The King's Return : Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Summoner’s Challenge Arena

The next afternoon, Qin Mo went to the arena to set up a challenge room. He invited all the newcomers of Dragon Song to join the challenge arena room, allowing everyone to enter the challenge arena to watch the battle in the "watching mode". When the people arrived, he invited Shen He to come in.

Shen He saw so many people when he entered the room, and immediately typed actively: "Hello, great gods O (∩_∩) O~"

This guy is a little bit heartless, seems to be completely unaware of the tension in the atmosphere.

He Beiguang chatted privately with Pei Yu, saying: "Drunken River is the little summoner who play in the dungeon with us yesterday? What do you think is his relationship with captain?"

Pei Yu was very clever, and immediately figured out the reason: "I guess he's the potential seed in the captain's eyes. Today's match is likely to decide which one to sign."

He Beiguang was shocked and said: "Didn't it said that we can decide after the full level and fight in rotation battle? Why is it decide so early?"

Pei Yu lost in thought: "Captain Qin way of handling affairs is not the same as the previous captain. Perhaps the team can only keep one summoner. He doesn't want to drag things along, so he decides ahead of time."

He Beiguang was a little nervous: "So Yan Zhou and Xu Sizhe are going to be miserable, and I don't know how strong Drunken River is. Can they beat him?"

Pei Yu said: "Look at it patiently. I think both of them have a chance. After all, they have been training in the club for so long, and their foundation is surely stronger than Drunken River."

He Beiguang didn't type anymore and focused his eyes on the middle of the challenge arena.

At this point, the shota summoner Drunken River on the arena is jumping around the Ink Mark, with a few small rat beside him, looking like a hyperactive child. He made a circle around the challenge arena and then asked: "God Mo, where is the expert you're talking about?"

Qin Mo said: "You fight with me first."

Drunken River: "Ah? I'm sure I won't be able to beat you, but I'm begging for light abuse of T_T"

Qin Mo said calmly: "Start."

This game chose the mountain forest map "Yulin Trail". Qin Mo did not have the slightest sense of mercy, after the start, he chased Shen He and slashed. As a result, before Shen He could summon his pet, he was beaten half-blood by Qin Mo.

——God Mo is fierce!

Shen He immediately summoned the defensive pet "Mechanical Blood Cow". When the mechanical blood cow survives, the injuries to the owner will automatically transfer to the body of the mechanical blood cow. The wooden mechanical cow looks clumsy and moves slowly, but as the only defensive pet, its existence can greatly enhance the survival ability of the crisp skin Summoner.

Qin Mo set an outbreaks to seckill the blood cow, and Shen He also took the opportunity to hide behind a tree, want to summon a wooden snake to control Qin Mo.

But Qin Mo didn't give him the chance to fight back. He Qinggong to instantly moved behind Shen He. A set of Heaven Sun combo skill to silence him, and then beat him to death with a fierce attack.

Shen He was stunned for a while before he blushed and said: "God Mo is so fierce, killing me is like cutting vegetables Q_Q."

Qin Mo left his hand behind when PK with Dragon Song newcomer before. Today, he obviously moved seriously. The white swordsman was shuttling back and forth among the mountains like a phantom. The onlookers only felt dazzled. Before they could see clearly the angle of his hand, Drunken River was directly KO.

Ink Mark: "Xiao He (T/N: this is Shen He, not He Beiguang), you go as spectator to watch, Xiao Yan come."

Yan Zhou, who was named, entered the challenge arena, still being a mountain forest map and still being seckilled by Ink Mark without any strength to fight back.

"Xiao Xu."

Xu Sizhe was not spared either. Of course, the last one who appeared on the stage summed up the lessons of the first two failures and insisted a little more under Qin Mo's hands……Ten seconds.

Shen He said heartlessly: "Ha, ha, ha, God Mo abused everyone like cutting vegetables!"

——Being abused and still so happy, is there something wrong with him ah?

The onlookers all felt that this guy was out of his mind and the atmosphere of the challenge arena was like an unspeakable awkwardness.

Qin Mo took the initiative to return to the sidelines and typed: "The three summoners continued their rounds, winning two out of three games. The winner will be able to get Exquisite Orb, the weapon that dropped yesterday's dungeon." As he said, he sent the weapon data to the public screen. The weapons made by Ink Mark himself, seven-star artifact, are also quite good in attributes. The onlookers were immediately excited——it was actually fight in rotation battle with a reward!

Pei Yu, however, strengthened his judgment after seeing this sentence——He’s afraid the reward is not just as simple as Exquisite Orb.

Inside the room, Ink Mark continued to type: "Drunken River, Heaven Quail, you come first, two wins in three games, the first game continues Yulin Trail Map."

Shen He jumped out of the challenge arena actively and typed: "Great God, please give me advice~ ~ ~"

Xu Sizhe looked at his fascinating wavy line and could not help frowning: "Start."

The two started the match, which seemed to be a little uncomfortable after being abused just now. Xu Sizhe started the match very actively, directly calling out four mechanical rats and going around to outflank Shen He. Shen He's reaction was also quick. When he saw a big wave of mechanical rats rushing towards him, he immediately called out two mechanical chariots——huge chariots rolled over from behind Xu Sizhe with "rumbling" sound, forcing Xu Sizhe to move out of position with Qinggong.

This operation made Qin Mo shine at the moment. Xiao He looked simple and a little out of line, but its play was very clever. The average player may subconsciously choose to dodge when his opponent attacks him strongly, but Shen He does not, if you hit me head-on, I will fight back, if you let the mechanical rat outflank me, I will let the chariot force you to move. Although it is a "lose-lose" play, it can instantly move back to the disadvantage of the beginning!

Sure enough, Xu Sizhe's mechanical rat bites the other party, while the other party's mechanical chariot also caused him a lot of damage, the first fight between pets was a draw.

Xu Sizhe immediately called out two mechanical snakes to flank Shen He——because Shen He has been bitten by rats and has two layers of "weakness" in his body. His defense and attack power will be reduced to 30% of the original level. This is the best time to attack!

But Shen He did an unexpected operation at this time——he summoned the mechanical puppet.

Although the mechanical puppet is made of wood, it is dressed in clothes and has a vivid image. It looks exactly like its master and is extremely difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Shen He character modelling in the game's is a lovely shota, dressed in a Zhuge family school of brown and yellow shirt, revealing a delicate arm, carrying a heavy wooden mechanical box behind him, the size of the mechanical box is half his size, which almost crush him to death.

He summoned the mechanical puppet, which is the same shape. The blood and blue level, even the "weak" state of the body, are exactly the same as Drunken River.

Xu Sizhe obviously didn't realize that it was actually a puppet. Two mechanical wooden snakes quickly surrounded the ‘Drunken River’. Then, he summoned four mechanical chariots to besiege him in all directions. At that time, all kinds of skills and sound effects were heard everywhere. With a loud "bang", the four mechanical chariots exploded at the same time, like dropping a bomb. ‘Drunken River’ was almost submerged by broken pieces of wood!


In the center of the chariot explosion, the shota with the words ‘Drunken River’ written on its head suddenly disappeared like a phantom.

——not good!

Xu Sizhe realized it was not good, but it was too late!

At the moment when body double's puppet was summoned, Shen He himself had tactfully made a quick detour through the heavy woods and came behind the "Heaven Quail".

He has just been bitten by two rats, and his weakness will last for 5 seconds. He waited patiently for the weakness effect to pass and watched the Heaven Quail burst out a lot of mechanicals to beat his puppet.

At the moment of the body double’s puppet death, Shen He's weak state just disappeared, and he immediately started the counterattack without hesitation——

Mechanical snake, Mechanical rat, Mechanical chariot!

A barrage of pet summoned used amazing hand speed, and the crowd saw the dense mechanicals suddenly appear continuously from Drunken River, and surrounded Heaven Quail according to the master's instructions!

The lock of the mechanical snake made the "Heaven Quail" unable to move, the gnawing of the mechanical rats made the defense of the "Heaven Quail" plummet, and the repeated explosion of the mechanical chariot directly pressed the blood of the "Heaven Quail" to 10%!

This is a seemingly messy but actually orderly series of pet skills.

Only those who understand summoners can see that Shen He captured the timing of this wave of counter-attack very well, while Xu Sizhe, although he played very actively at the beginning, seemed to be suppressing Shen He, but in fact, a puppet body double of Shen He at the critical moment has completely controlled the situation!

—— Chivalrous men [Drunken River] won the challenge arena.

Looking at the gray world after the death of the character, Xu Sizhe couldn't believe it——he actually lost to a summoners player in the online games. How is that possible?

The winning little guy, carrying the mechanical box that almost crushed him, jumped twice in the same spot and said happily: "Hahahaha, you didn't recognize my body double puppet, brother, look at my blue ah, you didn’t notice my blue is gone down when I use the skill."

Xu Sizhe: "......"

Xu Sizhe, who was given pointer by the online games player, turned pale and green. He couldn't wait to climb into the computer and crush the idiot to death.

Qin Mo also discover, this guy, Shen He infuriating capability is like nature itself, if he won then just won, he also said the key point why the other party lose, is he know how hateful is that?

Xiao Han couldn't help smiling——Shen He's natural and inspiring skills are quite suitable for the style of Dragon Song Club.

But obviously, Shen He did not realize how infuriating his words were. He just said what he thought.

Qin Mo chatted privately with curiosity and asked: "Did you study the connection between body double puppet and blue level?"

Shen He said happily: "Hehehe, this trick I learned from others yesterday afternoon when I was fighting with a rookie summoner. He started with a body double. I didn't realize it until I killed his body double. The body double effect at the critical moment was really very good, because body double was completely copying the master's data, and it was really difficult to distinguish it with the naked eye, unless I paid special attention to the opponent's blue level. Calling a puppet body double, the amount of blue will be reduced by about 5%. Looking at the blue level, you can tell if the other party has called body double."

Qin Mo looked at his conclusion, a little surprised, can learn this from the master is very normal; However, it is unusual to be able to sum up something useful from rookies who is more newbie than him——which showed that Shen He did not have the problem of overbearing and conceited eyes, nor looked down upon those who were inferior to himself. On the contrary, he can instantly grasp the advantages the other party, processed and use it himself. His imitation ability can be flexibly transformed, and he can find the bright spots in his favor from all the people he wants to learn. This is the most praiseworthy for this teenager.
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