, Canglan team's performance has been maintained at the first-class level, and both of them have contributed a lot.

The first stage of this year's Miracle Professional League has been completed. The league just put a half-month long vacation. Qin Mo did not expect to see Zhuo Hang here. After all, Qin Mo and Zhuo Hang used to be familiar with each other during the miracle game. Seeing his old friend, Qin Mo nodded at him and said: "Long time no see."

The young man in front of him have changed a lot. If there were not some childhood familiarity between his eyebrows and eyes, Zhuo Hang almost didn't recognize him.

After a moment's silence, Zhuo Hang said doubtfully: "What are you doing in Dragon Song? Are you here to see Xiao Han?"

Qin Mo did not know how to answer, Xiao Han took the initiative to help him out: "This matter is more complicated, I will explain to you in detail later. Why are you back on the team so early?"

Zhuo Hang said with a bitter smile: "Do you think I want to? When you take the team to Peerless Jianghu, the boss pulls me back and lets me do a good job in the aftermath of the Miracle. The level of the substitutes in the team is not stable enough. I want to call them back to training for a period of time in advance, otherwise I will not be able to explain if the team fails next season."

Xiao Han patted Zhuo Hang on the shoulder and encouraged him: "After that, the Miracle will be handed over to you. Do a good job."

Zhuo Hang smiled: "Leave the team to me, you naturally doing very well over there ah?"

Xiao Han said seriously: "I am not do very well, I have to start from scratch to form a new team. Why don't we change?"

Zhuo Hang immediately shook his head: "No change, no change!" He paused, as if suddenly aware of something: "Say, you are going to form a new team…...Qin Mo suddenly came to Dragon Song, wouldn't he be a member of your new team?"

"Right." Xiao Han said. "Your IQ has improved."

"Actually guessed right?!" Zhuo Hang was dumbfounded. "So, is Qin Mo coming back?"

"En." Qin Mo nodded calmly.

Zhuo Hang looked at them in surprise. Qin Mo's retirement caused a great sensation in the Miracle League. Zhuo Hang was not sure why he suddenly left. However, he is now returning and has formed a team with Xiao Han. Zhuo Hang is very happy about this situation. A moment later, he touched his chin with a smile and said: "I remember when I was in the first world competition, some senior people once said that fortunately the twin stars were not in the same team, otherwise no other team would have been able to mix. Now it has come true! It will be interesting for you twin stars to form a team and take Peerless Jianghu league over there."

Xiao Han said without modesty: "Of course, we will join forces and other teams may cry."

Qin Mo: "......"

That's enough! The style of the Dragon Song club is so unique that Xiao Han has been polluted. Xiao Han boast himself and unexpectedly also not blush?

"I wish you all the best." Zhuo Hang patted Xiao Han on the shoulder and looked down at his watch. He said, "I have an appointment with Xiao Jiang, to pick him up at 3 o'clock in high-speed train station. We can have more contact in the club. I'll withdraw first."

"Go ahead, goodbye." Xiao Han waved at him.

Until Zhuo Hang's tall back disappeared at the end of the corridor, Qin Mo just frowned slightly and said: "Will Zhuo Hang be the captain on the Miracle team in the future?"

"En, Liu Chuan also discussed this with my master." Xiao Han looked back at Qin Mo and explained: "Zhuo Hang was a Vice-captain before, he is very capable. I went to a new game and the team in Miracle was under his full control."

"This arrangement is quite reasonable indeed." Qin Mo agreed.

As they spoke, they came to the door of the training room side by side.

At the moment, it's 2: 30 p.m. through the huge French windows, you can see many young faces, those teenagers are sitting in front of the computer, staring at the computer screen attentively, their fingers tapping on the keyboard quickly, and there is a ringing sound of "da da". Sunlight poured into the training room through french windows, melting a soft warmth on these teenagers.

Qin Mo suddenly thought that his youth was spent in the training room of the Wind Color Club in the same way. After so many years, he came to familiar scenes and felt very peaceful at the same time——This is where he belongs. He's back in the long-lost world of e-sports.

Xiao Han pushed open the door and walked into the training room with Qin Mo.

Newcomers are upgrading, plus Xiao Han's light movements, no one notice anyone coming in. Until Xiao Han stood on the stage and clapped his hands, he said aloud: "Everyone, let's pause."

The familiar sound from the headphones made all the newcomers stop at once and look back, with a look of surprise on their faces at the same time.

——A man was standing beside the captain.

The man looks in his twenties, with a height right up to the tip of Xiao Han's nose, his appearance is totally different from Xiao Han's, his figure is clear and elegant, and his facial features are delicate, he has a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes with clear pupils, his eyes are like clear water and can almost reflect everyone's face. He was holding a cup of coffee in his hand, with an air of indifference and cool, he was originally a rare beautiful man, but because of his calm eyes and tight lips, he looked arrogant and difficult to mess with at first sight.

The newcomers are looking at Qin Mo in a daze.

Xiao Han coughed and said: "This is Ink Mark from Peerless Jianghu telecom area 1. His real name is Qin Mo."

——Qin Mo?!

The stunned newcomers finally came to their senses——It was Qin Mo, one of the Twin Stars of that year! The strength is equivalent to Xiao Han, who has joined hands to abuse foreigners in the World Competition?!

He left the Miracle League three years ago and disappeared. Why did he suddenly come back?!

Standing in the corner, Pei Yu took out his mobile phone just to send a text message to call a person. The moment he looked up, he just looked at the cold eyes of Qin Mo. He immediately shook his hand and stuffed his mobile phone back into his pocket.

It's over! Did he find out? There are only eight people in the training room.....One of them is late ah!

At this moment, the door of the training room was suddenly pushed open, and a tall teenager with a big head rushed in boldly, running and saying: "I've overslept again. I clearly set two alarm clocks. Why didn't they ring ah hahahaha! Should I change my mobile phone, ai, Xiao Pei, why don't you call me ah?"

Pei Yu wanted to dig a hole and bury himself, and also grasp He Beiguang to be buried as well.

Xiao Han: "…..."

Qin Mo: "…..."

The atmosphere in the training room was unusually quiet, as if the air had suddenly been pulled away.

Seeing that everyone's eyes were turned behind him, He Beiguang, who was late, noticed something was wrong, twisted his neck, and immediately froze in place.

"Capt, Captain…... ha ha …... the captain is also here ah …..."

He Beiguang kept his body forward and his neck twisted back 180 degrees. He froze in place and seemed to trip himself up.

Qin Mo looked down at his watch and said: "Ten minutes late. Right, you really should change your mobile phone."

The beauty's voice was very calm, so calm that there was almost no wave. It sounded like a mountain stream after the spring rain in the ears. On his beautiful but cold eyes, He Beiguang felt only a tingle in his scalp, just like when it snows in winter, someone picked up a big snowball, grabbed his collar and put it in, making him shiver with cold.

"Yes, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, I, I, I, I will change my mobile phone tomorrow......" He Beiguang felt like crying. Early in the morning, he said that he had beautiful eyes and was misunderstood by him as kissing up to others. Now he was late again and was caught by him. The impression he left to the vice-captain must be very bad.

Pei Yu had no choice but to look at the sky, felt that Hei Beiguang always had a trouble, he probably…… Will also be associated with some trouble too.

Xiao Han looked at the silly teenager who freeze in place, frowning: "Xiao He, you go to your seat and sit down first."

He Beiguang, who was granted amnesty, immediately ran to his seat and sat upright, pricking up his ears as if a pupil listening to a lecture.

Xiao Han gently wrapped around Qin Mo’s shoulder and introduced: "I'd like to announce one thing to you. Qin Mo and I have already set up Mojue team. Qin Mo will be the captain and I will be the vice-captain."

Newcomers: "....................."


Xiao Han continued with a calm expression: "The Mojue team has reached a cooperation agreement with the Dragon Song club. We will select some excellent players from several newcomers for the Dragon Song club to sign a contract as the main players of the team. The annual salary will start at 500,000 yuan, and the bonus will be added if winning the competition. This is actually a good thing for you, because the salary has been increased, and as long as you are sure to sign a contract with the team, you don't have to consider whether you will be substituted or not, and the signed players will definitely be the main force."

The newcomers are still looking at Xiao Han with a puzzled face. They all know the Chinese spoken by the mixed-race, but why can't they understand it ah?

Why did Xiao Han suddenly become a Vice-captain and Qin Mo who landed suddenly become a captain?!

He Beiguang was disarray in the wind——it wasn't the vice-captain he offended, but the captain!

Xiao Han saw everyone staring at him. He smiled and said: "I know you are all surprised. When you saw him later, remember to call him Captain Qin."

Newcomers: "....................."

Qin Mo took a sip of coffee with a calm expression and said: "The selection rules for the Mojue team are the same as Xiao Han said before. After reaching the full level, everyone will have a fight in turn and whether you stay or not according to your performance. The remaining players will directly sign a contract with Mojue team, and the other players, Dragon Song Club, will arrange for your removal."

Xiao Han nodded and agreed: "En, Miracle and Wulin also need many substitutes. If you aren’t chosen, don't worry. You can go to the other two teams."

Everyone finally came to their senses, except for Xiao Han to give the captain to Qin Mo, the other seems to be no different from before?

But is there really no difference? But why, looking at the man who drinks coffee calmly, everyone suddenly felt a chill on his back......

At this moment, Qin Mo suddenly said calmly: "I have just arrived and I am not very familiar with everyone. I want to know about each of you first."

As soon as he said that, he came down, casually found a computer, put the coffee cup aside, opened the Peerless Jianghu game, quickly connected his own light screen touchpad, and then logged on to Ink Mark account. It happens that the single player duel mode (T/N : 1v1 pvp room) will be open from level 55. The level of Ink Mark has reached level 55 in the past two days, and a free pvp room has been created in the arena.

"Challenge area room number 7198, password 1378, you come to duel with me, before duel, do some self-introduction." Qin Mo calmly looked back at the teenagers behind his back and asked. "Who will come first?"

The training room was quiet as if a funeral was about to begin. Everyone hung their heads for fear that he might see them.

Qin Mo see there is no reaction, he called a name and said: "He Beiguang, the one who was late just now, right? You come first."

He Beiguang: "........................"

I'm so scared! What to do ah, he has a strong aura, he will abuse me into slag!

Qin Mo noticed that the teenager was still stunned and could not help frowning: "He Beiguang."

"Here!" He Beiguang finally returned to his sense, loudly replied, then scratched his head and walked to the front of the computer beside Qin Mo to sit down, hand shaking login to his account.
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