She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 20

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Chapter 20
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan

She had also been in love once to Xiang Huayang, but it was a simple kind of love that showered affection through holding hands with the occasional hug thrown in. In more intimate moments, they shared kisses but they were only dragonfly kisses. (T/N: light kisses).

At that time she wasn’t crazy about experiencing a passionate love. Instead, she dreamed of becoming a famous singer, to stand on a platform and attract a lot of attention from people. Compared to her dream, everything else seemed less important.

And now, years later, she wouldn’t have ever thought that she would be so active and shameless in the relationship between men and women.

Never had she imagined she would throw herself into a man's arms and play rogue (T/N : act shameless).

Lin Qingqing noticed that Yi Zeyan's body seemed stiff for a moment, before he avoided her eyes and tried to examine her for a while. He placed his hand on her waist and asked: "Is this it?"

She endured the excitement, buried her face in his arms, and smiled: "En, that’s it."

She found herself smiling and tried her very best to mask the uncontrollable smile from seeping into her voice.

However, Yi Zeyan didn’t notice this at all, and when his fingers pressed on her soft waist, his ears were red, but his manner was still calm and he gently rubbed her waist.

His movements were so gentle that she felt very comfortable.

Lin Qingqing enjoyed this feeling very much, but at this moment she heard a voice from one side that asked: "Are you all right?"

It turned out that the supermarket aunt climbed down from the shelf to ask about the situation.

She forgot that there was someone else nearby!

As if her shamelessness had suddenly been discovered, Lin Qingqing was in a great panic and hurried to break away from him by two steps, then she blushed and said: "It's all right." She laughed dryly. "It feels much better after a few rubs." She dared not look at Yi Zeyan's expression after she said it, turned and went out.

She walked in a hurry. Naturally, she didn’t see Yi Zeyan behind her as he closed his eyes tightly and took a deep breath, as if he was…… suppressing some terrible impulse.

As she was walking to the underground parking lot, Lin Qingqing remembered she had no car keys so she could only stand by the car and wait. After a while, Yi Zeyan also came and at that moment she was so embarrassed that she dared not look at him.

But he said as if nothing had happened: "Let’s go back."

There was no mention of the ambiguous hug just now. She secretly glanced at him but his expression hasn't changed, and there was even a smile in the corners of his mouth.

She breathed a sigh of relief, but quickly felt ashamed. Yi Zeyan was so upright and magnanimous, but she had such a dirty thought about him. Compared to him, she was really a shameless person.

After returning home, Lin Qingqing went into the kitchen and was busy. Since Yi Zeyan couldn't help much, she asked him to do his own thing, leaving the kitchen just for her.

But Yi Zeyan didn’t feel at ease, and from time to time went to the kitchen door to take a look.

In the kitchen, her hair was tied to a ponytail behind her head and she was wearing an apron as she manned the kitchen with practiced skill. Swiftly, she cut vegetables before stir-frying them in a wok. Then she went over to check the soup that was boiling in a pot on the stove as it was gurgling and steaming loudly. Slowly, the room was filled with the aroma of her cooking and she stood amidst it all, looking very gentle and beautiful as if she had found the place where she belonged in the world.

Every time he walked to the door to see this scene, his heart would be shaken.

He always felt that the woman in front of him wasn’t her. Now before him, she was so virtuous and lovely, a stark contrast to the woman she once was, the woman who hated him so much. She hated him, so how can she cook for him?

Filled with uncertainty, he goes over and see her  from time to time, and then leave satisfied over and over again.

In this manner, as he went back and forth, the meal was finally ready.

Lin Qingqing put the last soup on the table and hurriedly said to him: "Try it quickly."

Sitting at the dining table and looking at the dishes on this table, Yi Zeyan was at a loss. The steam on the dishes fluttered in his face and he suddenly felt as if his body had expanded countless times.

It was the meal she cooked for him, it was the meal she cooked for him! (E/N: I’m not crying, really NOT crying. Yogatta ne Zeyan? (ToT) )

But even though Mr. Yi was young, he was also a man who has experienced many battles in his life, so, even though the feeling of rising heat made him a little bewildered, he still calmly picked up a dish, tasted it, and evaluated it objectively: "En, it's good."

Lin Qingqing, of course, believed in her own craftsmanship, after all, her family ran a restaurant. She and her sister can cook good dishes, so she was very satisfied with his answer.

Lin Qingqing smiled at him and said: "If it's good, eat more."

He really ate a lot……

After eating, Lin Qingqing thought that there seemed to be some jelly in the snack bought by Yizeyan, so she took it to eat.

Yi Zeyan was frozen for a moment when he saw her sitting on the sofa eating jelly after the meal.

He thought of that night when she mistook his tongue as jelly.

There was also the sound of her coquettish voice, scratching his heart: "Qingqing wants to eat jelly."

Yi Zeyan coughed softly and said: "It will be bad for your health to eat jelly after a meal."

Lin Qingqing said: "I just suddenly remembered that one night I dreamed of eating jelly. In my dream, I thought the jelly was delicious, so I wanted to eat it."

She said that and softly took a mouthful of it.

Yi Zeyan: "…..."

He unexpectedly…… was a little afraid to look directly at the jelly.

He scolded himself as an asshole in his heart, before he walked over to her as usual and sat down to watch TV with her.

The room was quiet, except for the sound on the TV from time to time. Yi Zeyan sat not far from her and his sense of
existence was so strong, that after a while, Lin Qingqing felt that her whole body was filled with his scent.

Then she thought of the hug just now. His arms had been warm and comfortable, his body strong and flexible.

She quickly shook her head. Don't think don't think.

After a while of absent-mindedly watching TV, it was almost time to pick up Xiao Yuan.

They went to pick him up, and after having their son there, Lin Qingqing finally felt that the strange ambiguity between her and Yi Zeyan had subsided a little.

Yi Zeyan gave her the studio, and she planned to bring the studio to the right track as soon as possible. She refused MK's invitation to get the copyright back. Also, she intended to find Qiqi, the great composer. If she can be persuaded to join her studio, it would be better.

However, since Qi Qi left MK, no one knew where she went. Lin Qingqing learned that Qi Qi's hometown was in Harbin and she planned to go and look for her.

So while eating, Lin Qingqing told father and son what she thought.

Father and son, who had been eating, looked at her together, apparently surprised by her decision.

"How long will it take?" Yi Zeyan asked.

"I'm not sure. If I can convince Qi Qi, it may not take a few days."

"No, it's very simple for you to find her. I just need someone to help you contact her. You don't need to go there yourself."


Truthfully, Lin Qingqing wasn’t sure whether she could find Qi Qi or not during his trip, but Yi Zeyan was so sure that finding someone wasn’t a big deal for him.

"What do you think?"

It would be nice if he could find her so Lin Qingqing said: "All right, thank you."

Yi Zeyan pursed his lips and smiled: "Lately, you've said thank you to me a lot."


That’s because he often helps her ah, thank you, these two words became feeble.

Lin Qingqing blushed with shame.

"If you have anything you need me to do, and if I can do it, I'll do everything I can." Lin Qingqing said to him with a sincere face.

Her words just fell from her mouth when the Little Dumpling who had been sitting there silently said: "Mom doesn't need to do anything for Dad. Just let Dad warm up your bed and Dad will be very happy." (E/N: Omg Xiao Yuan did NOT just say that. (*≧∀≦*) )

Lin Qingqing: "…..."

This Little Dumpling...... What nonsense are you talking about ah! What warm up your bed? It's not warm up your bed!

Lin Qingqing's face turned red and she looked at Yi Zeyan and wondered if he was choking or not. He was clenching his fist against his lips and coughing softly.

Although Lin Qingqing was very embarrassed, she touched the Little Dumpling’s head and said: "Xiao Yuan, just eat your food."

She didn’t directly deny the proposal of the Little Dumpling. Instead, she waited for Yi Zeyan to make a statement and wanted to know what he thought.

"You don't have to take the child's words seriously."

Hearing this, Lin Qingqing had a feeling of loss, but she didn't say anything.

It seems that it was really just a child's words, and he didn't really want to warm her bed.

The next morning, when Lin Qingqing got up, Xiao Yuan had already left, but Yi Zeyan had still remained. He was sitting on the sofa reading a newspaper.

"Didn't you go to the company?"

"There’s no hurry." He put down the newspaper. "Qi Qi has already been contacted. I made an appointment with her at 11:00 at your restaurant. You can talk to her about cooperation there."

Lin Qingqing didn't expect things to go so smoothly and had to say that her husband was really great. She was about to say thank you, but she felt that thank you wasn’t enough.

"Have you thought about that question yesterday? What do you want me to do for you?" Lin Qingqing asked him.

"I haven't thought of it yet. I'll tell you when I think of it."

In order to meet Qi Qi, Lin Qingqing can be said to have made full preparations. She wrote all kinds of materials, including the songs she wrote and the development plans of the future studio. Before going to see Qi Qi, she deliberately changed her clothes and dressed more formally, hoping to talk to her and show her sincerity.

When she arrived at the Peace Restaurant, her Elder Sister told her that she had been waiting for her in the private room on the second floor. Lin Qingqing was somewhat nervous before she pushed the door of the private room. She took a deep breath before she raised her hand and knocked.

"Come in." replied a very cold female voice.

Hearing a not very friendly voice, Lin Qingqing felt more nervous.

She pushed the door and went in and saw Qi Qi sitting at the table drinking tea. She was nearly forty years old, but her face looked very young. She was dressed very simply and didn’t give people an amazing feeling. She wore a black turtleneck with her hair tied into a high ponytail, which made her look very energetic. Although her appearance was not amazing at a glance her temperament gave people a kind of serious cold, which made her whole person have a special charm.

Lin Qingqing sat down opposite her, although she was nervous, she said hello to her naturally. "Hello, Miss Qi."

Qi Qi looked her up and down: "I heard that there was a mysterious big boss who wanted to see me. Is that you?"

Lin Qingqing’s mouth twitched: "The part about the big mysterious boss isn’t right. I only have a small studio under my hands. But if Miss Qi understands the future development plan I have worked out, I believe Miss Qi would be willing to cooperate with me. Miss Qi can have a look first." She gave her several documents in her hand, which she had spared time to make, and made them very detailed.

Unexpectedly, Qi did not look at it. "No need."


Sh*t, hopefully it’s not gonna end like this. Will she just refuse it without even looking at it?

However, before Lin Qingqing's sorrow was over, Qi Qi added, " I recently planned to go abroad to buy sperm and have children. I calculated that it would take about 200,000 yuan to buy a sperm with a high IQ and good looks. In addition, the cost of having a baby abroad may add up to 560,000 yuan. I just want to know how long will I have to work to get this 560,000 yuan?"


The meaning of her words… Does this mean she’s not refusing her offer? Lin Qingqing saw the hope and said: "Absolutely not more than half a year."

Qi Qi tilted her head and thought for a moment, then she held out her hand and said: "Happy cooperation."


Looking at her hand, Lin Qingqing was a bit confused. So, was this a yes?

"What's the matter, you don't want to?"

Lin Qingqing came back to her senses, withstood the excitement, quickly reached over and shook her hand.

"Alright then, take me to your studio tomorrow."

Lin Qingqing naturally agreed.

She didn’t expect to be able to talk with Qi Qi so smoothly, of course, all of which can’t be denied was because from Mr. Yi's help. She was going to buy him something as a thank-you gift so she went to the mall and picked out a necktie for him.
Seeing that it was almost time, she simply sent the gift directly to his company, just in time to pick him up from work.

Because she had already been there once and was familiar with the place, Lin Qingqing didn’t call his assistant and went straight to the top floor. His secretary wasn’t there, but the door of Yi Zeyan's office wasn’t closed. She went to the door and heard the sobbing of a girl inside, whose voice she recognized belonged to Cheng Yin.

"I really didn't think Qi Ping was such a person. If I hadn't accidentally seen his cell phone, it would probably have been kept secret by him. I was sick to death at the thought of him in a place I couldn't see and that disgusted woman. I just want to divorce him now! But I'm not young anymore. It's hard for a divorced woman to find a good one later, Zeyan-ge, what do you think I should do?" At the end, she was so aggrieved that she began to cry.

Then Yi Zeyan's deep voice replied: "It would be better for you to tell my mother about this kind of thing. She led the line for you and Qi Ping at the beginning. She knew that if you were wronged, you wouldn’t preside over justice."

"I know ah, but there are some things I can't say as a wife. Zeyan-ge you probably don't know what an asshole Qi Ping is. I caught him in bed with that woman, and he bit me back. He said, Zeyan-ge bought me a house, opened a shop for me, and outsiders said…… they said that I was a little girl you raised outside. He said that he was a man, and even if he worked in the Yi family, he had dignity. He felt humiliated by being poked at his spine like this. Since I could find a man outside, he would also look for a woman outside."

"He should know that I did this because of your brother."

"He knows ah, but he said that even if it’s because of my brother, it shouldn’t be like this."

Yi Zeyan sneered coldly: "Is he blaming me for meddling too much?"

Cheng Yin didn’t speak.

Yi Zeyan was silent for a moment and then added: "I have to work. Please go out first and I'll tell my mother about you and Qi Ping. Just talk to her directly if you have any grievances, I'll be very busy this time."

"I'm sorry, Zeyan-ge, I've come to disturb you when you’re so busy." Although she said this, her voice sounded pitiful.

He didn’t speak. Lin Qingqing heard a rustling voice, then the door opened in front of her, and she faced Cheng Yin's aggrieved face.

It could be seen that she was really sad and her eyes were swollen.

Cheng Yin saw her, became stupefied for a moment, and then forced a smile on her face: "Qingqing, are you here to find Zeyan-ge?"

Lin Qingqing only nodded and told her with her expression that she didn't want to talk to her more. Cheng Yin was also very sensible, so she just sniffed and went out. Lin Qingqing went in and closed the door with her backhand.

Yi Zeyan was also surprised to see her show up: "You……What are you doing here?"

She put the beautifully wrapped box on the coffee table: "Qi Qi and I had a favourable talk. In order to thank you for your help, I bought you a gift. I thought your company wasn’t far away, so I just sent it over. See first if you like it or not."

He was sitting behind his desk and was going to continue to deal with his work. Hearing this, he quickly put down his work and came over to pick up the box, still not certain.

"You bought it for me?"


Yi Zeyan took and opened the box and saw a necktie inside. He took it out, went over to the mirror placed in the office and skillfully tied it. 

Today he was wearing a white shirt. The style was very simple but was very good to match his clean character. Lin Qingqing specially bought a black necktie, which was quite versatile and perfectly matched with a white shirt.

A casual shirt paired with a necktie will instantly make someone look serious and formal. In Yi Zeyan’s temperament and handsome face there evolved a mature man with steady charm.

Tall and straight, strong and muscular, outstanding temperament and appearance, he stood in his office and  had a majestic domineering view of the small mountains around him. He was such a good man that he will naturally attract the attention of countless women. She thought of Cheng Yin's word and instantly her heart felt sour.

"You have good taste. This is very nice."

"As long as you like it." Lin Qingqing sat down on the sofa and said as if she were chatting. "I didn't expect Mr. Yi to have such a good heart. Mr. Yi got me a studio, and bought things for me, not because I was Xiao Yuan's mother, but because Mr. Yi is so kind and considerate of everyone."

She sat on the sofa and poured herself a cup of tea, but she didn’t drink it. Instead, her fingertips circled the edge of the cup and she bowed her head and didn’t look at him, as if to say it casually.

But somehow, he felt that she was covered with a sour feeling (jealous), which made him happy.

He sat down on the sofa opposite her, coughing slightly to make himself look natural. "I went to the army for two years before I went to college, and Cheng Yin's brother was with me for two years. Before I left the army, we received a task and I was the captain of the team. I led the team to complete the task, but because of my misjudgment, there was an accident, and Cheng Yin's brother died in the accident. He asked me to take care of his father and sister before he died. I felt guilty about his death and had no choice but to agree."

Lin Qingqing: "......"

It turned out that there was such a thing, so it seemed that Yi Zeyan's care for Cheng's family was also reasonable.

She was a little regretful for what she just said. He should have heard the sarcasm in her words, and she  wondered if he would think she was narrow-minded to even fuss about such things.

"Although I didn't take care of them myself, if you mind, I'll give it to Cheng Bo in the future. How about letting him assign it to Cheng Yin himself?"


He had just explained that at this time she should say she doesn't mind to prove her generosity, but Lin Qingqing found that her heart was a little small, and she felt that Cheng Yin as a girl isn’t a fuel-saving lamp. (T/N: meaning she is sly and dangerous)

So she thought it over and nodded: "All right."

Her answer surprised Yi Zeyan, who was just trying to find out if she really cared. He didn't expect her to be so obvious.
She actually cared about him. She never asked about his private affairs before, nor had she asked about who he was dealing with and who he was good to.

Lin Qingqing felt that Yi Zeyan’s eyes looked at her a little strange. He smiled at her, but his eyes held something very deep and soon she felt very uncomfortable around him, so she changed the topic and said: "By the way, next month is Xiao Yuan's birthday. Do you have any plans?"

"There's no need to make a big deal for a child's birthday. Just do it at home and invite only one guest."

"Who are you inviting?" Don't invite people who are an eyesore.

Yi Zeyan was amused by her cautious and nervous appearance: "Li Ji, my former comrade-in-arms."

She nodded and breathed a sigh of relief. Li Ji… She remembered the Little Dumpling once mentioned him.

"Do I need to prepare anything?" After all, it was her first time to participate in the Little Dumpling's birthday, so she wanted to be more attentive.

"The preparation will be prepared by Hui Yi. All you need to do is prepare your gifts for Xiao Yuan."


Yi Zeyan looked at his watch: "It's almost time. Let's go."

The two of them went home together by car, and Yi Zeyan drove the car. Lin Qingqing thought of something and said to him:
"I want to get something first."

When she first came to see him, the jewelry store called her and told her that her necklace had been repaired.

Yi Zeyan didn't ask much, but said: "Okay, I'll go with you."

The place where the necklace was repaired was in a shopping mall. Yi Zeyan didn’t expect that what she had come to pick up was the necklace. He remembered the necklace very well. He had specially ordered it to please her, but she broke it.

The gem pendant was glued up, but it could be seen that there were cracks. Still, Lin Qingqing was satisfied that it could be repaired.

"Why did you want to have this fixed?"

The space between Yi Zeyan eyebrows slightly frowned, his expression becoming a little solemn.

She was unsure what he felt about seeing her having gotten the necklace repaired. As for her, she was very sorry for what she did.

"Xiao Yuan told me about this necklace, and I don't know why I broke it in the first place, but I liked it when I saw it, so I wanted to have it fixed. I'm sorry about breaking it. If you give me something in the future, I'll take good care of it."

What she said was very sincere.

He didn’t speak, but his expression was still solemn, and seemed to be blurred again, as if a layer of fog had been shrouded over it.

Lin Qingqing put on the necklace and said with a smile: "It's beautiful, I really like it."

When she laughed, she had two shallow dimples on her cheeks, and her eyes were bright, as if she had put all the light in it.

"Let's go."

She walked forward merrily, and after a few steps she found that he hadn’t followed. She was about to around, but she felt a tightening of her waist and knee. It turned out that he had picked her up from behind.

Lin Qingqing: "…..."

His movements came so suddenly that for several seconds Lin Qingqing was completely overwhelmed. He was so strong that it was easy to pick her up.

His chest was warm. It was the kind of warmth that would make people greedy.

"I ... I can walk by myself."

He didn't look at her either, holding her in his arms, he walked forward: "The floor will soil your shoes." His tone was a bit urgent and seems to have changed from earlier.

Lin Qingqing: "???"

She glanced at her toes. She wasn’t wearing new shoes, she said: "I don't mind."

"I mind."

Lin Qingqing: "…..."

This feeling was really indescribable ah. She was held by him as if no one was walking in the crowd, and she was caught off guard. Shyly and beautifully, she buried her face in his chest and slowly put her hand around his neck.

She was like stepping on a cloud and felt her chest fluttering until he carried her to the car. He carefully placed her on the seat and then bent down to fasten her seat belt.

His demeanour was really gentle and soft.

He was so close to her, and his face was close, the good-looking lines were so obvious. His nose, lips, the contour of his face … every place was an intoxicating attraction. The pleasant smell of his body came on her face, with a warm ambiguity that made people feel more comfortable.

Fastening the seat belt, he was ready to get up but she was so greedy for his approach that she didn’t want him to leave for a moment. Instinctively, she grabbed his arm.

"En?" He looked at her with questioning eyes.

When he looked at her, the aura in him seemed to overwhelm her, and she was so shocked that she swallowed her saliva, but he was so charming that his charm had covered up her fear of him.

His face was so close that it seemed to tempt people to kiss him.

A kiss. Yes, she wanted to kiss him.

She felt that her thoughts were shameful, and that his aura should have kept her away, but she was madly trying to get into it.

Then, she really kissed him.
E/N: *Error. Eira-chan.exe has stopped working. Please restart the computer. AYSDBJHABHJA. Omg omg oh my gooooood. She smiled at him. He picked her up. She gave in first. She KISSED him. PUNCH ME I MUST BE DREAMING AHSGAGJHAJKKAJ. AHHHHHHHHHH.

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