The King's Return : Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Agility Base Healer

Xiao Han and Shen He added Q to each other and sent Shen He the agreement of the Mojue team. Shen He didn't know much about the player's contract. When he saw the words "Mojue Team" and his annual salary of 500,000, his eyes immediately lit up with excitement: "500,000 annual salary? Am I worth this…... Is there an extra zero ah Q_Q"

Xiao Han said: "It is 500,000, you count well."

Shen He counted again with his fingers and was sure that he was right: "So many! A pie fell from the sky and I was almost knocked unconscious!"

Xiao Han said: "Look, are there any problems with the other terms of the contract?"

Shen He replied without looking: "No problem!"

Xiao Han: "What if God Mo sold you?"

Shen He did not hesitate: "Then I would willingly help him count the money O (∩_∩) O~"

His love and worship for Qin Mo came from the heart, and a fanboy that think everything the idol do is right. Xiao Han knew this guy couldn't understand these things either, he said: "Your cousin used to be an e-sport player, you can print out the contract and show it to him, don't make a hasty decision, sign it again if it's okay, remember to press the fingerprint where you sign it."

"Oh, do I need to send the contract by express delivery?"

"You bring it directly. Report to the club as soon as possible, so I can arrange the dormitory in advance."

Shen He sent a row of clenched fists: "Thank you, God Han! I'll book a plane ticket and report to the team tomorrow!"

A moment later, Shen He went offline to print the contract, and Xiao Han sent Qin Mo a personal chat: "Your little apprentice is settled. He said he would report tomorrow."

Qin Mo was surprised: "So fast?"

Xiao Han said: "The idol is so charming that he couldn't wait to offer the master a cup of tea as soon as possible."

Qin Mo smiled and said: "How should the dormitory be arranged? Is there any space at the moment?"

"I remember there is still a vacancy in room 323." Xiao Han paused and said loudly: "People from dormitory 323, please come here."

A teenager came up to Xiao Han and said: "Vice captain."

Xiao Han asked: "Is there an unoccupied bedroom in your dormitory?"

The teenager nodded: "Yes."

The teenager in front of him is very tall, and his handsome appearance can rank in the front row in the Dragon Song Club with high facial value. His eyes are single-fold eyelids with narrow and long eyes. Compared with those big-eyed children with baby faces, he is more mature and his voice is low. Obviously, he has passed the period of change of voice. He was wearing black clothes, coming from the corner, driving a cold air, like a night killer from the depths of the damp cold rain forest, with a very unique gloomy temperament.

This person's personality is totally different from that of the happy teenagers in the training camp.

Qin Mo suddenly thought of a picture in the game and asked: "Are you the healer, Silence?"

The teenager said: "Yes."

Xiao Han said: "His name is Li Muran, he has just come to the club."

Qin Mo nodded, continued asking: "I remember there is another assistant named Soundless, who is it? Please come over."

At once, a teenager walked up to Qin Mo and said with a smile: "Hello, captain, I am Soundless, my real name is Li Yueran."

Li Muran, Li Yueran, the game ID is Silence, Soundless…...

Qin Mo guessed: "Are you twin brothers?"

Li Yueran smiled and said: "Yes captain, but we are fraternal twins and do not look alike. He is the elder brother, I am the younger brother, and both are 18 years old this year."

The two people are really not alike, the elder brother is quiet and melancholy, while the younger brother is sunny and cheerful.

"Soundless" is the ID that has always been an impression of Qin Mo, who played ten member dungeon of "Jianshen Valley Ruins" with Qin Mo before. It was the first group of Dragon Song Club players Qin Mo came into contact with. Qin Mo wanted to talk to him before. As a result, he was busy with Shen He's business for the past two days. Today he just found the opportunity.

Qin Mo looked at his smiling younger brother and said: "Li Yueran, I want to know if you have acrophobia?" (T/N: afraid of height)

Li Yueran was surprised and said: "Captain, how did you find out?"

Qin Mo said: "The last time we fought together at Jianshen Valley Ruins, the second level of the Sword Altar, the suspended stones in the air will move continuously, do you remember?"


"The first level five elements sword array your play is very flexible, and you can find time to solve problems for your teammates. However, when we reached the Sword Altar at the second level, the pressure of healer was very great. At that time, Little Medicine Fairy can’t keep up with blood adding and ask her brother to replace her. You did not help her as an auxiliary, you almost always stood on the stone and did not move during the air battle." Qin Mo looked at him and said: "Is it because the VR game is too realistic, are you afraid of heights?"

"En." Li Yueran scratched his head embarrassingly: "I was afraid of heights since I was a child."

"You have great talent, but this game is really not suitable for you." Qin Mo said regretfully: "VR games have more realistic visual effects than traditional online games. If you are afraid of heights, it will be very troublesome to get to the air combat map in the future, so I suggest you quit early and go to the traditional online games to develop."

"Thank you, captain!" Li Yueran was very calm about this, smiled and said: "I really can't overcome the psychological barrier of fear of heights, just don't know how to explain it to you, I didn't think the captain found out, I'd better go back to play other games. By the way, my brother is not afraid of heights, can he stay?"

"Of course." Qin Mo turned his eyes to his twin brother Li Muran.

This Li Muran gives people a very strange feeling. If it hadn't been for the temporary transfer for lack of healer in yesterday’s dungeon, Qin Mo could hardly feel his existence. He did not take the initiative to say a word to Qin Mo. Qin Mo knew that he was not afraid of him, but his personality made him not willing to talk to anyone at all. His lonely personality is very suitable for playing with assassins hiding in the shadows, but he is a healer and takes agility healer route.

Xiao Han saw Qin Mo's doubts and whispered in his ear: "Li Muran doesn't usually talk much in the team in ordinary times. It should be a personality issue."

Qin Mo had to take the initiative to ask: "I remember your upgrade attributes are increased critical strike and cooldown reduction, right?"

Li Muran: "En."

Qin Mo asked:  "Why did you think of taking this route? Do you like the agility base healer?"

Li Muran: "En."

Is this the legendary stuffy gourd (T/N: very silent person) person? It's really difficult to communicate with people who are so silent that Qin Mo holds up his coffee cup and took a sip of it, thinking about how to find the next topic. Xiao Han took a look at Li Muran and then asked: "Agility based physician have a high demand for speed and responsiveness, which is not as stable as the physicians who add the amount of healing. Do you intend to balance the deficiency of basic healing with all the critical strike equipment in the later period?"

Li Muran: "En."

Qin Mo: "…..."

Xiao Han: "…..."

The two looked at each other helplessly. Xiao Han simply waved his hand and said: "Go ahead and clean up the dormitory. Tomorrow, a new roommate will come over."

Li Muran: "Ok."

He finally said "ok" instead of "en", then turned and left…...

Qin Mo even felt that if he was given a choice, he might prefer to be a mute——speaking seems to be a very difficult thing for him.

The person looks quite handsome, look at the face also does not seem to have the appearance of depression, how can it be this kind of stuffy gourd personality?

Looking at the tall and straight black figure, Qin Mo could not help asking: "What do you think of Li Muran's strength?"

"The overall situation is very strong." Xiao Han commented: "When we play Jiangnan Academy dungeon before, I observed his operation. At that time, the account number of Little Medicine Fairy was Shen He. The basic healing of Little Medicine Fairy was increased to 5,000 points, while the basic healing of Silence was only 3,000 points, although the final overall healing was not as good as that of Little Medicine Fairy, his emergency response ability was very fast."

Qin Mo also noticed this at that time: "Xiao He's very fast, and it's not the first time to play physician for his sister. The healing amount of Silence can't keep up with Little Medicine Fairy because his equipment is still not up, agility based physician, strong in the latter period. His cooldown reduction time and the bonus of critical strike rate must reach a balance to ensure that the group healing amount can keep up with the emergency."

"That's right." Xiao Han agreed, "Most of the players who play physician now take the route of stabilizing and increasing the amount of healing. Li Muran's playing method is more partial, but from the performance of the dungeon on that day, his basic speed is not worse than Shen He's, and his reaction is not slow. Su Shi, Wang Fu this couple Boss is very demanding to the healer, at that time is also he and Shen He two fast hand healer at the same time adding blood, we can successfully pass."

"En, take another look." Qin Mo looked back at the teenager in the corner and concluded, "Besides the difficulty of communication, his level is really good."

"His dormitory is empty, just let Xiao He live with him. Isn't he quiet? Let Shen He whisper in his ear every day. After a long time, maybe he can learn to communicate with others." Xiao Han said thoughtfully, "Hyperactive children and depressed teenagers live together and influence each other."

This magical summary made Qin Mo smile.

——Hyperactive Shen He, is expected to be suffocated when he meets this stuffy gourd roommate.
T/N: oh poor Shen He, your parent sacrifice you T_T
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