The King's Return : Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Battle of Summoner

Qin Mo typed and said: "In the second round, the map is Stone Forest."

Shen He found the map "Stone Forest" from the map library and started PK with Xu Sizhe again.

This is still a map with many obstacles. Xu Sizhe was obviously unconvinced after losing the first game. He played very hard in the second game. Shen He was almost out of breath at the beginning and his blood level was quite dangerous. Although he summoned the mechanical blood cow to support for a period of time, he was eventually killed by the explosive Xu Sizhe.

—— Chivalrous men [Heaven Quail] won the challenge arena.

Xu Sizhe's face showed a slight triumph as the game went smoothly and vividly. After all, he is a professional player with a stronger foundation than Shen He. The first game was lost because he was too careless to recognize the body double puppet. In the second game, didn't he just crush him? It seems that this Drunken River is just like this.

Shen He did not show any depression after losing the match. He typed and praised: "Expert!"

This compliment is really sincere, because he found that this person's basic skills in positioning are quite solid, and it's really a bit difficult for Shen He to deal with if he move flexibly in the stone forest.

Ink Mark: "The third round, map Sunset Peak."

The previous score was 1:1. The third game was naturally the key to winning the match. Shen He immediately became cautious.

The Sunset Peak Map is selected from a team dungeon of Level 45. This is a mountain top with a few scattered pine trees. The scene is at dusk. There is a golden red sunset on the horizon. The golden sunshine sprinkles on the mountain top through the gaps of the pine trees, making the light of the whole map seem warm and harmonious.

Knowing that this game is crucial, Xu Sizhe did not start so hard, much calmer than the previous two games. They circled around the pine tree for a moment, and then, Shen He suddenly and quickly shift left and right behind a pine tree, at the same time summoned four mechanical chariot in front, back, left and right. This operation was exactly the same as Xu Sizhe did in the previous round in Stone Forest!

Xu Sizhe, who was imitated, stunned for a moment, and the exploded chariot blew off 30% of his blood directly.

He is actually learning from me? Xu Sizhe suddenly raised a trace of anger in his heart, and his hand quickly broke out. The clever trick was to lock Shen He directly with two mechanical snakes. Shen He immediately flew away with Qinggong. Xu Sizhe's two snakes followed closely behind him. As a result, Shen He suddenly made a 90-degree turn in front of a pine tree. Then——Xu Sizhe's two snakes were stuck between two pine trees.

Xu Sizhe: "......"

Taking his pet card on purpose, is that bullying his pet for lack of intelligence?!

Xu Sizhe was so angry that he almost vomited blood and quickly took away the mechanical snake.

At this moment, Shen He suddenly came out from behind of the pine tree, and quickly stroked a wave of mechanical rats and quickly bite at the other party!

Countless wooden rats came in like a flood. Xu Sizhe looked up and was surprised to find that he was facing the west at this time. The setting sun of Sunset Peak was shining golden light towards him. Under the dazzling light, his eyes were blurred, and the rats were small in size and crawling on the ground. He could not see exactly how many rats were on the ground, let alone escape!

A wave of mechanical rats bite makes the weak state of the Heaven Quail stack up to five layers in one breath——defense drops to 10% in a straight line!

Xu Sizhe noticed that it was not good and immediately slipped back with Qinggong, but it was too late!

Taking advantage of the blind spot of the light, Shen He actually summoned a wooden snake to wait behind the Heaven Quail while summoned the mechanical rats. After the overlay of the weak state, the mechanical wooden snake finally moves——the mechanical snake made of rosewood contains highly toxic hidden weapons in its mouth, and the mechanical snake suddenly straightens up, opens its mouth, and a string of highly toxic silver nails shot out of its mouth all hit the summoners Heaven Quail with only 10% defense!

—— Chivalrous men [Drunken River] won the challenge arena.

Along with the message, Xu Sizhe's world turned grey again. He couldn't believe that he would be seckill by the other party, no, this is not the reason for the level, it's just the opponent's opportunism, using the characteristics of the setting of dazzling sunset, he blinked at the moment and didn't see the rat at his feet, he was bitten down to 10% defense, otherwise it wouldn't be so easy to be seckill…...

Xu Sizhe wanted to open his mouth to explain something, only to find his lips trembled and he could not say a word.

Qin Mo was quite calm and continued typing: "Drunken River wins. Xiao Yan came down and you two exchange side, change for snow map of Kunlun Mountain."

Drunken River still bouncing aimlessly: "Good! I like the snow scenery in Kunlun Mountain. The scenery is very beautiful!"

Everyone: "…..."

No matter whether he wins or loses, he seems in appearance of a idiot.

But Qin Mo knew that this was because Shen He had a good mentality. He had been rejected many times by major clubs and suffered too many blows at an early age. Therefore, it was a piece of cake for him to lose the challenge arena. In the second game, he was almost beaten on the ground by Xu Sizhe. However, in the third game, he quickly adjusted back and used the light of the scene to kill his opponent. He had strong pressure resistance and the ability to seize opportunities was first-class.

In the third game, Qin Mo actually came to a conclusion in his heart, but he just went through the formalities.

Sure enough, Yan Zhou did not play much better than Xu Sizhe.

The result of Xu Sizhe's two loses in three games obviously has some influence on Yan Zhou. When he personal duel, Xu Sizhe's level is stronger than Yan Zhou's. Xu Sizhe lost the games, Yan Zhou didn't have much self-confidence from the beginning, and the fight seemed to be tied behind one's back. In the first game, he did not let go at all and was directly seckill by Shen He.

The second game was replaced by the Stone Forest map, Xu Sizhe won against Shen He. Yan Zhou recovered a little confidence and calmed down to fight against Shen He.

Shen He did not have as good a basic skill as he did in movement. At first he stumbled and ate a lot of losses in the Stone Forest. The blood level was pressed to a dangerous critical point of 30%. Shen He quickly and tactfully drove away with Qinggong skills.

——30% blood volume, a wave of big move can kill, cannot give him another chance!

Yan Zhou took a deep breath and chased after Drunken River, just around a boulder, he saw the other party's mechanical blood cow, blocking the narrow path between the two pillars. It seemed that he did not want Yan Zhou to pass by. Perhaps he ran around and met the dead corner of the map and can’t turn back? So, can only rely on blood cows to block the enemy? That's too naive. There's a lot of blood in mechanical blood cow, but after all, it's just a pet. It's also a matter of time to solve it.

Yan Zhou's hand-speed burst quickly gave the blood cow seckill. However, when he walked through the narrow passage, he did not find any sign of Drunken River. Instead, he was surprised to notice——he had entered a loop surrounded by stone forest all side——this is bad! This is like tasting my own medicine!

Sure enough, as soon as he walked in, the mechanical chariots in all directions rumbled over him, and the damage caused by this wave of chariots flattened the blood gap between the two sides in an instant!

What about Drunken River?

At this time, the small summoner, who was short but carrying a huge mechanical box, was climbing quickly to the top of the stone pillar.

——The crawling movement is like a Q version of a little monkey.

Everyone wants to laugh at this scene, but Yan Zhou can't laugh at all.

Because he knew he had lost the game.

The chariot caused dizziness to his summoner for three seconds. By this time, Drunken River had climbed to the top of the stone pillar, and the distance from the top of the stone pillar to the ground was exactly ten meters. He could summon his pet to attack Yan Zhou on the ground. Yan Zhou, on the other hand, could not summon his pet in the air to attack him.

The mechanical rats and mechanical snakes appeared at the same time, and the rats bit out the weak effect. The two mechanical snakes made of rosewood immediately caught up with the highly toxic hidden weapons. The most commonly used tactics of the summoner were to empty the other party blood level at one breath.

—— Chivalrous men [Drunken River] won the challenge arena.

The confrontation with Yan Zhou was won 2:0 directly. Shen He jumped down from the stone pillar happily and smiled: "It is really possible to climb up here ah!"

There are many small bumps on the stone pillars here, just like the foothold on the rock wall in rock climbing projects. Shen He noticed this place when he was fighting Xu Sizhe just now, but Xu Sizhe was playing too violently at that time and he didn't have time to try. This time he tried, and sure enough, he succeeded in making a beautiful counterattack from above, giving Yan Zhou, who had step into a trap, a seckill.

Qin Mo looked at the cheerful little guy and could not help smiling and said: "Exquisite Orb is yours."

"Oh oh oh great! Thank you, God Mo!" He sent a row of kowtowing and kneeling expressions, took the Ink Mark trade to his mechanical box and immediately equip it.

Behind shota was originally an unattractive dark brown mechanical box, which was a common weapon dropped from the dungeon, while Ink Mark gave him a seven-star artifact. After Shen He changed into "Exquisite Orb", a beautiful mechanical box with rectangular mahogany-colored carvings and round black pearls appeared on his back.

Shen He couldn't help admiring the mahogany box: "Reduce cool down! Thank you, God Mo! I like this attribute best, and the frequency of summoning pets can be faster in the future!"

The expressions on Xu Sizhe and Yan Zhou's face are not very good. They felt a little ashamed when they lost to an online game player.

While Qin Mo watch the hyperactive guy bouncing around, his eyes could not help but raise a rare smile.

——Opportunities are only for those who are ready, and the teenager did not disappoint him.
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