She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 14

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Today daily chapter, this chapter is super short with some fluffy scene, enjoy your reading~

Chapter 14- He Hugged Her 
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan & Larkspur

This little thing! Why did he suddenly mention this?!!!

Lin Qingqing looked at Yi Zeyan. Legs folded, he sat on the sofa in an elegant posture with the English book spread out on his lap. But his attention wasn’t on the book at the moment. Although he still kept his head slightly lowered, his eyes were on her.

His mouth was slightly crooked, eyebrows arched elegantly. His smiling expression kindled in Lin Qingqing an even more unfathomable feeling, and she was almost embarrassed to death.

She looked at the little guy. He was still looking at her eagerly.  Children didn't have as many twists and turns to their words compared to adults. They called a spade a spade. Like is like. Dislike is dislike.

Although Lin Qingqing was extremely embarrassed, she couldn't bear seeing the disappointment on the little guy’s face, so she agreed to it after much thought. Ignoring Yi Zeyan's questioning eyes, she said, "Okay, I'll accompany you to watch."

Relieved and very happy with her answer, Xiao Yuan took her hand and dragged her upstairs where she accompanied him back to his room to wash and change into pajamas. Moments later, freshly bathed and feeling chipper, the two entered Yi Zeyan's room. 

Yi Zeyan had also finished washing up and was sitting on the bed. Directly opposite him was a wall-mounted LCD TV playing the cartoon that she and Xiao Yuan had just watched. It stood right at the scene where it was paused downstairs.

Lin Qingqing was puzzled. He'd been reading books the whole time. How did he know exactly where they stopped watching?

Brushing her thoughts aside, she glanced around. Yi Zeyan's room was very large. The decoration was mainly black and white; simple but neat. While she was admiring the decor, Yi Beiyuan had already climbed onto the bed first sitting beside his father. He patted on the other side and said, "Mommy you sit here."

Yi Zeyan folded several pillows behind him and half rested on the bed. The quilt was pulled halfway up his body. His one hand rested behind his head while the other was casually draped on the quilt. His eyes were closed as if he were asleep.

Lin Qingqing hesitated before she went to the little one and sat down. The little fellow took the remote control and pressed play, the cartoon resumed.

But in no time at all, he became sleepy. His eyes gradually closed as he leaned against the bed and immediately fell asleep.

Lin Qingqing glanced at Yi Zeyan. Suddenly, the man's eyes that had been closed slowly opened. However, he didn’t look at her. Instead, he squinted at the TV in front of him.

Soft light swathed the room with a warm glow while the TV blared in the background. All in all, it created a cozy atmosphere, but she began to get nervous somehow. Afraid of waking Yi Beiyuan from his peaceful sleep, she asked him in a low voice, "Do you want me to carry him to his room?"

He didn't look at her. His narrowed eyes were still watching the TV and he just said in a lazy voice, "No. Let him sleep here."

The room was filled with light and sounds and Xiao Yuan was with them. But all of a sudden Lin Qingqing felt that everything was sucked from the room and all that remained was the quiet stillness of the night. And in that quiet stillness, only she and Yi Zeyan remained.  Bit by bit, she began to feel more and more flustered. 

"That... Then I'll go back to my room first." She removed the quilt to get out of bed when she heard Yi Zeyan behind her say…

"You haven't answered the question I asked you just then."

Lin Qingqing stilled in her movements. The question he asked just then… Naturally, she knew what it was.

"Do you really like me?" he asked again.

Lin Qingqing gulped nervously and looked at him stiffly. His head was resting on his arm as he smiled at her. He seemed to be in a good mood. In the hazy glow, his smile seemed to add another layer of soft light.

However, there was a sharpness in his eyes that could see people clearly, as if he could see through the depths of their hearts.

Lin Qingqing avoided his gaze. She didn’t dare to look at him.

Like? Did she really like Yi Zeyan?

She remembered that he didn't want her to give up on music so he prepared a studio for her. He also got a necklace especially for her in order to please her, but she broke it. He treated her so well that it was impossible for her not to have feelings at all. 

Indeed, she had feelings for him. As to what those feelings were, perhaps… She respected him.

As for like… She was … unsure. 

To her, he was a very distant person. He was like a bright star in the sky and even she wondered why she would marry a man like him.

He was so excellent that no matter how modest and friendly he was, his fierce and forceful temperament could not be concealed.

In the face of this man, in the light of his eyes, she was too nervous to respect him subconsciously.

Meanwhile, as Lin Qingqing waged a war with her thoughts, Yi Zeyan was in an internal battle of his own. He didn't really expect that she would like him. Maybe she said it just to appease Xiao Yuan. Besides, he had never so much as demanded that she like him. So when he saw her hanging her head down for half a day without talking, he was afraid he had frightened her. So he said, "Forget it. Don't answer if you don't want to."

He spoke calmly as if he had just asked casually.

His statement quelled the raging war within Lin Qingqing and she finally breathed a sigh of relief. She glanced down at the deeply asleep Xiao Yuan and felt that there was no need to stay here any longer. 

"I ... I'll go back to my room first." 

But before she could turn around and slip away, he interrupted: "Stay here tonight."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

His voice seemed a bit urgent, but it was not a question. He didn't seem to be discussing with her, his tone was firm.

Lin Qingqing turned to look, but his eyes on her had shifted subconsciously. "Xiao Yuan wants his parents to sleep with him. He’ll be disappointed if he doesn't see you when he wakes up."

She looked down at her son's sleeping face. She suddenly remembered that he said that other children's parents slept together. He also said that he wanted his mother to be close to his father because other children's parents were very close.

Did she even want to sleep with Yi Zeyan?

But she and Yi Zeyan were husband and wife, weren't they? It didn't seem to be a big problem for her to sleep in his room, right? What's more, there was still Xiao Yuan here.

Sleep. She should just sleep here. It wasn’t a big deal.

Lin Qingqing thought for an extra moment and finally nodded. However, she did not see that when she nodded, Yi Zeyan finally slowly loosened the quilt that he had been gripping tightly. But his expression was still calm as if it was no big deal for her to sleep here.
"It's getting late. Go to bed early," he said softly.

In response, she pulled back the quilt and got into the bed. At first, she found it very strange and embarrassing when she laid down. But leaning against the child and smelling the milky fragrance on him, she relaxed quickly.

She clung to Xiao Yuan and pulled over the quilt to cover half of her face. At the same time, Yi Zeyan turned off the TV and pressed the light switch. 

The room instantly fell into darkness.

Despite being separated by Xiao Yuan in the middle and his position a little farther away from her, Yi Zeyan’s sense of being was still very strong. It was even more pronounced in the silent darkness. Thus, it was difficult for Lin Qingqing to ignore.

Once more, Lin Qingqing’s traitorous thoughts plagued her, but she stubbornly kept urging herself to sleep. Apparently, it worked because before she knew it, she fell asleep.

Dazedly, she felt as if she was lying in a warm embrace; her back to a person, against his tight chest, his arm wound around her waist.

She thought she was dreaming. She blinked her eyes briefly then closed them once more, but the embrace did not disappear. Slowly, she opened them one last time until the consciousness completely returned to her and she found that she was really lying in a strong and warm embrace.

It was still dark at the moment, but the light was slowly creeping outside the window, so the room was not particularly dark.

She remembered that she slept with Xiao Yuan in Yi Zeyan's room last night, so was the person holding her Yi Zeyan?

How did she end up sleeping in his arms?

The two were so close that she could feel the slightly hot temperature on him, while his breath caressed her head. Her nose was enveloped by his scent, fresh and pleasant, a little like the scent of camellia.

Lin Qingqing's body soon stiffened. She did not dare to move.

Inexplicably, he ... How could he have hugged her to sleep?

What should she do now? He seemed to be asleep.

Lin Qingqing bit her lip and was at a loss at the moment. Her heart rate began to accelerate. She would like to take advantage of his sleep to get away ah! What would she do in case he woke up and got embarrassed?

Once again, her thoughts were in disarray for quite probably the millionth time that night. Did she fall asleep, sleepwalk and then sneak into his arms? Or did he come to her and hold her? But how could I that be? She slept on the other side!

Did he take the initiative to hug her?

The more Lin Qingqing thought about it, the faster her heart beat, and the hotter her cheeks burned. She was, at the moment, feeling conflicted. She was a little afraid that he would feel awkward when he woke up with her in his arms, but she couldn’t bear to part with the feeling of being held by him. 

She felt shameful. Absolutely shameful. 

Still, his body was really strong, and lying in his arms made her feel at ease.

Overwhelmed! She was oh so overwhelmed, and her heart was pounding so loudly that she was afraid to wake him up. So she tried to move carefully out of his arms. She wanted to sit up. However, his arm, which she had worked so hard to pull down, suddenly came up.

He hugged her waist while his strong chest clung to her back. His warmth and strong masculinity enveloped her for a moment.

Then his lips drew to her ears, and his slightly hoarse voice whispered in her ear...

"Where are you going?"

Lin Qingqing: "——"
Editor’s note: I got second-hand embarrassment from Lin Qingqing. She is definitely in a pinch! xD 
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