She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 - Want To Jump On Him And Be Held By Him
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan & Larkspur

She felt that she was really crazy. She already had this idea when she hadn't even known him for that long! 

She was a young person with thoughts and ambitions ah. She wasn’t that kind of wretched aunt... So Lin Qingqing, after berating herself, woke up from her errant thoughts a little.


His slightly raised voice finally pulled her back, and she saw the little grey bear as he handed it over to her. Indeed, he had won it for her.

Lin Qingqing looked at the man standing in front of her, who was a step away, his handsome face with a soft smile.

She suddenly thought of the picture she had just imagined, and her cheeks burned. She felt herself enter into a trance once more. Quickly, she averted her head, took the bear, and said to him in as quiet a voice as possible, "Thank you."

She was unsure if he had found her strange, but he didn’t say anything more. He asked the little dumpling what he wanted and he pointed to the little dolphin. Moments later, he won a little dolphin for the little dumpling and came back.

Later, the family of three went home by car, with Yi Zeyan driving in front and her and Xiao Yuan in the back. She felt that the world of the father and son pair was separated from her own. Theirs were bright and beautiful, while hers only contained some bizarre things; pink and shameful.

Lin Qingqing found it inexplicable. How could she have that idea of Yi Zeyan? True, there was no denying that she didn’t hate this man. She even had some good feelings for him, but all these stemmed from respect. Initially, she even subconsciously stayed away from him. He was very attractive and she dared not make a mistake in front of him. So, it could be considered that what she thought of him was a very pure and very common reaction of normal girls towards excellent members of the male population. It was a good, giddy kind of feeling. 

But now, strangely, she had a very erotic idea of Yi Zeyan, something that went beyond the borders of respect and admiration. Her thoughts were veering towards very dangerous grounds and she felt that she was wretched to death.

Because of this wretched idea, she didn’t even dare to look at Yi Zeyan anymore. Her absent-minded state continued until during mealtime when Xiao Yuan who was sitting next to her suddenly vomited his dinner.

Lin Qingqing immediately woke up from her trance and hurriedly asked, "What's wrong, Xiao Yuan?"

He frowned and covered his stomach. "Mommy, I feel sick. I want to vomit."

The housekeeper had brought an alms bowl over, and Xiao Yuan let out a sound before he vomited a lot.

Today, the Cheng Yin family and the Lu siblings (E/N: Xiuyuan and Wenqian) didn't come over for dinner. Only the Yi family, Zhang Shuxi included, had gathered around.

Zhang Shuxi hurriedly told the driver, "Go and get the doctor from the winery."

Lin Qingqing helped Xiao Yuan and went to piggyback him. Yi Zeyan who was more experienced took a Huoxiang Zhengqi water* for the little dumpling to drink.
(T/N: It’s a name of Chinese medicine for colds, internal injury, and also vomiting)

Zhang Shuxi said, "How did this happen? Did Xiao Yuan eat something dirty today?"

Lin Qingqing remembered that when they came back, she bought a rabbit leg for Xiao Yuan. All at once, she felt so guilty that she blamed herself and said, "I bought him a rabbit leg. Xiao Yuan wanted to eat one in the ancient city earlier."

As soon as she heard this, Zhang Shuxi’s face changed. "You....!" She was obviously angry. "How did you become a mother? Xiao Yuan is still very small and his diet is strictly controlled by me and Zeyan. Food sold outside isn't clean. How come you don’t even know this? I knew there would be a problem sooner or later when Xiao Yuan was placed beside you. I knew that I shouldn’t have returned him to you when I took him away."

Lin Qingqing was stunned at the words, but the current situation wouldn’t allow her to think so much. She blamed herself terribly, so she just let Zhang Shuxi scold her as much as she liked.

"Xiao Yuan's request for rabbit legs was approved by me. If you want someone to blame, blame me. Don't blame Qingqing."

Xiao Yuan also immediately said, "Grandma, I'm much better now. I wanted to eat rabbit legs myself. It had nothing to do with Mommy."

Seeing the father and son speak up for Lin Qingqing, Zhang Shuxi was even angrier. Nevertheless, she didn’t say anything after the exchange.

After a while, the doctor was brought over. He carefully examined the symptoms of Xiao Yuan, took a look at his vomit, and then asked, "I just heard you say that Xiao Yuan ate rabbit leg cooked outside. However, the child's body isn’t as fragile as we think. Occasionally eating something outside isn’t bad. His current condition appears to be food poisoning. Judging from his vomit, he has also eaten an orange, hasn’t he?"

Zhang Shuxi was even more startled when she heard that Xiao Yuan was suffering from food poisoning. At that moment, she hastily said, "The orchard had sent this year's fruits, including oranges. Xiao Yuan likes to eat oranges, so whenever he comes to visit, I peel one for him to eat."

The doctor said, "I see. The fact is oranges and rabbit meat are incompatible. Eating both at once can lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction. But don’t worry, the problem isn’t very serious. I'll prescribe some medicine first. If Xiao Yuan doesn’t feel better tomorrow, he needs to be sent to the hospital. If not then there will be no problem."

They all breathed a sigh of relief. The doctor prescribed the medicine and left. Lin Qingqing hurriedly took care of Xiao Yuan and gave him the medicine. It looked to be effective as he didn’t seem to be suffering any more pain.

As soon as the doctor left, Yi Zeyan said, "Since you now know that Xiao Yuan's problem wasn’t caused by Qingqing, shouldn’t you apologize for having wrongly accused her just now?"

This was said by Yi Zeyan to Zhang Shuxi. Although Lin Qingqing had only been there for one day, she could see that the relationship between them wasn’t very good. They were clearly mother and son, but they didn’t get along well.

Zhang Shuxi was stumped for a while. She was obviously unhappy. After all, to let an elder apologize to a member of the younger generation was really a loss of face.

Lin Qingqing understood the situation and originally wanted to say forget it, but Zhang Shuxi finally apologized.

"I'm sorry. It was my mistake just now."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

She was scared. Yi Zeyan was really capable, so capable that even his powerful mother could be intimidated by him.

Lin Qingqing said hurriedly, "It doesn't matter. We're all good for Xiao Yuan’s sake."

Later that night, she was lying in bed with Xiao Yuan in her arms. She planned to sleep with him tonight so that if he felt uncomfortable later, she would be able to take care of him.

"Mommy, I'm fine, and my stomach is fine," Xiao Yuan looked up from her arms and said.

Lin Qingqing touched his head. His face was still a little pale, but he was more worried about her worrying over him and said these things to comfort her. Sometimes the little dumpling was so sensible that she felt distressed.

Soon Yi Zeyan also came in and took off his coat. At the moment, he was wearing only a shirt tucked into his trousers. The material of the shirt was fairly appropriate. It was the sort of material that made it become more and more obvious that he had broad shoulders, a thin waist, and a full curve on his chest.

She quickly averted her eyes and felt that she was really possessed. The more she saw of Yi Zeyan the more she thought he was so damn charming.

"You haven’t slept yet?" Yi Zeyan asked.

Lin Qingqing didn’t dare to look at him. She rested her forehead on the little dumpling’s forehead, letting him block half of her face. "I haven't slept yet."

Unexpectedly, the little fellow sat up and said, "I remember the story Grandma told me yesterday wasn’t finished yet. I'd better sleep with her. I want to hear her finish the story." 
(E/N: Xiao Yuan is the best wingman/matchmaker ever. (≧艸≦*) ) 

"No!" Lin Qingqing quickly grabbed him. Immediately, she realized that she was too flustered, so she pretended to be calm and said, "You can listen to Grandma finish her story tomorrow. You can sleep here tonight. Mommy wants to sleep with you."

The little dumpling frowned and looked at his father, then he nodded and said, "All right."

Truthfully, Lin Qingqing wanted the child to be around because she was afraid to let her imagination run wild in a single room, alone, with Yi Zeyan. She was even more afraid that she would really do something terrible, after all, the kind of impulse she had towards him when she was in the ancient city was really too strong.

But she just caught Xiao Yuan’s hand in a panic and fell into Yi Zeyan's eyes as if she was intentionally guarding against him.

Did she know that he kissed her secretly last night? No way, she slept soundly last night.

However, considering her resistance to him, even if she had lost her memory, she was still afraid of him, so he still stayed at a respectful distance from her. It wasn’t surprising that she didn’t want to be alone with him.

His thoughts reaching this point, Yi Zeyan unavoidably felt bitter in his heart. He was terrified of the possibility that, in this lifetime, he could only hug or kiss her in secret. He was terrified that he'd never be able to get close to her, even if she was his wife.

After taking the medicine, Xiao Yuan got much better. He didn’t vomit anymore nor had signs of diarrhea, so he dropped into her arms and soon fell asleep.

Meanwhile, Yi Zeyan sat at his desk, probably dealing with company affairs, but Lin Qingqing couldn't sleep. She didn't dare to look at him, but she still wanted to take a look so she stole a glance at him only to be caught red-handed.

Lin Qingqing was a little embarrassed. In order to hide her panic, she asked hastily, "I heard Mother say she took Xiao Yuan away before. Did she?"

Yi Zeyan's expression was somewhat complicated. "She took him away by force while I was away when he was just born."

"Shortly after he was born? Was he taken away in my month of confinement*?"
(*T/N: after giving birth)


I see! 

No wonder she had a bad relationship with her mother-in-law. When a woman was in the confinement month, she was already sensitive and fragile. When the little dumpling was taken away, it was almost like killing her. She could now understand why she had such a bad attitude towards her mother-in-law.

But why did she take him? Was it because of her bad character in the past? 

Judging from her current understanding, she seemed to have always had an unruly attitude towards life. If that was the case, then it was really dangerous for the little dumpling to stay with her. 

Was that why she took him away?

Lin Qingqing couldn’t understand at the moment, so she planned to find a chance to ask her mother-in-law tomorrow.

"Later, I found out and immediately brought him back, but you probably got provoked because of this. You always felt that the little dumpling was lost and could not get close to him."


"I'm sorry. I didn't do well enough to protect you, mother and son."

Yi Zeyan's tone was apologetic, and there was a sense of unspeakable loss, which formed a strong contrast with his confident and strong aura.

"It wasn’t your fault. I doubt it was even something you wanted to see happen. "

He looked at her with slightly dismayed eyes and simply said, "Don't think about the past anymore and rest early."

Lin Qingqing's heart was in a mess at the moment. She couldn't rest early because of the change of her feelings towards Yi Zeyan even more so now that she discovered her child had been taken away from her.

"By the way, where did you... sleep last night?"

Yi Zeyan's body froze imperceptibly, but his tone of voice was still natural and calm. "I didn't sleep last night."

He was somewhat right. He didn’t sleep much last night.

Lin Qingqing somehow felt a little lost. She thought he slept in the same room with her the previous night. She said, "Since you didn't sleep yesterday, you should rest earlier."

He couldn't possibly rest early!

"It's okay, you and Xiao Yuan sleep first."

Lin Qingqing couldn’t sleep nor could she understand why she suddenly had that idea of Yi Zeyan. Although she had a good impression of him, she still respected him the most. He was such a serious and dignified gentleman, she felt that her thoughts were so dirty that they were blasphemy against him.

Thinking about it in this way, she became more and more sleepless. 

Yi Zeyan had been busy working. But seeing him abruptly stand up, Lin Qingqing immediately shut her eyes and pretended to be asleep.
He went to the bedside and sat down. Despite having closed her eyes, she could still feel him looking at them. He sat quietly for a while before he laid down at a distance from them. 

Although Yi Zeyan was very good to her, he seemed to have been deliberately keeping a distance from her since the beginning, so sometimes it got her thinking. Was it just because she was Xiao Yuan's mother that he was good to her? Does he truly not have affection for her? 

All of a sudden, the lights in the room were turned off, and the room was dark. Lin Qingqing covered most of her face with a quilt and looked at him with only her eyes peeking out. Although the light wasn’t very bright, she could still see his silhouette. He laid flat on the bed, and from her point of view, his face was bright, with a full forehead, a tall nose, and curved lips.

He was really good-looking ah.

He clasped his hands on the quilt. His fingers were very slender and suddenly she was reminded of how he held the gun with a sense of artistic beauty. Then she remembered the day when they first came to Yi Mansion. They had held hands then, his palm was so big that it was more than enough to wrap her hand completely. His palm had been very warm.

She wanted to hold his hand.

She was scared by this sudden thought and instantly felt that she was shameless. What was even more terrifying was that she didn’t want to make right this shameless idea.

He was her husband so she could hold his hand a little. What's more, she was "asleep" now. She could just pretend to have unconsciously done it...

Lin Qingqing adjusted her breathing, pretended to move around while “asleep” and put her arm around Xiao Yuan. It was probably because the room was dark and she didn't have a good judgment of the distance that her arm didn’t fall on him.

She was a little upset and tried once more. 

Just as she was wondering whether to pretend to turn over and take her hand back, she felt a warm hand. She looked at it with her slightly open eyes and saw Yi Zeyan suddenly holding her hand. Lin Qingqing felt stiff all over and she immediately persuaded herself to relax, for fear he would find out she was pretending to be asleep.

He grabbed her hand and gently squeezed it, then bowed his head and kissed the back of it. It was a warm and gentle kiss like a feather falling on the back of her hand.

Lin Qingqing only felt that she was electrified, and a limp and numb sensation spread from the back of her hand all the way to her tailbone.

Relax, relax, don't let him find out.

She felt her heart pounding and her outstretched hand seemed to become frozen. However, he didn’t seem to notice it and after a kiss on the back of her hand, he carefully placed her hand in the quilt, then helped her pull it down. He also tucked Xiao Yuan under it. 

His movements were very gentle, mirroring the man he truly was within.  

All at once, she was overcome with an impulse to jump over, nestled in his arms, and act coquettish with him. She wanted to experience the tenderness of the man in all aspects.

But she didn’t dare. She was afraid that he would be frightened by her abruptness, and that he would despise her because she was bold enough to do such a thing. She didn’t want to be a wretched woman in his eyes. Plus, the strong aura from him also frightened her.

She suddenly thought of that night when he hugged her from behind. At that time, she was only concerned about nervousness and didn't feel so much. Now,  she was really upset. At that time, she should have had the nerve to stay in his arms for a longer time.

This feeling was really heartbreaking and Lin Qingqing’s stiff body tossed around for a long time before she fell asleep.

When she woke up the next day, she was alone in bed. Yi Zeyan was standing in front of the full-length mirror, tidying up his shirt collar button. He was wearing a white shirt paired with grey-black trousers. His clothes were simple and gave off a sense of maturity and competence, his white shirt in particular evoked a fresh and clean feeling. In short, Lin Qingqing thought his attire suited him and that he was charming.

She stared at him until she realized that his eyes turned to look at her and she hurriedly avoided his gaze when she heard him say, "When did you wake up?"

Lin Qingqing adjusted her breath before she said, "A while ago."

"Breakfast is ready. Get up to have a meal. After that, we should get ready and go back."

"Go back?" Lin Qingqing said in reflex.

"I'm almost done here."


Going back so soon ah, when she goes back, she won't be able to stay in the same room with him anymore.

Lin Qingqing's heart was filled with an unspeakable loss and felt very conflicted. She was afraid to do some wretched things to him when she stayed alone with him. However, she felt lost when she thought that she couldn't be alone with him.

When he finished, he went to the door but Lin Qingqing was reluctant to let him go.


When Yi Zeyan put his hand on the doorknob, Lin Qingqing finally couldn’t help shouting at him.

"What happened?"

Lin Qingqing didn't know what to say when he looked over. She wasn't willing to let him go and she would have to tell him directly that she would like to be alone with him for a while, and that, after returning home, they could no longer stay alone like this.

Judging from the current situation, this kind of remark seemed inappropriate. In the end, she couldn’t say it.

When she saw the necktie hanging on the clothes rack, she hurriedly said, "Aren't you going to wear a necktie?" At this point, she looked down and had the guts to say, "That ... I can help you tie it."

Was it okay to tie a necktie for him?

Lin Qingqing with her head down, didn’t dare to look at him and her hands tightly grasped the sheets under her. She kept shouting in her heart, don't refuse me, don't refuse me ah!! I'm just going to tie it. There's nothing else I want, really!

Yi Zeyan was completely shocked. She said she would help him tie his necktie? He almost suspected that he had misheard the words and asked, "You want to help me tie my necktie?"

Lin Qingqing nodded.

Yi Zeyan: "——"

It was unbelievable for him that she offered to help him with his tie. Before she lost her memory, she rejected his approach, and even after she lost her memory, she was afraid, so he would keep a distance from her, but now she was going to help him with his tie? 

He had no idea what she was thinking, but he wasn't in the mood to think about it now.

Except for formal occasions, Yi Zeyan didn't like wearing ties very much because he felt they were too restrictive. But… 

He subconsciously put his hands behind him, his left hand clenched and his right hand tightly grasped the wrist of his left hand. It seemed that only in this way could he appear calm. However, his face was as still as ever and he even smiled at her kindly as he said, "Okay."

Lin Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief. She grabbed the necktie, walked up to him, and slowly approached him when his scent wafted to her. It smelled good, strong, and belonged solely to him, Yi Zeyan.

Calm down, calm down! Don’t throw yourself at him, just get close to him. Lin Qingqing, you should be calm!

As she stood in front of him, her cheeks inexplicably began to heat up. She adjusted her breathing for a while to prepare psychologically, then tiptoed to wrap the necktie around the back of his neck. As she moved, his face got closer and closer to her. The place behind his ears, near his neck, had the strongest scent and she could even see his pulse.

Lin Qingqing felt that she was going to suffocate.

He was much taller than her, and standing in front of him gave her an oppressive feeling. Even though she hadn’t touched him yet, she could feel the strength of his muscles, which was totally different from the softness of her body.

He was so strong, so high and difficult to reach, but everything about him was so seductive, especially when she thought that such an excellent man had such a gentle side to him. He really fascinated her.
She suddenly had a strong impulse. She wanted to jump on him, wrap her arms around his neck, hug him tightly and say, "Yi Zeyan, I want you to hold me." 

(E/N: I legit thought she said this to him and squealed so much but then realized it was only her imagination. xD T.T) 

She bit her lip and wanted to cry without tears. How could she have such a brazen idea? Lin Qingqing, wake up, you can't be so wretched, she kept scolding herself in her mind.

But it was terrible, and the feeling was so strong that she felt she was about to lose control of herself.
T/N: Go LQQ, just jump into his arms and say you want to do shameless things with him!! (n˘v˘•)¬
E/N: I agree Oyen, hahaha. Just jump his bones! At this point, it’s become a “Who’s more shameless?” contest between Zeyan and Qingqing. I wonder who’d win? (ノ∀`♥) 
Larkspur: My money is on the girl (ノ∀`♥)
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