The King's Return : Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Small Storm

The next morning, Song Changdong went to the boss's office to terminate the player contract of the Dragon Song Club. On the other side of the Sword Song, Lin Shuangcheng also simply typed 1 million of the penalty into the account of the Dragon Song Club.

Liu Chuan looked at the teenager in front of him and felt very sad: "You are the first player that we Dragon Song turned out. The other side will pay a million penalty to dig you up, which shows that you really have value to their team. Work hard when you get to the new team, and your fate with Dragon Song end here."

"En." Song Changdong took the contract from his boss and said earnestly: "I am very happy during the time in Dragon Song, the club is also very kind to me. After leaving Dragon Song, I will never speak ill of Dragon Song club, Captain Qin is a very gentle and very good person. I believe that with him in the Mojue team, will definitely get good results."

"Do you think Qin Mo is gentle?" Liu Chuan said in surprise. "But I heard that ...... the newcomers in the training camp are very afraid of him."

Song Changdong scratched his head and said: "Captain Qin looks a little fierce, but he is doing that for our good, I can feel this, others may not understand the meaning of Captain Qin......"

Liu Chuan frowned softly and said: "It's getting late, I'll send a driver to take you to the airport. When you pass the training room, let Xiao Han come by and say I have something to look for him."

"En, thank you, boss." Song Changdong was very touched. In fact, the club did not need to pay attention to the players who left, but Liu Chuan let the driver send him, which was also a magnanimous performance of "leaving on a good term".

Song Changdong dragged his suitcase to the door of the training room. Li Yueran, who was afraid of heights, had already reported to the Wulin team. However, Yan Zhou, Xu Sizhe, Lin Jin and Xue Xiaoyuan also came to the training room this morning for news from Qin Mo, seeing Song Changdong dragging his suitcase, everyone got up and came to the door to send him.

"Brother Dong, I heard that you are going to the Sword Song team and will be official debut next year! How nice!" Xue Xiaoyuan's eyes lit up and said, "Remember to contact us when you come to the new team!"

"En en en." Song Changdong was surrounded by so many people for the first time and was somewhat flattered.

"Good luck, brother Dong!" The younger Lin Jin also smiled and shook his fist at him.

"I will." Song Changdong smiled and scratched his head.

Xiao Han and Qin Mo walked out of the training room when they heard the noise. Qin Mo looked at his suitcase and asked: "Are you leaving now?"

Song Changdong said: "Captain Lin asked me to report to the team as soon as possible, saying that the training will begin when all the personnel arrive."

Qin Mo nodded: "It is better to go earlier."

Song Changdong paused and then said to Xiao Han: "By the way, vice-captain, the boss asked me to tell you to go to his office, he has something to tell you."

"Okay." Xiao Han turned and walked towards the office, Song Changdong could not disturb everyone's training any more. He reluctantly part away from the training room he stay for half a year, he waved to everyone, carrying the box turned to leave.

Behind Song Changdong, a teenager clenched his fist, and a strong jealousy rose in his eyes.

When Xiao Han came to the office, Liu Chuan was sitting in front of the computer, frowning. When he saw him come in, he pointed to the seat in front of him and said: "Sit down."

"Looking for me, boss?" Xiao Han sat down and asked doubtfully. "Is it something about the transfer of Song Changdong?"

"No, Xiao Song's contract has been settled, this's why I came to you." Liu Chuan turned the computer screen 180 degrees and asked Xiao Han to read an email. "The newcomers from the training camp anonymously sent complaint letter to my email and reflecting some situations with me. That is to say, Qin Mo, the new captain, acted unfairly and emotionally, relying on his personal preference to arbitrarily eliminate the newcomers from the training camp, regardless of the newcomers' self-esteem, in order to sign his apprentice to the Mojue team. Deliberately choose a map in favor of his apprentice during the challenge arena."

The e-mail was very fierce and listing many of Qin Mo's mistakes one by one, it was obviously written in a very angry state.

Everyone in the club know the boss's email, the captains usually send emails when they have something to ask him, and few players dare to disturb him. The player anonymously sent the complaint letter to the boss's email, the complaint letter was for the new captain, this was the first time in the Dragon Song Club.

Liu Chuan also feels quite novel, Qin Mo's style is really different from the previous captains of Dragon Song, so many wicked ideas have been created, whether it is to send away the players or to be complained by the players. Qin Mo really...... has created a lot of precedent for Dragon Song ah!

Xiao Han read the email carefully, he was so angry that he clenched his fist tightly, he wished he could pull the guy who sent the complaint letter out and beat him up!

——A complaint about Qin Mo's for unfairness? Emotional? Are you blind?!

Xiao Han can guess who sent the complaint letter.

Pei Yu, He Beiguang and Li Muran will certainly not be idle to complain to the captain, the three of them have not been eliminated yet. Among the eliminated players, Song Changdong turned to Sword Song and felt grateful to Qin Mo, Li Yueran was afraid of heights and withdrew on his own initiative, Yan Zhou was too timid to write such a letter, Lin Jin was a relatively quiet little girl and her words could not be so intense, Xue Xiaoyuan was lively and active, he also discussed with others this morning what kind of career he was going to play on Miracle——the only one left was Xu Sizhe.

Yesterday in arena PK with Shen He, Xu Sizhe was killed by Shen He in the first game, violently crushed Shen He in the second game, and refracted by Shen He in the third game.

When Qin Mo told him that the Mojue team was going to sign Shen He, he had a very dissatisfied face. At that time, he wanted to argue with Qin Mo, Xiao Han was afraid that he would interrupt Qin Mo because he was too angry. Unexpectedly, this fellow was really angry, but he sent a complaint letter to the boss.

Xiao Han asked coldly: "Does the boss believe what he said?"

"Of course not." Liu Chuan helplessly spread his hand. "Although I don't know much about Qin Mo, I know that he is an apprentice brought out by Ling Xuefeng himself, can't possibly have such a big personality problem. I don't know Qin Mo very well, and he has a proud personality, I can't talk to him directly. So I'll call you first and ask you what the hell is going on?"

"......" Xiao Han really felt bitterly disappointed for Qin Mo.

Qin Mo's well-intentioned efforts were not even noticed by some players, but even felt that he was unfair and biased. How sad would Qin Mo be if he knew about this? He considers everywhere about these newcomers of Dragon Song, but he received an unprecedented complaint.

"The child who complained about Qin Mo was really not very sensible. You should have guessed who it was, didn't you? Don't be angry, I came to you to understand the situation, not to intensify the contradiction. There must be some misunderstanding." Liu Chuan said warmly. "You tell me first, what has Qin Mo done in the end, let the newcomers of the training camp have such a big prejudice against him?"

Xiao Han took a deep breath to calm down and explained: "Well, it is like this. Currently, the core line-up of Mojue team is my melee attack and Qin Mo, Xiao Mo wants to find a summoner to assist in controlling the field output in the distance. Boss, you used to be an e-sport player, you should know summoners are difficult to cooperate with, if a team does not play with summoners as its main force, then there is no need for two summoners."

"Yes, the lineup of double summoning is very rare, and it is difficult to cooperate." Liu Chuan wondered. "I remember that Qin Mo was a summoner before, how to change melee?"

"......" Xiao Han's heart suffered a sudden pain, and after a moment's silence, he whispered, "he can no longer play summoner because of his speed, which is why he can't take double summoning as the core line-up of Mojue."

"Oh, it’s like this." In this case, Qin Mo changed his tactical thinking and took melee as the output core.

"Mojue team can only keep one summoner, so Xiao Mo let Dragon Song's two summoners fight with Shen He. Before PK, Xiao Mo did not tell it to anyone, and the map was also pre-determined. The three maps tested pet summoning skills, obstacle-avoiding movement skills and the ability to understand the terrain, inspected their psychological qualities, and finally made a comprehensive evaluation. Shen He won Xu Sizhe 3-2 and Yan Zhou 2-0 in rotation battle. Shen He had never experienced the regular training of the club, while the other two stayed in the training camp for half a year." Xiao Han said more and more angrily, looking straight at Liu Chuan's eyes, "If it were you, which one would you choose as your teammate?"

"Shen He, of course." Liu Chuan also came to the same conclusion: "Having no training experience, but being able to win two players who have been trained by the club shows that Shen He respond is quick enough, plays with great sensitivity, and understands the game more thoroughly than they do. Perhaps the foundation will be weaker, but the flexibility is very strong and the potential is stronger. "

"Yes, Xiao Mo thought the same way, so he eliminated Yan Zhou and Xu Sizhe, let Xiao He join Mojue team, and accepted Xiao He as an apprentice." Xiao Han sank his face and says. "The complaint letter says that Xiao Mo deliberately embarrasses them in order to sign his apprentice over. This is have an order reverse! In fact, it was Shen He who won the game and confirmed that he had to sign a contract with Mojue before Xiao Mo accepted him as an apprentice. If Xu Sizhe or Yan Zhou wins the game, Xiao Mo will also accept them as apprentices and teach them well——it is their own failure!"

"......I see." Liu Chuan said with a wry smile, "Qin Mo is really doing the right thing, unexpectedly, these newcomers of our club lost and they don’t know the reason, used a emotion reason and put the blame on the captain’s head. Ai, don't tell Qin Mo about this for the time being, lest he be sad."

"I won't tell him." Xiao Han took a deep breath and stood up and said. "It's the newcomers in the training room who haven't taught them a lesson for a long time, it's time to talk to them."

"En, you go and explain it to them, but don't mention the complaint letter, otherwise I will be very difficult." Liu Chuan said helplessly. "Children don't understand, don't be too angry."

——How can Xiao Han not be angry? He's about to explode.

In fact, Qin Mo has no obligation to manage these newcomers, because he is the captain of Mojue, and Mojue is not a team under Dragon Song, only has a cooperative relationship with Dragon Song.

It's like a company going to a cooperative university to select talent, students are free to sign up for an interview. After the interview, the company will decide who to hire and eliminate. Do the people who have been eliminated by the interviewer still have to send a complaint letter to the head office saying that the interview is unfair?

If you don't find the reason from yourself, you will say that the captain is unfair, what's smelly trouble that newcomers are accustomed to now?!

Xiao Han took a deep breath and stabilized his mood, he returned to the training room and said: "Yan Zhou, Xu Sizhe, Lin Jin and Xue Xiaoyuan, you guys come with me!"

His tone was so harsh that he frightened the four people who named by him and trembled to keep up with Xiao Han's footsteps.

What is going on here?

They have never seen such a terrible expression on the face of the god Han, as if to tear them alive…...
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