The King's Return : Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Liking a Person

They don't know how long Qin Mo stood here, and they also don't know how much captain Qin heard. It's just that when they saw him at the moment, several newcomers hung their heads in great shame, because of Xiao Han's sentence, they can not raise their head in front of Qin Mo——when Qin Mo is thinking for them, they still privately complain that Qin Mo is ruthless and decide in a hurry, they really do not deserve the care and concern of this man.

The expression on the man's face is still as calm as usual, his eyes swept over the faces of the four people and asked lightly: "Xiao Han said everything about your next arrangement?"

Lin Jin choked with sobbed and said: "I’ll tell you, thank captain Qin for thinking of us......"

Xue Xiaoyuan also said: "I will report to captain Zhuo tomorrow, thank captain Qin for helping us get the chance to be a substitute for next season......"

Yan Zhou was not very good at talking, only said in red eyes: "Thank you, captain."

"Don’t mention it." Qin Mo tone is still very flat. "I just gave you the opportunity, as to whether or not to be able to stand out, the key is to rely on ourselves, you all can go ahead."

"Goodbye captain Qin." All three bowed to him before turning to leave.

Only Xu Sizhe's arrangement was not mentioned by Xiao Han, Xu Sizhe asked with a pale face: "Captain, how about me?"

"Xu Sizhe." Qin Mo looked at the teenager in front of him and said calmly. "You are completely opposite to Yan Zhou, Yan Zhou is weak and lacks confidence, he needs to start his career as soon as possible and win several matches to improve his confidence. You are overconfident and even conceited. I suggest that Zhuo Hang let you stay in training camp for another half year and sharpen your spirit, you can calm down and stop being anxious and then think about making an official debut."

"......" Continue to stay in training camp for half a year? Xu Sizhe said codly. "Thank captain Qin."

Looking at the stiff back of the teenager when he left, Qin Mo sighed softly in his heart.

In fact, Xu Sizhe is the one with the highest talent but also the one with the biggest personality problem among the dragon song newcomers. Qin Mo's good intentions may not be clear to him yet, but Qin Mo has done his best. Whether this teenager will become a first-class player or become carried away by arrogance will depend on his own understanding.

Xiao Han put away the U disk and walked out of the conforence room, the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of the figure at the corner of the corridor, the man was wearing a clean white shirt and his back was clear and straight.

—— Is it Qin Mo? How could he be here?

Xiao Han quickly chased him up, and as a result, when he walked around the corner, Qin Mo was already gone. Xiao Han walked into the nearest training room and asked: "Did you see captain Qin just now?"

Xue Xiaoyuan said: "He was just outside when we came out of the conference room."

Lin Jin added: "Captain Qin seems to have gone to the boss's office."

Xiao Han frowned slightly, and Xiao Mo went to Liu Chuan, did he know about the complaint? Thought of here, he immediately turned and headed for the office.

In the office, Liu Chuan was dealing with the email, it was a great surprise to see the young man knocking at the door. The expression on Qin Mo's face was very plain, he could not see the meaning. Liu Chuan asked him to sit on the opposite site and poured a glass of water for him. He asked: "Why did you suddenly come to me?"

Qin Mo said directly: "Did the newcomers in the training camp give you some bad opinions about me?"

Liu Chuan was surprised: "Why do you ask?"

"Xiao Han was very angry after leaving your office today, he called several newcomers over and gave them a good lectured. I just heard him lecturing the newcomers outside the conference room." Qin Mo paused and said, "He mentioned 'captain Qin is ruthless and unfair'. I think it should be a newcomers who complains to you about me, which makes Xiao Han like that?"

"......" The person in front of him is so smart that he can immediately reason out the reason why Xiao Han is angry. Moreover, he really knows Xiao Han very well, Xiao Han usually seldom talks and pays little attention to the situation of the newcomers. If he is not irritated, he will not call the newcomers and lectured them severely.

"You guessed right." Liu Chuan also didn't want to make up lies to hide, and said directly, "There are indeed some people who complain that you do things unfairly, but I believe that you are not such a person, so I called Xiao Han to come and know the situation."

"Thank you for your trust." Qin Mo said seriously, "I'm sorry that I have caused you a lot of trouble since I came to Dragon Song."

"Well, don't be so polite, you do have a different style from the previous captains of Dragon Song, but I don't think it's a bad thing." Liu Chuan smiled and said, "Speaking of it, Dragon Song also encountered many difficulties when we set up the team, but later the club developed more and more smoothly, and the achievements in recent years have been good, the newcomer's life has been very comfortable, and they have not experienced any storms, just like the flowers growing up in the greenhouse, a little wrong and they feel that they have been aggrieved, the heart is too fragile. Xiao Han is also right to lecture them, this kind of glass heart players can not be brought to the arena to slow down the team."

"En." Qin Mo agreed and nodded. The boss who was born as an e-sport player can better understand the difficulty of managing the team. Liu Chuan's magnanimity really made Qin Mo appreciate it very much. "I came here today mainly to explain to you that I treat all of them equally. The level of the newcomers in the training camp is actually good, but the team has a limited number of players. Xiao Han and I have already determined the core of the tactics, and some of the newcomers are not suitable for the team."

"I understand that." Liu Chuan understands and said. "Xiao Han also told me that you can only leave one summoner, Yan Zhou and Xu Sizhe are brushed down by themselves. Who did you choose in the training camp?"

"I have decided to sign Pei Yu, He Beiguang and Li Muran. I have also communicated with Zhuo Hang about the whereabouts of other newcomers. Lin Jin, Xue Xiaoyuan and Yan Zhou will train with Zhuo Hang and start playing as substitutes next season. Xu Sizhe still has some time to hone in training camp, but I am not sure whether he will obey the arrangement."

"That's very kind of you, for the newcomers, I thank you." Liu Chuan did not expect that Qin Mo had arranged everyone else besides his own team members.

The young man in front of him looked very cold, but in fact he was very soft inside. Only, this person's good, many people do not understand.

The calmness and magnanimity precipitated after the storm has given him the firmness and confidence not to fear any difficulties——What is the complaint of the newcomers? What is there to care about? In his eyes, these newcomers are like kindergarten children, and their ideas are totally different from his.

"Have you got all your team members?" Liu Chuan asked curiously.

"There are still two places left. I plan to dig at least one great god to come over, I'll report back to you when I have the progress."

"Good." Liu Chuan paused and shifted the subject. "I heard Xiao Han say that your hometown is in Xi'an?"

"Yes, my ancestral home is in Xi 'an."

"Do you know Qin Ye?" Seeing the doubtful expression on the young man's face, Liu Chuan explained. "Qin Ye is a friend of mine and his hometown is also in Xi'an. When he was a professional player, he seldom explained his ideas to others because of his cold personality. Many players misunderstood him deeply and made a lot of trouble…... I just think you look a little like him."

"The Qin family has more than ten brothers and sisters in my father's generation. According to generations, Qin Ye is my father's youngest cousin, and is my little uncle." Qin Mo calmly said, "I've heard about him, and later joined you in creating the Dragon Song Club, which has become a legend in the e-sport circle, much more powerful than I am."

"Don't be modest, your future achievements will never be worse than his. It turns out that you are  nephew and uncle, no wonder you are a little alike." Liu Chuan laughed and said, "It seems that the Qin family in Xi'an is really rich in high-cold type beautiful men?"

"......" Qin Mo is a little embarrassed, there are too many powerful people in the Qin family, he is really nothing compared with those uncles and cousins.

"Xiao Qin, since you are Qin Ye's nephew, I will give you some advice as a senior." Liu Chuan put aside his joke and said earnestly, "As a captain, it is better to explain the words clearly sometimes. Your starting point is to consider for the players. However, some players are not so savvy and cannot realize your good intentions. Instead, they will hold grudges against you instead of realizing your conscience and diligence. If you don't like to explain, let Xiao Han help you explain and don't hide everything in your heart."

"I see. Thank you senior." Qin Mo really dislikes explaining, the newcomers complained about him in this training camp because he didn't make his words clear. Liu Chuan's advice is still very reasonable, Qin Mo stood up and said. "I'll go back to the training room first, so I won't bother you."

"En, you go ahead and I'll invite you to a meal when all the members of the Mojue team are here."

Just then, there was a knock on the door outside. Liu Chuan said "come in" and saw Xiao Han rush in, with an expression to quarrel with Liu Chuan.

Qin Mo: "......"

Liu Chuan: "......"

It was found that the atmosphere in the room was very mild and there was no quarrel, Xiao Han, on the contrary, somewhat surprised: "Have you ... finished talking?"

"We’re done talking." Liu Chuan smiled and said: "Don't worry, I didn't scold Qin Mo. You don't need to come to the rescue."

Xiao Han coughed: "That's good, I thought you would quarrel......"

So did you rush in to "come to the rescue" without hesitation? Qin Mo's cheeks were a little hot, he glared at Xiao Han and said: "Let's go."

Xiao Han smiled at Liu Chuan and closed the door.

The two walked in tandem and went to the corner where no one was. Qin Mo stopped his steps first and turned to look at Xiao Han, the afternoon sun gently sprinkled on Qin Mo's body, his face toward the direction of the light, clearly look cold as ice, but Xiao Han felt that this person is the most gentle in the world.

Xiao Han couldn't help stepping forward and asked anxiously: "You know?"

"En, I went to the conference room just now to see what you were doing, but I heard you were lecturing the newcomers." Qin Mo looked at Xiao Han, said doubtfully. "I didn't expect you to be so fierce, besides, your Chinese level is already very professional, very fluent at swearing ah? Isn't your Chinese is bad?"

"I was so angry, that time it was an extraordinary performance." Xiao Han frowned and said coldly, "These spoiled guys dare to question you and complain to the boss, I let them off easily by not tearing them down."

"......" Watching at him because he was so angry, also break into a furious rage mercilessly lectured the newcomers, Qin Mo's heart is warm, as if sprinkled into a sunshine. He stretched out his hand and patted Xiao Han on the shoulder, comforting him: "There is no need to pay too much attention to them, some of them are still young and do not understand, and they can be forgiven for not understanding my approach."

"Aren't you angry?" Xiao Han was somewhat surprised.

"En." Qin Mo nodded calmly, saying, "I have a clear conscience, and there is no need to fuss about a group of children."

Maybe Master Ling Xuefeng had a great influence on him, Ling Xuefeng is a very cold person, he seldom explains. When Qin Mo retired, he did not explain to the media and fans, he had a hunch that as long as he did what he should do, what other people thought was someone else's business and it was enough for him to be worthy of himself. He's not RMB(T/N: it’s renmibi, money in china, maybe he’s not a RMB means, everyone likes money, and he is not a money (?)), not everyone likes him, and he doesn't need someone to send him a good person card.

But today, Xiao Han angrily scolded the newcomers for him, Liu Chuan also told him that sometimes it is necessary to explain…...

Qin Mo suddenly discovered that he was really too proud to make such a bad thing out of what was originally a good thing. He was also responsible as a captain. He was silent for a moment, looked at a worried young man in front of him, and said earnestly: "Xiao Han, I am not very good at explaining, you can understand my thoughts, later, you can help me explain, okay?"

By his pleading eyes carefully watching, Xiao Han really has no reason to refuse.

"No problem!" Xiao Han said without hesitation. "I'll be your speaker, if you don't want to say, I'll tell them."

"En, it's good to have you." Qin Mo smiled slightly and said. "It is enough for you to understand me."

Their eyes are opposite, the warm sunshine in the afternoon spreads on them. At that moment, it seems as if time has suddenly stopped, his(XH) eyes are his(QM) projection, and his(QM) own eyes are only his(XH) figure.

Qin Mo's heart trembled slightly. Something seemed to burst out of the ground in that instant, it took root and sprouted rapidly in the fertile soil deep in the heart, spreading like a vine and filling the whole heart.

——So, that’s the case.

Every time he was with him, he felt warm and reassuring. When he was approached by him, his heart beat faster, he knew that when he scolded those newcomers for himself, there was a trace of sweetness in his heart.

Is this because he(QM) likes him(XH)?

Is this what it's like to like someone?

The pounding heartbeat is constantly magnified in the ear, that kind of heart beat feeling, pure and happy.

They met at the age of 17, separated for three years, and joined hands at the age of 21.

This feeling was delayed for several years, but just like "a good rain after a long drought", it makes people intoxicated and addicted.

——Whether or not you end up with him, at the very least, it's a good process to work hard for your dreams with the person you like.

Qin Mo smiled gently, and the warm sunshine in the afternoon sprinkled on his face, the handsome young man raised his mouth slightly, which made Xiao Han unable to move his eyes completely.
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