She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 17

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Chapter 17- I'm All Left To Kiss Her 
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan & Larkspur

The string of reason completely disintegrated at this moment and any adjective was outshone. He even wanted to curse his mother a little.

Like a beast that had been completely aroused, he instinctively turned over and pressed her under him. He grasped her hands, clasped them tightly, lifted them up to her head, and held them down.

Kiss her! All he could think about was kissing her. He wanted to eat her breath, her fragrance, everything she had. His woman... He had been thinking about her for a long time.

He didn't know how long he fantasized about her until he heard her voice.

Yi Zeyan emerged from the dream, and only then did he realize what he had been doing. Hurriedly, he looked at her but only saw her frowning as if she was a little uncomfortable.

He was afraid that she would wake up the next moment and immediately let her go. He sat on the bed and stayed still.

What has he done?!

Yi Zeyan felt like a beast. He couldn’t believe that he did these things to her when she was asleep.

He looked again at the woman who was sleeping, this woman who awakened the beast. She was abominable. However, he was reluctant to punish her, and the only thing he could do was punish himself. There was nothing else he could do at the moment but to hold back. (E/N: I shouldn’t be laughing, but omg I can imagine his pitiful self now. xD) 

Yi Zeyan moved a little to the edge of the bed and stayed away from her. He was afraid that if he was too close to her it would result in awakening the beast within. However, try as he might distance himself from her, this was still not possible. Her shadow, her smell was everywhere. She cried out to eat jelly with her charming voice, her sweet tongue, and her soft body.

This was insane!

He couldn’t bear to suffer this kind of torture any longer, so he got up and went outside. There was no one on the balcony and there he stood alone, on the edge of the guardrail. The night wind blew and the cool air washed his whole body, including the annoying hot and dry feeling he felt when he was in the room.

He took out a cigarette and lit it. Suddenly, he heard footsteps behind him, but upon discovering that it wasn’t her, he didn’t bother to turn around.

"It's already so late yet you’re still not asleep. You're not being kicked out by your little wife, are you?" (E/N: Thot sighted. I repeat thot sighted. =.=) 

Lu Wenqian stepped forward and looked at him with playful eyes, her chin slightly raised. Yi Zeyan was at the moment, wearing only a robe. The front was wide open and the belt was loosely tied around it, revealing his tight neck, strong chest, and peeking abdominal muscles.

Lu Wenqian's eyes swept over them unintentionally, when reality crashed down around her they moved away almost in a panic.

Yi Zeyan turned to look at her. His mouth was curved and his eyes narrowed slightly. He looked like he was smiling, but he wasn’t. It was the kind of smile that hid his real emotions from people.  "It’s so late but you're still not asleep. What are you doing here?"

Lu Wenqian, folded her arms around her and hummed softly. "I couldn't sleep so I wanted to walk around when I saw you standing here alone. So I decided to come and have a look." She raised her eyebrows and said in a narrow tone, "Look at you, pitifully standing here by yourself. This Big Miss can definitely accompany you for a while if you don’t mind."

"Oh? And how would you accompany me?"

Lu Wenqian approached him slowly, then stretched out her hand and slid her finger over his front robe. She said slowly, "We did grow up together and almost got married. We can no longer be a nominal (E/N: existing in name only, e.g. married for appearance’s sake), husband and wife, so why don’t we be a real husband and wife ah?" Her finger slipped onto his belt, and as long as she gently tugged it, it could be undone. (E/N: She’s so gross. That’s still your stepbrother.༼ꉺɷꉺ༽)

However, before she could move, she felt a sharp pain in her wrist. Yi Zeyan's strength was heavy as if she would crush her bones the next moment.

Lu Wenqian suffered from the pain and said angrily, "Yi Zeyan, let me go! Why do you want to injure my hand? You are a big man, do you have so little compassion for a woman?"

Yi Zeyan slowly put out the cigarette butt then smiled gracefully. "Since we grew up together, then you should know that I’m not a person who will show compassion to a woman." His eyes then fell on her. His manner was calm and elegant, but the strength of his hands did not decrease, showing a hint of cruelty.

After he had said his words of warning, he suddenly extended his foot to her knee and gave her a hard kick. Lu Wenqian felt intense pain and fell to her knees with a huff.

He looked down at her. "You should have given her this kneel. But now that she's asleep, I'll take it in her place."

This posture made Lu Wenqian feel insulted and she scolded angrily, "Yi Zeyan you would even strike a woman! You are an asshole, ah! Ungrateful bastard! If not for my father, would you be here today?"

Yi Zeyan wasn’t affected at all. Still elegant and poised, he said to her, "Don’t forget, this is the property of the Yi family, not the Lu family. Also, cherish your father's efforts. I'd learn to settle down a bit if I were you."

With that, he let go of her and turned away. Instead of going back to his room, he went straight to the winery and lay down for a while. At dawn, he got up immediately to prepare for the meeting.

Inside the meeting room, many people had already arrived. Yi Zeyan was dressed in a suit and tie, and his whole look exuded simplicity and capability. Even if he didn't sleep well the previous night, he was still in high spirits the next day. This was the quality that a leader should have.

He sat down and announced the beginning of the meeting. For a while, no one dared to speak. Cheng Bo followed him for the longest time. In the end, only he could speak what others dared not say.

"Zeyan, do you think the AI plan you mentioned can be postponed for a while? I know your consideration, but if the winery is to operate through AI means many people will be laid off, including those old employees. They have devoted almost all of their lives to us. We can't let other people say that our winery is a place without human feelings."

Yi Zeyan put his hands on the table. He looked around and asked, "Are all of you thinking the same too?"

These people were in charge of the winery. It was to be expected that Cheng Bo and they had the same sentiments.

Yi Zeyan added: "Then tell me, can you bring benefits to the company by paying attention to human feelings?"

This time, no one still dared to speak.

"AI is a major trend in the world today, just as we put into use machines during the era of industrialization. If we had insisted on the human feeling of the company and still used manual work instead of mechanization, then it’s absolutely impossible for Yicheng Group to get to where it is today. Not only that, we would also be eliminated by the world, submerged in many small wineries. Today, the AI era is just like the industrial age. If we’re not at the forefront of the times, then a few years later, we will be eliminated. I know you and the winery workers have feelings, and if AI is put into use, it’s inevitable that a lot of people will be laid off. It’s the same as when the industrial age arrived, a lot of people had to lose their jobs, and you couldn't bear it. But that's not what I'm thinking about, and it's not what you're thinking about. You should be like me, thinking about how to make the company better, how to create more value in the times. This is the attitude that an entrepreneur should have."

Yi Zeyan looked around again. "So, do you have anything else to say?"

No one answered. He looked at Cheng Bo, who shook his head and said he had nothing to say.

After the meeting, Yi Zeyan got into the car. He leaned lazily back on the seat, his legs crossed and his right hand on his knee. He asked Huo Yi, "Do you think I’m a cold-blooded and heartless person?"

Huo Yi: "President isn’t a cold-blooded and heartless person. It’s just that not everyone looks at the overall situation, the way President does."

Yi Zeyan leaned his head on the back of the seat and with a languid tone said, "'Ten million large An Mansion, sheltering all the poor scholars under the heaven.' This is the attitude of saints, and I am not a saint."

Huo Yi was silent. In fact, he wanted to say that President was a saint to his wife. No matter how much his wife hated him, how much she hurt him, wanted to run away from him and avoid him, he still wanted to keep her by his side. By his wife’s side, the steady and rational President seemed to have lost his overall outlook.

However, Huo Yi didn’t say this at all.
When Lin Qingqing woke up, she was the only one on the bed. The pillows beside her were neatly stacked and it seemed that no one had slept on them. 

Did he not come back to sleep last night, or did he sleep somewhere else?

Neither Zhang Shuxi nor Yi Zeyan was at home, and it was boring for her to stay at home with Xiao Yuan. Fortunately, the housekeeper told her that there was an ancient city near here that she could visit. She brought the little one with her and they went exploring.

The ancient city was quite large. Red lanterns hung on the city wall creating a very festive vibe. On both sides of the slab stone street, which wasn’t very wide, were many small, crowded shops. Some sold antiques while others, food. Of course, most of these places sold food.

At the entrance to the street of the ancient city, there was a shop selling roasted rabbit legs, which were baked so tenderly that they could smell the fragrance from afar. Xiao Yuan, being the little child that he was, couldn’t move his legs when he saw the delicious food. 

Lin Qingqing said to him, "Do you want Mommy to buy you one?"

He obviously wanted to eat badly, but he just licked his mouth and shook his head. "Daddy won't let me eat these things. He says I can't eat random food until I change my teeth."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

Xiao Yuan's father was a man of principles. Naturally, the little one was also taught to be very principled. Although he wanted to eat, he didn't let Lin Qingqing buy it for him.

She felt a little distressed but said nothing.

Today was neither a holiday nor a weekend. There were a few people on the street, so when Lin Qingqing walked through a shop front, she could clearly hear when someone called out to her.

She turned her head and saw that it was Lu Xiuyuan. He was coming out of a coffee shop. 

When he saw them, he walked over, smiled, and said, "Are you here for a stroll?"

Lin Qingqing said, "Yes. It was boring to stay at home, so we came out to do a little sightseeing."

Lu Xiuyuan was very enthusiastic. "You’re here for the first time and not familiar with this place. Do you need me to be your guide?"

Lin Qingqing and Lu Wenqian only got into such an uproar last night. Today, Lu Wenqian's brother wanted to be her guide. Naturally, it was inevitable that she would feel awkward, so she politely refused. "No, thank you. I'm just walking around."

Lu Xiuyuan didn’t insist on it any further. Instead, he glanced towards the flower shop nearby and seemed to think of something. Then he added: "Qingqing, wait a moment."

Lin Qingqing didn’t know why, but she saw him suddenly run to the florist to buy a bunch of flowers and then came over and handed it to her.

Lin Qingqing was puzzled: "????"

He noticed her perplexedness and explained, "I’m sorry about Wenqian yesterday. This is my apology to you. I hope you will accept it." 

He had a sincere face, but apologizing with flowers always made people feel strange.

"Yesterday's incident is over, and I don't want to dwell on it anymore. You don't need to be so polite."

He looked somewhat lost. "If you don't accept it then I’ll always feel bad."

This put Lin Qingqing in a difficult situation. After all, it's a bit strange to accept flowers from a man. On the other hand, it was also a bit awkward to say no since people in the street were a little thin-faced.

In the midst of her hesitation, Lin Qingqing heard the little dumpling beside her say, "Uncle, my mommy is married so she can only accept flowers from my daddy, not from other men. Even a child like me knows this. Uncle is already so big, but you still don’t understand? Uncle, if you want to apologize for Aunt Wenqian, you can buy something else."

Lu Xiuyuan’s mouth twitched at the corners and he said with a dry smile as if he had woken up from a dream, "Xiao Yuan is right. Look at me being all confused. Alright then, I'll prepare a gift for you another day."

She was about to decline when she heard a low and deep male voice behind her. 

"You are too polite."

When they turned around, they saw Yi Zeyan not far away. Today, he was wearing a long military green windbreaker over a straight gray suit. He came slowly, walking tall and straight, with his hands in his pockets and bearing an outstanding temperament. His leather shoes stepped on the slab stone, making a clear sound. Despite his steps being slow and languid, they could still make people feel an invisible pressure coming onto them.

"But if you insist on giving it, I'll take it on behalf of Qingqing," he went to the front, smiled, and said to Lu Xiuyuan.

Lu Xiuyuan also smiled and said, "Then I’ll accept that offer. I’ll send the gift in a few days." Then, he turned and left.

"Why are you here?" He should be very busy if something happened to the winery.

"I was busy in the morning, but then I came to see you when I heard you were here.” Yi Zeyan smiled softly.

Lin Qingqing was rooted to the spot. She had always felt that Yi Zeyan had a different feeling when he looked at her eyes as if he was deeply attached to her while he seemed to extract something from her at the same time.

It was really indescribable. His eyes made her a little uncomfortable, and she subconsciously turned her head away.

"Do you need me to be your guide?"

Before Lin Qingqing could answer, Xiao Yuan nodded like pounding garlic and said, "Yes!"

Her son's approval hit right through Lin Qingqing’s core. Of course, she wouldn’t spoil his fun, so she just nodded.

The slab stone street was clean and quiet. It was surrounded by age-old houses, while the sound of playing erhu (T/N: it's Chinese violin) echoed nearby, making the street seem more elegant and quiet. The family walked side by side, the three of them sometimes inserting a word or two.

"Why didn’t you accept the flowers from Lu Xiuyuan? Don't all girls like flowers?" Yi Zeyan asked casually.

Lin Qingqing didn’t know if it was her illusion but, although Yi Zeyan always seemed to ask casually, she always felt that there was a deeper meaning behind it.

She thought of what Xiao Yuan said just now. In fact, she felt the same way. She was already his wife. In her life, she will only accept flowers from him. Flowers from other men were ambiguous (E/N: having a double meaning).

But that wasn’t easy to say...

Lin Qingqing thought about it and said, "It wasn’t necessary nor was it a big deal."

Yi Zeyan didn’t ask again.

At the moment, the three of them had reached a livelier place. Up ahead, they saw a girl standing on the street singing, surrounded by a lot of spectators. Her hair was done like that of professional singers with short sides, a long back, and a thick fringe. Her face was painted with heavy makeup, complete with the signature bloody red lipstick. She had on brown contact lenses and wore a nose ring. All in all, she had a modern look, but she was wearing a black skirt bodysuit, a little like an ancient female killer.

She had a sound system by her feet, a guitar in her hand, and a microphone in her ear. The sound and headphones were not very good, and her song was stained with a rustling sound.

But even though she was dressed so strangely and her stereo was worn out, her song had an enchanting attraction, like a treasure hidden behind a mountain. She was the treasure that shone brightly through the mountains that attracted everyone who saw her.

Lin Qingqing was no exception to her charm. The singer had a good grasp of technicalities and her high-pitched voice was very penetrating. When she strummed the guitar frantically and yelled, Lin Qingqing felt as if her soul was being captivated by her, and with it came a somewhat piercing and pleasant sensation.

Her singing soon came to an end, but Lin Qinqing could still not recover for a long time. She saw that she had packed up her sound system and was ready to leave. Panicking, she rushed to catch up with her. She was a little excited causing her speech to be incoherent. "That... You sing very well."

The girl gave her a poker face and just said coldly, "Thank you."

She walked around her and completely ignored her. Lin Qingqing wasn’t upset in the slightest and hurriedly chased her again. "Um, I’m not sure if you would be interested, but I would like to invite you to join my studio."

The girl finally stopped, turned around, and scrutinized her from top to bottom casually. Then with her poker face still on, she asked, "What company?"

"Ehhhh... that is… My studio isn’t officially listed yet." Lin Qingqing touched her nose awkwardly. "However, it will be officially launched soon. You will be the first person in my studio and a top-level veteran. It will certainly benefit you if the studio opens in the future."

"Die you fraud! Get away from me!"


She grabbed her sound system and brushed her aside without hesitation. Lin Qingqing didn’t want to give up and called out to her back. "I’m not a fraud ah! I really have a studio. In Beicheng, I really have a studio! 1028, Building B, Guiyuan Street, Central South Road, Beicheng New Area. Come to me when you’ve thought about it ah!"

The girl had gone far, and Lin Qingqing didn't know if she could still hear her. She was a little frustrated. Her singing had really shocked her. Yi Zeyan had given her a studio and she didn't want to give up. She had planned to officially run it when the glass of the studio was fixed. So, when she suddenly met someone who could sing so well, naturally, she wanted to scout her and sign her under the studio for cooperation. Alas, she was only mistaken as a fraud, a con woman.

The girl's figure had disappeared in the crowd and she didn’t know if she could see her again. She had already decided she was a liar without even listening to her explanation, so unreasonable ah.

Just when Lin Qingqing felt all was lost, she felt warmth in the palm of her hand. Looking down, she saw that Xiao Yuan was holding her hand. His hand was gentle and fleshy and he looked up at her with his little head. His tender face was like a dumpling, en, like a boiled dumpling. Not just a boiled dumpling, an adorably cute one because he smiled at her. And what a brilliant smile it was! 

"Mommy, don't worry. If that Auntie isn’t willing to cooperate with you, then I’ll cooperate with you instead, okay? I can sing too." (E/N: Awww I want a son like Xiao Yuan, too. Lucky Qingqing! (ᇴ‿ฺᇴ) )

It was strange. Even though Lin Qingqing’s son was still so young, she always felt like she was being spoiled by him. She squatted down, rubbed his head and his fleshy face, then kissed him on his forehead. Immediately, all the loss she felt was swept away. This was the benefit of having a soft and cute son. He provided the much-needed healing effect. As long as you were with him when you were in a bad mood, all the bad mood would disappear. (E/N: Ahhh the power of Little Dumpling!\(^o^)/)

The little dumpling was happy and giggling, but he was still a little embarrassed to be kissed by his mother. His little finger scratched his hair and he rubbed his red face against her shoulder.

"Do you need me to help you recruit people?"

Lin Qingqing looked up and saw that Yi Zeyan had a smile in his eyes. Wearing a look of affection, he seemed happy to see the mother and son kissing and loving each other.

She said, "No, you have helped me a lot. I want to go my own way in the future." When she thought of the girl's words just now, she asked him with some hesitation. "But do I really look like a fraud?"

Yi Zeyan smiled and shook his head. "No." He paused for a moment, then added. "There won't be such a cute fraud."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

He spoke so frankly and naturally as if he were stating a fact. However, Lin Qingqing's face began to heat up when she heard that. As if nothing had happened, she took Xiao Yuan's hand and said, "Let’s go back."

The three of them returned to the original road with Lin Qingqing in the middle, Big Yi Zeyan on the right, and finally Little Dumpling on the left. The three walked side by side and didn’t speak for a while. The houses on both sides were low and were built in imitation of the Han Dynasty. The slab stone road was permeated with water and moss grew on each side. It was quiet and beautiful around them as if all the people that surrounded them were gone, and the three were the only people in the world.

Lin Qingqing felt a sense of satisfaction … She felt as if life at that moment was good.

Passing by the exit of the ancient street, Xiao Yuan looked at the roasted rabbit leg shop and stopped subconsciously. He looked at the rabbit leg and licked his lips. Lin Qingqing saw that he really wanted to eat. She couldn’t bear it, so she consulted with Yi Zeyan. 

"Can you buy Xiao Yuan a rabbit leg, ah? Buy it for him just this once?"

Yi Zeyan looked at the big one and the small one. The two faces, which were somewhat similar, looked at him with the same kind of eagerness. He felt that it was a bit lethal to be looked at by two faces at the same time. According to his principle, children weren’t allowed to eat these messy things before changing their teeth.

But now...

All right. Just let him eat. Let him eat.

When Yi Zeyan nodded and agreed, Lin Qingqing immediately went to buy two rabbit legs, one for her and one for the little dumpling.

Outside the ancient street, there was a big square with many people. There were old people practicing Tai-chi and another group of people gathered around to play chess.

Xiao Yuan pointed to an exciting place and said, "Mommy, do you want something? Daddy can win you back whatever you want."

There was a game stall where you could win prizes by shooting balloons with toy guns. Lin Qingqing recalled the little dumpling had once told her that his father was quite a good shot.

"Is there anything you want?" Yi Zeyan turned to ask her.

Lin Qingqing spotted a gray bear with a pink bow on its collar. It was very cute. She pointed to it and said, "I want that one."

The family of three went over and Lin Qingqing found that the bear was the hardest to get. You had to hit 35 balloons at one time to get it. She was even a little worried about whether it was too difficult for Yi Zeyan, but he didn't seem to take it too seriously. He bought 35 bullets, put them into the toy gun one by one, and stood outside the prescribed line. Then, holding the gun with his eyes slightly narrowed, he aimed and… 


He hit one. 


He hit another.

As tall and straight as a pine tree with a soldier’s fortitude, he lifted the gun skillfully. Even without a military uniform, she could imagine what he would look like in it after seeing his picture. Under the grey sky, she suddenly felt that Yi Zeyan had become a bright color that couldn’t be ignored. He was so dazzling that he attracted her attention.

One after another, there was no blank shot, and the balloons that were hit exploded one by one. It was all so valiant and dashing.

The young officer, who had a good shot, was brave enough to kill the enemy on the battlefield, but he could also make soup for his wife and children when he took off his battle suit. Suddenly, she felt that this man was very gentle and soft. These two things were completely different, but they were reflected in him at the same time, brewing an enticing masculine charm.

She looked at the man's serious side face and was fascinated for a moment. He was so sexy, so gentle. (E/N: Oh no. Look who’s got it bad now. (*≧∀≦*) ) 

At that moment, she felt his charm penetrate her body and stir her heart. Suddenly, she had an impulse...

She wanted to rush over to him, hug him, press on him, and to do something shameless to him...
E/N: Oh my. And we thought Yi Zeyan had it bad. Now it’s Lin Qingqing’s turn to have her impulses! (*´∀`*)  Will she give in? Will she stop herself? What will happen next? Stay tuned on the next episode of Dragon Ball- Wait wrong fandom. (>y<)
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