She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 21

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Today daily chapter, SORRY I POST THE WRONG ONE, THIS IS CHAPTER 21, NOT 20! This is the bonus chapter! xD

Chapter 21- Brother Yi Is Very Perverted
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan & Larkspur

A little dragonfly kiss, right on his cheek. 
(E/N: No! I thought she kissed him on the lips! Author-san you deceived meee!(◞‸◟)) 

After kissing, she woke as if from a dream,  before his suddenly tightened eyes, but he only stared at her,  and subconsciously touched the place where she had kissed.

He seemed to have been surprised and seemed to be silently asking her why she did it.

"Thank ... Thank you for carrying me here."

Lin Qingqing felt her voice quiver. Sure enough, kissing a boy boldly on an impulse would certainly send you to cloud nine, but once the realization sets in it was nothing short of hell*.
(*T/N: 果然是亲人一时爽,亲完火葬场:  literally means affection to cremation! So, it’s like Dutch courage, once the effects of alcohol wears off, you are in the “oh sh*t moment.) 

Simply put, he didn’t settle accounts with her nor try to find out why she had to thank him in such a frivolous way. Instead, he said nothing as if she had really given him a very reasonable explanation. He stood, closed the door for her, then went around to the driver's seat and drove away.

She breathed a sigh of relief. To have kissed him was just like robbery.

They were going to pick up Xiao Yuan, but after a while, Lin Qingqing found out that they were going in the opposite direction. His school was in the south, but their route was clearly to the north.

She finally couldn’t help asking, "Do you have anything else to do? We’re going the wrong way if we’re to pick up Xiao Yuan."

"En? Really?"

Lin Qingqing was very surprised at his reaction in hindsight, but he didn't take it too seriously. "It seems that we have to detour for a while." 

And after all the detour, he seemed happy, with a smile on the corners of his mouth.

Finally, they arrived to pick up Xiao Yuan, albeit they were a little late. Fortunately, he was a good boy and had no dissatisfaction.
Yesterday, she had said she would take Qi Qi to the studio, so Lin Qingqing got up early in the morning and contacted her first. Then she drove herself to pick up her and set out for Xinjian. Lin Qingqing had already told her about the situation in the car.

"So you don't have any other employees in your studio right now, just the two of us?"

Lin Qingqing nodded.

Then Qi Qi squinted her eyes and looked her up and down. "I'm not being cheated, am I?" (E/N: This is the second time she’s been mistaken as a fraud. Zeyan defend your wifey! ('A`) ) 

Lin Qingqing: "——"

Why does everyone think she is a fraud? Lin Qingqing was upset and asked, "Have you ever seen such a lovely fraud?"

Qi Qi: "——"

Lin Qingqing was unsure if her remark struck a nerve, but suddenly the high-cold-great-god composer burst out laughing.

She was puzzled yet surprised by her laughter. It turned out that the great god, who was said to be eccentric, serious in speech and manner, could laugh so carefree.

When she came to the studio building, the security guard in charge trotted over and said, "Mrs. Yi, a girl came to see you. I didn't know your contact information, nor how to reach you. She has been here for several days, in the security post."

The last time Yi Zeyan had brought Lin Qingqing here, the security guard saw her, so he knew her. But Lin Qingqing thought it was very strange, who would come to see her? Who would know to find her here?

She followed the security guard to the security post, only to find a long-haired girl dressed in black lying on a chair, asleep. It was a wooden bench and it looked very hard and uncomfortable to sleep in. 

The security guard patted her on the shoulder. She slowly sat up and blinked blearily, her eyes still a little confused. However, when she sat up, Lin Qingqing recognized her.

It was the girl she met in Qizhou. She had been so amazed by her singing and wanted to invite her to her studio, but the girl thought she was a fraud and refused.

The girl also recognized Lin Qingqing, who, as she had first seen, was expressionless and said to her, "Looks like you didn't lie to me. Does what you say to me still count?"

Lin Qingqing was currently worried about not being able to find a good singer to cooperate with. The girl’s appearance was no doubt a timely help. She hurriedly said, "Yes, of course."

"Can you make me famous?"

Lin Qingqing didn’t think much and nodded firmly. "Yes!"

She had met her briefly and didn't know her name until now. The girl had a very nice name, Mo Qingyan.

Then she introduced Mo Qingyan and Qi Qi to each other.

"This is Qi Qi, the composer tycoon, as long as she writes songs that are absolutely good, you don't have to worry about becoming famous." Then she said to Qi Qi, "This is the singer I intend to sign, Mo Qingyan, although she isn’t very well-known, her singing strength is superb and is absolutely no less than the current first-class singers."

Qi Qi looked Mo Qingyan up and down, probably shocked by her anti-mainstream punk style and mixed ancient dress style. She frowned. "She looks a bit like a wandering singer? Nowadays, many wandering singers are not very good at singing songs, but their ability to make up stories is better than anyone else's. You said that her singing strength is superb, but maybe our understanding of strength is somewhat different."

Lin Qingqing knew that Qi Qi was a sharp-tongued person, but it didn't seem very tactful to say so at their first meeting. She was about to mediate them when she heard Mo Qingyan say, "Nowadays, many people who call themselves great gods only know how to show off while some talented people are buried because of exclusion, so they live on the streets. However, this world is often so ridiculous that clowns are in palaces and masters fall into the folk."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

What is she doing ah? She had thought Qi Qi had a sharp tongue and wasn’t easy to get along with, but she didn't expect this little girl to have a big temper! She had the attitude of 'I don't care what a great god you are if you dare to bully me, I will get back at you.'.

Lin Qingqing had a bit of a headache. This was just the first time they met □□ but they had clashed already. How could they cooperate in the future?

"Why don't we do this? Since we are all in a cooperative relationship from now on, we still need at least some level of trust. How about we show our strengths and convince each other?"

Qiqi shrugged her shoulders and looked at her with a casual expression void of fear. 

Mo Qingyan's face was also expressionless. "It doesn't matter."

Lin Qingqing took them to the studio. She took a blank piece of paper and casually wrote a piece of music. Qi Qi saw it and looked at her in surprise: "You have a trick of the trade." (T/N: have the ability)

Then she took the lead and composed the piece of music into a complete song. The studio was fully equipped so tuning and recording weren’t a problem for Qi Qi.

She showed the composed song to Mo Qingyan and asked her, "Can you read the music score?"

Mo Qingyan took a look at the music score and went directly into the recording studio without saying anything. Qi Qi began to tune and synthesize accompaniment on the computer. Lin Qingqing just noticed that Qi Qi deliberately raised the tune several scales when she composed the song.

Having witnessed Mo Qingyan's singing skills, Lin Qingqing knew that the high-pitched tune was not too difficult for her. Sure enough, she didn’t disappoint her. As soon as she performed, Qi Qi was also surprised.

She listened to the song with solemnity and then raised her eyebrow at Lin Qingqing. "I can see that your eyes are quite unique that such people can be found by you."

Qi Qi was very satisfied, and Lin Qingqing was relieved.

Mo Qingyan came out of the recording studio and said, "Now, it seems that the people who can enter the palace also have a trick of the trade. I was too irrational."

Lin Qingqing was very satisfied with the fact that the two people, who had drawn their swords, had the taste of a hero cherishing each other after some discussions.

"Now that we all know each other and believe in each other, let's work together to make the studio better!"

She spoke with excitement, but no one responded.

Lin Qingqing looked at the two people but saw that both of them had cold faces. She touched her nose and found that she was really unlucky to have recruited two ice sculptures to her door, one colder than the other.

Eventually, Lin Qingqing respectively signed the two people's contracts, and everyone separated. Qi Qi had a place to live so she didn't have to make special arrangements for her. Mo Qingyan on the other hand didn’t, so she helped her rent an apartment upstairs so it became convenient for her to go to work.

After having taken care of everything, Lin Qingqing was in a good mood.

The music studio wasn’t far from Yi Zeyan's office, so Lin Qingqing planned to pick him up and go home together.

Yi Zeyan was somewhat surprised to see her, and his ears turned red for no reason. However, he was calm as always and concealed his unnatural behavior when he saw her.

"Why are you here?"

Lin Qingqing wasn’t too embarrassed. "I came to wait for you so we can go home together."

So she came to pick him up?

"Will I disturb you here?"

"No, you won’t disturb me."


Yi Zeyan smiled and said, "But it will be boring."

Lin Qingqing pointed to the bookshelf. "I’ll just read a book."

Yi Zeyan said nothing more, and in fact, was more willing than anyone else to have her there with him.

Lin Qingqing indeed took a book to read while Yi Zeyan also began to connect with overseas leaders. They communicated in English all the way. His pronunciation was very standard, and his low tone and standard foreign language added to his charm as a business elite.

Lin Qingqing really thought this man was becoming more and more handsome.

Although Yi Zeyan communicated seamlessly with the other side, he once in a while subconsciously raised his eyes to look in her direction as she leaned on the sofa and read quietly.

The room was warm and seemed to give off a sweet smell, giving him a sense of peace and comfort.

Lin Qingqing waited until he got off work. When they went back, Hui Yi drove the car with the two in the back seat. 

Lin Qingqing thought of something and said to him, "The studio has started and I want to get into work as soon as possible, so I may not be able to stay at home very much in the future."

Yi Zeyan smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, just do your job well. Hui Yi and the rest of the servants will take care of matters at home. Also, Xiao Yuan is a good boy. He knows and understands when you are busy."

He wasn’t a male chauvinist like many successful men, who worked hard outside and thought that their wives should just cook at home and take care of the children. On the contrary, he supported her to fight hard and even encouraged her not to give up on the music she loved.

He once told her not to worry about anything, because with him, she could play with tickets. (T/N: meaning she can just be in the background, and she doesn't need to think about the success of the performance)

He supported her and was willing to be her solid backing. Sometimes she really had to wonder what good fortune she had before she married him. He was a really good man, a super-qualified husband, and a father.

The more she looked at it, the happier she was, the more she looked at it, the more she respected it, and the more she looked at it, the more… she loved it.

The next day, Lin Qingqing went to work. Now that the studio had started to run, she certainly wanted to put it on the right track as early as possible. Fortunately, her two partners were very efficient besides being a little colder at ordinary times.

Qi Qi planned to produce a new song for Mo Qingyan during the winter vacation. Lin Qingqing was responsible for the lyrics and music, Qi Qi was responsible for the later arrangements and compositions, and Mo Qingyan was responsible for singing.

However, Lin Qingqing had her own concerns. "The winter vacation is a very good time and there will certainly be a lot of singers who will release new songs. If we choose to release at this time, can we stand out from the crowd?"

Qi Qi looked at her with her arms folded, and eyes squinted. "Am I the kind of person who is afraid of competing with others?"

That's right, she could rest assured hearing the great god’s words. She was only responsible for doing her best!

For several days Lin Qingqing either stayed in the studio or in the workshop at home to finish the music score. During this period, she also talked about the cooperation of a music platform and everything went smoothly.

In fact, the music score and lyrics were ready-made and she only needed a little polish, so she finished her part of the work in just a few days. Qi Qi and Mo Qingyan were responsible for the rest.

Even if she had nothing to do, she still went to the studio as a helper every day.

Finally, it was done in half a month.

After listening to it three times, they confirmed that it had no errors and Qi Qi finally breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay, you can upload the song tomorrow."

Lin Qingqing said, "Don't wait until tomorrow. Since there are no problems, upload it now."

Qi Qi looked at her with a sigh of admiration. "Decisive enough! Okay, let's upload it now."

It was uploaded to the music platform very quickly. They had already done what should be done, and the results would only depend on God's will.

After finishing the song, Qi Qi took another look at Mo Qingyan and her eyes swept over her fancy dress. Even after she had been used to it for so long, she still felt a sting when she saw her wearing them.

"If the song succeeds, then you will be a public figure. Are you still going to use that image?" Now Qi Qi had been tactful enough to speak to Mo Qingyan.

Mo Qingyan shrugged her shoulders. "It doesn't matter what I look like as long as I can be famous."

Lin Qingqing said, "All right, I'll contact a stylist for you later. Just find him to give you a look tomorrow."

After the negotiation was settled, they went home satisfied with each other.

When Lin Qingqing returned, everyone had already gone to bed and the house was very dark. She changed her shoes and was ready to turn on the light. However, she heard a click and the house was bright in an instant.

In the darkness, Lin Qingqing was undoubtedly startled. She looked up and saw Yi Zeyan come down the stairs with a cup.

"You haven't slept yet?"

"There is one more thing that hasn’t been finished."

He poured a glass of water, took out a bowl of tangyuan (T/N: glutinous rice ball) from the cooler box, put it on the table, and went up again.

She was stunned when she saw the bowl of tangyuan. She often worked overtime during this period, but it seemed that every time she came back, he still wouldn't be asleep and always put something on the table.

Tangyuan, boiled dumplings, cookies, and other snacks...

Yi Zeyan told her that Wen Sao had prepared it for her.

Lin Qingqing ate the tangyuan with a smile hanging from her mouth. No matter who prepared it, she thought it was he who had prepared it for her anyway because it would make her happy.

She breathed a sigh of relief after the successful preparation of the song. She had been so busy during this period, but she didn’t forget that the day after tomorrow was her baby's fourth birthday.

She had already prepared the gift which was a small handicraft made by her own hands. During this period of time, she started to do it as soon as she was free. Fortunately, the gift for the child was finished the day before his birthday.

When Li Ji came, the three members of Lin Qingqing's family greeted him personally at the door. He came down from a military SUV wearing a down jacket and a turtleneck sweater. Although his skin was dark, he had a baby face so even when he didn’t laugh, it still gave people a happy feeling.

As soon as he got out of the car, he assumed an upright posture and saluted Yi Zeyan in a respectful manner. Although he was dressed in casual clothes, such a salute also had a sense of military dignity.

After the courtesy, Li Ji greeted Lin Qingqing with a smile. "Hello, Sister-in-law."

This shouldn’t be the first time she had met Yi Zeyan’s comrade-in-arms, she thought he also knew her. Of course, Lin Qingqing had lost her memory and had no impression.

"Hello. It's cold outside, come in quickly." Lin Qingqing greeted.

Yi Beiyuan the child liked his Uncle Li Ji very much. He was happier than anyone else to know that Uncle Li Ji was coming. Likewise, Uncle Li Ji also liked his nephew very much, so he came over to pick up Xiao Yuan, rubbed his head, and said, "I haven't seen you in a year. You’ve gotten taller again."

Xiao Yuan smiled, rubbed Li Ji's face, and said, "Uncle Li Ji, don’t grow black anymore. You won’t find a girlfriend if you grow black."

Li Ji felt that he had been shot in the knee, and he pretended to be unhappy. "What do you, a little child, know? I call it tanning. More or less, girls like it."

Just like this, they entered the room.

The food was already ready. Li Ji helped insert the candles and then everyone gave gifts to the little dumpling. Lin Qingqing gave a handmade big tree model, Li Ji a toy racing car, and Mr. Yi a book in English, which she didn’t know if he could understand, and she couldn’t help complaining about this in her heart. 

This Mr. Yi really couldn’t give a suitable gift. Why did he give this to such a small child?

"Xiao Yuan, make a wish and blow out the candles." Li Ji urged.

Indeed, the little dumpling put his hands on his chest, made a pious and silent wish, then blew out the candles. 

Li Ji didn’t forget to tease him: "Can you tell Uncle what wish you made?"

He struggled for a moment, but finally shook his head and said, "It won't work if you say it."

Li Ji said, "How can that be? The wish is to be spoken out loud."

The little dumpling was a little bit lost and turned to look at Lin Qingqing. She saw that he wanted her to speak, so she said: "If Xiao Yuan wants to say it, just say it."

Xiao Yuan was very happy, nodded hurriedly, and then shouted, "I want a younger sister!" 

Lin Qingqing: "——"

She was petrified by his wish and her face flushed with shame. She subconsciously looked at Yi Zeyan but saw him acting extremely calm. He only touched the little dumpling's head and seemed to perceive that she was looking at him. His eyes swept over her and then smiled at her… The smile had a profound meaning.

What the hell!

"That's a good wish. Don't worry, your parents have heard it. They will give you a younger sister soon."

Li Ji didn’t forget to add fire and Lin Qingqing immediately felt her face was hotter.

"Don't rush us to give Xiao Yuan a younger sister. Take care of yourself first. You’re already thirty and don’t even have a girlfriend yet, I heard that your father had a stroke because of this a while ago."

Li Ji was gloating, but when he heard this, he was immediately upset. Picking the kettle that was not boiling*, both father and son really knew how to pierce his heart.
(*T/N: bringing up a sensitive subject)

Li Ji took a vicious bite of the cake, his big eyes rolled and he immediately thought of something. He rushed to Lin Qingqing and said, "Sister-in-law, what kind of person do you think Yi-ge is?"

The absent-minded Lin Qingqing paused when she heard this. Yi Zeyan?

When it came to Yi Zeyan, she felt her face was getting hot again, but she was afraid that her shyness would make the people around her laugh. She pretended to be calm and said, "Mr. Yi is a very nice and gentle person."

She was right. The Yi Zeyan she knew was indeed such a person.

When Li Ji heard this, his mouth slacked into an O, he was obviously shocked. "I didn’t hear it wrong? Sister-in-law, you actually think Yi-ge is a gentle person? You don't know how abnormal he is?"

"Ah?" The word "abnormal" wasn’t related to Yi Zeyan, ah, but Lin Qingqing was interested in it. "How abnormal, ah?"

Li Ji said, "When I first joined the army, he was our leader. Whenever we made a mistake, he would change the method to punish us and created a devil's training method himself, which can hardly be described as horrible. I tell you, don't take his appearance as serious, gentle, and harmless. He's dark inside, don't mess with him."

"——" It's so frightening!

Li Ji came closer, made a mysterious face, and said, "I’ll tell Sister-in-law a secret about his first love."

Hearing the word "first love", Lin Qingqing's heart tightened for a while.

"My hands have been a little itchy recently and it happens that the back of my house is spacious. We can go there to practice. You have recently been promoted to lieutenant, as your former boss, it's my duty to check how you're doing."

When Yi Zeyan spoke, Lin Qingqing clearly saw Li Ji trembling all over. He was obviously shocked by Yi Zeyan and his heart was unwilling to pull the zipper on his mouth.

However, Li Ji's words had aroused Lin Qingqing's curiosity and she couldn’t help but ask, "What first love ah? Can you tell me about that?"

Li Ji's eyes suddenly brightened. "Look, Sister-in-law asked me to speak about this, don't blame me," Li Ji said with a face of excitement and gloating, "Sister-in-law, you don't know anything. Ten years ago when Yi-ge just retired from the army, he met a little girl on social media. At that time, he was injured and half-dead, lying in bed, unable to move his fingers, but he still typed and chatted with the little girl every day. If the little girl didn't pay attention to him, he would be depressed all day."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

It turned out that Mr. Yi was like this when he was in love ah. This was something Lin Qingqing had never thought of before.

Yi Zeyan let out a soft laugh twice, then got up and took off his clothes. "Today, my hands are really itchy. I can't stop at only one time."

Li Ji was suddenly on guard like he was facing a big enemy. He quickly shoved two mouthfuls of rice into his mouth, rushed to Lin Qingqing, and said, "Sister-in-law, I think I have something to do at home. I have to go first." Then, he said to the little dumpling, "Xiao Yuan, Uncle will come to see you in a few days."

With that, he scampered out of the room in a panic as if he was fleeing from some ferocious beast.

Lin Qingqing looked at Yi Zeyan with dissatisfaction in her eyes. "Why did you scare away our guest like this?" Not only because of this, but also because Li Ji told her about his first love.

She found that she really liked to care too much. She was even concerned about his past and suddenly became so bold that she dared to criticize him directly.

Yi Zeyan went to the sofa, sat down, and turned on the TV to watch the news. "He just talks a lot. If I don’t stop him, he'll keep talking."

Did he care so much about people speaking about his first love?

Although his first love was a thing of the past, Lin Qingqing was very curious about what kind of girl could make someone like him dejected all day long because he couldn't wait for her messages.

She quickly picked a chicken leg for Xiao Yuan, placed it in his bowl, and pretended to ask casually, "Where is your first love now, ah?"

Yi Zeyan turned his head and looked at her. His fingers were on his chin, his eyes narrowed slightly as if he were looking at something on her face. "You really have no impression at all?"

Lin Qingqing: "????"

She was totally confused. An impression of what exactly?

She saw Yi Zeyan seemed to smile bitterly, and then said, "I am 'White'."

"'White'?" Lin Qingqing was a little confused. "What White?"

His face darkened, and he was silent for a moment before he said, "You once added a net friend. White is my online name."

Net friend? White?

The depths of her mind, where the dust was about to be sealed, were suddenly illuminated by a bright light, and the things that were about to be sealed poured in like a fountain.

Lin Qingqing remembered who White was!
T/N: So our CEO can act like a boy in love online, depressed all day when the loved one ignores him (´꒳`∗)  

Xiao Yuan is so savage, he wants a little sister ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Eira-chan: Gaaaah Zeyan is shaping up to be one of the best male leads I’ve ever encountered in Chinese novels, (right up there with Giant Ice Cube)! I mean his first love is his wife. The dude is loyal as heck. On another note though, how old are Qingqing and Zeyan? At first, I thought, they were only a few years apart but now it seems they have a huge age gap after Li Ji called Zeyan’s first love a “little girl”. I’m confused. (●__●) 

Bwahaha. Oyen, he should’ve asked for little sisters. The more the merrier. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Larkspur: Patience ladies, after all the future is long...
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