The King's Return : Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Lectured

Xiao Han took several newcomers to the meeting room with a large projector screen, and connected the USB flash drive with him to the screen. The four newcomers looked at each other and did not know what he wanted to do until a familiar picture appeared on the screen——it was the video of God's perspective when they were in Peerless Jianghu arena, Xiao Han actually saved all of them.

"Qin Mo treated you harshly. As soon as he arrived at the club, he eliminated six newcomers in a row, I know you're not convinced, right?" Xiao Han's sharp eyes swept through several people present and said coldly.

The four newcomers looked at him and immediately hung their heads and dared not come out. Xiao Han in the club for so many years, usually silent, but also rarely participate in the management of the training camp, they have never seen him swear, think he has a good temper. But today, Xiao Han was obviously very angry, and his sharp eyes were like a sharp dagger, almost piercing the tip of their hearts.

They had never seen Xiao Han like this before, and for a moment they were a little frightened.

"Keep your heads up and watch!" Xiao Han pressed the laser pen and played the first video——the scene between Xue Xiaoyuan and Qin Mo, after Xue Xiaoyuan was controlled by Qin Mo, he was almost beaten under pressure and died under Qin Mo's sword in less than half a minute, seeing the scene in which he fell, Xue Xiaoyuan blushed awkwardly.

"Where did you lose this game, Xiao Xue? Did you see it?"

"Er...... It was because I was very passive after being controlled by captain Qin." Xue Xiaoyuan replied in a low voice.

"That's right." Xiao Han looked at him coldly and said. "The guqin you play has a long attack distance, a wide range and a lot of group attack skills, but there is a fatal disadvantage of this school——there is no control skills, too strong dependence on teammates. To put it bluntly, once you are disturbed, your self-protection ability is very weak. Mojue team is based on my melee combat output with Qin Mo as the core, we work together in the front row to break out in seconds, long-range teammates need to take the initiative to control the field to help us break out, if you join the Mojue Team, it will only become the weakness that the other party first breaks down in the team battle! Qin Mo doesn't want to sign you, it's not that you are not good enough. It's that your career doesn't match our main line-up, did I make it clear enough?"

"En en, I understand." Xue Xiaoyuan immediately nodded obediently. "I have always been playing pure output, and my ability to control the field is too weak, it is really reasonable for captain Qin not to sign me."

"It is good to understand, you can go to Miracle and follow captain Zhuo, Miracle team just lacks a large group output players, teammates will protect you and provide you with better output conditions."

"Got it! Thank you, vice-captain!"

"It's not me that you should thank, it's captain Qin, these are all his suggestions."

"Oh." Xue Xiaoyuan scratched his head, somewhat can't believe it, Qin Mo that person, perhaps not as cold as they think?

Xiao Han turned his eyes to Lin Jin, who was standing beside him, and then played the second video: "Lin Jin, you are a very careful player, this is your advantage, but it will become a disadvantage if you put it on the Mojue team. Your rhythm can't keep up with the thinking of the main output. You are too eager for stability and sometimes you don't take the initiative to fight for opportunities before your eyes, about you, Qin Mo discussed with me for a long time last night. What he means is that your personal style is not only out of tune with the Mojue team, but also out of tune with the other Dragon Song teams. If you want to continue to stay in Dragon Song, there is only one way before you——give up playing with outputs, change your mind, and practice healer or auxiliary."

"......" Lin Jin eyes suddenly a bright! Since she came to training camp, she always felt that she couldn't keep up with the speed of other players in the Dragon Song Club, that was the reason! The outputs of Dragon Song Club are usually very active, which is related to the overall atmosphere of Dragon Song. However, she is too tangled, she seldom takes the initiative to hit others if others don't hit her. Qin Mo saw at a glance that this was the reason for her personality, and suggested that she change to auxiliary or healer——healer does not need to be too active, but careful and stable healer can become the strongest backing of the team!

"Captain Qin has already spoken to Zhuo Hang this morning, Miracle team just lacks a healer substitute. If you are willing to change to healer, report to captain Zhuo tomorrow."

"Thank captain Qin!" The little girl was so moved that her eyes were red. To tell the truth, when Qin Mo eliminated her yesterday, she also refused to accept it, she always felt that Qin Mo made a hasty decision. However, today, Xiao Han's explanation immediately makes her enlighten. More unexpectedly, Qin Mo actually think it over for her, Lin Jin felt grateful and ashamed.

"Yan Zhou." Xiao Han continued to open a video and looked sharply at the timid young man in front of him. "You have stage fright before starting the game. The first game is doomed to lose! In the second game, although you regained your form, you made a careless mistake, you were too impatient to seckilled your opponent, instead, you walked into the trap set by your opponent. Qin Mo's evaluation of you is that it has good potential but poor psychological quality."

"......" Yan Zhou bowed his head in shame, because Qin Mo evaluation of him really hit the nail on the head.

Seeing the teenager's eyes turning red and almost crying, Xiao Han snapped: "What? Are you going to cry when I say a few words?! Tears are the least valuable thing for the e-sport players!"

Yan Zhou quickly wiped his eyes, lowered his head and whispered: "I know."

"Fortunately, you are still young and have not had any formal competition experience. The problem of poor psychological quality can be corrected, captain Qin gave a suggestion to Zhuo Hang. After the start of next season, let you sit on the bench and feel the competition atmosphere more. When you meet those second-class teams, take you on the arena to win a few games appropriately to enhance your self-confidence. The most important problem for you is lack of confidence. After you go there, don't get stage fright easily, even if the team of Dragon Song Club loses, we still also be very happy. Players who get stage fright before the start of the game will only lose the team face!"

"En......En......" Yan Zhou immediately nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

The three newcomers were all shamed by Xiao Han's lecture. After all, Xiao Han had never criticized anyone like this before, and it was also justified, making them unable to refute a single word.

Xiao Han's eyes moved to Xu Sizhe on the left.

The teenager's face at this time is somewhat ugly, it is not a feeling of guilt or shame, but a kind of stubbornness with dissatisfaction.

Xiao Han took a deep breath and controlled his impulse to go over and tear him up, he said coldly: "Xu Sizhe, do you know where you are wrong?"

Xu Sizhe said stiffly: "Ask the vice-captain for guidance."

Xiao Han released the video of him and Shen He PK. The video from God's perspective was very clear: "In the first game, Qin Mo just killed you, you went on stage with anger and wanted to vent your anger on Shen He. You are very confident and want to kill Shen He in one breath to give yourself vent, but Shen He is not a rookie, he is very clever to seize the opportunity to kill you——see? Shen He's front move to summon puppet body double is right in front of you. You can definitely find it if you watch carefully. You didn't notice that he summoned the puppet body double, not because you were careless, but because you were already carried away by anger!"

"......" Xu Sizhe didn't speak.

"In the second game, your anger value continued to rise. Although you won Shen He, your poor operation when you repeatedly circled the Stone forest map simply made me unable to believe that you were a player coming out of the Dragon Song Training Camp! Did you eat the S-shape movement? The Z word movement can still hit a stone. Are you demonstrating a negative example to everyone? If it weren't for the Shen He that happened to be settled by your mechanical snake at the corner, as long as he walked through the corner, it would be you who died! You won Shen He in this game, not by strength, but by luck!"

"............" Xu Sizhe's face turned red and white, the video with clear God's perspective finally made him realize how badly he played that day.

"I don't want to say anything about the third game, you don't even find the biggest feature of the map `Sunset Peak' when you chase your opponent against the light. There are only five maps available after the 55-level open arena, Sunset Peak is one of them. You don't even understand the five maps, captain Qin gave you one afternoon to practice in the arena that day. What did you do? Do you think it doesn't matter whether you practice or not if you can win Yan Zhou casually in the challenge arena?"

"..............." Xu Sizhe bit his lip gently and remained silent.

Xiao Han knew he was right when he saw his attitude. He certainly didn't have a good practice that afternoon, and probably, he didn't expect that in addition to Yan Zhou's defeat, there was another Shen He with the same strength as him. This teenager mind is not correct and did not look for the reason from himself when he lost. Instead, he blamed the captain for all the mistakes. Even now, he still does not have the slightest intention of admitting his mistake.

Xiao Han was very disappointed with him.

If he is only young and ignorant, he can be saved if he just making mistakes on the spur of the moment, but Xu Sizhe still does not admit his mistakes, which shows that he is not only stubborn, but paranoid!

It's impossible for you to reason with such an unreasonable person!

Xiao Han was silent for a moment before he lowered his voice and said: "Qin Mo talked to me for three hours last night to analyze the characteristics of each of you and help you think about the future. Song Changdong's switch to Sword Song was his idea, because he felt that Xiao Song was 19 years old and there was no suitable place to stay in Dragon Song, he should go to other teams to develop. As for you, he also made all the arrangements, early in the morning today to find Zhuo Hang to implement this matter......"

Xiao Han closed his eyes gently, thinking of Qin Mo's seriousness last night, and then looking at the attitude of these teenagers in front of him, his eyes suddenly became extremely cold.

"What are you doing when captain Qin team is considering all of you?"

"You don't know how to reflect on your own mistakes. Instead, you talk privately about his unfairness, emotional, ruthlessness, selfishness! Even he feels that he only eliminates players by personal appearance, completely disregarding your self-esteem!"

"As I have said before, Mojue Team and Dragon Song are just cooperative relations, as the captain of  Mojue, Qin Mo has nothing to do with whether the players eliminated from the Dragon Song Club are dead or alive."

"But he didn't have the heart to make you sad because you were young, so he helped each of you figure out a way out."

"He is concern and take care of all the newcomers......"

"Do you deserve it?"

When the other three heard this, they all lowered their heads down, their faces full of shame and remorse, and Xu Sizhe's face became particularly pale.

Xiao Han lectured these people face to face, and the anger in his heart calmed down a little.

In fact, although Xue Xiaoyuan, Lin Jin and Yan Zhou are somewhat stupid, they can at least understand the truth and reflect on their own mistakes, Xu Sizhe is the key to his lesson.

Xiao Han looked at Xu Sizhe's stiff face and coldly said: "I can ignore the past and those who realize their mistakes, go back and write me a profound self-criticism letter, hand it over and send it to my dormitory before 10 o'clock tonight." Xiao Han looked down at his watch and said. "Go ahead, you don't have to train today. Go back to the dormitory and reflect on yourself!"

The four newcomers pushed the door and went out trembling.

Xue Xiaoyuan was so frightened that his face turned white and he whispered. "God, god Han are so fierce when he is angry…..."

Lin Jin whispered: "I also feel that I have never seen him so fierce."

While chatting, they looked up and saw a man standing in the corridor, tall and straight, with indifferent look.

——It is Qin Mo.

Four people immediately froze like statues.
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