The King's Return : Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Decision

At the beginning of the training camp, there were nine people, Li Yueran was afraid of heights, Song Changdong was sent to the Sword Song team, Yan Zhou, Xu Sizhe, Lin Jin and Xue Xiaoyuan were sent to the dormitory by Xiao Han to reflect on and write a review. now there are only three people left. Li Muran is still a stuffy gourd, Pei Yu is simply upgrading in the game, He Beiguang is almost crazy, he chatted privately with Pei Yu: "Xiao Pei, you said that the god Han was so angry today that he called four newcomers to the conference room and lectured them. What's the matter? What shall we do next?"

Pei Yu calmly said: "Wait and see."

He Beiguang scratched his head: "When will the captain Qin eliminate me? It’s uncomfortable to go on like this."

Pei Yu: "He may not eliminate you, what are you anxious about?"

He Beiguang said gloomily: "But he has such a bad impression on me that he doesn't eliminate me now. Did he want to torture me later?"

Pei Yu almost laughed and sprayed: "Captain Qin is not that kind of person, he will not so idle to torture you, don't think too much."

He Beiguang wondered: "How do you know what kind of person he is? Do you know him well?"

Pei Yu thought for a moment and said: "Although I don't know him, I think that since he and god Han could be called the 'Twin Star' in those days, neither his level nor his personality could be worse than god Han. In addition, people who can return after retirement are generally very strong in mind. He seems a little cold, but I think he should be quite good, otherwise god Han would not willingly give up the captain, right?"

He Beiguang stupefied, felt that Pei Yu said very reasonable, since Xiao Han gave up the captain to Qin Mo, it shows that Qin Mo is not the kind of stingy cheapskate, it seems that he is still saved, He Beiguang nodded excitedly: "God Han appreciates him so much and trusts him, then he must be outstanding, he should not haggle with me like this, so I still have hope?!"

"Of course." Pei Yu said: "Let's talk less, do more things, go leveling."

"En!" He Beiguang immediately ran to do the task upgrade.

Qin Mo and Xiao Han finished brushing peach blossom forests several times and wanted to take Shen He to play the dungeon 5 times. Suddenly, he remembered that Shen He was going to report to the team today, he opened his friend list and checked it, he was not online, Qin Mo chatted privately and asked Shen Qi: "Has Xiao He set off yet?"

Shen Qi replied: "He has just left for the airport, the flight at 9 o'clock in the evening should be over 11 o'clock in Changsha."

"Why is it so late?" Qin Mo frowned slightly.

"It can’t be helped, today's tickets have been sold out, I can only buy this flight." Shen Qi was somewhat helpless. "Xiao He was anxious to see you and bought a plane ticket for the evening."

"He arrived at the airport alone so late, I'll pick him up, give me his mobile phone number." Qin Mo asked Shen Qi for Shen He mobile phone number and sent him a text message. "Xiao He, I am Qin Mo, what time do you specifically arrive at Changsha Airport? Give me a message. I'll pick you up at the airport."

"Ah ah ah master! When I arrived in Changsha at 23:30, master actually picked me up in person. I was so touched Q_Q"

"See you at the airport then. Don't run around alone."

"En en! Master, see you at the airport O(∩ _ ∩)O~."

After put away his mobile phone, Qin Mo looked back at Xiao Han and whispered in his ear: "Can you drive?"

Xiao Han was taken aback,  he was remembered recently popular words on the Internet——drive.

Many netizens in China like to extend some simple vocabulary for more uses, such as "2B", which was originally a pencil used for exams, and later turned into a curse, similar to the meaning of "fool". Another example is "He-he", which was originally a kind of laughing method like "Ha-ha-ha", later, somehow, it turned into a sneer, the subtext is "You fool, I don't want to talk to you."

In addition to learning idioms and poems, Xiao Han also learned a lot of Internet Slang, "drive" is what he just learned recently, which is the obscure expression of Make Love.

Why did Qin Mo suddenly ask about this? Think of the ML picture with Qin Mo, Xiao Han couldn't help but feel distracted, his body began to heat up and his cheeks were almost burning. He glanced at Qin Mo and said sheepishly: "Cough, I don't know much, although I grew up abroad, but ... I'm relatively conservative in this aspect. I've been totally clean and have never dating, so I don't have much experience."

Qin Mo looked surprised——what does to drive have to do with falling in love and being clean ah?

After the outbreak this morning, has his Chinese suddenly dropped to the level of primary school students?

Stupefied for a while, Qin Mo suddenly wanted to understand the meaning of Xiao Han, immediately blush: "You, you are talking nonsense! I asked you if you had a driver's license and if you could drive a car!"

——Originally, what Qin Mo said about "drive" was a simple Drive, not a popular Make Love on the Internet.

Xiao Han took back his thoughts that had drifted far away and said: "Oh, I can drive the car."

"..............." Qin Mo wanted to beat him, but on his innocent eyes, he helplessly retrieved his hand, his Chinese proficiency is the same as a roller coaster, rising to the top and falling to the bottom instantly——Can you pay attention to the context? When he asked to drive, I definitely meant driving a car, what was on your mind?

Xiao Han looked upright and said: "Why? You want me to drive you shopping?"

Qin Mo took a deep breath to calm himself down and said: "Shen He will arrive at the airport at 11: 30 p.m., he hasn't been to Changsha. I'm afraid he can't find the place and wants to drive to pick him up."

Xiao Han immediately promised: "No problem, I'll pick him up with you, my car is parked in the underground garage."

"En, I was thinking I'd take a taxi if you didn't have a driver's license." Qin Mo asked doubtfully. "When did you take your driver's license?"

"The year before last, I was bored and went to a driving school." Xiao Han said earnestly. "I failed the second course once."

"Oh, have you passed your internship now? Is it okay to drive on the road?"

"Rest assured, the technical guarantee reach the standard."

"That's good." Qin Mo was silent for a moment, remembering that he mentioned that he was conservative just now, he pretended to casually ask: "By the way, you said just now that you haven't been dating, have you?"

"Yes, I haven't been dating." Xiao Han smiled very bluntly and said. "The foreign atmosphere is open, teenage boys and girls are all dating, when I was a teenager, I was addicted to internet, I spent all day playing games. I didn't know anything about this, after returning to China, I played games with master everywhere and didn't have time to think about feelings."

"So, your first love is still there?" Qin Mo said lightly.

"En, how about you?" Xiao Han asked curiously. "Do you have a girlfriend? Or do you have a girl you like?"

"No." Qin Mo said, "I have never been in love."

They both tried to probe out at each other and were secretly pleased to know that the other party did not have a definite lover.

Just then, He Beiguang suddenly interrupted enthusiastically: "Captain, don't you have a girlfriend? What kind of girl do you like I'll introduce you ah!"

Xiao Han: "......"

Qin Mo: "......"

Pei Yu has a headache and covers his head with both hands.

They all say, "If you don't seeking death, you won't die." When can He Beiguang stop seeking death? You want to please the captain, the method is totally wrong ah, idiot!

He Beiguang was stunned by Xiao Han's sharp eyes and added cautiously: "Cough, don't you have a girlfriend, god Han? Then I, I'll introduce one to you, too?"

Xiao Han said coldly: "He Beiguang, are you very bored, so you pricked up your ears and eavesdropped on us?"

He Beiguang found god Han is angry and immediately gave an explanation: "No, no, no, I didn't mean to...... just, just heard you talking about girlfriends…...."

Qin Mo said flatly: "I think Xiao He is really bored, train for another hour in the challenge arena, show me the video."

"..............." He Beiguang was as thorough as the frost-beaten eggplant, he went to the challenge arena overtime training with his head down and frustrated. Pei Yu watched him almost laugh, Li Muran was a paralyzed face with nothing to do with himself. He continued to study his equipment data.

After the afternoon training, He Beiguang felt that he was going blind. He remained quiet until dinner time and did not say a word.

Pei Yu patted him on the shoulder and said earnestly: "Speak less in the future."

He Beiguang's face is bitter, he really can't understand, what did he say wrong, make God Han and god Mo are so unhappy?

After having dinner and returning to the dormitory, Xiao Han took the initiative to wash a plate of fruit in the kitchen and bring it to the living room, called Qin Mo to eat.

Qin Mo came to him and sat down, he inserted an apple with a toothpick and was about to eat it, Xiao Han opened his mouth voluntarily, meaning "feed me first".

When he was young, Xiao Han always asked Qin Mo to feed him shamelessly, Qin Mo was angry and scolded him for "Are you a dog?" But today, Qin Mo understood his feelings towards him, looking at him like this, Qin Mo did not feel fed up at all, but felt that Xiao Han was very cute.

Feed the apple in Xiao Han's mouth and watch him eat it happily, Qin Mo's mood also improved.

Fruits that are not very fond of at ordinary times seem to be extraordinarily sweet today.

At that moment, there was a knock at the door. Xiao Han got up and went to open the door, he saw Yan Zhou, Xue Xiaoyuan and Lin Jin standing at the door, each holding a piece of paper, his gentle look when facing Qin Mo just now suddenly became cold, Xiao Han glanced at the three newcomers and asked calmly: "Do you want to hand in the self-criticism review?"

The three people immediately nodded and respectfully presented the self-criticism review with both hands.

Xiao Han took over the review and found that three people reviews were written carefully and wrote a whole page thickly.

After collecting the three self-criticism review, Xiao Han calmly said: "It is good to know that you are wrong. Don't make the same mistake for the second time, if you lose the competition later, look for the reason from yourself first, understand?"

The three people replied in unison: "Understood!"

Xiao Han waved his hand: "Go ahead."

After the three men left, Xiao Han entered the room and handed Qin Mo the self-criticism review, Qin Mo looked at the three reviews carefully and said with a smile: "Newcomers are scared by you, this self-criticism review is written with sincerity. It’s more than 1,000 words, must have been written all afternoon in the dormitory, waste many brain cells."

Xiao Han's look was still somewhat displeased: "These three people are still saved, but Xu Sizhe's review has not yet been handed in."

Qin Mo was silent for a moment and asked: "Do you think he will hand it in?"

While chatting, there was another knock on the door outside, Xiao Han opened the door and saw that it was Xu Sizhe who was standing at the door, he was also holding a written review, it seems that he is not bold enough to openly oppose Xiao Han, so the review was written on time. Xiao Han took it and took a look, his face suddenly became cold: "Did you write this in the afternoon?! Do you make a self-criticism review or an analysis of a challenge match?!"

—— The content of the review is basically consistent with Xiao Han's lectured.

In the first game, he was so angry that he lost his head and did not pay attention to Shen He's release of puppet body double. The second game, he was messy and not calm enough. The third game didn't pay attention to map features and so on, It all talked about the problem and mistakes in challenge arena. From the beginning to the end, he didn't mention his arrogance, self-important and take lightly of the enemy, let alone the complaint letter.

Originally wanted to give this young man a chance, but when he saw the review he wrote, Xiao Han suddenly felt cold.

Xiao Han took a deep breath, folded up the review and threw it into the trash can: "You can go now."

"Vice-captain......" Xu Sizhe moved his lips and seemed to want to explain, Xiao Han interrupted him directly: "Don't explain, I know what you think, go ahead." Xiao Han slammed the door in front of him and walked into the room with a black face, apparently very angry.

Qin Mo heard the conversation between the two people at the door just now and asked doubtfully: "What's wrong? Did he write an unqualified review?"

"The self-criticism review he wrote is just for errands, he has no sincerity to admit his mistake." Xiao Han said disappointedly. "Today, I deliberately mentioned the words "ruthless, unfair" in his complaint letter, as long as he is not with IQ problems, he should know clearly that we all know about the complaint letter. Since his complaint is based on misunderstanding and prejudice against you, he should reflect on it and apologize to you in person. But...... not only did he not reflect on his mistakes, but he also took a chance and thought we could not guess who the anonymous email was!" Xiao Han took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. He said coldly, "This man is paranoid, arrogant, conceited, unconvinced, and very stupid. I really don't need to leave him."

Xiao Han's Chinese level soared when he was angry, and a lot of words were uttered without breathing.

Qin Mo patted him gently on the back of his hand: "Don't be too angry, some of the young people nowadays are really spoiled by their parents, listening to you, do you want to kick him out of Dragon Song?"

Xiao Han nodded: "My contract with Dragon Song has not expired. Until the end of the year, I will still be the team captain of Dragon Song Club. The captain has the right to report some players who have performed too badly to the boss and kick them off as long as the boss approves them."

Qin Mo frowned: "Is it absolutely necessary to do it like this?"

Xiao Han looked back at Qin Mo and his face gradually softened: "Xiao Mo, I don't want to put a no □□ on your side." He gently held Qin Mo's hand and said earnestly, "Xu Sizhe's heart has prejudice against you, which is difficult to change, he can complain about you anonymously today. Tomorrow, he might even expose your scandal anonymously on the forum——it's terrible to have this person around. He is not only proud, but also mentally incorrect! I gave him a chance, but he still refused to admit his mistake, I don't want to be soft on him any more. Tomorrow I will tell him to pack up and leave, lest he stay at the club and keep an eye on your mistakes."

Xiao Han's voice is very gentle, but his eyes are very firm——and all Xiao Han has done is to protect Qin Mo.

Qin Mo understood what he meant, he was touched by what Xiao Han said, he also knew that what Xiao Han said was reasonable. The person who comes to question in person is not terrible, the most annoying thing is the person who makes small actions behind his back, because you don't know when you will offend him, let alone what unseen means he will use to retaliate against you.

This kind of people stay in the team, will become a headache and unstable factors, he believe if Liu Chuan know the truth, also won't leave such a newcomer in the club.

Qin Mo sighed softly and said helplessly: "He may really hate me, it is better to let him leave Dragon Song."

Xiao Han said softly: "Don't worry, I won't let anyone threaten you."

With their eyes opposite each other, Qin Mo could not help smiling——Xiao Han, who was so straightforward and responsible, also think of him everywhere, how could he not like it?
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