The King's Return : Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Decision

Shen He, who got the new weapon, happily went on with his upgrade tasks. Qin Mo took off his VR glasses and stood up, saying: "Xiao Xu, Xiao Yan, come with me to the conference room."

Qin Mo walked calmly in front, Xiao Han followed him out of the door, Yan Zhou and Xu Sizhe immediately followed their steps, but the faces of the two teenagers were somewhat ugly.

He Beiguang looked at the back of the two men sympathetically and said: "Will they be lectured by the captain ah?"

Pei Yu sighed softly: "I don't know whether they will be lectured or not, but they certainly have no chance."

Yan Zhou and Xu Sizhe were eliminated, He Beiguang was not happy at all because he felt that he was not far from being eliminated. After all, Captain Qin's impression of him should be the worst among all the newcomers in the training camp.

Seeing He Beiguang drooping his head in frustration, Pei Yu quickly saw his thoughts and comforted him: "You don't have to worry too much. I still don't know the temper of captain Qin, but I think he shouldn't decide not to sign you just because of his first impression of a player, whether you can stay or not depends on your strength."

This sentence gave He Beiguang confidence. He immediately chatted privately with Drunken River and said: "Hello, little summoner, do you still want PK? Let's have two games!"

Drunken River sent a row of laughing expressions: "Brother, you love to be abused, don't you? I just got the seven-star artifact Exquisite Orb. Do you want to be sacrificial offering to my weapon?"

He Beiguang: "......Holy Sh*t."

——This guy's talking is very annoying. It's a natural annoying person.

He Beiguang didn't want to talk to him anymore and went to do the task upgrade in a depressed way.

After Xiao Han walked out of the training room, he passed by the pantry and poured a cup of coffee for Qin Mo. Qin Mo took the coffee cup and arrive in front of the conference room number 2 with the cup in his hand. This is a small conference room with no projection equipment and only four or five people to sit in. It is usually the place where the captain calls the team members to talk or coach alone.

Qin Mo took a sip of coffee, conveniently placed the cup on the table and said: "Sit down."

Yan Zhou and Xu Sizhe looked at each other and sat down in fear.

Qin Mo said lightly: "Don't be afraid. I didn't call you here to scold you."

Hearing this, they finally breathed a sigh of relief.

In fact, Qin Mo is somewhat awkward. After all, it hurts people's self-esteem to say "you have been eliminated". Obviously, the teenagers in front of him have not experienced great storms and waves, and he also don't have the heart to stab them straight.

After a moment's silence, Qin Mo came up with a more tactful statement: "Well, there will definitely be a limit on the number of players to sign up for each team in the professional league. Peerless Jianghu arena team fight is the 5V5 model. In addition, with players in some other events, according to my previous experience, the final number of players should be controlled at about seven to eight. The core of Mojue team is currently mine with Xiao Han. The team certainly needs healer, long-range and field control. It is impossible to leave two summoners at the same time."

The two men looked at him in a daze, as if they did not understand what he said.

Xiao Han said: "Captain Qin means that the Mojue team only needs one summoner. In today's challenge arena, apart from taking Exquisite Orb as a prize, captain Qin is actually observing the talent and potential of each of you. Drunken River named Shen He is eighteen years old this year. We met him when we were in Nanjing. He really wants to be an e-sport player. According to today's comprehensive performance, Shen He has more potential than you, so the Mojue team decided to sign Shen He."

Qin Mo just came to the club, Xiao Han didn't want him to offend the newcomer, so he simply stepped forward to be the villain and explained what he said.

Hearing this, Yan Zhou and Xu Sizhe finally understood what Captain Qin meant——they were eliminated.

Yan Zhou's face was very pale, tears swirling in his eyes, choke with sob: "I know…..."

Xu Sizhe took a deep breath and looked up and asked, "Since it's a selection match, why didn't the captain tell us in advance?"

"I didn't tell Shen He either." Qin Mo took a sip of coffee and looked at him calmly. "I'm afraid you will be nervous if I tell you, and can’t play to your actual level. I just want to see your real strength in a relaxed state." Qin Mo paused and added: "At the beginning, I deliberately killed you once without mercy, actually testing your psychological quality. Many people doubt themselves when they are singled out, but it is necessary for a professional player to adjust his mind as soon as possible before the next round begins. Obviously, you haven't done that well."

Xu Sizhe moved his lips and seemed to want to argue. Xiao Han waved his hand and interrupted him directly: "Xiao Xu, the match is competition. Lost is lost, there is no need to explain. E-sports is actually a very cruel place, look back and think about it. You don’t have to take part in Peerless Jianghu training anymore from tomorrow."

Xu Sizhe clenched his fist lightly and said nothing more.

Qin Mo sighed lightly in his heart, stood up and patted the two teenagers on the shoulder, saying: "I have already contacted Captain Zhuo. Miracle will begin training in a couple of days. The fact that the Mojue team does not have position for you does not mean that you have no chance. You can go to captain Zhuo and start from scratch."

This is not a consolation, but Qin Mo's most sincere suggestion——it is very difficult to make a double summoners lineup for the limited VR field of vision in the Peerless Jianghu. However, the double summoners coordination on the Miracle side is very strong. The two teenagers have no bad talent. If they are willing to study hard and have a good mentality, Zhuo Hang might be able to debut them in the form of combination.

Yan Zhou choked with sobs and bowed to Qin Mo, saying: "Thank you captain."

Xu Sizhe was obviously unhappy, but said nothing. He frowned and said: "I know."

After the two teenagers left side by side, Qin Mo continue to lower the head to drink coffee, side face look cold, frowning seems to be thinking about something. Xiao Han noticed that he was not very happy, so he gently wrapped around his shoulder and whispered: "It's okay, we are not completely eliminating them, but let them change the project as early as possible. They are still young, and it is up to them to stand out in the future."

Relatively speaking, Qin Mo was very lucky when he was young. Ling Xuefeng took a fancy to him and accepted him as his apprentice when he entered the Wind Color Club. From then on, it was like riding on a helicopter and becoming a first-line player in a short period of two years. The two teenagers don't have that kind of good luck, talent is not as good as Shen He, looking at Yan Zhou almost crying expression, Qin Mo's heart cannot help but feel a little uncomfortable.

——This fierce competitive circle is really too cruel.

Xiao Han's comfort made him feel much better. Qin Mo adjusted his mood and stood up and said: "Let's go, I'll tell Shen He the good news."

When they returned to the training room, Yan Zhou and Xu Sizhe were bowing their heads to pack their things. The other players were also in a face of panic and confusion.

Let them guess instead making them jittery. Qin Mo simply made it clear: "The Mojue team will choose some of you, players to sign the contract. It was originally wait until full level to do selection, but it will take at least half a month to be a full level in Peerless Jianghu, which is also a waste of time for you. Therefore, the assessment will be carried out ahead of schedule. I will observe everyone's talent and potential in the process of your training so as to decide which players to leave behind. The eliminated players should not lose heart either. The club will arrange for you to develop in other projects…... You are still young and there are still many opportunities. As for Xiao Yan and Xiao Xu, starting tomorrow, they will go to Miracle to train. Later you can meet at the club, but the project is different."

Looking at the back of Yan Zhou and Xu Sizhe leaving gloomily, everyone felt a little uncomfortable in their hearts.

No one spoke in the training room except the clatter sound of keyboard tapping.

In fact, the style of the Dragon Song Club is very different from that of the Wind Color Club. The people in charge of the training camp over there have always been very strict, newcomers are under great pressure. The training camp often competes in selection competitions. Maybe they will be eliminated if they do not perform well one day. Qin Mo came out of such training camp. Later, when selecting new players, he also ruthlessly eliminated many players with insufficient talents—In his view, playing games is competition, like other sports, the strong can survive in this circle, the weak can not only rely on love and feelings to win the game. It is normal to be brushed off if one's strength is not enough.

But apparently, Dragon Song newcomers are not so used to this cruel competition mode. Qin Mo also perceives that these newcomers are afraid of him, even resisting him. He will certainly offend some people for his future as captain, but he will not change his style just because he came to Dragon Song Club, let alone leave the players who are not suitable for the team because he is soft-hearted.

Fortunately, Xiao Han fully supported him, which at least gave Qin Mo some comfort.

Qin Mo took a deep breath and logged into the game to find Drunken River.

Shen He is testing his new weapon to a wooden doll next to the gate of Jinling City, this guy is very eager to learn. After getting the new weapon, he went to study the weapon data first. See Ink mark walked to his side, Shen He immediately stopped and sent a message: "God Mo, this weapon is really super easy to use ah!"

Qin Mo asked: "What has been studied?"

Shen He said seriously: "The additional attribute of the weapon is cooldown reduction. My speed of summoning pets has been significantly improved, especially for mechanical rats, which can almost summon continuously. The biggest problem now is, on the one hand, I can't help summoning a large number of pets, on the other hand, my blue is not enough, and I used up the blue in a few times…..."

——Blue is the internal force value. Internal force must be consumed when using school skills. No skills can be released if internal force is not enough.

Qin Mo said: "Other equipment in the later period can appropriately supplement the upper limit of internal force and internal force recovery speed, to balance with your cooldown reduction, and then there will be no shortage of blue."

Shen He excitedly said: "I think so too!"

Qin Mo paused and changed the subject: "Xiao He, don't you always want to be an e-sport player? Xiao Han and I have set up a Mojue team and would like to invite you to join the team."

Shen He was stunned and somehow could not believe it: "Ah ah ah? God Mo, are you serious?!"

Qin Mo said: "Of course, I won't joke with you about this."

Shen He: "I feel like I've suddenly been hit by the 5 million lottery ticket. Let me calm down first!!!!"

With so many exclamation marks, the little guy was obviously excited. In the game, the shota Drunken River carried a huge mechanical box run around Ink Mark, and Qin Mo could imagine the bright eyes of the teenager on the other side of the computer.

Qin Mo continued: "One more thing, I want to take you as my apprentice."

Shen He: "I, I, I am going to faint Q_Q" and then he made a "faint" movement and fell beside Ink Mark.

Qin Mo said: "Don't rush to faint. Do you want it or not?"

Shen He: "Of course, want ah ah ah! One hundred want it! Later, I will be cattle and horses for God Mo, and I’m willing to climb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of flame!" the shota, who faint, jumped up again.

Qin Mo was amused by the little apprentice and said: "I don't need you to be a cattle and a horse. I just hope you can learn how to play the summoner. Summoner is a very complex and difficult to play, you have good talent, learning ability is also very strong, I accept you as an apprentice, just want to properly teach you a few more things."

"I understand!" Shen he was so excited that his eyes were red: "Master, please accept this apprentice worship!"

In the game, the short Drunken River knelt in front of Ink Mark and kowtowed, and formally worship the teacher, then he took the initiative to send a request to worship the teacher——chivalrous man [Drunken River], level 55, Zhuge Family School, requesting to worship you as a teacher. Do you agree?

Qin Mo conveniently press agree.

Originally, he did not intend to formally accept Shen He as an apprentice, but today's performance of Shen He made him very pleased. The teenager looks quite good, but he is very diligent, eager to learn and intelligent. So many clubs have rejected him, and he still wants to be an e-sport player. Qin Mo likes this lively but determined little guy very much, and he also wants to teach him some experience to make his road to e-sport player less difficult.

Xiao Han passed by the gate of Jinling and saw the scene of Drunken River kowtowing to Ink Mark and worshiping teachers——Xiao Han had long guessed that Qin Mo wanted to accept Shen He as an apprentice, for Qin Mo, only a clever and hard-working little apprentice like Shen He could make up for his regret that he could no longer play summoners.

He doesn't play the summoner, but it doesn't matter, because the apprentices he teaches can still beat his opponent to doubt their lives on the field.
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