The King's Return : Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Radish Meatball

Qin Mo eliminated six newcomers from the training camp in a short day, which surprised Xiao Han. After returning to the dormitory at night, Xiao Han knocked on Qin Mo's bedroom door and asked: "Xiao Mo, what are you going to do next? There are only three newcomers left in the training camp: Pei Yu, He Beiguang and Li Muran, do you want to sign them directly or continue to evaluate them?"

The school played by the three people did not conflict with the main line-up of Mojue team drawn up by Qin Mo.

He Beiguang's Kuangdao Gate is the most defensive school in the game, it can provide teammates with a lot of buff such as "enhance defense" and "reducing damage". He can play the part in large team battle or small team battle in front row, he can also play a defensive excessive role in the rotation match.

Pei Yu is a bamboo flute player from Luoying Valley, his flute sound can penetrate obstacles and has strong ability of long-range single attack, his trademark skill "Shadow Bird" can also call out large numbers of birds in the air to group attack with high damage. In large team battle, can be used to assist Shen He in controlling the field and in small team battle and challenge arena can be used as a long-range output.

Li Muran is a healer player, each team must bring healer, although his character is introverted, but the strength is good, agility base pharmacist's playing style is also very characteristic, just suitable for Mojue team fast-paced lineup.

If there is no better choice, these three people can indeed stay in Mojue team.

Naturally, there is no need to conceal it from Xiao Han, Qin Mo put down the hairdryer, seriously said: "I want to keep them, their talent is not bad, also in tune with Mojue team line-up. I have not told them for the time being because I want to give them some pressure not to relax, let's wait until we get to the max level."

"En, that's good." Xiao Han was really relieved to hear this, he was really worried that Qin Mo would brush off all the players in the training camp, which would not be easy for the club.

Of the first nine newcomers, three were left behind, and the acceptance rate of 1/3 was not low.

"I also saw the official announcement today, the maximum member of a team to register is eight. Counting Xiao Pei and others, there are only six people in Mojue, there are still two places left. Are you going to look for them from outside?" Xiao Han entered the room and sat down at Qin Mo's bed.

Qin Mo apparently just took a shower and was sitting on the bed and blowing his hair, just after Xiao Han came in, he put down the hair dryer.

Xiao Han sat down beside him and naturally took the hairdyer to continue to help him drying his hair.

The hair was gently lifted by Xiao Han's slender fingers, blowing in wisp by wisp, the warm wind coming out of the hair dryer brushed the ear. Qin Mo's heart suddenly felt itchy, just like the claws of a cat scratching. Xiao Han just asked something, he did not listen to clearly, he only heard his heartbeat is more and more intense, the heart seems to jump out from the chest.

Qin Mo did not speak, Xiao Han was not in a hurry to know the answer, carefully help him dry all his hair, only then he put down the hairdryer, continued: "We have too many newcomers in Mojue team, only the two of us have the experience of the competition, such a line-up is still not stable, I have an idea to tell you."

Qin Mo finally came to his senses and was somewhat embarrassed by his own wandering mind. He gently coughed to stabilize his heartbeat and calmly said: "En, go ahead and say it."

Xiao Han said: "There are other professional leagues in China, we can find some experienced talents from mature projects. For example, Miracle League is on vacation this month, there should be many professional players whose contracts expire, and there must be a great god among them. Of course, it's very difficult to dig a great god. We can appropriately improve the conditions in signing contracts and dig them to this side."

"......" Xiao Han indeed inherited the fine tradition of the Dragon Song club!

As soon as Qin Mo sent Song Changdong away today, he immediately thought of digging a great god from another club to fill the vacancy.

Of course, Xiao Han's statement is also very agreeable to Qin Mo, the current lineup system of Mojue is still too immature. Pei Yu, He Beiguang, Li Muran and Shen He all have no competition experience. Even if they have good talent, they may have various problems due to their inability to adapt to the competition intensity in next year's league. Of course, it is best to find a great god with rich competition experience…... Only, the great god is so popular, where to go to dig people?

Qin Mo thought for a moment and asked: "Do you have a suitable candidate in mind?"

Xiao Han said: "Not yet. However, the transfer window for Miracle League will soon open and we can look ahead."

While talking, there was a knock at the door, two people looked at each other. Xiao Han stood up and opened the door, Song Changdong was standing outside with a plastic bag in his arms. The teenager's face was obviously a flush a little. Xiao Han looked at the bag in his arms and asked doubtfully: "What’s the matter? Why looking for us so late?"

Song Changdong said with a silly smile: "Is captain Qin there?"

Qin Mo, who heard the sound, also came over and said: "Come in."

Song Changdong entered the room and handed Qin Mo the plastic bag embarrassedly. Inside the bag were two food preservation boxes, carefully covered with the lid: "This is what I just made. Green onion, ginger, starch, radish and some lean meat were mixed together to make meatballs. I put more radishes, so the taste was lighter, you can eat it for midnight snack and give you a taste."

"You made radish meatballs yourself?" Qin Mo opened the lid and looked at the small round meatballs in the food preservation box, he said: "That's very kind of you, thank you."

"You're welcome." Song Changdong's face became redder. "In fact, I should thank the captain, you gave me a new opportunity to start from scratch. Thank you very much…... I don't know what captain Qin likes, so, I made some snacks made by myself for you as a midnight snack, hope you don't mind ah…..."

He expressed his thanks in a simple way, which Qin Mo could easily accept. If he bought any valuable gifts, Qin Mo would definitely reject them, but Qin Mo naturally had no reason to refuse the radish meatballs he made himself.

Looking at the simple and honest guy in front of him, Qin Mo couldn't help smiling slightly and said: "You're welcome."

Song Changdong stunned, when Qin Mo came to Dragon Song, everyone's impression of him is very cold, very proud person, did not expect him will also smile.

Qin Mo put away his smile and added: "By the way, let me tell you briefly about your new captain, Lin Shuangcheng. he used to be an e-sports anchor for a period of time before, he has a lot of fans and strong contacts in the e-sports circle, his formation of the Sword Song team is not to play with ticket.(T/N: just play casually) I can see that he is very serious about professional leagues, after you arrive at Sword Song, listen to his arrangement, since he is willing to pay the penalty to dig you up, it shows that he sees the potential in you and will definitely give you important position. Your overall view is very strong and your play is very calm, you can stabilize the front row line-up of Sword Song which is too impetuous now. Believe in your strength and cooperate with the tactics of the new team, don't think too much."

"En." Song Changdong nodded vigorously and said: "I see, thank you captain Qin for pointing it out."

"The boss will terminate your contract tomorrow morning and set you free." Xiao Han then said. "Go back and say goodbye to your friends at the training camp."

"I will, captain and vice-captain, thank you ah." Song Changdong smiled and scratched his head. The teenager's smile was very sincere. when he smile, he showed a neat row of white teeth.

He grew up in a very simple environment, so he didn't have so much scheming. His honest and sincere appearance easily to create a sense of trust, sending meat balls made by himself to Qin Mo was only a simple expression of his gratitude. Qin Mo believes that with his character and strength, he will soon be recognized by the members of the Sword Song Team.

"En, go ahead." Qin Mo patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him to say. "Good luck."

After Song Changdong left, Qin Mo and Xiao Han happened to be hungry, so they ate the meatballs he sent in the dining room.

Xiao Han ate the meatballs and said: "I suddenly felt it was a pity to let him go, why didn't he say earlier that he can make such delicious meatballs?"

Looking at Xiao Han's face of regret, Qin Mo smiled and asked: "Have you never eaten this radish meatball?"

Xiao Han shook his head: "No, the food and drink abroad is very monotonous, I used to eat beef hamburgers every day and I almost vomited."

Looking at his entangled expression when he mentioned hamburger, Qin Mo showed a rare gentle look in his eyes and said: "Next time take you back to Nanjing, I'll invite you to eat the lion's head."

"Ah? Lion's Head?" Xiao Han raised his head in shock and looked at Qin Mo like a monster. "Isn't the lion a national first-class protected animal? How can Nanjing hunt lions and eat their heads?"

"......" Qin Mo almost laughed. "Lion's head is not the head of a lion, it's just a name for food." Qin Mo simply took out his mobile phone and Baidu quickly showed Xiao Han a picture. "That's it, the lion's head in Nanjing is very famous, it's a big meatball, it's almost as big as your fist."

"Really?" Xiao Han looked at the picture curiously. "Chinese food is really interesting. Husband and Wife' lungs, lion heads and ants on the trees, the name is very strange."

"En, Chinese people pay more attention to food culture and like to give dishes names that have historical allusions or more literary and artistic." Qin Mo put away his mobile phone and asked, "Do you think it's right to return to home? The food in China is much better than that in Europe and the United States, isn't it?"

"Of course, I'm glad I came back with Master." Xiao Han smiled, looked at Qin Mo, whispered. "Besides, after returning, I also met you."

"......" On his smile, listening to his deep gentle voice, Qin Mo heart suddenly went soft.

—— Fortunately, Xiao Han came back. Otherwise, one in China and the other in America, they would not have met in their lifetime.

Qin Mo is also especially glad Xiao Han came to his side, the two little princes of that year are now grown up. They can join hands to create Mojue team, perhaps it is fate. As soon as he came to Dragon Song club, Qin Mo knew that his practice was not very acceptable to the newcomers. However, it was rare that Xiao Han had been fully supporting him, which really reassured him.

Thought of this, Qin Mo could not help smiling: "Well, don't eat so much at night, your stomach is not very good, be careful that it is not easy to digest."

Concerned by Qin Mo, this made Xiao Han's heart particularly comfortable. He immediately obediently put down the meatballs, covered the food preservation box, and said: "Put it in the fridge to save some food. After Song Changdong left, no one made it for us."

This guy is also a potential foodie, he regretted letting Song Changdong go because he could make meatballs……

Qin Mo said with a smile: "You can go to the Sword Song Team and ask him for another box."

Xiao Han said: "Will he be kicked out by Captain Lin?"

Qin Mo: "I'm not sure about that, but I'm sure that if Song Changdong made two boxes of meatballs for everyone to eat after he came to Sword Song, he would immediately get the favor of the whole team."

Xiao Han nodded approvingly: "Yes, this is the best radish meatball I have ever eaten."

The two smiled at each other, and the atmosphere in the room suddenly became very warm.

Xiao Han was silent for a moment before he changed the subject and said: "You sent Song Changdong to the Sword Song Team, which is definitely a great addition to Lin Shuangcheng. In the future, when we get to the arena, Sword Song may become one of our strongest opponents."

"I know, I have already prepared myself for this, not only Sword Song, but also the teams of these clubs, such as Wind Color and Huaxia, the level also very strong." Qin Mo paused, with a smile on his mouth, but his eyes were firm. "However, our strength in Mojue is not weak——are we still afraid of them when we, the Twin Star join hands?"

Looking at Qin Mo confident and proud look, Xiao Han can not help smiling, seriously said: "Yes, we work together, a hundred Sword Songs are also not afraid."

They talked until twelve in the morning in the dining room and went to bed. If Qin Mo's night alarm clock hadn't rang, Xiao Han would have liked to talk to him all night.
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