The King's Return : Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: General Meeting of Shareholders

When Xiao Han and Qin Mo arrived at the Dragon Song Club, it was already 11:30 in the evening. The lights of the club were all off, only a ray of orange light was shining at the door. Xiao Han spoke to the security guard at the entrance, led Qin Mo all the way to the dormitory on the third floor, opened his own dormitory door and whispered: "It's getting late, let's rest first, if there is something, put it off until tomorrow."

Qin Mo "En", and went to Room 301 with Xiao Han.

——This is a small dorm with two bedrooms and two halls. The two bedrooms are just opposite the door. The bathroom is public. There is a shower room inside. There is an open kitchen beside the dining room. There is blue low cupboard use as a table near it. As the club has a canteen, Xiao Han obviously seldom uses this kitchen. There is no kitchen utensils in there.

Qin Mo circled the room and probably saw the layout of the room. Compared with Qin Mo's home in Nanjing, the dormitory was somewhat crude, but after all, it was a team dormitory. Such conditions were already very good. Moreover, the house was cleaned and tidy by Xiao Han, which made Qin Mo feel very comfortable.

Seeing Qin Mo looking at the room, Xiao Han came up behind him and said: "Can you adapt to stay here?"

Qin Mo looked back and said: "It's quite good. I don't have much demand for a place to stay, just a clean room."

Xiao Han took him to the southern bedroom: "You stay in this room, this room has sunshine, I remember you like to bask in the sun. I'll make up the bed later. You go to bed first. Tomorrow I'll take all my clothes away."

He was really considerate and offered him the room with the sun. Qin Mo felt warm and said: "Thank you. Actually, it is not necessary. I can sleep in the northern room."

"Don’t be polite in front of me, we're not outsiders." Xiao Han smiled brilliantly. "You can sleep here. Changsha can be very cold in winter. I am not afraid of cold. You sleep better on the southern side."

"All right." Qin Mo had to stop being polite. "I want to take a shower first."

"En, you can use my shampoo and shower gel for the time being. Tomorrow I'll go to the supermarket and buy you a new one."

"No problem."

When Qin Mo came out of from the bathroom, Xiao Han was making the bed. He changed a sheet and put on a new quilt, and said: "I'll help you adjust the air conditioning temperature to 26 degrees. The remote control is on your bedside table. if you feel hot in the middle of the night, you can adjust the temperature again."

Qin Mo thought his face was cute when he helped make the bed. He could not help joking: "You really look like a long-winded housekeeper."

Xiao Han looked up and said bluntly: "That's because I care about you, I don't care about anyone else."

"......" Qin Mo's cheeks are hot. Xiao Han is really too direct. He always says "I care about you" and "I miss you." What if he misunderstood?

"Sleep." Xiao Han walked up to Qin Mo and touched his hair gently. I put the hair dryer on the table and remember to dry it, otherwise you would get headache when sleep."

"You are really too long-winded." Qin Mo couldn't help saying, "Look a little like old woman."

"Afraid you're not used to it when you first get here." Xiao Han smiled and handed Qin Mo the hair dryer.

"I'm old enough to take care of myself. Good night." Qin Mo sent him away and closed the door behind him. However, when Xiao Han touched his hair just now, his gentle eyes were lingering in his mind. In the past, he was clearly a sweet and adorable teenager who did not speak very well. He hadn't seen him for three years, but he turned into a warm man who took great responsibility and cared about people.

Qin Mo blows his hair, thinking of Xiao Han's meticulous care, his lips cannot help but float a slight smile. Outside came the dripping sound of rain, pounded on the window, making his heart gradually calm down. After changing the team dormitory, he has to adapt in all aspects, but he is looking forward to a new beginning.

The next morning, Xiao Han took Qin Mo to Dragon Song canteen for breakfast. When He Beiguang, Pei Yu and other team members entered the canteen in twos and threes, they saw Xiao Han come to a man with a hearty breakfast. The man was very good-looking, but his face was very indifferent. Captain Xiao, who had always been silent, put breakfast in front of him, and his face was very gentle: "Breakfast in the canteen is relatively simple, you can eat some first, I'll buy more eggs at the supermarket today. I'll cook them for you later."

Pei Yu: "……"

He Beiguang: "…..."

What's going on! The captain showed up and brought a man? And the captain's attitude to him is too good, isn't it? And also personally cook breakfast?

He Beiguang was about to step forward when Pei Yu immediately grabbed him and whispered: "Don't seek death until you understand the situation."

"Right, right, right." He Beiguang immediately retracted his steps, and the two secretly tried to slip to the other side to avoid Xiao Han and Qin Mo. As a result, Xiao Han had a sharp eye, and He Beiguang was a tall and strong built could not hide easily. Xiao Han saw the two teenagers at a glance and called out actively. "Xiao He, Xiao Pei, you come here." (T/N : this Xiao He is he beiguang, not Shen He)

The two men who wanted to run away but were caught immediately came over with a smile as if nothing had happened.

Pei Yu smiled and bent his eyes: "The captain is back ah…..."

He Beiguang scratched his head in place.

Xiao Han asked: "How’s your training these days when I am away?"

Pei Yu answered earnestly: "Everyone is trying to upgrade, and now they are all level 55."

"Not bad." Xiao Han said with appreciation: "I have something to do this morning. You can continue to organize everyone to upgrade. I will be back in the afternoon."

The two men immediately nodded: "Understood."

"En, go ahead." Xiao Han sent them away. He Beiguang looked curiously at the man opposite Xiao Han. Qin Mo just looked up, they looked at each other. He Beiguang was stunned and blurted out, "You have beautiful eyes."

"......" Qin Mo was silent for a moment and said coldly. "Thank you."

Xiao Han frowned: "Xiao He, do you have anything else?"

He Beiguang stared blankly: "Ah?"

Pei Yu wanted to slap the fool and be smart, and he took the initiative and said: "Cough, let's go breakfast first. Captain, excuse us." After saying this, he grabbed He Beiguang and ran away, as he walked along, he said: "You praised him for his beautiful eyes, this is true, but you can't say it directly either! Do you know who he is?"

He Beiguang wondered: "Is it the Vice-captain? The captain said that the person he bring back should be him."

Pei Yu said helplessly: "So you can't praise him as soon as we meet, this gives the first impression that you are want to kiss up, but also flattering to the horse leg......"

He Beiguang wanted to cry: "I didn't mean it. I just thought his eyes were beautiful and said it quickly. I didn't mean to kiss up to him."

Pei Yu sighed softly: "We don't know what kind of temper he is yet, but I have an intuition that this person is not easy to provoke. We should pay attention to what we says in front of him in the future."

He Beiguang lowered his head in frustration and scratched the back of his head: "Oh."

Looking at the two walking away side by side, Qin Mo asked faintly: "Who was that tall man just now?"

"His name is He Beiguang, ID Northern Light, the master T when we played team dungeon together before." Xiao Han said, "What do you think of him?"

"Foolish." Qin Mo gave one words of evaluation.

"En, a bit foolish." Xiao Han agreed, "Xiao He is a single-celled animal, because his head is bigger, newcomers call him big head."

"Big head?" When Qin Mo thought of the fool who just looked at himself and said, "You have beautiful eyes", he could not help laughing. "The head is really big and likeable......Who's the other one wearing glasses?"

"That's Pei Yu, the smartest of the newcomers. He has a quick head and a little bit of thinking, but fortunately he has no bad heart." Xiao Han paused and said, "I'll take you to the training room this afternoon and introduce you to the players. At present, there are nine newcomers following me and these two are the small team leaders I have temporarily chosen to lead."

"En." Qin Mo nodded, and he wanted to see Dragon Song's newcomers as soon as possible, so that he could decide which players to remain in the Mojue team.

After breakfast, they went out from the back door of the club and went directly to the hotel booked by Wu Zewen.

Liu Chuan and Wu Zewen live near, already arrived when Xiao Han and Qin Mo arrived, after sitting for five minutes, the door of the private room is pushed open, two men walk in one after another.

The man's facial features in front of him are not particularly good-looking, but it feel pleasing to the eye. He looks very kind with a smile on his face, and belongs to the kind of appearance that is very good to see. Behind him, following a tall man, wearing a pair of sunglasses to cover half of his face, revealing a clean jaw line, the outline is very handsome. When he entered the room, he took off his sunglasses and revealing a pair of narrow and sharp eyes.

When Liu Chuan saw the two men, he immediately stepped forward, extended his arms and hug them. "Ah Ce, Shaoqing, long time no see."

——Xu Ce, Jiang Shaoqing, was the senior shareholder of the Dragon Song Club when it was founded.

The two were also e-sport players. After retiring, they didn't care much about the club. They were all managed by Liu Chuan. This time also because Xiao Han wanted to separate the team from the club, Liu Chuan called them back to discuss.

Wu Zewen took the initiative to introduce: "These two are Xiao Han, Qin Mo, the Vice-captain and Captain of the Mojue team; these two are Xu Ce, Jiang Shaoqing, the shareholders of Dragon Song Club."

Four people shake hands and say hello to each other.

Xu Ce casually found a seat and sat down. He said lightly: "In fact, there is no need to call us back. Just give me a look at the contract. You can decide on the specific plan."

Liu Chuan "tsk" and said: "You only knew 'sit and counting money', didn't you?"

Xu Ce said straightforwardly: "It's enough to sit and count the money. I don't know how to manage the team, and I'll be scolded by you for making random ideas."

Jiang Shaoqing smiled with a good temper and said to Liu Chuan: "Ah Ce has been running his own company in recent years and does not have time to deal with Dragon Song's affairs at normal times. We all have feelings for Dragon Song Club. It's enough to hang the name as a shareholder. It doesn't matter whether the new team takes a shares or not. You see, Zewen, you can come as convenient as you like."

Wu Zewen explained: "According to Xiao Han's intention, the new team will be separated from the club. Qin Mo holds 26%, Xiao Han holds 25%, and you can divide the remaining 49 percent as you like. I have calculated the specific amount of capital. You can discuss how many shares you want to take." Wu Zewen sent several printed forms to everyone. "This is just the initial amount. After the league starts next year, we need to increase the investment funds according to the situation."

"10% for each of me and Shaoqing is enough to earn some pocket money." Xu Ce said quickly, "Let the two young people worry about the team."

"Young people?" Liu Chuan laughed. "Speak as if you are very old."

"Nearly thirty." Xu Ce was somewhat upset. "It's the uncle in other people's mouth."

"Never mind, you look young." Jiang Shaoqing consoled, "When you go to the mall to buy clothes, people call you a handsome young man."

"Ha, that's because I'm already handsome in the first place." Xu Ce raised his eyebrows and said confidently.

"Yes, our club has a first-class appearance and can win the championship with its face alone." Liu Chuan also said confidently.

Qin Mo: "…………"

The style of the Dragon Song Club is unique, a crooked stick will have a crooked shadow (T/N: If a leader sets a bad example, it will be followed by his subordinates), and the boss Liu Chuan have thick skin and often boast. As a result, the atmosphere of the whole club is somewhat odd.

Can we have a good shareholders' meeting?

Fortunately, Wu Zewen drew the topic back: "You have to look at the contract first, this is the first edition drafted by lawyers, all areas that need to be modified will be marked with pens."

Everyone began to look at the contract and finally got serious.

On the whole, the contract is very fair. It clearly states the rights and obligations of the Mojue Team and the Dragon Song Club, and clearly points out that the Mojue Team is managed by Qin Mo and Xiao Han together. The Dragon Song Club shall not interfere in the internal affairs of the team. Liu Chuan kept his word and did not set any trap to cheat people in the contract. The lawyers they were looking for were obviously professional, and each one was clear and reasonable. Since the other side is so kind, Qin Mo has nothing to doubt. He put down the contract and said: "I've read the contract and there is no problem. Xiao Han, what do you think?"

Xiao Han: "My Chinese is not as good as yours. If you say no problem, then no problem."

Liu Chuan suggested: "You can ask a lawyer to have a look again. I remember Xiao Han's father was a lawyer."

Qin Mo said: "It's not necessary. Sign it."

Liu Chuan was a little surprised: "You are so reassured to us?"

Qin Mo calmly said: "Trust is mutual, you are willing to give the team to us, we naturally believe in the club."

He simply signed his name on the contract with neat and meaningful handwriting.

Liu Chuan praised him and said: "Quite straight-forward! Qin Mo is so straight-forward, you should be quick."

Xu Ce: "Oh." He also signed the contract and handed it to Jiang Shaoqing.

They signed the contract and had lunch at the hotel.

Wu Zewen said: "Since the Mojue team wants to be independent, it needs to have a separate public account under the name of "Mojue". It also needs to engrave official stamp, legal person stamp and financial stamp. Qin Mo is not familiar with Changsha. I will help you, if you’re at ease, I'll go to the Bureau of Industry and Commerce in the afternoon to do the formalities. After that, you will sign in person."

Qin Mo looked at him and said gratefully: "Thank you."

Wu Zewen pushed the glasses on his nose and said earnestly, "You're welcome. We'll be a partner in the future. I'm familiar with finance. You can ask me if you don't understand the budget and tax matters."

It was not until then that Qin Mo realized the benefits of finding Dragon Song Club as a major shareholder.

Xiao Han is indeed far-sighted. It is really save trouble and worry-free to cooperate with the Dragon Song Club.
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