She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 19

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Chapter 19- She Lay In His Arms And Didn't Want To Leave
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan & Larkspur

Her heart beat faster and faster while her fingers started trembling. Quickly, she closed her eyes, kept persuading herself to calm down, and finally, after pausing for a few seconds, wrapped the tie around his neck.  Still, with how her heart was in disorder, her fingers didn’t move the way she wanted to so she fumbled around for a bit before helping him fasten the necktie.

She took a step back and was afraid to look at him. "It’s done."

Unbeknownst to her, Yi Zeyan's body had become stiff. She stepped back, and he immediately woke up from his daydream, coughed, turned his face straight, and calmly said to her, "Thank you." Then he opened the door and went out.

Lin Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief. She really wanted to die. She had the heart of evil but not the courage of evil. She was so nervous to tie him a necktie, where else did she have the courage to knock him down? She felt that she was really audacious.

But thinking that he did not refuse her offer to tie his necktie, her little heart jumped for joy again. Yi Zeyan didn’t reject her approach.
Thinking of this, she fell on the bed, covered her head with the quilt, and rolled around happily.

Meanwhile, Yi Zeyan left wholly confused and dumbfounded. He continued walking until he stood by the balcony, only to discover that he was going the wrong way. He was supposed to go downstairs to eat.

He looked down at the necktie she had tied for him. It wasn’t very good and was a little tight.

She actually helped him to tie his necktie... on her own initiative... Yi Zeyan thought of her sweet fragrance as she approached him.

He frowned, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. He couldn't think about that anymore.

Lin Qingqing enjoyed herself in bed a little while more before going downstairs for breakfast. Yi Zeyan was already sitting at the dining table. She sat down beside him and from time to time snuck secret peeks at him. Moments later, she realized that the tie she tied seemed a little tight so he would move his neck when eating. It was obvious that he wasn’t very comfortable.

Lin Qingqing couldn’t help but ask, "Did I not tie it properly?"

Yi Zeyan said, "No."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

After the meal, the three members of the family packed their things and set off.

Zhang Shuxi, who was downstairs, was obviously reluctant to give up when she saw them coming down. "It wasn’t easy to come back here, why not stay a few more days?"

Yi Zeyan's tone was light. "I came back to deal with business. Naturally, I’ll go back home after I’m done ."

His indifference hurt Zhang Shuxi’s feelings and she looked a little disappointed. "You young people are busy. It seems like I can’t persuade you anymore. Can you at least let Xiao Yuan stay here for a few days? I will send him back after."

Yi Zeyan said, "Xiao Yuan has stayed with you for one night on his first day of his return. You should be satisfied."

Zhang Shuxi frowned. "I'm your mother. Why do you stab me with these words?"

He didn’t speak again. Lin Qingqing had wanted to ask Zhang Shuxi about something so she rushed to Yi Zeyan and said, "You and Xiao Yuan wait for me outside first. I have a few things to ask Mother."

Yi Zeyan glanced at the two people's faces and left with Xiao Yuan without asking much.

Zhang Shuxi also had the servants go out first, leaving only her and Lin Qingqing in the room.

"There’s no one left, just ask."

"I want to know why you took Xiao Yuan in the beginning."

Zhang Shuxi's eyes flashed for a moment. She picked up her teacup, took a sip, and with a dignified look on her face said, "At that time, I misunderstood you. I was afraid you couldn’t take care of Xiao Yuan well, so I took him away."

"Misunderstanding? What sort of misunderstanding could it be that you had to be so cruel as to take away the child in my month of confinement*?" 
(*T/N: after childbirth)

She glanced up at her, looking slightly complicated. She seemed to be battling feelings of both hate and guilt. She put down the cup and said, "Zeyan didn't want me to say much about what happened before you lost your memory. In short, this matter is over. Besides, it's already in the past. I apologize for my misunderstanding."

Lin Qingqing didn’t know exactly why she had to take Xiao Yuan away in her month of confinement. It looked like none of them wanted her to know what happened before she lost her memory.

She didn’t really want to know what happened before she lost her memory, and since she said that she just misunderstood, she could trust her. After all, she was Yi Zeyan's mother, and she didn’t want to make it difficult for him.

"Forget it, I'll go. Take good care of yourself."

Lin Qingqing turned to leave, but she heard Zhang Shuxi say behind her, "I don't ask for anything now, I just hope you are all well."

Her tone was a little rushed and perturbed, and it could be heard that she was sincere.

Lin Qingqing said nothing and nodded to her.

Back in Beicheng, the three of them went their separate ways. Yi Zeyan went directly to the office, Xiao Yuan was sent to school and she returned home. As soon as she entered the door, Hui Yi gave her a letter. 

She saw that it was a letter from MK. She thought it was a rejection but when she opened it, she found out that it was a personal letter written by the owner of MK.

The letter said that he appreciated her song and sincerely invited her to join MK. He praised her and wrote at the end that he wanted to interview her.

MK was a large music company, founded by Liu Wen, the current president, and Qi Qi, the famous composer of Yuetan. Its predecessor was Qiwen Music Studio. Later, they slowly developed and grew, but for unknown reasons, Qi Qi left and the burden of the company fell on Liu Wen alone. Without a divine composer like Qi Qi to help MK, the music produced by them lost some charm, but Liu Wen was also a man with a unique vision. He signed several singers with great potential and eventually took MK to high ground.

Lin Qingqing's most admired idol Ran Nan was in MK. She and the president of MK, Liu Wen were the immortal couple that everyone envied. 

It was undoubtedly an absolute recognition for her that she could be appreciated by Mr. Liu Wen, the president of MK. It could be imagined how excited she was.

She read the letter over and over again, made sure it wasn’t a spoof, then immediately changed her clothes, and drove to MK. 

She stated her purpose at the front desk. The person in charge made a phone call and told her that the president was waiting for her upstairs.

MK was quite large. Although the building had only three floors, it had been built with a unique style. Liu Wen's office was on the third floor. Lin Qingqing knocked on the door and went in. However, she found Liu Wen sitting behind his desk, still busy.

He was already in his forties, but he still looked to be in his thirties due to good maintenance with young and fashionable clothes.

Lin Qingqing went in, and even though she had already come here, she still had an unreal feeling.

"Hello, Mr. Liu. I'm Lin Qingqing."

Liu Wen looked up from his desk and glanced at her. Then he stood up, smiled, and said, "Miss Lin Qingqing, I've been waiting for you for a long time."


Wait, did this mean he had been waiting for her?

Liu Wen stretched out his hand. He didn't put on airs and even wore an expression of modesty and friendliness that made people feel like they were amidst a spring breeze. However, this kind of modesty was different from Mr. Yi's that hid its sharpness. On the contrary, his modesty made people relaxed.

She hurriedly reached out and shook his hand. 

Liu Wen asked her to sit down on the sofa and asked, "Did Miss Lin read my letter to you?"

Lin Qingqing said, "I've seen it."

"I wonder what Miss Lin thinks?"

Lin Qingqing smiled at him apologetically and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Liu. I'm really glad to have your appreciation, but for many reasons, I'm afraid I can't cooperate with your company."

She was very happy and excited to receive his personal letter, but because Yi Zeyan had already set up a studio for her, she was going to do it herself. Yet, because of her admiration for MK, she still came in person even if it was to refuse his offer.

Liu Wen was obviously disappointed, but he didn’t ask much about the reasons. He simply said a few words of regret making Lin Qingqing feel even sorrier.

She, of course, hadn’t forgotten her second purpose there. Grabbing the opportunity, Lin Qingqing asked, "I have always respected your company, and I admire even more Mr. Liu and great god Qi Qi." She seemed to think of something and said, "By the way, speaking of Qi Qi, does Mr. Liu know where she is?"

Liu's brows seemed to frown for a moment when he heard the name of "Qi Qi", but he immediately smiled and said, "I am not very clear about this, either."

Lin Qingqing didn’t ask any more questions.

At this time someone knocked on the door. Liu Wen answered, and a woman came in. She looked to be in her thirties, wearing a cheongsam covered with a scarf. Her appearance, coupled with the cheongsam, revealed a more mature woman's sexy charm.

Lin Qingqing almost fainted with excitement when she saw the visitor.

Even though she imagined she might meet Ran Nan in MK, she didn’t expect to actually meet her!

Ran Nan walking in with a smile, her eyes a little excited. "I heard that Miss Lin Qingqing was coming, so I came to have a look." She went up to Lin Qingqing. "Are you Miss Lin? I've seen your music and I like it very much. I would like to invite you to join my team, I wonder if you would like to?"

She stared at her idol blankly. She heard every word she said, but she didn’t know how to answer her.

Liu Wen, beside him, said, "Your wish may be in vain. Just now Miss Lin refused my invitation."

"Really?" The excitement in Ran Nan's eyes faded at a speed visible to the naked eye. "That's a pity."

However, like Liu Wen, she didn't ask why she refused.

Lin Qingqing finally recovered after a long time. She glanced at Ran Nan hesitantly and asked cautiously, "That … Miss Ran Nan, I am your fan. Can I get your autograph?"

Ran Nan was very generous. "No problem."

She handed over her bag. "Sign here, just sign here."

Ran Nan had seen many scenes like this before, and now she calmly took a pen from Sasha* and wrote her name.
(*T/N: Who? I have no idea who this is so I just left it unedited. ఠ_ఠ)

Lin Qingqing was satisfied to get Ran Nan's autograph. Now that the matter was clear, she said, "I'm sorry that I can't join MK. If Mr. Liu has no other questions, I’ll go first."

Liu Wen said, "It’s all right, Miss Lin. This way please."

Ran Nan said, "Shall I take Miss Lin out?"

Her idol unexpectedly wanted to send her out. One can imagine how excited Lin Qingqing was. "How can I have the nerve for that?"

All the way out, she felt that everything was surreal, that she was stepping on the clouds. She really didn’t think that she would be lucky enough to walk with her idol in her life.

MK was very large so even the corridor was very spacious. When the two women walked to a corner, they saw that a table had been set up over there. When Lin Qingqing came, the staff were setting up the table. At the moment the table had been set up, she saw a person in a fairy dress with a bottle of perfume in her hand, posing on the table. The spotlight was flashing below the stage, but the person on the stage didn’t have stage fright at all and displayed her charm with confidence and grace.

"You should know Liang Xin, right? She recently received Bi Er's perfume endorsement, and now she's taking a promotional photo. If you like her, you can ask for a group photo."

Of course, Ran Nan probably didn't know that Liang Xin was her stepsister. As for the group photo, it wasn’t necessary.

Bi Er Group was a famous local cosmetic brand, perfume being its main product. Yi Zeyan had told her before that Liang Xin's resources weren’t good, but she could still bag the endorsement from Bi Er perfume. It seemed that she still had some skills.

"Ran Nan."

The sudden sound next to her pulled back Lin Qingqing's thoughts and she turned around to see several people coming towards them. The group was led by a woman with short hair in a striped pantsuit. Her whole look showed the ability of a strong woman in the workplace.

Ran Nan hurried up to greet her. "Ruyan, you've come?"

Ran Nan didn't ignore Lin Qingqing and introduced her. "This is President Jiang of Bi Er Group." Then, she introduced Lin Qingqing. "This is Miss Lin Qingqing."

It turned out that she was the president of the Bi Er Group. Lin Qingqing immediately was in awe and said, "Hello, President Jiang."

Jiang Ruyan's greeting was polite and alienating. She wasn't as approachable as Ran Nan, but Lin Qingqing did not think much about it.

Ran Nan and Jiang Ruyan were probably old acquaintances, so they began to chat when they met. Lin Qingqing had a good look around and was about to leave when she heard someone say, "The lunch boxes are here. Come and have lunch."

Ran Nan asked her, "Do you want to eat with us?"

Lin Qingqing said hurriedly, "No need."

Inside the elevator, there were several people wearing uniforms and carrying takeout boxes. All at once, Lin Qingqing recognized one person at a glance.

It was her elder sister, and the people behind her were employees of the Peace Restaurant.

Lin Qingqing hurried up. "Why is Jiejie here?"

Lin Zhenzhen also looked puzzled when she saw her. "I'm here to deliver takeout. What about you?"

"I came here because of music matters."

At this time Ran Nan and Jiang Ruyan also saw Lin Zhenzhen. Ran Nan asked kindly, "Is this your elder sister?"

Lin Qingqing amicably introduced her to them. "This is my elder sister." Then to her sister, she said. "This is Ran Nan and this is President Jiang of the Bi Er Group."

Lin Zhenzhen wasn't an avid fan of celebrities, so upon seeing Ran Nan she wasn't as excited as Lin Qingqing and simply greeted them.

Jiang Ruyan glanced at Lin Zhenzhen and said, "I know this Miss Lin."

Ran Nan was surprised at the words. "Oh? It seems that Miss Lin's food is so good that it even caught  President Jiang's attention."

Jiang Ruyan shook her head and said, "I saw a photo of Miss Lin on my husband's mobile phone. Some time ago, my husband made an excuse to go on a business trip, but I found out that he often stayed at the door of a restaurant. If I have not guessed wrong, the restaurant should be run by Miss Lin, right?" 
(E/N: No freaking waaaay. (゜ロ゜) ) 

Jiang Ruyan’s words left everyone stunned. Lin Qingqing looked at Jiang Ruyan and she remembered that she had seen Qin Bailun outside the restaurant and heard her elder sister say Qin Bailun was married. Was Jiang Ruyan his wife? 

But her words carried a  deep meaning so it was easy to let people think that Lin Zhenzhen was that kind of woman. 

Ran Nan suddenly felt a little awkward and hurriedly said, "I'm afraid there's some misunderstanding here?"

Jiang Ruyan said, "Miss Lin is my husband's first love. There's no misunderstanding about it."

"My first love and I haven't contacted each other since college, so I don't know if the person you mean is him or not."

Lin Zhenzhen was as plain as water all the way and she had always been such a person. Lin Qingqing felt that her elder sister and mother's character were very similar. They were both submissive, gentle, and virtuous. Such people were very easy to get along with, but also very easy to be bullied too.

Fearing that her elder sister would be bullied, she pretended to suddenly think and said, "President Jiang, you're not talking about that person named Qin Bailun, are you? I've seen this man. He does hang around my restaurant all day. One time, we drove him away, but we couldn't get rid of him at all. If he is indeed your husband President Jiang, can you tell him not to hang around our restaurant? His presence will affect our business."

Jiang Ruyan's mouth pulled at the corners, her face turned cold and her eyes swept over Lin Qingqing's face.  However, Lin Qingqing wasn't afraid at all and faced her calmly.

"Aiya, what is this ah, how can anyone eat this spoiled food?"

The sudden sound broke the slightly solemn atmosphere. Everybody looked towards the source and saw Liang Xin frowning and pushing the food aside with a look of disgust: "It's bad for you to send takeout with spoiled food, isn't it?"

Lin Zhenzhen was not angered either and calmly explained, "All the ingredients used in our restaurant are fresh. We don't take spoiled food for take-out, so you can rest assured."

However, Liang Xian insisted. "Whatever! It smells bad. We don't want any of these meals. We'll order something else. Just give me my money back."

There were so many staff there and her elder sister had come out to deliver takeout on a cold day. If all the food was really returned, she would lose a lot of money.

Lin Qingqing went over to pick up a boxed meal and smelled it. There wasn't any bad smell. Liang Xin had obviously said it on purpose. 

Liang Xin's bad attitude really had no limits. Lin Qingqing couldn't believe she was such a good friend of someone cruel as a wolf before.

"You said you inspected the food, but I didn't smell anything bad. However, after all, it's not a small matter to deliver takeout with out-of-date food. It's still a matter of human life, so I'll call the police for you and let them come to take the food to a professional place for testing. If there is a problem, we will definitely compensate you generously, what do you think?"

Liang Xin glanced at her lightly and said nothing.

Lin Qingqing added: "However, if there is no problem after examination, then it may be inevitable to register Miss Liang's information. After all, you were the only one who doubted the food delivered and we can't say for sure that you would file it in the police station. However, it's not a good thing for Miss Liang as a public figure to go to the police station because of such a thing."

Liang Xin's complexion changed and she forced a smile. "It's just a small matter. There's no need to call the police."

Lin Qingqing shook her head calmly and said, "No, no, no, this is about food safety. How can it be regarded as a small matter?"

Ran Nan also said, "Everyone is familiar with each other, so it's not that serious and there is no need to delay the police uncles' time by calling them. Liang Xin is usually a bit picky, Miss Lin. Don't argue with her." After that, she looked coldly at Liang Xin and said, "Why haven't you apologized yet? Do you really want to wait until someone calls the police over to make a joke?"

Liang Xin was upset at the words. She was now a spokesperson for Bi Er perfume and a big star. And she had to apologize to the Lin sisters*? She thought of the last time Lin Qingqing took a mop to hit her. She had experienced great shame and hadn't settled accounts with her yet!
(*T/N: it's mean LQQ and LZZ)

"If you don't apologize, then we'll leave your affairs to you. When the time comes, leave it to the police to handle, which will affect the image of your role as spokesperson. You can even bear the compensation yourself."

Liang Xin suddenly thought that she was now the spokesperson of Bi Er perfume. The image of the spokesperson needed to be fresh and pure so if the case got big, it wouldn't be good for her.

Liang Xin glanced at the Lin sisters, her heart unwilling. What made her even more unconvinced was that Ran Nan was obviously her boss's wife, but she was partial to helping others. However, she could still endure the □□ humiliation. The future was long, and she wasn't in a hurry for this time.

She flashed a pretentious and friendly smile after thinking it over, but her tone was indifferent and not persuasive. "I'm really sorry, I have a cold these days. There may be something wrong with my nose."

Lin Zhenzhen was too lazy to argue with her. She said goodbye to Ran Nan and left with Lin Qingqing in the end.

"How did Jiejie come here to deliver food?" Her elder sister usually took care of the restaurant so the task of delivering food never fell on her.

"This is a big order and someone ordered a lot at once. Plus, there was a comment that the boss must come, so I came."

I see. In this way, Lin Qingqing suspected that someone had done it on purpose. Was it Jiang Ruyan or Liang Xin? Were these two trying to embarrass Jiejie? If she had not happened to meet her here, given her elder sister’s character, she might have been humiliated and suffered a loss.

Lin Zhenzhen patted her hand and said, "Forget it, there's nothing to argue. I don't ask for anything else now. I just want you to live a good life and be happy every day."

Lin Qingqing couldn't help but feel a little sad in her heart. When she was a child, her mother often said that she wouldn't ask for anything else, only that the two sisters would marry into a good family, and be happy for a lifetime. Now that their mother was gone, the same words come out of her elder sister's mouth.

"Don't do this. You have your own life. You can't just pin all your happiness on me. You should pursue what you want."

Lin Zhenzhen seemed to be in a trance, but she immediately shook her head and said, "I wish I could live a peaceful life like this for the rest of my life."

For a while, Lin Qingqing did not know how to persuade her. Like their mother, her sister was the kind of person who looked weak but had a stubborn heart.

The sisters went home directly after they parted. When she arrived, she didn't expect Yi Zeyan to be at home.

He was sitting in the living room, holding a cup of coffee in his hand while sipping and sorting out the documents on the table. At the sound of the door opening, he looked up, then smiled at her and said, "Come here, I have something for you."

Lin Qingqing walked over to him and sat down. 

He pushed the document and a key to her and said, "The glass of the studio has been repaired. This is the registration document of the studio and the key. This card contains the start-up fund for you where I have deposited 5 million. If it's not enough, I will give more." 
(E/N: 5 million as start-up funds? See, Hui Yi was right! He IS a saint to his wife! (*^^*) ) 

Lin Qingqing: "——"

Did he come back from Qizhou and go to the office just to help her with the studio? Lin Qingqing suddenly felt as if she had become a baby who had no ability to take care of herself, and Yi Zeyan was the kind of person who professionally took care of the baby and brought the food to her mouth. She lowered her head in shame. He took care of her yet she had such shameful ideas about him.

"Thank you."

"How do you plan on thanking me?"


"Will you invite me to dinner again?"

Lin Qingqing considered for a moment and said, "Why don't I do it myself? I'll cook. It's about time to give the aunt a day off."

"Are you sure?"

Lin Qingqing nodded.

He had a studio built for her and she didn't know what to do in return, so she would just cook him a meal.

There was no extra food at home so she planned to go to the nearby supermarket to buy some. She changed her clothes, came down, and saw Yi Zeyan drinking coffee in the living room. When she arrived at the foot of the stairs, he said, "Let's go."

Lin Qingqing was surprised. "Are you going too?"

"En." He didn't look up and gave a light reply instead.

Two people came to the nearby supermarket. Yi Zeyan took a trolley, and Lin Qingqing still felt incredible to be walking together with him in the supermarket. It was a surreal feeling.

For such a distant man, his suit and shoes stood out in the supermarket and gave people a feeling of being out of place. However, he pushed the trolley so freely that his whole body seemed to be coated with a layer of reality, and something like smoke turned him into reality.

She didn't understand why he came to buy vegetables with her. There should be a lot of matters at his office, right? But walking in the supermarket with him, she felt that this kind of feeling was very good.

She didn't know what he liked to eat, so she asked him, "Do you have any favorite dishes?"

Yi Zeyan said, "I'm not so strict about eating and I don't have any particular favorites. I will eat whatever you cook for me."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

She looked up at him. He was much taller than she was. At the moment, he looked down at her slightly, and the corners of his mouth were gently pursed. It made her feel as if he were smiling at her.

Lin Qingqing felt her cheeks grow hot, so she quickly turned around to go.

After buying the vegetables, Yi Zeyan pushed the trolley to the snack area, took a bag of potato chips, a bag of melon seeds, and several boxes of yogurt. 

Lin Qingqing asked, "Are these for Xiao Yuan?"

"I have strict rules on the snacks Xiao Yuan eats before changing his teeth." He responded casually and took another bag of cookies followed by a bag of chocolate. "This is for you."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

She had a good appetite and indeed had the habit of eating snacks.

At the moment, next to the shelf where the two people were located, an employee was standing on the ladder to place the goods on the upper shelf. Suddenly, Lin Qingqing was stunned. The supermarket aunt didn't hold the goods firmly in her hand and watched as it hit Lin Qingqing on the top of her head. Yi Zeyan, who had an alert eye and quick reflexes, pulled her by the arm, and she bumped into him without warning.

His body was very strong and flexible. When she collided with him, she smelled a faint fragrance. She felt suffocated and when she looked up subconsciously he was looking down at her. They were so close that she could hear his breathing and his uncertain whispers.

He was calling her.

He hesitantly yet very intimately called her, "Qingqing…."

At such close proximity, she could clearly see the Adam's apple glide softly. It was very sexy. The lights above the supermarket were bright as if a halo hung over him. They drew the outline of his angular face, making the contours very attractive. He was really good-looking.

Lin Qingqing had been thinking of jumping into his arms and holding him, yet she hadn't expected this wish to come true so suddenly. His arms didn't disappoint her. They were strong and warm, and had a magic power that made people greedy.

Oh what to do? She didn't want to let go and wanted to stay like that for a while.

She saw his eyes become deeper and deeper, and he called her again with an inquiring and uncertain voice, "Qingqing?"

Was he wondering why she hadn't gotten out of his arms yet?

The scent on him was really good and the lines on his face were so nice. He was really attractive. His arms were comfortable and warm. How shameful was she!. She didn't want to let go so quickly.

You are really thick-skinned Lin Qingqing, she berated herself in her heart.

But in the face of his deep, inquiring eyes, she was unable to say what she really thought. She couldn't tell him, Yi Zeyan, I am greedy for your arms. I want you to hold me. She felt that she was very shameless.

She had to give herself a reason to be in his arms, so she told him, "I seem to have sprained my waist."

Yi Zeyan: "——"

After a fleeting moment of doubt, Yi Zeyan pulled out his cell phone. "I'll call an ambulance."

Lin Qingqing: "Huh?"

She stopped him quickly. "It's not that serious, maybe I just need to rub it." She turned her hand and tried to rub her waist, but as soon as her hand was raised, she deliberately made a twisted expression. "It seems I can't rub it. You have to help me." She looked up at him with shining eyes. "Can you rub it for me?"

She never thought she could be shameless to this extent!
T/N: sprain her waist (¬‿¬ ) such a good excuse Qingqing..
Eira-chan: Omg I thought only Yi Zeyan was shameless. Turns out Qingqing is just as shameless as him! The Shameless Couple everyone! (♥ω♥*) )
What a good excuse indeed Oyen. What's next, "My lips are numb. Can you please kiss me?" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Larkspur: After she has sprained her ankle and is being princess carried, Eira...

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