The King's Return : Chapter 57

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I have a very bad news for you all, my laptop crash and need repair, all of my stockpile chapters for this novel save in that laptop, and the data will be lost. So, now I need to re-translate all the chapter again, I hope that I can finish the translation in time, and post in the time schedule.. If not, maybe there will be a late release T__T

Chapter 57: Transfer

After Song Changdong left, Xiao Han wondered: "Do you want Song Changdong to go to another team?"

Qin Mo looked at the teenager's back through the window and said helplessly: "Among these newcomers, his playing style is actually the most stable, but he can't debuted in Dragon Song. On the miracle side, if he wants to play the main force, he will need to wait at least two years. His age is too old to wait any longer, so he might as well change his environment and start his career quickly." 

Xiao Han also agreed with Qin Mo's decision. In fact, as the captain of the Mojue team, Qin Mo only needs to choose the players of the Mojue team. It is none of his business how the future of Dragon Song's players will be. It is rare for him to think about the players who have been eliminated——he is worthy of the person he likes, broad-minded and considerate to the newcomers.

Qin Mo looked back at Xiao Han and found that he is looking at him tenderly, Qin Mo touched his nose: "What are you looking at?"

Xiao Han thought: of course, I am looking at you. the more I look at you, the more I like it, it is beyond my control.

"Nothing, let's go." Xiao Han smiled, hugged Qin Mo's shoulder and went back to the training room together.

After returning to the training room, Xue Xiaoyuan and Lin Jin packed up their things and left. Their expressions were relatively calm, they were both only 17 years old and still young. There were also many opportunities for development if they went to Miracle.

Song Changdong stayed in the training room and waited for news, he looked a little uneasy, Qin Mo patted him on the shoulder and said: "Wait a minute."

Qin Mo opened his friends list after logging in to the game, and when he saw that person online, Qin Mo sent him a message: "Hello, is it convenient to talk?"

Gentleman Unparalleled: "Of course it's convenient, did great god Ink Mark change his mind and want to join us?"

This person is Lin Shuangcheng, the captain of the Sword Song Team. He invited Qin Mo to join the Sword Song before, but Qin Mo refused. The two made friends with each other, so they could be friends if they could not be teammates, Qin Mo was contacting him this time, precisely for the sake of Song Changdong, an old newcomer.

"Hello, captain Lin. I have a swordsman player on my side, strength is not bad. Doesn't your Sword Song team happen to be short of swordsman? Would you like to see it?"

"Is it true?" Lin Shuangcheng was a little surprised, Ink Mark does not join the Sword Song team, in the future Mojue and Sword Song will be opponent——What's the reason to send talents to their opponents' homes?

"Did you see the announcement on the official website today? The maximum number of players for a season is eight, the core line-up of our team does not need a second swordsman, so I would like to ask you, do you still need it?"

"Oh, of course." Lin Shuangcheng finally understood the meaning of Ink Mark, if it is incompatible with the team lineup, it is reasonable for him to send the excellent players away. Lin Shuangcheng thought for a moment and said: "I have strict requirements for selecting players. You asked him to find me at challenge arena room number 7319 password 889."

"Okay, see you later." Qin Mo copied the last sentence to Song Changdong, who immediately logged into the challenge room.

There are two people in the room, it is "Gentleman Unparalleled" and his apprentice "Vanish into Smoke".

The "Vanish into Smoke" saw Ink Mark and immediately ran to the his side to make a "bowing" gesture, saying: "Hello, expert!"

Qin Mo said hello to him: "Hello." Then he said. "River of No Return is the swordsman I mentioned, Gentleman Unparalleled, the captain of the Sword Song Team."

Gentleman Unparalleled: "Hello."

"Hello captain......" Song Changdong was nervous, after all, he is likely to face the future boss.

"Let's not talk too much nonsense, let's go straight to a few rounds." Lin Shuangcheng said, "Xiao Yun, go to the challenge arena and choose bamboo forest on the map."

Vanish into Smoke: "Okay! Look at me!"

Shota swordsman in white and his fellow swordsman are playing against each other in the green bamboo forest, the shota's fighting style is very flexible, Song Changdong's swordsman is very steady, two people fight each other, one game is very entertaining, just like an expert fight in a martial arts movie.

The two men played a total of three games, and there was no big difference in blood at the end of each match, moreover River of No Return won the last games.

Lin Shuangcheng was somewhat surprised——He didn't expect that the strength of the man introduced to him by Ink Mark was really good. What's more, his playing style was very stable, he could also be calm in the face of the fierce attack and not be led by his opponents to disorderly rhythm. After a moment of silence, Lin Shuangcheng chatted with Qin Mo in private: "What is the origin of this player?"

Qin Mo said: "The newcomer of the Dragon Song Club training camp, 19 years old this year."

Lin Shuangcheng was very surprised: "Dragon Song Club? Are you from the Dragon Song ah?"

Qin Mo said: "We are not a team under the banner of Dragon Song, but we are just cooperating with the club and selecting people from training camp."

Lin Shuangcheng immediately understood what he meant, 19-year-old still in training camp obviously did not find the right opportunity, continue to wait will only waste time, a change of environment is a good choice. It's just, Dragon Song  has always been a great god who has the courage to dig up other teams, will they be willing to let their players go?

Lin Shuangcheng thought of this and chatted privately with Song Changdong: "Have your contract with Dragon Song expired?"

Song Changdong, who was privately chatted by the captain, was somewhat flattered: "Not yet, the newcomers to the training camp have signed for three years."

Lin Shuangcheng said: "If you transfer halfway, how much is the penalty?"

Song Changdong said: "About a million..." Even if he sold him, it is not so much money!

Lin Shuangcheng simply said: "One million breach of contract penalty, I will give you, within a week to report to the Sword Song team."

Song Changdong: "............"

Song Changdong couldn't believe that the newcomer, who had been unknown in training camp, suddenly someone said to give him a breach of contract penalty to let him transfer directly, he stayed at the computer for a long time before his fingers trembled and laid down a row of characters to ask Qin Mo: "Captain Qin, he said he helped me out of the breach of contract penalty, let me directly transfer to the Sword Song team."

"Is it?" Qin Mo also appreciated Lin Shuangcheng's simplicity. This person he had asked Mirage to spend a month to investigate before, the very popular handsome anchor, has high face value and have a humorous style, drew a group of fans, from Peerless Jianghu beta test player and became a professional player, and the network in the circle was relatively strong, so the formation speed of the sword song team was also very fast. He has a lot of money, but he doesn’t have a problem to be the top like many local tyrants, he is very friendly to the players who follow him, he is willing to pay breach of contract penalty to poach Song Changdong, obviously also saw the potential of this newcomer.

—— Song Changdong is a very steady player, this kind of player can stabilize the situation in the advantage games and the morale in the disadvantage games, sword song just need him.

Seeing Song Changdong's uneasiness and lack of confidence, Qin Mo encouraged him: "Go ahead, captain Lin appreciates you very much, don't worry too much, I'll help you with the boss."

Song Changdong's eyes were red with excitement: "Thank you captain Qin!"

If there is no Qin Mo, maybe he will continue to spend his time in training camp waiting for his age to grow older...…

However, Qin Mo gave him a chance and he must grasp it!

Song Changdong clench his fist, followed by a private chat with the Gentleman Unparalleled: "Captain, I will report to the team in three days! Trouble you(T/N: this you is in polite ‘nin’ instead use ‘ni’)Please send me the address."

"Don't call you like that, I look very old." Lin Shuangcheng smiled slightly and said. "Everyone is of the same age, and we will work together in the future. Our team is in Hangzhou, you can add my WeChat later and I'll give you the detailed address."

Having finalized the direction of Song Changdong, Qin Mo turned to the office to find his boss, and Xiao Han naturally took the initiative to accompany him.

Liu Chuan has a separate office on the second floor. After the two knocked at the door and entered, Xiao Han said straight: "Boss, there is a newcomer named Song Changdong in Dragon Song training camp, he is 19 years old this year. He wants to cancel his contract with the club and transfer to another team. Please give him a green light in terms of contract, don't trouble him."

"Transfer?" Liu Chuan was very surprised. "Before, all the great god turn into our club, never turn out."

Qin Mo's expression was calm: "I encouraged him to transfer."

Liu Chuan: ".................."

Qin Mo is really a clean and honest member of the Dragon Song club, instead of inheriting the fine tradition of brazenly poaching people from other teams, he sent the Dragon Song’s player away?!

Liu Chuan laughed and said: "Then tell me why do you do it?"

Xiao Han took the initiative to explain: "This is the case, the player is already 19 years old and he is not suitable for the lineup of Mojue team. The miracle team on Zhuo Hang has no position for him. It is wasting time to keep staying at the club for him, it is better to give young people a chance to let him go to other teams to develop…... Boss, let it go, the other team has promised to go straight and pay the breach of contract penalty."

Liu Chuan, who was also a former captain, can understand Qin Mo's mind. It’s a pity to see the excellent seeds but not to give them an important task. A narrow-minded captain may leave the seed player by his side, even if he dies of old age, so as not to let him become his threat. But Qin Mo did not do so, he sent Song Changdong to another team, giving Song Changdong an excellent opportunity and at the same time giving himself one more potential opponent.

But…... What does it matter?

Liu Chuan believes that Han and Mo join hands, no matter how many opponents there is nothing to be afraid of.

Looking at the expectant eyes of the two young people, Liu Chuan smiled and said: "The club will never be embarrassed by the players who take the initiative to leave. It is possible to terminate the contract, but the legal proceedings still have to go. Our contract is not useless, the amount of penalty stipulated in the contract is paid in one go, he can go wherever he wants."

Qin Mo and Xiao Han looked at each other and said: "Thank you, boss."

The newcomer will surely have a brighter future, with this in mind, Qin Mo felt that his choice was absolutely right.
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