The King's Return : Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: New Competition System

Xiao Han's assassin and Qin Mo's swordsman are both close combat professions. The explosive force of their joint efforts is beyond doubt, but the shortcoming is also very obvious——the attack distance is not enough. And Shen He's summoners can make up for the shortcomings in the attack distance. He can put pets to help Qin Mo to control the field, and at the same time he can cooperate with Qin Mo to attack when Qin Mo controls his opponent. This combination is the initial formation of the output lineup of the Mojue team.

Qin Mo is not in a hurry to determine the candidate, because Peerless Jianghu have not released any league-related news, he does not know whether the alliance will set a maximum number of teams.

Just then, a line of small characters suddenly appeared on the chat channel——

Snow Mountain: "Elder Brother, the official announcement has been made, go to the official website and have a look."

It was Zhou Xuewei of the Wind Color Team, Qin Mo immediately replied: "Is it the announcement about the competition system?"

Snow Mountain: "En, the CEL Alliance has passed the audit of the project of Peerless Jianghu, and the official has just issued a detailed announcement."

Qin Mo immediately closed the game window and opened the official website of the game.

——Peerless Jianghu professional league was established in Shanghai today, the new competition system and the rules of professional team auditing were officially issued.

The bright red character announcement was placed at the top of the official website, Qin Mo went in and took a look. The announcement was very long, the first paragraph clearly stated the personnel structure of the Peerless Jianghu Professional League. The chairman was elected from CEL's E-sport Alliance. His name was Tang Ximing. He was in his 30s this year and was also a former e-sport player. The information of the referee team leader, official commentary, person in charge, official reporters and other members is also listed on the official website.

Further down is the specific competition system of Peerless Jianghu.

——Peerless Jianghu has innovatively adopted the competition system of points mode. Professional teams can obtain points and bonuses through various competitions. At the end of the year, the team's total points will be liquidated, and the championship of the year will be awarded. Events that include team points include the "National Sword Conference" in March; "Golden League" in April; "E-sports platform Invitational Competition" in May; "Challenge Cup Arena Match" in June; As well as "Peerless Jianghu Official Professional League" in July-December. All registered professional teams must participate in the official professional league at the end of the year. For other events, each team can freely choose whether to participate or not according to the score.

In addition to the official professional league, the other four competitions are also open to the public. Non-professional players can register directly with the official website before the competition starts. The top 10 non-professional players/teams who have passed the online audition stage can enter the final round to compete with professional players for the sub-category championship.

Later, the rules of each competition are explained in detail. Among them, the "National Sword Conference" is a 1V1 competition, the "Golden League" is a 2V2 partner competition, the "E-sports platform Invitational Competition" is a 3V3 small group competition, the "Challenge Cup Arena Match" is a rotation competition system, and the final highlight "Official Professional League" is a 5V5 large group competition mode.

This points-based system is truly an innovation that has never been seen before in e-sports.

In the past, official professional leagues were used as the only criteria for judging events, but "Peerless Jianghu" took a different approach and added a variety of competitions, which gave professional players more choices——for example, some people were especially fierce in one-on-one match and did not cooperate well with their teammates in group war. While some teams, double team is very good, but it is difficult to win in a five-member team.

Due to the increase of events, it is difficult for the championship to be monopolized by a team. If you can't win a professional league championship, it's not bad to win a small event trophy. Moreover, this competition system greatly improves the freedom of the team. Some small events can be selected as substitutes. The main players take the opportunity to rest and prepare for the later major events. Who will be sent depends on the captain's grasp of the competition system for the whole year. Greedily participating in each event is not necessarily a good thing. Reasonable allocation of personnel is the key.

The official website also states the registration conditions for professional teams. In addition to the hardware conditions such as dormitories and training rooms required by the CEL alliance, there is also a clear limit on the number of players——each professional team has a minimum of five players and a maximum of eight players per season.

Controlling the maximum number of team members is probably also convenient for the alliance to control the budget for hotels and restaurants.

Qin Mo read the competition system again from the beginning——Peerless Jianghu had arranged such small events with different numbers as 1V1, 2V2, 3V3 and KOF challenge arena, so he had to reconsider the personnel allocation. Since the government requires no more than eight players per season, there are a total of eight schools in the game at present. The safest way is to keep one player from each school. In the future, regardless of the lineup encountered, Mojue will definitely be able to choose a suitable team to fight against.

Thinking of this, Qin Mo communicated with Xiao Han: "There are still six people left in the training camp, Pei Yu, He Beiguang and Li Muran. I probably know their situation. I don't know much about the other three newcomers yet. Please call them all to the challenge arena and let me have a closer look."

"Okay." Xiao Han turned around to be the speaker and called up the three newcomers.

Qin Mo created a challenge room and let three people join in turn. The first ID is called "Full Vigour", who is playing Luoying Guqin and belongs to the same school as Pei Yu. The principle of guqin and flute is similar, both are long-range spell output professions based on melody killing. If the Mojue team is not based on melody playing, then there is no need for guqin and flute players and they can only choose one.

Qin Mo asked: "What's your name? How long did you stay in Dragon Song training camp? "

Full Vigour replied: "My name is Xue Xiaoyuan. 17 years old, and stayed in training camp for a month."

Qin Mo nodded: "Come and play a game."

At the beginning of the match, Qin Mo chose the Stone Forest Map used in the previous challenge arena.

The stringed instrument player's sound wave attack is very far and wide, and is a very powerful group attack mage, but the shortcomings are also very obvious——he does not have much control skills and depends too much on his teammates.

This game is naturally won by Qin Mo.

Qin Mo's heart also has a conclusion, this Xue Xiaoyuan's level is OK, but not compatible with the main line-up of the Mojue team.

If Mojue is a team with long-range field control as its core, Xue Xiaoyuan can stand in the distance to provide a large number of group attack output, but Mojue is a team with Han and Mo close combat as its core. The guqin is of little use, instead, Pei Yu's bamboo flute genre can play some effects on many obstacle maps beneficial to summoners through the characteristics of sound penetration.

Qin Mo said nothing for the time being and said: "Next."

The next one was a poison master from Fangcao Hall, ID "Hibiscus", who entered the challenge arena and said on his own initiative: "Hello, captain, my name is Lin Jin. I am 17 years old this year and I have been in training camp for a month."

——A girl?

Her hair is too short, like a tomboy. If it weren't for seeing her slender fingers up close and hearing her soft voice, Qin Mo didn't even know she was a young girl.

Qin Mo seckill her in a game. The poison master's is to rely on the superposition of toxic negative state to cause damage, it could cooperate the main output of Mojue. However, Lin Jin's performance disappointed Qin Mo a little. She was not so decisive and firm as Zhou Xuewei's, her playing method was too meticulous, not strong enough.

It is not a bad thing for a female player to be careful. When she encounters a team that is very cautious, she can really take the position of output. However, the overall style of the Mojue team is not a type of cautious and slow-playing. Qin Mo is very fierce, and Xiao Han is also very violent. The two are usually to break out in an instant, she hesitates to find opportunities behind, does not match the overall style of the Mojue team, and her action ability could not be unified with the main players.

It is indeed a very unique girl, but unfortunately, Mojue does not need her.

Qin Mo felt some regret and said: "Next."

The third person on the stage, named Song Changdong, ID "River of No Return", looks very simple and honest, and has been 19 years old this year.

This age is a bit too old for training camp. He should find a suitable project to start his career as soon as possible. He is playing the swordsman of the Hanhua Sword School, and he is an violent output of short sword flow. This is not suitable for the Mojue team. The core of the swordsman is the lineup mode of the Sword Song Team. His level is really good, and his style of play is much more stable than that of the previous two players. However, the Mojue team already has Qin Mo, so it is not good to keep another melee swordsman.

There was no need for the three people to continue their training and Qin Mo did not want to delay them, so he said, "Come with me to the conference room."

He Beiguang's back suddenly froze, and he said in a small voice: "Go to the conference room again! The three of them won’t be eliminated right…..."

Pei Yu is also have a disbelieve face: "Should not be right? Captain Qin came to Dragon Song only one day, brushing off six players in a day, it’s...... It's terrible."

Two people look at each other, the bottom of the heart immediately rose a trace of coldness.

In the conference room, Qin Mo looked up at the three people in front of him and said: "The official website of the Peerless Jianghu has announced that a team can only enroll up to eight people, At present, Mojue team has identified the output core of melee and summon control. Xiao Xue, it is very difficult for you to play with the team. Lin Jin's remark is that her personal style is not in harmony with that of Mojue as a whole. Xiao Song, you are a melee output, our squad does not need too much melee. I think it is better to arrange the three of you to other projects as soon as possible."

Three people: "…..."

They apparently did not expect that Yan Zhou and Xu Sizhe had just been eliminated, and less than half a day later, the three of them would also be sent away by the captain.

Captain Qin’s speed of brushing people is amazing!

Lin Jin dared to ask: "Captain, don't you think this decision is too hasty?"

Qin Mo said: "I already have an idea about the team's lineup. Your level is good, but your profession and style of play are not suitable for the Mojue team. I cannot change the team's style."

This explanation is very convincing, for example, pure melee violence knife flow team does not need slow long-range players, each team will have its own unique style, leaving all kinds of players in the team will only become fish nor fowl. After careful consideration, Lin Jin could understand and nodded: "Now that the captain has decided, we'd better quit early and make another plan."

The other two are also very depressed about the result, especially Song Changdong, who is 19 years old this year. If he can't make his debut yet…... he doesn't know what his future will be like.

Qin Mo said: "Xiao Lin, Xiao Xue, you go and pack your things first and Song Changdong, stay for a while."

They turned and walked away, looking at Song Changdong sympathetically, thinking that he would be lecture by the captain.

Song Changdong's heart is also very uneasy, whispered: "Capt, captain…..."

Qin Mo asked: "You will be twenty years old next year, right?"

Song Changdong hung his head sadly: "En."

Qin Mo said: "Is your family not too supportive of you become e-sport player? You joined the training camp a little too late."

Song Changdong flushed his eyes and said softly: "My... My family is in a small town in the countryside. Neither of my parents knows much about e-sport. When I was seventeen years old, I wanted to have an interview at the club, but my mother was ill. I stayed at home to take care of her, which delayed me for several years."

It seems that his family conditions are not very good, and his parents do not understand it very well, thus delaying the best time. If the delay continues, he may not be able to debut.

Qin Mo thought for a moment and said: "If you go to captain Zhuo to continue training, you may not be able to play next year, because the team line-up of the miracle team of the Dragon Song club is very mature, and you can only give up your position unless someone retires."

Song Changdong gently grasped his fist, which he actually knows. There are also limits on the number of players in the League in the Miracle, and there are some substitutes in the team who have longer training time than him. He will not be able to start his career next year even in the past, and may have to postpone it until the following year. The peak period of an e-sport player is very short. If he starts his career at the age of 21, it's really too late for an output player.

Qin Mo said: "Many young people rush to the big clubs, always feel that to come to the big clubs is the affirmation of themselves, but in fact, the big clubs are full of experts and the competition is fierce. It is very difficult to debut. You are 19 years old, I suggest you don't drag on any longer. If you were given a chance to join a team that is not very famous but can officially play next year, would you want to?"

Song Changdong stupefied, immediately excitedly said: "I, I want!"

As long as he can get debut of the game as soon as possible, instead of spending time in training camp, even if the strength of the team is not as good as Dragon Song, he is willing!

Qin Mo nodded and said: "I know a friend here. I'll contact him later. You go back to the training room and wait for my news."

Song Changdong looked at Qin Mo gratefully: "Thank, thank you captain!"

His eyes are all red. He is not really the most outstanding one in the club. With his age, few people will pay attention to him and care about him. However, Qin Mo considered him from his point of view. The captain looked cold and arrogant, but he was actually a very careful and caring person.
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