She Become Sweet and Cuddly : Chapter 22

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Chapter 22- He Was Caught On The Spot By Him
translator: Oyen  editor: Eira-chan & Larkspur

When she was in high school, she had her own QQ number for the first time, in which she searched casually and added her first net friend, "White".

So, that "White" is actually Yi Zeyan?

"It can’t be ah, he's obviously an uncle. I've read his information, and he was already in his forties."

Yi Zeyan said, "Do you still believe in information that was filled in casually?"

Lin Qingqing: "——"

She thought of the day when she first added a friend to her QQ number. At that time, she thought it was so novel that two strangers, so far apart, yet could communicate so conveniently and quickly.

She had talked to him as long as she had nothing to do. She remembered that he seemed to be seriously ill and dying and that she had encouraged him and cried for him when she thought he was going to die. Later, she found out that he was well and she became happier than anyone else.

For a long time, her joys and sorrows were tied to this net friend, and she would tell him almost everything about trivial things in her family. But he seemed arrogant, and every time she sent a lot, he would reply "oh" and "en" for half a day. Although he was so cold that her little heart felt disappointment, she couldn’t help sharing her life with him.

Thereafter, her studies began to be arduous, especially since it took a lot of time to learn music, and she had less contact with her net friend "White". In particular, in her third year of high school, she was so busy that she had no time to eat and sleep, so she hardly got in touch with him. Eventually, she went to college. Her circle of communication became wider, and the former net friends were sealed in the dust by a bunch of new friends added by her. They became nothing more than a novel memory of her first use of the social applications to chat with strangers.

Lin Qingqing couldn't believe it. Yi Zeyan was her former net friend. Just now, Li Ji said that he was seriously injured at that time as if he was sick and dying in bed.

She looked at Yi Zeyan blankly, thinking that the world was simply too fantastic.

Yi Zeyan added: "At that time, because of the injury, typing wasn’t very convenient, so I could only reply with some simple words. It wasn’t because I was arrogant."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

She remembered that she seemed to have complained to him at that time.

"Uncle, why are you so arrogant ah? When I send you so many words, you only answer one word."



In the beginning, she thought he was an uncle, a kind of poor uncle who was still unmarried in his 40s and 50s and had no one to take care of him when ill. He had said that he wasn’t married and didn’t have a girlfriend, so she felt that he was pitiful. He was someone so old yet he didn’t have someone special in his life.

"So, were we online dating?" Lin Qingqing asked.

"Sort of."

"Then why didn't you tell me when I asked you how we met?"

"There's no difference. There's no difference between online dating and meeting by chance."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

As if it were also true, the things about net friend White weren’t the first things she remembered. If he hadn't reminded her especially, she wouldn't have remembered them at all, so what was the difference between this and met by chance?

Lin Qingqing suddenly had a feeling of bewilderment. She looked around and wanted to find something to do, then she saw Xiao Yuan, who out of nowhere was already sitting next to her. He was gnawing at a chicken leg in his hand, his big eyes looked at her for a moment before shifting them towards his father as if he was an onlooker looking at the gossip.

She brought him to her lap and grabbed a tissue to help him wipe off his greasy mouth. 

"Today is my birthday, can Mommy fulfill my wish?"

He looked at her eagerly with sparkling eyes, his mouth covered with grease stains and naive innocence. He looked at her so much that she couldn't refuse him.

"Of course. What wish do you want Mommy to fulfill?"

"How about Mommy sleeps with Daddy tonight?"


"Cheng Cheng told me, only when Mommy and Daddy sleep together can I have a younger sister. I really want to have a younger sister. I have saved all my pocket money and when I have a younger sister, I will buy her a skirt. Otherwise, my pocket money will be useless." (E/N: Awww Xiao Yuan is the sweetest! He’s gonna be the best big brother ever! (♥ω♥*) ) 

Lin Qingqing's cheeks were stained with a blush for she was cornered by a small child’s innocent but nonsense wish. She looked at Yi Zeyan and asked him for help with her eyes.

Yi Zeyan gestured towards Xiao Yuan with his eyes seemingly telling her to calm him temporarily.

Lin Qingqing said, "Okay, Mommy promises you."

Xiao Yuan was so happy that he urged them to go to bed as soon as it was bedtime. He pushed them towards Yi Zeyan's room, smiling brightly. "Good night, Mommy and Daddy."

Lin Qingqing found that her son was really determined and had to do it in the end. For this little supervisor, she couldn’t drill a hole at all. She had to say goodnight to him and enter the room with Yi Zeyan.

The door was closed, leaving only her and Yi Zeyan in the room. Lin Qingqing was a little embarrassed, but the fellow was quite calm. "It's getting late, let's rest first. Today is the little dumpling's birthday. Just pretend to satisfy his wish and cope with it."

Originally, she only intended to cope with it ah. Lin Qingqing understood perfectly. Although she had promised Xiao Yuan to cope with him, she also had hidden expectations. However, she didn’t expect that Mr. Yi didn't care at all.

She felt a little lost.

As Yi Zeyan laid down on the bed, two people slept side by side, with him a few feet away from her.

He was her net friend, and they knew each other so early on, but were they really in love online? Sure, it was a cyber romance, but at the very least, there must’ve been love first, right?

In her impression, they were ordinary net friends, but they were probably closer than ordinary net friends, after all, in the beginning, she often pestered him to talk. Knowing that he was going to die and still feeling sorry for him, did she make different progress after losing her memory?

However, she had never met him before she lost her memory.

In fact, once they had a chance to meet, on the second day of his illness, she bought a train ticket and took the train for several days to see him. When she was young, she was sensitive and loving and felt that he was so pitiful that he had no wife or children and might die without anyone around him.

Therefore, she especially made a small gift to see him. She wanted to tell him that he wasn’t alone and that he still had friends with him. 
She wanted to encourage him to get better quickly. However, when she arrived in his city, he didn’t see her. She lingered on strange streets for a long time until she was sure he really didn't want to see her before she went back by bus. 

Later, when she grew up and remembered it, she felt very silly.

Was there really love between them? 

She had always felt that he had been deliberately keeping a distance from her. 

As she mulled these confusing problems, Lin Qingqing didn't fall asleep for a long time. Soon, she heard his even breathing, surmising that he should’ve fallen asleep.

He could lie down with her so calmly and fall asleep so quickly, but she was tormented by some confusing problems. He should have no feelings for her, right?

Did he treat her well just because she gave birth to Xiao Yuan?

Li Ji said that she was his first love. He probably misunderstood them.

She found it inexplicable that she began to worry about gains and losses before she had anything to do with him. She had no idea what was going on. She thought of this man as kind of lofty and difficult to approach, but he still had a kind of magic to attract her to approach, like now.

She wanted to get closer to him... wanted to lean on him.

Anyway, he has fallen asleep already so it shouldn't matter, right?

She moved carefully to his side and then inched a little closer to him. She could barely touch him with her body. Even though he was asleep, she was nervous and her heart was pounding fast.

She looked at his very handsome face, and her mind fleetingly went back to the moment that she kissed him on the face. She did it swiftly and wasn’t able to carefully feel the touch of his face.

I want to touch him, this shameless idea jumped in her mind again.

She should just touch him. He was her husband so it shouldn't matter if she touches him, besides he wouldn't know when he's asleep.

At the thought of it, she summoned up her courage, but she was so nervous that her finger barely touched his cheek when she immediately retracted it. Finally, after several attempts, she finally put her palm on his cheek.

His face was tight and felt a little rougher than hers, but the angular touch was completely different from her softness.

It's really life-threatening ah, it's like pulling hair from a tiger's mouth. She was nervous and scared, but it was inexplicably exciting. She felt that she was really perverted.

She lingered greedily on his face for a long time, when at last, probably realizing that she was too wretched, she wanted to retract her hand.

However, as soon as she took off her hand, she saw the man with his eyes closed suddenly open eyes. His dark and bright eyes were tightly staring at her, and the hand she wanted to retract was firmly held by him.

Lin Qingqing: "——"

She only felt as if she had encountered a thunderbolt in a clear sky and was caught doing bad things on the spot, or when she pulled the tiger's hair and the tiger suddenly woke up.

One can imagine how frightening this situation was.

Lin Qingqing felt a violent explosion in her head, and her system crashed in an instant.

What to do? What to do? What to do? But her brain that had crashed couldn't think of anything. (E/N: Just say there’s a mosquito on his face. (>y<)) 

"I… I... That I…," Lin Qingqing's words were incoherent, stuttering without knowing what she was talking about.

Yi Zeyan slightly propped up his body with his elbows and stared at her as if he were smiling. "What were you doing just now?"

She couldn't even look at his face, as she hung her head and bit her lip. How did she get caught on the spot? She did it very carefully, what should she do now?

Does he think she is a crooked villain, taking advantage of his sleep to do some dirty things?

No, no, no, he can't think of her like that, she was innocent. She must be innocent in his eyes.

"I ... I saw mosquitoes on your face, and I wanted to take them off for you." (E/N: Called it!(>y<) ) 

What kind of rubbish excuse is this? 

No sooner had she said than Lin Qingqing wanted to slap her mouth, but there was no better reason than this. She couldn't tell him directly that she looked at him and wanted to eat his tofu or something.

"Mosquitoes?" Yi Zeyan's voice contained a smile. "Are there mosquitoes this season?"

"I ... I don't know, it's like a mosquito, maybe some kind of insect." She continued to talk nonsense.

"What are you so nervous about, since you were just helping me catch insects?"

Lin Qingqing: "——" She was about to cry. "I... I'm just afraid you'll misunderstand."

"Misunderstanding what?"

Lin Qingqing bit her lip. "You'll misunderstand and think I'm frivolous."

"What if I really misunderstand?"

She suddenly looked up at him only to see that the corners of his eyes were smiling and he didn’t seem to be angry. She breathed a sigh of relief, but she didn’t dare to make a move. She hurriedly bowed her head, bit her lip, and said, "I… I don't know."

"Am I that terrifying? Why are you afraid to look at me?"


"Look at me and talk."

Although he spoke very lightly, there was a resolute force in his tone, so Lin Qingqing carefully looked at him. The corners of his mouth were slightly hooked and his dark eyes were as deep as an abyss that wouldn’t let a person see through its depths.

"Tell me, what should I do if I misunderstand?"

What to do? How would she know what to do? She only wanted to cry at the moment. If she knew he was a light sleeper, she wouldn’t dare to touch his face even if she were given ten bouts of courage ah!

"Or should I ask you, what did you just want to do to me?" The smile grew deeper and deeper with his words.

Lin Qingqing: "——"

She, as if she had been stepped on her small tail, hurriedly avoided his eyes, bit her lip, and said in an anxious voice that was near tears, "I didn't! I really just wanted to drive out insects."

"Are you so afraid of me that you won't even look at my face?"


"Look at me and talk."

Ying, ying, ying, ying*... She was wrong, wrong, wasn’t it enough?
(*the sound of crying)

She summoned up her courage and looked at him and he finally let go of her hand. He leaned lazily against the bed, squinted his eyes, and asked, "What do you want to do next?"

How dare she do anything else? Even if she was given ten bouts of courage she wouldn't dare!!!

Lin Qingqing gasped, and quickly said, "You... really misunderstood, I don't want to do anything to you?!" 

She blushed with embarrassment. "I... I think I'd better go back to my room and sleep. Xiao Yuan should have fallen asleep at this point." With that, she tactfully forged a path of escape.

However, before Yi Zeyan could say- "You can do whatever you want", her figure had long disappeared from the room at top speed.

Yi Zeyan was stupefied for a moment, then rubbed his forehead and smiled helplessly.

What insect?! Such a bad idea she came up with... She probably didn't know that he didn't actually fall asleep at all!

Although she was still timid when facing him, this result was quite surprising to him. It was the kind of result that she would sneak close to him while he was asleep. She didn't hate his approach but took the initiative to approach him on her own and even touched his face.

This result was enough to satisfy him.

Although Lin Qingqing went back to her room, she couldn't sleep. She felt that she had just lost face and was caught by the tiger. How could she face Yi Zeyan in the future?

How did she become such a person? Actually, she only secretly did bad things, but consciously... consciously, she didn't have the courage. She didn't know what Yi Zeyan would think of her.

But Lin Qingqing suddenly thought that she and Yi Zeyan should have done something very intimate. Today was Xiao Yuan's fourth birthday. She gave birth to him four years ago, then one day in the first ten months four years ago, she must have done something with Yi Zeyan.

She had no impression at all ah, what the f*ck! What exactly was that day like? 

She imagined it must’ve been incredible that they were hugging each other naked, but she couldn't help wondering what it was like to do that with Yi Zeyan. She felt that she was really crazy. She used to think about his hug, now she was thinking of something more shameless!

Lin Qingqing couldn't sleep, so she simply picked up her cell phone, opened the music APP, and found Mo Qingyan's song "Snowy Cliff".

The song had been uploaded for two days, but not many people have listened to it. However, she wasn’t in a hurry and intended to buy a recommendation for Mo Qingyan in a few days. In this way, she kept playing her phone so she didn't sleep until midnight.

The next day happened to be the weekend when she didn't have to go to the studio. Yi Zeyan shouldn’t be going either so both of them would be staying at home and didn't have any buffer time. 

Would it be more embarrassing?

However, Xiao Yuan shouldn’t be going to school either. Yes, she had a son. As long as she doesn’t face Yi Zeyan alone, everything would be fine.

Of course, what Lin Qingqing didn't know was that an hour before she got up, something happened.

When Yi Beiyuan woke up and saw his father sitting by the bed, he got up, rubbed his sleepy eyes, and asked, "Am I going to have a younger sister? Is Daddy here to tell me the good news?"

Yi Zeyan looked gloomy and said, "There has been an unexpected event."

The little dumpling's face was shocked, but he leaned in, put his little fleshy hand around his father's neck, and patted him on the shoulder to comfort him. "It doesn't matter, Daddy, don't lose heart."


Yi Zeyan couldn't help laughing. Although Lin Qingqing had tortured him over the years, she, fortunately, gave him such a gift; a sweet and warm little dumpling. He held the back of his head and said gently, "Don't worry. If you want a younger sister, Daddy will give you one."

Yi Beiyuan immediately sat up straight and asked, "Really?"

"En, this is my promise to you."

"Is it a promise between men?"

"Of course," Yi Zeyan said firmly, "But I need Xiao Yuan's help."

Xiao Yuan said hurriedly, "What can I do for you?"

Yi Ze heaved a long sigh and touched the child's head all over. "I want to take you to your aunt's house for two days."

Xiao Yuan: "——" He somewhat lowered his head. "Does Daddy think Xiao Yuan is an eyesore?"

"Of course not." The big man gently smiled and rubbed his head. "You and your mommy are Daddy's treasures. It's just that if Xiao Yuan wasn't around, Mommy wouldn't be as worried. En... It would be a lot easier to have a younger sister."

Xiao Yuan thought about it, and then firmly said, "For my younger sister, I agree to everything."

"Then what will you say when you go to your aunt's house?"

"I’ll say that I missed my aunt and came to stay with her for a few days."

Yi Zeyan was satisfied and kissed him on the forehead. "What a good boy!"

So before Lin Qingqing got up, her shield, Yi Beiyuan, was eagerly sent away by Mr. Yi.

After some psychological preparations in the room, Lin Qingqing went out. It was quiet downstairs. Hasn't Xiao Yuan gotten up yet?

She went down the stairs carefully but there was no one there. She was just about to breathe a sigh of relief when she saw the back door pulled open and Yi Zeyan came in from the outside.

Lin Qingqing's whole body turned stiff,  at the sight. Not only because of the embarrassing scene last night but also because... Yi Zeyan wasn't wearing clothes!

He must have just exercised. His body was dripping with sweat, and the strong and uniform lines of his muscles looked more and more obvious. However, she noticed that there were many scars on his body; a round scar on his belly like a scald, and several knife wounds on his chest. These scars were distributed among his muscles, which not only didn’t ruin the aesthetic feeling but also gave him a wild charm of a man.

Yi Zeyan poured a glass of water to drink as sweat messed up his hair, invisibly. There was a messy aesthetic feeling. With his muscles exercised tight, his face became more and more angular. When he drank with his head up, sweat trickled down his forehead and slid all the way along the beautiful side of his face. Down it went through his taut neck, his strong chest, his slightly bulging abs, and then flowed in through the gap between his hip and pants.

Lin Qingqing took a cold breath and dared not look at it again.

Yi Zeyan heard the movement and subconsciously looked over to see her standing on the staircase, looking bewildered.

"Are you hungry? Wen Sao has already made breakfast."

Lin Qingqing smiled awkwardly. "All right." She swept a glance around but didn’t find Xiao Yuan so she asked, "Has Xiao Yuan not gotten up yet?"

"Xiao Yuan." Yi Zeyan's expression was calm and natural. "He got up early in the morning and said he missed his aunt, so I sent him to your elder sister."

Lin Qingqing: "——"

Xiao Yuan actually went to Elder Sister's place? Wen Sao and Hui Yi usually have their own arrangements at home, that is to say, she would be staying with Yi Zeyan at home today?

It really is...

She was ashamed to think that she had secretly touched his face last night and was caught red-handed. Fortunately, Yi Zeyan didn’t mention it.

He went upstairs to change his clothes. Lin Qingqing was already sitting at the table for breakfast. He changed into a white shirt and a pair of black casual pants. The shirt was also casual with the collar buttons unbuttoned, slightly revealing the muscular lines of his chest.

Lin Qingqing simply didn’t dare to look at him since she thought he was especially sexy in this way. It really took away people’s lives!

"Are you still going to the studio today?" Yi Zeyan asked her.

She was very busy some time ago, and sometimes she went to the studio to work overtime on weekends.

"No. The new song has been released so I won't be too busy for the time being."

"Like this ah…," Yi Zeyan said leisurely. "Since we are not busy, how about we go to Hainan for a vacation together? You've been too busy these days and should relax. I happen to be free, too."

Hainan vacation? She and Yi Zeyan? 

Yi Zeyan mostly just wanted to take her out to relax, but Lin Qingqing had a messy idea. She felt that she wasn’t very good, but somehow, these messy ideas inexplicably excited her. 

She adjusted her breath and only then did she try to nod calmly and say, "All right."

After breakfast, they set off. Lin Qingqing thought of going to the seaside and especially brought some beach dresses.

They flew in Yi Zeyan's private plane and arrived soon. The hotel had been pre-booked and there would be special people to pick them up.

Hainan Island was a place where the peak season for tourists was all year round, so there were many people along the way. Unexpectedly, the hotel they stayed at was very clean.

Yi Zeyan booked a suite but it was only after entering that Lin Qingqing found out that this was a one-bedroom suite. He couldn’t have done it himself if he wanted to book a room. The people under him probably didn’t know. They just knew the husband and wife were here together, so they only booked a one-bedroom suite.

She originally intended to remind him, but after some consideration felt Yi Zeyan would spot something amiss and would arrange it. But Yi Zeyan didn’t seem to realize that something was wrong and calmly unpacked his luggage.

Lin Qingqing turned her head to one side with a red face, and since he didn't say anything, there was no need for her to talk too much... En, that's it.

"We'll wait...."

Lin Qingqing wanted to ask him where they would go later. She turned her head and found Yi Zeyan slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He soon took off his clothes and threw them to one side, revealing the evenly textured tendons of his body.

She quickly avoided his eyes. What was this person doing ah? Why didn't he wear clothes? 
E/N: Oh Gods! I was filled with second-hand embarrassment for Qingqing this chapter. Xiao Yuan, as usual, never fails to be the best, most adorable wingman EVER! <3 
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